Back to Pittsburgh


Like I said, I never expected the Rangers to go quietly.

Now they’re going back to Pittsburgh, in no small part because of the efforts of Jaromir Jagr and Henrik Lundqvist.

If nothing else, they’ve given the Penguins something to think about….

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  1. Malkin really does need to be watched. Nobody is calling penalties against him, as someone mentioned earlier. He’s being more of a bitch then Crosby.

    Gonchar and Rozsival didn’t even get penalties. The refs don’t even care enough about them.

  2. Rozi fighting wtf is the world coming to Girardi almost fought to jesus christ what next Jager and Gomez?

  3. PJ Stock 28 on

    Malkin made a DIRTY play, yet $hitsburgh fans complain about Avery??? Slew footing is more dangerous than running one’s mouth.

    Jagr is a HORSE, carrying the team on his back.

    Orr just missed destroying Crysby in the 2nd, how sweet would that have ben. Noice tough girl Cindy gave him a dirty stare but wouldn’t dare open her mouth- CHICKEN $h1T!!!!!!!

  4. I am sorry it bugs me when people with visors try and drop the gloves. Be a man and take the bucket off with the gloves.

    The PP is still not good but we are still alive………..One period at a time

  5. onecup what are you talking about

    PPG – Brandon Dubinsky, Wrist Shot – Assists: Martin Straka and Jaromir Jagr 19:46 PPG – Jaromir Jagr, Wrist Shot – Assists: Brendan Shanahan and Chris Drury

    2 powerplay goals tonight.

  6. Great game played by all, Girardi played one of his best games of the season. Jager putting the team on his back hes making sure everyone remembers how he goes out he is playing with such passion yeah know i was to young to see the great one and i just saw the end of Messiers career i love the fact i get to see how a great player like Jager goes out.

  7. Sidney Crosby's Mother on

    Hey Salty, Jagr had another brilliant playoff performance. I guess in your book coming through when it matters = not worth it still or have you changed hardheaded mind?

    He admitted to the media that he turns it up in the playoffs so he can save his strength. Right before the first series he turned it up and got them in and he’s the man right now.

    You suck if you don’t want him back and don’t know anything about hockey or being a part of a solid team. there is noone that can fill his shoes free agent wise this offseason. Why not keep him cuz those Russian kids won’t be ready for years?

  8. The people running the nhl are a bunch of hypocrites. All I hear is how avery is disliked and the refs watch him with a microscope but than we watch players like rutuu and malkin take cheap shots at players. I am really losing respect for the nhl, it’s becoming unwatchable because of the refereeing.

  9. waaaaaswaaaaaa Crosby is a bitch he showed how easy it is to get in his head

  10. That scream you just heard? That was Sam’s wife screaming when she heard the Rangers won and that Sam is going back to Pitt.

  11. Staal Wart on

    for the record deja some or most of the previous posts are not mine…some bastard Pitt fan hijacked my name and took it for a ride…LOL and notice they disappeared…

  12. Was there ever a more meaningful non-hit ever made then Orr’s dive at Cindy’s head? For me that began the unraveling……Jagr scores-gets nailed keeps coming, Crosby doesn’t score-gets missed for chrissakes and unravels….maybe they should stop with the 80’s Oilers comparisons for a while……

  13. MartysaBaby on

    After the game there were a bunch of Pittsburgh fans hanging under the marquee looking for fights and finding them. they got in at least three fights (one of them got pummeled by the cab line) as far as i could tell. I have lost a ton of respect for Pittsburgh between the whining of their coach and Syd “Louganis” Crosby, the chippy garbage from Malkin all series long, Letang’s cheap shots on Dubinsky, Syd going after Gerardi for, OH GOOD HEAVENS!, hitting him hard, Etc., Etc.

    Somebody once said that when you win you should “act like you have been there before.” These children have no clue.

  14. Speed Ranger on

    I tried passing the word through the Garden tonight that, directly after the game, all 18,000 of us should descend upon St. Vincent’s Hospital and check up on Sean.

  15. Who Needs Lohan on

    MSG postgame mentioned the Penalty Shot and gave the WTF that we were all thinking where VS never even sounded surprised there was a penalty, no less a shot. You cant just be that unbiased towards the officiating when you call the game…

    Here is the problem with VS. They actually do a decent job if you consider their audience is a causual hockey fan or someone just trying to get into the game. They give you some good sounds, on ice interviews, highlight the star players, announcer sounds like he is into the game, etc.

    But for the real fan like all of us, it is simply brutal. Absolutely dreadful. It is not fair that a real fan has to listen to such shit! How can they not mention how questionable that call was? I know, some like BeerMe will say who cares, dont listen to them, etc. But come on, its tough to watch on mute, and it is just part of the game. I like to have sound when I watch.

