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Here’s the exact quote from NBC’s Ed Olczyk during yesterday’s broadcast about his conversation with Jaromir Jagr:

“He told me he wants to play at least four more years. He would love to stay in New York. He told me that is his first choice but he has some family issues back home in the Czech Republic. I think there are a lot of options, there are a lot of teams in the National Hockey League that would love to have Jaromir Jagr in their line up. So a long summer coming.”

If this is in fact what Jagr told Olczyk — and I have little reason to doubt him — the one curious nugget is Jagr saying he would “love” to stay in New York, because he hasn’t been that effusive with any of us.

But who knows what’s going on in that crazy head of his.

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  1. Sam, thanks for the quote clarification. Try and find exactly what he said on the MSG postgame. I’m sure you probably have it on your tape recorder if you were there. But otherwise, look for it, because he says corroborating stuff, although he makes no mention of New York or even if he will play again for sure.

    Great job this season. Truly fantastic. Now you and the Rangers can hit the links.

  2. doodie – from prev thread: I know they’re not all “role players” per se. I admit I was over-reacting a bit. I just want a guy that we know will have no problem burying 30+. And know that it wouldn’t take a career-season to do it.

  3. Sounds almost apologetic to me.

    “Y’know I’d _love_ to stay in NY…”

    “Y’know, I’d _love_ to meet your Naval officer father, but…”

  4. Sam I also want to say this blog is awesome and am going to miss it in the summer. You do a great job!

    Does anyone know of any sites like this that are good for all NHL stuff? I can’t stand Eklund.

    As far as the team, I’m not into signing other teams’ free agents. It just never seems to work out for the Rangers. 1 Cup in 68 years, ouch! I’d bring back Rosie for 2, Vallie, Mara for 1, Jagr for 3 and Shanny for 1.

    From there I just keep adding the youth and see who comes available. It’s gotta be quality on the ice and off.

    Not just hired guns.

    Believe it or not I actually watched the overtimes of that Dallas game last night and just wish that we had never let Zubie or Norstrom go. Two horrible deals for the Rangers.

  5. Salty, that’s possible, but what could follow could be a lot of different things:


    I don’t think I fit in with this team any longer
    I don’t think Sather will pay me enough
    I need to think about it and where I am in life
    I need to talk to my parents who are very important to my hockey life
    I may need to return to Europe in order to be close to my family
    I can’t be relied upon to carry a team offensively anymore
    I don’t know if I will retire or not
    I want to go to a cup contender


    I hope that Slats and I can get the deal done.
    I hope to finish my career as a Ranger
    I hope that I still fit in the team’s plans

    So, it could really be a lot of things.

  6. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’m sorry, but Rozy can’t leave soon enough. Thanks for nothing, and ‘we’ can’t even blame it on being paired with malik. Simply awful defensively and useless on the PP and offensively after the first 40games.

  7. We have a foundation right now.


    We need to build around those players.

    I want to see Dawes, Callahan, and Prucha all here next year.

    Prucha Gomez ?Hossa, Malone
    Dawes Drury Callahan
    Korpikoski Dubinsky ?Avery(I hope)
    Sjostrom Betts Orr

    Staal ?Campbell, Liles
    Mara ?Orpik
    Tyutin Girardi

    Oh, who knows, I guess we will have to wait and see.

  8. beer, I hear you. But I think we will have those guys if we’re patient.

    Besides, there weren’t that many guys who chipped in 30 last season. 28 guys had 30 plus. I’ll give Corey Perry and Marian Hossa a pass too for 30, since they both were one short and missed 12 and 10 games, respectively.

    So thats 30 with 30. Of those, 8 of them did it for the first time. So there aren’t really that many sure 30+ scorers. That’s why I would much rather load my team up with sure fire 20 scorers.

  9. I wonder if we could get Keith Tkachuk for some size on the wing. I always liked him. How old is he now?

  10. I only say Tkachuk if we are rid of all our older players like Shanahan and Straka.

  11. Sam, Jagr did say that the Rangers were the last nhl team he will play for.

  12. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I wonder if people overlook this quote from Jagr, did he slip?

    [Originally from Sam W.]
    Jaromir Jagr took all the credit (for Lundqvist’s Vezina nomination)

    “It’s my defense, that’s all,” Jagr said. “*We’ll see what he’s going to do next year.* He’s killing my offensive game, but hey, I’ll do it for the team.

  13. Can we overanalyze Jagr’s statements any more? Give him a break. But someone who should be speaking to the press is Glen Sather — one would think he would have something to say about his team. And is Dave Schoenfeld ever around? At least Don Maloney did interviews last year.

  14. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    That, to me, sounds like a sure-fire slip and he had already planned to go (to Europe). Add to that comment what he said after game 3 “this might be my last in the NHL” and his comments before/after game 5 about having “4 more years of hockey,” but not committing to the NHL or the Rangers. I think the Rangers will need to/are considering how to replace Jagr and while Hossa is the biggest name out there, no reason not to consider Naslund, Malone, Huselius, Demitra, and even Brunette, and Ryder.

  15. You know, Ryder is an interesting situation. It’s very similar to the Samsonov situation in MTL. MTL is a tough place to play if the ‘powers that be’ don’t think fondly of you. And Ryder has fallen out of their graces like an anvil.

