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Given the expectations around this team when the Rangers signed Chris Drury and Scott Gomez, a second round exit in five games can hardly be considered progress.

This playoff loss is a disappointment when you consider that, and when you consider how the Rangers breezed through the first round against New Jersey so convincingly (by the way, this follows the exact same patten as 1991-1992, when a Rangers team made a handful of key acquisitions and beat the Devils in the first round, only to fall to Pittsburgh in the second).

And when you think about about the disparity  between the Rangers and the Penguins — and it sure came to light today — it was that the Penguins opted to seriously upgrade at the trade deadline and the Rangers, outside of a few tweaks, decided to stand pat.

Was that a mistake? Was Glen Sather too cautious? In the context of this series, sure. It’s become increasingly apparent that the Rangers could have benefited from some improvements down the stretch, particularly on their backline. But unless you’re going to win the Cup, trading some of your brightest young assets for high-end rentals can easily end up becoming something you regret.

The Rangers, meanwhile, at least have a core of young players to build around. None of those players are of the caliber of a Marian Hossa. But unlike Hossa, who might well walk on July 1, all of those players will be around for the start of training camp.

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  1. R I C H I E on

    i will go ahead and say there should be no regrets about the strategy taken at the trading deadline, as we needed a lot more than a few tweaks. Perhaps, it meant selling off the future for a risky run which im glad Sather did not do. I will say the christian backman trade was terrible though. At least it was balanced by Freddy Sjoes, although the trade highlights the disappointment of drafting Montoya in the first round.

    The losses of certain ranger UFA’s can pave way for the post-euro hockey era in exchange for a north american style hopefully.

    Prediction: 2009 “legit” cup run.

  2. Sam:

    I totally agree with your post …

    Overall I felt better at the end of last year then the end of this year … With addition of Drury and Gomez this has to be considered a disappointment.

    It won’t be getting any easier next year either as the Pens will be good for a long time and Philly is relatively young.

  3. SAM Sather accomplished what his boss wanted. Now he can raise his ticket prices, while continuing the ‘work in progress’ competitive rebuild’, and the nhl can sell the ‘next one’ garbage. Stick with golf, there’s a lot less cheating and bias, along with incompetence. Your too good & nice for this bush league.

  4. I am willing to say everything that happens with this team stems from JJ’s decision. If he comes back, at the very least so does Roszival. I don’t know what this team will do without JJ though. think about all the potential line blanks:

    -Plus Korpikoski(who looks at least 3rd line ready), Orr, Prucha, Hollweg, Jessiman(dont laugh), Moore, Byers

    Hopefully the defenseman we keep are just Staal, Girardi and Tyutin. Give Sanguinetti a chance. Can he be any worse than Kris Letang in his own end? At least Sanguinetti is over 6′ tall. Hopefully Staal and Tyutin spend the whole off season working on their poor shot selection and accuracy. Tyutin misses the net more than any defenseman i can remember in recent years. Hopefully guys like Cory Potter and Mike Sauer and even Pock get a look. And sign BROOKS ORPIK. Good physical defenseman who is UFA and is only 26. Better than Hainsey(i think). I would love to go after Ryan Malone but hes a pittsburgh guy who does not seem to go anywhere.

    I am proud of this team and I loved watching every minute of this season…other than watching Straka and Roszival not shoot. I think that is one thing I disliked most about this year. Poor shot selection and even worse shot accuracy. I am very excited about the future, as we all should be. LGR!!

  5. Oh, Sam. You can’t play it both ways. A tying goal that was whistled dead by an official sixteen feet to the left; did you see how it was called in other games? The refs were leaning right OVER the net. That’s how it’s done. No call when Drury was bleeding all over the ice. Jags punched in the face. Gomez tripped. The OT goal was pretty clearly offside. You said the officiating was lopsided. Stand by it, fer Chrissake.
    (As I said elsewhere, I would root for Moscow Dynamo over Cindy, Jenny, and Ruut..can’t do an obscenity here, but the murdering jerk who laughed when he took down Jagr in the Olympics.)

