Where have you gone, Thomas Pock?


It’ll be top line vs. top line to start here, meaning Sid the Kid will take the opening draw against Brandon Dubinsky.

In other news, Lauri Korpikoski checks in with the No. 22 last worn by Thomas Pock. I’d say that would be a slight to a player who spent most of last year in the NHL.

But I’m pretty sure the slight occurred when Pock was shipped to Hartford earlier in the season and was never heard from again…

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  1. Évreux on

    its rude of the nhl/nbc to make us listen to emerick. he makes my ears bleed.

  2. Staal,

    Contact the Avalanche and ask them…

    Their website lists the “fan development” number as 303.405.1117.

  3. Pock is under contract for another year. I blame him. Even without Strudwick being signed, he must’ve seen the writing on the wall. Rozsi, Malik, Mara, Tyutin, and Girardi were all under contract. Staal was going to be a very significant possibility for the NHL. That’s 6 defensemn without him. Did he really think 2 years here was a good idea? What a fool.

  4. It’s actually his 2nd shift Doc, but definitely his first shot. Welcome to the NHL Korpikoski.

    If he becomes even half of the player that my favorite #22 was, he’ll be the best player in that draft.

  5. wow. i can’t believe they actually called a penalty againsty the pens. good call.

  6. Yes, 700 goal, 600 assist, 1300 pt Mike Gartner.

    350, 300, 750 would be a great career. That’s probably where Drury will end up, and about what Gomez’s point total will be (although he will have way more assists than goals).

    I just hope that if he is a long time Ranger that he doesn’t take another Gartner distinction: most games ever played without being in the NHL finals (2nd most without a cup win to Phil Housley).

  7. Doodie, Pock may have not had anyone who wanted to pay him. Plays a year here, then back to Austria?

    Korp had a nice first shot.

  8. tell me something why how everytime on the powerplay we we have a guy breaking to the net with some room do they constantly pull back and look for the pass? shoot the puck barry!

  9. good 1st period. only 1 penalty. good pressure. 2nd period has been the rangers most vulnerable period all year. rangers need smart play and good pressure. shorter shifts in the 2nd due to the long trip back to the bench from the rangers zone. don’t want to get caught being ‘tired’ on the ice against the penguins.

  10. Doodie- i said that too when i saw it but im hoping it was because i felt like he was out there for 15 of the first 20 mins.

  11. Chris, why not go straight to Austria? He would have made more money there than for playing in the minors all year.

    Also, I’m sure someone would have taken him. Look at some of the lousy defensemen some teams have, and how they desperately need a puckmoving defenseman. Someone would have signed him to a similar contract.


  12. i’m gonna puke. Nothing But Crosby (NBC) network continues to druel over the penguins.

  13. Who Needs Lohan on

    PP is so bad, I hate Pearn. Dont they realize that the Pens are attacking the puck on the PK? All you have to do is move it fast twice and someone will be open. Duh!

  14. PP IS BRUTAL…….Move the puck quicker please…and for god sake get Straka off the ice.

  15. You would think that Eddie O would get off of his knees when talking about the Penguins seeing as how they shitcanned him. But no, he just makes sure he has his kneepads.

  16. *Staal Wart* – somebody posted a site on the end of two threads ago, in case you didn’t see that.

    Korpedo looks goos so far in two shifts (Doodie – I’m glad someone else caught Emrick making that mistake), getting a surprising shot on Fleury. Power play with only one shot is what worries me. Good for Jagr to draw two penalties after he is called for one. Maybe Renney took Orr out because he ran at Crosby and know that if he connected, a major penalty might be called. I think he wants Hollweg’s speed in there to keep up with the other two on that line. Personally, I would want Orr, but maybe he wants Sjostrom at RW instead. It doesn’t matter too much because they will only see less than four minutes unless we’re up big time.

    Maybe Pöck will wear #71 if he comes back to the Rangers.

    NBC: Never Blame Crosby

    Doodie – I thought Anson Carter was your favorite Ranger, lol.

    Refs miss another one. I actually thought that Drury was hit by his own guy at first. I wonder if the linesmen saw that and could call the high stick.

  17. how convenient that the refs didn’t see the flagrant high stick to drury. should’ve been a 4 minute PP for the rangers.

  18. Doodie – He’ll probably need a new jersey, too! Btw, I said Carter because I think he was the last Ranger to wear #22 before Pöck.

  19. “Doodie – I thought Anson Carter was your favorite Ranger, lol.”

    HA! that’s even better than Kloucek!!!

    Rangers had a decent first period, so the Refs need to tip the scales again.

    Although, to be fair, the Rangers are playing like crap on their own.

  20. I wouldn’t call it a flagrant high stick. It was obviously a high stick, but to clal it flagrant implies intent. Looked accidental to me.

