Some final thoughts (before my real final thoughts)


A season is too difficult to put into context right when it ends, so I’ll save that for later.

For now, though, there is this:

<li>The better team won this series. I don’t think you can win four of five on luck, or officiating, or whatever.

<li>In saying that, I think we were all deprived a potentially riveting scene tomorrow at the Garden if the Rangers came back to win this game.

As a reporter, I’m not supposed to root, and in a lot of ways, my life is easier now that the Rangers are out of the playoffs.

But I’ll happily admit that a part of me wanted to see the Rangers score the game-winner in overtime, if only to hear the Garden at a fever pitch during Game 6. Needless to say, I wasn’t the only one.

“There’s always ifs and buts, but I couldn’t imagine what playing in the Garden would be like tomorrow if we pulled this one off,” Chris Drury said. “And I don’t think they wanted to go back there, either.”

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  1. Who Needs Lohan on

    Well maybe Drury and his teammates should have ignored his coaches game plan to play for a shootout. Oh wait……………………………………….

  2. Sam I disagree, the officials slanted the outcome drastically, but no one is going to really challenge it. Even Renney talk about it, but none of you will confront it. The WWF lives on ice . Her’s to the playpens getting their butts kicked diapers and contents. Malkin slew foot today too, but that was swept under the carpet. Four minutes to Drury bit not for Drury, is ok & doesn’t have any consequences? You are watching the demise of the nhl, and say the better team won….shameful. By what criteria besides the final score? I can prove the ref bias and incompetence, you rather lay it on the NYR. I vehemently disagree , and am challenging you & the other reporters to confront the issue. I won’t continue to watch that trash sold as playoff hockey. It was the crybaby and malkinstein show brought to you by buttman, and you know it.

  3. sam then why did the cindy dive, the straka no goal, the drury double minor no call all go against the rangers..

    I do not need to even explain those 3 miscalls that all went against the rangers because we all know what the calls were. why did the rangers get so many more penalties in the games at pittsburgh then in Ny????

    Again how do the pens get all these calls…the pathetic irony of the drury penalty he committed on Malone just shows the pathetic officiating in this series.. yeah yeah yeah the better team won, then explain those calls to me?>????

    Yeah yeah yeah, the league does not care who wins and why would they root against a big market like NY blah blah blah , why do the Pens get all the calls????Explain it to me, I am all ears…….

  4. Thank you for a great year Sam. I dont post much at all. But I stop by here about 15 times a day during work to see what is up.
    Have a great summer and hope to read about the Rangeres here next season

    I did drink the rolling rock today… Maybe it will help the sharks…

    Cheers until september my friends

  5. czechthemout!!! on

    To all those who are looking for a reason as to why we lost this series,here are some;

    Game 1-Tom Renney decides to sit on a three goal lead early inthe game and the officials were terrible.

    Game 2-Again questionable officiating.Tom Renney once again is incapable of making in-game adjustments to break the Penguins trap!The result is zero offense generated,and a disallowed goal that should have counted.

    Game 3-Poor start,and little emotion kind of like today in the second period.”Coach” Renney inexplicably puts out Ryan Hollweg with Dawes and Drury just as the Rangers have mounted a comeback froma two goal deficit.The result,a stupid,stupid hit from behind not only killing the momentum but also giving the Pens a powerplay at the end of a period that they capitalize on and restore the lead.Also a less than stellar performance by the King!

    Game 5-Failure to execute on the powerplay and poor officiating prevents the Rangers from taking the lead in the first.A brutal second period has the team on it’s heels.The “coach” fails to call a time out even though the team clearly looks lost out there.Lousy play by the dman(TOOTS,ROZY,Girardi)the king keeps them in the game as Tom Renney once again has no answer to change the tempo of the game.Finally gives a second shift to Korpikoski and Immidiatly pays dividends.Dawes evens it up and we almist won the game on two chances late in the third.A horrible call on Drury considering there was no call on Malone for exactly the same thing in the first gives the dirty birds a 4min pp that we fail to convert on.We should now have the momentum to win the game in o.t.but we don’t because all year the only goal in overtime has been to get to the shootout robbing the team of a killer instinct needed in overtime to go for the win.This is something that I’ve bitched and moaned about all season long about Renney,his lack of a go for the throat attitude,his passive nature wich is great for P.R.but lousy when you are a coach in hockey.

