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Arthur Staple, who preceded Steve Zipay on the Rangers beat at Newsday, has a worthwhile take on the Jaromir Jagr situation, saying in the end, “No. 68 will simply go where the money is.”:,0,5775507.column

I’m not naive enough to think that’s not a huge consideration. But I’ll take it a step further. For one, if it really is just about money, Jagr will indeed go back to Omsk, where he can be paid handsomely, play a shorter season, and not have to worry about fitting under anyone’s salary cap.

More likely, Jagr’s decision will be dictated less by money and more by worth. It’s a small distinction, but an important one.


Like I said, I’m sure Jagr wants to get paid as much as he can. But let’s just take the Rangers for the second. I think more important to him is that the money Glen Sather offers him makes him feel like he’ s still the focal point of the team. And that’s tricky seeing how there are already three players who are making in the neighborhood of $7 million per (Henrik Lundqvist checks in a little shy of that while Scott Gomez and Chris Drury both make a little bit more). For Jagr to make that sort of money, too, the team would either have to extremely creative with bonus clauses, or cut corners elsewhere (or both).

Maybe the player would settle for less in a concession to his age. But there’s always the chance that ego gets in the way — as if often does in these situations –  and he decides to see what he can fetch somewhere else.

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  1. No one is going to sign a 36 year old player for $7 million a year, especially when his point totals have dropped significantly for two years in a row.

    Sign him for the same $4.9 he was making, bonuses That get him to $5.5 or $6 million. Those bonuses hit the following season when the cap goes up. That way you ensure a productive Jagr through the course of the year, he gets his money, everyone is happy.

  2. I wonder how much of a package deal this all is. Package, as in #68, 82, 3. If you sign one, do you have to sign them all? If #68 stays and #82 & #3 go, does #68’s bonus have to be a season supply of kleenex? Will he sulk for 1/2 a season the way he did when #92 left?

    I definitly don’t envy Slat’s position between now and sept.

  3. Rangerrotty on

    I think it is obvious that Jagr wants to move on. He could have scored 15 more points if he wanted to this past season to trigger the extra year. Renney said that he was surprised to hear that Jagr wants to stay. He also eluded to a rift between the two of them. Maybe both of them should go. I think Jagr has more in him than he showed this year, but if he is not willing to show it, then why are we paying him to? Straka is obviously a hindrance to this team’s success. I lost my voice many times this season from yelling “SHOOT THE PUCK!!!”

    Get people on the team that are not afraid to throw the puck at the net. There is no reason that a player should be dictating strategy. Why is there a coach?

  4. you kidding how could you not envy sather’s position. he will be golfing, fishing and smoking cigars all summer. Then one day around July 1st he’ll decide which players he wants to give Dolans money too and then he will go back to his regular duties. The guy can do whatever he wants with a boss like dolan, look how long it took the knicks to get rid of thomas and he isn’t even totally fired yet. Sather may have the cushiest job in sports.

  5. Where are you getting your info that there was a rift between Renney and Jagr and that Renney was surprised to here Jagr wanted to come back??? First I have heard of this. Anyone else hear about this any where?

  6. rangerrotty- it’s a good point. But in this case, as always in jagr’s career, the coach is ‘name-less’. It doesn’t matter who’s behind the bench. I would even go as far to say the only coach that ever mattered to Jagr’s sucess was the Great Scotty Bowman.

    We have ZERO players on the current roster that can play Jagr’s (desired) style. They’ve brought in players that play both ways. Not the euro-puck moving style. So whats the point of overpaying him to dispute the style of play all season…again. Seems pointless. I’d rather see the organization continue to move in the direction is has been over the last TWO seasons. North/south skaters. Grit. “KISS” players.

  7. Where are you getting your info that there was a rift between Renney and Jagr and that Renney was surprised to here Jagr wanted to come back???


    I’d like to know this as well, I hadn’t heard any of that.

  8. “you kidding how could you not envy sather’s position. he will be golfing, fishing and smoking cigars all summer.”

    Pete….I stand corrected! haha

  9. Just stating something that should be obvious I guess.

    What a difference in the level of respect between that of Jagr & Slats opposed to Avery & Slats.

    Avery = gimme gimme gimme gimme or I’m gone.
    Jags = What am I worth to you? Is it worth spending more time away from my family?

  10. Beer Me,
    I could have not said it better myself! Thanks for saying it for me.

  11. I dont care what anyone says about Jagr, but you have to respect a guy that has that much respect for his parents, he has spent most of his adult life away from them and still feels he has to put them first.

  12. Just because a players tests the free agent market to see what he is worth, does not always mean he will go to the highest bidder. Some players that may be true, but I also think a lot of players will go where they think they have the best chance of winning.

  13. For the record, I don’t think Jagr’s as interested in the actual dollars as he is in feeling and being the “most important person” around, and the $’s usually end uo reflecting that, but not always. He’s too smart to have his whole situation change for an extra million here or there.

    I don’t at all doubt a rift developed between Renney & Jagr. I’m sure as the season progressed and as Jagr faded more and more, Renney legitimately _asked_ Jagr to relinquish a little bit of the control he had over his mates and to try to play a different game, since he wasn’t producing elite numbers. Renney knew his role, but was probably worn thin and stuck beween a rock and a hard place, and had to ask Jagr if he could ease up a bit. -Finkle- Jagr took it personally.

