One game and only one game (Updated)


Not surprisingly, much of the conversation at practice today had to do only with winning Game 5. There isn’t much sense in the Rangers looking beyond that — except that they know a win tomorrow would completely change the complexion of this series.

Because let’s face it, as impressive as the Rangers were on Thursday, you can still chalk it up to any number of factors: the Penguins looking ahead; the law of averages; Henrik Lundqvist coming up big.

A win in Game 5 would be a different story. It would be two straight wins. It would be evidence that the Penguins have been knocked from their lofty perch. It would mean a return home to the Garden, which might be as loud and unruly as it’s been since June 1994.

In short, it might be too much for you as Rangers fans to even think about now.

It’s funny: I remember when the Rangers lost that devastating Game 5 in Buffalo last year, they made the point of saying they should just pretend they had started the series down 3-0 and had come back to win the next two.

It was a good idea, but it didn’t work. The Garden was loud for the start of that Game 6, but a sense of disappointment still permeated. And when the Rangers fell behind, it was like the life was sucked out of the building.

A return there Monday, though, would be everything the Rangers had hoped for a year ago. They just need to get past tomorrow. It’s a big hurdle, I know. But not as big as it once was.


Brian Heyman was covering practice for me today before I head back to Pittsburgh first thing in the morning. He reports that Jason Strudwick is likely to be in again for Christian Backman.

Update: Though still at St. Vincent’s Medical Center for a few more days, Sean Avery is out of intensive care.

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  1. Tony from AZ on

    Same lines for Sunday? I hope so & I hope we have the same intensity . Win on Sunday & anything can happen.
    I know, one game at a time.
    LGR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That wasn’t me who posted the second comment on this thread. But I guess I should be flattered that somebody cares enough to waste time doing it.

  3. I read this blog from a parallel universe where Jagr is smiling, slapping backs…Crosby and Malkin unravel…Renney argues vehemently with refs ( even taking jacket off as if to come right over the boards) Penalty shots are awarded for calling names from behind…hockey announcers stop saying “he was hit in the facial area” and start saying “he was hit in the face” Bob Dylan is young again ( and has a voice!)…Lennon never met Yoko….there was no such thing as WHA so there was no need for NY Islanders and no 4 straight cups….And me and Anna K star in remake of from here to eternity

  4. Who Needs Lohan on

    I gave you the numbers folks. We went from 2 all time to more like 1/11 or 9% where teams win three straight. Looking better for us…..

  5. Sean Avery is at St Vincents Hospital, please foward all letters and if you want to send him gifts to Habs inside/out c/o Adriano Pagano.

  6. Staal Wart on

    The GMHL will be run by myself, Sam and Mike, we are trying for a June tourney to be played at Cheleae Piers. We will keep yo informed. Jerry Cosby,s store also has applications.

  7. Oh boy, leaving for Pitts in 8 hours!! we are taking our German shephard with us, to protect us girls from the crazed Pens fans…

  8. IN Pittsburgh is Farringtons, and a good bar to meet yummies is Eduardos.

  9. How’d you enjoy my crappy little town stf?

    Hopefully you got to watch some hockey somewhere!

  10. Hello, New York, just got in, have to go to HIO tonight as we may be playing our last game of the season tonight, just hope it,s not. Wishing your team good luck tomorrow against the Pens. We will know soon enough who stays and who packs it up for the year. Later.

  11. Tony from AZ on

    Good luck Agravaine, if you see a dumb ass looking Habsguy, introduce him to your German shephard !

  12. Agrags, If you introduce the Sheppard to Tonys mother, make sure you bring back the right DOG.

  13. Formerly Bruno on

    Guys, after tonight, can I come and visit your site, I am practicing my golf swing, and still need a week.

  14. Bruno….Keep your head up man…Keep studying hard for the medical exams and you will see that their is more to life than a hockey team winning or losing….Best of luck to you.

  15. Formerly Bruno on

    Thanks L, NOW you see the defeciencies of this team, and Carey Price,s glove, wouldnt you take care of that duting the season.

