Did Jagr drop a hint?


I never saw it myself, but I’ve now read a couple of times that Jaromir Jagr talked on NBC about wanting to play another four years in the NHL.

I’m not sure if this was immediately after the game when most of the media was rushing downstairs to the locker room, or after Jagr spoke in front of his locker some 30 minutes later.

If anyone has a link, feel free to pass it on.

Meanwhile, the Rangers take a day to decompress and then have their exit interviews tomorrow. I’m skeptical that anyone is going to drop any bombshells so soon after the season, although I have a pretty good feeling Lauri Korpikoski is going to announce that he would like to be in the NHL next season.

Either way, I’ll be there.

More later…

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  1. Sam, it definitely occurred before/during the game. I believe it was Millbury who said he spoke to Jagr and Jaromir told him he’d like to play 4 more years and that staying in the NHL was his #1 goal. He then said that Jags parents play a huge role in his life so he needs to go talk to them…

  2. Four years! That might be a little much. But I definitely want Jags back. I think he still has some great hockey left in him, and I think he thirsts for one more Cup.

  3. If Jagr wants 4 years I say let him walk…
    We will know if the Rangers are for real as far as building a team from within if they sign him for 4 years…I’d follow the same approach the Rangers used with Shanny. 1 year incentive filled contracts.

    We also have to look at who its coming from…a-hole number 1 mike milbury…I would n’t put it past JJ to screw Milbury over with a comment like that…after the stupid comments dinglebury had for JJ over the season.

  4. I heard it at the end of the game after the handshake when it showed Jagr exiting the ice. Milbury said he spoke with Jags and the Jagr said he’d to like to play four more years. However, Milbury did NOT specify it being in the NHL. He then said Jagr has “family issues” that he has to sort out first.

  5. 4 years? wow. sounds good, but at what price? I imagine JJ wants a 4-year deal at some pretty decent money. Do the rangers really want a 39 or 40-year old Jagr hogging up ice time? And what would the price be? Unless JJ agrees to an incentive-laden contract, the cost would be too high for the Rangers.

    Lastly, it’s one thing to spend millions on a FA who is going to bust his but for most of the 82-game season and the playoffs, but JJ has already admitted that he coasted through the regular season to save his energy for the playoffs. Can you imagine the boos he would receive from the blue seats if he coasted through a 3-4 year contract and only turned it on in March and the playoffs

  6. He was asked by Doc on the air about the interview Eddie O did with him on Saturday. Never referenced parents, just said “family issues back home.”

    By the way, I loved Brooks’ swipe at Dellapina over the weekend.

  7. At the end of the game when the broadcast team was talking during the handshake line, Eddie Olczyk said he’d talked to Jagr the night before, and Jagr told him he wanted to play 4 more years, and that his first choice next year is to return to NY. But he said Jagr also mentioned that there were family issues back in the CR which could affect things, so there’s still a lot to think about.

  8. ThisYearsModel on

    The more I watched and listened, the more I believe that Jagr will be back in the NHL next season……with a different team. He has been dropping hints about wanting to play in a more wide open system. Posturing? Could be but I would not be surprised to see him playing elsewhere in the NHL next year.

  9. Jaromir Jagr on

    Look, peoples, like I said at interview I have much discuss with father and friends. They very much important part of Jagr’s hockey time career.

    In meantime I leave with joke: I once in Prague men’s room and spy great Kundera at urinal next to Jagr. He make with pained look on face, and I make small talk hoping to make feel better.

    How are you, I ask?

    Ah, prostate it act up, he answer, again pained look on face.

    Milan, I ask, what will name of next book be?

    The Unbearable Tightness of Peeing, he answer.

    That funny to Kundera fan, if not, much dumb I know. Jagr sorry. Anyway will get back soon with decision.

  10. What Laurie just reported is what happened — Eddie O said that he spoke to Jagr and that Jagr wants to come back and New York is his first choice.
    But you can see by all the different interpretations posted here of what was said on the air, how difficult it is to get a story correct.
    And, as a side note, Jagr showed a lot of class in that handshake line — he didn’t miss a handshake, even from Ruutu. Take note, Brodeur.

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  12. Maybe in his broken it was “I’d like to play _for_ more years”

    F Jagr @ 4 years, F him @ 1 actually…This team will never actually grow as long as everyone is looking for him to be the “big fella” and he’s not playing 100%.

