There is officially nothing going on


Every morning around 8 a.m. the Rangers send out an e-mail compilation of the assorted stories written about the team that day, containing everything from news stories to blog entries to gossip items on where Sean Avery was seen and with whom.

Today came this depressing note:

Please note: There are no NYR Clips on 5.12.08.

Consider me officially depressed, but I try to look on the bright side: tomorrow the clips package will at least consist of this entry lamenting the fact that there are no clips.

I’m just happy to do my part.

Meanwhile, I say there is nothing going on, but in truth the Rangers are having their organizational meetings out at Glen Sather’s pad in La Quinta, Calif., where they will surely discuss everyone from Jaromir Jagr to Avery to Brendan Shanahan. Surely the wheels of decision-making are already in motion, so stay tuned…


And speaking of the organ-I-zation, consider the odd position my fantasy league co-owner Zip finds himself in, because “his newspaper was just bought by the team he covers”:,0,5111708.story.

I don’t want to speak for Zip because I’m sure he has his own insight into this, but this is not without precedent. In fact, the company that just sold Newsday, Tribune Co., still owns the Chicago Tribune as well as the Chicago Cubs (although they’re in the process of selling the Cubs). More often than not, the challenge for such a newspaper is not playing favorites but going out of your way to avoid the appearance that you’re playing favorites. It’s a delicate balance, I’m sure. Either way, I certainly don’t envy the position.

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  1. Sam, I’m sitting here thinking the same thing…nothing is going on…I’m bored and how many times can we talk about if Jagr is returning, should Shanny coach next season…blah blah blah…
    I will say that I want Orpik…and I hate the Pens, Flyers, Stars and the Wings…I thought I could watch…but I can’t
    thats all…good day

  2. I just want the Pens and Flyers to beat the crap out of each other… which they are doing…
    And even thgough they are the East Conference teams… I want them both to lose to the West Conference team who makes it (Detroit).
    Can’t stand the Flyers and hope they get swept… and then I hope the Pens lose in 4 or 5 to Detroit.

  3. I know I’m probably one of the very very few ranger fans that is glad there is nothing going on. I’m getting married this saturday, and I’ll be in st. lucia (click my name) the following week.

    I secretly had a grin on my face last weekend when it all ended for our blueshirts. Hey, I’m just being honest. But we were able to cancel the reservation we had for a 70″ plasma for the reception.

  4. Sam –

    I dont think the Rangers playoff elimination hit me until I saw last nights Philly-Pitt game. I just found myself wishing the Rangers were still in it. I tried my hardest to wish it true, but to no avail.

    However, a first for me. I am rooting for the Flyers (which goes against almost all morals for me). Even though Crosby is a great player, his attitude disappoints me. I also had respect for Malkin until those cheap shots he gave Mara.

  5. I guess Cablevision buying Newsday would explain their extensive coverage on the MSG renovation eh?

    I saw that someone mentioned it yesterday, but the Rangers have been the only team to beat Pitt in over a month.

  6. Rangers were eliminated, in 06, the day before my wedding. There was a game 5 scheduled the day of my wedding so I was wondering how to cha cha my way off the dance floor into the bar every 5 minutes. At least I didn’t have to piss off my new wife at the very start of my marriage. After 2 years, I’ve done a pretty good job of p-o ing her off anyway.

  7. I don’t know if you saw it guys but I found this little tid bit on Malkin and where he grew up…

    Metallurg Magnitogorsk is an ice hockey team based in Magnitogorsk, playing in the Russian Hockey Super League. Evgeni Malkin, recently signed by the Pittsburgh Penguins, used to play for the club.

    Magnitogorsk has recently been included in the top 25 Worst Polluted Cities by a survey carried out by the Blacksmith Institute. Pollutants include lead, sulfur dioxide, heavy metals and other air pollutants. According to the local hospital, only 1% of all children living in the city are in good health. The local newspaper refers to 72% of children born in the city that are ill, while only 27% had healthy mothers. [1]

    and here is a picture…

  8. Beer Me…went to St. Lucia in November 2000 on my honeymoon. What a great island. My only regret was missing the 6:00am wake up call for the rain forest tour as my wife and I drank one too many Piton’s (local beer) at the bar the night before. Enjoy and Congrats…

  9. OK, I am officially bored….how long til camp opens????? I miss my Blueshirts.

    Beer Me,
    Congrats and have a safe trip.

  10. RobL – awesome. Glad to hear it was a great trip. I’ve read 100’s of reviews and can’t wait until next monday to leave.

  11. Good Luck Beer!
    Your name being what it is I’ll assume your also gonna miss the Rain Forest Tour…

    Rob L funny I thought the same thing.
    I just think its crazy that only 1% of kids are in good health. With all those heavy metals etc. it might explain the Slew Foot incident

  12. I guess Dolan will find a spot for Isaiah after all. Maybe he’ll be the new Knicks beat writer. lol

    thanks again fella’s.

  13. Tomorrows news clip should be how Dubinsky is tearing up Norway with a hat trick in the World Championship’s. I am trying to follow as many Rangers as I can in the down time because neither of the remaining series interest me all that much.