    Finally,all the losses have the same two things in common,shitty officials and an incompetant coach who time and time again fails to make in game adjustments and continues to play no talent,hands of stone players who take stupid penalties and produce zero offense.I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again,the Rangers will NEVER get past the second round of the playoffs with Renney behind the bench.His decisions have cost this team many points during the regular season and home ice advantage during the palyoffs as well as key games during the playoffs.He has done a decent job with some of the young players and did help build an orginization that was needed after Neil Smith,but it is time for a coach that will get this team to the next level.

  6. checzh whatever with his usual renny rant..

    sather and everyone else is wrong renny is a moron just ask czechtemout!!!!!

    the rangers not making the playoffs for 7 yrs. and then with renny making it 3 yrs in a row is pure luck or they win depsite renny just ask czech!!!!

    this team is so talented that they can overcome renny’s tupoidity just ask czechthemout!!!!

    apply for the job on monday ……

    the only accurate info in your post is the usuall shoddy and consistently bad officiating.. the cindy dive, the quick whistle on the straka goal and drury running into malones tick today, the shoddy pathetic officiating…


    In final end; Jagr and Shanahan swan songs and signing of Drury and Gomez plus emergence of Dubi and Dawes were stifled and wasted by another one of these intellectual coaches defense first “systems”……

    I dont want to hear “oh the Devils are successful and they have always played a defensive system”…..They won three cups in 8 years and nobody cared and nobody went to their games and so they could not afford to keep the Neidemeyers and the Rafalski’s and the Gomezes and now they are as mediocre as you can get

    I do not pine for a vezina trophy…do you?

    Maybe we lose 6-5 instead of 3-2 anyway but maybe a more positive approach ( like trying to score instead of playing to tie all year) would have bread a more positive minded team; an attacking aggressive team; a team that had some spark instead of a team that seemed always to be trying to “prevent” the opposition from playing…..

    I don’t think Professor Renney gets us to the promised land…as far as Kommandant Sather goes…well he seemed to enjoy his cigars and popcorn at todays game……


  8. Wow.. just over 4 hours after the season ends and Czech has his first post explaining why we lost and how bad Renny sucks… I’m shocked it took 4 hours and not 4 minutes.

  9. onecupin67years on

    There are many reasons why the Rangers lost ,most of them lay at their feet,power play is a joke,Hollewig and prucha are negatives on the team,maybe they’ll flourish elsewhere, Malik,Shanny, Straka should be goners.I think if sather can move either tyutin or geradi in a pkg, he should.The team needs to younger. Re-signing Jagr a probability,but he needs help from his wing mates ,he took a beating all year and no-one seemed to step in a -la Adam Graves. But the refereeing in the league is a joke,it has been since Bettman has been here with no improvement,Remember when Buffalo got jobbed in the finals against dallas,they called in the crease rule all year until it really counted.The owners should get Bettman out ,drop the shootout crap,play only the 5 min ot.A lot of clubs play for the tie and hope for the x tra pt. in the shootout,right Tom? Get a new coach ,Renney is too soft spoken .Did he ever get mad or fired up this year? They lack the killer instinct to put teams away,you can’t give away wins especially in the playoffs.

  10. To nyrfan

    Your welcome, its a tough night…trying to be realistic and metaphysical all at the same time….while awaiting delivery of liquid speed

  11. Sam, you yourself admitted that the officiating was horrid. What if the Rangers got the appropriate call when Drury was bloodied? I’m not saying that the refs had an agenda, as I would hope that the NHL is better than that. What I will say is that they are incompetent.