  14. Salty – That article was absolutly outstanding. I actually respected him so much more after reading that. Sure, the artcile is 16 years old, but great insight to his past.

    I don’t “hate” the guy. But if you’re looking for the betterment/future of the team, don’t resign him.

  15. Rangerrotty on

    Both points were eluded to during Renney’s “Break-up” interview. It’s probably still available on the NYR team site. The “rift” thing might be me thinking too deeply, but the fact that he was surprised about Jagr wanting to stay was said out right.

    I’m in the camp for getting some young players that are moldable to a Ranger style of play. Whether it be fast north-south play or defensive grind it out play. We forwards with a bit of “reckless abandon” and D that can stop the opposition when the puck is moving through the neutral zone.

    Is Hal Gill a free agent? Was anyone scared as much as I was whenever Girardi touched the puck in the Pitt series?

  16. Beer Me,
    If you dont mind me asking what article were you referring to in your last post?? If you would share I would appreciate it thanks.

  17. Girardi definitly showed part of the reason he was undrafted down the stretch and into the post season. That’s for sure. But I think he is still a decent contributor with an all-around type game.

    I just want a few guys on the backline that would throw the body a little more often. Toots seems to come and go with his hip-checks. Staal just needs some HGH.

  18. Rangerrotty,
    you need to go back and listen to the interview of renney, he said it was the first he had heard of it and that if that is what he wants then that is a great asset to the rangers.

  19. Rangerrotty on

    you need to go back and listen to the interview of renney, he said it was the first he had heard of it and that if that is what he wants then that is a great asset to the rangers.”

    Can you say “company line”? You could also see in his facial expression that it was forced.

  20. I thought Jagr had defeated his mercenary image. If I’ve learned anything about Jagr in his years as a Ranger, it’s that he cares very much how he’s percieved. Of course he likes money like everybody else, but he seems to care just as much about showing people he can hack it. Ego is a powerful motivator, and he loves to prove people wrong.

  21. Unless jagr signs with us for 5 bonus money he’s not coming back. Sraka is NOT coming back,rozy is,unless we get some good free agents.we’ll need at least two ON DEFENCE ALONE.The player’s in hartford just arent ready,some never will be..,,
    There are some VERY GOOD guys out there that will be free as of july 1st.Both offence and defence.we are gonna have at least 5 new starter this year.Also expect at least one trade that I’m saying is gonna be HUGE.
    All this is not just to make a few changes,but because we NEED TO make a few changes.

  22. Ok, can’t post the link here for some reason.

    Do a google search for: “The KID from Kladno”

    (with the quotes)

  23. rangerrotty
    where did you get your degree in reading between the lines and body language? maybe the rest of us need to attend that school.

  24. I think in the end Jagr goes to Omsk.

    Omsk will pay Jagr 7.5 million dollars tax free. The Rangers cant come close to that and I believe if the Rangers resign Jagr, Marty Straka will have to be part of the package.

  25. Beer me,
    I remember reading that article when it was first written, it was great to see it again. Thanks again.

  26. I like Jagr and think he could still provide a meaningful contribution on the Rangers or any other team. The difficulty is coming up with a number that works under the constraints of the the team’s overall salary cap.

    I’m not saying its gospel but didn’t ESPN do an article about how teams that have three players accounting for a large portion of their cap are handicapped in signing additional talent. I think Tampa was one of the examples (Lecavalier, St. Louis, Richards).

    Now think of the Rangers. With Gomez, Lundquist, and Drury making $8mn, $8mn and $7mn it seems hard to imagine how we could fit another high priced player onto the team without it being detrimental to the signing of other positions. In my mind, that makes it hard to sign Jagr or Hossa, even Kovalchuck in a few years.

    I think some on this board are too focused on offensive point production when they look at contracts. Drury is the perfect example, you can put this guy on the ice in any situation – even strength, powerplay, penalty kill. Plus he takes faceoffs and is good at it.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Straka back to be honest. What did he make this year $3.3mn? I think it goes without saying that his next contract will be for less unless someone completely overpays. I’d be fine with him on the 3rd line and the penalty kill for somewhere around $2.0mn/year for 2 years. The guy can still skate and is solid defensively, any offense would be upside.

    Our PK was one of the bright spots of the season and it could be an issue if we lose both Shanahan and Straka. After Drury, who is a good penaly killing forward on the roster for next year? Callahan, Sjoestrom? Callahan looked okay down the stretch but I thought he was a little shaky and will be a work in progress.

  27. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    free0717, I completely agree with you. During one of Straka’s exit interviews he even said his decision rests on what Jagr decides. What do you guys think Straka’s going to make? This year he took a home town discount at $3.3million (a la Selanne and Kariya in the days of the Av’s). Before the lockout, Straka was making $4.0+ million (check link below)…I was criticized for predicting he’d get $4.5million, but I doubt he’ll make any less than $4.0mil

  28. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Beer, nyrfan, when was Avery all “gimme, gimme, gimme?”
    This year, he seems to be very humble, even though he is only saying “the right things.” But to compare Avery (a player making $1.1 million entering an RFA mediated hearing) with Jagr (once an $11.0 million dollar player entering the free-UFA-market) is not a true or fair comparison. Different players, different situations. I’m not saying what Avery did last summer was right, but it wasn’t unheard of as far as RFA dealings go.

