While hardly sitting pretty…


…the Rangers can point to two encouraging signs after the first period:

1. They handled well a Pittsburgh power play that has dogged them all series.

2. They allowed Henrik Lundqvist to establish a rhythm in stopping eight shots.

But like I said, a long way to go here. Scoring the first goal would be huge for the Rangers.

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  1. if someone could inform these refs that they wont lose their jobs if they call a penalty on malkin that would be great – he’s hauled down 3 or 4 guys so far, and nothing has been subtle

  2. Is a hayena similar to a hyena? Does it live on a farm with horses? How can you call this shuffling the deck chairs (besides Strudwick)? Renney put in his next healthy guys from the bench.

    I’m pretty surprised he didn’t put Moore in there because he played a few times in the regular season, and practiced with the Rangers a lot more than that. I haven’t seen Prucha in the game yet, but I think I saw him walking out there. Apparantly he’s played 2:51. We really only have two capable offensive lines tonight because Drury is in pain, Shanny is slow, and we all know about the fourth line.

    Henrik is looking sharp tonight, but it may be too little, too late.

    It’s amazing how many times Emrick is wrong during play-by-play, things that I can see easily at home. I’m starting to flip over to Beer Me!’s side that he is a terrible announcer.

  3. are the announcers going to acknowledge that jagr was just dead on the ice?

  4. Apparently these commetators just defended a clear charge on Jagr. The guy left his feet to hit Jagr in what was clearly a penalty.

  5. Actually, the goal looks like it went to Fleury’s right. They haven’t really talked about it because of Jagr getting hit.

  6. I always thought they did those bench interviews live, but they are clearly done during the break because Gill was on the ice for that faceoff, and last game Dubinsky was next to the guy she was interviewing when he was skating.

  7. are you fucking for real with this?

    i cant help but laugh cause this is absurd

  8. These refs are so full of shit. How is that even a penalty when someone gets pushed? Just because Malking lost his balance, we shouldn’t reward him.

  9. if this counts i want every god damn ranger skating right into fluery not even taking a shot just running right into him

  10. I cannot believe there calling that a penalty shot, WTF is going on here, this is highway robbery. Since when you can’t push somebody when they have the puck, it’s the same thing when you body check someone. That is not a penalty at all. I’ve had it with the nhl, the refereeing is a joke.

  11. This game is a little weird. It’s almost like pittsburgh doesn’t want to win, they rather clinch at home.


  13. It’s like the ref though Girardi held him somehow. The only way he could have done that would be to take off his glove and dig in his fingernails. That was so stupid. Malkin just choked and the ref wanted to give him another chance, but he choked even more. I guess that’s why Malkin isn’t in their shootout lineup.

  14. I guess we’re back to *Chris* Simpson rather than *Christine*. Versus doesn’t even know their people’s names. Look at Shanahan refusing to wear the lame *Versus towel*. LOL

  15. New Newman on

    I am flying blind in the Carribean….I have nhl radio,

    has jags returned since that hit?

    from what i can tell lines are:
    shoe dubi jags
    dru cal dawes
    shanny gomer pru
    orr holly ??

    staal rosy
    mara struds
    toots gir


  16. gary bettman on

    the league wants a game on Sat on NBC

    so, this game will go to the rangers

  17. Evgeni Milkman just started taking Diving classes, Sid Crabby doens’t take his money cause he feels bad the guy doesn’t know english yet.

    Good job Hank, and Jagr !!

    Jags is the man, and im really hoping he has another year left.

    LOL, trust me, all the guys that retired, if they had a shot like Jags’ has, then they would definitely come back.

    He is playing like a Captain. Hopefully everyone else steps up and chips in. Hank neeeds to be perfect.

  18. Who Needs Lohan on

    Seriously on the Penalty shot…I dont understand how that is even a penalty. If you dont use your stick and you dont do it near the boards, arent you allowed to push someone from behind? Now Ive seen it all. I think the ref looked at the goal prematurely to see if the puck would go in on the breakaway, looked up to see Malkin run Lundqvist and assumed he had been mauled. Of all the bad calls that was the worst of the playoffs. Worse yet, the announcers dont acknowledge the bad call. They dont know enough i guess to do so.