  12. and one more thing…we need some size up front! Seriously.. This team was closest things to those smurf teams from the 80’s I’ve seen….the only guys with size are on the Dee and they don’t hit all year long (Backman, Malik)Rozy only does in playoffs.

    Staal will be the man soon……but he needs help

    Two big wingers, one more defensive bruiser (I’m available) and a dee-man who can move the puck out

  13. NYCEDITOR I’ll go at least one or two steps further, the nhl is biased. They favor the pens, just watch the next series. And I say the agenda is a wink & a nod, that the small market teams need to get further in the playoffs than the sold out NYR. His TV deals are stupid and set. He wants his ‘next one’ to get to the finals and raise the cup.

  14. Sam Weinman,

    I usually like and agree with what you write. With that being said, I totally disagree with this last blog entry that you wrote.

    It may be the case that the Penguins are a more well rounded and talented team than the NY Rangers. But in sports, the team with better players doesn’t guarantee victory.

    Ofcourse, the Rangers should have brought a better Power play to this series and the Regular season….

    But the fact of the matter is that they were totally F&#CKED on the calls by the Refs, especially the games in Pittsburgh.

    I am not one to blame the zebras like most fans of any team, but the Refs actions made it “harder” for the Rangers to beat the better team.

    Unfortunately for me as a hockey fan, I despise the Pens and the Flyers…..I hate the Wings in the west, Dallas has already won cups…..So I guess I will turn to the SJ Sharks and hope they get past the Stars tonite and into the west finals.

  15. Who Needs Lohan on

    czechthemouth said…
    “We should now have the momentum to win the game in o.t.but we don’t because all year the only goal in overtime has been to get to the shootout robbing the team of a killer instinct needed in overtime to go for the win.This is something that I’ve bitched and moaned about all season long about Renney,his lack of a go for the throat attitude,his passive nature wich is great for P.R.but lousy when you are a coach in hockey.”

    You guys all know this is true. Well said. For those of you that disagree with this statement, I assume that mediocrity is good enough for you.

  16. Another disappointing season thanks to genius Tom. I don’t care what he did for our youth development, he’s an awful coach.

    You have TWO HOFers on your team, as well as Drury, Gomez, Straka and you can’t muster any more offense? PA-FUCKING-THETIC.

  17. Unfortunately the better team won this series. Because of their youth and great skill Pitt will be a tough team to deal with for a number of years. This may have been our best chance to beat them for awhile.
    We desperately need a couple of physical defensemen who will make the other team think twice about camping out in front of Henrik. Oh, and Santa, I mean Sather, we also need and some more young legs with a scoring touch and a real power play too. Maybe even a coach who stops smiling all the time and occasionally gets in the face of an official. It will be a very interesting off-season.

  18. I guess the one positive is that I may never see Rozsival, Malik, or Straka play in NY ever again. Shanny comes close to that list, but only his performance in this series.

    Seriously, what the hell? I know we got hosed by the refs, but we also had our PP chances as well… if only we had a 25% effective PP, we might be sitting in the ECF right now… but now… it’s wonder boy and his Russian love slave… GO DETROIT.

  19. Sam Weinman = Polenta. Or vanilla ice cream. Or white bread.

    There is never any insight. There is only pablum.

  20. adios to some of the defensemen, and please get more scorers and a quarterback on defense how many times do we all have to say this

  21. Staal Wart on

    Sam thanks for a good year and thanks for the blog…I look forward to your real thoughts…
    I agree the officiating sucks…bad…no consistency…and I’m looking forward to watching to see if it continues into the next series…

    That being said, I can not side with you morons who continue to insist Renney is a bad coach…your obviously clueless… Most post raise point that make no sense…
    No matter what coach is at the helm…all you bitchers would still have a problem with any coach. Don’t forget the grass is always greener…With all your “hockey knowledge” I find it hard to believe any coach would satisfy you…

