Cold, hard reality


The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced Rangers fans’ feelings of resentment should not be directed at Sidney Crosby or Marc-Andre Fleury or Ryan Hollweg (although none of those players should be very high on your list right now) but someone you probably wouldn’t expect:

Joffrey Lupul.

Think about it. It was the Flyers forward’s overtime winner against the Capitals that set up this second-round match-up with the Penguins, and what’s become increasingly apparent is the Rangers have run into a buzz saw.


Sure, the Rangers are not immune to blame here. Their power play has been dreadful, they let a potential tone-setting win slip from their fingers in Game 1, and last night at least, Henrik Lundqvist was several notches below brilliant. And this is to say nothing of Hollweg, a decidedly flawed but earnest player who may have chosen the worst possible moment to lose his composure.

But the reality is the young Penguins are riding too much of a wave right now. In a game when the Rangers had to bleed for every goal, the Penguins hardly needed to break a sweat for their five. Yes, the Rangers carried the play. But in a game they lost by two, that’s like saying they dominated everywhere but the offensive zone, the defensive zone, and all points in between.

Which brings us back to Lupul. I know what you’re thinking. Should the Capitals have beaten the Flyers in that first round series, all it would have meant is the Rangers would have a chance to get past a vulnerable Montreal team, and then run into the same predicament against the Penguins in the conference finals.

But timing is everything, and it seems like the Rangers drew Crosby, Malkin, and Co. at the absolute worst time.

Of course, there’s still at least one more game to go, and the Rangers say they’re not giving up. I don’t think they will, and if the stars align tomorrow, they very well could be headed back to Pittsburgh for Game 5.

But that’s the difference right now between these two teams. The Rangers have needed everything to go right to beat this team. So far, nothing has.

More from practice at noon….

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  1. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Nasty, how can I blame Chris drury?

    He’s paid $7.1 million so you people can say how “clutch” he is. Well, HE DIDN’T SHOW UP WHEN HE WAS 100% AND HE SURE AS HELL CAN’T DO ANYTHING AT 50%


    Just because someone plays through an injury doesn’t mean they’re helping the team! He’s wasting someone else’s spot! Geez people.

  2. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Jagr showed up last night and worked his butt off, and produced. He’s produced all playoffs. Hank was the victim of a team who passes well around the perimeter and through the slot! They get him moving, give the puck to a guy who can score 15-20% of his shots and boom!

    What did the Rangers offense do? They don’t have those kind of finishers and play-makers!!! Gomez and Jagr are the best two they have, Shanahan has been a waste since Knuble concussed him. Straka can’t hit the net. Drury and Dawes are invisible. Avery’s game seems to only work when the Rangers win games or are ahead in the series (reference Devils and Thrashers vs. Pens and Sabres). And the 4th line just goes out there and does their job.

    THE DEFENSE IS BAD, HAS BEEN BAD, AND WILL BE BAD UNTIL THEY ADD A TOP PAIRING!!! That’s not news, and if you think it is go read the posts Salty and I have made for the past 3 months. Cha-Ching!!!

    That said, I’m hoping they win 1 or 2 and at least give the Pens a little hell.

  3. I am not saying Drury was a hero, or was even good in this series, all I am saying is that he came back out and played in the third. He has a rib injury, and if you have never had one, it is one of the most painful things to play through. He never quit. And if you want to start throwing player salaries around again, there is no point to it. We lost as a team last night. Jagr and Gomez played their hearts out. That was about it, with maybe Calahan and Straka thrown in there too.

  4. Sam we should blame Rangers legend Tom Poti for taking the penalty before the Flyers goal haha j/k. Life sucks season is over soon.

  5. No, it’s John Erskine and Tom Poti’s fault for their two trips early in that overtime period against the Flyers, the second of which (Poti’s) was called for a penalty. It’s so much easier to blame him, since we don’t like him already. Beer Me! – To that point, we need someone to blame because it’s fun, so that’s where Hollweg comes into play.

    Nasty 1 – Yes, I am definitely stealing that *tits on a nun* line from whoever wrote it, if I can remember it when I need it.