  29. truefans – my impression.

    without a comparison to anyone, I still feel the same. I’m surprised everyone doesn’t feel that way.

  30. Drury does more than just provide offense but the sum of his work is not worth 7 mill a year, espec not if he is being played as a third line center (remember how mad we were that we were paying cullen 3 mill or so to play the third line). we overpaid for him big time, just have to accept that.

    and our pk wasnt that great for us against pittsburgh partly because shanny was so damn slow out there. never that hard to teach a third or fourth liner to kill penalties. i like straka in a limited role, but would you rather have a young kid on the third or fourth line or straka? hopefully the answer is the youths

  31. Rangerrotty on

    May 8th, 2008 at 10:32 am
    where did you get your degree in reading between the lines and body language? maybe the rest of us need to attend that school.”

    I admitted that I may be thinking too deep on the rift idea. Relax. To me, Renney looked like he was completely taken off guard when he heard Jagr wants to come back.

    Ditch Jagr, Straka, Malik, etc… Gaining team chemistry can’t be any harder than it was for the Rangers this past year. I like Drury and Gomez. What was Drury’s faceoff %, 90%? Drury is solid as a rock, in all aspects. Gomez can skate like the wind, score, pass, and back check. I never realized his skill level until this year and I was against the Rangers getting him. With these two solid guys down the middle, and maybe another “more veteran” player, we can afford the more young, raw talent type. Get someone on the ice to take chances.

  32. 2007 Hangover on

    I got a sick feeling in my stomach when I thought of Jagr, Straka, and Rozi coming back in ’08-’09. Makes me wonder……is Hlavac or Rucinsky available?

  33. If you remember a few years back, Jagr was resposible for Prucha having a great year, then low and behold they seperate the 2 and Prucha’s numbers bottem out. This year Dubinski credits Jagr for his success, get rid of him and take the chance for Dubis numbers botteming out next season.

    Just a thought, or is it?

  34. Let’s face it – the reason the Rangers lost was the bad karma involved with Jagr’s Hitler mustache.

  35. I think Dubinsky is going to be fine. The kid is going to get better and fill out a little more and not get knocked off the puck as easily, not that he gets knocked off that easily now. He is young, he is a very mature kid and is very well spoken and great with the media. I am excited to watch this kid grow up in front of us. He took a giant step in the right direction this past year.

    I don’t think Prucha is dead in the water either. The guy was not given a fair chance, and he got 0 power play time. You need to have a good stretch of games to develop some chemistry and flow to your game. He did not have that this time. I want to see him play with Gomez for a full season and prove a lot of us wrong. I don’t think he is a bust. Not yet.

  36. I do like Svatos in Colorado. He was the one who was rumored to be offered in a trade with us last year. I think it was Svatos and Liles for Prucha and two others from our team, roster players.

  37. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    It’s interesting that Cullen had 49 points (in only 59 games) this year and Nylander had 37 points in 40 games, although Nylander was also a staggering -19 in just half a season (Nylander played very little 5on5 with Ovechkin too). Makes you wonder how the Rangers might have faired if they kept those 2 guys and used the extra $7 million from the Druy/Gomer contracts for a defensman or 2 defensive upgrades.

  38. Nasty
    I am not saying that Prucha is done by any means but had he has more time with Jagr to develop who knows where he would be now….I just dont think it is a good idea to take that chance with Dubi..he will be the first to say he wants his line back in tact next season.

  39. Svatos had 26 goals and 11 assists in 62 games played. He was hurt 2 different times this year. I watched a few games that he played in and I definitely noticed him on the ice even when he wasn’t scoring. He is only 26. I would not mind getting him to play with Gomez. Maybe we can find some cheap alternatives to try to fit within the cap.

  40. Svatos Gomez Prucha line?

    We would probably have to trade for Svatos because I don’t think he is a free agent.

  41. I premiere set up guy with two guys that can definitely score at least 25-30 goals a year. Could be an interesting and very very fast line. Could be really exciting to watch. It could also be a bed shitting waiting to happen, but I think it would be great.

  42. Nasty 1 – I know you can’t reveal your source on the Avery rumor, but could you at least say, in the mold of Eklund’s system, if it is someone close to the Rangers, Lightning, or Avery (or none of the above)?

  43. Man, I will say that it was Avery’s agent and Avery himself having a discussion.

  44. If you had $7mil in cap space for next season, and could only choose ONE UFA that was not a ranger this past season, who would it be?

  45. I can not tell you by who or how I know of this conversation, but I swear to you that it took place, and it was during the playoffs during the New Jersey series, after a home game.

  46. If I was to pick the only player worth 7m in this UFA list, Hossa. Otherwise I’d sign Orpik for 3.5ish.

  47. In saying that I have already said too much, but I owe it to you TRUE Ranger fans to know what I know. I really can’t say anymore though.

  48. Wow, it’s pretty cool that you can take a few quotes from a player out of context and then psychoanalyze them and know for a fact what they’re thinking.

