John Amirante is in the house


I’ve noticed a few people have pinned Tuesday’s loss not on Ryan Hollweg or Evgeni Malkin, but on the conspicuous absence of John Amirante, who was a healthy scratch in favor of Daniel Rodriguez.

I’m not sure that was the only reason, but just to be safe, I’m happy to report I just heard Amirante warming up in the bathroom.


So unless he’s doing a private show just for members of the media tonight, you can expect to see him on the ice around 7:05 for the national anthem.

So breathe easy.

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  1. I’m off. Here’s to a Rangers win tonight to avoid the sweep, and if not, here’s thanks to Shanny, Straka, and Jagr for what may be their last NHL games: guys, you have been great to watch all of these years.

  2. Doodie, why did you mail me a letter showing a PLANE, Tony from A rizona is mad about these inuendos. Will be at tonights game with The Teacher, my same sex friend from Montreal, Tony is jealous.


    Thanks Shanny, Jags and Strake…heres hoping your future paths lead you to great places ( not St petersberg)

  4. This GMHL seems to be the rave, did Tony start this? I have two tickets for tonights game, offers will be accepted for another hour. Doodie, dont worry about us and Tony, he stands barely 5ft tall, hes one of those internet muscles, cant back it up.. The Teacher from Habs inside/out told me THEY met at the Club on Christopher Street, wasnt impressed. Well, getting out my five iron after tonights game, Avery wants to FLY ON A PLANE FOR THE MASTERS.

  5. haha… I just pictured Sam walking up to a urinal, and Amirante doing his famous “make lots of noise now” wave at him.

  6. PJ Stock 28 on

    I brought it up before but I am curious, who is despied more:

    A) Purinton
    B) Hollweg

    I almost think its Hollywood, as he was on the NHLs hit list this year. Maybe we can send them both to the IHL

  7. This just in guys, Michelle (call me “gay michael” when the reporters are gone) Therrien just told me he’s wearing a visor on the bench tonight, throwing hits, and taking names *AND NUMBERS*. He’s making a list for our Orgy after the game tonight!!! Oh goody. Sindey Crawford has requested that this game also be known as the “white-out,” but for a much different reason. hehe, he’s so clever! Can’t wait for the man-love. It’s amazing what Sindey can do in bed, you already know how well he dives!!!

    Ok, I have to go shower with the boys before getting suited up for the game. ttyl

  8. Here’s to a quick, painless game tonight. I can’t handle another moment of misguided positivity to be completely honest.

    I want a sweep and I want that taste to stay in Sather’s mouth all summer long. I want him to wish he had the chance to trade Jagr again.

    Rangers = eliminat’d

  9. You know, Amironte’s absence actually upset. Glad I’m not the only superstitious one out there.

  10. on the way to the game in going to try and enjoy it tonight what’s the worste to happen. Anyway we need to be loud and we need to atleast accomplish trying to get avery signed

    So let’s go boys

    Resign Avery

  11. Sam,

    We believe, I believe, SEC 115 believes. If we get behind and stay behind our team, like Montreal did when they came back from 5 goals down, we will win tonight. One game at a time, and like Henrik said, we have to win the first period and never let up.


  12. Amirantes wig better not fall off, and we Canadiens fans from Hans inside/out say, Na na na na na na na na, Hey hey hey, The Plane.

  13. Fruity Cupcake on

    Honestly, let’s have a HUGE happy W for the home crowd—and national audience—tonight ! ! ! As Neri said to Mike about Roth in GF2: Difficult, yes. Impossible, no.

  14. Fruity Cupcake on

    Because I’m not ready to have my teary good-byes to Jagr, Shanny, et al. Ya know?!?!? This is why they play the games!!!!

  15. onecupin67years on

    Tonight’s game will be over very soon,let’s say the first per.The pen’s will draw first blood taking the crowd out of the game and the rest is ranger history.Lucky to win the cup in 94 ,despite their effort to give it away.They have a history of losing ,it ain’t gonna change now. They sign aging star after aging star,the only one to bear fruit was the Mess . All others are icing ,sell jersey’s, draw the no knowledge crowds into the garden and wham another lost season. I’ve seen it since the early 60’s. 67,Red Berenson makes a cross ice pass to Ralph Backsrom its over, 68 up 2-0 to the hawks lose the next 4 straight,79 well you know .They don’t have a chance and all you johnnie come lately’s welcome to the club.

  16. The Rangers will win tonight…..Their is fight left in our boys…..THE RANGERS WIN GAME 4

  17. Adriano Pagano on

    Well fans, just got out my lucky Tony FROM aAZ DILDO, MY Habbits foot, a Canadien nickel, American pie. Whats that in the sKYYY.

  18. Sam-You should seriously think about moderating this board or approving comments before they’re posted. Since people have no inclination for self-censorship, and most of these dimwits have nothing to say anyway, you need to take charge here. It’s kind of sad some of these “people” are allowed to post here. Maybe we should get their real names and email their moms to take their computers away.

  19. I like beefcake in locker rooms at Habs inside/out site. Tony and Bill are losers, and my comment about censorship is because I am a Jew from Lou.

  20. Will the moderators on the site please tell YOUR fans to stop posting at Habs inside/out, as they have nothing constructive to offer, and are offensive. People with names suchas Jorek, TonyAZ must leave our fans alone. Thank you,Mike KJ.

  21. Carey Price on

    Don’t worry about the Habs losers. The Flyers will oust their team and they’ll go back to the backwoods they waddled out of, dreaming of the next cop car they can set fire to.

  22. Tony from AZ on

    Sam, can you PLEASE, PLEASE, give me the e mail addresses of the jerks that keep using my name & making fun of 911.
    Come on Sam, let me take care of this – PLEASE !

  23. Herrik Lundqvist on

    My name Henrik, I play goalfor ameriKKKan team NY Stinkers. For three year now, I good in reguler deason, no good and choke in playoffs. They pay me 8 million planes, ER dollars to try win a Cup, already have a cup, not too big, but still a cup, not need another. Sean Avery very naughty with me in locker room, cant say as coach like to see it too. Well, last game and off to homeland, Swedish meatballs anyone.

  24. it would be nice if pens fans could come up with another insult besides tee times.

  25. no wonder were down 3-0 herrik lundqvist is in net not henrik.

    i love good natured trash talk between fans but really the the non ranger fans trolling the blog are pathetic

  26. In all sincerity, I ask nicely for the person who is making light of 9/11 to try to be a decent human being. I had lost loved ones and the last thing a decent person would do is to make fun of those events on a hockey blog. If the person who is doing this is from Canada, USA , Guam or wherever, please refrain from the insults. Lets talk hockey.

  27. Cobbs Creek Golf Course Pa has reservations forentire New York Rangers team for Sat and Sunday. Think this is a joke, call them up, a 215 area code. Was on a Penguins site. PS, Just was in contact with the NHL OFFICES, TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THE OFFICIATING THIS YEAR, GO TO..NHLPA and send them a letter.

  28. Tony From AZ on

    SAM, SAM SAMSAM SAM…..Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrowl. Waaaaaaaaa Its a bird its a pl…its the Rangers on the golf course, and Tony in a gown, white..liar.

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