    He’s not a bad hockey player. He’s not a top-tier talent, but he’s had back to back 30-goal seasons. And he’s still under 30. A possible ON-ICE replacement for shanny? We could drop about 10 years off the roster.

  16. Jagr should go. He kills the power play. Slows it to a walk. And Stupid Roszival defers to Jagr when Rosy has open shots in the slot. Let them walk. Crowding the goalie is the way to go. Get a few trees to jam up the crease. I don’t dislike Jagr but he is so much less effective. Sure he played well in the playoff. But we might have had home ice and better matchups if he had been more productive during the season.

  17. Next season, we have a core of young guys that can grow together like the kids on the Canadiens. We need some defensive upgrades and some scoring help on the wings.

    Bring Shanny back for a year and make him the captain. Sign Avery as well. If Roszival is reasonable sign him too.

    Defense must be the priority – sign Wade Redden – a 30 yr old complete d-man in his prime, the best complete d-man on the market. If not sign Liles from Colorado. We need the crease clearing d-man, Orpik looks like the consensus pick if we can grab him. Let young forwards take the spots of Hollweg and Orr on the 4th lineup.

    Lineup ’08 not withstanding free agents:




  18. Its a day after the Rangers lost and got booted out of the playoffs.

    Who gives a flying fugg right now if Jags will be back next year….

    Better question to ask him is – “Jaromir….what happened to you, Gomez, and Drury yesterday?”

  19. Nick…are you out of your mind?

    First off, you have Shanny as a first line winger? ROFL,,, what is he gonna do? Hit the Ovechkins, Malkins, Crosbys,etc with his fuggin cane as they fly by him? Shanny is finished….like a thanksgiving day turkey when the popper pops……

    Then you have Orpik and Redden on our back line? Their is such thing known to us as a salary cap in the NHL….

    The funny thing is that us Rangers fans think that since we pulled off what we considered a “coup” by plucking Gomez and Drury in UFA last year….that every “swinging dick” in the NHL who is an UFA is running to play for the NY Rangers…..

    Remember their are 29 other teams out there….Including the team they just played for…..Orpik gonna be like,”hmm…play with crosby, malkin, hossa, whitney, MA Fleury OR play with Shanny and his cane? tough tough choice”

  20. Better question to ask him is – “Jaromir….what happened to you, Gomez, and Drury yesterday?”


    For that matter, How about all year? LIke you said, It’s over… everyone is curious as to Jagr’s next move. Some of us want him gone to make room for the future, others think we can’t win without him.

    Reality = The sooner we learn to win without him, the BETTER.

  21. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’m not sure why Montreal lost interest in Ryder, I was shocked to find out he wasn’t playing towards the end of the season. The guy can score, no doubt about that. Perhaps a good compliment with Gomez? And, the demand for him won’t be nearly the same as for Hossa and Naslund.

    Liquid, I’d like to ammend your question:
    “Mr. Jagr and Mr. Gomez, what happened to you guys yesterday?” … The Drury question can be extended alot further back than only yesterday.

  22. Sam,

    I looked at the UFA 2008 free agent list and to me the wingers available are pretty crappy, at least those who are under 34 yrs old. Hossa leads the pack, Malone, Ryder are behind them – all will surely make a killing on the free agent market in money, despite their mediocre stats. Naslund, Sakic, others are too old and not worth it – that was the old Rangers mentality.

    I say sign Michael Ryder if you can and maybe Ryan Malone if possibly to secure us some scoring on the wings and some young leadership along with Drury and Gomez. Essentially, if they let Roszival, Malik, Mara, Strudwick, Jagr, maybe Shanny and Avery, then they should have some significant cap room.

    They need to target 2 scoring forwards and 2 d-men, a number one defenseman and a physical d-man. Another addition that may be worthwhile, especially if they dont resign Shanny would be to go after Brian Rolston, a leader, reliable penalty killer and a great addition.

    Sam, what are your thoughts? This is how I see our ideal lineup for next season..




  23. Shanny on the top line lmao he’s a 4th liner at this stage. Poor Gomez instead of getting speedy scoring wingers he’s demoted to the third line. Nick that team you threw up there has little chance of making the playoffs.

  24. What is wrong with Gomez? I know Drury is injured and Jagr got shut down but where the hell has Scotty Gomez been all series? This is one of the greatest puck-moving forwards in the game and he was nowhere.

    If I were Rozsival I’d spend all offseason working on the powerplay. He’s had so many open shooting lanes and just spoon feeds Jagr like he’s the only one who is allowed to shoot on the goaltender.

    Jagr needs to come back, don’t let him to go another team that’d be stupid. This guy is a playoff beast. And there is noone who can replace him yet.

  25. The funny thing is that us Rangers fans think that since we pulled off what we considered a “coup” by plucking Gomez and Drury in UFA last year….that every “swinging dick” in the NHL who is an UFA is running to play for the NY Rangers…..


    Exactly. Not to mention that the allure of NYC as an team with a real chance is pretty much crushed for the time being. The rest of the see’s the joke that we were this season. Big time players that are looking to join a team with a real shot are NOT going to be interested in an NYR club that shit the bed with a stacked lineup and vezina nom.

    This season is going to haunt us in the coming years. We’re going to realize how badly we blew this GIANT chance.

  26. “Hit the Ovechkins, Malkins, Crosbys,etc with his fuggin cane as they fly by him?”


