Tom Renney feels your pain (Updated)


Apparently the John Amirante theory many of you have applied to the Rangers loss in Game 3 is shared by Tom Renney.

“I’m superstitious about a number of things,” the coach remarked, “and that is one of them.”

No truth to the rumor the team will be stowing Amirante on its flight to Pittsburgh for Game 5.

As for the Rangers, they held a team meeting at 11 today, followed by an optional skate, but only Jaromir Jagr and Marek Malik took to the ice. The entire team will skate tomorrow before jetting to Pittsburgh.

In other news:

<li>Outside of assorted bumps and bruises, the team emerged from Game 4 intact. That includes Jagr, who said he felt fine today; and Chris Drury, who not only played 20 minutes last night with a rib injury, but was a willing participant in the last minute fireworks.

<li>Renney says the team has been in contact with the league not so much about both Evgeni Malkin’s actions late in the game — where there was no suspension levied –  but the ruling on the penalty shot awarded to the center in the second period.

“They’re getting back to us. It was a penalty of some kind. I don’t know. It has to be a trip, hook, cross-check, whatever,” Renney said.  “It doesn’t say that in the rulebook at all…Glen can take care of that area and has.”

More in a bit…

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  1. dr. ogrodnick on

    No word on the blatant favoritism shown by the NHL with no discipline on the Malkin double slew foot Sam?

  2. Doodie Machetto on


    Are you trying to get him killed!?

  3. Repost –

    “I can’t tell you exactly why he felt Girardi denied Malkin the scoring opportunity. He clearly interpreted the actions of Girardi to be the cause of Malkin falling over, and denying him the breakaway. That’s all he needs to believe he sees to call it a penalty shot.” – true fans

    If Girardi was back and it was a 1-on-1, and Girardi just stepped up and laid Malkin out, that would also be “the cause of Malkin falling over, and denying him the breakaway.” The fact that this hypothetical hit was legal means no penalty. The same is true for a breakaway. In order to call a penalty shot, you need to have been convinced that you would have called a penalty anywhere else on the ice, in any other situation. And there is no way that a little push like that would EVER be a penalty, therfore no PS should have been called.

    Look at it this way:

    Penalty “x” = 2 minutes
    Penalty “x” plus breakaway = penalty shot

    If penalty “x” doesn’t exist, there should be no call.

  4. “And Weinman, does anyone in the media ever dare ask Renney what he is thinking having both Hollweg and Orr in the lineup? I mean Renney is not a proven coach like Isiah Thomas, it’s ok to question him…”

    Josh, in case you haven’t noticed, Hollweg and Orr having been playing together on the same line for the better part of 2 and 1/2 years. Why would reporters start asking Renney that question now? They are the 4th line. You don’t need speed and skill on the 4th line — you need muscle and power. They’ve actually played great all season. Because Renney uses them too much doesn’t make them bad. Name me a better 4th line in the entire league — also, name me a 4th line that consistently goes out against the other team’s top line and shuts them down?

  5. Dr. O… my infamous 1% comment referred to in-game coaching. Not coaching in general. Renney gets A LOT of credit for keeping the team focussed down 0-3. I think this team genuinely believes we can win this series. Not just the typical cliche nonsense.

    Hank played excellent last night — that’s what I expect from him. Still doesn’t negate the fact that he sucked in game 3.

    I’m not sure I understand your point. What was your question to me?


    “messier could still skate, he just lost his hands completely. shanny cant skate and can only take slap shot from near the blue line”

    What year were you watching? Messier in 03-04 was slow as shit. He had 4th line skill playing 1st line minutes. Messier was a great, but stayed too long.

    And for the guy that said Graves scored it, I could’ve sworn it hit Noonan first, then McIntyre’s glove, and then it went in. I’ll look at it later when I get home but you could very well be right. Either way, Messier is a fraud. haha, ok maybe not, but he didn’t score that goal. It was the story people wanted to here, but a better story would’ve been Noonan, a guy who was once kept in the minors by Keenan for 2 years and almost quit hockey because of him, scored the GWG in game 7 of the cup finals with Keenan behind the bench giving him a chance as a Ranger after he went out of his way to bring him to NY from Chicago. They should make one of those TSN segments about it like they did with Roy and Peters from Buffalo. That stuff is funny.

  7. dr. ogrodnick on

    I got you Brandon. Coaching only counts when its good. Not when its bad.

  8. BTW, say what you want about Drury (I agree we overpaid) but this guy shows so much heart going out last night. You could see he was hurt since he didn’t have everything on his shot except that one that buzzed passed Fleury’s head, but he still tried so hard. He was trying to block shots and was throwing himself in the corner. Thats one thing you have to love about Drury and Gomez is that even while injured, they still come out and put forth the best performance they can.

  9. suspend malkin the rosby network would never do that. again on that shift he slew foot Mara, tried to do a can opener also, and high sticked a ranger on the right side of the ice als.

    crosby and malkin got upset at girardi for a clean hit on marcels brother…

    I also do not like the hollwegg and orr thing but they played only 5 minutes but if they are on the ice against the Pens top guys that is a formula for a big problem….

    Strudwick stinks but his style of play is better then Backman(soft with the puck in his own zone and good on offense but so what), for this series.. strudwick tries to hit and is tough so that helps a lot…

  10. dr. ogrodnick on

    I had no question for you, I was originally responding to your question asking where all the Renney detractors were now. I’m glad that you think finally getting the Rangers focused after spotting the Pens 3 games is good coaching. I also have a bridge for sale if your interested.

  11. “Hank played excellent last night—that’s what I expect from him. Still doesn’t negate the fact that he sucked in game 3.’

    and by the same token, that is what should be expected of Jagr too. so, criticism of him this year is well warranted, cause he has sucked for most of the season.

  12. When you put salt on ice…it melts.

    The igloo is going down.

    Nothin’ would be as sweet as teaching Crosby and Malkin a lesson about NHL playoffs and showing them up the next 3 games…

    Crosby really is just a child and should be treated and taunted as such.

  13. Sidney Crosby's Mother on

    You know what’ so ridiculous? If Avery did slew footed ANY of the Penguins scrubs there would be a suspension. And possibly a new rule that Sean Avery simply cannot slew foot.

  14. If ANY Ranger pulled what Malkin did… it would be an AUTOMATIC SUSPENSION!!!


    That being said…

    I BELIEVE!!!


  15. Sam (not the great Weinman) on


    Jagr is a 36+ year old. Henrik is right now considered among best in the world. Henrik gives up softie goals with regularity while Jaro gets raped the opposition and the refs with regularity.

  16. Who Needs Lohan on

    The NHL is probably just hiding the fact that no in game penalty was called on Malkin for that infraction. Otherwise I think they would be forced into a 1 gamer.

    As for Amirante, I really would be pissed if we forced a game 6 and he didnt sing…..

  17. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    Malkin got a 10 minute misconduct; wasnt it for the slewfoot.

  18. I said keeping them focussed, not getting them focussed, which is a pretty big difference in terms of this discussion.

    I also never said we won last night because of coaching. I’m simply pointing out that a handful of you had pointed the finger at Renney as the “reason” we were down 0-3…. so by that theory, he would be the reason we won last night.

    I don’t believe this, but I figured you might.

  19. I Believe…
    I also believe from some of the comments that some fairweather bandwagon Ranger fans have come out, now that the team is in the playoffs and it shows…some comments just prove they haven’t tuned in much this year…
    Salty good on…Salt on Ice …I love it!

  20. Who Needs Lohan on

    What did the league say on Malkin? That he didnt do it, or it wasnt enough of one, or it wasnt conclusive, or that they just dont want to call it?

  21. Who Needs Lohan on

    Sam (not Weinman)

    1) I like being responsible for having your name evolve the way it has.
    2) I believe the 10 mins was for going after Mara after the goal.

  22. I’m glad that you think finally getting the Rangers focused after spotting the Pens 3 games is good coaching.


    Let’s be honest, fair and realistic here. Series should be tied 2-2, we should have taken Game 1. But they dominated us at our own game in game 2, and in game 3 the Ranger played their hearts out and simply got beaten.

  23. I don’t agree with the “Jagr has had a bad season” people. Statistically, yes, his numbers are down from last year’s ONE line team of Jagr, That Swede with a hundred kids, and Straka.
    He as adjusted very well to the new stars of the team, and his numbers reflect his willingness to adapt to a team with 3 scoring lines.