    Yay! Doodie’s back, with good suggestions, too. Straka and Jagr are both eligible for incentives in their contracts because they are both at least 35 years old. I’m torn on Avery, but I think he should probably come back, at the very least to give emotion to the team, but then he disappears and gets injured for stretches, too, so I don’t know. We may not be able to bring Jagr back, as people have said he’s leaving. The *size on the wing* issue is why we need to trade Dawes or Prucha, hopefully for a defenseman (then a bigger player could take the place on forward), but I don’t think their values are too high right now. I guess you’re right about Betts, but there’s probably no value in trading him. He doesn’t even take many faceoffs anymore because Drury comes in for the necessary situations, so Betts is definitely expendable, though he fulfills a good role. I would also bring Valiquette back next season.

    I have a nice *Nasty 1* story to share, as heard on Z100 this morning as their “April Fool” of the day. This woman was in a revolving door and having a hard time pushing it to get it to turn, so a guy (who wrote in to them to share his story) comes in to “use all of his strength” to get the door moving. Unfortunately, he seemed to expend himself too much and let out a huge fart, which then caused him to start laughing and not be able to push the door anymore, trapping him and the woman inside until another person came along to push it, leaving the woman hurrying and holding her nose to get away. As the co-host who read the story put it, it was like pulling a *Dutch Oven* maneuver. :-D

  6. True Fans & Nasty:

    I would hardly throw Drury under the bus for last night, mainly Lundqvist (played as bad last night as he had 2 years ago against the Devils) and Hollweg for taking that rediculous penalty and for just being Ryan Hollweg really are the top 2 on my list.

  7. It was brutal on the pk kill when the Rangers just could not get it out of the zone, and its like the garden was just waiting for the red light to go on.

  8. I’m not giving up yet…

    But if you look at this season, the early pattern(s) of failure still exist.

    Hollweg – good 4th liner, but prone to penalties.
    Jagr – monopolizes the power play in both puck posession and amount of time and inhibits BOTH units from generating enough traffic or shots. It is no secret the he and Renney differ on the power play style.
    Power Play – Arguably the biggest failure of this entire campaign. If this gets fixed early or mid season, Rangers have home ice advantage ALL THE WAY.

    Defense needs an upgrade and after last night, Rozy is odd man out. He was slow and soft until the last 90 seconds when he showed SOME urgency.

    The Gomez, Drury, Shanahan, talk is all for nothing if the Power Play functions at even 50% of its potential.

    As far as this series, not physical enough.

  9. True Fan — Did Renney “double Jagr’s shift” at any point last night?

    You got sliced and diced by a sixty-year-old yesterday who showed you are an ignoramus, and you still have the balls to tell others to “WAKE UP?”


  10. Love the new, new, new, latest model of the Renney defenders: It’s all Pelino’s fault! Er, or Pearn’s fault! Er, or Jim Ramsay’s fault!

  11. How has it happened that Sean Avery has pulled the disappearing act in the 2nd round for the 2nd straight season?

  12. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Deppie, if you read all of my posts you’ll see i’ve pin-pointed this team’s flaws since pre-season…and they’ve been the same reasons we lost this post-season. The PP is a failure and the defense is a failure. If you want to put that under the over-arching reign of Tom Renney, fair enough. But they are each coached by Pelino and Pearn.

    My point about Jagr getting double-shifted for the 3rd period icing in game 2 is still valid. Shanahan, shouldn’t get any shifts, ever.

    Beyond that, you’re a waste of my time.

  13. As much as I hate Crosby, I really respect Malkin. The guy is awesome. He doesn’t dive or wine and he can hit and take a hit and plays the game at a very mature and high level. I think the top three in the league are Ovechkin, Malkin, Crosby. In that order.

  14. Unfortunately Hollwig was right when he said “I was just playing my game” in reference to one of the most ill-timed penalties conceivable. After the Rangers had just overcome a 2 goal deficit in a must win game, he takes his typical cheap shot run from behind & sucks the life out of the crowd & his team. How selfish, stupid & undisciplined can one be?