    Truefans – Tough place to play, and he’s not the first to have gone through that there. I think he could be a nice fit in NY to be honest. Not high-paid, not a flashy player, seems to fit the mould that we’re building. He’d probably fit with any of our centers.

  27. does anyone see the possibility of sanguinetti up with the team next year?

  28. Yea Shanny needs to retire or get a cushy Teemu deal. His legs won’t carry him deep into the postseason. It’s sad because what’s not to love about this guy?

    No way in hell he plays on the top line next season.

  29. Name me the wingers on this team that would be a top line winger on any other playoff team in the league.

  30. Salty…Look….Jags knew that the deck was stacked against us going into this series with Pitt….He tried to use a mental and spiritual way to try and wake the Rangers up when they were down 3 games to zip….

    Honestly, the guy is 36 years old, he has seen the toil and troubles of game in game out, pre-season to Playoffs for 16 years+ in the NHL…

    Its a long season, he tried to save his energy for his last hurrah and it unfortunately did not work out….

    I respect the effort and his mindset in the playoffs but honestly, it may be time to cut bait and move forward from the whole Czech posse’. The experinment did not work.

    Ultimately, the Rangers will go their own store to restock the cubbards next year on the offensive side of the puck…

    They will sign 1 or 2 defensmen as well….no huge names, just guys they deem as hard working and who will work in Renney’s system…

    And that means to clear a fuckin puck out of the D-zone and make crisp passes to the forwards who I pray are moving more in the neutral zone…

  31. Gomez was shut down.

    Don’t over rely on Jags words. He’s a great player, but sometimes not the sharpest at speaking clearly, and what God gave him on the ice, he may have taketh away from the old noodle.

    However, definitely err on the side of an emotional, East Euro, moody-Czech outcome. He’s been that way since Pittsburgh. Jagrisms rarely make sense until action happens.

  32. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    ZG…be careful, that question includes the Islanders “top line”!!! And as many holes as the Rangers have to fill with free agency, the Isles have that many PLUS the holes left over from insecurely plugging last year’s too!

  33. So tired of 36 being old. It’s not like the guy give 100% every game anyway. He’s not even the oldest on the team. Modano cruises around the ice pretty well for a player 2 years older too. And let’s not forget about Chelios. He should be happy just to be able to bend down far enough to tie his skates, and I’ve never heard of him ‘saving’ anything. You gotta leave it on the ice every night.

    36 ain’t that old. It’s a nice excuse though.

  34. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    Little reason to doubt Ed O??? The guy (I think it was him) spent the better part of two periods mentioning a disputed icing call that virtually had no effect on the game late in the season against Pit. Even if it wasnt him, the guy got fired from PIT with due cause, he’s the Steve Phillips of hockey, he provides no value. He has no place among hockey people, unless it’s cleaning toilets in a hockey arena.

  35. nick, thank god u are not running the team. redden had a terrible year this year no way that guy is worth 6 mill a year and shanny is done. malone benfits from playing with malkin big time. u bring him here and expect him to be the go to guy on a line i think we will be very disappointed.

    also wasn’t much of a coup last year getting gomez and drury (at least not drury in my book since we paid so damn much) its not like these guys signed for 5 mill a year, they took top dollar first, doesnt mean they didnt want to be here but for most players money is the most important thing

  36. Slats pisses me off more than anything too.

    He can just discard #2 after 17 years, on his bday no less. But Jags gets this f’n coddling like he’s a g-damn baby. F him. See ya

  37. 36 ain’t that old.


    Seriously. Especially for the “Elite” winger who has avoided physical contact for the better part of his career.

  38. Carli, it’s unlikely but possible. A lot depends on what we do in free agency and what kind of camp Sang has. Realistically, expect him to be featured in Hartford next season.

  39. your boy Malik on

    Sam, I’m going to miss this blog…thanks for all your humor and insight…..I say let Straka go……if only he had made the pass on the 2 on 1….Malik should OBVIOUSLY go too, with Rozi and Hollweg….all in all, an entertaining second half…..but the same problem took them down….taking penalties and bad power play……cya next year Sam!

  40. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Beer, From a business perspective, being able to ink Jagr to a 1 or 2 year deal would be easier than trying to fill that void (plus the Shanahan and potential Avery voids) with this year’s UFA’s. Would you agree?

  41. Beer Me…I agree, 36 years old is not old for a well conditioned athlete…If i recall correctly, Jags was supposed to come into this season in great shape from his summer conditioning…..I remember the first game of the season, they showed the Rangers getting physicals or running on the treadmill (or something)….

    They showed Jags with his shirt off and I swear the guy had Man tits….What the heck was he doing in Czech in the summer? Eating perrogies (or whatever they eat)…

    Jags still has hockey in him…I think he will be signed to a 35+ contract with bonuses like Shanny got….THat type of contract has the bonuses carry over the following year towards the cap.

    Also, the Rangers are opening up in Prague next year….they are obviously gonna keep a handful of guys of Czech descent….I pray its not Rosizval…He jumped the shark in December

  42. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    Eddie O plays the fake coach the way Steve Phillips used to play the fake GM on sportscenter a few years ago. That’s the only job Steve will ever get, is the fake GM, the way Edzo should only be a fake coach.

  43. sorta. From a business perspective, yes.

