Jagr and Shanahan mum on the future


In the aftermath of a devastating loss here, one piece of news — or non-news — is that neither Jaromir Jagr or Brendan Shanahan were prepared to comment on their future plans.

Jagr, however, did say his intent was to play hockey somewhere.

More from a very somber locker room later…

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  1. Let ’em relax. There’s two months before free agency. There are a lot of mid level UFas out there (Rolston/Stillman/Hainsey/etc).

  2. I enjoyed the blog a lot this season everyone. Lot’s of good back and forth, lots of good idiocy, including my own. At least things were interesting.

    What a relief…

  3. Ugh…. good/fun season…disappointing end here…

    Really hope Jagr comes back… if he plays like he did in the playoffs… otherwise I think he should step aside.

    Don’t know about Shanny… you can see he loves to play… but he’s a bit too slow…

  4. Quick impressions:

    Shoot Roszival and Marshmalik.

    Listen to Messier – exile Renney.

    Hand Straka golf clubs, brochures on tropical golf for the fall.

    Shanny – did someone say you can’t have a player-coach? Figured if he say 20 or 30 and no PK, he might still have a little – at a low salary.

    ..and maybe, just maybe, this macho sport may have room for a Ranger named Laurie next year?

    Ditch Hollweg. Desire is good. Talent is better.

    And the Betts and Orrs can compete for slots.

    Jagr at a good price is worth returning. Valley could cash in a few bucks. OK by me.

    The Dawes, Callahans, Dubinsky, Staal, Girardis are the future. Tyutin MAY be. I’m not as sure any more.

    Great effort in this final game. Pick up Oprik and Hossa and if Brian Campbell is available and he can fit under the cap, grab him.

    No gain this season, damn shame.

  5. Hey Sam,

    Thanks to the team and you for a wonderful season. Remember we’re as good as or better then 26 out of 30 teams!!!

    If 1 new team wins each year, it’s a championship every 30 years! I’m super happy with what we got. Way to go and a hearty atta-boy!

  6. AS stat taht was interesting was the rangers had 0 repeat 0 hits in the second period while the pens had like 15 or something. How do you excpect to win when you are letting big players run around and do whatever they want.

    I think this leads me to believe that the rangers should invest in some physical defensmen, like the pens have which is part of the reason they are moving on (letang, orpik, gill).

    If you can go out and set the tone of a hockey game you will win most of the time. The pens did that with corsby and Malkin doing there thing and not being afraid to mix it up showing that they WILL do whatever they want and they aren’t afraid. Thats what the rangers lacked and need to get.

  7. Sam and to everyone here it was good times, and it will only be a matter of time before we are complaining in October how bad the Prague tip was for the team j/k.

    Have a good summer guys, and looking forward to free agency.

  8. Where did u see the stats that said the Rangers had 0 hits in the second period?

  9. Nasty here,

    I just wanted to say thanks to all of you and thanks to Sam for this blog. There was definitely been some great discussion and an outlet for frustration and enjoyment for all of us. I am as disappointed as everyone else probably is, but I think the fact that we had to win 4 in a row made losing a little easier to swallow for me today. It wasn’t like we were playing game 7 and had each won 3. Again, not saying that I am not pissed or sad or whatever you want to call it, I am just down but kind of OK for some reason.

    I don’t know what else to really say now. I honestly believe that Hank will be an excellent goalie for many years to come and he will hoist the cup for us in the very near future. I like building the team around Gomez and Drury. I like the youth of our team and the fight we show. Yeah we could have won this series but we didn’t, but we didn’t just pack it in and give up either. I am proud to be a Ranger fan. It is now time though to put the jersey and hat away until the playoffs are over at least. It is something I do every year. Once we are out, I put them away to rest for a while.
    Going out in the 2nd round two years in a row is tough. It is hard to really gauge if we really took another step in the right direction after going out in the second round last year or if we kind of stayed in the same place. I do think we got more experience and also got a better message of what we are lacking and need.
    Let’s hope we address these things this summer and have a much better year next year. There is no question in my mind that if we have a team that can play a team defense that we played this year but also score timely goals and most importantly have a top 5 Power Play. Our penalty kill was fine this year, but we need to have a lethal power play. We need to have two units that can just win games with out power play. It has been said a million times already, but out power play was out biggest problem this year and ultimately lost us this series.
    I am definitely going to come back on here and chat with all of you throughout the summer, I definitely need a reason not to work, but let’s just look forward here guys.
    Cheers to everyone and it’s been frustrating, happy, sad, interesting, but I guess most of all it’s been fun.