  49. kc, was that directed towards me? I heard the whole conversation and so did a few other people who were standing right there when it was taking place. It wasn’t like we were involved in the conversation but it happened, and it didn’t seem to matter to them who was around.

  50. Now, I didn’t say he was definitely definitely going to do this, but I listened to the conversation and from what I heard it sounded like a very serious option and something that was more than just an idea they were bouncing around.

  51. I can’t decide if I want Philly to beat the p1ss out of the Pens or if I want them to get their asses beat in the finals by Detroit or Dallas…. I mean, I’d like to see the Flyers beat them up but then the Flyers will be going to the finals and I certainly don’t want to see that. What a dilemma! Thoughts anyone?

  52. I hope both teams play their hearts out and get to a game seven in shittsburgh. Then in double overtime the whole building gets swallowed up by the almighty cracken and we never see either team again.

  53. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    …or Jean Claude Van Damme shows up, but can’t save Pittsburgh this time! Oh nooo!

  54. Nasty1 – I think KC was refering to the Jagr article linked above but not 100%… Anyway – do you think there is a chance that Avery and his agent were trying to spoof the guys theat were standing around. I mean that seems like something that would be discussed behind close doors? And as we know Avery is certainly the type to try and drop a line like that with a bunch of peps around just to fvck with everyone. Just a though.

  55. The Craken! – that would be perfect. Could you imagine Dic..I mean Doc Emery’s play by play during that whole scene! Classic

  56. That is possible, but it seemed like a legit conversation the way they were talking about it. I don’t know, I hope I am wrong because I want him back. Personally if the Lightning offer him 4 million or more and the Rangers offer him 3 million I would think he stays with the Rangers because the Rangers are a better team and are in a better position to win now. Going to Tampa, unless they do some kind of complete overhaul, seems like a dumb thing to do just for money. There are rumors from a lot of sources that Barry Melrose could be the coach of the Lightning next year with Tortarella coaching the Maple Leafs. I hate Melrose. But I know Melrose loves Avery.

  57. I wish we could make a video of what that play by play would sound like. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!

  58. Sam (not the Great Weinman) on


    F*ck that POS Crosby and Malkin. I hope the Flyers bring in Jesse Boulerice to take both of them out for years to come! I’m sure that the Flyers have somebody violent and classless enough to take a run at either of those children.

  59. I just wonder if Philthy is going to screw themselves and take too many penalties.

  60. HA! I only wanted to get 1 person at least.

    I wish Dallas & Detroit could just play for the cup.

    If an eastern team wins, I’d rather it be Pitt. I would feel less shame knowing that we were beat by a team on it’s way to a championship.

  61. I want to see PHI punish the stinky brown out of PIT. They took out MTL in 5, I could see them breaking PIT down pretty good. The way to play PIT is physical as hell and we failed to come anywhere close to doing that. Philly will do it and the french snail briere will get a bunch of wet rat goals and then they’ll get their asses handed to them in the finals.

    Screw Philly, but they made all the right moves and deserve to be where they are. I wish NYR managemnet would TAKE NOTICE of how a real team is born.

  62. i’ll show you mine…you show me yours…

    detoit sweeps, best team on planet, dallas cannot compete;
    philly in 6, pens blue line suspect, m-a f return to earth

    your thoughts?

  63. I agree Beer – but really don’t want that B1tch Crosby to have his name on the cup. Could you imagine how smug he would act/look with a ring on his finger. Dude his nostril flairs would double in size and his lips would look like two big fat kielbasas. And his g@y little prepubescent porn stash… what a loser. I’d love to hear some of the cheeseball lines he uses to pic up chicks at the bar. Or guys (not that there is anything wrong with that) for that matter.

    As much as I hate the Flyers I think I hate Crosby more.

  64. lol parros.

    “but really don’t want that B1tch Crosby to have his name on the cup.” It’s only a matter of time dude.

    Salty – I can’t agree with the fact that they are. Most people had philthy not even making the playoffs. And Pitt is on a roll too. I wouldn’t count out the Cup winner coming from the east.

  65. I guess nobody wanted to offer their two cents on the Svatos idea from earlier?

  66. nasty – I think slats missed the boat on that one. If the offer was on the table, I wouldn’t have had to wait to hang up the phone to make that deal.

  67. Parros –

    This is the lead-in on an article on I thought it was appropriate.

    “Lost in all the media hullabaloo surrounding the re-birth of the Flyers; Malkin and Crosby’s Coming Out Party (not that kind of coming out, mind you…); the…”

  68. Wow! here is a great read and some stats that will make you shake your head over at

    A lot of us suggested this as well. I have some fancy ties. Maybe I should get behind the bench.

  69. i always thought i hated philthy or toronto the most. but now i know it is the penguins.

    i hope crosby never wins a cup.

  70. Nasty, Renney took Avery off the second line after the face-guarding incident (i think, if not shortly thereafter) and replaced him with the ailing Straka. Was this personal?

    I thought that was a bad move because of Avery’s passing abilities and speed.

  71. Beer – you are prob right about it only being a matter of time for Cindy… but you never know. Lots of great players never won a cup. I don’t think I ever hated any NHL player more than I hated Eric Lindros. I remember praying to God that he would never win a cup. Then he becomes a Ranger… In all my years as a fan I have never faltered in my love for the Rangers. But that summer when they traded for him I really had to sit down and think. How could I root for the Rangers when the biggest dooshbag in the league was playing for them. I was a wreck!

