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The first real road trip I ever went on was in 1999 to cover the National League Championship Series between the Mets and the Braves.

The Mets fell down 3-0 in that series, but won Games 4 and 5 to send the series back to Atlanta for a Game 6. I remember every other writer groaning about the Mets winning that game and having to go back to Atlanta for an essentially meaningless sixth game, but I was thrilled. It was another airplane ride, another nice hotel to stay in — and plus, me being a closet Mets fan, the series wasn’t over.

Nine years later, with a wife and two kids and a lawn that needs mowing (man, did I just sound old there or what?), airplane rides and hotels don’t have the same allure. But the theater of sports still does.


And if nothing else, “this series now has drama”:http://www.lohud.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080502/SPORTS01/805020430/-1/SPORTS&referrer=NEWSFRONTCAROUSEL.

Down 3-1 and heading back to Pittsburgh, the Rangers obviously still have very long odds in front of them. But what they needed was one game to prove they could knock the Penguins on their heels, and they got that last night, with Jaromir Jagr and Henrik Lundqvist each leading the way.

And while coming back form 3-0 still sounds nearly impossible, winning Game 5 in Pittsburgh no longer seems so far-fetched. Nor does returning to win Game 6 back in at the Garden. And if the Rangers ever got that far, if they somehow won three straight and put all kinds of pressure on the Penguins in forcing a Game 7, a win in that game wouldn’t be so far-fetched either.

I know what you’re thinking: Easy there, Sam. Step back from your laptop. Time to switch to decaf.

Like I said, the hole is still very imposing. No one is disputing that. But there is still a chance, and with that in mind, it’s still very much worth watching.

In other words, there will be plenty of time to mow the lawn when the season is over.

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  1. Sam, you still mow your own lawn huh? I don’t know where you find the time. Sports beat writer, you run this blog, father of 2. Good for you man. How old are you kids now? I have a 2 and a half year old and a 8 month old. The 2 and a half year old cries whenever I leave. Doesn’t it just rip your heart out? Are yours used to it now?

  2. repost:

    “washed up”….ehhhhhh, borderline.

    The(mine at least) bottom line with Jagr was settled when he said that he wanted to play in Russia while he could still play.

    So if you combine the 2 thoughts…that he’s NOT washed up, and WILL he return…well, then it should tell you he’s going to Omsk in ‘08

  3. dr. ogrodnick on

    No suspension for Malkin, according to the the Toronto Sun.

    “Malkin was slapped with a 10-minute misconduct with just 14 seconds remaining in regulation, while Mara received the same, plus a two-minute roughing minor. The NHL said last night that Malkin would not be suspended.”


    Complete and utter garbage. Is there any doubt now that the league favors the Penguins?

  4. Freaking Kenny Rogers. Thanks for the memories Sam. That was a tremendously played game by the Rangers. Jagr was just a beast yet again. He controlled the puck all night drove to the net took the hit to make the play. He just is playing like a man possesed. Outside of Johan Franzen nobody can touch the level of play he’s at right now. Best all around game maybe of his youbng career by Dubi. He did everything. He looked so good on the pk you wonder why he wasn’t used there earlier in the year. Straka was fantastic as well. Straka tracked down pucked ,mucked it the corners and out worked and out battled guy twice his size. You gotta respect his guts and work ethic. Dubinsky imo is gonna be a future all-star and future captain. He has a wonderful future. Drury plasyed a gutsy game and had nice chemistry with Prucha and Shanny. Prucha played a very solid energy bunny type game. Gomez looked really good and had plenty of chemistry with his two speedy wingers in Dawes and Cally. The defense on the whole had the best game of the playoffs. Girardi had some struggles on the pp but he did throw the body like a mad man imo that play on Malkin might not even be a penalty. Rozsival was terrific as well. He handled Crosby really nice he stood people up at the line. Lundqvist outside of Jagr was the best player on the ice. He made big save after big save. He stop up fought through traffic and came up huge. The save on what turned out to be a feeble penalty shot effort was huge. The only time the Rangers looked off kilter was when the 4th line was on the ice. In the 4 or 5 shifts they werre on they werre hemmed up in their own end. One loss and the Pens are throwing hissy fits. Crosby whined to the refs all game long. Malkin with a dirty slew foot(if it was Avery he’s get 5 games) Hopefully the Rangers can play exactly like they did last night on Sunday. Let’s hope the officals don’t listen to the Pens whining and call it fair like they did last night.