  10. Having your season end by an overtime goal is just not fair…it takes a good 5 five mins to believe it even occured and even then well…this sucks

  11. Sather got what he wanted so his boss can raise prices. The NYR don’t care about the nhl’s agenda and officials, but there is a stench coming from hockey. Even Renney said all are complaining about non-calls and calls. But the NYR just play along with buttman’s ideas. That’s really too bad it’s just a business , the rest doesn’t matter it’s BS. The nhl is another wwf.

  12. Great season. This blog’s been fun to read, keeps my mind from rotting at work. Sam, Carp, and Josh rule! Time to enjoy the weather/get in shape/get a better job/better myself and get ready for next season. Look at it this way; they’ll be plenty to talk about soon with the draft coming up in like 7 weeks. Salu!

  13. Thanks for all the hard work Sam , Josh and Carp.

    It was a tough season. Hopefully Slats can strengthen the D and get some size on the wings.

    As alway this is the best blog on the web.

  14. dr. ogrodnick on

    Shanny has got to retire or finish his career elsewhere.

    As far as the officiating goes, I have the same feeling I had when I was 9 and my dad told me wrestling was fake.

  15. bpark – NBC had that stat at the start of the 3rd

    Story of the year, our PP failed to win us games

    However,not happy that Malone draws a penalty on the very next shift after he high sticks Drury that ends up triggering the first goal. If you have to clean up blood off the ice, you might want to ask your linesman if there was a high stick.

    We need to address the PP in the offseason…get rid of players who are too afraid to shoot and look for guys who aren’t

  16. tough way to end the season everyone. sadness reigns. we got work to do on defense – T and G are suspect in my mind. Jagr put everyone’s doubts to rest that he still can up his level when he wants to. Shanny we got 2 love but there is a point. Let’s hope Avery gets well soon and gets resigned. I am officially rooting for the Flyers to kick the Pens’ asses now and I am tired of Sidney’s hysterics and drama fits. Malkin is a nasty SOB in the lines of Chris Simon and no matter how good he is – someone needs to teach him a major lessson about how the game is played. I dont want to talk about the officiating anyore – it’s over and done with. Let’s just move on and celebrate the future that is sitting on deck. Peace all.

  17. does anyone know what the jagr family problems are that eddie o spoke of at the end of the game?

  18. ” Sather and Co., by the way, invested a fair amount of time and resources into scouting Swedish free agent Fabian Brunnstrom, and even presented the 23-year-old winger with a contract offer, sources report.

    But the Blueshirts see Brunnstrom as an NHL third-liner with upside, an opinion that was reflected in the offer the young man who is demanding assurances of top-two-line ice time from bidders, was quick to reject. ”

    more brilliance by slimeball Sather. another possible Frandsen is given the Umberger lowball treatment.

  19. Doodie – on the high stick, it’s not a penalty if it is the result of a followthrough. I didn’t see the replay of Drury’s penalty, so I don’t know about that one.

  20. nyrfan – My only thought is that his wife lives in the Czech Republic, I believe. I guess I’ll have to trust you on Eddie’s comment, but I don’t distinctly remember him saying, “four years in the NHL.”

    jb – Yeah, I heard about Brunnstrom, too. Hopefully, they will make a bigger offer.

  21. onecupin67years on

    You’re responsible for your stick…follow thru or anything else,the refs plain missed it. And the rangers have to learn to let go of “stars” Jagr,shanny and whomever else,like the devils have in the past and still won.

  22. I found it quite annoying that they never showed the replay of the Drury high stick … anyone else find that a bit disappointing?

  23. Girardi was a mess on the winning goal. Chasing the puck, mesmerized by the puck, pirouetting on the puck. Not even one thought about where is my man, and how can I make sure to neutralize him.

    He regressed significantly this year. Tyutin regressed significantly this year. That among many other examples to choose from is not a rousing recommendation for a coaching staff.

  24. Guys great season. We must say the played there hearts out the last 2 games. Alot of bad bounces and calls all season. We all knew they didnt have great defense. Anyway I’m glad I found this blog this season great bunch of guys to talk to on here.

    Let’s go flyers I never thought I would say that

  25. Tyutin and Rozsival were absolutely brutal this postseason. Rozy may have played his way out of contract, his offensive skills have diminished significantly since midseason and he is no longer solid defensively. Such a stark contrast from last year’s second round against Buffalo when he was one of our best players.