    From a hockey perspective no. I really hope none of the B.S. that Jags, and for that matter Avery drag around with them, rubs off on anyone else on the roster. The last thing we need is a bunch of a-hole’s thinking they DESERVE special treatment.

  44. Let’s be real — Malone had 51 points this year, and Hossa had 61 points. Ryder was constantly benched in Montreal and had 31 points. Jagr had an off year, but still led this team in scoring with 71 points. Who are you replacing him with?
    Dawes? Sjostrom? Prucha? Korpikoski? They are supposed to replace Jagr? Sounds scary, and not in a good way.

  45. I don’t care who we sign, re-sign as long as we get new COACHING. Let Renney deal with development, and a guy like Tortorella, who won a cup, to deal with the overpaid players.

  46. Glad I got most of that out today. Not that anyone gives a rats ass, but I have to spend 8 hrs in a car tomorrow to spend 4hrs at some ‘product fair’ that I know shite about. Worse, I’m going solo. 4hrs to D.C. then 4 hrs back. Sux man.

    oh well, see ya fella’s

  47. ZG, Jagr would have been a top line winger on every playoff team. The only potential exceptions are Ottawa if healthy (Heatley-Spezza-Alfie was their unit, and in their slump, they may have swapped Alfie for Jagr to try and shake things up) and Pittsburgh, and they still might have tried to accomodate him by having Hossa play the left side or something.

    Maybe Detroit wouldn’t want to separate Holmstromm from Datsyuk and Zetterberg, but I still think that they would’ve put Jagr on that line.

  48. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You think Avery feels that way about the organization and his contract? I know he wanted more money, and he is just a dcik, but i don’t know that he feels the team owes him something.

    Jagr does have that certain air to him, and my only impression from Sather (coddling him) is that it’s a business move because keeping Jagr for 1 or 2 years does give Sather more time either for next year’s UFA’s or for Cherapanov to make the club.

  49. I guess the only thing right now that can be discussed is starting with the 4th line and going up since we have kids in hartford who may be ready to replace the crap up here now.

    Two #1 picks – Korpi and Jessiman…..and then throw in Dane Byers to replace Ryan “I am a schmuck” hollweg…..

    Betts Orr and Holly have zero ability to pot a goal…

    But u keep Orr and Betts as black aces because they do have value in their respective roles.

  50. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    ZG, sorry – Doodie answered your question. I hadn’t realized you said “playoff” teams. My bad.

  51. Jagr at 36 can still outplay a lot of players, but it’s a matter of personal satisfaction. He has to bust his ass in order to do it now, whereas before there was no work involved. He is just weighing whether it is worth it to bust his ass or to just pack it in. He likes being the elite player. He said it himself on the MSG interview “it’s a matter of work ethic.”

    I think he is just deciding if he has it in him to work that hard. Because if he doesn’t, he can go to Russia and be the best player without trying.

  52. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    you mean Ryan “i get penalties called against me for my cheap shots while every other team can take cheap shots at my teammates and get away with it” hollweg. I say keep him for $1 in case we need to Todd Bertuzzi someone, then we take care of him for life off the books. I’m not sure why he didnt Mcsorley someone in Game 3 after he got cheated.

  53. ThisYearsModel on

    Campbell should be the #1 offseason target. As for Jagr, he is a private person. Perhaps there are issues back in the Czech Republic that would cause him to go home to play. A sick relative? Who knows.

  54. “Jagr does have that certain air to him, and my only impression from Sather (coddling him) is that it’s a business move because keeping Jagr for 1 or 2 years does give Sather more time either for next year’s UFA’s or for Cherapanov to make the club.”

    I agree with this. It’s better to sign Jagr for 1 or 2 years then to break your bank and handcuff yourself with longterm contracts on players that aren’t worth it.

    Someone said Malone benefits from playing with Malkin. That is definitely true. However, the guy is still no slouch, and he has a lot of size and can play gritty, a combination of qualities we don’t have in our system, and we sorely need.

  55. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    Oh, i forgot, no matter how much people like to insult holly, which he deserves, he’s still got more class than to slew foot someone…and get away with it.

  56. I think a lot of people are overlooking the most important part of Jagr’s quote about his future. He himself said it comes down to whether or not he wants to put the work in. “It’s about work ethic” is what he said.

    This is very enlightening. For me, it sounds like Jagr is questioning his drive to play in the NHL. If he comes back, that, to me, means he’s willing to do the work. Maybe he had some doubts this year, hence the “saving it” thing that everyone is up in arms about. But if Jagr is willing to put the work in, I will welcome him back.

  57. *Centers* – Gomez, Dubinsky, Drury, Betts, Korpi

    Wingers – Avery, Jags, Straka, Cally, Dawes, Jessiman, Byers, maybe move Drury to wing.

    Orr plays 4th line versus the goon squads…

    The key now is DEFENSE –

    #1) Puck mover/ PP QB
    #2) Dman who can hit, clear a goddamn crease, move a puck out of the zone

    I think Rozy is done —

    We have 3 guys signed Staal – Toots & Girardi –

    I see Mara taking pay cut and Backman (yikes) and Struds possibly stick around….

    Need to fill the 2 voids, and it wont be easy because of the rest of the NHL does too.

