Riding the 68 Train to Pittsburgh


How about the captain tonight?

With banners all around the place begging him to stay, Jaromir Jagr lined up for the national anthem, alone by the far boards as he usually is, looking around the place as he always does, but maybe for the final time.

He played all those games growing up on Mario Lemieux’s right, and somebody quickly realized that if you jumble the letters in “Jaromir” you come up with “Mario Jr.”

He scored the winning goal for the Penguins in Wayne Gretzky’s last game here. He was a teammate in Mark Messier’s last game here.

We don’t know if this was his last. It still may have been. He didn’t want to discuss it after the game. He said he’ll sort it out when all is said and done.

But he did his best to make sure it isn’t done yet. He scored two goals, had an assist, and seemed to either be on the ice, just coming off, or just coming on for every shift.

The Rangers played a lot differently in this one, a lot more sure, a little more according to the plan. They had nothing to lose, but they didn’t play with recklessness.

The whole point tonight, as the Rangers said after Game 3, and on the day in between games, was “to get to Pitt.” Now they are going to Pitt with one goal in mind: To get back to New York.

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  1. If Straka could shoot with Jagr he would have so many goals.. Jagr sets him up all the time…

    Dubinsky is a good young player..

    Staal starting shaky but picked it up, but at the end of the day Henrik played well and that is why they won….

    Yeah baby

  2. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Sam, I completely disagree with your assessment, especially in the first and second periods. 3 breakaways against plus a penalty shot (although questionable) is far from “the plan”…or so I would think.

    Anyone notice Sandis Ozol, err. Dan Girardi out there? Oy! Scary.

    They are definitely in the Penguins heads. And think, it took 1 Girardi hit, 1 attempted Orr hit, and 1 Loss. Wow. That’s all it took to rattle them.

    Bathgate…please prove me wrong. Please!!!

  3. Absolutely magnificent performance from Jagr, who has truly become a great Ranger in this series. He has left everything out there especially in these last two games, and he’s said nothing but the best things that you’d want the captain of your hockey team to be saying. in the wake of game 3’s loss, he immediately said he thought this team could do something special. I for one won’t be surprised if they do.

    (As i type this, Henriuk Zetterberg scores an incredible goal by going top shelf backhanded while being dragged down and doing a spin-o-rama. Am I watching NHL 2008 on the X-box, or is this real?)

    No way Jagr doesn’t come back next year. Sather will pay him, and he doesn;t want to play anywhere else. he belongs here and he’ll stay here. He’s our captain, for pete’s sake.

  4. MSG was really fun tonight. Could you hear the Ja-a-a-a-ger chants on tv? It was crazy loud. Funny guy running around in a t-shirt w/ number 87 and Diver on the back, wearing snorkel and mask on his head. Lots of No Diving signs, too.

  5. Can someone please explain to me what the penalty was on girardi?? Certainly wasn’t a cross check, couldn’t have been a trip? Was it a push!!?? Did they make up a rule??

  6. Yes, the JAGR chants were very clearly audible on TV all night. It was great to hear. I didn’t hear the stupid VS commentators mention them though. I hate VS, and can’t wait for the Rangers to bring this series back to MSG – the arena, and the network.


  7. It’s terrible that these games are on Versus. What is the deal with that, can someone tell me? I know NBC is pleased that there will be a game 5 on Sunday.

  8. TrueBleeder

    I’ve already proved you wrong. Repeatedly.

    But…..if you are referring to my Habs-Rangers conference pick (made when both teams were down and out), there is nothing I would rather do.

    Let’s Go Rangers!!

  9. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    …that’s the one. That is the one and I’m hoping you do. Well, not the Habs part.

  10. Rangers6830 on

    The Captain leads us to victory! He was great once again. The Rangers must keep him! Lundqvist needed a game like that. Just a solid game. Good for the fans showing Jags some love.

  11. did anyone see the pitts fan get thrown down the stairs honestly someone got tossed.


  12. Josh

    Yes. Two minutes for pushing is now in the rulebook. And the fact that Versus never even raised, came close to raising, even thought about thinking about raising the posibility that there was no “foul” there is all you need to know about the Mickey Mouse way this league is run.

    Malkin could have taken ten minutes in penalties tonight, easily.

  13. Clive Diggs on

    Great effort by the team tonight.

    Not sure what to make of that penalty shot. Watching the replay makes me think Malkin dove. He got pushed from behind, then a second later his feet kick out in FRONT of him. Shouldn’t he have fallen head first? Oh well, glad Henrik put him in his place.

    One more win, then we’re back in NYC.

  14. Clive Diggs on

    joejoe, I saw him get pushed once, then when he started to get up, he got pushed again by another (Ranger fan, I assume). Somebody said he got hurt – I started watching the game again, but it was amusing!

  15. we need our defense to learn how to hit the net with there shots we really do

  16. Crosby going after Girardi for the hit on Hossa —- by the way, just about the only good thing Girardi did all night —- is why it is impossible to respect the guy. Can these guys not accept a decent hit?

    Sid is a nice player, skilled and intuitive, but he is not even close to being in the same league as Ovechkin. Not even close!

