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Larry Brooks reports that “Jaromir Jagr and the Rangers are about to enter preliminary stages of contract negotiations”:, with both sides making clear they want to extend their relationship for at least another year.

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  1. Speed Ranger on

    YAAAYYY!!! This is the best news I’ve heard in weeks! Thanks Sam, you made my day.

  2. Awsome great start to my vacation now I just have to convince my girlfriend to go to the magic kingdom by herself today while i go to espn club and watch the game

  3. czechthemout!!!! on


    GODDY,we get to see the Jagr posse for one more season.

    One more season of Straka deferring every scoring chance he has to Jagr.We get to see him NEVER once pass to a wide open teammate instead of Jagr.We get to watch him to continue to deteriorate as player.

    One more season of watching Rozy NEVER take an open shat from the point on the pp.I’m really excited about watching him give away the puck time after time when he gets pressured.

    I can hardly wait to find out what excuse Slither gives us for why he did not have enough cap space to resign Sean Avery.And then listen to him tell us that he is a detriment to the team.

    I can hardly wait for another soft timid team led by a meek coach who will tell us that he has to learn as well as the players.Wich leads me to question his ability to learn since it has now been three seasons and we STILL DON’T have a powerplay.I can hardly wait for another mediocre regular season where we play not to lose and go for the shootout instead of regulation wins.

    I can’t wait for another season of the fourth line getting 12-14 minutes a game and scoring 6GOALS!!!!!!!!!! between them.That’s right I can hardley wait for another season of Bettsie,Orrsie,Hollsie tearing it up on the score sheet while they “shut down”(HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH)the oposition’s top line.

    I almost forgot,I can’t wait for another season of watching a piece shit like Jason Scrubwick play 50+ games while a kid like Baranka languishes in the AHL and is forced to leave because he thinks he’ll never get a fair shot here.

    I can’t wait for another season of all the renneyade drinkers on this and other sights drink up all the bullshit that Sather and the gang give us and say “great job”.LGR!!!

    Yeah,I just can’t wiat for all of that to happen.

  4. that guy who loves the rangers on

    Re-sign him to a two year deal…re-sign Avery, Straka, Shanny, Mara (for less money) and the RFA’s

  5. czech,

    we’d all be foolish not to understand where you’re coming from, but that’s a bummer of an attitude. jagr is an amazing player, and maybe one who can actually learn what it means to play at an older age. maybe the franchise will see that it can’t succeed as well as it would like running everything through him and get appropriately tough about it.

    i, for one, am willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. certainly, jags will continue to improve dubi, who has jumped in skill playing with a future hall of famer.

    i hope your negativity is wrong. i hope.

  6. Hey Jagr haters/conspiracy theorists: Who ever said that Jagr only comes back if the Rangers resign Straka? Straka is done and if he comes back he better accept a paycut.

    I also heard the Jews did 9/11 and Kennedy was shot by his own driver. Go troll on that, retards.

  7. 2 more years can’t hurt stfu haters. LETS SPEND 10 MILLION A YEAR ON HOSSA HOW BOUT IT? pure homer noobs…

  8. Keep Jagr for one or two more years and then have him ride off into the sunset and then have the Russians like Anisimov/Cherepanov come in.

  9. Exactly, Mike. Let him lead the team in scoring and playoff points and teach the young kids like Dubinsky and Dawes a thing or two also.

  10. Personally I think it’s time to go in a new direction. Jagr as captain has run its course. Would rather see money spent on younger, faster and tougher players. Jagr being left behind the play in the offensive zone after one of his 1000 turnovers last season was enough for me.

  11. we could not get out of the second round two years running. if he comes back he has to be on second PP unit and he has to skate less minutes. who is going to tell him that? he also has to wave bye bye to his czechmates, who really aren’t any help.

  12. Dubie Rules on

    Jagr can come back, but Avery is equally as important to sign. Anyone who actually wants Straka and Shanahan back could not have watched last season. I’d like to see Mara re-signed too, the Czech defensemen can go away, hopefully to somewhere in the Atlantic division so we can take advantage of their awful turnovers (Particularly Rozsival, sorry Malik haters-he saved Rozsival a zillion times). If only we could build a solid defense (Through call-ups or free agency or both), this team would actually have a shot at making a defensive system work. All the great goalies had great defensemen in front of them, where are Hank’s?