  5. Jagr will be back. The Rangers can give him a contract with a base of 3-4 mill and add in incentives that will get it up to 7 mill. Since he is over 35 even if the incentives kick in it won’t count against the cap. It makes too much sense not to do that. Jagr wants badly to win a cup here.

  6. repost

    As usual, TrueBleeder is confused.

    The phrase “fouled from behind” pertains ONLY to whether a penalty shot ought to be awarded. It does not in any way describe a handy catch-all of possibilities for a ref to choose from arbitrarily —— in other words, there is no provision for any penalty to be called simply because the action took place with one player acting on the other from the rear!

    Again, there is no penalty for pushing. So there was no foul. Girardi’s push, then, is not an ipso facto penalty simply because it was issued from behind.

    Are we clear?

    Good. Let’s Go Rangers.

  7. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    You’ve got to read this comment on one of classless buccigross’ articles. In bold are Bucci’s comments and then in plain are the commenters comments. Sorry for the long post, but i think it’s a must read.

    All I can say is, if I were Martin Brodeur, I probably would have done the same thing. I’m not saying that is the right thing to do, and I’ll assume that it’s not. But there is no way I could shake the hand of someone whom I obviously don’t respect just seconds after I lost a playoff series.”

    All I can say is, if I were a family member, I probably would have disowned you a long time ago. I am not saying that is the right thing to do and I assume that it’s not. But there is no way I could continue to be associated with someone whom obviously deserves so little respect after his has disgraced his family’s name with a lack of professionalism and obvious bias.

    “Brodeur probably believed he would have been a phony if he shook Avery’s hand. It’s a fine line to play hard and play competitively and still have the respect of your opponent.”

    You probably believe you would be a phony if you didnt stick to what you do best, which is to toe the (N)ESPN line of propping up the Boston teams while insulting the New York teams. It is a not so fine line to work for (N)ESPN and continue to spout your drivel. Maybe if you recognized how your Sawx’s fan favorite Manny being Manny is a far worse disgrace to his sport than Sean Avery who plays his heart out every game and gets brutalized by opponents without fail, you might approach the level of professional integrity required by most media outlets to be employed.

    “Maybe a small part of Chris Drury wishes a small part of him was like Sean Avery, and maybe a small part of Sean Avery wishes a small part of him was like Chris Drury.It is then that I realize Avery does not think like that. He’s thinking about what next designer T-shirt would look best on him and what he can say that will offend Sidney Crosby and Gary Roberts the most. ”

    Maybe a small part of you (more likely a huge part) wishes you had the skills of Drury or Avery. Maybe a small part of you wishes you got a chance to wear your Bruins jersey rather than judge players who actually work for a living. Then I realize you dont think like that. You are too busy thinking of the next way to insult a NY team or engage in (N)ESPN’s usual Boston arrogance.

    “Sadly, those two things have actual value to the New York Rangers.”

    Sadly, there is a company willing to employ someone with your marginal talent and obvious bias.

    “While Avery’s self-absorbed arrogance and lack of respect for his fellow players is a turnoff to neutral observers, he clearly is contributing to the Rangers’ cause. You can’t argue with three goals and two assists in five games.”

    While your self absorbed Boston arrogance and lack of respect to any New York team is clearly a turnoff to most readers, you are clearly contributing to (N)ESPN’s goal of promoting the Everything Sox & Patriots Network. You cant argue with clear and convincing evidence.

  8. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    I guess it did not come out bold, but starting with the first comment being that loser bucci’s, it alternates.

  9. Jagr looks so thrilled in that picture, you can tell how badly he wants this. It makes me definitely think this is it for him. The way he raised his arms during the 3-stars celebration seemed to tell the same story also.