  17. Clive Diggs on

    and the Pens fan was asking for it. He chased the Ranger fan up the stairs…

  18. yeah after he got pushed he chased the guy up the stairs then someone else tossed him down anyway someone should toss Crosby

  19. Hey, Carp, nothing against Sam, but I always enjoy your incredible writing here.

  20. Pushing. There is hooking, holding, roughing, diving, boarding, tripping. And now there is PUSHING.

    Bettman is such a dweeb, such a loser!

  21. Clive Diggs on

    Watching the end of the Wings-Avs game makes me appreciate the effort of the Rangers even more. Talk about laying down when you are on the verge of elimination…

    The Rangers seem to be getting stronger with their backs to the wall. Did anyone hear Mara’s postgame interview? He sounds ready to go 7.

  22. Clive Diggs on

    Prucha played pretty effectively. He went to the net as often as anyone tonight. He drew that late 2nd-period penalty we scored on. Now all they need to do is get him on a PP unit.

  23. didnt hear the mara interview hope they have it on the rangers site tomorrow

  24. from a story on tsn

    Malkin’s night ended in the final minute when he was assessed a misconduct following a scrum that started when he twice kicked the skate of defenceman Paul Mara.

    “It’s a classless act by a superstar and there is no need for that in the game,” Mara said. “It’s not like it was just a little slew foot, it’s actually a full kick. We’ll put that in the back of our minds.

    “We got a huge win, and hopefully we’ll carry the momentum over to Sunday.”

  25. joejoe

    I agree with you — I thought Prucha was good, and I was reminded what a dynamic skater he is.

  26. I am glad that the Avalanche are getting spanked….they thought they were cute by bringing in the class re-union tour of foote & floppa

  27. Clive Diggs on

    Hey Liquid, was that you coming onto me at Rawhides in CHelsea, sorry man, it was dark. Did you have a burning accident, man you iz one ugly mother. Regards to your husband Tony From AZ, HOW LONG. pens in 5.

  28. Jimmy Tide '08 on

    wow…The Pens fans really have their best material for us. Duck and cover.

  29. TULRangerFan on

    Sidney is the third best player in the league. I’d take Malkin over Sidney any day of the week. He’s bigger, smarter, and less injury prone. Ovechkin vs Crosby? No contest. Ovechkin is way better.

  30. oh look the douche is back he needed to take a few minutes to cry in his terrible towel after the loss.

  31. onecupin67years on

    So if Mara slew foot Malkin ,I think the nhl would fine him(Mara) and maybe have him sit out a game or two.Dirty,dirty play by St.Malkin.

  32. So anyone record the game last night? Please say yes. Apparently my ugly mug got some more face time. I guess they were showing some celebs in the crowd and somehow I got thrown into the mix. Tim Robbins Matt Dillon – and Parros! Yeah baby… Anyway if anyone has it I would be pumped to get a picture of it…. Especially since the guys at the Star Ledger said they could not sell me the picture in the paper (game 1 of devs series) as the have a deal with the NHL that they cannot sell any pics with NHL players and/or NHL jerseys in them…. totally lame.

    And Jagr… I think I love you.

    Rangers in 7! LGR!!

  33. Parros: LOL! I do remember the shots of Robbins and Dillon and then they cut to someone and I said, ‘Who the f is that”?

    Now I know!!

  34. parros – you the fuggin man dude.

    Jagr played as if it was his last game. I’m assuming sunday he’ll bring that game too.

    The post game interviews were priceless. Jags was all about stuff like “well, we have to play back to back sunday/monday”. Oh yeah? I like that confidence. Girardi, Mara, and Hank repeated the thought.

    Speaking of Girardi…he really shows sometimes exactly why he was never drafted. I like the dude, but his gaffes are becoming bigger and bigger.

    joejoe – I agree that prucha was more noticable than dawes.

  35. I got it! Picture on its way – will post it here if I can figure it out.

  36. Anyone notice that Roberts goes in as soon as Avery is not in the lineup? I wonder if they didn’t want to play him because the coaches know that Avery gets under his skin just as much as he gets under Brodeurs.

    Anyway, to all of the conspiracy theorists, my good friend’s fiance is a Dr. at St. Vincents and last night she send me a text message saying that her man is taking care of one of the Rangers. And I texted her back and said, “Spleen.” And she texts me back saying, “Oh my god, how did you know?” Yup, she knows nothing about hockey or the rangers, but it is indeed our beloved Sean Avery and yes, it is his spleen.

    Great game last night, LGR!

    See, I shaved the beard and there you go.

    Sometimes the most dangerous person or team is the one with nothing to lose.

  37. yes, prucha was good last night. not great, but good. give him more ice time, get him on the PP. he’s a fast skater and can cause the penguins D trouble.

  38. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Roberts missed games 3 and or 4 against ottawa. Maybe Avery being out signalled to get him in, but it wasn’t the only reason he was out of the lineup, as much as we’d like to believe that’s the case.

  39. the first period Sunday is going to be a big challenge. The rangers either have to score first or just make it to the second without letting pitts score. Just like last night. These kids on pitts are superstars but we have to remember there kids and they might not know how to handle the pressure.

    Bring it back to NY fellas

  40. Roberts only played last night because Max Talbot broke his foot blocking a shot in game 3. Nothing to do with Avery.

  41. peter – I think it’s a little naive to think it has NOTHING to do with it.