    Also, how come in other sports like football and baseball, if the offense isn’t doing well, you fire the offensive coordinator or the hitting coach, etc. Why can’t the Rangers fire Perry Pearn for doing such a terrible job with the PP. I’d love to get rid of the whole coaching staff, but I’ll give Renney the benefit of the doubt, but someone’s gotta go. Also, for you pro-coaching staff folks, keep in mind that Renney’s reign of playoff appearances coincided with Lundqvist and Jagr joining the team.

  13. Any way you put it Jagr is a top RW in any league. You would be silly to not want him on your team for a fair deal dollar wise.

    That said, I agree – some things need to change. Jagr can’t play 20 minutes a night and quarterback the power play.

    I think Straka could be a decent third line, PK specialist. No problems if they resign him too, just so long as his role changes.

    Guess what, you actually do need forwards who can play a defensive style. We’re going to lose 2-3-4 defensemen this year due to free agency. The answer isn’t in Hartford. Hopefully we make good signings.

  14. If the Rangers want to compete for a playoff spot they are going to need Jagr. Philly despite getting hosed will have nine players if Gagne comes back who can score 20 goals plus possibly a whiz kid named Giroux, who already has his own Nike commercial. The Pens are getting scary. The Caps have jelled. Montreal won’t be any worse nor will Boston. Carolina will have Brind’amour back. The Devils are the Devils. Ottawa is still loaded with talent. Tampa will have a goalie and a first round draft choice. The league is not getting any easier. With Jagr the Rangers can pick up where they left off, otherwise it’s a rebuild down in 13th place.

    Not signing Avery would be as dumb a move as bringing in Backman was. It doesn’t get any dumber than that. The forwards are small, the team lacks grit, particularly with Shanahan going, and Avery supplies backbone. After that it’s shoring up the team with whoever is out there as long as it’s not with someone else’s junk like Backman. By the way I hope to see Strudwick back as the seventh defenceman. I don’t recall his ever hurting the team.

  15. Sather’s fatal flaw is going after offensive dmen. I don’t trust him at all to find one via trade or free agency.

    Poti, Ozo and Backman – enough said

  16. Sather’s problem is he tries to get away on the cheap when it comes to one dimensional players like offensive defensemen. He will pay up for the 2 way players who have proven cup runs. Jagr being a Ranger next year has to be under different pretenses. No more Straka, Malik,Hollweg, Orr and Strudwick. Prucha MUST be given a top 9 spot and 15 minutes a game of ice time including the power play. Backman should be retained. He is the only defensemen back there that can handle a puck at the blue line. It does count for something. It allows an offensive charge to continue instead of the rest of the stone hands we have on the back line. Mara should be signed unless we can get Brian Campbell or Jean Michael Liles. The pp has to have 2 sure handed point men at all times next year. That is a priority.

  17. czechthemout!!!! on

    Just to be clear,I do wan’t jagr back for no more than one more year.I just don’t wan’t the strings that come attached with him.If it means bringing back his czechmates,I wan’t no part of him,especialy if it means that Avery is not retained.

    I would sign Mike Ryder to play with Gomez,and I’d give Korpi and Byers the chance they both clearly deserve.Orr should only play against the teams that like to goon it up.I think a fourth line that has Korpi,Byers and Betts(I’d like someone else that can score more than 2g)but can live with him for another season.On the D,i’d sign Commodore,Liles/Kurt Sauer.

    This team is in desperate need of size and grit,These somewhat suttle changes would definatly help!

  18. they absolutely need some size up front. too bad callahan cannot grow a few inches and add a few pounds. They need somebody to get in the crease and stir it up. Avery cannot be the only one.

  19. to all the ones cryin about keepin jagr
    1) keeping jagr does not = keepin straka n rozi
    2) getting rid of jagr will not improve the pp
    3)getting rid of jagr will not make renney a great coach all of a sudden

    we should sign him for a year at 2 mil. for the year. then we should sign avery for 4 years at 4 mil a year. Then we shoud pick up some young free agent dmen who have no problem taking the body. Keeping jagr is a smart move we just have to get rid of some of the dead weight around him aka straka, rozi , shanny, malik.

  20. Dubie Rules on

    I’ve been disappointed by a lot of the posts this season by some guys/gals who didn’t seem to know what they were talking about. That being said, I hope Sather reads these posts since they are pretty much right on. Jagr minus a handful of Czechs and minutes, Prucha actually playing, Gritty defensemen (and forwards), Physical defensemen. It’s fantastic, keep up the good work!

