We have ourselves a ballgame


And you wanted Colton Orr….

The Korpedo and Nigel Dawes both trigger the comeback.

And while my critics will note that I rarely cite bad officiating, I will say it is startlingly uneven so far — beginning with the slash to Chris Drury and continuing just now with Scott Gomez being yanked down in the offensive.

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  1. deja – I don’t know if they said, but it’s 1:22.

    Sam – Any word on Drury? He hasn’t been on the ice for a while, at least seven minutes.

  2. Doodie – I think that was mostly because Drury wasn’t on the ice for a bit, but now Korpi was on recently with Shanny.

  3. rangerny09 on

    I say we finish them off in regulation, I have a HORRIBLE feeling about going to OT with the Penguins….

  4. Staal Wart on

    I just woke up from fainting…I was here watching the game, and the annoucer said Rozi was brilliant…I choked, shat myself, fell over, hit my head on the table and now I’m back after getting 17 stiches from hitting my face on the table…UNBELEIVABLE… are they watching the same game?

  5. Staal Wart on

    Am I seeing this right? Drury gets high sticked by future Ranger Malone…no penalty…
    Malone gets high sticked by current Ranger Drury…4 minutes…what shit!

  6. He had Drury-Gomez-Shanny.

    He is rotating defensemen too. On the penalty for Drury he had Mara and Girardi. I have also seen Tyutin with Staal.

    I feel like I haven’t seen Strudwick in a while… Possibly that’s why he is rotating?

  7. what are the odds that drury commits the same penalty against malone. of course the refs did not miss this one

  8. rangerny09 on

    These refs are fucked up, I’m sorry…..How ironic is it that Drury gets called for a 4 minute high sticking on the very guy that got away with high sticking him previously?



    THESE REFS SUCK>>>>>>>>

  10. Staal Wart on

    I can say the officiating is shit because thats not a “bad word” in my house…

  11. I just watched the replay of Drury’s penalty on DVR. When he cleared the puck from the goal line and then dove to swat it again, his stick rode up the shaft of Malone’s a hit him in the face. Tough break at that point in the game.

    And of course, it would be Malone that Drury’s takes the high stick on. I guess that call can’t go both ways, huh?

  12. Refs are a joke!! Amazing effort by our boys’

    F*** the refs, F*** the NHL, F*** the pens….lets go win the F***in game!!!

  13. FREAKING BS!!!

    WHAT THE HELL!?!!!!



  14. Clive Diggs on

    I don’t care if the refs want to let them play like the old NHL playoffs. But don’t make all the calls over the first 2 periods and then put the whistles away when the Rangers easily should have drawn 3-4 power plays in the 3rd.

    That’s the problem with the officiating…

  15. Staal Wart,
    Did you get 4 minutes for tripping yourself? Officiating should be at least consistent.

  16. Yorktown Ranger on

    Gee, I thought the refs usually put the whistles away in the final 2 minutes of an important game. But I guess for all the missed penalties committed by Bettman’s Boys they felt they needed to make up for lost time. What a disgrace.

  17. Who Needs Lohan on

    My favorite was when Milbury said something like…. “And we thought the third period was going to be the Rangers funeral and now look 2-2. Now it will be great if the Penguins can hold them off and get to overtime.”

    Priceless. Someone get that man a pair of pom poms!!!

  18. Who Needs Lohan on

    BTW… NYR are flying, score two quickies and Renneys pulls their collective heads right back into their shells instead of going for the jugular (spelling?) God I hope neither Crosby or Malkin score a PP goal here.

  19. nyrblue2 – That could even be interpreted as Drury’s follow-through on that puck if it happened the way you described.

  20. Staal Wart on

    May 4th, 2008 at 3:46 pm
    Staal Wart,
    Did you get 4 minutes for tripping yourself? Officiating should be at least consistent.

    I was getting stitched up…didn’t want to get blood on the carpet…so my wife sat in the box…

  21. Who Needs Lohan on

    And someone should question the ref on the left side of the ice after the game. It cant be more obvious that he was “spoken to” before the game. Bettman did grow up on Long Island guys, its not that surprising!

  22. rangerny09 on

    anyone on the Rangers is fine with me.
    I’m praying for a shorthanded goal.

    Let’s concentrate on killing this penalty first!

  23. I will die a happy man if Steven Segal rappels down from the Igloo ceiling and kills Michal Roszival…

  24. Hollweg hasn’t been on the ice in a looooong time. :) Drury has been taking his spot on the fourth line, probably making up for time lost.

    And it’s over. :(


    A fine win by that squad.

  26. Yorktown Ranger on

    Well as much as it pains me to say this. I hope Philly obliterates the Pit.