    As much as Jagr showed up for the playoffs, Jagr also killed our PP all year.

  13. Staal, hope I wasn’t sounding like a know-it-all.

    Did anyone else here Millbury say that Rozsival was having a great game? I was like huh? Did he really say that?

  14. I hope Jagr will be back next year. I highly doubt Jagr would give a guy like Mike Dinglebury who has bashed him a scoop. He was likely being factous and Dinglebury didn’t get it. Disapointing game by Jagr yesterday. I expected him to play the type of game Dawes played last night.The defense badly needs to be fixed. Brooks Orpik is a guy that the Rangers need to go after hard. I am no Brian Campbell fan yes he’s a real good offensive dman but he’s awful in his own end and never has played well in the playoffs. There is some good things Korpikoski looked terrific and I wish he would have gotten more icetime yesterday. The refs were a joke how did they miss Drury getting high sticked? Forget it Buttman says the refs are better than ever.Dubinsky, Dawes, Staal, Callahan, and Girardi are an nice mix of young players. Dawees was quiet most of the playoffs but outside of Lundqvist he was the best Ranger on the ice. You had to be happy with the develpment of the young players but all in all the season ended up being a disapointment. I expected at least making it to the Eastern Conference Finals. It competely sickens me but I’ll likely root for the Cryers to beat the Pens(and in turn hopefully blown away by the Wings like they were in 97)

  15. Everybody misquoted Milbury. He said that Jagr said that he would like to play for four more years, just that–no four more years in the NHL.

    Remember, Jagr once said that he’d play until 50 if he could, if only on a lower-division team back in the Czech Rep.

    Everything up to this point seemed to hint more that he’d be back playing in Russia.

    I wouldn’t rule out a return to the NHL, but I don’t think Jagr will play here for four more years.

  16. I wouldn’t listen to ANYTHING Millbury ever has to say. Just look at his evaluation of skill. Really, come on. Don’t waste your time with him.

    Well, if Jags DOES come back I would hope he would take a look at the schedule and let us know what games he feels like actually TRYING. That way, we can plan accordingly. COME ON PEOPLE!! That’s what you want? And I’m sure he’d retain the “C” also. Further stunting the growth of the franchise.

    PLEASE don’t resign #82 either Glen. Please. I’m greatful of him producing his career years as a ranger. But they seem to be well past him. He hasn’t taken a F’n shot on goal since 2007. Ever since he left a helmet imprint on the dashers in EDM he hasn’t been the same.

  17. Lol Rozsival better not be back next year. Worst pp qb ever and he was wretched in his own end most of the year. I hope the top pair next year will be Staal-Orpik.

  18. Jagr is still the teams top offensive player. If you don’t see it you’re blind. Imo he has another 0ne or two 30 goal 90 point season. He has his center now. Who is gonna score from them not year? Gopmez is a play maker. Drury is a 25 goal guys. Dawes and Cally are likely just 20 goal guys. Who knows about Korpikski. Shanny is as washed up as can be. Dubi developed alot because of Jagr this year. Staal, Dubi and the other young guys have mentioned how much Jagr has helped em during practice and during games.


    Rozy is the Ryan Leaf of (pp) QB’s

  20. Fruity Cupcake on

    I believe Dillbury called Rozsival’s play “brilliant.” That’s when I realized JUST how much he loathes the Rangers. He HAD to be speaking sarcastically…..

    Heartbreaking series.

  21. I guess where I really stand on the Jagr situation is that I want a player, more importantly a CAPTAIN to have NO question of his commitment to his ability or desire to play and lead a team. It was never expected that Jags would be a vocal leader…a lockerroom leader. He was the guy that would lead by example on-ice. So if we know going in that he’s going to ‘save himself’ for the latter stages of the season…that’s a leader? In NY no less?

    See ya ‘captain’.

  22. exactly, beer. we don’t need another year of jagr running the bench and powerplay b.c. it is clear that renney doesnt have the guts to stand up to him. don’t resign any of the czechs or shanny or mara.

    i sure hope it doesn’t happen but i can see sather making hossa an offer.