  21. Keep Orr. He’s been skating better and actually hits people. It’s not like he’s going to kill the cap.

    Sticking up for his teammates and protecting the stars and young guns isn’t going to get done by Hollweg. Who sucks. He’s not the prettiest but you need someone to drop the gloves; Orr is a beast.

  22. The team does need to get bigger and more physical ESPECIALLY on defense and some wingers. You need to create a scoring line with jager then a gritty line with avery on it and a mix of the two with ur third line then a hitting/energy/fighting/you are not going to outwork us line with the 4th line. You should get enough goal scoring from your first three lines that you can have a line that does everything else except score on a consistant bases. Pens have that line and they do a very good job just working hard throwing the body and setting the tempo.


    PP quaterback: Brian Campbell AT THE RIGHT PRICE dont go and overspend.


    I feel like if you get these kind of players they really dont take a night off because they only know how to play the game one way and one way only.

    SO well see, all we can do is give our 2 cents and sit back and pray they make the right moves. Should be very interesting though. MUST GET AVERY.

  23. no on Campbell.

    re hitting guys they still have to have a brain which Hollweg clearly does not. He needs to go even if they have to buy him out.

  24. Backman isn’t THAT bad. The problem is he needs a steady partner. He was a monster in the last games of the season… especially from the point.

  25. If the Rangers want to compete for a playoff spot they are going to need Jagr.


    What if you actually want to build a team that has a chance at actually winning a cup? F the playoffs next year. F them. Dubi and the kids need to learn how to grind it out without Jagr and Shanny around.

  26. and I mean chance at wining a cup while we’ve got our $7M men here, not next season obviously.

    This was our year to go to the finals. The east was cake, as shown by a +good, not amazing+ PIT team taking it very easily.

    I would tell Jagr this year was his chance, and he coasted all year. If he’s still so amazing, why couldn’t he trigger those numbers with one of the 2 centers brought in specifically for him? cause he sulked his way through the season. I pray to the heavens the deal falls through. I’d rather miss the playoffs than see another disgrace.

  27. The Rangers need their number one scorer, and must re-sign Jagr. How have the Yankees been doing lately without A-Rod? Same thing.

  28. Yes to Jagr, Roszy and Avery, No to Straka and Mara. Shanny only for (a lot) less money and minutes($2m?). I’d like to see us add Orpik and/or Liles to the D and give Korpikoski or Parenteau a shot at the NHL level.

    Will Tommy Pock get a chance this year? Is he good enough?
    Will we keep Backman? Will Hutchinson get his chance after a good season in Hartford, although he is a UFA.

    Sjostrom and Dawes should get extensions, and I think Baranka’s made a mistake – this camp would have been his chance with no Malik, Mara or Struds to block his path.
    Its going to be an interesting summer.

  29. Yes to Jagr, Roszy and Avery, No to Straka and Mara.


    How can you say Yes to Rozsival and No to Mara….any explantaion for that? Rozsival was _relatively_ awful in the playoffs. Mara was _relatively_ great.

  30. I do think that is Jagr is back that Rozi will be back unfortunately. I don’t like it and would much rather have Mara back.

  31. Is Jeff Carter a center or a wing? I would not mind at all having him on our team. We could definitely use a player like him. All depends on the cost. He might be a great wing with Gomez? Any thoughts? We could give him an offer sheet.

  32. What does every hate on the Nasty 1 all of a sudden? The 5 posts I have done, not a single person has responded. Damn!

  33. Who is really available that is going to give us size on the wings? There are not too many players like that available. Malone maybe, but I am not completely sold on him. I do think he is a talent though. I just wonder how he is playing on a team that doesn’t have Crosby and Malkin.

  34. Before jagr get re-signed,the rangers need to move Prucha,rozy,malik,straka,hollwigg,and one of our young wingers.
    Then and only then can we get what we need.We have to add some good players to get what we want.Free agencey is not gonna do it for us,not for everything we need anyway.

  35. Beer for Breakfast on

    Well guess there’s no doubt who the best team is now… I wonder if the Flyer players can sit down today after that kind of butt whoopin’. Woo! Wonder if there’s anyone left in denial still about how good Pittsburgh is?