  14. puck the world on

    Is anybody else watching the US-Norway game? Dubinsky got himself a hat trick.

  15. Dolan or Murdoch ??
    Dolan or Murdoch ??
    Poison or gunshot ??
    poison or gunshot ??
    The devil ??

    or the deep blue sea ??

    it’s real hard to think in terms of Zip geting the “better of the deal” here..

  16. Tony from AZ on

    Yo Beer, congratulations !!
    She going to be OK with her new name ? Mrs Beer me !

    Also be prepared for your life to change. I’m married 41 years, all I can say is “What a long strange trip it’s been”
    Good luck & enjoy your life together.
    LGR !!!!

  17. Adam and his Apple on

    where can you guys watch the world championships and where do you see doobie scorin a hat trick? i cant find it anywhere

  18. puck the world on

    If you’re in Canada, you can watch it for free on, but in the US it’s at You have to pay, but it’s only about $5 for the month and you can either watch the games live or on demand. It’s a recurring charge, though, so you have to remember to cancel the subscription once the WCs are over.

  19. Ok Let’s make a deal,I’ll trade you Rozy,toots,prucha,hollwagg and one of our young wingers. I need some size and grit on defence who can we get?

  20. Since we are all longing for some red/white/blue hockey, you can check out USA Hockey’s coverage of the WCs on their website,

    Dubi scored three on three shots! Gotta love that kid! Are we sure that he’s home grown and ours? Sounds like the first goal was out of Jagr’s book; take the puck off the half boards, come out to the slot and fire!

  21. beer me – congrats – will you have an issue with your anniversary being same date as a hopefully big Ranger playoff game.

    I have watched very little of the 3rd round. Have no interest in the eastern series. for the west I’ll watch if no conflicts but I was not going to stay home Sat night for a game 1. from what I’ve seen Detroit pp is far different than ours (they have guys in front and people shooting from the point). I also think they are not selling out their games (their economy)

  22. Dubi scored three on three shots! Gotta love that kid! Are we sure that he’s home grown and ours? Sounds like the first goal was out of Jagr’s book; take the puck off the half boards, come out to the slot and fire!


    Hmm, looks like Dubinsky would be *just fine* without Jagr looking to him for passes.

  23. beer me – congrats – will you have an issue with your anniversary being same date as a hopefully big Ranger playoff game.


    Wow…. that’s true…. chances of this eventually coming back to haunt Beer for many years down the line = pretty high

  24. Actually…..It will probably lead to attending big playoff games. The future Mrs. Beer Me is a die-hard like myself. Some of you may remember the story of us getting engaged at Casino Night ’07. Yes, I am a lucky man.

    The actual wedding was a hurdle that was averted when the NHL decided they wanted more camera time for Cindy ;)

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    Congrats Beer, and good luck to you in the future.

    “Ok Let’s make a deal,I’ll trade you Rozy,toots,prucha,hollwagg and one of our young wingers. I need some size and grit on defence who can we get?”

    A Weeble. Sure, they’ve been known to wobble, but they won’t fall down.

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    “Hmm, looks like Dubinsky would be just fine without Jagr looking to him for passes.”

    I don’t think anyone doubts Dubi will be a great player. But a hat trick in a 9-1 rout of Norway hardly means that he is a superstar yet.

    There are too many available coaches now. It makes the likelihood of Pearn getting the Florida job too slim. Damn it! Looks like another year of an anemic PP.

  27. So come on did anyone else see MALKIN’S BIGGEST HATEJOB EVER on Biron Friday?

    That was like a street hockey goal where you just put your little brother in net as a formality.


    Philly lost the series on that goal. That goal was a huge statement. Malkin made him look like a 10 year old. Biron will *never* forget that for the rest of his _life_, let alone the series.

  28. Congrats, Beer Me! I myself am looking forward to my wedding which happens on Rangers Opening Day in October…sadly, the wedding is not taking place in Prague…

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    Salty, I saw that Malkin goal. I think Chara’s shootout against Lundvist is comparable.

  30. I really like that Dubi is playing in the World Championship. It can only help him developmentally. Its not the NHL playoffs but I have to imagine that among the good teams (USA, CAN, RUS, SWE, etc) the level of play is pretty intense. From what little I’ve seen, I think itsbetter quality than the NHL regular season. Great experience for Dubi.

    Did I just hear that Lundquist’s brother Joel is leading the playoffs in hits?

    We should definitely trade for him. Holleweg, a bag of pucks and a few rolls of tape. Okay, okay, no Holleweg and give you two bags of pucks……

  31. Between nothing going on and Zip’s situation, this ranks as one of the top ten funniest of Sam’s blogs of the year.

  32. WeWantFishStix on

    Whats up all, i dont usually participate in the chats but i am always reading through. Id like to hear what you guys think about the new plans for the Garden and does anyone now when they will begin and if anything will be different by next season?

  33. Reading the Philly boards, it’s amazing how similar they are to what was said here after the Penguins wiped us out.
    “Oh they’re not that good, excuse excuse,” after each successive loss.

    At what point does a team that has lost one single game through three rounds get to be pronounced good — and not just handed the game by the generous opposition?

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