    Our guys seem to get too comfortable with each other sometimes. It always seems like they respond when things are mixed up. It’s impossible to develop any chemistry that way as a line. But it sure as helps as a team. It’s strange.

    NYR are undefeated in the playoffs when Avery misses a game. ;) just messin with ya’s.

  42. Sidney Crosby's Mother on

    “I dunno too many bitches around here who don’t want him signed, but I for one don’t want him signed. This is a great swan song right now, specifically because he knows he’s done. You’re a pretty stupid lil fcukhead arentcha?”

    Salty you are just straight-up angry white trash. You are probably one of those people in the 400 level that still screams “BEAT YOUR WIFE DENNY!”

    You’ll never be satisfied with the Rangers until after they win the Cup. Then we won’t have to hear your crying for a few years.

    Unfortunately Ovechkin isn’t available. You can’t even come up with a free agent that can take Jagr’s place can you? Keep side-stepping that issue it’s making you look really smart.

  43. Jagr’s been great, especially in the playoffs. If he worked hard everyday he’d probably still get 90points a season.

    That being said, you guys see him smile and you think he’s going to be a Ranger next year? Off of a smile? Because his heart’s with the Rangers?

    He basically said, if they lost last night, it would be his last NHL game. The GM from Omsk met him for dinner 4-5 weeks ago…and he’s going to stay a Ranger?

    Pass the ‘shrooms over here, please. I need some of that.

  44. Sidney Crosby's Mother on

    joejoe, that is a great picture, thankyou. Does anyone have a picture or video of Jagr in the penalty box in game 3 celebrating the goal with 2 other Rangers? It’d be much appreciated.

  45. The guy with the snorkel and mask is hilarious.

    I have to say, Struds scared the shit outta me at points when he showed how rusty he was, but overall I liked his presence back there. He hit a lot of guys, didn’t take a penalty, and made sure he roughed up their big guns like Hossa and Crosby and Malkin. The only thing we can hope for is that this loss of composure carries on to game 5. Crosby was complaining and whining the whole game that he got no calls and the rest of the team followed that.

    The team follows your captain. Crosby complains and takes bad penalties and his team followed that. Jagr played probably his best game as a Ranger effort-wise and didn’t complain (he asks a ref once about when he was interfered with by Staal but didn’t make a big production out of it). The Rangers followed that leadership and won. And if Malkin was Avery and pulled that, he’d be fined and suspended a game.

  46. You’ll never be satisfied with the Rangers until after they win the Cup.


    No shit, Sherlock. NO SHIT.

    But for the time being I’d like to see a real rebuild effort, not employing the NHL’s aging veterans so kids like you can buy another jersey and sit against the glass while looking backwards ignoring the game in favor of the cotton candy/hat combo guy. That would have meant trading Jagr at the deadline. Yes, I would *still* have done that in a heartbeat. I *love* Jagr, but this is the business of winning and we could have scooped some young talent to use next year and *beyond* while Jagr plays “big fish/small pond” in RSL. Instead were staring down the barrell 1-3 to PIT and Jagr is STILL 98% walking after we are eliminated. You do the math, creamy pink hole.

  47. mother – if you got a problem with salty, leave it with salty. I’ve sat all over msg, and there’s no fans like the fans in the blues. In fact, I went to a game about a month ago down in the 300’s, and left after the 1st period to go STAND in the 400’s cause I couldn’t take the ignorance of some of the fans down below.

    That being said, I don’t disagree with your argument. But I’m not interested in being a part of it. But defending my fellow blue-seaters was necessary.

  48. and after reading salty’s reply (not sure why I’m even getting in the middle of this), I agree. If the team was serious about a rebuild, jags should be in det, dal, sj, col right now.

  49. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    Parros, I’ve got the game on DVD. I’ll send you a copy if you want.


    The King ‘of playing just mediocre enough to lose’ Henrik. But, if anyone can get 4 straight shutouts, its Henrik. One down, 3 more clean sheets to go. LGR!!!!

  50. Sidney Crosby's Mother on

    “You do the math, creamy pink hole.”

    Here’s the math, salty white trash. Most points in the playoffs and has been playing his best hockey in years. I guess that doesn’t matter to you since we’re down 3-1. I’m betting it would matter if Lundqvist stepped up like Jagr and we were up 3-1.

    Still bitter and unsatisfied that we didn’t trade him for used puck bag? Of course you are we haven’t won the Cup yet. I was open to a trade too but it didn’t happen deal with it. Whining btch.

  51. Couldn’t read all the posts, so I’ll catch up later. Funny that all the things we all discussed yesterday came to fruition in a positive light last night (PP, Jagr, Hank, Penalty Kill).

    Prucha played like a bat out of hell. He was a difference maker and definitely earned the right to play the rest of the series… cough cough, which will not end Sunday.

    Get me back to the Garden on Monday boys.

  52. You can’t rebuild a team with only rookies. Even Pitt. takes on the Roberts, Sykora’s, and Gonchar’s of the world. Who are the young players going to learn from? These guys are mentors to them off the ice as much as they are on the ice. They make a lot of cash at a young age. Sometimes you need a grizzled vet to show you how to be a man before you can become one on your own.