  36. At least we put up a fight. Damn, 6-0 is an absolutel raping. Makes me feel a little bit better almost. How miserable must it have been to be Mike Richards and have to come out and answer questions yesterday to Enzo? Richards should have just punched him in the nose and walked away. Would have been some great TV. Ha. As far as Flyers go, I like Richards and Carter. Would love to have either on our team.

  37. Carter is a center. Not that people can’t change positions, but we already have enough centers.

    I hope Jagr resigns for 1 or 2 more discounted years. Avery needs to get re-signed. I wouldn’t mind having Mara or Backman back. Shanny and Straka can go. Rozy and Malik must go.

    I don’t think we should waste money on Campbell or Liles. It wasn’t our personnel that made our PP useless, it was our system, or lack thereof. I don’t think 1 talented PP blueliner can make up for 4 stationary PP teammates. I’d much rather spend money on defensive D-men who actually take the body (read: Orpik).



  39. puck the world on

    That game yesterday was embarrassing. I couldn’t even watch the last period because I felt so sorry for the Flyers, which just made me feel unclean all over. The least they could have done was end it in an all-out brawl, try to gain back what little dignity they had left.

  40. He has the team for next year looking like this with Jagr:

    Avery – Dubinsky – Jagr
    Dawes – Gomez – Huselius
    Prucha – Drury – Callahan
    Sjostrom – Betts – Korpikoski
    Orr (For teams with legit heavyweights)

    Staal – Redden
    Tyutin – Girardi
    Mara – Baranka/Potter


    and like this without Jagr:

    Avery – Dubinsky – Malone
    Dawes – Gomez – Huselius
    Prucha – Drury – Callahan
    Sjostrom – Betts – Korpikoski
    Orr (For teams with legit heavyweights)

    Staal – Orpik
    Tyutin – Girardi
    Mara – Baranka/Potter


  41. Nasty – Baranka is playing in Russia. and if Jagr is gone no need to list Dubinsky as 1st center

  42. They are not my lines man, and I don’t think it would have to be that those first three lines were in any particular order. But I like the combinations.

  43. first to resign jagr for a year, his “discount” will be about 5 mill then another 2-3 in bonuses that would count for the following years cap. you are crazy if you think jagr is going to come back for 2 mill a year, when he could get 10 in Russia.

    no to redden, no to malone (he would only be decent with jagr but not at 5 mill a year

    prucha should be playing with gomez not dawes, lets not forget who got 30 goals as a rookie

    only free agent d i really like is orpik

  44. Again these are not my lines or suggestions, they are from another site. Just trying to get some conversation going.

  45. Agreed about Jagr staying but the rest of the deadweight goin’

    Keep Mara for a discount and Shanny (at a sizeable discount… if not… bye bye). Let Rozi, Malik, Backman & Hollwegg go.

    Fill with youngsters and free agents and hope for the best.

    One thing’s for sure… if this squad comes back looking the same as this year… the results will be similar, if not worse.

  46. Nasty – I like Inferno’s idea to get rid of Backman and Hollweg. it’s a good start.

    Doubtfull we’ll be a cup contender with Pitt looking as good as they have (even if Hossa or Malone leaves)

    What was with Henrik in the world championships. Canada was told to shoot high with great results. (i know that’s the book on him anyway) He was pulled after 2 and did not play in the bronze game complaining of fatigue. Supposedly his knee was a bit of a problem too.

  47. Yes to Jagr and Straka… for all you morons that don’t want Straka back you guys are stupid… don’t mistake him with Shanahan… Straka still has his legs… great leader… great worth ethic… can still play special teams… these young guys like Dawes and Callahan are 40 point guys at best… Straka is a world-class player whose done nothing but bust his a$$ in NY… shame on you NY ingrates… especially Noonan… who was Noonan? a career 4th liner… get a life you idiot.

  48. Keep: Jagr, Avery, Straka, Mara, Valiquette

    Lose everyone else. This team needs SOME veteran leadership, and contrary to popular belief, I think Jagr is a good captain. Sorry if you don’t like it, that’s my opinion. Everyone praises Messier and the team missed the playoffs every year when he came back. But I digress.

    Salty…I disagree with your assessment of Pittsburgh as merely a “good” team. In a salary cap league, they should be considered great. They have two world-class lines (and all 4 lines have great skaters, save for Roberts and Laraque), very solid defense and a blossoming young goalie.