  16. Versus sucks…they just said 4 times that the Flyers are making their first Eastern Conference Final since 1997. Well, that’s just plain wrong – they made it in 2000. It’s insulting, really.

  17. I can’t believe i just saw the Canadiens get eliminated by the Flyers, at home, in five game. How unlikely! Flyers in the conference finals? I have to admit, I hate them more than the Canadiens. I wonder if their fans still want to fire their coach.

    On NFL Network, I’m watching the 2000 MNF game in which the Jets came back against the Dolphins in the fourth quarter and overtime; it should be good inspiration for us! Unfortunatly, I know people in the City don’t get NFLN.

  18. And then there was 6 –

    Red Wings, Flyers, Stars, Penguins, Sharks, Rangers……

    One of these teams will be carrying the Cup around the ice in June …crazy!

  19. Spiderpig- I was at that MNF game…I moved down to the seats in the endzone in the 4th quarter where the Jets lit up the Fins….I am not a fan of either team though, but just happened to go to the game…I think it was Chrebet who played out of his mind

  20. Spiderpig ,
    I was also at that game and i stayed the whole game. I live on eastern long island so i didn’t get home until something like 3:00am in the morning and went to work the next day. To say I was a in a coma at work is a understatement but I had a smile on my face the entire day. I am a jet fan.

  21. as dave maloney said on MSG tonight will NBC do the crosby cave because the game is on national tv and he is the darling of all.

    if they do not allow the rangers to play physical that will be a big problem for the blueshirts..

    Price looked terrible, that series had 2 teams the rangers could beat. I guess Gainey made a booh booh but he did get a 2nd round pick!!!!!!!!!Ouch……

  22. I remember watching most of that game; I think I even stayed awake for all of it, even though I was 12. Too bad Dennis Miller was an announcer at the time because he is totally defiling the whole game with his bird call and terrible jokes. Al Leiter was on the sidelines after the Mets lost the first two games of the Subway Series. I don’t even remember that being at the same time. Wow!

    Jumbo Elliott coming up, baby!

  23. Agravaine – I hope you are getting a good nap, and I can’t believe you are going to Pittsburgh without tickets! What is that, like a six hour drive? I know it is over eight when my dad and I go to Michigan to see family. Hopefully, the boys in blue play a good one and I can see you guys outside MSG before the next game to get some signatures!

  24. Doodie, give them some credit, they made moves since having the worst record in hockey a year ago, got a starting goalie, an All Star defenseman in Timonen, dded Colbrun to their defense, made Briere their top free agent, added power fowards Hartnell, Lupol, and Upshall. They have tow of the best foward prospects coming soon in Van Riemsdyk and Giroux. They have done an amazing job, all in ONE YEAR.

  25. 1980 Finals was the worst for me — Islanders vs Flyers. No matter who won, you were miserable.

  26. How is John Stevens not a Coach of the Year finalist?

    How is Tom Renney a coach?

  27. John Stevens’s team lost ten games in a row at one point and his team finished 6th, that’s how. It’s not like the teams out of the playoffs were much of a challenge, with Buffalo trading Campbell away.

  28. Guys I was wondering if you could help me…
    My brother is an Army Ranger Capt. currently in Iraq. He called me today to see if I could get him the DVD of the Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup run. I think it was in 2001 if I remember correctly. Bourque was on the team. I checked amazon and a few others but I can’t seem to find it…can anyone help…?
    Thanks Drew

  29. Do people still seriously dislike Tom Renney? He’s gotten us into the playoffs three consecutive years in a row–he’s proved himself. Also, he’s not a big crying baby like Brent Sutter–he stays calm, cool, and collect and still manages to do his job. I think the guys really like him and thrive under him. I love the guy.

  30. Riche’ – I’ve been there twice and I loved it! Sooo different than New York. Fortunately they had VS in the hotel so no prob. :)

  31. Ritch, forgot to tell you the East district has three gay bars, Waldorfs, Peek A Booz, and Saddlesores.

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