    I hope he and the Rangers get it. One game at a time…one period at a time…

  10. Messier of several years ago was this year’s Brendan Shanahan in terms of being washed up. Guess I have to spell it out for you.


    no, its just a bad comparison

  11. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    Maybe you’re right Salty. I was trying to get at Jagr is not washed up by any means. Messier in his final days was certainly washed up and Shanahan, though he scored a number of goals this year, i think it’s safe to say he’s running on fumes.

  12. messier could still skate, he just lost his hands completely. shanny cant skate and can only take slap shot from near the blue line

  13. Yeah, I’d say Shanny is definitely washed up… Although I think he will pay somewhere next year, perhaps even here.

    Jagr is certainly not washed up either. But he’s also not the guy you continue to rely on and base your team around. Unless you just want to keep selling jerseys to cotton candy fingered kids.

  14. Another white thrash pens fan feeling the need to show their stupidity…….. thanks.

  15. here’s a thought to throw out there. Being that Jagr IS on the downside of his career (not at his peak, will only get slower and less coordinated from here), would it be possible to keep him on the team next year, but NOT base the team around him? Let him have a lesser role, with less pressure, and let others step to the fore?

  16. Being that Jagr IS on the downside of his career (not at his peak, will only get slower and less coordinated from here), would it be possible to keep him on the team next year, but NOT base the team around him? Let him have a lesser role, with less pressure, and let others step to the fore?


    I thin kthis has ben the question all year, and what most people were hoping for…as Jagr had his weakest year ever. We pretty came to the conclusion that Jagr will not accept a lesser role. There were many stretches where he simply did NOT deserve to be on the 1st line or the PP and nothing changed. Another coach may have demoted him, but not Mr. Softee.

  17. It’s amazing what a team can do when it does not have to spend 20 minutes in it’s own end trying to cover up for bad defenseman … keep Backman on the bench … there was way less scrambling yesterday as opposed to other games …

  18. yeah but its a case of being damned if you do and damned if you don’t. when he’d bench Jagr and throw somebody else on at the end of a game, people would say he should have double-shifted Jagr.

  19. Jagr is still the best offensive player on the team. if you remove Straka and for example add Hossa wit hDubi. Hossa scores 35+ goals..

    Jagr can be come less of the focal point but you need to get him a quality winger..

    Drury is such a good guy and good player…..

    Gomez did not play his best last night like game 3….

    I thought Prucha also played well, he deserves to play…

  20. Jaromir Jagr on

    In Czech Republic we have saying: “Jsouá zdeá nÄ›jak voln místa na dnes^ní večer Z^ádná volná místa.” Means something like “A true stud horse never whines like little girl pony.”
    Why you New York fans always cry like little girl? That hit on me was hockey hit, but you boo hoo hoo like small screaming baby. I play like man, why not you fans here be fans like men? I love the city, but oh so many crybaby, crying about referees and other teams’ players diving. Stop it you embarrass selves! Anyway, thanks for all nice things said, it make me happy! Much kisses!

  21. Sam, why is Dellapina still tossing out innuendo about Avery, as he did on his blog yesterday? If he’s got facts, let’s have them. As it stands, he posits a conspiracy running from the Rangers to hospital personnel to the putative ambulance driver. Not to mention other patients and their visitors.

  22. good point Stuart… Jagr’s set up Straka with probably like 25 empty nets this year, and Straka’s buried 5 of them. Straka’s gotta go as much as Malik does. Put Prucha on that line and he’ll score 30 goals+.

  23. We have saying here in New York City:

    zdeá nÄ›jak voln místa na ……

    which roughly translates as “come to the garden and get your ass kicked.”

  24. Sam, just tell your wife that your lawn is growing a ‘playoff beard’ and that is a tradition of all hockey writers not to mow the lawn until the playoffs are over. i doubt she’ll buy it, but it’s worth a shot.

  25. Who Needs Lohan on

    1. I am more impressed that a fellow Landsman mows his own lawn. That makes one of us!

    2. On Paul Mara, Ive been on his bandwagon all year. I dont think he is a top pair type D-man, but as a 4 or 5 guy he is probably as good as any.