    They suspended Bure, a member of a Canadian team no less, in the Finals against the Rangers, why wouldn’t they suspend Malkin for something more egregious than what Bure did in ’94?

    I believe!

  24. Compare Hatcher’s hit the other night against Montreal — no suspension — and Beukeboom’s against Richer in ’94, which of course cost him a game. The latter was a gentle caress in contrast with Hatcher’s intent to injure.

  25. I don’t agree with the “Jagr has had a bad season” people. Statistically, yes, his numbers are down from last year’s ONE line team of Jagr, That Swede with a hundred kids, and Straka.
    He as adjusted very well to the new stars of the team, and his numbers reflect his willingness to adapt to a team with 3 scoring lines.

    They suspended Bure, a member of a Canadian team no less, in the Finals against the Rangers, why wouldn’t they suspend Malkin for something more egregious than what Bure did in ‘94?


    The problem is even Jagr’s numbers last year were pretty low for him, and it was blamed on the injury and given a pass, this year, there is no excuse really. His “healthy” numbers are down from his “injured” numbers.

    As for Bure, let’s be real here, while I dont think the there is any real comparison … the league would rather want NY to win over vancouver… NHL was in its prime after the RAGERS won in 94

  26. I think any of us who have been here a while, (beer Salty, Staal Wart, etc.) BELEIVE
    One game at a time, one period at a time, one shift at a time!


    But Im really curious about this Malkin issue right now. You KNOW Sather is pitching a fit with Colin Campbell right now. Is it possible Malkin could get a one game suspension tonight or tomorrow? Absolutely. Will it happen, probabyl not becasue that would work in our favor, and everything has to be stacked against us all year long. Thats ok, out of all the teams left, I think we are one if not THE toughest and grittiest team left.

  27. Who Needs Lohan

    “The NHL is probably just hiding the fact that no in game penalty was called on Malkin for that infraction. Otherwise I think they would be forced into a 1 gamer.”

    even though no penalty WAS called, they can and should still review it. IF they review it AND there is no bias THEN there would be a suspension.

    Hence – no review.

  28. Tony from AZ on

    I hope every one here realizes that the asshole comments posted under my name is not me.
    Some jerks have internet muscles & think they’re smart asses because we can’t find them.
    I’m OK with who I am – “I AM A RANGER” !!

  29. If Malkin’s going to get a suspension, it won’t be for slew-footing. Idiots in the NHL do that quite often. However, i believe Renney and Sather are smart people, and they can argue that the actions of Malkin and subsequently Ruutu (with less than 10 seconds left), led to fights in the final 5 minutes of the game.

    That is suspension worthy in the “new” NHL.

  30. Last night when I went to the store and bought some beer. I buy budlight most of the time. But last night I got Rolling Rock. Its a good beer and Ive had it before.
    Well while Im sitting there watching the game and drinking. I happened to look down at the bottle. There is a number
    ” 33 ” on the side.
    I knew they had that on the bottle but totally forgot it was there until I saw it last night… 42′ 75′ 2008.. its 33 years since the last time.
    maybe its nothing but it sure was weird to see that on the side of the bottle last night.

    so anyway heres to the Rangers and rolling rock


  31. By the way – based on the actions of some Pen players, there should be some response on both Malkin AND that loser Orpik.

    Philly is stealing a series from Mont. by playing extra physical. Rangers could steal a few games? No?

  32. Tony, we always knew that wasnt you. Just those scared little Montreal Fags trying to start shit witht there INTERNET MUSCLES

  33. Tony from AZ on

    Somebody mentioned awhile ago about Cindy’s nostrils. I stopped my TIVO on a close up of him last night. HOLY CRAP – those things are huge !
    Mr. Ed has nothing on him !

  34. Random question.

    We all know that only twice a team has come back from 0-3 down to win a series but I am curious what the percentages are for a team down 0-3 to lose the series in 4, 5, 6, and 7 games.

    Anyone know where these stats are?

  35. Sidney Crosby's Mother on

    “The problem is even Jagr’s numbers last year were pretty low for him, and it was blamed on the injury and given a pass, this year, there is no excuse really. His “healthy” numbers are down from his “injured” numbers.” -Salty

    I posted in a diff news thread why his numbers were down DURING THE REGULAR SEASON but I’ll post again for a Jagr hater in case he didn’t see it.

    1 he was on a team that struggled to score many goals

    2 defensive-minded system

    3 loss of Nylande (his usual assist-guy)

    4 Renney took til almost the end of the season to finally figure out the top line. and the rest of the lines as well. Dubinsky has been centering Jagr for a bit but that wasn’t the case at the beginning of the season or when he was called up.

    5 saved his strengh for the playoffs – oh no! I bet you want him to score more regular season points–playoffs don’t count i forgot.

  36. There’s no way Malkin gets suspended. The NHL made SURE that Crosby and Malkin get top billing on NBC’s game of the week 2 weeks in a row. For Malkin to get suspended and not play in that game (with probably the largest tv audience of the NHL showing networks), he’d have to kill somebody.

  37. Salty,

    If the “NHL was in its prime” after the Rangers, why would they not want them again? Wouldn’t the NHL get more of boost from a NYC team than a rural/urban Penn team?

    As far as Jagr is concerned, his numbers are low because he is smart enough to save himself for a Cup run. I don’t really care about his regular season numbers any more as long as he is smart enough to conserve himself while at the same time helping the team make the playoffs (which he did) This is a sign of an aging, intelligent player. I’d take him back on my team if he is willing to accept less time (and therefore less points). No point arguing with a Playa hater, it seems.

  38. about Jagr – does anybody think he’s had permanent damage from his shoulder injury? I know previous to that, he was letting loose slapshots every chance he got. Ever since that incident, he rarely lets loose with the cannon anymore.

  39. Hey guys, long time no see!!

    Jeever, thankyou again for helping me with the tickets!!That was awesome and I am uploading the pictures from my camera right now! I wanted to say bye, figured I would catch you in the lobby but I didn’t. I didn’t go down the stairs because my knee had gotten jarred (i had slipped on the kid next to me’s plastic container) and I knew stairs would be real slow. But everyone goes slow on a stopepd escalator so I wasn’t going to hold up the line more then normal (plus I could put both hands on each rail, the stairs would be doube lined) I don’t know if that makes sense, but thats why I went to the escalator.

    It was good to have Amirante back!!!

    Jagr dominated man, I was so scared when he stayed down… Jo and I handed out close to two hundred signs for Jagr, plus we had a big one. When he went in we got him to sign one of the printed out ones, and I held the poster up while he was waiting for the elevator to go. It looked like he read it, and then the doors closed but popped back open, so I’m not sure but it was awesome all the same!!

    Oh and guys, Jo and I (and our Mum) are driving down (or over) to Pittsburgh… we are going to leave about midnight on Sat and hopefully get there in time to see the boys go in!! we have conflicting reports on whether the players actually come by you or not, but we will hold up our signs and cheer just the same!! We are going to watch the game on the lawn I guess… SO excited!!!

  40. I truly believe if you straight up run Crosby it will work in our favor big time. I feel like a simple facewash would drive him mad enough to swing his stick. He’s a 20 year old child who thinks he should be given the respect of a veteran of the league. Sorry redlips, you’ve got a long way to go before you get the benefit of the doubt.

    Dubinsky went up right behind Crosby and wrapped his arm right around his neck. I would love to see those two cats drop the gloves.

    Malkin needs a flying cross ice hit and to hit his head on the ice first rendering him unconscious. He looks like his mother put him in the microwave as a baby.

  41. I am about to watch yestedays’ game again, My Mom taped it. By the way Jo and a friend of ours were on the six o’clock NBC news yesterday. They were cheering “Heave Ho, four in a row!!!’ and we were yelling it like crazy on the bus!!

    btw they put the games on the big screen outside MSG on Monday we are going to bring a radio and watch the game out there? Party anyone!! Jo and I are going to be so wasted (as in exhausted) form having been in Pitts…

  42. Absolutely a joke Malkin is not getting suspended. Three slew foots in one shift, all worthy of suspension.

    oh yes, and then Gonchar, the guy with the face mask who dropped the gloves first on Rozival in the last minute of a game doesn’t evn get PENALIZED, as he ws out there on the ice for the last shift.

