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It’s up to buzzkills like me in the media to harp on the improbable odds the Rangers face down 3-0 in this series.

But it’s not the responsibility of fans. And I truly believe if you’re a professional athlete, you’re hardwired differently than the rest of us anyway.

My point is this: yes, the Rangers are most likely going to lose this series; and given the assorted injuries they’re now facing, I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if it all ended tonight.

But I don’t expect them to go quietly, for all the obvious reasons: because it’s their job; because they’ll be galvanized by a home crowd; because even if they do end up losing this series, I doubt they want to lose it in such demoralizing fashion.

Plus, I go back to what I said: athletes are different. When I write that only two teams have come back from a 3-0 deficit, you and I are probably focusing on the “only” in that phrase. The Rangers may well choose to think, “Hey, two teams have actually come back!

Contrary to what you might read, hockey players are not stupid, nor are they oblivious to the severity of their situation. But I don’t care who you are: Jaromir Jagr, Brendan Shanahan, Nigel Dawes. You don’t make it to this level of your profession without occasionally dismissing the odds.

“Great things are done in the face of doubt, and that’s why they’re great,” Tom Renney said just now, sounding not unlike Kurt Russell as Herb Brooks. “That’s why they’re exceptional, and extraordinary people do those kinds of things. And extraordinary teams. We’re trying to write our own story.”

Some notes:

<li>Chris Drury is definitely in according to Tom Renney, but everything else is in flux. Earlier in the day, Renney said Lauri Korpikoski would probably play, but just now he said the center would be a game-time decision. As far as I could tell, Petr Prucha, Colton Orr, and Ryan Hollweg are all preparing to skate in warm ups.

<li>I could be reading into this, but it did seem like both Jagr and Shanahan had more than usual on their minds when they entered the Rangers locker room earlier. Shanahan is never much of a talker before games, but he barely looked up when he walked in. And while Jagr is usually good for assorted jokes, observations, and trivia questions while preparing his sticks, he mostly kept to himself.

Just think, tonight might be the last time I breathe in the assorted paint fumes from the captain working on his lumber.

OK, more in a bit…

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  1. Rangers6830 on

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!
    I hope this is not Jagr’s last year as a Ranger. :(

  2. In 2006, I would say no chance. This team has worked through alot of adversity (much self-inflicted). I expect another big effort. It will not end tonight!!

  3. I,m Tony the AZ Man, I live the New York Can, I give it a Yank, as I clean the fish tank, Im Tony the AZ Man. I,M Tony the AZ Man, my wife has a Stache, as I tale out the trash, I,m Tony the AZ Man.

  4. onecupin67years on

    Sam ,I hope you didn’t cancel any of your tee times .After tonight you won’t be covering the Rangers.

  5. Tony, that has to be the funniest thing I ever heard, as Tony needs to CHill once in a while.Word to the wise about tonights game….Foooooooorrreee.

  6. Staal Wart on

    May 1st, 2008 at 5:20 pm
    Sam ,I hope you didn’t cancel any of your tee times .After tonight you won’t be covering the Rangers.

    onecup…and we won’t have to read stupid comments like yours either, see there is an upside…

  7. Staal Wart on

    And Penguins Sweep Time…if your gonna post here u douchbag, at least make sure your stupid link works…scumbag

  8. staal wart im pretty sure it wasnt even onecup who wrote that.

    i dont think anyone is real anymore. its a fantasy land on this blog. i hope that means the rangers getting swept tonight isnt real.

  9. I want to be inspired tonight.

    I want something great tonight.

    I want to go to bed tonight knowing there is at least one more game on Saturday.

    I want a Rangers win.

    Make us proud Blueshirts!!!

  10. Tonys PsyCHiatrist on

    Please let Tony alone, he is a very sick man. His sex CHange operation fell through at Johns Hopkins, he is a Patriots fan, being from Providence, and his father spanks him then turns around and says, “DO ME NOW”. Is he still on that ledge, Tony, come in, the Rangers are going to win tonight, {LMAO}, Tony, Toooooooooooooony. OOPS.