  23. Sam, on the rangers nhl site, there is a post game interview supposedly 30 min after game, he is already dressed in street close….he says he has many years left as long as he works on it but he also wants to speak with his parents for some advise….I also just rewatched the end of yesterdays game….Eddie O spoke with Jagr before the 4th game he said he would like to play 4 more years and would love to say in NY, that is his first choice but there are family issues back in the CR that he needs to take care of before he can commit to anything.

  24. So if we know going in that he’s going to ‘save himself’ for the latter stages of the season…that’s a leader? In NY no less?


    And if you think the other 25 someodd guys in the locker room didn’t recognize that Jagr wasn’t trying, you’re crazy.

    “As Jagr goes, so go we” was the saying, and unfortunately, it was true…

  25. pete – on the renney/jagr thing…It’s all a matter of which one had/has more patience.

    It’s real hard to argue with a guy that can produce. And when he’s producing, why change? Dubi and Jags worked ok together. Nothing special. Nylander, jags, straka had the chemistry lines/teams crave. Nylander wanted a long-term deal and got it. I’m still glad we didn’t bite on that one.

    You can’t have 1 guy playing 1 style and the rest of the team, who are not capable of playing that style, another way. It just can’t work. And hasn’t.

    I want to see a north/south game next season. The game that Gomer plays to perfection. I want Gomer to wear the ‘C’, and I want a true top pair wingers to play with him.

  26. right on salty. And the team had no chance when he took nights off. I’m not a gambling man by any stretch. And if that gamble was put in front of me…I’d run so fast I’d leave a cartoon trail behind me.

    The only way you bring him back is if you go out and find 2 more euro’s to play with him. Still worth it? Do we want to regress?

  27. may be a couple years till we have a true top wing to play with gomez unless we can pull a trade. brooks mentioned going after cammilleri from la which would be great except it would take a lot to get him out of la. that being said the only young players currently on our roster i wouldnt trade are staal and dubinsky. cally and dawes play nice games but they are never gonna be more than 3rd line players really. have to hope the russian is legit but thats another year away at least

  28. Sorry for the tirade. I haven’t posted anything in the last 2 days and I need to vent a little. lol

    At least Shanny WANTS to play. I wonder deep down if he knows he doesn’t have the legs anymore.

  29. pete – I totally agree with that. But I hope slats learned at least a little from this deadline. YOU HAVE TO GIVE SOMETHING UP TO GET SOMETHING!!

  30. shanny should be coaching next year his legs should be able to hold up for skating at practice

  31. I wouldn’t trade, any of our youth…don’t forget every team needs third line players and out of all the players, Callahan stood out to me game in and game out…he’s a little cannon ball who, leaves it all out on the ice…and that is exactly the type of players I’ve wanted to see on this team for a long time…I wouldn’t trade, Dawes, Cally, Dubi, Staal, Girardi or Sjostrom. I could live with trading Prucha thats about it…but I’m afraid he would end up being a Ranger killer…

  32. I think Jagr’s comments eluded to the idea that he wants to play pro hockey in general for four more years, not necessarily the NHL for four more years.

    It’s probably a given that he wants to return to Omsk for one season and then finish up in the Czech Republic. So it looks like 2 more years in the NHL

    Ultimately, I think Jagr will sign a 2-year deal to return with the Rangers; maybe 3-4.5M per with incentives. Jagr loves playing for the Rangers, the media generally finds him amicable, and most of the fans seem to enjoy having him on the team. The Rangers open in Prague next year, how could Jaromir not be on the Rangers for that?

    I think Straka will re-up as well.

  33. Can anyone suggest some good NHL sites? Can’t stand Eklund and Dellapina lost me with the Avery stuff.

  34. Any team that gives Rozsival 4+ mill a year after the year he had is competely insane. I have never been a fan of his and hope he follows Malik out the door. Jason Strudwick is the only guy of the free agents that is surely back next year. Renney loves him to death.

  35. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    I hope to be Tony from AZ. Sorry about the comments S.W. It’s kind of tiresome to see professionalism (you) or plain dislike (Pete abe, Mike Lupica) of NY teams by Ny writers while the Boston Media lick the brown stuff out of their teams azzes.