    Rebuilding is about having the right balance between rookies and veterans. We have the second youngest team in the entire NHL. Look it up, that’s a fact. Only the Sharks are younger then us.

    If that’s not rebuilding, what is? Call up the entire Wolfpack and just let them play all our games for the season?

    Rebuilding is infiltrating young guys into the lineup until they can eventually take over and fill regular spots. We’ve done that. We’re built with depth no less.

  53. Sidney Crosby's Mother on

    If the team was serious about a rebuild they would cut ties with Shanny and Straka and possibly an overpayed defenseman (not Rozsival). That alone may = Jagr $.

    There is not a UFA that can fill one of his two shoes right now. If anyone can not side-step this issue for once and come up with someone, please feel free.

    Most points in playoffs. Without Jagr I think the Rangers are swept.

  54. Hey Thanks Sam for that but I have it. My wife taped it for me. The pictures are so funny – if someone can post them for me I will send them over. Just send me an email address.

  55. Sidney Crosby's Mother on

    Beer me, this has nothing to do with the 400s sorry. But if you still scream “Beat your wife Denny” you have problems.

  56. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    I normally dont use personal insults, but where or who is the loser on Rangers lohud who used to use Yommy yogger as his name.

  57. I don’t personally. I don’t even like the ‘potvin sucks’ chant. I just didn’t appreciate the generalization that you made, that’s all.

    I also want to make clear that I was not insinuating that a rebuild requires ‘kids’, solely. It could be something as subtle as Ward for Mara. There salaries were very close, but we got what, like 5-6 years younger with the deal.

  58. If last nights game was the last for Joe Sakic… Well played career buddy. Wish COL never matched that offer sheet. Would’ve been a great Ranger.

  59. Most points in the playoffs and has been playing his best hockey in years.


    Fantastic. In no way does this mean we should sign him for another season when he clearly is VERY on the fence about even playing in the NHL. If Jagr was gung ho about playing here next year, it’s a completely different story. But he’s not. You deal with that.

    And apparently some of you are forgetting that we’re paying Gomez & Drury $7M/per to play in NY. Are you telling me you don’t think those guys can take over the leadership roles? I’ll tell you one thing: the longer Jagr stays here, the longer it is going to take before our $7M men can be free to step into the roles they were brought here for. If you can’t see this it’s cause you just have a Jagr crush, that is the bottom line.

  60. Salty,
    I respectfully disagree with the trade Jagr and rebuilding comment.

    First, what would we have got for Jagr. I think the premier rent-a-player was Hossa, just based on his age and his performance during the year. The Pens gave up Erik Christensen and Angelo Esposito, Colby Armstrong and a 2008 first-round pick. You’ve commented that a 25/goal a year player isn’t anything special – Christensen and Armstrong are good for maybe 15 each. Okay, they’re young but that doesn’t mean their production is going to climb. Esposito isn’t even an NHL player. The draft pick is going to be low first round and i think everyone would agree after the first five picks, its hit or miss in the draft in terms of projecting NHL dominance. On top of this, I think we would have gotten less for Jagr. In my opinion, you’re not gaining a lot for trading Jagr.

    Rebuilding is a crap shoot. Look at the Penguins, they were in the gutter for years and they got three #1 pics or whatever in three or four years. Super lucky to get Crosby too and they’re unlikely to keep this team together for more than another year or two. So where does that leave them? If they don’t win the Cup this year or next, they sink right back into mediocrity. Didn’t they say last night they have 15 free agents after this year? And this is your best case for rebuilding. I think you need a balance approached to drafting and signing veteran free agents.

  61. Sidney Crosby's Mother on

    “I’ll tell you one thing: the longer Jagr stays here, the longer it is going to take before our $7M men can be free to step into the roles they were brought here for. If you can’t see this it’s cause you just have a Jagr crush, that is the bottom line.”

    Salty, I might see it your way if they played the same position as Jagr but they don’t. They are centers, Jagr is a RW.

    Gomez is a puck mover and assist-king and Drury is a clutch player offensively but more of a role supporter and special teams player (to be honest). Jagr is the go-to guy on this team. I’m glad Dubinsky is shooting more and not force-feeding him.

    So have you come up with anyone to replace him or are you delusional enough to think someone like Sjostrom is the answer?

  62. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Jagr’s a millionaire, Omsk will also pay him millions. This whole debate over who will replace him is a moot point if Jagr doesn’t even want to stay! Are the Rangers going to pay him $10million to out-pay Omsk and entice him? That would be dumb. I want him to stay too, at a reasonable price, but it’s probably not happening.

    You’re right, his caliber of player isn’t exactly available this year. But, as for guys who can net 25goals and 75 points, *take your pick:* (UFA’s) Hossa, Naslund, Demitra, Ryder, and even Huselias, Malone, and Selanne (for a 1 year deal). They can all net those points with solid centers and a decent PP…plus most of the play a little defense.

    So now shut up with your stupid point you *DMUB FCUK!*

  63. Guys, what did you think of Mara last night, and all post season for that matter? I think he has been one of our best defensemen…

    Prucha…definitely noticeable and played well…

    the season is not over yet…how the hell can anyone be talking about trading JJ, rebuilding, etc. can’t we save that for later…sometimes this blog is so frustrating…

  64. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Staal wart commenting on the defense, as usual, but I totally agree…Mara’s been great pretty much all year Wartz. He’s been better than Tyutin, Rozy, and Girardi. The only defensman who has played as well has been Staal.