    That doesn’t make it less of a penalty though.

    SP: I like Carter for getting traded straight up for a discounted Jagr. What a tool.

  21. I wish they would show a replay of that “penalty” against Jagr because it looked like Malone fell down while _he_ was holding onto Jagr’s stick.

  22. I think both the refs and nbc are doing a superb job. I completely understand the non call for the 4 minutes as well as what was called on Jagr

  23. What’s the word on Bourret? Dupuis has become such a Ranger killer, Bourret really needs to become something to make it worthwhile.

    Also, the Flyers traded Zhitnik for Coburn, so maybe we could have picked up Coburn instead. If we had Coburn…. of man.

  24. PS, the offensive zone turnover was Sjostrom sending it down the boards where he was expecting his center to be. That’s Korpikoski not having ever played with these guys before.

  25. Wow, did one of the announcers actually say the Rangers were robbed of their 4 minute call?

  26. The team looked pretty good at even strength in the first period, but were making sloppy passes and turning it over; the power play is anemic.

    Second period is a mess so far. *sigh*

  27. onecupin67years on

    Bettman and the NHL are the role models on NOT HOW TO OFFICIATE.. how could they miss the high stick on Drury?

  28. It’s not over yet.

    But if it’s true the Rangers have no gas left in their tank …. how the HELL can that possibly be?? Did I miss a four game exhibition road trip between Thursday and today??

  29. Jags and Hank are the only Rangers playing with everything they’ve got. Shameful.

    Let’s go Rangers!

  30. since malkin scored and we never win when he scores its probably over

    but im still holding out for a hero…..or for someone to finally take a run at malkin and crosby


    Maybe they should just give the Pens the Cup now.

  32. one cup – – – your pathetic team hasn’t won a playoff series since before we won the Cup. Go back in your hole

  33. Worst Ranger of the year: Perry Pearn. Enough BS, our PP has sucked and could have changed so much all year.

  34. this truly is laughable LAUGHABLE anytime a penn goes down its a penalty fucking ridic

  35. Forget about just not re-signing Roszival. Let’s just have him publicly executed…

  36. They are tired from being battered and heavily worked in the last game and in the first period of this one. Shanny is being used as a special teams specialist (more time on PK&PP than ES). Drury still has his rib injury and is half and half special teams and ES. Prucha isn’t being used at all. The 4th line is barely being used (less than 2 mins). In other words, there are 6 forwards plying for us at ES. So they are totally gassed.

  37. 1 More Year Jagr on

    so malone drew the penalty that lead to their goal? wait shouldn’t he have been in the box himself? the little tings always come back to bite the rangers in the ass

  38. If we get a pp in the 3rd just go with 5 forwards its not like it matters now.

  39. But this bunch is a far too easy team to play against at this time of the year, and that is inexcusable.

  40. y is renny so quick to change the line up but never wants to do anything with the poper play lines. We win game 4 he changes the lines. the power play has sucked all year yet he keeps throwing out the same lines. defend that reney lovers.

  41. unable to read the pearls of wisdom on the posts.

    iguess since a ranger got cut by a stick it is a no call, imagine the cindy got hit by the opposing teams stick..

    great reffing.. the rangers should have had a 4 minute power play but get nothing and are without drut=ry for mulitple minutes..

    these ref’s and league SUCK……

  42. SeamusORiley on

    Gary Bettman and the owners annointed Cindy the cup this year. The Rangers cannot beat the refs. No matter how bad it was in Game 1 and Game 2; where even Stan Fischler has the guts to admit that it is fixed; even Hall of Famers Jagr and Shannahan can admit it…
    but when Drury loses a quart of blood and nothing is called, only to have them turn around and take Jagr off the ice…
    the Rangers cannot beat the NHL. We can beat the Penguins, but not the NHL.

    I don’t like “if you don’t agree with me, you’re an idiot” type of statements, but anyone who does not acknowledge, now, that a fix is in, is either in denial, or a pens fan.

    even pens fans can say, “we didn’t want to win like this”.

    Crosby the Turtle. This made me laugh, at least, in the midst of all this horror:


  43. how was renney not throwing sticks on the ice after the noncall against drury? And how is rozsival allowed to play another shift after taking 3 atrocious penalties? He has cost himself millions of dollars and there is no way i want him back or mara or strudwick. they do not deserve to win with the way their dd and power play are performing. for god sakes put prucha on the pp, need to try something

  44. Staal Wart on

    My wife is so pissed at the officiating she’s looking for a way to complain…if she can’t do it online she’ll write those lowlifes a letter…its horrible…

  45. can Mulbery stop smilling when he says that the rangers are down. I hate this fat fuck and I hate watchin this stupid networks hockey coverage

  46. Who Needs Lohan on

    Sorry Renney supporters, he is not getting him team to play a must win game. They look awful. More than ever they needed to go with the 4 line system. Instead he makes the change in the lineup and now doesnt want to use the 4th line (I can see why). How many hits did they throw? Like 2? The ref on the left side (on TV) clearly was the one who was told to make sure this doesnt go any further. Malkin should have been suspended and then gets a goal. Isnt that just perfect? And the PP? I think Pearn should be fired on the flight back to New York tonight.