    My gut still says the Rangers are the better of the 2 teams but it just seems like at every important juncture this series the Pens have made the play & not the Rangers, good bounces included.

    Ultimately tho, the difference in this series is what we all were worried about going in, namely our PP, which somehow came to life the last couple weeks of the season, & has woefully gone dormant again. Not being able to score on 2- 5 on 3s totaling about 80 seconds and the longer 5 on 4s that sandwiched them was our downfall & why we don’t DESERVE to win.

    Such a disappointing end to the strong finish of the regular season, and what a waste of an unbelievable performance by Jagr.

    At least show some pride & try to win a game or two, and not have back to back seasons of second round sweep eliminations.

  15. Battleship Kelly on

    Hey anybody got a link to that guy on Pittsburgh Craigslist who was renting out his office view for the Cup Victory Parade? I’d like to get in touch with him.

  16. True Fan — By citing the icing call (!) you incredibly enough continue to show your total ignorance of what the term doubleshifting means.

    For the last time, knucklehead, it doesn’t mean you keep a guy out on a shift for double his usual time. Do you want me to repeat that?

    It means you work him on another line, rest him, put him out with his regular line, rest him, put him out on the ice again. Every other shift. Got it? The icing has nothing to do with it —- it’s simply a coach’s decision to maximize his best player’s icetime.


  17. The Rangers are not the better team. It may take being there and observing it in person,but Sam is right on. Pitssburgh barely broke a sweat last night. they scored like it was nothing. They weren’t nearly this good all year – they’re peaking at exactly the right time. The Rangers never peaked all year, don’t expect them to now.

    What makes it all sting the most is really that the Rangers, in the two seasons prior to this since the lockout, were far greater than the sum of their parts. And somehow this year they always seemed the complete opposite, less than the sum of their parts.

  18. Maple Moor Golf Course on

    Paging Mr. Jagr, Mr. Avery, Mr. Callahan, Mr. Gomez, Mr. Orr, Mr. Lundqvist, Mr. Hollweg, Mr. Drury…

  19. deppie

    Don’t bother. The guy must have Alzheimer’s.

    Anyhow, bloodied but unbowed. I’m not giving up until Pittsburgh wins the 4th game.

  20. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Hey Deppie,

    THAT’S MY POINT! Renney couldn’t put Jagr out for that offensive zone draw because he was just on. Brilliant!

    Thanks for playing, have a great day.

  21. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Hey Bathgate,

    Rangers in 6? Montreal and Rangers in the Eastern Finals right? haha.

  22. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    You make a good point about Drury. I’ve never questioned his valor either. He’s a tough SOB to go out and block shots, and return to the game. He takes a beating for a small man in the crease too. I totally agree with you there and commend him for doing what many players do not. But him going out there last night after getting injured didn’t help the team…perhaps, it was necessary as Betts must’ve been concussed (he looked bad getting off the ice). But my point was just that it didn’t help the team because he’s already had enough trouble producing (offensively) when he’s playing at 100%.

  23. Hey True Fans, it is fine to be annoyed and upset and angry, but that doesn’t mean you have to come on here and be a total prick and start picking fights with people.

  24. So, I heard some of you didn’t like my column about that cheap punk Avery the other day… well too bad. I’m going to win an award for that fine example of sports journalism. What will YOU win? Nothing — just like your lame team.

  25. I think we are all just down and devastated to say the least. It is easy to get fired up and explode on everyone and everything. Hell, you have to feel for my students today, but we are in this together. We win together as fans and lost together as fans.

  26. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    LoL. There’s a history…you’re talking to the wrong guy if you’re trying to mediate this.

  27. I am so sick of of reading comments that are so un-thought out, and so un-informed its pathetic…
    Its pathetic that some posters automatically start ripping on players…
    Just wanted to let you know how idiotic and stupid you sound…
    you know who I’m talking about…

  28. Well if there is a history then by all means don’t let me stand in the way. Have at it guys.

  29. I don’t think the defense did too bad, break the goals down. The only one I would purely blame on the defense was the first, with Rozcival’s cross ice pass. Laraque was lucky, in the right place for a puck deflected off a skate. Malkin’s power play goals, the forwards didn’t get a stick on them and they helped to screen Hank. The deflection in the slot, I think the center should have been on Malone and he made a great play.