  36. This is such a difficult situation with a lot of ins and outs. I personally would like Jagr back. I think he had trouble developing chemistry with Gomez, Drury, etc and finally hit his stride with Dubinsky. I don’t read a lot into him saying that he doesn’t try during the regular season. The guys has put up pretty insane numbers, and I think is still capable of a 90-point season.

    Out of our UFA’s, for the right prices, I want Jagr, Avery and Valiquette back. Other than that, let them all go. Jagr can still be here while the team gets younger and more dynamic, I feel. Again, at the right price. But don’t discount what he’s done for the young players. Brandon Dubinsky would probably have played half this season in Hartford if not for Jagr. The reason most of us feel Petr Prucha is worth giving another shot is Jagr (he helped Prucha develop on and off the ice). This isn’t cut and dry just because Jagr ran his mouth last week. There are pros and cons to having him here. For a reasonable price, I would welcome him back for 1-2 more years. I really think he thirsts for another shot at the Cup and he wants to do it in NY.

  37. Agreed Graves…Rozi was terrible…so much so that after the announcers yesterday said he was having a great game…this is what happened to me…

    Staal Wart May 4th, 2008 at 3:35 pm

    I just woke up from fainting…I was here watching the game, and the annoucer said Rozi was brilliant…I choked, shat myself, fell over, hit my head on the table and now I’m back after getting 17 stiches from hitting my face on the table…UNBELEIVABLE… are they watching the same game?

  38. Tony from AZ on

    Anybody notice in the Stars/Sharks game last night, only 8 penalties called in 7 periods . How refreshing, let them play !

  39. Let Jagr rest 3 months and do what Selanne did. Slats can save the money towards a Hossa or something.

  40. Beer thats fine…don’t forget we need those players too…
    if we get rid of them I envisions a 3 and 4 line of Betts, Orr, Hollwegg type players…

  41. First of all I’ll never root for the Flyers.
    I want Mara to stay.
    Rozy gone.
    Malik gone.
    Tutin trade him.
    Jagr give him 2 years -MAX- I PREFER 1
    Prucha gone.


  42. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Tony from AZ,
    Just to add to your point, it was a great game! And then, was decided when the ref’s called Campbell for tripping in the 4th OT! haha. For a 1-1 game is 10 times more exciting than almost every Eastern Conference game I’ve watched all season.

  43. Staal Wart, why not? 648p in 701 games, 45p in 64 playoff games.. so much for him ‘not showing up’… he’s defensively responsible, and he’s relatively young.

    This team needs a 40+ goal scorer or we’re going nowhere.. Straka will probably retire, as will Shanny..

    You think Prucha, Dawes and Callahan are going to lead the team in goals/points?

    Hell… work out a trade that puts Cheechoo on the same line with Gomez.

  44. The Jagr situation is a 2-sided situation…

    Personally, i would love to see him back next year. Regardless of his slump year, he still had 70 points and more than half the season was him NOT on dubie’s line.

    If jagr returns, 2 things need to happen – He needs to take a pay cut, and Renny needs to realize that he is no longer the guy to carry the rangers on his back. Drury and Gomez need to be our leaders now, we need to get 1 more very good winger…and fix up the defense.

    JJ, (maybe straka), and Dubie need to make a good solid 3rd scoring line and let Dru and Gomer take care of the top 2 lines. JJ will still be an effective part of the team with his leadership and presence.

  45. I have a very reliable and inside source who told me that Avery is most likely going to be a member of the lightning. It is going to happen right before the entry draft.

  46. I say we fire Renney as coach and let him deal with scouting/youth development. Tortorella is a good replacement.

  47. Priorities:

    1. Power Play Quarterback defenseman.
    2. Physical mean defenseman.
    3. Size on the wings.
    4. A legit sniper to play with Gomez.
    5. I think this team needs Sean Avery, and if we can’t resign him, we need to get a player like him. Say what you want about him folks, but he is/was a very big part of our hockey team. The numbers don’t lie.

  48. No, I didn’t get it from Eklund’s blog. And I don’t know how it is going to go down, but I know that Tampa is planning on offering him the money he thinks he deserves and they believe he is a very big part of what is missing from their team in order to win. Out of respect of how I know this I can not say, but I would not make things up on here. Those of you who know me from being on here know that I am an honest guy.