  58. Jessiman is terrible. Lifetime Wolfpacker.

    If Avery slew foots ANYONE on Penguins it would have been an automatic suspension. Even that scrub Ruutu.

  59. Rob, I said the same thing. He wants to weigh whether it is worth putting in the effort for. I mean, we all read the reports down the stretch: he was going to all of the optional practices, he was staying on the ice after everyone else got off, he was really working hard. We saw it in games: he actually backchecked and played defense consistently (although, not always), he drove to the net, he took hits to score goals, he worked hard. He knows that’s the kind of effort it will take him now. He just needs to see if it is worth it.

  60. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    What exactly is wrong with ‘saving it.’ The beatings and rapings this guy’s taken in his 3+ years with us at the ages of 33-36 is more than most NHLers (Cindy and slewfoot) will ever take in their careers. He pussyfoots around and avoids contact. BS. This guy gets pounded on a daily basis, whether its by supermodels or opposing players. I dont know what some of you have been watching over the past few years, but I’ve watched every game and have every game on DVD and Jagr aint no p*ssy. Essentially, he aint what we eats!

  61. The one guy I think who would be a perfect fit for the Rangers is Christian Ernhoff , Dman on SJ Sharks….Put him on the other side of Staal and we would have a great first pairing. Unfortunately, he is a RFA…but an offer sheet should come his way to force San Jose’s hand in regard to signing Brian Campbell.

    The other guy that interests me who is also still young and seems to have some heart is Mike Commodore who was traded late last year to Ottawa and now is a UFA….

    Two low profile signings and now you got a much better defense than what we saw yesterday……without breaking the bank

  62. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The problem with Jagr half-assing it is that it sets up an awful example for his team, he is the Captain. It also deprives the team of that extra 15-20 points he might have gotten. Perhaps that was the difference between winning the division and not? That would mean home ice advantage against the Pens and who knows if the Rangers lose that 3-0 lead in game 1 if they were playing at the Garden? Jagr half-assing it for the first 70-75 games also means other players (his linemates) are taking more defensive pressure and are less likely to succeed if they’re playing in Jagr’s shadow, had he been dominating and more of the focus of opposing team’s defense and strategy.

  63. Not for nothing but I wouldn’t expect jack sh*t scoring wise from any forward who finished the year in Hartford for a while. Its obvious to me that Dawes was the pure scoring developmental player for the team this season. If there was someone with more upside, I’m sure they would have brought that player up and sent either Dawes of Callahan down. Maybe I’m wrong on the contract/waiver aspect of it but I have to imagine that the organization would have called up anyone would showed true NHL scoring potential.

  64. Noonan- Jessiman turned it on during the last half of the season with the Pack…..He has shown he has hands to score goals, he is willing to fight the big boys, and has the size needed to break down the other teams d-men and heck, maybe learn to put his big fuggin ass in front of the other teams goalie during a PP like Tim Kerr back with the Flyers.

    Think about it, we have Orr & Hollywood on our 4th line….Jessiman compared to those two is like comparing a Bentley to a Ford Focus

  65. I’m not sure why he didnt Mcsorley someone in Game 3 after he got cheated.


    “Just when I think you can’t get _any dumber_ , you go and say something like this…… and totally redeem yourself.”

  66. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Liquid, Jason Smith is also a UFA I believe. He’s 33 and made $2million last year. He’s a tough, defensive, defensman.

    Someone’s going to offer Campbell a 6 year deal for like $40million. I just hope that “someone” isn’t Glenn Sather. Campbell’s good, but I think the Rangers would be better served with several above-average defensman instead of one very good offensive defensman.

  67. the problem i have with saving it, is that we if had won like 5 more games we would have had a better seat in the playoffs and could have avoided playing the pens in the 2nd round. and even when he was going all out this playoffs, the pp still sucked so i dont see that changing. and say we get a great pp qb, jagr still wont want him to shoot on the pp so that doesnt help that much

  68. JJP- I am just trying to work on the 4th line and up : ) Their is no one in Hartford on offense that is more than a 3rd liner at best at this point in time. But it would be nice to roll 4 lines that have a chance to score. Takes big pressure off the top 2 lines….

    Furthermore in Renneys system, he likes to roll the bottom 2 lines versus the top two lines of the opponent…So if you have scoring on the 3rd and 4th line, you can keep some offensive pressure on the opponents best players and wear them out….On the flip side, most of the time our 4th line is on the ice, they do a decent job preventing the other team from scoring but usually they are running around in our own zone which shifts momentum and wears out our D

  69. Whose staying and Whose going:

    Hollwegg – GONE and good ridance

    Backman – GONE

    Malik – GONE

    Rosi – GONE and good ridance. Never understood why everyone loved him anyway, yeah tons of goals this year, but its time to get him out of here.

    Strudwick – 70/30 back up Dman. Great vet, great guy.

    Avery – Should be Resigned, if not he def walks for more cash if no reasonable offer is made.

    Shanny – 1 year or he’s retiring, OR taking Perry Pearn’s spot. THAT would be fantastic

    Straka – Retired or to another team – GONE I dont see him getting even an offer from Sather

    Jagr – 1 or two year deal with incentives or GONE to another team for the remainder of his NHL Career. The guys want him back, as does Renney, but it is all up to him.