    Hank wasn’t able to steal one for us. I think you can blame this loss on the inability of the powerplay and Holleweg’s bonehead penalty. Although truthfully, Holleweg is getting a lot of sh*t but Callahan’s double minor was just as bad a penalty.

  30. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Nasty, funny. LoL.

    Malkin, although slower and very lanky, is extremely talented when compared to Crosby and Ovechkin. But I still think Ovechkin would be amazing if he played on a team with either Crosby/Malkin, Hossa, Sykora, Malone, Gonchar, etc…those guys are a couple notches above what he’s playing with in Capitals. So, the comparison is difficult.

  31. True Fan — You remain busted by your own idiocy. “So you’re saying Renney should have doubled Jagr’s shift?”

    Anyone who knows what to doubleshift means could never ever ever have written such a sentence. Ever.

    Keep spinning it as hard as you can, but you showed you are a dope in that immortal phrase. A term you had never even heard before yesterday! Words that will follow you forever, brah.

  32. Yeah Malkin is looking pretty sick with a full toolbox – skating, shooting, passing, hitting. Maybe we’ll get him because the Pens can’t afford to keep this team together under the cap.

  33. dr. ogrodnick on

    As far as Hollweg goes, He always does that? What does he add to the lineup other than the stupid penalty? He shouldn’t have been in there in the first place (Renney’s fault) or, if there had been some discipline throughout the season (Renney’s fault again), maybe he doesn’t take the penalty. Not to mention, the Rangers are surging, just scored twice to tie it and Gomez had just hit the post, why is Hollweg even out there? It all goes back to Tom “we don’t need to score on the Powere play to win” Renney. Well Tom, we didn’t score on two 5 on 3’s, where’s the victory?

  34. TrueFanBeeder

    Still could happen, ya never know.

    (By the way, greetings from the old folks home — they’re opening a wing for premature cases, so make your reservations while space is still available.

  35. I recommend holding off on the end-of-season talk until the end of the season. We get on the team all the time for not going 60 minutes. Let’s be the kind of fans that go the distance. Let’s make history.

  36. “Sam we should blame Rangers legend Tom Poti for taking the penalty before the Flyers goal haha j/k. Life sucks season is over soon.”

    Funny part about that is that the previous trip went uncalled and it was way worse than Poti’s. haha.

    I’m excited about the future of the team, however at the same time we don’t have any outstanding players in our system. We have good players, role players, but no stars. Dubinsky will be a good top 2 line center, but nothing amazing. Callahan I think is a 3rd line wing at best who could potentially be a 2nd line wing. Dawes is a 2nd line winger. We need to either breed or try to bring in a guy or two that is a lock to be a star player. Gomer is one of those guys but thats really it. Drury is 50-60 point guy who is better defensively. I’m talking about a Kovalchuk, Hossa, Zetterberg/Datsyuk, Getzlaf (who we could’ve gotten instead of Jessiman haha), I can keep going with every team and how they have a young superstar under to age of 30 that you can rely on to dominate and carry the team. I don’t see that in our system at all. Maybe some people do see it, but I think those people overrate our youngsters just because we haven’t had any in awhile. I’d like to think I’m wrong, but I don’t think thats the case.

    That being said, if we do sign one or two guys who can carry the load and lead the team offensively and I guess a d-man that can carry that side too, I think that filling them in with our young role players can make this team successful in the future. Once again I’m not saying Dubinsky and Callahan and Dawes are bad or not good players for our team, I just don’t see them having an immediate impact and being PPG or more type of players and we need a guy or two that are like that.