    Absolutley a disgrace of a league, disgrace of officiating and disgraceful commentary by the homer Eddie Olckyk just blowing Pittsburgh.

    Pittsburgh is a bunch of whinny little bitches, just like the Devils. Cheap a$$ players, diving little whiners. Effin bullsh*t nothing gets called on Malkin for his late game crap, effin BULLSH*T!!!

  43. Sidney Crosby's Mother on

    “about Jagr – does anybody think he’s had permanent damage from his shoulder injury? I know previous to that, he was letting loose slapshots every chance he got. Ever since that incident, he rarely lets loose with the cannon anymore.”

    You might be right. Slapshots haven’t been a part of his game for a while.

    Nearing the end of the season right before he started his ridiculous tear, he asked Shanahan during practice how he did his slapshot. It was shown on MSG during warmups; it was quite funny. Anyways, Shanahan showed him and he scored on a one-timer not too many games after. It wasn’t the most brilliant but it went in.

    Hopefully it was a sign his shoulder is getting better. Hasn’t been using it much lately, though.

  44. Wouldn’t the NHL get more of boost from a NYC team than a rural/urban Penn team?


    You must be _absolutely kidding_ me.

  45. Jaromir Jagr on

    Explain please something to me — Rangers fans they always are poking the fun at Crosby for complaining to refs much. But then, then they cry like baby about everything themselves! Why didn’t Malkin get punished, waah waah! Why didn’t they get penalized for hitting me, Jagr, waah waah!The announcers they only say the nice stuff about Pittsburgh, waah waah! Why one guy here even cry about size of Crosby’s nose nostrils! It is truly amazing to Jagr how so-called manly hockey fans can whine like schoolgirl.

    Anyway thanks much for nice stuff said about Jagr, much kisses! Dobré odpoledne děkuji vám mnohokrát!

  46. Let’s not forget the slew foot Malkin put on Drury in the second period between the benches that sent him in on a 2-on-1. Of course Doc and Eddie O said nothing.

  47. Jaromir Jagr on

    Bathgate you are much big crybaby, I salute you with big hug! Jagr cannot wait to see what you whine about next, like farm girl who must milk much cows.

  48. problem with everyone saying they dont care if jagr doesnt go that hard in the regular season is that this year he was on the ice as much as last year. itd be one thing if he accepted a lesser role, but if he is being played like a first line winger then he needs to perform like a 1st line winger.

    also maybe if he tried a little harder in a couple regular season games we win the division or at least finish higher in the standings. so it goes both ways

  49. Nearing the end of the season right before he started his ridiculous tear, he asked Shanahan during practice how he did his slapshot. It was shown on MSG during warmups; it was quite funny.


    I hope Jaromir wasn’t standing in front of Shanny with an apple on his head.

  50. Tony, yea that kid is great we were screaming it from the buses!! we were chanting it after the game in the lobby to!!

  51. btw Jeever, those Pitts fans that got thrown out… the two second ones went into the lobby and made fun of the first because everyone saw him get his butt kicked…

  52. Sidney Crosby's Mother on

    JAGR! Quick couple questions:

    1. Given that you recently admitted you save some of your strength for the playoffs, what do you think of pundits that put too much emphasis on your regular season numbers? I mean you are leading the playoffs in points. That should count for something, right?

    2. Do you plan on continuing to lead the league in points during the playoffs so long as your team is in the hunt?

  53. Ags – Have you seen the Bobby Granger commercials from last year? 1 of them talked about how accurate Shanny’s slapper is. Granger stands in front of Shanny, he winds up, and fires the puck right into Granger’s baby-maker.

  54. Bush Leaguer’s should get what’s coming to em, but unfortunately the Rangers don’t play that style of hockey.

    Malkin should be taken out, but he won’t, because the Rangers don’t play that game.

    But Orr, Hollywood, etc should continue running right at Cindy and Vagina Malkin so they keep their heads up.

  55. Jaromir Jagr on

    Pete you know I play with much injury this year — but still I will not cry about it like typical crybaby Ranger fan. I am still at first level of winger, I play much well this series do I not? I will try harder as you say. Much hugs.

  56. Sidney Crosby's Mother on

    “I hope Jaromir wasn’t standing in front of Shanny with an apple on his head.”

    LOL he’s been straight-up whiffing wide on shots lately. At least he does well defensively.

  57. That 1 Pittsburgh fan deserved to be made fun of. He had a Samuelsson jersey, bandana around his head, and flowing blonde locks. he looked like an extra from The Karate Kid.

  58. Jaromir Jagr on

    Mother of Sidney Crosby–

    In Czech Republic we have saying “Z^ádná volná místa pu*jčovna autobusová” mean in English “save gas for when bus ride on street, not in station.” Most fans not even watch hockey in regular season, why worry of it? Do not the real stars come out during playoffs, when all is counted? Besides, Jagr is no spring chicken no more, like when he play with super great Mario.

    Jagr will try and lead playoffs in points so long as team is playing. As for pundits, Jagr no care what nerds who never strapped on skate have to say.

  59. Jagr funny how you have better grammar in interviews when you have to think of answers. What happened to you? When typing no speak English to good?

  60. brandon, I never said they should start asking renney now, rather they should be asking this question after every single game they play together…shut down the other team’s best line?? are you kidding, they could bring the zamboni out into the rangers offensive zone while that line is on the ice and it wouldn’t disrupt play…they play in their zone the entire game, give up a litany of scoring chances, take stupid and frequent penalties and do not develop any chances of their own. I have said it for 2 years, hollweg could use a lefty or right stick, it simply would not matter. As for the question if there is a better 4th line in hockey, the question is- is there a worse 4th line in hockey? And if the 4th line’s job is to simply shut down the other team’s best line, then should they not be playing strudwick on the 4th line instead of hollweg?

    And whomever wants to give renney credit for last night is lost…he was forced to move shanny down to the third line which is what we have all been asking for. Renney is extremely smart, well spoken and has a high hockey IQ, yet he is stubborn and loyal to a fault and wants to win his way or no way. Only an idiot can actually believe shanahan should be playing with gomez and that Hollweg is an NHL Player, he would ride the bench at any university in this country…

  61. Jaromir Jagr on

    vogs — Jagr sorry to disagree, but in Pittsburgh fans are manly, not like here where they cry like milkmaid with no cow. I know, I played in Pittsburgh for many year. Sorry for laugh when you baby cry then call other guy a bitch.

  62. #68 one more year on

    I think everyone is missing the boat on Sam’s latest blog.

    Renney implied that GLEN is actually doing SOMETHING! I’m sure he’ll opt to go fishing instead of actually dialing Campbell….

  63. Jagr, why also when you post you sound stupid, ignorant and almost like a shitsburg fan? but in interviews your funny, articulate and witty…but here your pathetic…

  64. Any person who successfully uses the word “litany” in a post on a hockey blog is wasting their talents.

  65. Actually Jagr likes to read and is a big fan of history. Isn’t he reading Einstein’s Bio right now? Really Pitt’s fan listen to the guy talk so you can properly imitate him.

  66. Honestly, talk of a NHL conspiracy are insane. Professional sports are not rigged by the league’s management.

    As for hitting or facewashing Crosby to get him off his game or to respond with a bad penalty, I don’t think its going to work. That guy has taken a lot of sh*t from players in the league already, I think he’s pretty much learned his lesson. Players have probably been trying to get him off his game since he was 16. Case in point, Avery slashed the hell out him and he didn’t respond.

    I’m not saying he won’t get angry or take a penalty but I think he’s cognizant of players trying to goad him into it.

  67. Josh… name a better 4th line in hockey. Since you answered a question with a question, I’ll go first.

    Our 4th line is better than Pitts 4th line.

  68. Jagr,

    How’s the book on Einstein coming?

    The real Jagr cares more about the theory of relativity and Milan Kundera than about the sorry-ass excuse for a city Pittsburgh

  69. JJP, last night cindi and vagina malkin (vogs I love it) were taken off their game…and they both responded. Little cindi ended up in the box and Vag decided to try to injure Mara…with a little slew foot action.

  70. Jaromir Jagr on

    JJP — you make good point sir. Avery take worst cheap shot at Crosby, but all Rangers fan do is whine about other guys.
    Maybe Ranger fans could see better if they pull their schoolgirl socks off of eyes?