    I called my Uncle and asked him what could be done. Was it possible to root for the Rangers while at the same time rooting against Lindros. He told me the same thing happened to him when he was younger. Not sure who the player was but someone he despised was traded to the Rangers and he was crushed. Anyway – long story and not sure of my point here but glad the Rangers svcked for all the years Lindros was on the team.

    Oh wait – there’s my point. Early in his career Lindros seemed like a lock to win the cup at some point in his career – and Thanks God!… he never won one!

  72. I don’t think Avery was ever put back on Jagr’s line. Gomez got hurt in the Philly game and Renney adjusted the lines and when Gomez came back he put Straka in Avery’s place. I may be wrong, but that is how I remember it. A lot of us didn’t understand why he didn’t go back to that combination. We kicked ass with those lines.

  73. Lindros was a cry baby for sure, but if the guy didn’t have the problems he had, I do believe he could have won a cup in Philthy. If he didn’t have to alter his style of play he could have been AMAZING!

  74. Go on youtube and look up eric lindros fights. He definitely was not afraid to drop the gloves with some heavyweights.

  75. parros – good point. Gartner(my boy) scored over 700 goals, played 1600 games and never won it.

    nasty – I think you’re right on the gomer injury being the last tie avery played up front.

    But what everyone always forgets on that topic is that it wasn’t until avery moved down that Jagr showed up on the score sheet. At the time, how could you jeopordize the resurgence?

  76. Nasty1 – true – but he didn’t – and he never won one. Point is it’s the hardest trophy in sports to win! Even if you are the best player in the league it doesn’t garauntee you shite!

  77. rough stats.

    Jagr had 12 goals and 13 assts after that back to back with philthy. Almost 1/2 of his goal total. The majority of jagr’s goals this year came without avery on that line.

    on the other side….almost all of avery’s points came while on that line.

    so whatta ya do?

  78. I think it’s going to be pitt. I think when players are shown that management is confident enough that their team is a true contender, and that a missing piece or two to fill voids at the deadline, the players play with that confidence. And when you have that kind of talent, and that kind of confidence, it’s a dangerous combo.

    MY bottom line on the teams that are left…DAL & Pitt identified what they needed at the deadline, did what they had to do, and are seeing the benefits of it.

    Det will go on as long as osgood can stay on top. I just don’t see it happening though.

    And I think filly has just gotten lucky in their matchups. They’re on a great streak of ‘Timing’.

  79. Rangers6830 on

    Quoting Arthur Staple, please. :p
    Of course it’s about the money, it is for everyone and there is nothing wrong with it. Avery says he bleeds Ranger blue but think he is going to take a discount to stay, no way. It’s all business, again nothing wrong with it.
    I think with Jagr though feeling like he’s still wanted is important. With money being somewhat close that will be a factor. They should keep Jagr though. Go out and get a player like Hossa and you have four players (Lundqvist,Gomez,Drury, then possibly Hossa) taking up a huge chunk of the cap for years. Hossa is not worth it. I still wonder if signing both Drury and Gomez was a good thing, only time will tell. Jagr still is one of the top players in the nhl, he still commands respect from opponents and makes his teammates better. Jagr also makes a good filler for a year or two without hurting he cap.

  80. Please everyone say a prayer tonight before you go to bed that Cindy never gets his cup. Never Never Never…

    Malkin on the other hand – he is kind of a badarse. He would probably eat his ring for breakfast and just say something like “Geno still hungry”…! That guy is a menace.

  81. “Geno still hungry”…! That guy is a menace.

    Yeah a slew footing menace.

  82. onecupin67years on

    Someday the Rangers will have to cut loose Jagr.Its not like he has a lot of upside left, so if he signs elsewhere so be it. The Rangers and jagr will survive.

  83. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Nasty1, i read that…quite persuasive arguments. I also read his grades for players:
    *Girardi* (B+); Hmmm, didn’t realize penalty shots against (2) and breakaways were “B” material.
    *Tyutin* (F?!); Funny, he was just as suspect as Girardi was, but less fortunate as opponents capitalized as Girardi’s ‘dumbness’ was more often neutralized by hank.
    *Backman* (F–); Was Backman really the reason the Rangers lost? Paging Michael Rozsival!
    *Rozsival* (C-); this guy was the goat in the series. I don’t think there’s any question about that.
    *Mara* (B-); HUH?! Mara was, *BY FAR*, the most sound defensman. Took the body, smart plays, didn’t get caught flat-footed! Geez. This rating’s scale is tough.
    *Drury* (5 points, 1 goal)[B+]? HUH? Are we rating production or reputation?
    *Straka* (avg 1pt/game, 10 points total) [D]? WHAT?! Straka could’ve had 25 points in this playoffs, but 10 points in 10 games speaks for itself.
    *Gomez* (D-); I actually thought Gomez was quite good, didn’t have much support though.
    Betts (D+) & Orr (D-); Yup, because those are the guys that lost the series for the Rangers. If only we upgraded them to Mike Richards and Jason Spezza, then the team would’ve been set (sarcasm).