    3. Struds, his presence was definitely a contribution, I assume he dresses on Sunday.

    4. Orr/Hollweg. Id say only dress one and I would go with Orr. They were stuck in their own zone all game long and Hollweg clearly played a tentative game as he should considering he helped blow Game 3. Problem is you need a center for that 4th line. Anyone know if Shoe has any experience as a Center? It almost seems like you have to decide between Hollweg and a guy that would be making his NHL debut. Probably not a hard decision.

    5. One game at a time. Cant think about winning three in a row. Winning Game 5 on the road is clearly the hardest one. If you can send it back to NYC Cindy might actually have to put his DSL to good use…..

  26. Who Needs Lohan on

    Oh, and Parros…. saw the celebrities than saw you and thought who the F is this DB!!!!

    Seriously, I really did think WTF is that? He looks familiar…. Now it all makes sense bro!

  27. deppie,

    What the hell are you talking about? I cut and pasted the rulebook’s words for the awarding of penalty shots. That’s exactly what I was describing, not other fouls. The penalty shot only. And somehow I got that wrong too? LoL. You’re a joke, so quit your com-bitching.

    One thing I agree with, let’s go Rangers!

  28. And deppie…before you come back and say “stop twisting your words”…you can click the link my name directs to. It’s been the NHL rulebook on the awarding of penalty shots, you fool.

    Give it a break dude, you’re trying too hard.

  29. Both Rangers games in October 4th and 5th in Prague sold out in one day !!!!

    02-Arena formerly Sazka has a capacity of around 18000
    I have missed the day when they start selling tickets but I am hoping to get tickets over my hotel or over black market…
    I am still in the hunt for this..

    won´t missed when they come over here especially in such a nice play like Prague with some of the best looking women all over the world :)

  30. Do the Renney haters give any credit to the coach for keeping his team focussed staring death in the face, or is he not on the bench for wins… just losses?

    Where are all of you today?

    Let’s hear what he did wrong last night.

  31. True blue – nobody is saying you’re interpreting or providing the rules wrong. We’re just saying that what Girardi did should not have constitued a “foul”, regardless of it was from behind or not. If that push had happened anywhere else on the ice, in any other situtation, there would not have been a penalty called, so it shouldn’t change just because there was a breakaway.

    Sam(not weiman) and beer me – I said the exact same thing about McCreary as soon as it happpened, in the comments from last night’s post. He went out of his way to be ad-bag about it. Just call the penalty and move on…

  32. Hey how cool is it that Sam’s lawn is growing a playoff beard too. Here is to hoping that Sam doesn’t get to mow that sucker until mid-June! :-)

  33. nyrblue2,

    I agree with you, I don’t believe that should have been penalty shot worthy because Girardi only pushed him and Malkin still got a very good scoring opportunity. I said that earlier.

    That being said, ref’s don’t justify the penalty shot as a “type” of penalty, they don’t have to call it (spearing, holding, roughing, interference, tripping, etc…). In the mind of the ref, Malkin was ‘hauled down’ (although only pushed), from a player behind him.

    The fatal flaw is mis-interpreting the Girardi push as him taking Malkin down…but once the ref did that, in his mind it was a penalty shot because Malkin was fouled from behind.

  34. Its not a 3-0 series anymore. We don’t have to come back from that. We have to come back from 3-1, 3-2 and win when its 3-3. All those have been done before far mor often.

  35. Salty Steez on

    Are there any applications left for Tony of AZ gAY HOCKEY TOURNAMENT, AS i WOULD LOVE TO PARTICIPATE. Where will it be held and when, as I have a bunch of Islander friends that can play with you.

  36. Tony From AZ on

    For all thos fans interested, we are waiting for the close of the season, which should be Sunday. Then we will sort the GMHL application situation out. Its a bird, its a pl…

  37. True Bleeder aka “Doubleshifting Means a Guy Stays Out On the Ice Two Shifts in a Row, Don’t It?”

    You are dead wrong again —- the refs DO have to justify it as a type of penalty that is already established! Yes, they don’t announce it; yes, it doesn’t get put in the box score. But it must come from the list of already-on-the-books infractions. Your ignorance is staggering!