  71. I’ve watched the 4th line pin other teams in their zone all season. Blair Betts is the best 4th line center in the entire NHL, Colton Orr is the only true enforcer we have and Ryan Hollweg is a great skater, despite his occassional penalty mishaps.

    I think we all agree that Jason Strudwick is not really fit for forward as we already saw that experiment and it didn’t work all too well.

    Collectively, the 4th line is effective.

  72. WTF? Who cares about the penalty shot!? Malkin broke the rules and should be suspended! Plus… that would mean their best player sits a game and we get closer to pushing this series to 7 games!!!!!

  73. Jaromir Jagr on

    Thanks Timay! you are little retarded boy like one on TV? Yes? Milan Kundera is excellent author, I did not know Americans even knew who he was.

    I will let you know how Einstein book is coming, soon.

  74. Sidney Crosby's Mother on

    Jagr I thought it was the crying ungrateful Pittsburgh fans who abandoned you right after you got injured? First the coach got on you, then the media, then the zombie lemming fans. When Mario came back and you were wearing the C they even cried about that.

    And when they didn’t have the money to keep you and Mario, they decided to go with Mario and make you look like the bad guy. Even though the coach already called you “heartless” for getting injured and not playing through it to become a Peter Forsberg, you showed as much class as you could. Respect is two-ways, I understand why you wanted to leave at that point.

    But it’s Rangers fans who appreciate you who are the crybabies now? What gives? Y

  75. Sidney Crosby's Mother on

    JJP you sure are delusional when it comes to your team and Avery. Slash the hell out of him lol. First off he didn’t 2nd this is PLAYOFF H O C K E Y! Get over yourself, crybaby.

    And when Orr went after the Lil Next One’s head, and Callahan had that huge hit you bet it got into his head–he went to the box. With Malkin.

  76. Thanks Timay! you are little retarded boy like one on TV? Yes?
    haha, that’s hilarious.

  77. Tony from AZ on

    Someone needs to trim Cindy’s nostril hairs. I though those were his skate laces !

  78. Fagina Malkin on

    Jaromir Jagr, can you tell me where my sweet babyfaced, big-pink lipped lover boy Cindi has gone…? I hear him crying…

  79. The only recommendation is to not frame the replies too much like Yoda was speaking…..

  80. Jaromir Jagr on

    Mother of Sidney Crosby–

    Jagr not say things were all roses garden in Pittsburgh. But you miss point, I think. Jagr merely point out the funny sight of Rangers fans saying Crosby is crybaby, then seeing them turning around and crying about all in sight, like jilted schoolgirl. It is I believe called irony, found much in Kundera novel. Much hugs to you!

  81. Tony from AZ, UNTIL I find out about this GMHL youare sponsoring, DONT SEND ME ANY MORE MAIL WITH THOSE KIND OF PICTURES.

  82. Brandon- I would argue that the Pens 4th line is better, they even scored a goal in this series. I guess what I intend to say is that Renney has a tendency to play the 4th line entirely too much. 3-4 minutes a game is fine, I am not going to complain who is on the ice if that’s all they are going to play. Last night was great, they didn’t see a single shift in the 2nd period and maybe they had 1 shift in the third. That’s the way it should be…

  83. Fagina Malkin on

    Jaromir, you with sweet babyfaced, big-pink lipped lover boy Cindi? I see head almost lay on ice from Capt. Colton. I want sweet cindi back you no take him…I drag lover boy back to Malkin cave…and play cindi nostril hairs…twirl between my fingers

  84. The Teacher on

    Billy, he comes here to Habs inside/out and does the same thing, then blames other people. He calls himself Habsguy on our site, Tony is a perv.

  85. Jags,

    So where do you find time to watch South Park and google Milan Kundera while skating in practice?

    You are truly amazing.

  86. Jaromir Jagr on

    Mrs. Fagina Malkin person — I do not know who this Cindi is, that you speak of. However, back in Republic we sometimes put lipstick on pig and call it girlfriend. Maybe Tony can tell you, afters he finish crying like second grader about nosehairs.

  87. To Jonny D –

    Messier was a cancer for his second stint with the Rangers.

    Also, the “Greatest Leader in Team Sports” had no problem taking credit for a goal he didn’t score.

    The Cup GWG was absolutely Noonan’s. Through a connection I had with a team employee, I was lucky enough to be at the After Party for the 1994 Cup, and Noonan told me “that was my goal, but I don’t care Moose can have it, he deserves it.”

    All anyone has to do is watch the tape, it is Noonan’s goal.

  88. Sidney Crosby's Mother on

    Who cares about the GWG Messier didn’t score? LET IT GO BRO! THEY WON THE CUP!

  89. Staal wart on

    ts16 May 2nd, 2008 at 2:43 pm

    To Jonny D –

    Messier was a cancer for his second stint with the Rangers.

    Also, the “Greatest Leader in Team Sports” had no problem taking credit for a goal he didn’t score.

    The Cup GWG was absolutely Noonan’s. Through a connection I had with a team employee, I was lucky enough to be at the After Party for the 1994 Cup, and Noonan told me “that was my goal, but I don’t care Moose can have it, he deserves it.”

    All anyone has to do is watch the tape, it is Noonan’s goal.

    is there a reason this is being discussed? isn’t it pointless 14 years later?

  90. Dang it, I was all set to rewatch the game, and now we find out the vcr is broke and doesn’t tape… so we dont have it to rewatch… :(

  91. Why dont Tony and BillyNYC cut the crap and stay on one site. American woman, please stay away, AmeriKKKan woman, these boys are ALL GAYYY.

  92. Hey Jags,

    I either want to throw you off the Karlov Most, or be friends with you-cannot decide yet.

    For those going to Praha next year: St. Charles Bridge

  93. JJP,

    As far as a “conspiracy”. I don’t think there is one…

    But answer this…

    If at the end of game 3, Mara pulled on Malkin what Malkin pulled on him last night…

    Would Mara have been in Game 4?

  94. Staal and Crosby’s Mom
    First, I’m a huge Rangers fan.

    Lets get one thing straight – I wasn’t talking about Malkin, who obviously was goaded into taking penalties and then threw that cheap slew foot.

    Crosby didn’t go after Mara because Mara did anything to get in his head. He got pissed and stuck up for a teammate. It was stupid because it was a clean hit, which made him look silly.

    Avery absolutely slashed Crosby, don’t be naive because you’re a Rangers fan. If I saw that play but the jerseys were reversed I would say the same thing. Was it an Adam Graves break your wrist, no but it was still a slash.

    Sorry if I’m able to look at things objectively.

  95. Fagina Malkin on

    Jaromir, you know my sweet babyfaced, big-pink lipped lover boy Cindi…you are bastard who told my little cindi to stand up on skates and no dive much…I no think baby cindi dive…we dive in bed to snuggle with big mario and coach michele…we share good time and put pink lipstick on my baby cindi and we all call him girlfriend…good times…

  96. I scored that goal and Messier knows it. I don’t even care about the Cup I just want to be credited with that goal. Should I die without this in my will, make sure it is etched into my grave.

  97. JJP,
    I’m not questioning your Ranger fan status…I agree it most certainly was a slash by Avery…
    I was arguing that Vag. Malkin and cindi could be taken off there game…thats all…

  98. Jaromir Jagr on

    Well friends here, it has been fun but Jagr must go back to work, late afternoon skate then team meal. In Pittsburgh they have much good Slav food, beer to wash down with best pierogies and hrookta outside of Prague.

    Much hugs to all! I promise Jagr will play hard for all crybaby Rangers fans, especially you little retarded boy, I will come visit in hospital! Dobrý večer!

  99. Agravine, Malkin slew footed Mara twice. It’s when you are behind someone and kick their skate out from under them while wrapping your arm around causing them to violently fall backwards. You can land on your neck, head or back. It is very dangerous and is one of the worst cheapshots you can give w/o getting a suspension in Malin’s case.

  100. Mara is the man. I hope he gets re signed. He is one of my fav D men on the team. He is awesome, and he’s not afraid to drop the gloves if the time is right, and he’s always there to stick up for his teammates. Some Nyr fans think the trade was dumb, but i think it was great, Mara is awesome. He’s been playing good.

    That game last night was great, Hank really put the team on his shoulders, and Jags helped out too.