  49. Rangers6830 on

    No it was Eddie who spoke to Jagr. He said he wanted or thought he could play four more years. I don’t think he meant he wanted a four year deal. He’s always said he wanted to finish his career in the Czech Republic so I figure that means a few years here and then home. He told Eddie that New York was his first choice but there was family issues. He’s said during the season that if his father asked him to come home that he would. Jagr mentioned after the game yesterday about his parents being older so I don’t know if that’s a factor.

  50. Who DEFINITELY is coming back next season:
    Hank, Drury, Gomer, Dubi, Staal, Toots, Girardi, Orr, Backman, Cally, Dawes (RFA), Prucha, Hollwegg, Betts

    Holwegg – Bye bye, few decent seasons, but I seriously doubt he will be in blue next year
    Orr – He’s our fighter and doubt we need to move him.
    BEtts – Staying, PK Kill alone is worth his value

    Whose UFA/RFA or 50/50:
    Jagr, Shanny, Straka, Valli, Mara, Malik, Strudwick, Avery, Sjoestrom, Rozi

    Valli – Keep him, 1 year deal he does his job no complaints.
    Avery – Resign, maybe 3mil? not 4
    Jagr, Shanny, Straka – Who fills each of there shoes? Straka prob will retire or go elsewhere Shanny will only be a Ranger or retire, Jagr is a harder choice. Does he want to come back, Do we want him back? Who do we get to gurantee even his worst year #’s?
    Rosi – Seriously think he may be a ? HE may be out
    Malik – GONE
    Mara – I say keep him, he’s good for a reasonable price.
    Struds – LOVE the guy but maybe he can take PEarns spot when he goes to FL to coach
    Sjoestrom – Id say keep him

    Trade Backman away, get a PPQB, get another Dman with size and strength, and try the youth out
    Now we only have 4 months of waiting around to see how things progress

  51. Rangers6830 on

    Oh and I hope Jagr returns. I think if he leaves that just leaves another huge hole to fill.

  52. The other Sam —

    You’re entitled to your opinion, but your disdain for Pete Abraham is misguided. The guy’s as down the middle as they come, and a tremendous reporter. If you don’t like his take, that’s fine. But I have a hard time hearing you question his professionalism.


  53. Everyone is so anti-Hossa on here. I mean sure he hasn’t played well in the playoffs in the past, but hell, he has looked fine to me this year. If he has a quality center dishing him the puck I think he can be even better than he already is, just like he is no playing on that top line with Pitts. If they don’t sign him, and we have a chance to sign him at a reasonable price, I think he and Gomez could be a real force. If signing him means that we can’t get a power play quarter back then I don’t think we should do it, but if we can get both, I say go for it.

  54. staal, we definitely need third line players but I think all of our prospects besides the russians are those kind of players. so some of them are expendable. i would keep cally over dawes and i would hold on to prucha if we are gonna let him play with gomez as they both need to play an uptempo game.

    only way in hell id consider bringing jagr back is if its a one year deal no way id give him any more and id much rather start fresh without him

  55. blackS4 (steve trac) on


    Avery is UFA. There is no trading him. He goes wherever he wants to. We don’t own him.

  56. Tony from AZ on

    I just check that list of free agents. WOW, Bobby Holik & Jason Krog are available !! We should get them at any cost.
    opps sorry, my Prozac didn’t kick in yet !

  57. i wouldnt bring back sjostrom, he had a good week or two and then was invisible in the playoffs, face it he is another first round bust. much rather have byers playing the him. says a lot about our organization that we take other teams first round busts but never let our own, Jessiman, get a chance. I would much rather see our own drafted players play instead of getting the likes of sjostrom, adam hall, hossa, ward, not to mention the various career minor leaguers that we have given a chance.

  58. Pavel
    May 5th, 2008 at 11:43 am
    I know he’s UFA, but his rights can be traded before July 1, right?


    Correct, his rights are officially owned by NYR until July 1st. If something takes place before the draft, then it will have to be a trade of some sort (which would be stupid by TB, IMO).

  59. I think the crease clearing defenseman needed next season is already on the roster—Marc Staal. With a year under his belt he’s going to be a complete monster next season.

  60. “This team needs a 40+ goal scorer or we’re going nowhere”


    Pete, that’s what I was saying. yeah, we need all those players, but you can’t fill your team up with 3rd liners.