  84. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    BTW: Those aren’t my grades, that’s my commentary on rangersreview’s grades.

  85. although i dont konw jagr and what he is thinking but i think the most important thing for him is going to a team that has a clear cut chance to win whether it be the cup or what ever they win in Omsk. I think the reason he elevated his game was because for a moment he though that he was no longer able to compete in this league and wanted to give it his all one last chance. i think he has enough money and he just wants to win. But then again i dont know jagr

  86. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Avery gets offered $3.0 million in NY and $3.2 million from TB, then he probably stays in NY.

    Avery gets offered $3.0 million from NY and $4.0million from Tampa (for a couple of years), there’s no chances he’s staying! That would be a million more, per year, for the length of the contract!!!

  87. “Avery gets offered $3.0 million in NY and $3.2 million from TB, then he probably stays in NY.

    Avery gets offered $3.0 million from NY and $4.0million from Tampa (for a couple of years), there’s no chances he’s staying! That would be a million more, per year, for the length of the contract!!!”

    Not to mention is beautiful weather down there. He can tan naturally all day long. He does miss out on the fashion scene though. haha.

    And those grades are awful. Say what you want about straka, but he did have 10 points. If his hands were what they used to be when it comes to catching passes and stuff like that, he’d still be a pretty awesome player to have because he still has explosive speed. And maybe I missed something, but Girardi was pretty bad all 2nd half, along with Tyutin. I also think people are way too hard on Backman. He’s a pretty good #5 D-man and doesn’t turn the puck over making a stupid pass when the forwards give him no options. He skates it up and might lose it, but he doesn’t wanna create a turnover with a bad pass which is something that killed this team this year. They really need a new breakout system for next year, or at last need to implement the one they have better because the forwards never move making the d-men look bad when they force passes.

  88. Very interesting article on May 7th.

    Bottom line is we need a top line that can produce like the crosby line.

    Bottom line needs: physical defensmen, QB on PP, top scorer, big hitter and more physicalitly with skill i.e. avery, malone.

    Rangers showed that they could be pushed around without any type of physical presence on the ice and were. Also let the top players run around and do whatever they wanted without any fear and the only one who try to put a stop to it was Colton Orr in Game 4.

    I like our 4th line to be a big hitting, gritty, enegry line. You need that in every game to get the tempo up. Sjo is alright but if you could move him up to the 3rd line with a quick line and put someone else with a little more hitting in their game that would be great.

    1st line- goal scoring primarily
    2nd line- more physical game but still goal scoring
    3rd line- speedy line
    4th line- energy, fighting, hitting line.

  89. Except for the occasional bone-head play/penalty by Holleweg I thought the Rangers had as good a fourth line in the league. They could fight, hit and play defense against any teams top line without getting completely smoked.

    You can upgrade Holleweg but I think he provided fair value. The guy isn’t a bad skater, knows his role, we’ve all seen him running the drills in practice/warmups, sounds like he’s well liked by coaches/player and makes slightly above the league minimum.

    Seriously, who’s fourth line would you rather have?

  90. Shouldn’t we all be rooting for Dallas with Joel Lundqvist on the team?

    JJP – Do you really know enough about the fourth lines around the league to determine that ours is the best? I don’t think it really matters that much, anyway. The Penguins had a pretty good fourth line, at least against us, with Laraque scoring one.

  91. Not sure if posted, but Henrik played his first game for Sweden today at the WHC, and made 17 saves in an 8-1 Sweden win over Denmark.

    Also with Jeff Halpern getting hurt Brandon Dubinsky will step in his spot and center a line.

  92. That probably makes Sweden the favorite now, even without all those players from the Red Wings, because Canada’s top goalie is Cam Ward without Brodeur there.

  93. Boy I was just watching clips on you tube and its got me all fired up for the season taht is 4 months away. I just can’t wait for the offseason so many options and so many moves. Must improve defensivly, thats the big one. QB for powerplay and physical pair of defensemen.

    Staal is goign to be great. NOt afraid to throw the body and is just so solid back there.

  94. inhankwetrust on

    Does anyone know where i could find the video from last year, after the 2006-2007 season, the rangers put on their website a farewell/thank you video…it had shanahan and lundqvist and avery all giving their thoughts, very inspirational….anyone?thanks

  95. “Shouldn’t we all be rooting for Dallas with Joel Lundqvist on the team?”

    HE would be an upgrade from Hollweg. And I think that Hank is the type of guy that would benefit in a big way having his bro on his team. Don’t you all get that impression from Hank? He seems very close to his family. Just a thought.

  96. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Not sure, Beer. Nothing to really compare his performances, unless there’s some international competetitions where they played together. They use to play on the same team in the Swedish league, but I don’t know if those stats are relevant. For a similar comparison, look at *Marcel* Hossa’s stats playing on the olympic team with his brother, markedly improved. I remember watching and saying, “wow, is that Marion or Marcel?” because they both were so similar and effective.

  97. I’m not sure if there’s any stats to show either way. But just seeing how Hank’s game changed when his dad’s health was on his mind suggested, to me, that his family is a concern to him. And having his bro closer, may put his mind ‘closer to home’.