    God damn it, Jags cant retire, he leads the NHL in point in the playoffs, he’s playing great hockey, he needs to stay. I hope Sather can talk him into staying at least another year, or two. That would be awesome. This year he had the lowest amount of points in his career i think, but defensively his game really got better, which can only help him. I cant say this enough, but ill say it again, don’t retire !!

    We need 3 more games like last nights. But for what its worth, at least we didn’t go down like a bunch of sissy babies, like the Avs, who got molested 8-2.

    Lets go Nyr !

  101. Is this the work of of one Pens fan or are their multiple Pens fans with no life? Or is this all that habs fan?

  102. Jaromir, don’t go…
    you going to little cindi now and wipe tears…little retarded boy in hospital but he no cry like little diving cindi…

  103. thanks whoever it was thats posting as Noonan…

    and thanks whoever told us abotu VS we are going to use a differnet vcr and tape this one… just to have it for when hockey withdrawal starts hitting…

  104. Tony from AZ on

    Agravaine, I think verus is going to replay the game today, also check the NHL channel if you get it.

  105. Jaromir Jagr on

    I Jaromir, very sick and tired of team and Renney, he tell me must hustle to win Cup, Jaromir alrealy have cup, team give me, why need another? Defense here too soft, ever see Rozy and Malik play, like Russian ballerins, I tell “Hit Someone”, stupids Hit ME, Jaromir. Need Wodka now. Where Avery, he look lkie broom up the ass. Walk funny now, me not trust him, a strange man. Hollweg always take a stupid penalty, tell coach not put him on ice, coach say Pens have to win this year. Dont know why, Bettman say so. Well, have o see Avery at hospital.

  106. You know Orr, I really didn’t like MAra at first and for most of this yer but ever since he came back form the facial injury he has been down right awesome and is growing n my favorite list! He is a funny guy too. i was waiting for autographs after a game and MAra came out and asked the people if they knew if the YAnkees won (they were playing red sox) so I said you don’t want to know the Yankees were killed. And he gave this evil type smile and said yeah I do Sox season ticket holder!

    Now I want to ask him if he is a Patriots fan and get him to personalize a puck for me saying “Paul Mara I can’t believe the Patriots went 18-1”

  107. For all here I have no idea why I was previously laughing? Maybe the person who posted that could tell me- bu tI probably don’t want to know.

  108. I heard Ward called out Jagr (LOL) and got the boot. I didn’t think anyone thought trading Ward for Mara was stoopid

  109. Jaromir Jagr on

    Mrs. Fagina Malkin sorry must go, just came back to check quick e-mail. ORR, your nice words make me blush like pig with bright lipstick! Děkuji vám, for sure.

    I promise I will dedicate next game to all Rangers fans who live in Village. I like much your fancy shirts. Jagr will be thinking of you, big C on my game shirt stand for Crybabies!

  110. I was looking at the rangers team pic today and I noticed something…
    Strudwick – bashed, people don’t like his lack of speed
    Hollweg – people hate him, takes bad penalties
    Jagr – some dislike because he’s slumped some and said he’ll play harder now.
    Dolan – hated by all

    the conclusion I draw… Ranger fans hate facial hair. the more obvious, the more hate there is.

  111. Jaromir Jagr on

    P.S. Jagr apologize for fake Jagr posting at May 2nd, 2008 at 3:02 pm — all can see Jagr never say such mean things. Tsk tsk, how low can someone gets, to imitate me? Now goodbye babies now I am late for skate.

  112. “Crosby going after Girardi”

    You can see Girardi 100% ready to dance there, you can read his lips: “let’s go” and he’s ready to shake the gloves off.

    Say what you will, there would be no better motivation for our team than for Cros to start with someone trying to make a statement and just getting his asshole kicked in.

  113. wtf? My comment was deleted? I simply said that rules are rules. They don’t want to suspend Malkin because they’d be playing without their best player after we just won a hard-fought victory!

  114. Why waste my time with the nonsense being posted today.

    PS, if the Rangers somehow make it out of this series and to the finals, Jagr winning the Conn Smythe suddenly becomes a possibility.

    But let’s focus on Game 5 first.

  115. Are you ok Staal? Why are you paging people?

    Oh man this is gonna be a long weekend! Good thing I am going to sleep at 3 in the pm on Saturday so I will be awake to drive all night on Saturday. I’m already going out of my mind.

  116. To answer your question Jorek, I was Fagina, figured I’d play along…
    I know Doodie, Beer, Nasty 1 are reading, just trying to pull you guys out of hiding…you know we can just ignore the morons…but if people don’t post to create discussion, I just play along with all the morons…what else should I do between patients…?

  117. The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
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    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
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    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…

  118. Jaromir Jagr on

    OK, skate over (short huh?) Jagr return with quick story. Jorek, especially you will appreciate this one.

    Once, Jagr met great Kundera, in Prague men’s room. Kundera was having prostate problems, and not looked good. I ask Kundera, what will you call next work of book?

    The Incredible Tightness of Peeing, he answer.

    That is funny to those knowing Kundera, if not, sound much dumb. Jagr is sorry for that.

    Now must shower quickly and board team bus to take to team dinner. I play hard for all crybaby Rangers fan soon!

  119. Tony will protect me from all those dillies from Habs inside/out. Note..They have a photo of Jagr from December meeting with Canadiens officials, you can see Trev Timmons and Bob Gainey talking to him, hmmm.

  120. The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    Rangers in 7…
    I believe

  121. Boy you know what? There really must be nothing to do in Canada. If going on to a message board of a team you aren’t playing and posting as people on that board is what you do for entertainment- you need a hobby.

  122. Does Sam check this blog? Does he care that its being made into a joke by these/ this person? They take e-mail addresses for a reason is n;t there a way of blocking or something?

    By the way there is a news report about a guy trapped in an elevator for 41 hours. I don’t know about any of you but I think in 41 hours (screw that 5) I would have found a way out of the elevator?

  123. I hope it works out that the pattern we saw all season is still in tact.

    Pattern 1: The Rangers play better when they are forced to -IE against division teams.

    Pattern 2: The Rangers play better against better opponents.

    Pattern 3: They feed off of very small amounts of positive actiivity – a key goal, an Orr KO punch, Shanny vs. Brashear.

    I don’t think Pitt can handle much adversity. They’r not used to it – and adversity is what they are now faced with for the first time. It may be enough to startle them.

    The 1975 Penguins lost from a 3-0 series lead…
    I believe.

  124. Who Needs Lohan on

    And to answer the question asked earlier I have done the reserch, and yes I have way too much time on my hands….

    222 teams have trailed in an NHL series 3 games to 1 including 3 times this year but not including the 3 current 3-1 series. 20 times have teams gone on to win 3 consecutive games. Thats a 9% success rate. So 1 in every 11 times it is done. Last time it happened was in 2003 when three teams, the Wild, the Canucks, and then the Wild again did it. Before that was the 2000 Devils against Philthy. So, yes it can be done. And yes, it will be done!!!!!

  125. Actually teacher I am an Irish/Italian Catholic. And the Islanders have all left for Florida and the golf season so they aren’t around anymore. Go back to Montreal.

  126. Teacher

    Jorek, you are a Jew without a clue and Phew. When the Rangers lose Sunday, “Pass the Bags”, Islanders will crash party your asses. Go Habs inside/out.

    Teacher – You best be careful. This is way more than hockey fan banter. It is a true religious slur and it is not to be tolerated.

  127. LGR are you surprised? Its the same classless Habs fan who has been here for days.

    WOw I was just watching versus 1. they had the lines wrong and 2/ they had our guys names spelt wrong

  128. Jorek
    “Its the same classless Habs fan who has been here for days”
    Classless is one thing…

  129. Thx Lohan. You have until Sunday evening to find the stats on teams trailing 3-2 to come back and win the next 2!

  130. What else is a Habs fan to do…they are about to be taken out of the playoffs after finishing first and posting here is all they have till after the game when they go torch more police cars…no back bone…Avery is so right about them…

  131. Who Needs Lohan on

    I couldnt find the scores of games 1, 2 and 3 in the 1975 series but what I did find is that the Islanders never led in any of the first 3 games and that they games were tied for only 26 of the 180 minutes played. That is getting your ass kicked. We could/should be 2-2,

  132. Man these versus announcers are great! I mean the way they give equal coverage to both teams and are fair in their analysis- its a level all their colleagues should strive for!