    Renney is smarter than you and that is were the problem lies…he holds more hockey knowledge in his pinky than you in your entire body…I like what he’s doing and what he has done with My team…the youth he employs, the egos he coaches…3 years in the playoffs…the best Ranger coach in my lifetime…and I look forward to what he is going to do next season…

    Does he always do the right thing? probably not but who out of all of us does…thats right…no one!
    I’m disappointed for sure…but I remember back to an entry by the Hockey Rodent written last September (I think) about bringing Star players on and the high expectations that go with that…and how the vast majority of teams who bring in players like we did last summer, don’t usually succeed the first go round…I honestly believe next season is going to be better…

  22. Staal Wart on

    May 4th, 2008 at 9:29 pm
    Sam Weinman = Polenta. Or vanilla ice cream. Or white bread.

    There is never any insight. There is only pablum.

    then why do you come here, and why do you post…?

  23. czechthemout & kaspar, truer words have never been spoken. Renney’s sit back and play not to lose mentality can only get this team so far. From the blown leads to the passive play in OT (0-2 in playoff OT games this season), it leads me to believe that maybe his defense first system isn’t working. What team blows a 5 goal lead in the regular season, and then doesn’t learn from their mistakes and blows a 3 goal lead in the playoffs? Sitting on a lead doesn’t work, being aggressive does! And would it kill Renney to show some emotion once in awhile? It amazes me how he just stands there after the refs blow a call, chewing his gum like Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka.

  24. Because thankfully there are posters like you who keep me amused, Staal Wart.

    On Renney, and this is why people like you who call others morons are such inviting targets: For the nine-hundredth time, Renney is not a bad coach. Okay? He has strengths. He handles the media well. He promotes a happy room. He is able to integrate youth with veterans and keep factions from developing. All well and good.

    But he is a poor bench coach, and that is being kind. The examples of this incapacity are as along as my arm — do you need them listed again?

    Take today’s game — the team reacted all day until the third period; there was no desperation from the opening faceoff; there was never any attempt by Renney to get matchups favorable to the NYR (ie. Gill away from Jagr); there was no protest, not a PEEP, to the non-call against Drury as he bled a quart on the ice; there was the usual pathetic PP formation, with no modifications.

    Now you can stick your head in the sand on all of this. But if you do, you’ll be the “moron” you are today long beyond tomorrow.

  25. my last thought till deadline day…

    Renney Great coach good job. cant wait to see u behind the bench next year. you helped our team stay classy and handle the media great ( considering all the shit they had to deal with). loved the fact that you did not blme the refs 100%.

    jagr come back for 4 more years PLEASE

    Shanny 1 more year take a pay cut

    Avery Get well you will be signed.

    Straka CYA



    this summer get a power play scorer D_MAN

    give prucha a spot on the roster have a line with just young guys let them play and learn

    do not change too much just get DEFENSE…

    Philly is going to come out swinging someone take out TUTU

    have a great summer guys

  26. Fans like Staal Wart and TrueFan and Brandon hate posts critical of Renney’s bench failures because at that point the conversation moves into aspects of the game they simply lack the experience or chops to discuss. And that is uncomfortable for them, because they do not at all wish to consider the shallow nature of their knowledge, and they do not like that others seem to know more than they do.

    As usual, as with much human folly, it all comes down to vanity.

  27. sam, you’re the man. I literally check ten times a day to read your new posts. I even put the rss feed into my blackberry! Thanx for an awesome season, have a great summer, and hopefully with some key off season acquisitions, we’ll be able to have a monster game 6 in the garden next year.

  28. I don’t care how many calls we didn’t get. The way the powerplay sucked this series –what — like 2 for 20? — do you think it would have made that much of a difference?

    Calls get missed, some worse than others. The puck bounces. Enough of the wahh wahh, though. If the Pens made as many stupid mistakes as we did, and the PP sucked as bad as ours, we’d have probably won.

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