    There’s really know way to know for sure. Just making conversation on an otherwise sh!tty day that I don’t feel like doing any work.

    Det in 4?

  98. I wonder if we went after Marion Hossa in the offseason, if they would try to bring back Marcel? I thought that possibly at the end of the season that Sather was going to try and land Marion and having his brother already here be an incentive, but it didn’t happen and it didn’t bother me one bit, but I was just wondering if that was one of the scenarios that they thought about.

  99. Joel looks like a decent player out there. I definitely notice him when he is on the ice. Nothing too special, but a good fourth line player. Definitely an upgrade over Hollweg.

  100. I’ve watched Joel a few times, and he seems like he’s got some skill to him. He made it up to the 3rd line, and I know for a while he was playing with Richards (so that’d be 2nd line?). He’s also scored a handful of goals, so he could be a perfect 3rd/4th line guy. Except he’s a center, and we’re pretty much stacked with centers already.

  101. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Lundqvist seemed to be PK’ing with Richards last night and they had some time that overlapped 5on5 too. Lundqvist looks like a smart player, but somewhat clumsy with his hands. I’d equate him to a Blair Betts type (although, according to stories I’ve heard, Betts was actually a ‘sniper’ in junior hockey…i don’t know how true that is).

    Anyone who thinks Canada is going to lose because they don’t have Brodeur must be blind or have Althzeimer’s. Didn’t you watch the first round of the playoffs? Duhh! And, btw, Turco and Luongo are Canadiens….hmmm, I wonder why they might not be playing (still in the playoffs, new child). Haha…Brodeur. Couldn’t be more wrong with that point because Cam Ward can’t be playing any worse than Brodeur has recently.

  102. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Wow. You should either loosen up your draws or get that checked out. Weird.

  103. Hey Truefans – This is from yesterday, but I now have a little more behind it.

    “Beer, when was Avery all “gimme, gimme, gimme?”

    When he said: “It’s all about the moolah doolah”.

  104. The more I watch his exiting video the more I see a different side of Avery. I am not saying that I don’t think money has something to do with it, but I think his injury scared the shit out of him. I think he was really moved by how the people of NYC supported him and reached out to him. My friend’s fiance was one of the Doctors treating him at St. Vincents and told me that Avery really wants to stay in NY.

  105. Avery made 1.9 this season. I don’t think paying him 3.3 to 3.5 is that big of a deal really. Especially when the cap goes up every year. I say sign him.

  106. I say sign him too. But his initial demand of 4.2 is ridiculous.

    3.3m 2-3 years, I’d do it. Anymore than 3 years is a huge gamble.

    3yrs $10mil.

  107. #68 one more year on

    I think 3yrs for $10m would get it done. Now if only Sather read this blog……

  108. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Beer, when did Avery say that? To whom did he say that?

    $10mil for 3 years I would think is fair. Maybe offer an automatic option for a 4th year based on performance in his 3rd year (or team’s performance)…if that’s still allowed under the new CBA.

  109. I know a lot of people knock on Avery for this and that. But I really 100% believe that he is the best in the league at what he does. At the same time, you can definitely argue that he has a good hockey IQ and he has talent. He is 26 and still maturing. I think he loves New York, and I also think he has played the best hockey of his career here. I say sign the guy. I do think that he needs us as much as we need him. You play your best when you are the most comfortable. He knows there is a chance to win here. I think that if the dollar amount is close between what we offer him and what he is offered by another team, that he will stay in NY.

  110. Avery said that a while back when the talks broke off. It was around the middle of the season.

  111. I like the option idea too.

    true – It was everywhere when he said it. It was right before the “gag-order”. Must have been February?

    I’m sure Sam knows when he said it, and probably reported it here.

    I agree with your assessment on Avery, Nasty. And just like we agreed…4mil is still too much though.

  112. Am I the only person who notices Avery gets hurt a whole lot? I love his game, but he may not be worth it. It’s one thing to play like a madman, it’s another to be able to sustain it.

  113. I definitely think Shanny should be let go. He’s savvy enough (and maybe kidding himself enough) to say all the right things about taking less ice time and a back seat, but I think his actions over the last couple years say more. He’s played with injuries when he shouldn’t have, taken as much ice time as he could get, and really become a slow-footed second rate player.

    It bums me out, but I’d hate for him to become a mini later-years Messier. Hang ’em up before you take another concussion, Shanny.

  114. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Chris F.,
    You could make the argument that Avery had numerous health issues this year, but that it HAS NOT been the trend over his career. This was the first year, in his last 5 (at the NHL/AHL level), where he had injuries preventing him from playing at least 75 games.

    It’s a tough argument to make because this year, alone, he:
    Separated his shoulder
    Had surgery on left wrist
    Problems (and/or surgery) Right wrist
    Torn spleen

    But this year is actually somewhat of an anamoly based on his career, especially considering how hard he plays for a ‘little’ guy.

  115. Exactly, people say that he is ALWAYS hurt, but it was just this year that it was really an issue. SIGN HIM!

  116. You know, I said a while back that his injuries were a problem. And sometimes they are. But the bit this year with the wrists weren’t only his fault.

    The medical staff should know better than to listen to a young hockey player. Those surgeries should have been performed last June.