  37. they don’t deserve to win the series with the way the majority of them have been performing. gomez and jagr are the only two who deserve any accolades so far as they havent quit and havent hurt the team with their play. im not mad at staal as he is still learning but i can find faults in every other players game as well as all of the coaches

  38. All I have to say today is…I’m still proud of my team…!
    I love the New York Rangers…am I disappointed?…absolutely but I have an obsession with this team and no matter what the outcome on Thursday night I am fully behind them…

    1. The Youth Movement…I’m 32 years old and have been following my NYR since I was in grade school, and never in my years growing up have I been so proud to be a fan…I also never thought that this organization would commit itself to youth and growing the team from the inside…Dubinski, Staal, Callahan, Dawes, Girardi, Lundqvist, Tyutin, and Prucha etc… wow do we as fans have alot to look forward too!…

    2. I was a Jagr basher this year…but he has changed my thinking he has worked hard and has led by example and if he leaves, I’m gonna miss him next season…

    3. Last season’s signings…Gomez and Drury, I don’t give a flying F$%K about money paid to either of these guys…the few bashing Drury are absolute morons…over the course of his contract, you gonna eat your words over and over and over again…Both of these guys bring to the table solid all around play and fit well into this team. I happy to have them.

    Bottom line…this season has been overall pretty frustrating at least thru the All-Star break, but down the stretch…they did well. Its not over yet and our youth has gotten a wealth of experience from players like Jagr, Straka, Shanahan, etc… that will help them mature and be that much better over the course of there careers…look at this season and playoffs as a foundation for the youth to build on…I get the sense, some of you expected Dubinski, Dawes etc to have a big series…I can’t figure that out they are rookies and this is a whole new experience for them…your expectations are unrealistic!
    Anyway thats my take.

  39. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’m sorry you don’t understand the english language, they teach it when you get to the eighth grade. I’m not going to write you back “brah,” (“dope”, “idiot”, all the other words you used…) because my point was showing Jagr COULD NOT BE DOUBLE-SHIFTED for the third period icing faceoff, he was just on. I hope you understand the point he made, how I explained you COULD NOT do that because Jagr was just on the ice. If you don’t like that, or don’t understand that, read a book after you flip a few burgers, bro. I’m not going to explain it again because it’s time wasted on a fool who probably hasn’t hit puberty.

  40. I never realized how Ugly Fleury is. When he talked post game it was frightening. My daughter pointed at the screen and ran to me and hugged me. I swear she was scared of him. Poor thing, I hope she didn’t have nightmares all night.

  41. exactly johnny d

    and i think dawes is at best a third liner. the best forward prospect we have is prucha who this organization has grossly mishandled (he deserves some of the blame but we have not put him in a postion to succeed since his first season, ie he should have been playing with gomez all season and on the pp)

  42. staal, with the kind of youth we have, we will have to play like the devils to succeed….which is not something i want to watch every night. we need some elite scorers but not gonna be easy to get those guy

  43. TrueBlueBleeder

    Why do you keep mentioning the obvious? Of course Jagr could not be kept on the ice after completing his shift when the icing was called. What does that have to do with Renney’s refusal to play him on another line throughout the third period? Why do you keep pointing to that one sequence as if it is significant?

    Are you trying to make the amazing insight that a player leaves the surface when he’s exhausted?

    Do you not see that you continue to show confusion about a very simple concept. Coach A is down a goal in third period. He wants Player B to play more. So he gives him more shifts on another line. Does that mean he stays out the entire period? No. But you knew that, didn’t you?

  44. I’m pretty sure Jagr was double-shifted during the third period, with Gomez and Dubinsky, but it was hard to tell because of the injuries and line changes. I’m not quite sure what you guys are arguing about, since you seem to agree, except for one play.

    Callahan’s penalty really wasn’t as bad, since it was more accidental than anything else. I’m still not sure how it ended up being a double minor, however.

    Nobody likes my secondhand Nasty story?!

  45. Pete, I’m not saying that we don’t an elite player, what I am saying though is that we have a wonder base of talent that is gonna be good for years.