    To be as clueless as you are and not even know it is a sad, sad thing.

  38. you can tell when a Canadian posts because any word over 4 letters isn’t spelled right. No wonder they call their team the Habs.

  39. Brandon — For you to come here today and comment on anything after your “1% impact” performance yesterday is a wonder.

  40. Who Needs Lohan – that just made my day! So funny – who is this d-bag! Wait i know that d-bag! Its Parros – beer in hand!

    BTW i am so hung over today it still hurts. Ughhh

  41. First off Brandon, Renney is still a complete moron and last night only further proved my point. Did anyone watch Prucha last night? 3 games of Shanahan with Gomez killed the Rangers. Also, what was Renney doing with that 4th line. They are minor leaguers!! Hollweg and Orr cannot be on the ice at the same time. That will be the Rangers demise if they keep that line together. They need to play a young guy on the 4th line with some ability, ie. Lauri.

    As for the “foul” from behind. We must assume that a “foul” can be defined as one of the infractions listed by the NHL under the heading minors. Holding, interference, spearing, tripping, etc. Pushing cannot be interpreted as a foul…

  42. deppie may be an a-hole. But he has not been not wrong once since I’ve been here about the knucklehead factor.

  43. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    The fatal flaw is mis-interpreting the Girardi push as him taking Malkin down…but once the ref did that, in his mind it was a penalty shot because Malkin was fouled from behind.


    The ref did nothing of the sort; SImply, he saw that their best player had a breakaway and the moment he went down or even possibly the moment Dan got within breathing distance, he made up his mind he was going to try and steal our momentum and put us away. The pens may not have had the killer instinct, but the refs sure did! The ref did not think it was a penalty shot, nor did he think Malkin was fouled from behind. He thought about going in for the kill!!

  44. I’m don’t understand why everyone seems to be so sure Jagr isn’t coming back next year. The truth is, it’s very obvious to him that he’s not going to hit his incentives, and also he had his worst statistical year in over a decade (if not longer). So if you’re Jaromir Jagr and you want to stay here but can easily see that it’s possible the Rangers wouldn’t want you, what do you do? He doesn’t have a contract. So while I think its appropriate for NY fans to hedge their bets and pay homage while the guy’s here in what could theoretically be his last few days, I don’t think – after the kind of captain, leader and Ranger he’s become and is still becoming – it’s at all accurate to assume he’s leaving.

    He may want to stay in NY very badly but also doesn’t want to lose all his leverage. He may be hedging his own bets in case Sather decides he no longer wants him around. aybe he does want to play in another city (can’t imagine that). And also, there is NO WAY he signed a contract with Omsk already. He is still under contract to the Rangers and, honestly, while its not likely, at the time the Omsk GM was here there was no way to know that the Rangers wouldn’t win the Cup and he wouldn’t win the Conn Smythe, thus triggering his option.

    I don’t know, I still think that by far the most likely scenario is that Sather pays Jagr a lot with incentives and Jagr stays here.

  45. Deppie, you’re completely wrong. That’s not how the rule works, and that’s not how it’s interpreted. It’s awarding a penalty shot due to a lost breakaway opportunity for lost scoring opportunity due to “a foul.” A ref never has to justify it as a specific “minor” penalty, because that’s not how the rule works. You’re flat out wrong, and believing a player was taken down, hauled down, etc… and lost the scoring opportunity is reason enough to award it. Last night, at that time in the game, I don’t award it there but it isn’t totally outside the rules of hockey.

    You’re so smart, and you didn’t know that? Wow, it’s amazing. Is your name John Dellapina? Al Gore? Or are you just dumb? Put the stone down, your glass house is about it shatter son.

  46. Ha, didn’t think you guys would get so mad. I think my point was made.

    Prucha was phenomenal last night — played like a bat out of hell — however, was predominantly ineffective on Tuesday and has been inconsistent all season.

    This “slow” 4th line has done a great job of shutting other team’s top line down all season. They didn’t even see much ice last night — I don’t think Korpikoski is the answer to all of our problems.