  6. At first I was EXTREMELY disappointed by tonight’s result but then I looked at the direction of the team. We have Drury, Gomez, and Lundqvist to build around. We got young guys like Dubbie, Staal, Sjostrom, Prucha, Callahan, and Dawes. Oooh yeah I forget Alexei Cherepanov, the young Russian who broke Pavel Bure’s records and has more points than Malkin, Ovechkin, and Kovalchuk had in the Russian Super League. Although Shanahan, Malik, Rozsival, and maybe Straka will probably be gone the Sather has built some depth in the Rangers organization. With the freed up cap room the Rangers will be able to bring in at least 1 new guy. That GM we got just happened to build a dynasty over in Edmonton in the last 80s. Maybe he’ll be able to work that kind of magic again.

  7. Not to burst the bubble, but the GM before Sather had already drafted Gretzky and Messier, so he took over when the team was already stacked.

  8. Just reviewing todays game with less emotion….I can only say that the Rangers defense SUCKS. (Marc Staal gets free pass because he is a rookie and played better than we could expect)

    Toots & Girardi are horrible as the NY Rangers 2nd pairing. These two would possibly be a 3rd pairing on a very good defensive team.

    The problem I saw in this series is two fold.

    First, Rangers defense are terrible clearing the puck out of the zone. Also even if they have a free pass or a zone, the breakout passes are pretty crappy as well.

    Second, Rangers defense backs up way too much….This was evident on Pens 2nd goal by Malkin…..Mara backed up and basically pushed Malkin in the slot back to the lose puck and the fuggin ugly bastard took a sick blind backhand that hits the post and goes into the net.

    BTW- the alleged trip in the 3rd period of Gomer by Hal Gill after the Rangers tied the game was actually a good non-call….Gomer lost his edge….But about 3 min later (11:45 left in 3rd period), Sykora wacked/slashed Straka’s stick right out of his hand @ center ice…..Just fuckin’ horrible.

    In respect to the Malone high stick to Drury in 2nd period….Rozy skated into Malone’s stick that flew up and hit Drury right under the eye. Ruling states that should have been a double minor even though it was a Rangers play that caused the high stick to go up.

  9. Messier was drafted by the Cincinnati Stingers of the WHA, and Gretzky was drafted by the Indianapolis Racers of the WHA.

    Edmonton acquired them from those teams when they both had financial problems

    neither of the 2 big stars were “drafted” by Edm

  10. liquid, a lot of the bad breakout passes have to do with the fact that the forwards don’t move across ice. They either stay stationary or move up the boards. You can’t see it on TV but when you are at the games its blatantly obvious. They still suck at getting the puck out when people are moving but when they aren’t it makes it near impossible to clear the zone.

  11. reginald dunlop on

    come on now, if slats had traded for the playoffs he would have had to give up some of the future and that would be criticized, teams just dont give up what you need….amonte for noonan and matteau for example….. yep officiating was brutal again, how 4 guys missed the stick get caught under drurys shield and stay there is just unbelievable…next series will be interesting to see if they let philly hit the stars or not…. ed snider is gary’s buddy so should be interesting…and for all those naysayers saying the league wouldnt favor a small market team—–remember that lockout, who was that for??????? case closed

  12. Nabakov is sick…slighty better than Henrik, seems more poised and gets in good position to play the shooter….also i think his puck handling is better than the King Henrik…..who should work on that this summer

  13. Their is no doubt that Malkin is a better, more dynamic player than Cindy Crosby…Malkin is one of those players who it seems has stick’um or crazy glue on their sticks and the puck just stays with him all the time no matter what……Talking about working on things in the summer, Dubinsky should work on bettering his puck control skills (recieving passes, staying strong on the puck while cycling, etc.)

  14. truth is i was really pissed but we should of played better the first 3 games… and been up 2-1 rather than down 3…
    EITHER WAY, you should all be watching dallas-san jose… stuff is amazing

  15. All I’m saying is that Renney has a team that can win but he doesn’t have the right approach. Look at the Wings, they can play defense and score goals. Maybe Sather needs to bring in Mike Babcock. A team can play defense and score goals. I think Jagr will be the only vet to come back next year. This will be a summer of changes that will send the team in a new direction.