    I’d like to sign Hossa personally. He’s the best UFA RW available this summer. There are no other RW’s that put up his #’s.

  61. Pete, Sjostrom did more on the 4th line in his limited time than Orr, Hollweg and Betts did the entire season combined.
    I’d bring him back.

  62. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    nyrblue, why wouldn’t TB want to trade for him and then agree to a longer term contract before he hits the UFA market? If they’re already interested in signing him for decent $$ but believe another team might entice him with more $$, why not send a low pick or minor-leaguer (perhaps, who they’ve already given up on) to the Rangers (who will take it for free) so then TB can re-negotiate a longer contract before other teams can even engage him (legally) with offers?

  63. Jagr said on the MSG postgame that he thinks he can play for four more years. He thinks he can compete in the NHL but it is a matter of work ethic. He also said he was going to talk to his parents, who are very important to his hockey life. Finally, he said that he would do whatever makes him happy. He made no commitment to play next season, either in the NHL or abroad, he just simply said he believes he could play in the NHL.

    That was straight from the horse’s mouth, not Eddie O’s 2nd hand account.

  64. $$$$ is the really the only thing that makes Jagr happy. If the Rangers offer him a 2 or 3 year deal for the right money he’ll probably be back.

    Although I could also see him returning to Washington to play along side Nylander and ride shotgut to Ovechkin.

  65. Why would Avery sign a deal before he sees what he can fetch on the open market? I don’t think NHL teams are privy to what the other teams are offering, so TB’s offer is going to be the same before or after July 1st. I just don’t think Avery would agree to a deal with the looming free agency.

    You’re right, it would probably only take a minimal deal to trade for his rights, but to me, any offer made before July 1st would be no different than one made after. In cases where someone would sign with their current team, that is more likely (assuming they like their current city and are settled in). But to Avery, he has no ties to TB – no more than CAR, DAL, whoever, so he might as well wait.

  66. You’re probably right Nasty but what an offense that would be if that did happen.

  67. Hey, Tampa sounded weird to me too, but I have absolutely no reason to question or doubt the source of my information.

  68. Rob L….how do you know money is the only thing that makes him happy??? do you know him personally to be able to make that kind of statement….also he has said in interviews that he never wanted to go to washington, he wanted to be traded from pitt to nyr…i highly doubt he would go back to washinton.

  69. Jags back in Wash would be an awesome offense. Quite possibly the only one in the East that could compete with Pitt if they should find a way to resign Hossa.

  70. Nasty 1
    May 5th, 2008 at 12:03 pm
    Hey, Tampa sounded weird to me too, but I have absolutely no reason to question or doubt the source of my information.

    Lol, I’m not claiming your source is wrong. I’m just saying that would be a curious move by TB, as I don’t see how they would get a leg up on a potential negotiation with Avery. As I said, it’s always different with a player’s current team (or a team he reeeeeeally wants to go to), but with regards to a team who is just one of the bunch, it wouldn’t make sense from Avery’s perspective. TB should realize this. Not that these past couple years are indicative of good decisions by TB….

    I dunno, maybe TB knows something we don’t about Avery’s mindset. He tried the west coast and the Big Apple. Maybe he told them that he wants a turn on the Gulf Coast?

  71. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    Thanks Sam Weinman. You saying that puts a little doubt into my thoughts about Pete. But, if you’ve ever read his blog, his comments are completely slanted pro Red sox and against the Yankees, and I thought that long before he revealed having grown up a Red Sox and Patriots fan, which of course, explains it.

  72. Adam and his apple on

    only problem i see with signing hossa is that he knows hes playing for a huge contract now and that any team that potentially wants to sign him has him under a magnifying glass right now, id stay away from him if i were the rangers, sure hes a great player but we have so much talent waiting in hartford

    and guys remember how we were supposed to be rebuilding after the lockout, when we lose shanny rosival straka (avery i hope not), were going to have to fill those holes with homegrown talent, i dont mind because it would be better for the long term