    Valli – 1 year continuation contract, BUT and everyone I think is over looking this, he has the ability to be a #1 so if he gets an offer, even from say St. Louis, or some other bottom feeding team, he may just take it to be a #1 and not be a back up

    Mara – I say we resign him, 1-2 years if the price is right.

    Sjoestrom – Big Question Mark. Is fast and skates great, so we keep him?

    With that said, our returning core for next year is:
    Hank, Drury, Gomer, Staal, Dubi, Cally, Prucha, Dawes, Girardi, Toots, Orr, Betts.

    Worst case scenario is we have 50% of our team for next year locked, with 12 spots open if everyone either leaves, retires or is traded away.
    More likely is that we will have around 6-9 open spots before going out and getting anyone new after resigning whoever we will resign, and leave around 3-6 spots for Wolf Packers who make it past training camp. This year we had 4 make it out of training camp so it prob wont be far off that # next year.

    Either way, with whose definitely staying, its going to be a whole new team, even if Jagr decides to stay, or we decide to have Shanny back.

    Again, I am damn PROUD of our team this year, and I think we all new we weren’t going to the SC finals, but we will have a cup within the next 2-5 years.

    And no matter what anyone says, ONE Vet has to stay, JAgr or Shanny. You cnat have all kiddies out there. If JAgs walks, make Shanny the C, keep him on the 3rd line or drop him to 4th, and use his minutes sparingly.

    Cant wait for some new news already, is it september yet??

  70. I think a big, mean, shutdown D-man is priority #1. Then a big, power winger. Then an offensive D-man (which probably won’t happen if that’s our third priority). The problem with our PP was not the personnel, it was the system (or lack thereof). Even if we get somone like Campbell, he is going to find himself with 4 stationary linemates and won’t be able to do anything.

  71. Pete- Why wouldnt u wanna play Pitt in 2nd round instead of 3rd round? I would imagine we were fresher and had better chance to beat a team like the Pens who have a world class Offense…

    In other words, we woulda had to go through them at some point, so it didnt matter when…

    But I do agree about home ice, that is pivotal obviously in this series since the refs were horrid in games 1,2 & 5 , all played in Pitt.

  72. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    Being the road team had virtually nothing to do with us losing or winning. We won 3 road games v NJ, should’ve or couldve won all 3 games in PIT. Also, home ice has a lot to do with winning when talking about other teams, but the Rangers having home ice and road ice mean absolute zero. It doesnt matter where we are, if we get cheated, we’re going to have a tough time winning, if we get treated fairly were going to have a real good shot, and it’s not like Soccer worldwide, we get cheated as much at home as we do on the road (soccer teams get cheated on the road and favored at home).

  73. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Sam, so you think the Penguins fans didn’t help fuel the Pens game 1 comeback at all?? They certainly wouldn’t have gotten any support had game 1 been at the garden. The igloo was wild that first game!!!

  74. Every one here and any where in Ranger land USA all want the big , mean , scary, intimidating, shut down d-man….(cross between Beuk and a pitbull)….

    but honestly, its not like they grow on trees…..and they are not many that currently play in the NHL…..since the game shifted to a speed game….

    What i am basically saying is that we need a well rounded d-man, someone who can anchor the d-side of the ice and give leadership back there…

    Everyone thinks that Marc Staal is gonna turn into some angry ogre who will destroy people with his Pronger’esque play…

    No, he is gonna turn into the well rounded D-man in a year or two that we so desperately need (ahem, needed yesterday)

  75. “Essentially, he aint what we eats!”

    My fiancee said that his girlfriend’s cooter must’ve been something nasty for him to grow hair on his face the way he did just from making contact.

    She’s so amazing.

  76. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    Their crowd was not buzzing until they scored the first goal. Essentially, without that cheap goal, their crowd would have been as loud as they were during the bankruptcy years. We got cost by the cheap goal and they scored moments later. Somehow, I dont think the crowd fuels you in under a minute. We were rattled by that cheap goal and the rest is history… until I build a cellar and get my hands on a referee.

  77. Liquid, but Pronger is well rounded. He is an ogre, but the guy can score. Staal won’t be as big as Pronger, but he still can and will be a beast.

    Think Rob Blake with more of an edge.

  78. but by the third round always a chance they get knocked out or their players are tired/hurt. i mean wouldnt u have rather played mtl instead of pitt or but it probably wouldnt have mattered either way since we have no power play.

    and i am not proud of this team at all. They regressed from last year if anything and they should not have as good a team (at least on paper) next year even if/especially if jagr returns. last year it took 6 games for us to lose in the 2nd round this year it took 5 after dropping 14 million on two centers…hardly something to be proud of as a team.

    the only real positives i take away from this season is seeing the development of staal and dubinsky (tho not sure what he’s gonna be like if he’s playing with dawes/cally instead of jagr)

  79. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    last year it took 6 games for us to lose in the 2nd round this year it took 5 after dropping 14 million on two centers


    I’m proud of this team for enduring the rapes, strangles, and molestings all season and exuding the class which I would not if I were a hockey player. They showed what true New Yorkers are, they persevered throughout the adversity of the referees. And all the while, none of them attacked a referee or made contact with one ala Kevin Garnett and got away with it.

  80. yes that was his exact quote i watched it and took note to it cause i as well was somewhat suprised of his extreme interest in staying in NY this was directly after the game.

