This time it’s for real: Korpikoski in, Orr out


If Game 4 ended up only as a false alarm, Tom Renney is really giving Lauri Korpikoski the tap for his NHL debut today. That means Colton Orr is out, and the Korpedo will center a line with Fred Sjostrom and Hollweg.

It’s a similar scenario as last year, when Renney thrust Nigel Dawes into Game 6 against the Sabres after not being with the Rangers most of the season. Needless to say, the Rangers lost that game and were eliminated as a result.

“I know this gives you fond memories of last year, but I don’t care about that,” Renney said. “The bottom line is these young guys are capable of playing and helping us. I felt the same way last year about Nigel and I feel the same way about Lauri. Under the circumstances, we need that kind of help at center ice. It’s just another opportunity to grow another young player.”

Some other notes:

<li>Sean Avery was sprung loose from St. Vincent’s Medical Center this morning. As the joke goes, no one’s sure if Avery was technically released, or if the nurses were so fed up with him, he was forcibly removed.

<li>The defensive pairs remain the same, with Jason Strudwick again in for Christian Backman.

<li>My morning flight to Pittsburgh might have meant an early wake-up call, but I’m not nearly the road warrior that Kenny Albert is. The radio voice of the Rangers did the Mets game for Fox in Phoenix yesterday, then took a red-eye to Detroit since there were no directs to Pittsburgh. From there, he took a near-five hour cab ride here, and said he couldn’t sleep because he was worried about the driver getting lost.

So if at one point during the broadcast, Kenny credits Pat Verbeek with a Rangers goal, cut him some slack….

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  1. Once again. Tom Renney is a fuggin idiot. Why Orr ???? That makes no sense.

    Hollweg is as useless as ever. he is so scared to throw a hit now, so he just skates around doing absolutely nothing. What a fuggin waste.

    If he really wants a speedy line, then take Hollweg out, and put Parenteau in. This way Korpy will feel a little at home with a teammate.

    Im not expecting anything from the kid, but hopefully he can show he was worth drafting.

    Im shaking like a leaf right now. I wanna throw up. Im not prepared for this shit. I just hope this isn’t the last day for Nyr.

  2. dr. ogrodnick on

    Hmm, coming off of a the chippiest game of the series, this game has all the makings of a very physical contest. lets take out our one fighter for a guy who has never played an NHL game. Brilliant!

  3. Orr’s slower than Hollweg; but hopefully he can keep up with Korpi and Sjoe.

    Also, Rangers fans; at the very worst, Philly isn’t gonna win it all, and they just lost their draft pick by advancing and had it bumped down to #27, so it’s a small victory in case the Rangers can’t make history.

  4. This is a BAD move in my opinion.

    They should be going with the EXACT same lineup as Thursday. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    The reason the Rangers won last game was because we played the Pens so physically, and Orr was a big part of that, not to mention he scared the shit outta Crosby when he almost took his head off, you gotta know Crosby was gonna be looking over his shoulder today. Well…no longer.

    Yeah, put a kid with not a single game of NHL experience into the single most important game of the season, where even the slightest mistake could spell end of season.

    Hopefully the silver lining to all this is that we won’t be seeing very much of the 4th line today. I only hope that, if that is indeed the case, the other lines are all willing to “get their hands dirty” and TAKE THE BODY!

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  5. Wuts good Jeff yea i dont know why they would bench Orr if anyone bench Hollweg.

  6. onecupin67years on

    Stop Kvetching about Kenny Albert, if you had his W-2 you do the same thing!

  7. Afternoon, Rangers fans, wishing your team success today, and keep the faster skaters on the ice for this one. Let Pittsburgh :Goon” it up and take ALL the penalties. Then Penalize THEM on the power play. Dont fall into the same trap that WE fell into against Philly playing “Their” style. Rangers in Seven. PS Habs fans HATE Crosby, call him “Sid the Bib”.

  8. Orr isn’t great but his skating has improved and i love that he tried to take Crosby’s head off. I think he got into his head.

    This is going to be a very physical game. Hollweg is not the fighter Orr is. That is for sure.

  9. “Let Pittsburgh :Goon” it up and take ALL the penalties. Then Penalize THEM on the power play.”

    10 Bucks say the Rangers have more penalties called against them than the Pens. 10 Bucks says the Pens commit more penalties than the Rangers.

  10. Whoever is doing this remember you have family and friends that would be ashamed of your actions. This is a sports site, not someplace to get your frustrations out. If you need hostitalization for a mental disorder, call your local emergency number, and tell them to bring a net.

  11. Staal Wart
    May 3rd, 2008 at 10:36 pm
    Guys I was wondering if you could help me…
    My brother is an Army Ranger Capt. currently in Iraq. He called me today to see if I could get him the DVD of the Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup run. I think it was in 2001 if I remember correctly. Bourque was on the team. I checked amazon and a few others but I can’t seem to find it…can anyone help…?
    Thanks Drew

    I’m reposting this… I really want to help out my brother

  12. Im telling you, Renney is the worst coach in the fuggin league. He’s the only idiot that would do this. Him and his best friend Hollweg costed us game 3, now he’s trying to cost us the series ?? I love seeing new Nyr players, debut and all, but play Moore at least. The guy has 2 or 3 game sunder his fuggin belt. THIS IS A MOTHER FRIGGIN PLAYOFF GAME, YOU JERK !! I cant take this guy, i really cant. He does the dumbest things.

    Ive never seen Orr skate so fast, when he tried to take Cindy Crabby’s head off. He was like The Flash, and boom, he’s done. Bull shit !

    Lets have Orpik run Jagr again, while we dont answer back with anything. Fuggin ridiculous.

  13. Orr- I dont think benching Colton Orr can possibly make anyone a bad coach.  He does nothing.

  14. I think Orr out is a good idea. The fourth line played like 5 minutes last game… were on against the Sykora line and the whole shift was in our end….they almost scored. Now the 4th line is fast and can still hit. Hollweg isn’t that stupid…he won’t do that hit again. This gives us more speed and forecheck.

  15. Speed Ranger on

    Staal wart, just checked the site ALIBRIS for you — they do have other recent cup winners but no Colorado. This is a clearing house site, if anyone has it it is supposed to show up here. Maybe the team’s official site? I’ll give it a look.

  16. Speed Ranger on

    No dice on the Av’s official site, Staal. Maybe they didn’t make one? I’ll keep my eyes open, it would be nice to help out someone in our country’s service — however indirectly it might be. Tell him THANK YOU and… L G R !!

  17. “Hollweg isn’t that stupid…he won’t do that hit again.”

    He has been doing it his entire career. The man is retarded. I hate his guts, he has no place in the NHL.

  18. *Staal Wart* – somebody posted a site on the end of two threads ago, in case you didn’t see that.

    Korpedo looks goos so far in two shifts, getting a surprising shot on Fleury. Power play with only one shot is what worries me. Good for Jagr to draw two penalties after he is called for one. Maybe Renney took Orr out _because_ he ran at Crosby and know that if he connected, a major penalty might be called. I think he wants Hollweg’s speed in there to keep up with the other two on that line. Personally, I would want Orr, but maybe he wants Sjostrom at RW instead. It doesn’t matter too much because they will only see less than four minutes unless we’re up big time.

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