  46. True Fan — You keep digging a bigger hole. Hah!

    Busted by your own words. “Double Jagr’s shift”, ie. the one he was just on. Classic, pure genius. Admit it, you never heard the term doubleshift until about 24 hours ago, and you still don’t get what it means! And it’s not going away.

    I’m out. See y’all tomorrow.

  47. “According to the Daily news, Sean Avery was taken to the hospital.

    Its on the top line as a developing story. Might explain his disappearance.”

    I know they said before the game he couldn’t lift his arms and the equip guys had to help him put his equipment on.

  48. oh i know you didnt mean that staal, im just not sure we have the kind of talent that will make us a great team. more like a team that could scratch and claw to get in the playoffs every year

  49. reginald dunlop on

    ha ha ha…………starkey where were you sitting yesterday you gutless punk…you werent even at the game or are you such a puke you didnt have your name on the press seating chart??? come out of hiding you puke……

  50. REPOST:

    So depressed today. Just a few things right now, still seething. I have an analysis I was thinking about…

    But first, Doodie…good suggestions but you are a cowardly a-hole who would be the first deserter in an army when the S hits the fan. Change your blog name or you will be ridiculed til I don’t know when. At least by me. You are a pu$$y of the first order.

    Second, the analysis: I was thinking about all the players and ranking the forwards and D.

    As in, 100% player is a Jagr/Gomer who is the lead dog, top line player that you build the team around. An 10% player is the 4th line, 3rd player who is one spot from being an AHLer, like Hollweg. I also look at this % number as where the player ranks in terms of the the rest of the league. (That is, how many times out of 100 you would take this player over others in the league, if you had the choice.)

    Where do our players rank?

    Jags, Gomer 100%
    Drury, 75%.
    Shanny…started the season around 80%…now, 20%….let him go.
    Avery….50% or so. (in this case, Avery is late 2nd liner, early 3rd liner.) but you look at his disappearance again in the 2nd series and it shows that when the competition level rises, he fades out.
    Dawes…50%….disappearance in the 2nd round

    On D:


    Clearly having 5 d-men who are 50% or less is a problem.

    Obviously this is a rough scale and it sorta takes into account players’ ages and stuff.

    Renney deserves another shot next season. His special teams coach should take a hike.

    The big issue to me is the lack of balls of our D-men. How the F does Laraque score a goal? I’ll tell ya how…Tyutin plays the puck and not the man. Every D-man on our team watches the puck and never hits or roughs up anyone. That is a travesty. Where have you gone Jeff Beukeboom? We are too Euro-trashy on Defense. We also need a PP D-man who can handle the puck. Please Staal, work on your offensive prowess in the offseason. Try getting your shot on goal once, other than the Devs’s game.

    On the brighter side, along the lines of Salty’s earlier thoughts, my family is going away to the Carribean tomorrow and my bros and I were totally expecting to have to find some divey sports bar to see the games. Now, we don’t have to worry. Game 5 is on NBC so I think our villa will get that one. But I am not even going to race around the place to find game 4. If they win, fantastic. If not, I won’t have left my wife and kids in search of futility.

    Last thing….who do we point the finger at that in the biggest game of the year we came out flat as a pancake and gave up a goal 1 min into the game? How is that possible?

  51. For the final time, True Fan Bleeding RWB:

    Doubleshifting does not mean you have twice as long as a shift as normal. It means you play twice as many normal-length shifts.

    Not that hard a concept to grasp.

    Prayers and wishes to Avery.

  52. Avery. God help him.

    Yet another developing story that Sam Weinman has been beaten on by a competitor. Has he broken a story in his life?

  53. dr. ogrodnick on

    Considering the breaking story, maybe Avery gets a pass for the 2nd round.


    Sean Avery has a lacerated spleen and will be out the remainder of the season, sources tell TSN.

    The source went on to say that the laceration was detected with a CT scan after AVery was taken to hospital following the Game 3 with the Panguins.

    A story in the New York Daily News cited an unnamed source who said the 28-year-old winger was taken to St. Vincent’s Medical Center unconscious and not breathing.