  11. Tony from AZ on

    God I want a win tonight, just so I can give it to the assholes who use Deja & my name among others.
    I wish Sam would give me their e mail addresses.
    There’s a reason I live in AZ – I’m on the witness protection program.
    I’ll take care of the jerks who think 9/11 is a laughing matter.

  12. If nothing else, enjoy the preview of Korps tonight. He is a fluid skater with excellent puck control and a heavy shot. It should be fun.

  13. czechthemout!!!!! on

    Once again the genius is shuffeling the deck chairs on the titanic.According to Sam,he is even thinking about playing Colton I can’t skate or play for my Orr, and the biggest fool who cost us the game on Tuesday,Hollweg.But why should anyone expect anything that resembles creativity from this putz.This is the coach who used an obviously injured one arm Drury on the powerplay in the third when it was clear to a blind man that Drury could not even pick up his arms!
    Anyone who thinks that this clown is not part of the problem on this team needs to have his head examined.

  14. onecupin67years on

    Stal wart , make sure your mommy puts your ranger jammies on before the game so when you fall asleep ,its off you go in Dreamland.hahaha

  15. Jesus, did the Madam that Avery was linked to hang herself, or was that someone else? Gruesome.

  16. When was the last time this happened with the taking of names? Last summer? Actually, I think it was the beginning of the season.

    Let’s go Rangers!

  17. chezhthemout spouting your usual nonsense… wait to see the lineup before spouting your crap.

    and BTW what are his options they are down 2 centers and 1 forward..that is 3 of 12 and 1 guy is on the 2nd line and 1 on the 3rd line and a key player.

    I thought you are fan of the orr and hollwegg and the hit everything but cannot stick handle crowd.

    I forgot you are in the bitch and moan at everything crowd with lenny and a few other people that must have quite miserable lives and spend there whole life just whining and complaining..

    My sons travel team needs a coach he is 10 are you open for it? Maybe you can implement some interesting PP plays..


  18. ooo a gay joke havent heard that one in what five minutes.

    Sam- can you make it so you have to register to comment so this douchebag cant steal our names?

  19. I wonder how long before the broadcast they film that opening segment. There was barely anybody in the Garden and the countdown clock hadn’t started from 15 minutes yet.

  20. czechthemout!!!!! on


    You are a FOOL!I cannot argue with you because you have NO CLUE ABOUT HOCKEY YOU IDIOT!!!!I am not a fan of shit like ORR,Hollcrap,SCRUBWICK,Blair betts,and the rest of the zero talent shit on defense like rozy and the human pylon.Korpkoski,and Byers should be in the lineup tonight,you never know,they may add a shot of energy,grit and enthusiasum that was missing in the third period during the last game.Why don’t you crawl back over to Blueshit BUlletin,french kiss Dubi Silverstein’s asshole and post with the rest of the polyana fans and ass kissers.

  21. eesh did renney really have to dress like he was going to a funeral?

    maybe if it worked for the giants it will work for us.

    hahha penalty against the rangers under two mins in great!

  22. Looks like the NHL is trying to put us away for good. They gave us Bill McQueery as the ref tonight.

  23. God, could McCreary have been any more of a douche when he called that slash on Staal?

  24. Swear Drury justskated by me and winked. Gish, he,s a Hunk. Oil him up for me please.

  25. Staal Wart on

    May 1st, 2008 at 5:53 pm
    Stal wart , make sure your mommy puts your ranger jammies on before the game so when you fall asleep ,its off you go in Dreamland.hahaha

    hey F&*k face its Staal Wart.

  26. Staal Wart on

    Drury is obviously hurt…he takes 5 sec. to stand…
    He’s a trooper and playes with heart…good stuff…

  27. Staal Wart, your daddy justspanked you, then turned around and sid, NOW DO ME.

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