    If the 4th line skated like the 1st line, they wouldn’t be the 4th line… they’d be the 1st line.

  47. Just saw this on ESPN:
    Teams that have come back from 0 – 3 (Maple Leafs in ’42, Isles in ’75, Fill In the Blank ’08). Each separated by 33 years.
    I think that Game 5 will be the toughest; particularly as the Pens have a extra day to focus and Theirrien can match-up. Crosby et al against Freddy Shoes, Orr and Hollywood was ugly last night. If this gets to a game 7 the Pens are dead.

  48. True Bleeder aka “Doubleshifting Means a Guy Stays Out On the Ice Two Shifts in a Row, Don’t It?”

    Wrote this

    “….believing a player was taken down, hauled down, etc… and lost the scoring opportunity is reason enough to award it.”

    Yes, as far as you go. But the basis for that belief MUST come because the so-called offending player committed an act that is identifiable from the rule book.

    In other words, if the ref did not have a specific infraction in mind — one that is on the books — then he had no business blowing his whistle.

    “Hauled down.” Was it a hold, a trip, a tackle? The ref must know what it was specifically.

  49. Who Needs Lohan on

    Parros, glad I could make your day. BTW, Im still not right after my wine tasting on Tuesday night

  50. True Fans, I believe you are incorrect. Of course there has to have been a specific penalty committed. If a guy was “hauled down” that would have been holding, tripping or clipping. Is it possible he felt he tripped him? I suppose. But then it was just an awful call. If he saw it as we did, as a simple push, then he should have known that not only was it not a penalty on girardi, but it was probably a goalie int penalty on malkin for not making a genuine effort to get out of the way of hitting malkin…

  51. TrueFanBleeds RW&B — If you’re trying to win an argument it is not a good thing to have in your resume that you thought doubleshifting was a guy staying out on the ice twice as long on one shift.

    No offense intended, but that is pretty low on the hockey IQ basics to mess up.

  52. “Hauled down” … is that a hold? Since when did a tackle get added to the rulebook? “2-minutes…tackling.”

    I can’t tell you exactly why he felt Girardi denied Malkin the scoring opportunity. He clearly interpreted the actions of Girardi to be the cause of Malkin falling over, and denying him the breakaway. That’s all he needs to believe he sees to call it a penalty shot.

  53. Do the Renney haters give any credit to the coach for keeping his team focussed staring death in the face, or is he not on the bench for wins… just losses?


    Much credit for keeping heads up. I also have to say keeping Hollweg in was probably the better move.

  54. I find it curious that people (like Sam), when Henrik plays great, they react as though well we expect that, that does not warrant overpraise. but when jagr does what he is supposed to, all of a sudden he is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and we have to bow down to him for simply playing the way he is paid to.

    bias, you bet

  55. Speed Ranger on

    Peter — Hope you’re right about Jagr. I’d love for him to stay. When he’s on, he’s magic. And he’s on way more than he’s off. I like your take on his situation.

  56. ketal one aka “I Love Sucking on Deppie’s balls and then Nuzzling his Grundle”

    Wow. you’re one to talk with your resume, huh? haha.

    I didn’t say that’s what double-shifting was. I asked how could Renney double-shift Jagr for the icing in the third period of game 2, when Jagr was on the ice for the icing.

  57. Can anyone get Weinman to settle this whole penalty shot dispute?? Where is this guy? And Weinman, does anyone in the media ever dare ask Renney what he is thinking having both Hollweg and Orr in the lineup? I mean Renney is not a proven coach like Isiah Thomas, it’s ok to question him…

  58. dr. ogrodnick on

    Brandon, according to you it was Lundy who blew the last game, with no bad coaching from Renney. By your own logic, Lundy won this game for the Rangers with no help from Renney. Considering the coach is only responsible for 1% as you put it.

  59. Okay, fine. But Pollock better have a better answer than “I don’t know what he did but Malkin did go down, so…” for his supervisor Stephen Walkom.

  60. “So you’re saying Renney should have doubled Jagr’s shift?” —- sorry, TrueFan. Those words you wrote will never die.