  133. Ok how does this make sense when Orpik hit Jagr the versus announcer says “I think it was a good hit. Its just because he didn’t get all of Jagr he fell awkwardly” Is that implying that had he gotten him totally it would have been better?

  134. Im Popeye the Irish Ginny man, I live in an ice cream van, I eat all my pasta, and hail Cosa Nostra, Im Jorek the Wop Mick man, toot toot. I,m Jorek the Wop Mick man, I live in an ice cream van, My Moms shes A HAIRY, SHE CALLS HERSELF MARY, i,M Jorek the Wop Mick man, poop poop.

    Is that kind of shit funny in canadia…wow…so pathetic…if it was funny I’d laugh but…the fact that two of you find it funny enough to LMAO…speaks volumes…keep going…
    do you have teeth, and all your chromosomes for that matter?

  135. Staal Wart on

    My father spanked me, then turned around and said, “NOW DO ME”.Im Staal Wart the asshole man, I live in a frying pan, get me some hon , cause the Rangers are done, My mothers a garbage man, toot toot. Look, boss, The Plane, The Plane.

  136. Tony from AZ on

    Sam, do you ever read this crap from these jerks ?
    Religious slurs, 9/11 jokes ? It’s one thing to be immature but slurs & 9/11 remarks are over the line .
    I’m out of here ( for awhile anyway)

  137. Apologies to Jorek, didnt know. Sorry. You are off limits now. Your fans are going to our site and doing this, just a taste of thrir own medicine. Not very nice, is it. When they srop, we,ll srop, and I have Islanders fans with us.

  138. Shit, I did it again. We need fans to get Habs inside/out to get rid of a poster named Habsguy, he is really from New York, and infiltrated our site. If he is gone, I am gone, DEAL?

  139. someone should tell this canuck that if your insulting someone who is italian you shouldnt call them a mick dumb ass.

    *It is a condition of your use of the comment features associated with the blogs that you do not: Use the site to post or transmit any unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane or indecent information of any kind, including without limitation any transmissions constituting or encouraging conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any local, state, national or international law. You alone are responsible for the material you post or send. Refer to the Terms of Service*

    i guess sam doesnt care about this

  140. Never signed anything, loser, you have no registration conditions, never made a threat, just amused alot of losers. Like you. Na na na na.

  141. Bruno, we’ve got nothing to do with him. I understand your frustration, but seriously, two wrongs aren’t going to make a right. Besides, he must really be a stupid one to attack the Canadiens when we have enough problems in front of our own team. But having a Habs fan around, I’d like to ask your opinion on this: I haven’t seen any of the games from your series. Why do you think the Flyers have been winning?

    To all others, I’ve updated my beard pictures. I’m growing at about a Nigel Dawes rate.

  142. Staal Wart on

    Bruno I once had a dog named Bruno…anyway, you must be a stupid bastard if you think we have control over who goes on your stupid Habs blog…
    to be honest your “comments” “rhymes” are pathetic and only serve to reinforce my stereotypes. Go ahead keep posting. Usually I’d just ignore you all but today was certainly over the line…
    We all know that your not going to keep coming on here and posting…so I could care less what you do…
    The fact that you think we might know who is posting on your site just makes you sound stupid and laughable…that is a real LMAO!

  143. Staal Wart on

    Doodie, speaking of Dawes, his playoff beard is pretty sweet, but I have to say this will all respect, seriousness, but he looks like a terrorist…its so funny. My wife pointed it out last night…its histerical…

  144. Doodie, thanks for being civil, you should see what goes on with our site. Sorry guy. Once I fould Jorek was a girl, no more. Now, to answer some questions, you see, Gainey likes his small Euros, we could have drafted Cirey Perry and Getzlaf in 2003, as we had two picks higher than Anaheim, the idiot takes Kostitsyns instead, the draft you tool Jessiman. We have needed a big center and power forards for years, the Kovalev-Koivu era should have ended years ago. Philly is hitting us hard, often and with ill will. We simply are soft. Notice how Boston almost beat us. You will come back in your series. Wish Avery was alright. Hit Crosby and Malin, and crash their net. Tell Straka to straighten out those tip ins. Get yourselves more North American defensemen next year, your front of the net is weak. Like my knowledge. Later.

  145. Rangers fans, If you want to get hockey information on other sites, we go to..1-Hockey Buzz.. for rumors and hockey doings..2-Spectors Hockey sililar to HB…3 HTR. trade rumors and discussions 4-Hockeys Futures,com know all about prospects ESPN.

  146. Bruno- What is your thoughts on the trade deadline deal that sent Huet to Washington? Do you think that took some of the wind out of the Habs sails?

  147. Who Needs Lohan on

    Now we’re engaging these guys in conversations? Eff that. This blog has kinda sucked today, too much Canadian influence i guess….. Hope you all liked my stats from earlier. We have a chance all…

  148. The Huet trade has left Habs fans so divided, that many were expelled from the site, fifty percent were against it, fifty pervent wanted Price in because he won the gold and Calder Cup with our farm team last year. Montreal will always give their high draft pick the benefit. Also, we were anticipating Hossa coming here at the deadline, supposedely, he was fitted for a Habs unifom, Higgins was the piece we didnt want to send, it fell through. So when Huet was traded, it was mixed, I believe the players have confidence in him, he is only 20. We now have a dispute, as if you notice, we are having him become a BUTTERFLY goalie, he is big, should he play that style? Whatever you think of hockey in Montreal, it is a cesspool of media, a real circus dometimes, The team means alot to many. Total passion, well, best of luck Rangers, if we cant win this year, hope its you.

  149. Dont be talking to these American losers, or you are off the site, loser.

  150. czechthemout!!! on

    What a double standard the nhl has.Can you imagine if Avery had slew footed anyone?Not only would he be suspended,but he would be banned for life.Like I’ve said,in watching Sean play the last year and a half,I’ve yet to see him do anything even remotely resemble what Malkin did to BOth Drury and Mara! That was a deliberate attempt to injure two players on the Rangers,but nothing is being done about it.If the slew was on the other foot,I’m sure we would facing a suspension right now.

  151. The New York Rangers ranked 8th out of thirty teams for prospects, according to Hockey Futures. Their prospects boast depth and high end talent. Some names you may already recognize as some have made the big club. Marc Staal and Bobby Sanguinetti are both impact defensemen. At foward, there are players like Alexi CHerepanov, Alex Bouret and Brandon Dubinsky, all with a bright future. On a tier below those players, are names such as Tom Pyatt, Artem Anisimov, Mike Sauer, Lauri Korpikoski and Huhe Jessiman.

  152. why would anyone read hockey buzz.

    “the habs will win the cup this year” ek(5)

  153. Ok so when people start taunting should I just post a bulletin announcing I am a girl to see if that works more often?

  154. Bruno….what are your thoughts about Michael Ryder ryding the press box?? Furthermore, would he be a good fit here in NY since we need size upfront and on the wing? Thanx

  155. THis is somewhere on the real I’m just not sure where…

    “Therrien dismissed Malkin’s slewfooting of Mara, saying it was nothing compared to now-injured Rangers forward Sean Avery’s stickwork on Fleury at the end of Game 4. At the worst, he said, it would have been a two-minute penalty on Malkin.

    “That’s not a major thing,” Therrien said.

    Malkin’s frustration, Therrien said, mimics Crosby’s in that he is driven to win and the Penguins were merely displaying their unhappiness at not closing out the series in New York.”

    So slew footing someone is nothing, but don’t slap a goaltender who has been slashing at your legs…

  156. LIQUID

    Ryder is hardly a big player if you’re looking to size up on the wing. He’s listed at 6’0″ and 192, which means he’s 5’10’ and 185.

  157. Bathgate

    From tomorrow’s Times article, which would seem at first blush to take issue with those (and I know you know who you are) who thought the penalty shot call was appropriate last night.

    “[Renney] said he was eager to hear the N.H.L.’s explanation for a penalty-shot call against the Rangers. The call came late in the second period, after Girardi shoved Malkin during a breakaway. Girardi had no stick at the time. There is no rule against hitting a puck-carrier from behind when the players are away from the boards.

    “’They’re getting back to us,’” Renney said of Sather’s call to the league. ‘I’m not sure. It was a penalty of some kind. I don’t know. It has to be a trip, hook, crosscheck, whatever.’”