  16. going in to the year i expected great things. those expectations subsided as the year progressed, but they boys seemed to pull it together towards the end of the year and i was feeling more optimistic. but alas they wound up in the same spot they were a year ago.

    for me what makes this more painful is that they lost to the penguins. they are going to go on 80’s Oilers like run over the next few years. I thought this year could be the Rangers’ chance to contend before the penguins became dominant. but Pittsburgh might have already reached that status. Think of it this way: in my opinion they won this series relatively easily and crosby, their best player, had an bad series. Imagine how good they could be years ahead. It’ll be tough to come out of the East with all the guys they’ll have. It may seem panicky but i think its true.

    If they do not resign Jagr I think they’re will be some lean years ahead. Not as bad as the late 90’s but still a struggle to make the playoffs through-out. Other than that I think they need a power play qb most of all. They’re are no a lot available. I am not quite taken with redden, campbell, and streit.

    Above all else it will be a tough 5 months without Rangers hockey.

  17. onecupin67years on

    I think for Jagr to come it come down to $$$$$.I think Sather wants to re-sign jagr and may entice him with “we’ll get who you want to skate with” and a wheel barrow of $$$$.He’ll be back and probably Straka as well.

  18. I’ve 50/50 on the disappointment part. When you look at us being up 3-0 in game one, it’s so easy to say it was.

    On the other hand however, we had the very unfortunate role of playing a hot Penguins team.

  19. PJ Stock 28 on

    To anyone who was at the game yesterday: After the game was over did anyone from the Igloo take down the tent that the Penguins had set up in front of our goal?? PLEASE Glen gets us a D-MAN who isn’t afraid to hit.

    – The powerplay was a disgrace all season long
    – Goodbye Rozy, if you need a ride to the LGA or JFK let me know. In fact I’ll even stop to pick up Hollweg too
    – I hope Mara stays, he would be a good influenece on the young kids

  20. I want JJ back too, but there are cap concerns. we have big contracts to hank, drury and gomez already. if we keep avery, he’ll likely get $3m+, and we want to keep some $$$ on hand so we can sign a few other good FAs. Right now, i think JJ’s cap hit is about $4m (and the capitals pay him aprox $4m too),….am i correct? please correct my math if i’m wrong.

    overall, the 2nd round loss should be considered a failure. we signed drury and gomez in the offseason, but we only made it to the 2nd round. in fact, we had a better showing last year in the 2nd round, taking a very good sabres team to 6 games.

    i think renney alluded to this last night: it is possible to lose a 7-game series in game 1. that is what happened here. Game 1 should have been a Ranger win, and if it was who knows how the series might have ended up.

    but, looking to next year, it should be a much better team. let some of the FAs go (rozival, malik, straka, shanny–though we love you). clear some cap room, let a few more young guys compete for spots, bring in some skilled muscle on the blueline and a sniper up front, and we’ll be ok. much easier said than done, but hey, i guy has got to dream, right.

  21. I say when it comes down to contracts I don’t think Jagr will be back next season simply with the reason that he had stated he wants to take his family’s advice and my guess is he will go to Russia. I hope Shanahan comes back for next season, we need him for his leadership skills. I hope Avery, Mara, Strudwick, Straka, & Valiquette comes back next season.

  22. time to turn the page on the JJ era. Thanks for the memories but I don’t want to see the team deferring to him when he’s 37, 38, 39 years old. He’s not going to take a one-year deal like some have suggested.

    Time to build around youth, speed and most importantly solid defense. For the foreseeable future the Cup will have to be won by going through Pitts and the only way to beat them will be to shut them down.

    Orpik and Hossa are UFA, if I’m Sather I go after them big time in the offseason. Subtracting JJ, Straka, Shanny and adding a sniper to Gomez’ line while upgrading the d should be the way to go. Unfortunately Doltan and Sather love the “names” so I wouldn’t be surprised to see JJ re-signed.