    I think the Rangers need to continue the trend of building through youth while trying to contend each and every year. Even though Pitt is a great team, they have gotten a lot of bounces and fortunate calls. You need that in order to win the Cup. If you don’t even make the playoffs, you don’t even give yourself a chance for the bounces to go your way. I’m a firm believer that “anything can happen” in the post-season…that’s why I want the Rangers there each and every year. This team is not in a rebuilding position and I think it’s silly to force-rebuild without having to. Just my two cents.

  49. I think I’d class Pittsburgh as LUCKY more than good or great. They had severe money issues, sold all their talent just to stay afloat. Then they ended up getting lottery picks for 1/2 a decade. As soon as those guys get together and start playing, they redo the CBA with a salary cap, so these guys can’t break the bank as much. Perfect situation for them, and now they reap the benefits.

    Meanwhile the Rangers kept trying to plug holes or stay decent, ended up getting mid-round picks, burned them on bad drafts, and are now a solid team, but with nowhere near the pure talent as the Penguins. I love 2/3s of our guys, but there aren’t many that could be legit Stars in the NHL.

  50. I don’t get why everyone hates straka he never gives up he played hard in the playoffs and had many chances which is more then some others did

  51. puck the world on

    That first one, with Jagr in the lineup, looks okay as far as forwards. Huselius is a bit of a surprise. Don’t really know much about him. Looked good against us in the one game this year, and apparently him and Keenan have had issues, which, well. Would be interesting to see him under Renney. Isn’t he a little on the small side, though?

    The second one, though, is just…ugh. I’d rather we keep Jagr for at least another year, but if you’re going to replace him, Malone is one of the last people I’d go to. And that’s what he suggests as our top line? Pass.

    I’m not sure who I’d rather bring in, though. A lot of people up for grabs this summer and they all have their pros and cons – some with more cons than others. I think it’d be great to get the good Hossa, but not for the price he’ll probably fetch. Honestly, I’d rather just keep Straka and Jagr, but they need to get him off Jagr’s line. Maybe then he’ll remember he can actually score a goal on his own.

    I’d also pass on Redden. I think we’d end up paying too much for him. I’d rather bring in Campbell, who will probably cost a lot, but I think it’d be well-worth it. Or Orpik, who’ll probably be cheaper than the both of them.

    I don’t know if Potter is ready yet. Shame about Baranka, because I have a feeling that means not much will change with our D. Malik has to be out, but I have a feeling Backman and Rozsival will be back. I like Mara a lot, although I don’t know why we’re paying him as much as we are. I don’t know if we can afford not to keep him on, though, especially if we can’t land one of the better D-men.

    meh. whatever. This is too much thinking about something I don’t have control over. I’ll just wait to see what happens after July 1 and start fretting then.

    –What was with Henrik in the world championships–

    I’d heard he was having a lot of problems with his knees, which, man. If Sweden broke our goalie…

  52. Chris Simon just signed to play in Russia. Good riddance. I just hope he doesn’t try to skate-stab Chrepanov.

  53. …gaborik anyone? what would it even take to make that happen?

    if we could unload a package for gaborik that didnt include dubinksy, sanguinetti, or staal id be game in a heartbaeat. they could have dawes, anisimov, prucha, fuck, whoever they want other than the 3 I listed. problem is: i dont think that’s possible and i don’t really feel like he’s available either.

  54. As much as I’d like for us to get some value out of him, I have like no faith in Prucha next year. Its mentioned ad nausem on this board that the Rangers need more size and grit. Prucha is like 5’9, 170 soaking wet. He plays with heart but he’s not the answer. My prediction, unless he scores 10 goals by game 25 – he’s traded/scratched/waived.

    Everyone on this board is all over Orpiks jock. Yeah the guy hits. He was on the Pen’s third defense pairing during the regular season, which means two things; 1) he’s not playing 1st line minutes, and 2) he’s not up against 1st line forwards. He’s had a good playoff run but its kind of hard not to when your team has lost one game in three series. I’m not convinced he’s that much of an upgrade over Mara to be honest.

  55. pavel..”backman was a beast”.. what are you f’in nuts.. he weaker than your knees you hump

  56. Please don’t resign Jagr.

    Its the easy way out.

    that is EXACTLY what it is. More hole plugging instead of addressing the issues. And people will buy it because Jagr is their childhood hero.

