Will there be referees on our flight just in case?


Greetings from Gate 18 at the Jet Blue terminal at JFK where — no lie — a guy in a Mario Lemieux jersey just claimed a seat right next to a guy in Adam Graves sweater.

And this is to say nothing of Sidney Crosby looking on from a few feet away.

If my flight is delayed, it may be because of some “slashing at 36,000 feet”:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqvxQcnZy2Y

Meanwhile, as if the Rangers aren’t already kicking themselves “in falling behind 3-1 to the Penguins”:http://www.lohud.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080504/SPORTS01/805040421/-1/SPORTS, it might sting even worse knowing the “Flyers are awaiting in the conference finals”:http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=236692&lid=headline&lpos=topStory_nhl.

Philly is obviously doing something right, otherwise it wouldn’t have waltzed all over the Canadiens. But I can’t imagine they’d have either the Rangers or the Penguins trembling. Plus, whoever wins this series is assured of home ice in the next round.

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  1. Sam, you’re a good man…taking the early morning flight and making it a ‘day trip,’ rather than an overnighter. Your kids thank you (and so does you wife). (Or maybe your editor was too cheap to pay for the hotel, but in any event you get brownie points with the wife).

  2. Clive Diggs on

    Please, no OT. Should we win (and I’m heavily leaning towards one obviously) – we need legs for tomorrow.

    The NHL catering to national TV schedules is a disgrace. We should have played this game yesterday. People who want to watch the game will find time. And I am so impatient, I wish that time was yesterday…

    Sam, good luck on your flight. But I doubt air marshals are trained to combat hockey fans.

  3. I have every confidence in the world that the Rangers can pull of the 4 wins in a row– over the Pens… and move onto the next round.

    My buddy and I were able to do is on his XBox last night…

  4. I have zero confidence that the rangers can pull this out and it isn’t because of the rangers or the Pens it’s because I don’t trust the refs. The nhl has become a joke with the way these games have been called by the refs.

  5. A vigorous and public issue should have been made by the Rangers as to Malkin’s two transgressions.

    That’s not only because it might, at the least shake up Malkin, but also because a gesture of support of Rangers players was mandatory.

    Compare that to what probably happened in the case of Avery and Brodeur. Can anyone doubty that Lou had plenty to say about Avery’s antics? (Yeah, Lou’s a Bettman supporter and the quick response by Campbell is besides the point).

    Lamoriello supported his team.

    Without missing a beat.

    The message that Sather and Renney have sent is that another team can get away with whatever it wants, no matter how high the stakes at the time and they will not utter a peep of protest in support of their players.

    I cannot, for a second believe that Lou Lamoriello would not respond had Malkin done that in a game with the Devils.

    Sather is a “lion”? “Pussy” is more like it.

  6. dr. ogrodnick on

    Amen Lenny.

    The way the league has handled the slewfoot situation is a disgrace. What happens if a Ranger slewfoots Crosby today and he is injured. The league can take no action if they want to maintain a shred of credibility. They have opened the door for both on ice violence and questions of favoritism.

  7. Yeh, triple OT means Sam has to stay overnight! Not to mention, waaay to much stress for fans watching the game back in NY. Rangers need a fast start to quiet the pens fans and to get sissy off his game!

  8. Tucson Ken on

    Forget the refs. Hit, hard, cleanly & often.
    Follow the lead of your Captain, who has been a joy to watch.
    Less than 3&1/2 hours to go.
    It’s been a terrific drive to get to the playoffs. Rangers have showed heart & fought back from adversity all year.Take it back to MSG. Go Rangers.

  9. According to Renney’s quotes on either Friday or Saturday, Sather was talking to the league – so how does anyone here know he didn’t bring up Malkin’s slew foot. I think the Rangers organization is playing it smart by not publicly addressing the situation through the media. Why give the Penguins bulletin board material? Also, why would they not support their team since at the end of the day that is what they’re paid to do.

  10. Big Blue D on

    Hey Sam. First off thanks for flying my airline. Sorry you had to start your trip from our “trailer park” at JF’nK but that explains why our flights to Pittsburgh leave from there. I’ll be flying to vegas unable to watch the game but still in hopes that the game is called fair (pipe dream) but most importantly a Rangers win. Nothing would make me happier than Sid the kid crying like someone smacked an ice cream cone out of his hand.

  11. JJP – What fun would it be if everyone had faith in their team? I’m sure it’s been addressed too.

    It would be interesting though to see a Ranger slewfoot a pen right off the opening face-off and see what the reaction is.

    Looking forward to the game today. I was completely away from hockey for the last 2 days until watching ‘on the fly’ last night. Pitt/NYR should have been the conference finals, but whatta ya gonna do?


  12. Philly lost the first one, then won 4 straight by beating a team with no goaltending and therefore no confidence. If they won 4 straight so can we.

  13. LGR.

    One period at a time. Stay out of the box and clear the puck out of the zone in times of chaos. Simple….

  14. Don Cherry called Malkin a “RAT” for his 2 slew-foots, & put it right up there with putting someone into to boards headfirst. Gotta love that guy, insane outfits & all.

  15. Tucson Ken and Mike fromAZ are the same greaseballs. Mama Leoni farts pasta dust. Dont forget the GMHL gay hockey league at Chelsea Piers. Hot boys by the drive too.

  16. Sam, I was flying to Orlando and back this week and my biggest mistake was the airline that I choose – JetBlue… TERRIBLE, both flyes were heavily delayed (5 and 2 hours). What a JOKE airline.
    Do we know lineup for today? LET’S GO RANGERS!!!

  17. Whats the difference between an Italian grandma and an elephant…50 pounds and a black dress. Why dont Italians like Jehovahs Witnesses…They dont like ANY Witnesses.

  18. LennyNyr do you watch hockey

    you do realize that Sather and Renney are talking to league?

  19. Wow someone’s resorted to telling racist jokes under my handle. What a pussy.

  20. Sam – Your blog needs some serious help. Get a moderator. It’s well worth it.

  21. “Don Cherry called Malkin a “RAT” for his 2 slew-foots, & put it right up there with putting someone into to boards headfirst. Gotta love that guy, insane outfits & all.”

    I hate Don Cherry. The one thing I hate the most about him is that he wants to get rid of the instigator rule. I’m sorry, but that rule is the single most important rule the league has in terms of keeping the game as a legitimate sport and no the cliche “I went to the fight and a hockey game broke out.” But other than that he’s just a loudmouth jerk.

    Coincidentally, the penalty that the Rangers tied the game on in the video Sam posted was Neil Broten being slewfooted.

    I’m not confident that they will win today, but I am definitely hoping that they do. And will someone give Nigel Dawes a Red Bull or something?

  22. Contact, let’s be fair. Those were ethnic jokes, not racist ones.

    But don’t worry, once the playoffs are over, so will the people that come here. I don’t understand what the allure in posting under our handles was in the first place.

  23. Im a Jew with no clue, live in an igloo, my odor real phew, The Rangers real Blue, today and they,re through. I teach at Wagner Junior High, East 76Street, and go to the East Side Club East 56 Street for a little doopie.

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