  23. Pitt went out and improved what they needed to improve. They were SERIOUS about making a run at it. They have a couple superstars entering their prime and they will be a force for years to come.

    Sure, it’s a dissapointment to get bounced in rnd 2 again. But if you want to compare it to a worse situation, it won’t be so bad. Look at the Sharks. They’ve been a “contender” since the pre-lockout days. They’ve been picked to play in the Finals year after year, and can’t make it there, let alone win the cup. They’ve gone out and picked up every piece they think they need, and can’t get it done. Note also, that they’ve stuck with their coach through the dissapointing seasons. NYR on the other hand were not considered a contender until this year.

    As you can tell, I’m completely trying to sugar-coat this for myself and look for positives. It’s a long long long summer, and we’ll have plenty of time to pick apart each player, and each little detail as to what went wrong.

    For me though, the PP is what kept the ’07-’08 Rangers from reaching their potential. And from my perspective, THAT’S a complex problem in and of itself.

    We have a lot to build on personel-wise. I don’t think I’m even interested too much in looking back.

    Perry Pearn RAN the Power Play. And it plays like PeePee. Coincidence?

  24. Beukeboom – I totally know what you’re saying, but that’s just what you see on the surface. Don’t forget that they have a 5-time Norris winner on that blueline. They have a core of players who take paycuts to stay with the same group of guys that have been together for YEARS. That, to me, is the 1 thing that NY has been missing well, forever. As soon as a player under-performs they’re gone. There hasn’t been a ‘team’ approach in NY in the pre-lockout days as least since the mid-80’s when I was old enough to follow the game. Now the organization has identified the need to take that approach and we’ll see how it works out.

  25. I’d like to see Jagr back for the right price. That said, the Rangers need to revamp that power play and I don’t know if Jagr’s capable of changing his style. If there’s one thing that did the team in during the regular season and playoffs, it was that power play. To think how it would have changed momentum in any of those games if our power play was actually a threat….

    I have a lot respect for Shanahan, especially after that brawl with Brashear. His leadership abilities are worth something but unless he’s been seriously injured the 2nd half of the year and can make a full recovery, he’s got to retire or take 3rd/4th line minutes (6-12).

    I think Avery is worth $3mn, hopefully we resign him.

    On defense, Rozcival mangaged to play him self right out of a contract. I like the guy but unless we can resign him for something reasonable, he’s got to go. I’d resign Mara. I think its an obvious priority that we need a #1 type defenseman from the free agent market.

    There’s been a lot of talk on this board on signing Orpik and Malone. Frankly, I wasn’t overly impressed with either. Orpik doesn’t play 1st pair minutes and wasn’t particularly dominating in my mind. I think people give Malone more props than he’s due. Yes he’s big but he’s playing on a line with eithe one of the top two centers (crosby or malkin). I don’t know that he puts the same points up with anyone else. Also, given that he’s from Pittsburgh I think he resigns there for a hometown discount.

    My biggest takeaway from the series, Malkin is a much dirtier player than I thought. He’s a scary ogre.

  26. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    We’re not getting Jagr back… They knew what they were doing when they knocked us out of the playoffs and they knew what they were doing when they stole the MVP away from Jagr 2 years ago. It’s never going to change, but I guess we got treated fairly in the most important setting, in the attempt to take away perfection through garbage referee calls and cheating via cameras.

  27. Sam (not the great Weinman) on


    Sam just doesnt care. He aint no Joe Buck, who’d disgrace his dead father, to root against the very team they both covered and grew up loving (the cardinals) while they were in a World Series against the Sawx.

  28. Jesus Christ are you kidding me? Who cares if Sam likes or doesn’t like the Rangers? Seriously. Just because he has a blog doesn’t mean he HAS to be a Ranger fan. In the end it doesn’t matter at all. You must really be in a bad way if you are going to start ripping on Sam now. I suppose he is now the reason the Rangers lost also right? It is his job to report to us what he sees and hears and what is going on with the team, not who he is rooting for. If Sam was a Devil fan it wouldn’t matter one bit to me, as long as he is telling us what is honestly going on with the Rangers, which he does. So grow the fug up and lose like a man and stop finding irrelevant things to bitch about.