  57. You guys completely forget the power grinders we have in Hartford that could potentially play a 4th line role in New York. Examples are Byers and Dupont and a couple others. They aren’t huge but they crash the boards hard. Thats why I still say we shouldn’t overpay for Avery since we actually and potentially could have a team with a backbone. Last year we didn’t have that, even this year we didn’t have it outside of the young guys, but moving forward we definately do, therefore Avery’s role (which hasn’t gotten us out of the 2nd round in either year) is somewhat diminished. Not saying I don’t want him back, but lets not overrate the guy here.

    I’d like to see Jagr back but I will be one of the 1st to admit that he holds us back from moving on and watching our youth step up and take over. The longer we keep him, the longer it will take to get closer to building a cup worthy team. He’s been a great captain and has shown me a lot, but if he wants too much money, then let it go and build the team around Gomez and Drury.

    A note about Jagr though is that Washington really has absolutely no use for Nylander now that Federov is all but locked up to stay there. If they were asking for a cheap price, would you guys be willing to bring him back to center Jags and put maybe Prucha on the wing? (I really don’t want straka back even though I like him a lot, he just doesn’t have hands anymore probably because of his broken hand either this or last year). Its just a thought my friend brought up to me the other day. Then you could move Dru to wing with Gomer and have Dubi center Dawes and Callahan on the 3rd line.

  58. Bring Nyls back….?

    I have to admit… I’d be on board for that little experiment. 1 year. Give Nys whatever you were going to give Shanny. Sorry Shanny, time to put you to sleep fella. If Jagr doesn’t get 40 goals with his sweet swede buttbuddy though, we shatter both his wrists and both his ankles with a ballpeen hammer… deal?

  59. Nylander is signed for 3 more years I believe. So we’d have to eat that or trade him if we only wanted him for 1 year. Thats the only downside of that move.

  60. Scary takes on this Blog..Salty is right…

    The question is: What Jagr are you negotiating with? The guy who decided to show up after 82 Games, or the guy who took nearly half the season off?

    Here is a suggestion: Forget about Jagr, Straka, Shanahan, Roszival, Mara, and Malik.

    Bring in: UFA Brian Rolston (30 goals plus last two years) to skate and shoot on Gomez’s right wing

    UFA Kristian Huselius to play on Drury’s left wing

    UFA Brooks Orpik to clear the crease and play solid D

    UFA John Michael Liles to run the Power Play point

    UFA Bryce Salvador to play on your third pair D, and drop the gloves when need be…

    Keep Avery, but at a cap hit of 3.5 or less

    The Team would look like this:

    Avery Gomez Rolston
    Huselius Drury Sjostrom
    Dawes Dubinsky Callahan
    Byers Betts Orr

    Extra Forwards: Prucha(if he’s not moved on draft day), Korpikowski, and Moore

    Staal Orpik
    Tyutin Girardi
    Liles Salvador

    Extra Defenseman: Strudwick, Potter

    Can anyone that has a clue about the game, tell me why the Rangers shouldn’t do this?????

    They would be younger, quicker, tougher, and likely better on special teams

  61. Avery-Dubinsky-Jagr

    trade Prucha, Sjostrom, Holllweg, Dawes (sorry Nigel)

    Tyutin-Girardi Henrik, Valiquette

    trade, or don’t sign the rest of the D. Size, youth, goal scoring, added, including a few Hartford guys. Now each line has at least one banger. What do you guys think?

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    Stay away from Huselius. He can only play well when he isn’t depended on to score. Since our offense is pitiful, he would be expected to score, especially under the NY scrutiny that expected guys like Holik to net 30 a season.

    Aside from Malone (whom I’ve been mentioning for months) I also like Vrbata, Carter, and Ryder up front. Vrbata is interesting because until recently, it seemed like he was a done deal in Phoenix. Good ‘ole Donny Maloney is gonna screw that one up!

    I like Carter, but I don’t like the idea of offer sheets.

    Ryder is a great PP guy, and I think he will be another one of those guys who will really flourish outside of the pressure in Montreal.

    Forget Pitkanen, he is going to be another big disappointment, not to mention the offer sheet issue.

    As for some of the line combinations. People. Get some sense. Prucha could barely crack our lineup, and some of you have him on the first line? Nasty, I’m looking in your direction.

    Fotiu has Staal paired with Potter. Seriously?

    I think we should start trading our “depth” players. Betts could have some value to a team looking for some PK and faceoff help. Prucha or Dawes should be traded, there is no need for both, and my vote is that Prucha goes, and I like him a lot too. I’d also try to trade Fedor Tyutin, but with his awful contract, I don’t see that happening.