  47. Perry Pern coaches the PP…not Renney. Even though Renney is the head coach he should have changed something by now… so I blame Pern more.

  48. Can anyone discern what the game plan designed by the coaching staff was today??

  49. Who Needs Lohan on

    Dont be surprised to see Jagr take a cheap shot at Ruutu if this game is over, and I mean one that will injure him. Being that he probably wont play another NHL minute after today he has no consequences other than legal action. Anyone agree?

  50. Who Needs Lohan on

    There was no game plan. It was survive the first period and then fold like an accordian in the second. Then too little too late in the third. Sound accurate?

  51. Who Needs Lohan on

    How annoying was it when Doc said the ice was tilting a bit. Well thanks dipshit, thats what happens on 3 consecutive PPs

  52. onecupin67years on

    BUY your Official rangers team apparel @ 60% off tomorrow at Modells ! another great year,they made the playoffs WOW,make it down in rangers history!Give RENNEY a long term contract,and keep signing those FAT CATS they love NY!

  53. Who Needs Lohan- I don’t think Jagr wants to go out if this his last game by taking a cheap shot, even though Ruutu deserves it lol.

  54. Crap, a Ranger who is willing to shoot and can hit the net? I’m in love.

  55. RangerRick on

    I agree about Jagr and Ruutu. Every time I see Ruutu running his mouth at Jagr in the face-off circle I scream for him to receive a two-hander from Jags. Ruutu deserves to get a serious injury after all his bs. I had forgot he was the one who injured Jagr in the Olympics two years ago. I say F him up!

  56. I don’t want to jump the gun, but despite the outcome of this game, it shows the Rangers glaring weaknesses:

    1. The Rangers don’t have a physical d-man to clear Crosby, and others from in front of the crease.
    ANSWER – Brooks Orpik

    2. The Rangers despite their second rate attempts (see Ozolinsh and Backman) do not have a true #1 defenseman to run the PP and transition the puck up the ice.
    ANSWER – Brian Campbell or Jay Bouwmeester
    OTHER CANDIDATES – Wade Redden, John-Michael Liles or Ron Hainsey

    3. The Rangers lack scoring from the wings.
    ANSWER – The Rangers may have to acquire this through a trade as the UFA marjet is somewhat slim in this regard.
    OTHER CANDIDATES – Marian Hossa, Michael Ryder, Ryan Malone

    Other depth players that may be worth taking a chance on:
    Brian Rolston (a short handed threat and a leader since we expect Jagr, Shanny and Strake to be not resign)

    Any thoughts….??

  57. I think Drury might be injured because I have seen Shanahan on the ice with both Gomez and Dubinsky recently, and not just for line changes.

  58. Sandy Flint on

    Speaking of Rangers who have vanished, Is Marek Malik still a on the team?

  59. I mean, I know Drury’s injured, but he’s out now. Apparantly Versus…um, NBC…doesn’t know this.

    I can’t argue with the no slashing call on Straka’s stick because Cally didn’t get called for one earlier when *hiw own* stick broke.

  60. PJ Stock 28 on


    Malik was issued Jersey number 51 and has been playing the entire playoffs for us.

    Oh wait that looks like Toots.

  61. if the puck is shot from the other end of the ice and slides through the trapizoid i feel like it shouldnt be icing but thats neither here nor there

  62. Marc Staal will be our #1 D man as soon as he can work on his shot and his strength. But look at him lead the rush! He can and WILL be everything we need on defense.

    As for the matter at hand, in the immortal words of Harvey Keitel “Let’s not start sucking each others **** just yet.”

  63. PJ Stock 28 on

    Did Milbury just say Rozy has been briliant today??????? Did he forget about the 3 penalties??/ MORON

  64. And Milbury says Roszival has been brilliant today? What game is he watching?

  65. PJ Stock 28 on

    Poetic justice- Drury gets gashed by Malone, no call, Drury cuts Malone and gets 4 miutes. Yeah great officiating.

    UP YOURS Bettman

  66. dr ogrodnick on

    So they miss the high stick by Malone on drury but call the one on drury on Malone. Pro wrestling has better refs

  67. fuck. good job boys. Great season. We cant beat the pens and the refs at the same time.

  68. sam…nice blog. great work. thanks for the coverage. plenty to talk about, but not right now.

    not really a great season. anything short of the conference finals should be considered a disappointment for this team.

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