  65. Hey True, defense was the name of the game last night after Jagr…Hank and the defense shut down the best offense in the league…and I played defense so that is what I tend to focus on…

  66. Salty & beer (wow those 2 go together nice)… I’ll admit, I’m a Jagr fan. I think he’s taken over some games, and won some for us… but at the trade deadline I was thinking the same thing as you. he’s not gonna stick around, let’s trade him and get something like 2 1st round picks or something.

    but that’s not the case anymore. you can make all the arguments you want about how we should have traded him, but that’s a missed opportunity. NOW, people are talking about if he’ll come back next year. not if we should trade him, just if he’ll come back. getting prospects doesn’t come into it anymore

  67. Mara & Staal are the ONLY dmen that have been consistent in the postseason.

    I hope mara is resigned.

    My biggest fear for next season is ‘where are the goals going to come from’? We thought it was Jags this season and it didn’t happen. I would really have to believe that the CO-priorities for slats is to find a #1RW sniper than is somewhere under 32(appx) and a puck-moving dman.

    Lots of people said that this would be Rozy’s ‘breakout season’. And I hope it wasn’t. He played a couple weeks worth of good hockey, but nothing to indicate a ‘breakout season’. So was the prediction a year late? Or is that Rozy’s best? What’s it worth?

  68. I think Rozy needs to go. this is his contract year, and he played decent at best. he gives the puck away a lot and makes lots of dumb mistakes.

  69. Why are you discussing the future people, there is a game Sunday, unless of course, you all think the series is over…

  70. Again, why is no one talking about this curious penalty shot call??Are you not allowed to push someone? I thought the call should have been goalie interference and surely no goal as Malkin had more than enough time to avoid Lundquist.

  71. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Staal, I was just making the comment because of your name (‘Staal Wart’).

    The rangers have played a good defensive series against Crosby. They still gave up 2 breakaways plus a penalty shot to Malkin, they also gave Malone a SH breakaway. I don’t call that good defense…*I call that GOOD GOALTENDING!*

    The defense in the third was, finally, solid. More solid than they have played this entire series.

  72. Jeever – just like I mentioned before. It didn’t have to be a deal for ‘prospects’ per se.

    There are young players out there with established careers that may have been available. Just 1 example, stastny & svatos in COL were shopped. COL obviously intended on makig a run by signing forsberg/foote, and knew that sakic may be on his last go-around.

    There were options other than prospects.

    I understand that there’s no point in discussing it now. And that started the @ 3pm the day of the deadline. It was a missed opportunity. Like all trades, hindsight is your best friend sometimes. Unfortunately theres only one way to see that way…to wait.

  73. Josh, i questioned the call too…but I dug this up from the NHL rule book. Click my name for the actual link to NHL.com

    It was, in fact, penalty shot worthy.

    *When a player, in control of the puck (or who could have obtained possession and control of the puck) on the opponent’s side of the center red line and having no other opponent to pass than the goalkeeper, is tripped or otherwise fouled from behind, thus preventing a reasonable scoring opportunity, a penalty shot shall be awarded to the non-offending side. Nevertheless, the Referee shall not stop play until the attacking side has lost possession of the puck to the defending side.*

  74. “Fouled” means held, tripped, cross-checked, high-sticked, speared…not pushed. Pushing is not a foul in the NHL Rule book.

  75. ok, now that that’s settled…

    staal – What would you like to discuss? Got a new ad? haha jk

    I meant to say before ‘was the prediction a year EARLY’

  76. Reasons for our success last night:

    1) The King was back

    2) Jagr dominating, again

    3) PK was aggressive and didn’t let malkin tee off

    4) We blocked shots for the first time since the reg. season

    5) Prucha

    6) Shanny was noticeable

    7) Garden Faithful did not give up

  77. hey true fans… what was the “foul from behind” though? I could understand if Danny hauled him down or tripped him or something.

    for those of you watching from home, about 1/2-way through the 3rd, did you hear the @$$hole chant when the Pittsburgh fans were getting our of line and roughed up?

  78. Cliff- Shanny had seven shots on goals and threw some big hits, especially the shift after Jagr scored.

  79. HAHAHA – We need more of this! How hysterical would it be to start drafting players with huge heads?

    Rule 60 Head-Butting

    A double minor penalty shall be imposed on a player who attempts to head-butt an opponent.
    A major and a game misconduct penalty shall be imposed on a player who head-butts an opponent. (See also Rule 43 — Attempt to or Deliberate Injury of Opponents.)
    A match penalty shall be imposed on a player who injures an opponent as a result of a head-butt. (See also Rule 43 — Attempt to or Deliberate Injury of Opponents.)

  80. until we win on sunday last nights game is simply a tease. this series should easily be even or us ahead. the pp was still an issue last night, i would definitely get prucha on one of the lines maybe for drury or straka.

  81. “In my opinion, you’re not gaining a lot for trading Jagr… I think you need a balance approached to drafting and signing veteran free agents.”