  55. Yeah, thoughts and prayers to Avery…

    fritz April 30th, 2008 at 11:06 am

    Avery. God help him.

    Yet another developing story that Sam Weinman has been beaten on by a competitor. Has he broken a story in his life?

    Don’t be such a schmuck…freakin looser

  56. Thank God it isn’t his heart —- ruptured spleen is awful but better than a cardiac issue.

  57. HABS INSIDE/OUT site and its fans love the way New York is going down, down down, like a piece of crummy American Pie. Cant buy theCup, and Avery got what he deserves. Go ride that after goal fist pump to the ER. Losers.

  58. Yeah, Forsberg had a ruptured spleen…the article said lacerated spleen, checking to see if there is a difference b/w
    lacerated and ruptured

  59. So Avery, Betts and Drury out for tomorrow? LOL, I’ll make the tee times myself. Rangers have been injury free all playoffs so far but I guess it caught up with them. That sucks. So Prucha, Orr and Strudwick are in now?

  60. When you build a team, you need a big center, a scoring power foward, and ONLY Pittsburgh has those ingredients. Stew the pot real well, add some spicey boys with jocks and oil, mmm Americans, mmm.

  61. Wow hope Avery is gonna be okay. I guess that explains why he was a complete non factor in this series. I can’t say enough good things about Jagr. I always respected the guy but my respect grew even more after last night. He was a beast last night. He controlled the puck all night(if Straka had better hands he would have had a hat trick easily)Jagr not only controlled the puck but he drove to the net and threw the body like never before. In other words he played like it was his last few games of his Nhl career and I hope it isn’t. I think he is still skilled enough to put together at least one more big year. Gomez was another Ranger that was flying the more ice he got the better he was. They need to get him more skilled and faster wingers and he’ll be a star for years here. Lundqvist has had a terrific year but last night he couldn’t come up with the big save the team was dying for. I hope to God that was the last game that lunkhead Hollweg plays as a Rangers. Ditto for a washed up broken down old man like Shanny. The defense is soft as hell and needs to have some changes. Too bad Tyutin got that four year deal because he’d make nice trade bait otherise. Is their a worse pp qb than Rozsival?Geez he can even get a shot through. Another guy that needs to be shown the door this offseason. The pp sucked all year but man the pk sucked against a pop gun offense like the Devils and has blown in this series.

  62. Teacher April 30th, 2008 at 11:23 am

    HABS INSIDE/OUT site and its fans love the way New York is going down, down down, like a piece of crummy American Pie. Cant buy theCup, and Avery got what he deserves. Go ride that after goal fist pump to the ER. Losers.

    Habsguy April 30th, 2008 at 11:27 am

    When you build a team, you need a big center, a scoring power foward, and ONLY Pittsburgh has those ingredients. Stew the pot real well, add some spicey boys with jocks and oil, mmm Americans, mmm.

    Wow Avery was right about canadians

  63. hey Teacher,

    I hope the next time the Habs win a playoff game, you’re locked in a burning police car.

  64. lacerated spleen but why are both stories different this sucks

    Are prayers are with u Sean

  65. the daily news sucks they made up that other story about avery and the hooker. Its messed up how the media says what thy hope it is. They were
    hoping it was a heart attack so they can blame drugs

    Once again are prayers are with u Aves

  66. People, stop with this “Rangers are not the better team” garbage. Take a look at the last few cup champions, were they the best teams!? NO. They had good goalies and got hot. Renney continues to make it about him and that is what is leading to our demise.

    Why has no one asked what Hollweg was doing out there in the first place!??

  67. I sat in my own special press section, so I didn’t have to be near lowlifes like Reginald Dunlop. That’s what you get when you’re a soon-to-be-award-winning sports journalist.

  68. Just went to Habs inside/out and met a boy named The Teacher, and Avery is out for the season, lmao..TOMORROW. I am in love with Teach, a cutie with a sCHlong. SmootCHies to everyone, gotta pick up a dress on CHristopher Street, can I still wear white. Come from a disfunctional family, my daddy spanked me, then turned around and said..”Now Do Me”.

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