  158. Bathgate, so will the article have the answer? I didn’t know you could hit a puck carrier from behind as long as he wasn’t near the boards? They never announced what the penalty was, shouldn’t it be listed in game stats?

  159. Thanks for that, Bathgate. The critical sentence: “There is no rule against hitting a puck-carrier from behind when the players are away from the boards.”

    Will somebody please wake me when TrueFanBleeder & Brandon and their uber-brainpowered posse get something even close to right? (How ya doing, Beer Me??)

    Whoever came up with the aphorism that a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing had no idea how right he (or she) was. Just log in here every few hours or so.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  160. Agravaine

    Can’t be interference — Malkin had the puck.

    (PS — I like your stuff on YouTube. Good going)

  161. Liquid, there may be nore to the Ryder story than we know. My sources have said Carbonneau and Gainey havent spoken to Ryder for months, and being down three games to one, he has sat every game. His brother is a Calgary prospect, and has an alcolhol problem, we hear Michael may have also. Teams interested in his services must know he is a streaky scorer, and must have his shots set up for him, he creates little of his own offense. The new NHL is about speed, Ryder is somewhat slow, he has to have the right linemates.

  162. Jorek

    No — when it’s a penalty shot, they do not list the infraction. Weird, but true.

    I wish my sisters were as solid Ranger fans as you two are.

  163. Jo I can’t find it anywhere.. the play by play doesn’t have it and since there was no power play just a penalty shot there is no record of a penalty being called in the summary

  164. Jorek — They do not specify the call when a penalty shot is called. I do not know why, to be honest.

  165. deppie,

    my saying its interference is a joke becuase all season long Jo and I have said when the refs think they need to call a penalty but don’t know what to call they call interference.

    Interference= Ranger’s playing hockey…

  166. btw
    thanks I always appreciate feedback on my youtube works.

    I still have half the pictures form Game ONe v the Devils to make a video with, and now I have about 700 pictures from last night to clean up and make videos with!!! I will be keeping y’all entertained for well into the summer with all these pictures…

  167. HAhaha Ag I was down stairs doing the same research you are doing upstairs. A [enalty was called just not a pp- shouldn’t it say penalty and then instead of the two minutes it should say shot or something in the summary. Or else refs can just give em whenever they want . . . oh wait . . . hmmm . . .

  168. 2-0 now. Ron Wilson, it looks like it might be time to make a few copies of your resume.

  169. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    I believe the penalty you are searching for is roughing, you can punch a guy away from the boards…and even dive and punch him, and have it be roughing. That being said, I doubt the NHL will explain the call because of the wording of the rulebook. I know you disagree, and I appreciate the way you said it, other napolean-complexed individuals try and be tough guys by spouting their mouths off at 11:11pm on Friday night (“ewwww, tough guy” – as Gomez would say). Home on momma’s computer on a Friday night being a tough guy. Hahaha…nice.

    The boxscore is reflective of the way the ruling is decided. That times article only re-affirms what Sam posted this morning, which is they still don’t understand and “…It doesn’t say that in the rulebook at all…Glen can take care of that area and has.”

    We’ll see what the official response is from the NHL, if any at all.

  170. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    11:11 was probably 5 minutes after a wanna-be Rangers fan put their boyfriend to be and lubed up their dildo for “deuppIe”-penetration.

  171. The sharks are playing like goldfish….I wouldnt mind taking Christian Ehrhoff off their hands this summer….He is a RFA….Who determines the value of a RFA in regard to what the team gets in return if they lose player to an offer sheet?

  172. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    *to bed…*

    BTW: it’s not you or Agg that i’m referring to.

  173. Anyone watching the game? I saw the relays and i dont know . . .it really looks like a kicking motion but he wasn’t looking so he did that blind?? tough one!

  174. TrueFan

    Roughing? On a breakaway? Please tell me you are not serious.

    Why is it so hard for you to recognize the simplicity of what took place? There was no foul. If there had been, the NHL would have been trumpeting it all day long.

  175. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Bathgate, I agree there was no foul committed!!! I’ve said that like 4 times.

  176. Sweet dreams, TrueBleeder. Good to know I am in your head the way I am. You have yet to be right about anything of substance. No fun to be found out as a poser, I’m sure, but it will build character in the ling run.

  177. Jo, I told Anthony about Jagr’s “those are my friends” comment, since he helped me hand out the signs… he replied haha so I am one of Jagr’s friends now!

  178. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    It’s kind of gay you’re thinking about Brandon and I this late right? I know you miss us…but i’m not like that brah. Stick with your current boyfriend.

    For 2007-08, the compensation due for signing a RFA to an Offer Sheet is:

    Amount Compensation Due
    $773,442 or less None
    $773,442 – $1,171,882 3rd round pick
    $1,171,882 – $2,343,764 2nd round pick
    $2,343,764 – $3,515,645 1st and 3rd round pick
    $3,515,645 – $4,687,527 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round pick
    $4,687,527 – $5,859,412 Two 1st’s, one 2nd, one 3rd round pick
    $5,859,412 or more Four 1st round picks

    The amount is determined by taking the total compensation due in the Offer Sheet, and dividing by the number of years specified in the Offer Sheet, or five (5) – whichever is less.

  180. You guys are fuggin nuts still arguing about the Girardi push to the back on Malkin! lolz , Who gives a flying fugg…we got bigger fish to fry on Sunday! Meanwhile, back at the ranch, do the Rangers start the exact same lineup on Sunday as they did in Game 4?

  181. Thats all and good liquid but . . . . I still don’t understand. Depending on how much the player makes you give up a certain amount of draft picks and then divide their salary by five (or however many years they are signed) in order to give cash?

  182. TrueFanBleeds

    Hey, you slimed me for being an old guy and I let it go. But leave the similarly low-grade gay slurs out of your act — I know you have to be better than that, in both cases.

  183. LIQUID,

    it may be that its latish or it may be that I am dumb, but I frankly don’t understand.. sorry could you explain?

  184. Hey Bruno, I am looking for a site where I can look at all teams draft picks from day one. Also if the site mught have individual stats on a particular player. Can you help?

  185. we are still talking about the Girardi thing because it is midnight and there is nothing else to do!
    Ag thats kind of real funny! Guess he did read your sign!

    Can’t we be civil to each other?

  186. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Bath, the previous response wasn’t at you… I do appreciate the actual conversation you and I are exchanging though.

    About the call, I mentioned 4 times it was a dumb call, and one that I couldn’t imagine someone making in the game. That being said, I don’t think there’s a conspiracy theory against the Rangers or any BIG NHL plans for the Penguins in which they would unduely award the P-shot. They do favor the Penguins, and call alot of marginal penalties against the Penguins foes, because Crosby is the figurative child of the “new” NHL. With that, the ref believed he saw Girardi take away a quality scoring chance with the push/shove, from behind. Obviously, what he saw WAS WORSE (in his mind) than what millions of us saw. Believing that Malkin was punched or hauled down and losing that quality chance (even though he got a damn good shot…and looked to purposely plow into Lundqvist), due to the actions of the player behind him (Girardi) is what led to him awarding the penalty shot. I’m saying it’s a dumb call but it’s not that penalty shots are awarded for the same reasons minors are. They are recorded differently in the boxscore for that reason too.

  187. You know you’re winning an argument when the “You’re a homo” action starts to fly around.

  188. LIQUID

    I think same lineup, I really liked the way everyone workedwith eachother, even when things were jumbled with guys double shifting and such..

    its hard to beleive Sjostrom Orr and Hollweg only got three mintues, becuase they had energy (Sjo had some chances and Orr some hits) but I think it was a good mix, getitng the scoreres out there and the fourth line to keep them honest

    btw, Jo just checked the tape, you timed it wrong. It cut off before the third period started… thats it, the boys will just have to win the cup so we can buy a dvd that has all the games on it!!

  189. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Its interesting how Bruno is acting almost like a guest-analyst on this site now answering questions and offering his advice and opinion. Kinda funny.

  190. It was timed to tape until seven which is what the thing was scheduled for. Versus had the schedule wrong. Not everything is my fault.

    I would go with the same lines cause they worked so well.