  117. saw highlights of last night. thought Holmstrom should have been called for interference on the 1 goal

    Beer me on link you gave you just like him because of last line

    “I haven’t completely made up my mind,” Kolzig said. “For me, it’s all about my family. The situation has to be good for my family. I still feel that I can be a dominant goalie in this league. If the offer is not out there . . . I’ll just sit by the pool with a six-pack.”

  118. My friend is going to be a competitor on American Gladiators this Monday night. His name is Brick. He is deaf, and we are all really proud of him back here. If you have the chance tune in and check it out. And yes, his real name is Brick.

  119. Ha, yeah. The Hulkster is hilarious. But watch it if you can, it should be a good one.

  120. I didn’t hear it myself, so it’s 2nd hand info. But a few days ago Sam Rosen was on XM talking about the roster for next season. The long and short of his opinions were: keep avery, maybe jags depending on $, and let the rest of the FA’s go.

  121. I’m rooting for Detroit because my dad’s from Michigan, and it looks like they will win in five, at most. Lundqvist was playing with Modano according to the line combinations Versus gave, which would put him at left wing. He was also on the second power play unit, which I think is pretty new for him, and that was probably when he was on with Richards, also. Joel must like it in Dallas since he signed a two-year contract as an RFA in the offseason.

    Look at Dallas’s contracts (before they traded for Richards); they only have one player over $5 million, Turco, and stars such as Modano, Morrow, and Zubov are all around $4 million, though Ribeiro and Zubov are going to $5 million next season. One place I fault them – how does Ott get $1,425,000 per season, especially before he hits free agency? Shouldn’t he be getting close to the league minimum?

    True Fans – Canada had a lot of trouble with the U.S. this week, blowing a 3-0 lead, only to win in the last minute of regulation (I don’t know if they have overtime in the preliminary round). Sweden is probably wihtout more good players than Canada, though, mostly because Detroit is still playing.

    Beer Me! – Yeah, I heard that about Brunnström last night on the Versus telecast. I’m surprised they would know anything about that! Didn’t someone here say Sather made a *really* low offer to him?

    LI Joe – Agreed on the Holmstrom interference; he backed into the crease with Turco.

    Nasty 1 – That’s cool! Hopefully he’s really strong. There was a deaf guy on _The Price Is Right_ the other day, and he gave his bids using sign language which someone else had to relay. I’m not sure how that matters, but I thought it was interesting. :)

  122. I hadn’t heard where the Rangers stood in the sweepstakes. I know that there were 20 teams that made offers though. crazy.

  123. reginald dunlop on

    you’ll want to keep an eye on that gladiator Mike Greaney……that guy is jacked

  124. I agree with Rosen. I say definitely keep Avery and maybe Jagr, but let the rest go. Maybe keep Mara at the right money too.

  125. I think when it comes down to it, you want responsible veterans on your team. I think if you are to have some good older guys, it might as well be an older responsible D. I don’t mean Chris Chelios, but you all know what I mean. Mara can be a good option for us. D is the position it usually takes the longest to learn. I would not feel comfortable having all young D on our team next year. Staal, Girardi, Tyutin are all still pretty young. Mara would be a good older guy to have here. Let Rosi go, Let Malik go, I am on the fence about Backman. If we had some more responsible D to play with him, I don’t mind him because I think he can bring some offense. I wonder what will happen here.

  126. I really dont know how I will make it to next season. I can’t believe it hasn’t even been a week yet.

  127. SeamusORIley on

    The NY Press, along with Stan Fishler and others who were brave enough to say that the “Cindy Effect” (include Jagr and Shanny) have all worked to help the Flyers be able to take the body TO the penguins WITHOUT the ridiculous calls we saw in our series.

    The Flyers will beat the Pens. The Pens will follow their Captain who throws himself to the ice, head jerks, eyes rolling, screaming, pleading and crying and IT WILL NOT WORK.

    This whiner does not believe that he can win on talent alone. He has to cheat. The Pens will fold on every hit and be worn down and took frightened to go into the corner. Flyers in 6.

    YouTube has the funniest Cindy diving stuff……didn’t anyone tell this idiot that all of his games are on TV and people can cut and paste video and close ups? The videos show him being tapped (and sometimes not even touched) yet he THROWS himself to the ice…or being an 18 year old punk and SCREAMING at fosberg….

    I can only imagine that his father taught him these things and he has done them his whole life. The NHL promotes him as the next Gretz, and puts him in commercials along with Gretz video: sorry, but Gretz was loved by fans everywhere he went; even after beating teams. This kid is hated everywhere but pittsburg. EVERYONE is not wrong.

    The Devils would have beaten the Pens if they were allowed to play without the parade to the penalty box for looking at Cindy sideways. Had the Refs not decided Game 1 (thanks, Stan for having the courage to say that even when the shills next to you shot you down), we would have been up 2 -0 and back to home ice.

    The officials, who work for the NHL, gave that series to the Pens. I don’t think Philly is going to stand for it. Tom Renney did nothing when his player bled a bucket of blood on the ice with no call. You won’t get that type of inaction from Jersey and Phllly. If the refs do nothing, Jersey or Philly would have gotten their pound of flesh (including the pint of blood owed) from one of the Pen’s highest paid players….you know: Cindy.

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