  29. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    The GM for the Pens should be named executive of the year for his trade deadline move of Hossa, and his trade deadline acquisition of the referees. I wonder how much $$ it took for that??

  30. The four teams in the semi-finals made good moves at the trading deadline: Dallas, Richards; Philadelphia, Prospal; Detroit, Stuart; and Pittsburgh, Hossa and Gill. It doesn’t always pay off, San Jose with Campbell, Colorado with Forsberg and Foote, and Washington, Huet and Fedorov. But only the Rangers brought in a bum, Backman. It would have been better to stand pat as Boston did. Backman was as much a monkey wrench in the works as Ozolinsh was two years ago and Renney, again mindlessly, played him until it was too late. Strudwick is slow but positionally sound and they have Hutchison. People on forums say all kinds of crazy things but the wall-to-wall consensus on the Blues’ forums was that this guy Backman had more holes in his game than swiss cheese. They were glad to see him go; not so with Salvador. Okay Sather only spent a fourth round draft choice, but the bargain price alone should have tipped him off. Anyway as soon as I saw them bring in Backman and that was it except for the peripheral Phoenix swap, I knew they weren’t serious about a cup run, so I am not disappointed.

    If we need to shore up the right wing, there’s Michael Ryder, he of the 6-5 comeback, two years at 30 goals, in the dog house at Montreal. I think they need Avery but they might be outbid. In that case they should grab Ruutu to provide the pizzazz; too bad Burrows I think is under contract.

  31. Seeing Korpi skate in an NHL game was cool. I like that he uses his speed to move the puck. It’s hard to evaluate a guy when he plays under 8min. But those minutes left a good impression on me anyway.

    Sorry if I repeated anything that was said. I honestly didn’t have time to go through 300 or so posts I missed.

    After the game yesterday, I watched MSG postgame for a while. Then I took a shower and went to the movies. It was kinda nice to have my life back. (Forgetting Sarah Marshall was hilarious btw).

  32. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    Hey Nasty,

    Isn’t it his job to report that the gw goal might have been offsides or about the 7 cheap calls/noncalls that went against us. Instead, he gives us a pathetic line about how the better team won and the refs cant decide every game. BS. The refs can do whatever they want to do as long they get away with it. I wont tell you to grow the fug up, but I’ll tell you to open your fuggin eyes. They were never going to allow us to win this series and that’s what should be reported by Sam of all people.

    I dont have the heart to go back and watch it, but can anyone tell me if they were offsides. After I thought it, I heard loser NBC guys say the word offside, but didnt hear the context.

  33. Ok Sam, my eyes are wide open, and while we did get screwed on some calls we could have very easily righted the ship by scoring on our own Power Play which sucked mule schlong all year. We had plenty of opportunities to score on the Power Play, we had 2 5 on 3s in game 1. Or did you forget that one? We blew a 3 goal lead, did you forget about that one too? Look, the refs didn’t help us but we didn’t help ourselves either.

  34. And yes, Eddie O did say that the play was offsides. You heard him correct, but there is nothing that can be done about it now. And after I watched the replay many times, it was very close, very very close and honestly could have gone either way. I will tell you something though. After watching the West playoff games, I can honestly say that I am almost certain the winner comes from the West. The Stars and the Red Wings are A LOT faster than the Penguins and the Flyers and have a more potent offense.

  35. When I say very close and could have gone either way, I know that it is was or wasn’t, but on the ice at that speed it was close enough to be called onside. You have to look at the puck and Dupuis’ skate with the puck is going over the line. It is really hard to tell.

  36. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    The 2 5 on 3s were not in Game 1, they were in a game in which were down 2 goals at the point that the two 5 on 3s were called. Sure, scoring would have helped us, but I love the always convenient 5 on 3 when you’re down 5 goals. It really makes a huge difference!! Oh, and that 3 goal blown lead, you’re right, I forgot the 3 cheap deflections that went in against us and the REFEREE call at the end of the game that put us away. You’re right, I forgot!!