  191. Lasr post tonight, cramming for a medical exam, The site I really just found out about recently is called Hockey

  192. Ag & Jo….Just reading where they have good info that explains it better than me…..

    I was looking at the Rangers #’s for 2008-09….crazy that they are on the books for C. Backman @ 2.3mm a year….I could see Avery telling Slats when Slats is trying to bush him …”dude , are you fockin serious…you are paying backman 2.3 mill, and you want to give me 2.5? how many fans have backman jerseys? the guy is a career minor leaguer at best….4 mill a year for 3 years or I join cindy and malkinstein”

  193. Jo I don’t know why it just stopped I guess this vcr crapped out to, becuase it did end at 7. It looks like it stopped taping at six… I wonder if the time didn’t change with daylight savings or something.. … welll I’m not sure, but the time on the tv is an hour fast… so thats why it didn’t tape right

  194. Jo & Agra…Are you serious about using a VCR? In this day and age, their are devices called DVR’s. They work wonderfully…..You could even set some of them to record from remote locations using a computer or cell phone/PDA…. They are offered to you from Cablevision, Directv, Dish Network or Verizon Fios. A VCR is like Jeremy Roenick tonite….old and about ready to retire…hehe

  195. LIQUID

    Backman deal could be worse, he is a cap hit of 2.3 we are paying him 4 something next year but since the cap hit is the contract averaged it doesn’t count his whole salary…

    I appreciate Avery’s contribution but I don’t know about 4 mil for him either I think 3…

    its just with Tyuts and Girardi getting bigger contracts I want to have money available for when Cally and Dubi Pru and Dawes and Staal come up to free agency (I won’t give up on Pru till he gets actual time on the pp and right wing and a fair shake at it… his rookie year was the only year where he regularly played on the right side and got pp time…) ANd I’d like to be able to afford when Sanguinetti Cherapanov and Anisimov among others come up… we can’t keep giving large contracts, the salary cap won’t go up every year by too much… or wecan’t bank on that atleast.

  196. LIQUID,
    indeed but the tv upstairs (which we are using) is an old tv and has a built in vcr… amazingly enough we don’t have dvd recorders at all… and we have direc tv.. gotta say we have Fios for our computer internet and I am about ready to strangly the inventor, it freezes up and stops loading pages all the time…

  197. we were thinking about getting a dvd recorder but they ones we saw were a bit much… especially when we have vcrs which work (as long as the telly is set right, which it is now)

  198. Sangs, Cherry and Ani will get 850k for 3 years just like Staal did. I think they call it an entry level contract or some shit.

  199. LIQUID
    its true that when they come up they will get entry level contracts, if you give Avery a 3 yr 4 mil contract do you mean thats it just three more years and let him go, or would you want to resign him… if you resign him he woud expect even more of a raise I am sure and it would have to be paid around when the kids come up for free agency…

  200. If you have Directv then swap out the receiver you have and get the Directv HR-21 with a Samsung LCD so you can watch in high def. Then wait about a year and get a blu-ray recorder….25-50 gb’s which trumps a DVD of 9.4 gbs

  201. In 3 years, I am sure their will be some other skillful pain in the ass will come through the system…hehe I guess you gauge if the Rangers win the cup within that time frame in regard to re- resigning Avery.


    I didn’t realize Girardi was the one who gave both players penalty shots (really I forgot it was him on Madden)

    “Girardi’s development took flight during his time with the Guelph Storm and London Knights of the OHL from 2002-05. In 2005, his London team won its first Memorial Cup following a 4-0 decision over Sidney Crosby’s Rimouski Oceanic team of the Quebec Major Junior League.”

  203. Still up, good hockey. We have certain players here that are called ghosts, they have a good regular season, then disappear in the playoffs. Notice every year Thornton disappears come playoff time.

  204. Ag the SHarks are in the same place the RAngers are. They have forced game 5 and are trying to force GAme 6

  205. Jo your cat is trying to eat my hand… I think she wants you… oh she just jumped at my face… now she is eating my computer…

  206. overtime we gotta do this tomorrow except win . . . in regulation would be better! And it would be nice if two penguin goals could get waved off to help us with that!

    By the way other than Ag and I is anyone watching the game?

  207. Morrow can do me anytime, a real stul, with butter. Oil him up please, jockfeast with a big prize, mmm good.

  208. JJG, it’s PLAYOFF HOCKEY! WAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! Like nobody slashes? When it comes to Crosby everything turns into a double-standard.

    Morrow is so sick. Denied two goals tonight lol I think at least 1 should have counted.

  209. WOuldn’t it be possible to give Morrow a penalty shot? Couldn’t you argue the reason he didn’t hit the puck in with his stick was because he ws cross schecked into the net (which they were given a power play for) had that not happen he would have shot the puck in? It prevented him from getting a shot so why no penalty shot?

  210. “Rangers fans, If you want to get hockey information on other sites, we go to..1-Hockey Buzz.. for rumors and hockey doings..2-Spectors Hockey sililar to HB…3 HTR. trade rumors and discussions 4-Hockeys Futures,com know all about prospects ESPN.”

    Hockey Buzz sucks. Eklund posts the most ridiculous rumors on the planet. Spector’s Hockey is a good site. I’ve never been to HTR. Hockey’s future is ok, but I’m not crazy about their analysis. If any of them knew what they were talking about they would have actual scouting jobs. TSN is good, but I liked it better when it gave scouting reports.

  211. Wow….the Sharks just ate the Stars and spit them out….lol Hopefully the Rangers are watching this game for inspiration.

  212. holy crap. I didn’t read all 293 comments before mine. But I hope they all weren’t about the ‘penalty shot’. Its over, and Hank stopped it. Let slats get the league to issue a clarification on the rule, and move on.

    I saw the discussion about Backman being on th ebooks for 2.3mil and trying to use that to justify Avery’s payday he’s sure to get. If you start using other MISTAKES to justify future MISTAKES, then you’re going down a dark dark road. Avery will get his offer, turn it down, test the market, then we’ll overpay him based on other GM’s trying to F*CK the Rangers. Avery & slats should be best buds. Avery’s peers despise him, and so do Glens.

  213. Staal Wart on

    Hockeybuzz is horrible…usu. if I go there its to be entertained…
    Spectors is real good
    TSN is also pretty good

    Jorek and Agravaine…I was wondering…do you live in the same home and 1 posts upstairs and 1 downstairs…thats what I imagine…LOL

  214. I hope everyone is right about hockeybuzz being not so good…

    Comrade Ecklund has me (e3) to play for a team called “Icedogs” next year

  215. Wow, I just remembered that I ran into Doc Emerick after the game. I was cordial to him and told him I’ve been a fan since the 72 Cup finals and go to about 15-20 games a year. He called me a true fan. I was hammered but I didn’t want to be a jerk to him. I only remembered it now, beer does some funny things.

  216. 22figure8

    I’ve met Emrick twice — he could not be a nicer, more genuinely good guy. No airs, no condescension. His willingness to make fun of himself on TV as he’s calling a game seems to reflect that. I am a fan.

  217. very cool 22figure8,

    I saw Graves, Glenn Anderson and Greschner after the game… got them to sign my neighbors jersey and he flipped.


    last night i was upstairs and Jo was downstairs. We still live at home with our Mum (yes we are that pathetic :^) and when we had gone away to college she turned upstairs into a kind of apartment for us when we came home. But often times Jo is in the city or studying somewhere, we aren’t usually chatting on the internet while we are both home…

  218. do the boys have a practice this morning? and then fly out to itts? or are they already down there… over there… whatever…

  219. Thats cool Agravaine…It’s pretty obvious you know each other and frankly I enjoy both of your thoughts on our Rangers…

    Oh and sometimes I wish I lived with my parents or my in-laws,(yes I said in-laws)…so much cheaper…

  220. Ag, I hope the regular boys take the day off today. I watched the West game last night and they looked so much more energized and fresh compared to the Rangers and Penguins this series it’s like fast-forward! Even in the 3rd period.

    Let’s hope Lunqvist stands tall again and I don’t think we even have to ask for more from Jagr who will do his part. The rest of the team needs to want to win as bad as Jags and we’re good.


  221. Sam…got any news?
    this thread is 302 posts now 303 posts old and its…getting…old

  222. “Whereever we go, whatever we do, we,re gonna go do it together.. We know we,re not tall, our back ,gainst the wall, whatever we do its together…The fans are sill wishing, if not we,ll go fishing, whatever we do its together”. Dedicated to Mike.

  223. I did not post the above message — so whoever is stealing my name, I am officially whining about it.

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