  19. yeh, penalty shot call was marginal at best. a penalty shot is awarded when a defender (who is beaten on the play) denies the offensive player a chance to get a shot. did girardi’s ‘shove’ deny Malkin the right to shoot? the puck dahm near went into the net!!! BS, if you ask me.

  20. Jagr didn’t miss a shift.

    Straka – Dubi – Jagr
    Dawes – Gomez – Cally
    Prucha – Drury – Shanny
    Sjostrom – Holly – Orr

    I don’t know where you came up with Sjostrom on the first line, haha.

  21. onecupin67years on

    Pitts playing like dreck and the rangers can only muster 1 goal.The nhl officiating is falling apart with its over “anal “lyzing every play ,but the rangers will collapse in the 3rd maybe ot only to prolong the torture.

  22. F’n AAAA!!!! Dubinsky!!!!! right after he got speared in the leg by some Fn Penguin, he gets up and scores!!!

  23. Emrick is so bad; I’ve now accepted it. He thinks Callahan is on the ice when Dubinsky’s line is taking the draw. It was Strudwick, much bigger than Callahan, who hit the guy, dummy!

  24. I consider Emrick an observant announcer but what the hell? No mention of Malone using his stick to knock down Dubinsky or that Dubinsky skated straight to the Pens bench to mouth off. Very shoddy.

  25. shit…here it is. the ‘prevent’ defense. this killed us in game 1. need a little forecheck!!!

  26. Greg M
    May 1st, 2008 at 7:55 pm
    yeh, penalty shot call was marginal at best. a penalty shot is awarded when a defender (who is beaten on the play) denies the offensive player a chance to get a shot. did girardi’s ‘shove’ deny Malkin the right to shoot?


    You make it sounds like if Girardi pokechecked the puck away it stilkl would have been a penalty shot, lol. There are a few criteria needed to call a penalty shot:

    1) The player is beyond their own blue line.
    2) There is nobody between him and the net but the goalie.
    3) The player must be in posession and control of the puck.
    4) The player must be denied a reasonable scoring opportunity.
    5) The player must be fouled directly from behind.

    Can you tell I’m a ref, lol? 1 through 3 are obviously true. 4 is arguable. But 5 is what gets me. There was no foul! He pushed someone that had the puck. That’s not worthy of a penatly.

  27. And you jsut called him Stahl.

    I thought Crosby might lose his mind after being stopped by Rozsival yet again. And Girardi gets two minutes for *receiving*. Great job by Rozsival on Crosby these last two games.

  28. Man, for all the wonderful things Lundqvist is, I wish he was a better, more confident puck handler. Whatever, looking good so far. Keep it up Hank!

  29. pack your bags were going to pittsburgh
    if they play the way they did today and for the most part game 3 besides the boneheaded plays i do believe we have a chance.

    i wonder if we can get jed back to block shots in game 5.

    great game by HEN-RIK

    jagr shanny much respect boys

  30. That’s it Gonchar…drop your gloves with your visor on…wuss….

    Nice slew-foot by Malkin, too. 2 of them.

  31. Malkin really does need to be watched. Nobody is calling penalties against him, as someone mentioned earlier. He’s being more of a bitch then Crosby.

  32. anyone keeping track at home, besides the roughing penalty, they missed approximately 50 trips/hooks and 2 slew foots on malkin. problem is he’s getting into crosby land where he can do no wrong.

  33. Cant wait for the game four loss and Canadas site srashing party here. We invited Islanders fans over.

  34. Mr. O'Hallaran on

    You’re not expecting calls are you? Refs handed them the first two games already, tried again tonight. Should be 3-1 NYR right now. There is NO way the NHL will NOT let Cindy advance. STACKED deck, we just gotta beat ’em all!

  35. Hay Pappi, I am Deppie, a born again Preppie, I need a man, want it up the can, A tease that needs a good sleeze.

  36. Gerry Cosbys Sporting Goods store is selling Rangers 1994 Stanley Cup jerseys that WERE 200.00 dollars for 99.00.

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