Avery suffers lacerated spleen, out for the season (Updated)


The Rangers just confirmed that Sean Avery was rushed to St. Vincents’s Medical Center in Manhattan to treat a lacerated spleen.

The injury was caused by a hit in the Rangers’ Game 3 loss, the team said.

Team sources are refuting a report that said Avery was in cardiac arrest. Instead, they said Avery was complaining about an injury after the game, and that he walked into the hospital with team physician Dr. Andrew Feldman.

Here’s the official release:


New York, April 30, 2008 — New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that forward Sean Avery suffered a lacerated spleen in last night’s game, and will be sidelined for the remainder of the season. He was taken to St. Vincent’s hospital after the game, and was admitted following a CT scan. He is expected to make a full recovery during the off-season.

Both Greg Moore and P.A. Parenteau, possible replacements for Game 4, are on the ice for practice.

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  1. Thoughts and prayers with sean. your recovery is mor e important than interning this summer at vogue.

  2. Wow hope Avery is gonna be okay. I guess that explains why he was a complete non factor in this series. I can’t say enough good things about Jagr. I always respected the guy but my respect grew even more after last night. He was a beast last night. He controlled the puck all night(if Straka had better hands he would have had a hat trick easily)Jagr not only controlled the puck but he drove to the net and threw the body like never before. In other words he played like it was his last few games of his Nhl career and I hope it isn’t. I think he is still skilled enough to put together at least one more big year. Gomez was another Ranger that was flying the more ice he go t the better he was. They need to get him more skilled and faster wingers and he’ll be a star for years here. Lundqvist has had a terrific year but last night he couldn’t come up with the big save the team was dying for. I hope to God that was the last game that lunkhead Hollweg plays as a Rangers. Ditto for a washed up broken down old man like Shanny. The defense is soft as hell and needs to have some changes. Too bad Tyutin got that four year deal because he’d make nice trade bait otherise. Is their a worse pp qb than Rozsival?Geez he can even get a shot through? Another guy that needs to be shown the door this offseason. The pp sucked all year but man the pk hich was good during the season sucked against a pop gun offense like the Devils and has blown in this series. I guess we might see guys like Moore and Korpkowski tomorrow night at least that’s something.

  3. graves9, this really doesn’t explain why he’s been a nonfactor at all, apparently this all happened due to a hit he took last night.

  4. Sean’s a fighter, I hope he recovers soon.
    God, what else can go wrong with our team !
    I hope he does not piss off the Doctors !

  5. Avery Man Crush on

    I m a big fan of your buddy JOHN DELLAPINA but there was no need to mention the fact that the Daily News was the first to report he was in the database of a prostitution ring. That is cheap and classless.
    Get well Sean.

  6. jason

    Who knows, so don’t go there. He could easily have aggravated it last night after incurring an initial injury to his spleen in a previous game or practice. It hardly matters at this point.

  7. that guy who loves the Rangers on

    My prayers are with you Sean. Hope all goes well and you make a speedy recovery. I know that Crosby, Brodeur, and Madden will definitely come by your bed-side to bring you flowers lol.

  8. Bathgate

    Calm yourself, I’m not going anywhere, what I’ve been hearing, from the Fan 590, was that it was caused by a hit from last night.

  9. Bathgate,

    Also the NY Daily News amongst others now, but that may work against me since we know how they broke “this story.” 1st period collision.

  10. I’m sorry if I missed reports of this, but does anyone have info on Drury? He’ll be alright for tomorrow?

  11. can things get any worse?

    game 1 the dive, game 2 the quick whistle, game 3 Hollwegg, and now Avery.. SOunds like he will be OK, thank goodness, I like Avery and thinks he plays hard and is a good teammate.

  12. jason

    I’m calm, I’m calm. I’m simply pointing out that he might have done initial damage to the organ that compromised his play in earlier games, but which did not become totally debilitating until a major jolt — like a first period collision — occurred subsequently.

  13. I’m scared for Avery. Please get better!

    Letsgopens.com message board is real classy…not. (link post didn’t work earlier)

  14. Now that the Rangers are denying the facts in Dellapina’s article, the sentence about being the first to find Avery’s name in the ho’ book just serves to make me distrust this article more.

  15. Thought and prayers are with Sean and his family now. Me and my family love you Sean Avery!

  16. I wish Sean the best. Hopefully Parenteau can get a look, though. We need a fresh face in the lineup to shake this off.

  17. Pavel,

    I’d rather see Greg Moore get a shot thought I don’t see Hollweg playing tomorrow and no word on Betts or Drury yet so we may see Parenteau, Moore and the rest of the Hartford Wolfpack make their playoff debuts tomorrow.