    Totally hear you. I still think scooping up some young, bigger, 15-20 goal scorers for Jagr at the deadline is the smarter long term move. You don’t know which of those kids might have a 40 goal year on Gomez’ wing. I mean quite honestly Jagr at the end of his contract just for the rights to Espo who could be grandslam or strike out, I would do in a second. The point is that Jagr is *done*, and I think most people saw this writing on the wall this season when he quite literally disappeared….yet we have nothing to show for it except for another likely 2nd round exit.

    Yes, you need a balanced approach with youth and vets. We are talking about the New York Rangers here. The second Jagr is gone the process will begin to bring in another MAJOR name. Maybe it doesn’t happen right away, but if you think we will not be bringing in another MAJOR MAJOR name once Jagr leaves (not to mention Shanny)…you have not been paying attention. People were talking about Kovalchuk yesterday, I think thats a pretty good estimate. This is the New York Rangers, they will be scooping up big UFA’s for years and years and years and years…we can only hope they get the right ones. It’s not about replacing Jagr the player for this team, it’s about replacing “a name, a number, a face”. We can only hope they make a smart move and don’t go for Hossa or something like that.

  82. true blue. dead on. and we actually started to play the body some. when Crosby charged in and tried to split the D AGAIN, and got flipped over, it almost brought tears to my eyes.

  83. Sidney Crosby's Mother on

    “You’re right, his caliber of player isn’t exactly available this year. But, as for guys who can net 25goals and 75 points, take your pick: (UFA’s) Hossa, Naslund, Demitra, Ryder, and even Huselias, Malone, and Selanne (for a 1 year deal). They can all net those points with solid centers and a decent PP…plus most of the play a little defense.

    So now shut up with your stupid point you DMUB FCUK!”

    LOL was that directed at me? Just in case:

    Hossa = most overrated 29 goal scorer ever AND WANTS MORE CASH THAN JAGR WHY REBUILD AROUND THIS GUY, Naslund = good but a hasbeen, Demitra is really good but i don’t think he is the anwser and will probably stay with his team (isn’t he LW?), Ryder would be sick but I think he stays with Montreal (and plays a much different roll than Jagr), Huselias is overrated and needs greatness around him to be good, Malone would be nice (but he is a LEFT WING RETARD), and Teemu is a little lazy and would want a cushy deal (I don’t see him coming back either).

    Why bank on free agents when the answer is right in front of you?

    LWs are plentiful. Sean Avery can play top-line LW, so what does that tell you? Anything else, “DMUB FCUK”?

  84. I agree with you all, but the wording on the penalty shot rule doesn’t say specifics…it says “fouled from behind.”

    Obviously that leaves alot of discretion to the referee’s.

    When you’re a ranger and you’re chasing Malkin or Crosby, in the new NHL, and you sneeze in a way so that they don’t score…guess what? It’s probably a “foul from behind.”

    I’m not saying I make the same call, but it was within the rules of the game.

  85. if girardi had pushed him hard from behind it would definitely be a legit call, it just didnt look like he had much force on that push and malkins legs came up instead of him going forward

  86. We don’t need a high priced scorer next year. Wait for Kovalchuk. And I know why a lot of people want to move on past Jagr. One word – Messier. We let this guy pretty much dictate what he was going to do even after he was washed up. He was a great Ranger (even though he should’ve stepped up and given Noonan credit for that Cup GWG in game 7 since Noonan actually scored it haha) but he held us back for so long. While I don’t think Jagr would do that, I understand why people think we should just move on.

  87. adamZ – that’s a good point. Though shanny’s shots were mostly blindly thrown at the net from a distance. He seems to be the only one (through experience) that realizes what bounces can occur.

    ie: going through Gomers tuuk, off dubi’s glove, etc.

  88. hey Salty, don’t we have a problem with scoring? As has been mentioned before, most of our younger guys don’t seem to be at that level where they can score a ton. mostly character guys, grinders, and middle-range talent (though I love most of them). where DO we get our scoring from? Jagr was probably involved in 1/4 of our goals this year, where would that production come from, if not from free agency?

  89. Is it me or did Pittsburg look like they were down in the series. They seemed awfully frustrated especially at the end of the game, trying to run players and start fights (not to mention the whining).

    If your up 3-0 and are losing in game 4, you chalk it up as a loss and have the attitude “we’ll get ’em next game”. Pens looked like they couldn’t handle the adversity.

    Believe! LGR

  90. “(even though he should’ve stepped up and given Noonan credit for that Cup GWG in game 7 since Noonan actually scored it haha)”

    HA! love it! (agreed)

    Avery is NOT a #1 LW(yet?). If you want a #1 LW that has never broken the 20-goal mark, well then I’d like to play your team 82 times

  91. trueblue – someone mentioned it before that both teams followed their respective captains lead last night. Crosby started crying and everyone followed. Jagr grinded it out and the blueshirts followed.

    Oh man…’bobby’ almost took baby’s head off last night. SO CLOSE!

  92. Sidney Crosby's Mother on

    Jeever, don’t bother he side-steps that question repeatedly in order to look intelligent. The truth is he hates Jagr and is delusional enouth to think someone like Dawes or the non-existant free agent (Hossa? LOL!) can pick up Jagr’s slack.

  93. Sidney Crosby's Mother on

    Anyone see Hossa’s dive last night as soon as the Rangers were up 2-0? PATHETIC! Therrien is a piece of trash. I heard he dived also in game 3 wtf?