  37. The day the Rangers are eliminated is always a hard day. I don’t care if Sam roots for the team, this site has been great all year long. I think the Rangers have to go with more youth next year. Goodbye to Straka, Shanny, Malik, Rozy and Avery. I’d take Avery but I think some team will give him the $ that he wants and it’s not in the best interest of the NYR to match. Take Mara only if it’s cheap as he is a 5/6 D. Jagr-yes if it is reasonable. If somebody offers him 7, bye-bye. Give the WolfPack players a chance to play next year.

    My wife, not really a hockey fan, roots for the Rangers but is happy to have her husband back. 94 was great and it got rid of alot of pain, but it’s starting to hurt again. One last thing, where did Gomez go in this series?

  38. What do you get out of crying about the officials? They F’d us, get over it.

    If the F’n PP worked AT ALL this season, we probably would’ve won the east and not had to face pitt in the 2nd round. (speculative) But it should not come down to an offsides call.

  39. 22 – oh, you mean scottie ghost-mez? I kid, I like’em, but he was a no-show in rnd2.

    He burned himself out in the NJ series. NJ/NYR in round 1 is the kiss of death for both teams.

  40. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    I guess there was nothing that could be done about it, like say Chris Drury taking his stick and shoving it right through the eye of the referee who decided not to call the HS and saying ‘how do you like it’.

  41. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    What do I get out of it? Nothing. But I know what would make these pricks try their best to get things right. If they leagues gave out their home addresses and phone numbers, these losers would have no choice but to play fairly. Otherwise, there’d be a cellar and a lot of torturing going on… and it wouldnt be of children like that scumbag Austrian dude, it’d be the only people worse than murderers, referees.

  42. haha. ok. I’m just trying to prevent this board from being a bitch-fit session blaming everyone and everything but our teams own performance.

  43. Bettman – congrats on turning the entire NHL into a Mickey Mouse league. That refereeing was the most disgusting thing I have ever watched. You should be embarressed. I for one am boycotting the remainder of the playoffs. No interest in watching one more minute of the Cindy-love-fest.

    As far as the 2007/08 Rangers… pp and d killed us this year. PP was worse – killed us all season long and in the end was our undoing. Had our PP been hot there is nothing the Refs or Bettman could have done to stop us.

    I am torn on the Jagr issue – on one hand I love the guy and think his playoff run this year was outstanding. On the other hand I am not sure I want to see him pvssy-foot thru the entire regular season again. I guess it comes down to how much money we have to pay him but I am leaning towards letting him go.

    Rozsi – gonzo end of story. I am tired of watching him take stupid penaltys night after night. Send him packing. I think we try and go after a guy like Brooks Orpik or Hal Gill. Guys that can clear the crease and alloy Hank to see the puck. Maybe we can get Cambell from the Sharks but the current D is not going to cut it.

    Finally as depressed as I feel right now – I too am glad its over and I have my life back. My wife and employer will be very happy.

  44. “for me what makes this more painful is that they lost to the penguins. they are going to go on 80’s Oilers like run over the next few years. I thought this year could be the Rangers’ chance to contend before the penguins became dominant. but Pittsburgh might have already reached that status. Think of it this way: in my opinion they won this series relatively easily and crosby, their best player, had an bad series. Imagine how good they could be years ahead. It’ll be tough to come out of the East with all the guys they’ll have. It may seem panicky but i think its true.”


    this guy hits the nail on the head SO friggin hard…this was our shot to put these kids down one last time before they really lifted off… they will dominate us for years and years.

    we blew a massive opportunity this season.

  45. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    Just trying to get out my anger. Of course I understand, but why couldnt the refs get together and discuss the HS like they do in other sports. Our teams performance could be questioned throughout the season, but when the refs and bad luck go against you, not mention newly enforced rules in the middle of the playoffs, it wears on them mentally. There’s only so much one can take before one gives up. I’m sure there were more, but Jagr seemed like the only one that continuously tried throughout game 4 and 5. I think Drury went bye bye after he got brutalized by Ryan Malone with nothing being called. Understandable, b/c I’d give up too after that.