    As for the series, I really think it is still just that, a series. Again, that was the easy part, now you have to win the tough game, Game 5 on the road. We got these guys thinking folks, we could be getting in their heads. They need to be a bit dirtier though, really go after Cindy and Malkin. Thought Strudwick had a good game. Staal started off shaky but was better down the stretch, Rozi was better, and Mara was solid again. Orr’s attempted hit was a turning point. Hollweg is useless when he has to stop and think, I wouldnt play him again. Anyone want to take a roadtrip to Pittsburgh?

  16. lenny, chezhthemout, 1 cup in 67 yrs, etc.. SORRY they won you maybe can bitch sunday night.

    Malkin did his cheap crap 3 times on the same shift, he speared a ranger on the right side along with the pitchfork, and the sloew foot…

    Yeah if Avery did it he would be suspended; bettman, versuw, and nbc wil lcongratulate evgeni..

    crosby after the game they asked him about the play malkin and him got penalties he said hossa was run, I guess in his book a clean check on any penguin is a run!!!!!!!!!!

    SInce they won the renown experts will give Renny a rerieve for a couple hours before they inform us what the rangers should do to win…

    good game, take the win, they have played the pens even in all 4 games…..

  17. Lets all go to the East Side Club on 56th Street for a real celebration. Jorek, Billynyc and Yony From AZ will be there. WE WON A GAYME, YEAHHHH.

  18. Sam, if you would… what was the call on the penalty shot awarded to Malkin? What foul did Girardi allegedly commit? He didn’t hold, hook, trip, cross-check, slash, rough, clip, elbow, board or knee him.. what was the call? PUSHING?

  19. staal wart- LOL i know he took mine too and i was just going to post that he disappeared.

  20. Sign alot of Habs inside/out fans coming over here after you lose another game, a real site crashing is awaiting fellas. Lucked out tonight.

  21. Hey Lohan..
    I watched on HNIC (real hardened hockey announcing right?)

    Wrong! They never once questioned the penalty shot call either but then again CBC stands for Crosby Broadcasting Company

    All of Canada was never given a doubt that there was anything wrong with that call…

    All hockey broadcasting sucks almost as much as officiating does……..if I hear one more “the Refs have warned both teams that they’ll just take one guy from a scrum” I’ll throw up…you and I know that they’ll take no one or both guys…thats it

  22. Did anyone see Mara’s interview after the game??? It was great! After the interview Al said “That was not Paul Mara it was Mark Messier” You have to see it.

  23. czechthemout!!!!! on

    great win! the team showed alot of heart.Dubi was awsome all game.So much for the great Blair Betts on the pk,dubi can do just fine!Jagr was a beast tonight.THe King returned as well.Nice effort all around.Prucha played well also.The fourth line sucked tonight.Were always pinned in our zone when they were on the ice.They have feet of stone.

    LGR !!!!

  24. czechthemout!!!!! on


    I see your back from deep inside Dubi silverstein’s butt.

  25. great win tonight!!! the rangers played a perfect game they stayed out of the box and scored on the power play. Prucha and Mara were great replacing Avery and Backman. We need a stronger effort out of out fourth line. LETS GO RANGERS

  26. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Atta Hank!!!
    3 breakaways, a questionable penalty shot, and many good chances against!!

    Anyone notice Sandis Ozol, err. Dan Girardi out there? Oy! Scary.

    A little checking on these boys, ruffle their feathers a little, and they forget how to play the game.

    And Bathgate…please prove me wrong. Please!!!

  27. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    Jagr put this team on his back again tonight. Fact of the matter is we were flat until he scored that goal. Jagr is playing “special hockey” right now and we are lucky to have him. He is not what he was advertised to be when we got him but rather the opposite. He is not a malcontent but rather a role model for young players. They all love him whether it be prucha dawes dubinsky whoever, he makes them better. Dubi is developing into a great player and he is always quick to complement Jagr and credit him. I think Jagr’s chemistry with dubi will make him want to come back for more. But the season isn’t over yet. 33 years is what I am clinging to… LETS GO RANGERS

  28. Sonce we are going to Pittsburgh, we must stop at Larrys to get my nails done, oh please please. Next has to has to go to East Eand Sauna, you know what I want there, a yummy creme puff boy toy. After that its to Gemini,s Two Bitts Palace.. All tou can eat..and who tou can eat. Finally a gayme. Go Team yaay.

  29. Where is the bitch that doesn’t want Jagr signed?


    I dunno too many *bitches* around here who don’t want him signed, but I for one don’t want him signed. This is a great swan song right now, *specifically because he knows he’s done*. You’re a pretty stupid lil fcukhead arentcha?

    Jags is awesome, but this team needs to move on, whether you invested in a koho, ccm, AND rbk edge version of Jagr jersey.

  30. the hecklers quality really goes down with each post. One too many beers to drown the pain tonight he cant type anymore.

  31. martysababy on

    Thing that struck me about the penalty shot is that, forgetting whether there actually was a penalty, if they were reviewing to see whether he scored then he was not denied a reasonable scoring chance.

    And BTW – What were they going to call? Interference? Pushing? Denial of a penguin scoring chance? Strange call all the way.

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