  18. This brings us all back to reality. Suddenly being down 3-0, as bad as it is, doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. That said, maybe it will galvanize this team a bit for Game 4.

    Most important thing is for Sean to get well. Hang in there Sean!

  19. The radio just said Avery was found unconscious in his apartment.
    How did someone know to check up on him?
    Holy shit.
    He really could have died.

  20. True, Jason. I forgot about Betts. Moore seems like a good replacement, and a parking cone with a mean face and sharpie’d mustache can replace Hollweg.

  21. I just heard on WFAN that after the game avery complained of discomfort to his side and was taken by a town car to the hospital. That story by the daily news was ridiculous, the person who wrote that story should be fired.

  22. Not sure which is true. It was on AM770, the Rangers back-up radio network.
    Wow am I so confused now.
    I guess we’ll find out what really happened soon, hopefully.

    It still is bad.

  23. Pavel, good point. At least the parking cone won’t take a boarding penalty sucking the life out of over 18k people. Can we trade it for Hollweg straight up or do we have to throw in a high end prospect to get rid of Hollweg?

  24. right, but organizations have been known to try and cover stuff up before. the only way to really know is find out when he was checked into the hospital

  25. Get Better and Get Well Sean. And Blair. And Chris. Thanks for a truly contender season, can’t ask for anything more.

  26. I was at the game and did not recall the hit, but a friend told me that Scuderi hit him behind the play at one point?

    In a completely seperate item, not the best time right now but, did anyone see Marc Staal lay out his brother?

  27. I’m just as pissed & frustrated as the rest of you true blue Ranger fans. But I have to give the Pens some credit here. That’s a hell of a team.

  28. tomg — going to the emergency room in a town car still qualifies as walking in. That just means he did not arrive on a stretcher.

  29. Do you think it is because of his asking price, or because of Sather’s feelings towards him?

  30. “tomg—going to the emergency room in a town car still qualifies as walking in. That just means he did not arrive on a stretcher.”

    HUH? all I posted is what I heard, I said nothing about walking in or on a stretcher, not sure where you are going with that post.

  31. Nasty, if Avery is NOT a Ranger next season, I may take a year hiatus from being a fan. They would be retarded not to sign him back up.

  32. What do you think Sam? Do you think Avery will be on this team next year? Come on Sam, can you please just answer this one question from the old Nasty 1?

  33. first concern is clearly his health

    but as to whether you resign him it is all based on cost. is he worth more than 2.5 mill on a team that will most likely not have jagr on it? Probably not as he has not proven he can play an injury free season nor is he that capable an offensive player without the d focusing on someone else (ie jagr for most of the season and on the pp)

  34. Even though I’m a die hard Pens fan and hate the Rangers.

    I hope Avery is ok and fully recovers.

    Hopefully this gets posted unlike at BlueShirtBulletin where they block all Pens fans comments.

  35. This sucks. Its one thing to get embarrassed in the playoffs, but to lose Aves, really sucks. The guy has had a tough year with injuries. Whether we get swept or not, i wouldn’t wanna see the guy hurt again. Its a shame. At least he wont have to shake Crabby, Milkman, Lacrackhead, and Jarko Poopoo’s hands. Get well Aves !!

    Darth Sather better bring him back.

    Also i hope Jags has one more season left in him, i was hard on him big time, and ive never been this hard on a player that i liked before. Its just i hate someone so good doing so bad. But he has been great in the playoffs. Its to bad his own teammate had to screw Jags and his team over. Hollweg ruined the season. Who knows what would have happened if he didn’t take that penalty, but i blame Hollweg, and i don’t blame Hank, his D should have played better. We should get rid of Roszival, and you know what, get Tyutin outta here, he has been pathetic in the playoffs. I hope Sanguinetti has a great camp and can get in the lineup.

    Ill tell you one thing, when Jags told the reporters “the next game could be his last game, so lets make it special” seriously, i nearly barfed, cause my stomach and heart dropped. I got emotional when he said that, cause i really dont wanna see him go.

    We didn’t give Jags enough credit. He adjusted his game so much this year. He tried to do his best with Gomer, or Dru but nothing was there, then he played with Dubi, and really made Dubi into a great player. His lack of offense this year caused him to tighten up his defensive game. He is great, and if this is really his last year, then ill be sad, really. Go Jags !! Who ever still doesn’t like him can go fugg them selves !!!


    Hopefully P.A. Par gets the shot.

  36. It’s always SOMETHING with Avery. That’s only part of the reason I wouldn’t resign him.

    I would LOVE to see Parenteau, BTW. I haven’t seen him play yet and I just want to get a feel for his size, speed, and abilities. I wouldn’t expect too much (Remember Dawes in game 6 last year?), but you can still see what he might have to offer.