  73. Beer, I’d pass on Hossa. He is going to kill the cap. Because he is the only star forward on the market, he will get at least 9 million per. Think about that on our cap. We will have 30 million bucks in 4 players. Add in Prucha, Tyutin, Girardi, and Backman, and you’re at 38 million for 8 players. Add in our other guys under contract for less than a million (Hollweg, Betts, Orr, Dubinsky, and Callahan) at about 600k a piece, and you are at 41 million for 11 players. The cap is supposed to go up to like 54-55 million. Let’s say 55. That leaves you 14 million dollars and the following roster spots potentially filled(using our current lines as a model):




    But even forgetting that. The real issue becomes what to do next season when our better players become RFAs. Dubinsky and is a RFA next season. If we are short on cap space, he would definitely get an offer sheet. The year after that, we would have the same problem for Marc Staal. You can’t be so shortsighted with who you sign anymore. I think passing on Hossa and bringing back Jagr short term until we can get either Kovalchuk or Cherepanov and until Dubinsky gets some more strength is going to be the right choice.

    We could have won this series if we had a better PP and a physical defensemen. Hell, if our PP was as good as the Penguins’ we would have won the conference. I think they need to give Staal more offensive responsibility. I really think he can be one of those rare shutdown/offensive blueliners, like Pronger, or more recently, Phaneuf. He leads the rush so well, he just needs to get better decisionmaking once he is in the zone and a more accurate shot. As for the shutdown, he just needs to keep developing his body and putting on more muscle. You all saw what he did to Elias (or was it Gionta) in the last series. Imagine if he was packing 10-15 lbs more of muscle!

    Pass on the big tag FAs this year, and be patient for our own guys to grow into themselves. I seriously see Vinny Lecalier-type potential in Dubinsky if he could just get some more muscle and be stronger on his skates.

    I’d bring in Malone for some much needed size on the wing, plus he can score. I’d potentially consider Liles or Hainsey if they could be had cheaply enough or on a short enough term. Same goes for Michael Ryder. He had a bad year this year, u I think he is going to rebound into a 30 goal scorer, not to mention he is GREAT on the PP.

  74. Nasty, no, I didn’t shave it yet. I wanted to get one more picture with it tonight, and my fiancee wants to see it before I shave it off, which won’t be until Friday.

    Besides, it just finally stopped being ridiculously itchy. I might as well enjoy it for a day or two.

  75. If not Hossa or Jagr, we still need a #1 RW.

    We don’t have anyone ready to take that spot in the system. They have to come from somewhere.

    Without the aquisition of a #1 RW I can’t say I’d be too excited about ’08-’09

  76. I am not sure what to think sometimes. I lean towards getting a guy like Hossa, but then I lean towards letting the kids really have a shot to make things happen. I am not so sure that the people that are always screaming for the kids to take the lead will be ok with having kids play and going through the growing pains of watching them develop. What I mean is this, I really think we need a proven goal scoring winger to play with Gomez. None of the kids we have are going to score 40 goals. I want youth too, but I always want to be a competitive team. If we just have kids playing, it will be a stretch to just make the playoffs. If we didn’t have Jagr, Shanny, and Straka this year, we would not have made the playoffs.

  77. I’d be interested in seeing where Prospal ends up. I’d pick him up for a short term deal, or maybe even Pavol Demitra or Kristian Huselius. I just wouldn’t give any forward on the market right now (other than Ryan Malone) a deal for more than 2 years.

  78. Beer, so re-up Jagr to play with Dubinsky again, pick up someone like Prospal or Huselius to play with Gomez for a year or two while we wait for our kids to keep developing and for Cherepanov to come to America.

    We could probably get Malone and either Prospal or Huselius for the same amount of money or less as Hossa. then when Prospal or Huselius’ contracts run out, Jagr will be gone, Dubinsky will be a stud, Kovalchuk will probably be available, Cherepanov will be in America, and we will have a lot of money available to spend wherever we want.

  79. I like Malone too, but I don’t think he is a first line 40 goal scorer. If Jagr is not coming back, we need one. And I am fine with Hossa as long as we can still address other areas of weakness.

  80. Doodie – I’d like to see anyone of those players in Rangers uni’s. Except for #68.

    That is of course unless he took 3rd line duties with a paycheck to match.

    And lost the “C”.

    I’m just so through with that style.

  81. we should sign malone, redden and or campbell.

    those are the only free agents im interested in outside of signing avery and jagr.