  27. onecupin67years on

    Reangers played OT s though they had the lead,And Prucha giving up on the play was awful,they suck

  28. Staal Wart on

    I love my Rangers to the end…
    F*&k the Refs!! what an embarrassment the are to our league

  29. Yorktown Ranger on

    Well, I didn’t intend the the in front of Pit, but that about descibes them.

  30. Is it me or did that play look offside? God, I hate being *that* guy but it certainly looked off

  31. Clive Diggs on

    Yorktown, I agree. I don’t like Philly either, but somebody has to put these kids in their place.

  32. It’s been nice guys (and gals). Fun season speaking with all of you.

    Take care.

    Maybe next season we can address our defense, PP, scoring issues, Size and grit and make a run at it.

    Take care,

    – Riche’

  33. Who Needs Lohan on

    Overtime summed up. Therrien = Aggressive Renney=Passive
    Did anyone remind Renney there were no shootouts in the playoffs?

  34. Staal Wart on

    Philly plays dirty…guess Crosby’s and Michel are gonna have to cry there way thru another series

  35. There is no incentive for the refs to call an even-handed game because the guy behind the Rangers bench would rather be beheaded than clearly and emphatically and angrily demand justice for his team.

  36. Yorktown Ranger on

    Boy, I guess I’m just totally emotionally and mentally scarred. I meant describes. And yes it was off sides, but you don’t expect a call do you?

  37. Jagr = not one shot on goal
    and 2 dumb penalties

    =big choke

    and rosival with 3 penalties

    good riddance czech posse

  38. Way to have prucha give up not once but twice on that play.

    If the bounces & whistle would have only gone our way, just was not meant to be!

    Good season, too bad it was just good & not great.

  39. The refs were HORRIBLE!!! Watching on NBC, (not much better than the officiating) but they said that the last rush by Pens, then they scored, was offsides. I hope that Philly crushes Pitts!!!

  40. Good fight. Not enough. Let’s Go Sharks now. Tim to retool for next season. Korpi looks like he has some potential there. Brain Campbell please.

  41. I don’t know about jagr but we need to get some denfense help a scoring defnese men.

  42. “nyrblue2 – That could even be interpreted as Drury’s follow-through on that puck if it happened the way you described.”

    In which case it’s still a penalty. You are responsible for your stick at all times.

    Ron Duguay looks like David Bowie.

  43. players not to resign: rozsival, malik, straka, mara, shanny, sjostrom (if he is a free agent)

    if the price is right: avery and maybe jagr, tho i dont know if i could take another full season of the team catering to him

    fitting that our d makes a mistake and that leads to the last goal. awful play by girardi.

    refs were a joke but our pp was the bigger joke.

  44. Who Needs Lohan on

    Yeah, I thought it right away on the offsides. Didnt matter. It was inevitable that they would score. Renney had them playing like it was late in the third with a two goal lead. The same way that cost us Game 1 and the same way that they packed it in the last 8 minutes playing too conservatively

  45. guidoc0ck4life on

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, the refs didn’t screw the Rangers, they just got beat by a better Pittsburgh team. Seriously, if you want to complain about reffing then you should have watched the flyers-canadiens series wheere the refs called everything on the Flyers and nothing on the Canadiens. Now please can you new yorkers go back to banging each other in the ass at every club in Manhattan and stay the hell away from hockey.

  46. cr, so the 3 penalties Jagr drew meant nothing? He also had 3 shots blocked. Truth is, they put everythign they had on him and him alone, and he still looked better than every Ranger skater through the first two periods.

  47. Rangers need to be a good team for a whole season, not just a few weeks here and a few weeks there. Ditto for Hank.

    But, better season than it looked. Great youth. Dubi, Dawes, the D guys, Hank. Liked Korpi shooting (Staal!!! damn). Anyway, future could be great.

    Go Rangers 2009!

  48. 4 shots in the 2nd, and 0 shots in ot. Goals scored by Pitt 2nd peroid and ot.

    Our last pp came at the 13:21 mark left in the 2nd peroid. How is that possible?

  49. reginald dunlop on

    They should re-write the NHL rule book and the nhl dictionary and try putting in the word “CONSISTENCY”… because it is painfully evident that it is NOT in there now……. league is a f’ing joke………a f’ing joke……and the shill puppets on NBC collect their paychecks thanks to the NHL so never going to get unbiased opinion there………

  50. I’m watching the replay on DVR. I have it paused on the eaxct frame where the puck is juuuuuuuusssstttt still on the blue line (the split second before it officially enters the zone) and as far as I can tell, Dupuis skate is still on the blue line, which means no offsides. Believe me, I’ve been staring at a paused screen for 10 minutes looking for something to complain about and it’s just too close to call.