    Speaking of Dawes, what happened to him!?

  37. Hey BlacknGold66, thanks for the thoughts on Avery.
    But seriously how can you hate the Rangers – LOL
    You’re a classy guy, not like the Debbie site where one jerk wrote he hopes Avery dies !

  38. Last night after the game when Jagr was interviewed I got the impression that he is going to leave the nhl and go play for the Avangard Omsk of the Russian Super League. He seemed very emotional like his career in the nhl was coming to an end.

  39. Avery could be a Ranger next year and I’d like him here but not for 4 mil a year…He has literally disappeared in this second round…

  40. I want Avery back. I just like what he brings to our team. I think he is only going to mature even more as a player and be a better player. The guy can play the game folks.

  41. IMO, obviously stall is a keeper but I also think callahan and dubi are keepers also, dawes, I’m not sure yet if he is a keeper or not.

  42. Nasty, I think it will come down to what sather is willing to offer Avery and if Avery will take a home team discount. If another team sweeps Avery off his feet with a offer, Avery will be gone. It all depends how much more another team will offer Avery IMO.

  43. Cindy Crosby’s dad was just on NHL Channel XM Radio Hockey Live , …Troy Crosby….First time I ever seen/heard him…figured he would be in better shape or speak different, but he was pretty humble….Anyway, Don Legrieca mentioned about the Rangers fans last night to Crosbys dad and brought up to him about the Nice Dive signs that were made up by the people who post on this blog and he also mention to his dad about the guy who tried to get into MSG wearing scuba gear ….I wonder if that was someone from here too

  44. wow Sven you are an idiot.

    Well now Avery has a new reporter to sue after saying he was unconcious when that wasn’t the case.

  45. Avery got hurt in first period.
    The laceration wouldnt have been as bad as it is if he didnt stay and play the eniter game.
    The Dr’s main concern was due to the internal bleeding that occured from it not being looked at immediately, but he (Avery) didnt think he was hurt too bad during the game.
    My sister in law is an on call nurse at St. Vincents adn was there last night when they brought him in, I had to call her three times to get this damn info out of her today, guess they have other patients? hehe I was only pissed due to her not telling me this last night, as she knows im a CRAZY RANGER FAN.
    Anyway, it’s not life threatening, or career ending. No surgery will be needed but he will require 1-2 weeks of ZERO activity.

    Get better Sean, and you better be in blue next season, hear me SATHER!!!

  46. Thanks guys.

    I’m a regular in the comments section (we affectionatly call it Cblog) on http://www.thepensblog.com.

    Just about everyone at Cblog sends there regards to Avery. We all hate him with a passion on the ice… but as I said, he’s still a human being, someone’s son, friend, etc. I hope he has a full recovery.

    (I’m now going to vomit after saying that) (j/k)

  47. Jagr is going to Omsk; it’s a 100% done deal, russian officials from Avangard confirmed it several times, it’s all over russian press, he’ll get 4-5 million (and it’s virtually all cash over there).
    I’m sorry for it. There is a good chance Rangers will be without 5-6 current players by July. Hopefully, it will not lead to some idiotical panic decisions by Satter.
    As for Renney, if most of newcomers are young guys, he could stay, he normally does a good job with developing team, but if Satter somehow brings one or two star caliber players, Renney should go, he’s hit the celling.

  48. There was a guy that was in MSG wearing scuba gear. I was hysterical. He has a shirt that had Crosby on the back with 87 and the front said “Sidney Diver”. It was priceless.

  49. Jonny D, my apologies; he was probably getting your seed pumped from his stomach…any reason the original report was at 3am and stated he was unconscious and under cardiac arrest? Take the tootsie pop out of your ass, son…

  50. “Jagr is going to Omsk; it’s a 100% done deal, russian officials from Avangard confirmed it several times, it’s all over russian press, he’ll get 4-5 million (and it’s virtually all cash over there).
    I’m sorry for it. There is a good chance Rangers will be without 5-6 current players by July. Hopefully, it will not lead to some idiotical panic decisions by Satter.
    As for Renney, if most of newcomers are young guys, he could stay, he normally does a good job with developing team, but if Satter somehow brings one or two star caliber players, Renney should go, he’s hit the celling.”

    Because the russian officials from teams and the russian press have never lied before…

  51. And no, no overdose, cardiac arrest, etc. Sis in law said thats all bullshit. He was coherent, lucid, but was “pissy” These were her words, I assume due to the loss not the injury, haha got to love Avery. A couple reporters found out about this last night and showed up at the hospital were asking the heart attack, drug questions. So totally taken out of context.

  52. I hope Avery is ok and it sounds like he will be. The reports about him being unconscious as far as I can tell are false.