  81. MikeyNJ…great post until I read this…

    Valli – 1 year continuation contract, BUT and everyone I think is over looking this, he has the ability to be a #1 so if he gets an offer, even from say St. Louis, or some other bottom feeding team, he may just take it to be a #1 and not be a back up

    Ummm….what…a number 1…hell no!

  82. “The problem with Jagr half-assing it is that it sets up an awful example for his team, he is the Captain. ”

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Jagr not taking chances on going head-first into the boards and turning himself into a Peter Forsberg shouldn’t earn him disrespect.

    Even if he was half-assing, he is still better than most any player on the ice.

  83. I know that the days of the big, physical D-men are wearing thin. However, I see 3 relatively good options in the UFA pool this year: J. Smith, Orpik and Commodore. Smith would give you the veteran presence if all our old guys walk away. Orpik and Commodore are relatively young (late 20’s) and could stick for a while. I wouldn’t mind have any of those 3.

    I think there are more wingers that we could “settle” for if we don’t get the top guys, so I’d rather go after one of the D-guys first.

  84. Jagr not taking chances on going head-first into the boards and turning himself into a Peter Forsberg shouldn’t earn him disrespect.

    Even if he was half-assing, he is still better than most any player on the ice.


    you are so wrong that it’s actually unbelievable.

  85. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Noonen, nobody asked for Jagr to fly into the boards headfirst and nobody said he wasn’t our most dominant player.

    But if you’re going to pay a guy $8-10million wouldn’t you want him to be trying his best? Or, do you wanna just throw it away to the Bure’s, Robitaille’s, and Lindros’?

  86. Good stuff Noonan.

    Did anybody see my link on the front of ESPN.

    What sick shit!! No, not the woman, ESPN. There probably have been countless things like this involving the Yanks-sox where the Sox fan did it, but that will never be shown on ESPN, everything sox and patriots network.

    Good stuff Noonan.

  87. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    Good stuff Noonan.

    Did anybody see my link on the front of ESPN.

    http: //

    What sick shit!! No, not the woman, ESPN. There probably have been countless things like this involving the Yanks-sox where the Sox fan did it, but that will never be shown on ESPN, everything sox and patriots network.

  88. “But if you’re going to pay a guy $8-10million wouldn’t you want him to be trying his best? Or, do you wanna just throw it away to the Bure’s, Robitaille’s, and Lindros’?”

    You’re right. I want him to waste all of his energy in meaningless games including preseason so he has nothing left for the playoffs like Shanny this year. Then maybe he won’t lead league in points when it matters most.

  89. hes not getting that much money either. do you think it’d be better to get locked into Hossa for the next 8 y ears? you can’t rebuild like that. wait for the young farm.

  90. Who Needs Lohan on

    Man you guys have way too much time on your hands. What ever happenned to “now I can go back to my regular life” talk??? I only skimmed through some of the comments here so I didnt read everything.

    More importantly, did anyone see the Derby where they were talking about the owner’s son and his hearing implants? Well while they were talking about his “implants” the camera panned over to the kids mother and basically zoomed in on her rack. Quite impressive!!!! Sorry ladies, but even you girls would admit that they were quite nice…….

  91. Lohan I think the problem is we are addicted to blogging Rangers. I want to check in when I’m at work all summer…
    We’re all just so used to coming here to talk that we can’t leave…lol

  92. our young farm is not that good man. the russian is the only elite offensive prospect we have and he has questionable work ethic.

    if jagr isnt gonna work his hardest all season then i dont want him. a first line winger should not have to choose his moments to play his best hockey

  93. I think you need a happy medium with Jagr. EVERYONE takes a night off here and there. Some people find this hard to believe, but there are just reasons, whatever they are, that don’t allow you to play your 100% best every time.

    However, for the money, you simply need better than 71 points from him. He still is a premiere player and didn’t play like it for long stretches this year.

    I think the regular season is more important than we give it credit for. I think home ice would have drastically helped the Rangers. There’s NO WAY they go down 3-0 if that series starts at MSG…simply no way. The Rangers were not supposed to be a 5th place hockey team, but that’s where they finished and it ended up hurting them in my opinion.

    For all the talk of turnarounds, the Rangers have nothing to show for it. Not even a division championship. Not one damn banner in the rafters of MSG. The goal next year needs to be to WIN THE ATLANTIC and finish in the Top 3. The playoffs won’t be much easier regardless, but home ice would certainly help.

  94. Who Needs Lohan on

    Believe me Staal, I know!!! I can blog with the best of em!
    I’m finding it quite hard to let go as well…..

  95. who’s lettin go…I plan on checking in every monday, wednesday and friday…the day’s I’m in the office…
    Speaking of the work RobC…I understand… though I always give it my all with patients, I must say that there are some days that I don’t feel like doing anything else…so I’m not working at 100%.

  96. Who Needs Lohan on

    So you guys are on here all offseason as well huh? So much for actually being productive this summer. Oh well…..

  97. Lohan, LOL
    I found the blog last august so I don’t know about all summer but if there is conversation, I’m gonna be here so if u will be I will be that makes 2 LOL

  98. I love how people completely forget the idea of contracts and a salary cap. You can’t just get rid of hollweg or backman or those guys because you feel like it. They are here next year unless people trade for them. I think hollweg signed a two-way so just send him to the AHL if that’s the case. Haha.