    I guess I can always harp on the non-call on Malone….

  51. guidoc0ck4life on

    I hope the rangers go with that so called talented youth movement you want. They’re all one year wonders who will just turn out to closeted homosexuals who get AIDS from Eric Lindros.

  52. that game was not that close. the Pens hit the post SIX times. it was only some great goaltending by Henrik and some luck that kept the score close.

    they need to go with the homegrown youth next year, and dump the vets. it was the kids who gave the best effort today

  53. Where would korpi fit in??

    Center- Duby, gomez, dury, betts. You cold put him in for betts but he is such a good penalty killer.


    Someone duby somone
    someone gomez someone
    dawes dury callahn
    hollweg orr betts is sjostrom signed??


    tytun girardi
    stall sorr maybe??
    is backman signed i wouldn’t even want him in the mix. I would sign rosival and mara if i had to choose two to bring back.

    Bottom line they need to sign avery but after that they need to get more physical. Malone would be a perfect fit with avery on a line. Then maybe they trade korpi and some other people because he doesn’t fit in, for a upgrade on defense. Can’t go and just get best players either. Need people that fit.

  54. nyrblue

    The puck has to enter the zone first, not just be on the blue line. Therefore…..

  55. guidoc0ck4life on

    Effort is going to make up for the fact that they blow more than Freddie Mercury did in downtown San Fran on a Saturday night coke binge in 1978.

  56. Forget the refs. We should’ve won regardless. Our veteran players didn’t show up all series (with the exception of Jagr, who was finally shut down today). Our young players disappeared until today.

    They should never have given up the 3-0 lead in game 1. If they had won game 1, they would have won the series. Losing game 1 was more devastating to them than Game 5 was last year.

    Good season. See you in the summer.

    I hate being right by the way. I said Pens in 5 with special teams being the difference.

  57. Lots of decisions to make for this team and I hope Slats finally addresses the defense. Tyutin & Girardi were AWFUL this whole series. Rosival was crap today but I’m not sure I’d bring him back. Mara I’d bring back but not at $3mil/per. Malik..buh Bye. Thank you Jason Srudwick, how’s coaching sound?.. Girardi seemed to have regressed the last part of the season.

  58. Who Needs Lohan on

    You sure about that Bathgate? I thought the line or anywhere touching the line is considered in the zone. If his skate is on it at the same time as the puck then no offsides

  59. Bathgate, I know what f-ing offsides is. I’ve been reffing for 11 years. Thanks, though.

    All I’m saying is that in the very last split second before the puck was completely in the zone, Dupuis skate appeared to still be on the blue line. That leads me to believe that he was still touching the blue line when the puck finally went in, or they went in at the exact same time.

  60. and RJ Umberger has 9 goals to put the Philthy flyers into the semis.

    sneerlip ahole Sather did not want Umberger, showing his great judgment, like the Montoya draft

  61. at the end of nbc coverage it was said that jagr before the game said he would like to play 4 more years in the nhl and hoped it would be with the rangers, but first had family problems back home…..SAM or anyone know what is going on with that??????

  62. Who Needs Lohan on

    Wait, the 80s are over buddy. Gay bashing died a long time ago where I’m from. I guess not…

  63. Lohan – The blue line is part of whatever zone is the puck is in. Which means the blue line is still part of the neutral zone until the puck enters the offensive zone completely.

  64. Tyutin and Girardi are #5 defensemen (maybe #4s if you give them every benefit of the doubt) on a solid D corps. You need guys in the mold of a Komisarek, a Regehr, and a Liles if Brian Campbell himself is not brought in to QB the PP.

  65. Who Needs Lohan on

    All this time I thought all it had to do was begin to touch the line and then the player could enter. Wow, over 20 years of watching hockey and I never knew that….

  66. You need someone to QB the pp play thats for sure. None of the defensemen even belong on the PP.

  67. nyrblue

    Touchy — no one was calling you out. But if there isn’t daylight that the linesman can see, it’s offsides. Daylight. Not a millimeter on a paused TV screen that suggest the guy has xray vision.

  68. guidoc0ck4life on

    yeah, the 80’s are over but the Rangers players are still spreading the gay epidemic known as AIDS. And you I found this sweet club, we can cram some E up our ass maybe find chris drury and do some ass pounding. See you at LA fitness, the usual stall for a BJ right.

  69. Thanks for another great year of blogging, Sam. Have a good golf season and hope you get to spend some more time with your family.

    Cheers to all.

    Go Rangers!

  70. At least it wasn’t as awful as the Leon Stickle blown offsides call in 1980. Goring (I think it was Goring) was about two yards over the blueline and Stickle let it go.