    ANy word on Betts or Drury? I saw Betts come out after the game and his face was real swollen looking with a cut (it was quick so I’m not to certain he went straight to a car they had pulled up at 8 Penn and security walked with him)

    Jagr was on fire last night he really played his heart out. I think and hope he has one more year but judging from his post game interview he may not. Straka had more near misses then I can count!

    I think the Rangers can win tomorrow.
    And thanks Black and Gold for the well wishes to Avery the comments on most news sights all say they hope he dies nice to know that some people realize there are more important things then what team a guy is on.

  53. wow Black and gold pens fan so big of you to hope avery is alright.. that is big of you, to hope a human being does not die from the opposing team….’

    wow the humanity is great.

    avery is a pain etc. but he is a hell of a player, plays hard, etc. Ruutu cannot hold avery’s jock. if avery wants a reasonable deal in yrs. bring him back. obviously he was hurt but he is such a tough hockey guy he played the addtl 2 periods with a damn bleeding spleen, that is one tough dude.

  54. “Jonny D, my apologies; he was probably getting your seed pumped from his stomach…any reason the original report was at 3am and stated he was unconscious and under cardiac arrest? Take the tootsie pop out of your ass, son…”

    Because journalists like to blow things out of proportion just to say they were the one that broke the story even if its not 100% accurate. Then they just claim it was bad information they got to base the story on even though part of it is true.

  55. blackS4 (steve trac) on

    ORR, I felt the same way last night. He’s one of the best NHL’ers ever, he broke most single season Ranger scoring records, single-handidly got them to the playoffs 2 years ago… It will be a shame if he leaves the NHL.

  56. Drury could not take any faceoffs so how good can he be????

    I heard Betts has a concussion. this is a perfect storm of disasters the injuries only 3 guys went down last night, the refs crap in the first 2 games, and hollwegg being hollwegg or as he says just playing my game.

    His game is of no value, the scary thing is he made 1 or 2 nice plays a minute or 2 before his pure stupidity…

  57. OMG liquid what did the creator of Crosby say?!?!?!?!?!?

    Our signs on national radio!

    People were going nuts over them it was funny! Not doing it agiain for thursday but it was awesome!

  58. Black&Gold…. class act. I was checking out your blog and have to agree the Pens fans are all wishing Avery well and that is nice to see.

  59. Jorek- Crosby’s dad laughed when they brought up the signs that you and Agra made…He said that Cindy has been used to this treatment since he was 15 years old and playing in the juniors, Cindy had security escort him out of some of the local arena’s…Pretty cool that you got your 15 minute of fame….well, 30 seconds…hehe…..Also, before the game started , @ like 7:03pm, when Sam & Joe started talking they played a clip outside MSG that showed the signs u made being held by like 15 fans chanting LETS GO RANGERS

  60. this is kinda a side note, but its hard as HELL to get good Rangers articles. Burnside from ESPN is a complete idiot. Brooks from the Post is a hater. I thought Dellapina (spelling?) was decent, but he brags about breaking the “madam & Avery” story, and lies about Avery not breathing and a heart attack? thank god for this blog.

  61. what would you guys think if a Ranger player had negotiated a contract to leave the Rangers and go play with another team DURING the playoffs?

    well, guess what. that apparently is exactly what Jagr did

    it leaves me with only one conclusion—Jagr is the worst kind of selfish, me-first backstabber.

    but, then again, why am I surprised. the fans in Pitt and Wash already know that all too well, and they are so right to boo that jerk the way they do.

  62. Question for all the die-hards; If the Rangers lose game 4, after the handshake line, due our guys assemble at center ice and stick salute the fans?

  63. originally I would have said no. but upon reflection and they did win a round and some players last game I would say yes. more half hearted than last yr though.


    Avery is human garbage and deserves whatever he gets after he chopped right at DiPietro’s head after a concussion and did not care if he killed him last year, he gave him that second concussion intentionally. He even chopped at Crosby to injure him last night and has no respect for anyone.

    I don’t care if what team he’s on, he deserves no mercy whatsoever.

    Too bad it did not happen to Avery at the Nassau Coliseum so our fans could rock his ambulance ala LaFontaine and flip it over a few dozen times.

    All about laundry for Ranger fans, as always. The same idiots that went after Lafontaine’s ambulance were crying when he got a concussion for your team.

    Cheer up, when Avery is on another team next year and injures one of your players you can do likewise.

  65. For those of you who don’t realize how important Avery is to us should become Islanders fan. He is our MVP and our heart and soul. I say bye bye to Shanny, Straka, Malik, Rozy, Mara and waive Hollweg. Keep Jagr and get Orpik and Vandermeer. Bring up Bobby.

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