  82. I just want a player to move his g-dam legs and enter the zone in stride! I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

    Is it possible they could consider moving Dru to the wing? Gomer, Dubi, Avery, Betts down the middle? I mean, we need a #1 RW for sure. But we also need a #1 LW!

  83. Let me ask you guys something…
    What makes you think Hossa or anyone for that matter will score alot in the system Renney has in place?
    IF Jagr wants to leave for a more “open” system, obviously he thinks that Renney’s system is part of the reason for his lack of production

  84. “obviously he thinks that Renney’s system is part of the reason for his lack of production”

    Nah. The guy spent the 1st 1/2 of the year sulking b/c he didn’t have #92 anymore. Then it was too late to get anything going. Then when it did, it was the “I was saving it” story.

    Personally, I’m just done with it. If you can’t committ and say yes or no, then where’s the heart? At least we all know shanny would LOVE to play 1 more year in NY. Just not sure if his body has it anymore.

  85. Hey, Tampa sounded weird to me too, but I have absolutely no reason to question or doubt the source of my information.

    I can see it. Warm weather, hype scene, and the money he wants. I can totally see it. I think he’d regret that pretty quickly…although vinny and marty seem pretty content down there despite being megastars on a losing team..must be something good about tampa

  86. Hossa is actually a perfect player for Renney’s system. The guy is a great two way player and I think he should’ve received some Selke consideration. That said, the price and timing are all wrong.

    Marco Sturm would be another player perfect for Renney’s system. Too bad we don’t have a shot at him.

    I think if we can score by committee (20-30 goals for multiple plaers) we will be fine, but the thing is, we need guys that can actually score. We have 3, that’s right 3, guys in our forwards corps that have had over 20 goals in a season. Can Prucha do it again? maybe. Can Avery or Dawes ever do it? Probably Dawes, but I doubt Avery. Dubinsky will for sure as he gets stronger. Callahan? Probably not. HBO will be lucky to score 20 combined over their careers. If we can get two guys to chip in 25 a pop, I’d prefer that over one guy who can get 40. I’d rather roll three good scoring lines (emphasis on the word scoring, distinguishing them from this year) than one real-deal top line.

  87. Jagr will play for Gretzky in Arizona next year. Why? He admires 99 and he’ll be close to Vegas to feed his gambling Jones.

  88. Beer, it isn’t all role players. A 20-30 goal scorer isn’t a role player to me. The thing is, we need to get the guys to score goals, and ditch the pure role players. HBO: gone. Maybe keep Orr for use in certain games, but I sure would like to see him get better at hockey, and if we could find an enforcer that actually knows how to play, I would dump Orr in a second. I’d like a 4th line of Sjostrom-Korpedo-Callahan. 3rd line of Dawes-Drury-Prucha. Everyone can score, you know what I mean? Pick up Malone and a FA like Prospa/Ryder/Huselius to play with Gomez. Jagr plays with Dubinsky and a FA or Prucha/Dawes in a 2nd line role (putting a prospect/Sjostrom/Cally on the third line).

    That’s why I want Avery to walk. I think he plays a role (agitator) and will never get to 20 goals. He wants too much money just for that. Yeah, it’ll help us against the Devils, but really, they have their own problems now and will be fighting for the playoffs next season, so I’m not too concerned. He wants too much money.

  89. First off Jessiman is nothing better than a Wolfpack lifer. I played with him when I was really young and he sucked then and he sucks now.

    Secondly, these Jagr haters are pretty ignorant. Renney has a defensive-minded system, which is why his numbers are down. Whatever.

    I say Jagr for 2, maybe 3 more years and KEEP HIM ON THE TOP LINE unless his skills start to diminish. If we sign him instead of throwing 8-9 million a year at Hossa for a long term deal, it’ll make cap room sense because we have SUCH SICKNESS waiting for us back on the farm. The Russians, Bobby Sang., etc.

  90. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    I agree Noonan. But why cant Jessiman or korpikosky become the next big stud in the nhl they way espn has touted Milan lucic LOL. Milan lucic is a ‘you want a piece a me, you want an f’n piece of me’ guy with skill.

  91. Rob L.

    “I think the crease clearing defenseman needed next season is already on the roster—-Marc Staal. With a year under his belt he’s going to be a complete monster next season.”

    Good point – He will also adding more weight to his frame over the next 2-3-4 years.

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