  94. Flyers make the Rangers organization look like the clowns that they are. On the verge of more playoff success than the Rangers have had in a decade.

    Rangers had the sixth pick overall in 04 and what do we have, Shojstrom to show for it. The only player to have not played in the NHL from the first rd in 03 in Jessiman. A bunch of nice third line young guys, one stud d man in Staal and one high end skill player in Cheraponov to show for 10 years of drafting. Sangunetti is there but how many 20 year olds go from jrs to the NHL on D, not many and I doubt he does and a coach who can’t get out of the second rd but have to keep him because in our world the successor to that lame coach could be worse because our GM is a total douche and won’t actually hire anyone who could win even though winning is all that matters.

    Unbelievable bad management year in and year out.

  95. Sidney Crosby's Mother on

    Beer me, I was saying LWs are a dime a dozen. Most people are righty and since you play better with your top hand you get converted or forced to play left wing. I hope you know what I meant

  96. What a game boys and girls
    Our Rangers had me smiling the whole time.

    Some things to note: Did anyone else notice, STAAL was on the power play!! My God only took til the 4th game to try that, and what happened, we scored, love it.

    Paul Mara, has been all year, my favorite D man other than Staal. He played great last night, didnt take shit from Malkin or Crosby, and had one of the best post game interviews all year.

    And how can anyone say Shanny was invisible last night? he had one of his strongest games, and got that ENG assist.

    One period at a time, one shift at a time, LETS GO RANGERS!!

    PS Does anyone know fi the Malkin Slew footing is being reviewed by COlin Campbell up in the war room? IF i were Renney I would DEFINITELY be asking for him to look into it, Thereien Bitches and complains abotu everything we do, maybe we get lucky casue he was playing shit heel hockey last night.

  97. mother – in that sense, sure. I think avery should play LW, but not on any nhl teams TOP line. No way.

    Also…Hossa put up better #’s than jags did this season. So why would it be so hard to think he couldn’t replace the position?

  98. Sam (not the great Weinman) on


    It was not a penalty, nor a penalty shot. Pushing someone is well within the rulebook. If Jagr has a breakaway, someone is coming from behind, pulling his pants down and raping him from behind and there’s no call. It was the NHL sticking Bill McCreary in as head referee to try and put us away so that there was 0 chance we’d make history and take some away from the red sox. McCreary tried his best to put us away early with a penalty in the 1st period and then with the penalty shot to try and take any momentum we had.

  99. but that’s not the case anymore. you can make all the arguments you want about how we should have traded him, but that’s a missed opportunity. NOW, people are talking about if he’ll come back next year. not if we should trade him, just if he’ll come back. getting prospects doesn’t come into it anymore


    Good point, fair enough. I don’t think, IF Jagr was willing to come back, we should do it. Jagr is incapable of being a role player. He demands so much more than that when playing on a team. It’s NO MYSTERY why theres some interest in playing in the RSL for him, he gets to again be the focus, while in the NHL he suffered his worst regular season yet. He knows the youth around the league is surpassing him nightly, he can’t keep up like he once could.

    With that said, I don’t think you want your team revolving around a Jaromir Jagr who is playing his own style nightly while the rest of the team tries to play another style. You’ve got 2 “young veterans” in Gomez/Drury who have a better nose for the North/South game we’re trying to come into. *Yes, Jagr will put up a decent amount of points, but at what cost to the development of the rest of your club?* You can say the kids are learning from him all you want, but I don’t _really_ see that.

    The team needs to learn to play without Jagr. The sooner they wean themselves off the Jagr tit, we’ll be able to really start looking into the future. The future of the taem will NOT revolve around Jagr, neither should next year.

  100. oh yeah….the Hossa dive.

    That was one of the most blatent dives I’ve ever seen!! RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REF NO LESS!

    I was so close to putting a beer bottle through my tv its not even funny. At least he was called for it in gm3

  101. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    Did anyone else have a problem with the way that scumbag Mccreary picked up the broken stick and had to emphasize that it was broken to Staal. That made me sick. I would have summoned Claude Lemieux out of retirement to take the broken stick and rammed it right through Bill’s neck. That might have taught him professionalism and classyness, or probably not.

  102. I have to say that Mara impressed me in this playoffs this year as well. He is playing his heart out and sticking up for his team mates and saying the right things in interviews. I just wish he would hit the net more. I would not mind at all having him back next year.

  103. sam, re: the broken stick.

    I think it was b/c staal was trying to bitch him out. I’ve always hated McCreary. Ever since my first Ranger game when I was like 6/7. he was the official and I’ve despised him ever since. but I think this time it was provoked by staal.

    make that ‘staal, the mack-daddy of them all’

  104. One word – Messier. We let this guy pretty much dictate what he was going to do even after he was washed up.


    Nail. Meets. Head.

  105. dr. ogrodnick on

    No suspension for Malkin, per the Toronto Sun. Bettman’s blatant favoritism strikes again.

  106. the thing about the penalty shot call that I don’t get is the rule states:

    When a player, in control of the puck (or who could have obtained possession and control of the puck) on the opponent’s side of the center red line and having no other opponent to pass than the goalkeeper, is tripped or otherwise fouled from behind, thus preventing a reasonable scoring opportunity, a penalty shot shall be awarded.