  46. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    How is that ironic, that’s expected. Or how Slew Foot spins and dances and the puck just stays there for him to backhand in. It’s amazing, our opponents play lazy defense and go for the puck and get rewarded, but when we dont go for the body and try for the puck, it turns out like it did for a goal by slew foot.

  47. As a side note to my above post – I HATE when people complain about the refs. I have not done it all year – and already feel like a cry-baby for my what I wrote above. But watching that game it really did feel like the refs/league wanted Pitt to win. But the Rangers did not lose this series because of the Refs… they lost it because they did not play “their game” for 60 minutes each nite. They did not give the 110% effort every night that is required to succeed in the NHL playoffs. And that is why we lost.

  48. I thought it was kind of ironic that the pass from Dupuis deflected off of Girardi’s skate, right to Hossa.



    I knew dupuis would havea part in the game winner, I’m surprised he didn’t score it himself. He’s a good player, and mark my words, Bourret will never be much to write home about as a Ranger. He’ll be another marginalized, wasted, trading chip that we hold onto too long and never expose..

  49. Aye. All this fighting in here.

    At least we didn’t get swept.

    I think on the whole the serious problem with the NHL is very shoddy reffing. All the zebras need intensive summer study to refamiliarize themselves with the rules of the game. Last year I can recall it was pretty bad, but this year was downright awful. Maybe it’s time to get some new blood in the black and white instead of just the usual guys that have been doing this for years. Because the refs have been consitently bad all throughout the NHL I think the players have been pushing the envelope in hopes that the calls will be either missed or not as serious as they should be, which, as exemplified yesterday by Drury’s blood all over the ice and the three minutes it took to clean it up, is happening more often than not. It has to be an either/or sitiation with the reffing. Either we go back to the reffing of the 70’s when nothing was called and the players played a much rougher game or they follow through with the more stringent rules they have been trying to implement. Regradless the choice has to be made by Cambell and it has to be followed through with fully, no more of this half assed, it’s up to the moods of the ref’s on gameday garbage that is going on right now.

    I hope Jagr is back, I hope Shanny is back, I hope Avery is rewarded with the money he deserves, which is what he is asking for. I hope the team stays mostly in tact, but only time will tell on that front. But my biggest hopes for the team and the league are that the ref’s are better at their jobs next year.

  50. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    Nobody wants to blame the referees because you want to believe that sports are fair. Grow the fug up everyone. These referees have minds of their own, they grew up hating or loving a city/team like every other fan. Why blame the team, who do deserve a portion of the blame, and not the referees. You’re a crybaby for not blaming each entity responsible for our loss and just the team. WahWahWah, the Rangers dmen dont clear out the area in front of Hank, rather than also blaming the refs for “I guess they just missed that one’ all year long.

    This series should be blamed 35% NYR 50% referees and %15 luck.

  51. That LGR is a funny guy on

    May 2nd, 2008 at 3:35 pm
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…

  52. During the shorthanded rush with Staal & Straka, we can question if Staal shoulda taken the shot….Watching the replay, Staal made a beautiful pass to Straka who woulda had an empty net if he received the pass. The puck was going right to the tape on Straka’s stick…and guess who was there back checking like a gazelle? Yes, it was Malkin who made a sick play knocking the puck away at the last SPLIT second. On the flipside, the GWG by Hossa was scored because the Rangers forwards were not getting back fast on the play. (Dawes was supposed to cover Hossa after he changed up with Prucha)

  53. If you recall, prior to the regular season starting…..actually at the time when the Rangers signed Gomer & drury (july 1st), Jags was back in the homeland and was asked about what he thought about the signings….He was not too happy that Slats didnt address the Defense.

    Ultimately, our defense is what caved in and got exposed by a more skilled, faster offensive squad.