  71. Actually, I take back my “Cheers to all.”

    Guido, you’re an idiot.

    Great offseason to those of you who don’t suck.

  72. kurt – Avery and Malone play on the same side, so they probably won’t be on the same line.

    Backman has a little potential, and he’s coming back anyway, so whatever. Two starting spots are open; I would give one to Mara, who was very good in the playoffs, and the other to Pöck if we can’t sign Campbell. The rest of the the defensemen available aren’t too good, unless I’m missing something. Hainsey might be an option, but I think he faded towards the end. I can’t see the Rangers re-signing Hutchinson, probably because he will want a chance somewhere else, even though he was Hartford’s captain.

    It will be a heated training camp for the forwards: Moore, Korpikoski, Anisimov, Bourret, Jessiman?, possibly Cherepanov if he comes over. If Jagr doesn’t want to come back, this would be the right time to use more youth, since Straka and Shanahan likely won’t be back, or at least shouldn’t be based on their full seasons. I would take Strudwick back; he doesn’t do much wrong.

  73. Jagr just said on the postgame that he feels he is capable of playing for a few more years but but was noncommittal as to whether he would. He said he doesn’t want to make a decision 30 mins after they lost.

    He also shaved his ridiculous facial hair.

  74. Doodie, Ha, I realized that right away, I’m about to go shave off mine as well.

  75. Jagr says “whatever makes ME happy is what I’ll do”

    won’t commit to Rangers

    typical selfish comment

  76. Good teams overcome bad calls, if they are bad calls. Its that simple. Championships are always presented to the teams that get over the most.

    Otherwise, its just bad sportsmanship to blame the refs for one’s own team’s inadequacies. NY had far too many opportunities they passed up, and made far too many mistakes. Penguins looked fresher the majority of the time, although the Rangers looked tons more lively at certain parts — as if they could actually win the series, no doubt.

    Sometimes the puck just doesn’t bounce your way. Get over it and enjoy life.

  77. jb, Shanny didn’t commit either. It’s not selfish at all. The guy is going to weigh his options. Why don’t we lynch him? Wouldn’t YOU do what makes you happy?

  78. Hadrian,
    I agree, we lost this series due to our awful PP, not the calls that were called against us.

  79. Quick impressions:

    Shoot Roszival and Marshmalik.

    Listen to Messier – exile Renney.

    Hand Straka golf clubs, brochures on tropical golf for the fall.

    Shanny – did someone say you can’t have a player-coach? Figured if he say 20 or 30 and no PK, he might still have a little – at a low salary.

    ..and maybe, just maybe, this macho sport may have room for a Ranger named Laurie next year?

    Ditch Hollweg. Desire is good. Talent is better.

    And the Betts and Orrs can compete for slots.

    Jagr at a good price is worth returning. Valley could cash in a few bucks. OK by me.

    The Dawes, Callahans, Dubinsky, Staal, Girardis are the future. Tyutin MAY be. I’m not as sure any more.

    Great effort in this final game. Pick up Oprik and Hossa and if Brian Campbell is available and he can fit under the cap, grab him.

    No gain this season, damn shame.

  80. nyrfan – Eddie O said Jagr wanted to play four more years, not necessarily in the NHL. I’m surprised he actually did some real reporting there! I’m torn as to whether I want him back. I can see the benefits and disadvantages. People here have swayed me closer to the negative side than I would be on my own.

  81. Tony from AZ on

    I need to go get some crazy glue – my heart just broke !
    Why don’t the refs & linesmen consult when a guy is bleeding from an obvious stick to the face . Shame on the officiating ! I don’t usually bitch about refs, but Jesus !!

  82. fans don’t realize that the league gave the rangers a huge break, in effect an extra $4 mill on their cap because they did not count the full jagr salary against the cap the past 3 years.

    from now on, that is over.

  83. Thanks Hadrian… for those epic words of wisdom.

    Thank God we have you here to bring us all back down to earth and realize that our team just wasn’t good enough.

    I guess we should have realized we were crap earlier on and then tanked the whole way in order to get a chance that our name will be secretly called for the number one pick.

    I wonder if you consider diving, blatant crosschecking, highsticking and slewfooting bad sportsmanship.

    Call down to us from on high and enlighten us further… oh omnipotent one!

  84. JB….it was not the league that gave us any breaks…washington paying part of jagrs salary was in the trade aggreement….nothing to do with the league giving us anything

  85. Spider pig….eddie o said jagr would like to play a few more years in the nhl and the ny is his first choice. I just rewatched it to be sure.

  86. reginald dunlop on

    so what assignment was pierre maguire on??? ha ha……not doing the tsn game tonight???? tranny hooker???? ha ha

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