  61. deppie, you are correct most of the time, but there is such a thing as double-shifting by staying on the ice for 2 consecutive shifts. It can happen that way and used to happen all the time in the days of Lemieux, Gretzky, Messier and Jagr’s hayday…

  62. “I can’t tell you exactly why he felt Girardi denied Malkin the scoring opportunity. He clearly interpreted the actions of Girardi to be the cause of Malkin falling over, and denying him the breakaway. That’s all he needs to believe he sees to call it a penalty shot.” – true fans

    If Girardi was back and it was a 1-on-1, and Girardi just stepped up and laid Malkin out, that would also be “the cause of Malkin falling over, and denying him the breakaway.” The fact that this hypothetical hit was legal means no penalty. The same is true for a breakaway. In order to call a penalty shot, you need to have been convinced that you would have called a penalty anywhere else on the ice, in any other situation. And there is no way that a little push like that would EVER be a penalty, therfore no PS should have been called.

    Look at it this way:

    Penalty “x” = 2 minutes
    Penalty “x” plus breakaway = penalty shot

    If penalty “x” doesn’t exist, there should be no call.

  63. “messier could still skate, he just lost his hands completely. shanny cant skate and can only take slap shot from near the blue line”

    What year were you watching? Messier in 03-04 was slow as shit. He had 4th line skill playing 1st line minutes. Messier was a great, but stayed too long.

    And for the guy that said Graves scored it, I could’ve sworn it hit Noonan first, then McIntyre’s glove, and then it went in. I’ll look at it later when I get home but you could very well be right. Either way, Messier is a fraud. haha, ok maybe not, but he didn’t score that goal. It was the story people wanted to here, but a better story would’ve been Noonan, a guy who was once kept in the minors by Keenan for 2 years and almost quit hockey because of him, scored the GWG in game 7 of the cup finals with Keenan behind the bench giving him a chance as a Ranger after he went out of his way to bring him to NY from Chicago. They should make one of those TSN segments about it like they did with Roy and Peters from Buffalo. That stuff is funny.

  64. Josh

    But when that happened, it wasn’t called doubleshifting. It was called staying out on the ice, ie. moving from the forward line on a PP to manning the point on the same or extended PP.

  65. Sure deppie, sure.

    That wasn’t even the point I was making, I was only showing that Jagr couldn’t be double shifted because he was already on the ice…hence the question mark.

    You’re also still wrong about the penalty shot. It’s not equivalent to a minor or major penalty and, hence, recorded differently.

  66. anyone know where i can get tickets to the game in prague? ebay? stubhub? i didn’t see them posted.

    i’ve already booked my flight, hotel, etc…

    i’m going regardless but would like to have tickets. help would be appreciated.

  67. True Bleeder aka “Doubleshifting Means a Guy Stays Out On the Ice Two Shifts in a Row, Don’t It?”

    “So you’re saying Renney should’ve doubled Jagr’s shift” says what it says very clearly and is what it is —– you believed that I was calling for Renney to extend Jagr’s shift at the time the icing call was made. Why? Because you had no idea what the term “doubleshifting” meant when I raised it. The more you wriggle, you more you look silly.

    As to the penalty shot? Read what Renney said in Sam’s new entry: “It has to be a trip, hook, cross-check, whatever,” Renney said. “It doesn’t say that in the rulebook at all.”

    Not a fan of his bench skills, but I think that sums it up pretty well.

  68. Man, what a night after the game, Tony and I went to Dangles in CHelsea, met us some creme puffs. Tony, what happened with that Oriental Dimmy Somm. We all got to get to theEast side Club for a bath house night. They have a membership fee, but the Meat Is right.

  69. joe joe 315 on

    Jeez, Dont think the guys want you posting what they doafter a game. Look, its a bird, its a plane, Its Tony walking bolegged.

  70. Staal Wart on

    Tony From NYC HAS his father spank him, turned around and said, “NOW DO ME SON”.

  71. We at Habs inside/out want to send our condolances to Sean Averys family, he just died at St Vincents hospital.

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