    Ofcourse, we can talk about the officiating till the cows come home….and yes they influence an outcome of a game, any way you look at it…..but, their comes a time when you gotta hold your players accountable for putting them in a position to fail.

    So where does the blame fall? The players ultimately, the coaches second, and the refs last who made it “harder” for the Rangers to beat a better team.

  54. “Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen”

    It is great to have veteran leadership for any team. In the Rangers case, was their “too much” leadership on this team.

    Drury, who was signed immediately after UFA’s were available, played a 3rd line center position. 7mm bux for a 3rd line center? Were we not bitching about Cullens 3mm for the same role? At any rate, I do like Drury and feel that he is a great asset. But at the same time, I think 7mm bux is excessive for a guy who is not a game breaker. Drury is a meat & potatoes garbage goal scorer. It is great to have someone with his resume’ but ofcourse turning into a Ranger, the magic wore off when we most needed it.

    As for Gomez, I think he is a special player that we need for one reason…Skate the puck up the ice and gain entry into opponents zone. North South and with speed…..The only thing I was a lil’ baffled about is that I thought he used to throw the body when needed….I did not see any of that when he would chase the puck into offensive zone.

    Shanny- sorry bro, its time to hang up them skates…You are our defacto captain and we appreciate all you have done to make the Rangers a respectable orginization.

  55. Broadway Blue on

    Guys- some info on Bob Sanguinetti whom everyone is hoping to be the elusive quarterback of the Rangers dysfunctional power play: while his offensive prowess is NHL ready, he probably needs some time in Hartford to get acclimated to the physical play of professional hockey. Sanguinetti was born with a pinched nerve on his right side & has been going through various rehabs for years. He does everything left-handed, yet is a right handed shot (which makes sense as his left hand is his “power” hand). He still cannot fully rotate ihs right arm. While he has improved the physical part of his game, it probably still needs more development. Eventually, he’ll be the perfect partner for Marc Staal.

  56. Pete K Sec 421 on

    The defense is HORRIBLE… I don’t know what happened to Rozsival, but he looks like he belongs in pee wee hockey, i mean this guy has support from his defensive partner and one opposition player earing down on him, and stupid a$$ tries to do a spin-o-rama, and guess what happens next! Tyutin is just as bad, and he is signed for 3 more years, which means that we piss away 3 mil per season, unless he goes to the 0rian Leetch hockey school this summer. He lays monster hip checks, but if the guys are off the boards, he is lost. SATHER… GET A PUNNISHNG D-MAN, AND ONE GUY WHO CAN MOVE THE PUCK LIKE AN NHLer, not a bunch of stiffs like we have now.

  57. At the beginning of this season i had very high hopes for this team but somewhere in this seaeson i realized this wasnt the year. but what i did realive is the future looks very promising for this club and i can not wait. Hank, drury, and gomer seem to be great leaders that will bring us the cup. i cant wait to see our young core of players grow up too, dubi, dawes, callahan, staal all of them seem like they are gonna be around this league (hopefully, team) for a while. And from what what i have seen/ heard we have some good talent to choose from next year, chereponov, anisimov, sanguinetti, korpikoski. also i dont see it as that big of a dissapointment losing to this pitt team with hossa, malkin, cindy, sykora, gonchar ect ect ect. they were a better team in the series, without crosby doing sh*t, it hurts to see the season end, but i am happy to see the future, a young rangers team with home bred stars unlike the teams we have seen for so many years. one can only wonder what would have happened if we didnt blow that lead in game 1. LETS GO RANGERS!!! (cant wait to say that again)

  58. Darned rootin-tootin, NYRfiend2. Go Rangers.

    1. mediocre PK (give Pitt some credit)
    2. miserable PP
    3. tired legs too often
    4. missed calls
    5. Pitt is talented
    6. the puck bounces against you sometimes, but almost always to the team that hustles most in a series.
    7. never good when Jagr is getting pissed off. Tells you his team is not stepping up to the plate like they should be and the marquee players is getting really frustrated. That was always a good thing to see when Jagr was a Penguin, and didn’t really become common until Lemieux retired and the team rest on his shoulders.

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