    If possible re-sign Jagr for a year until Kovalchuk is available next year. Rozsival reminds me of a worse Rachunek, who people disliked for some reason but he was better with the puck, faster, checked more, and never passed up an open shot. Not to mention he was cheaper. Shanny, straka, and malik can go.

    Now Liles is an FA we should heavily target. I said Campbell until I saw his performance in the layoffs against the West when he couldn’t move the puck when people were pressuring him hard on the forecheck. A guy like Orpik or Jason Smith (who is cheaper) should be looked at as the physical presence needed. Someone said Commodore before but he’s not that good and was exploited in Ottawa.. Other dmen who could make this team are Pock and Baranka. Only forwards I’d consider signing are Rolston (for Shanny) or Malone. Both are solid power forwards that we need on this club.

    Avery should only be signed for the right price because despite our record with him, we have a great record with Malik in too. Also he came here when we didnt have guys who had a spine and provided the spark we lost when we dealt Nieminen two years ago. These young kids play with grit and I don’t think Avery is as needed in the future as he is/was now.

    Pretty much I’m saving a season where we can further develop young guys and persue Kovalchuk heavily the next season. He’s an elite talent that can take over a game and just face it, we don’t have any amazing players in our system that you can see filling in the hole Jagr leaves, which is controlling the game/being a true first line winger. We have the cap room for that since its going up to 56 million next year and who knows what after that.

  99. Pens Overall Picks (not rounds!)

    2006 #2 PIT JORDAN STAAL
    2003 #1 PIT (from FLA) MARC-ANDRE FLEURY
    2002 #5 PIT RYAN WHITNEY

  100. Ancient history but think the Rangers would love to have had Zubov QB-ing the pp for the last 10 years?

  101. Yorktown Ranger on

    Well now that we’ve been through the first round of realigning the Rangers for 08-09, I’ve been thinking about how the rest of the playoffs will unfold. Yesterday I made an unsavory statement hoping that Philly takes out Pit in the east. But after mulling it over for a little longer, I think I would actually like to see Pit take the east. I don’t know, I think the prospect of the Pens going against either Dallas or Detroit (my edge goes to the latter) would be really entertaining. Unless I’m missing something, I think Sydney and crew would be so totally overwhelmed that I think the teams fragile psyche would be so damaged that any hopes of a dynasty would totally evaporate. Even though the ice would be totally slanted to the west, I think the finals would be awfully entertaining. Then again, maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part…

  102. Yes – but who didn’t love having Ulf on their team?

    If only we had gotten rid of Nedved for good with that trade…….

  103. Clive Diggs on

    I think a lot of people questioning Jagr’s work ethic are turning Jagr’s quotes into a different beast.

    I’ve read throughout the year that Jagr took part in extra sessions after practice and was always at the optional skates. That does not sound like a bad work ethic to me.

    Remember Jagr was readjusting to new linemates this year – that takes a lot of extra work. Jagr’s also mainly responsible for Dubinsky’s successful rookie campaign. While not an eloquent speaker, he still makes this team better IMO.

    After 7 years of futility, I’m not ready to throw a big part of the team’s turnaround away. Give him a reasonable offer and see if he accepts.

  104. We all watched 82 regular season games this year…3 or4 blowout wins, 3 or 4 blowout losses and like 75 odd games (24? of which went to OT)where NYR tried to contain the opposition…

    “we need to be responsible defensively while playing appropriately in the neutral zone”

    The opposition dictated the play all year…playoffs included…add all the free agents you want…re-sign everyone you want…let any one you want leave….unless Professor Renney changes his philosophy or Rangers change coaches it will be another half-throttled year of qualifying barely for playoffs and watching aggressive teams move further in post season

  105. Good point about Renney.
    I think he’s done a good job turning a chaotic rudderless franchise around, developed a system to grow the depth etc.. I think he’s a good man and I have disagreed with his critics, until now. The Rangers were out hit and outshot in a do or die road playoff game, and were generally less physical than either of the teams they faced. It may already be moot with the likely personnel changes, but we need a better in game tactician, who can charge up the troops, and perhaps that opportunity has passed as we are likely to lose one or both 600 goal scorers and will have to reload around Gomer and Drury.
    AS the league slips back to a clutchngrab style, we’ll need personnel to fit ie less Euro, but a coach who will fire em up. Renney should be developing the young players & running the draft IMHO.
    I don’t think Jagr will want to come back to a ‘defense first’ team. and Shanny looked like Gordie Howe at 50. I don’t think I saw him finish a check the entire playoffs.

  106. C’mon, the Rangers open up in Prague next season everyone!! Jagr stays next year and I hope it is for just next year. So many good points made in this blog (Sam never responds to blog questioning?) for and against Jags but the fact is, Sather made the deal with the NHL with Jags in his pocket! And I love the point someone made about my favorite Ranger of all time; Leetch! I know Sather was jumping off the Titanic in ’04, dealing all these veteran players, but the way he treated Leetch just reinforces how much Sather is NOT a Ranger loyalist. He’s an Oiler and always will be!! And I saw Sather play for the Blueshirts back in the day (he used to cut the palm out of his gloves so he could hold guys), yet, he doesn’t have the Ranger Blue blood!! I mean, he’s allowed freakin’ Glenn Anderson to be in the Ranger alumni family for God sakes!!!!

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