  26. czechthemout!!! on

    I will not say another word about Renney.The teams play in the second period and the surprise critisism from the msg post game crew speaks for me!They will NEVER WIN a stanley cup as long as he is the coach.

    Now on to the free agents.

    Avery-A MUST even at 3-4 million per year!

    Jagr- one yeasr with an option @ 5mill per

    Straka- buh bye

    Shanny- too old

    Malik- no comment needed

    Rozy- 5illion per? LOLOLOLOLOLOLO

    Mara- ?

    Vally- who cares!

    See you on Draft day!

  27. I don’t know what to say about Shanny and JJ. Would like the latter back, but suspect that $$$’s will not be enough to keep him in the NHL.
    Three things for 08/09:
    1) Rangers need a puck moving D-man who will force opposing forecheckers to yield space. One of the reasons Girardi & Tyutin were exposed is that neither is particularly good handling or moving the puck. Opponents don’t respect their speed or passing ability and put alot of pressure deep in our zone. (Campbell – obvious or Ryder???)
    2) Need a banger on the wing. It seems that we lose every battle on the halfboards; particularly in our zone. Assuming Shanny & Jagr are gone, this is where we need a seasoned UFA.
    3) Power Play – See a preist. As they say in golf, its not art, its math. I think its about attitude. When you are playing 5 on 4, get pucks and people to the net.

  28. “Doodie – on the high stick, it’s not a penalty if it is the result of a followthrough. I didn’t see the replay of Drury’s penalty, so I don’t know about that one.”

    SP: It IS a penalty if it is a follow through. You are responsible for your stick *at all times*. This case wasn’t a follow through, but that’s the rule.

  29. Jagr – one more year with the same cap hit he is this year, or smaller with lots of incentives (playoff incentives).

    Straka – Either let him go or a lowball contract (1.5 m) to play 4th line/kill penalties or let him walk.

    Shanny – call it a career pal, the HOF is waiting for you.

    Mara – resign for much less than he is making, or let him go.

    Malik- Gone

    Rozsi – I’d try and see what I could do on the FA market, but I’d bring him back cheaply enough if we can’t get a decent replacement.

    Strudwick – go coach in Hartford.

    Valley – let him go and sign a vet backup to help Hank with consistency issues.

    Avery – no more than 3 million. I know you can’t blame him for the spleen, but it’s always SOMETHING with him. He is eventual locker room cancer. He was nobody in the games he actually played this series (his goal in game 1 was a softie, not to mention what a turnover machine he was). He’s a 3rd line player, no more than 3 million. His whopping 15 goals won’t be missed, he gets paid for intagibles. intagibles aren’t worth more than 3 million.

    Try and trade Blair Betts and Ryan Hollweg. We might get something decent for Betts if we can package him. Good faceoffs, great shot blocker and Penalty Killer.

    No Marian Hossa, No Brian Campbell, keep building from within with FA plugging up depth holes (ie, Malone/Orpik for size).

  30. Staal Wart on

    Doodie I agree with most of your assessment…
    No Hossa, but I would mind Campbell…and I think he’d be good for Staal, Tyutin and Girardi…
    I’d like Jagr back, no doubt…

  31. Does anyone else feel that this is the 2nd year in a row where we didnt lose because the other time outplayed us, but we lost because of the referees blew the games

  32. Refs don’t lose games, and they definitely don’t lose series. Sure, the refs sucked, but look at the Rangers’ impotent PP, inability to clear their own zone or pick up open men in front of the net, and their uneven physical, mental and emotional commitment before you try and lay a 4-1 defeat on the stripes.

    I love the Rangers, but they lost that series.

  33. Agreed.I wish people would let it go already with the refs. Score 2-3 more powerplay goals in this series and we might be looking forward to Philly.

    Please oh please let shanny retire and someone refuse to let Straka, Hollweg and Malik anywhere near this team.

  34. Rangers6830 on

    The Rangers must keep Jagr.

    Shanny, I respect very much but no.

    Avery yes but at a reasonable price cause we have more pressing needs.

  35. Rangers6830 on

    May 4th, 2008 at 6:13 pm
    does anyone know what the jagr family problems are that eddie o spoke of at the end of the game?

    Yeah I heard that too. Maybe there’s something going on with his family we don’t know about.

  36. anyone who thinks jagr will sign for only 1 year, or for less than almost double his current cap hit, is smokin something.

    that is not realistic, so forget it.

    he is a UFA, he can get offers from any NHL team as well as that russian team.

    thus, he will command much more than a 1 yr, 4 mill contract

    thus, goodbye.

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