    A reasonable scoring opp…. So how do they say that was not a reasonable shot when they had to go to video review to see if he had scored. Makes zero sense. He got a shot on goal… that seems like a reasonable scoring chance to me.

    Anyway at the end of the day I like Hank in a penalty shot vs 2 minutes short handed to the pens.

  107. sidney crosby, please tell me where I said we should get Hossa? seriously, keep making things up. that, combined with your blind fandom of jagr, does wonders for your credibility.

    I like Jagr but I know when it’s time to move on. Maybe its cause I’m not invested in a new Rbk Edge Jagr jersey? Maybe I’ve been a fan long enough to know when its time to let heroes walk away and leave on a high note.

    just admit it, youre a little bitch for jagr’s “czech tickler” goatee.

  108. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    Jagr isnt washed up. Messier was this year’s Brendan Shanahan. NAIL. GOES IN. CROOKED.

  109. I was witness to the game last night. I watched in disbelief as the stickless Girardi dove to push Malkin with his hand. I guess pushing is now a penalty. the Pittsburgh fan who was pushed twice several rows down was one of the funniest things of the night. I think we have taken Jagr for granted far too often this season because he is so soft-spoken, but when he plays with this much emotion especially the last 2 games, he is truly a force. The slew footing of Malkin was pathetic for a “superstar.” Jags was asked postgame about the hit on him after his goal, and he responded that it was clean. He is a classy athlete.

    Let’s bring this one back Monday, boys!!!

  110. “washed up”….ehhhhhh, borderline.

    The(mine at least) bottom line with Jagr was settled when he said that he wanted to play in Russia while he could still play.

    So if you combine the 2 thoughts…that he’s NOT washed up, and WILL he return…well, then it should tell you he’s going to Omsk in ’08

  111. Messier was this year’s Brendan Shanahan.


    Dear disillusioned person,

    Please provide 1 example of Shanahan not being a team player this year? Or 1 example of Shanahan *dictating* the way things are going to be run? The guy would eat broken glass for his team.

  112. As usual, TreeBleeder is confused.

    The phrase “fouled from behind” pertains ONLY to whether a penalty shot ought to be awarded. It does not in any way describe a catch-all of possibilities for a ref to choose from arbitrarily —- in other words, there is no provision for any penalty to be called simply because the action took place with one player acting on the other from the rear!

    Again, there is no penalty for pushing. So there was no foul. Girardi’s push, then, is not an ipso facto penalty simply because it was issued from behind.

    Are we clear?

    Good. Let’s Go Rangers.

  113. Sam (not the great Weinman) on

    Messier of several years ago was this year’s Brendan Shanahan in terms of being washed up. Guess I have to spell it out for you.

  114. Sidney Crosby's Mother on

    “Also…Hossa put up better #’s than jags did this season. So why would it be so hard to think he couldn’t replace the position?”

    I think we should let the Penguins re-sign him and realize their mistake later. He may have had better numbers during the regular season because he is in the prime of his career but who has better #s in the postseason?

    “sidney crosby, please tell me where I said we should get Hossa? seriously, keep making things up. that, combined with your blind fandom of jagr, does wonders for your credibility. ”

    I’m sorry I think this is the 10th time you’ve dodged the question as to who replaces Jagr. Maybe in my head I made up a logical response for you since I got tired of waiting. Sjostrom? My bad.

    Love the homoerotic references. Jagrs tickler is sick! I

  115. Sidney Crosby's Mother on

    washed up = most points in playoffs

    lol these haters hate so bad they are blind.


  116. Jaromir Jagr on

    Ah you show much love for me my heart it leaps with joy. Reminds of a saying we have in homeland “Jsouá zdeá nÄ›jak voln místa na dnes^ní večer. Z^ádná volná místa Pittsburgh.” Means something like “I like fans here but I have to say I prefer fans in Pittsburgh, they no whine like fans here.” Pittsburgh, it is the best, my heart will always be there. Much kisses!

  117. “(even though he should’ve stepped up and given Noonan credit for that Cup GWG in game 7 since Noonan actually scored it haha)”
    Hate to admit my anal retentiveness, but I replayed that goal 50 times, and if you watch it in slow motion, Graves actually scored that goal by tapping Canuck & ex-Ranger John McIntyre’s glove and the glove pushes the puck into the net. Trust me on this. And to further prove what a dumb-ass I am, I actually asked Graves at a Toys For Tots @ Conies, how he felt that he scored the Cup Winning goal, but Mess got the credit and he shot me a look that I am still in rehab for!!!!
    By the way, to all the regular bloggers, you guys are the joint!! But can we all get over the ref calls being the reason for our 1-3 deficit. S**T happens and the team that handles all the adversity, and bad referring is adversity, will come out on top!! Our players can’t obsess over bad calls, dives, whining and bad hair on opposing coaches!!

  118. Tony From AZ on

    I went to Habs inside/out and met The Teacher, he was really a nice guy, and told me the 911 jokes will continue, and to shut up and deal with it, I was scared, so I said all right. They have a poll about what was the fans opinion osf the Sean Avery injury, and 92 percent voted “He had it coming”

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