    Basically, there is no set of moves that Slats can do that will make people happy. We all want too much.

    On a different note, I believe it was Nasty who collects watches, but if it wasn’t, then I’ll address this to whomever it is that does: Check out the watch my fiancee just bought me:

    It looks better in person than in that picture. It’s called “la nouvelle.”

    Pretty unoriginal name if you ask me. Beautiful watch though.

  63. Doodie, First, when I had Prucha on the line with Dubi and Jagr, I didn’t necessarily mean it had to be the first line, I was hoping they would be our second line and we would have a winger to play with Gomez so we could have a faster and more productive first line, and then be able to come back with Dubi’s line for a strong second.

    Also, yes, it is me with the watches and that is a pretty unoriginal name, but definitely a very unique looking watch. I like it. Where did she scoop that up?

  64. I am wearing my Oris “Frank Sinatra” day and date watch right now. Brown leather strap, white face and the numbers are blue. If I knew how to post a picture on here I would, because this thing is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

  65. Sam,
    Naturally,Jagr,Avery,Shanny etc are getting alot of speculation on their possible depature or return. But I think the Valiquette situation is one that needs to be looked at. I say this because I don’t think his return is as easy as it seems.

    Vally played extremely well for NY, and he did so without ever knowing when his next start will come. Being that he put up impressive numbers, I’m sure many teams will be looking at Vally to be their next backup. I can think of a few teams – Ottawa,Carolina,Chicago,Buffalo and maybe even Toronto if they look to replace Raycroft. All of these teams could offer Vally a significant raise and more importantly, more playing time than NY can. I think it’s very possible that come training camp we could have a big question mark in the backup goalie spot if Sather doesnt pay up for Vally.

  66. Nasty, she got it from the Movado store in Short Hills.

    We saw it at Macy’s like 6 months ago and I said that I liked it, but I didn’t buy it because it was too much money. She went back the next week and they had pulled it from the display and didn’t carry it anymore. She had them check every Macy’s and none of them had it. She contacted Movado’s corporate office and they said that they stopped selling it and had none. She finally went to the Movado store in Short Hills and they said they didnt’t have it either, but the woman was like “hold on a second” and went in the back. Fifteen minutes later, she comes back with the watch, still wrapped in plastic and with Swiss time. They had never put it out, and it was in a bin of watches that were going to be sent back to Switzerland. It is likely the last one that they will ever sell. My fiancee apparently was screaming and hugging the lady when she got it. I like it even more since it has a story attached to it now.

    I’m not a fan of round face watches, but as far as they go, I like your Sinatra one. I like the band on it a lot, too.

    Also, I get you on the Jagr 2nd line thing.

  67. I’ve been saying the same thing about Valli for weeks now
    He’s flying under the radar, very cool calm and collected.
    BUT he knows he played I think his best pro Hockey this year, and with his contract up, do you really think he is going to choose another year of pretending he’s Henrik in net with little more than a rookies salary, or go to another team as a starter, for more money.

    Good/Great Goalies are few and far between in the leauge.
    He’s been coached by Allaire for what the past 3 seasons maybe more. He’s going to get some serious looks and offers from teams who are not solid in Goal, mark my words

    I have a feeling this is going to be the spot where Sather will have the most problems. WHose ready from Hartford to replace him? Seriously, really ready? What other back ups, at Valli’s price are available? I sense fear in you!!!

  68. Doodie, yeah man, that is a good story. Sounds like you have a good fiance on your hands there, don’t Fug it up, ha. My wife is a keeper too, and she accepts my watch addiction, although she really support. Only to an extent. Once I got to the 20 watch mark she began to hate it.

  69. Yeah man, Oris is pretty expensive, but a friend of mine works there and gets a nice 60% discount. So you really can’t go wrong. I have a friend at TAG also. Works out well for me.

  70. I will tell you this, Invicta is a great watch company and make very quality watches at very affordable prices. You can get good deals on them at and They have good deals and higher end watches also. Good stuff there.

  71. Again, I can’t say how I know this, but there is a real possibility that we might trade for Gaborik to play with Gomez and still sign Jagr for next year. Not sure how I feel about it though. I feel like he won’t be as effective in the East and also he is hurt a lot.

  72. And it is definitely not adding size on the wing either. Prucha would be one of the players involved in the trade and so would another young fan favorite. But not one of the “untouchables” as we call them.

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