So much for that


A couple of wireless problems here in the press box, but I’m sure you’ve already noted that the Lauri Korpikoski Era has been put off at least another game.

Tom Renney went the safe route with Ryan Hollweg centering the fourth line.

Come to think of it, I’m not sure that qualifies as safe….

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  1. Good call in that last sentence, Sam.

    Staal is not looking too sharp: two (questionable) penalties and a terrible giveaway.

  2. Hilarious. All of the guys called up from Hartford are more deserving of a jersey tonight than Hollwegg or Orr. Brodie Dupont at 21 has more talent in his pinky than those two idiots combined. Four straight here we come!

  3. Renney is an idiot. Id rather throw in a guy who has never played an NHL game in his life, rather then play a guy who raped his own teammates chances of getting back into this series. Good thing the fans are booing that piece of garbage.

    That first period was ridiculous, stupid give aways, lazy plays, Gomez looks like he has something better to be doing.

    They better win this game, dont embarrass the fuggin city and organization.

  4. Staal Wart on

    May 1st, 2008 at 6:46 pm
    Staal Wart, your daddy justspanked you, then turned around and sid, NOW DO ME.

    sid huh…whats he your lover…Freudian slip if I ever saw one…

  5. czechthemout!!! on

    Brian so true.

    That idot dresses the two clowns tonight but leaves off more desreving players!

  6. czechthemout!!! on

    The deckchairs are being shuffled on the good ship titanic again by the Hayena.

  7. I like Renney as a coach and what he has done with this team the past few years…. but I just can’t comprehend some of his decisions sometimes…

    So who’s not back next year?


    Lundvist? jk.

  8. Staal Wart on

    Sam, are we going to CHristopher Street after the loss. Ask Tony and BillyNYC roo.

  9. czech

    Loyalty, when it is shown by a leader who does not demand accountability, is not only no virtue, it is a defect.

    Renney has been exposed —- he’s clearly a great guy, a wonderful representative for the team PR wise, and capable at certain aspects of the job. But he is so far over his head when up against a team who has a good coach and whose talent is not markedly inferior to his own.

  10. Is a hayena similar to a hyena? Does it live on a farm with horses? How can you call this shuffling the deck chairs (besides Strudwick)? Renney put in his next healthy guys from the bench.

    I’m pretty surprised he didn’t put Moore in there because he played a few times in the regular season, and practiced with the Rangers a lot more than that. I haven’t seen Prucha in the game yet, but I think I saw him walking out there. Apparantly he’s played 2:51. We really only have two capable offensive lines tonight because Drury is in pain, Shanny is slow, and we all know about the fourth line.

  11. Where is Jorek, he and Tony and I have reservations at Rawhides tonight. Sept 11th is my birthday,Tony.puu.

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