Alive (literally and figuratively) and kicking


A couple of real quick notes:

<li>Again, the reports of Sean Avery going into cardiac arrest last night are false. The wing reported discomfort in between periods, but it wasn’t until shortly after the game that he and team doctor Andrew Feldman drove to St. Vincent’s. At no point did he lose consciousness, and it wasn’t 3 a.m. that he went to the hospital, but closer to 11 p.m.

While most of his teammates didn’t know the severity of Avery’s condition, they at least knew enough to confirm that it wasn’t anything life-threatening. Brendan Shanahan joked he knew the rumors were going too far when he read that he was the one who had to issue mouth-to-mouth to his distressed teammate.

<li>Either way, though, Avery is out for the rest of the season, and with Blair Betts and Chris Drury banged up as well, the Rangers had Lauri Korpikoski, Greg Moore, and P.A. Parenteau in practice. Drury, who has what Tom Renney calls a “torso injury,” sounds more likely for tomorrow than Betts, who may have fractured a cheek bone after taking a puck to the face. Either way, we’re not likely to know anything more until tomorrow.

<li>Jaromir Jagr backtracked from saying tomorrow could be his last game, but he did go at length to talk about his ups-and-downs this season. But he wasn’t revealing what his thoughts were for next season. Neither would Shanahan, who nipped all questions about next year in the bud.

OK, more in a bit…

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  1. Mouth-to-mouth? Haha. I didn’t hear that one.
    I’m glad Sean’s okay.

    I hope Jagr comes back next year…

  2. Liquid what did Crosby’s father say about the signs? People were going nuts for them!!!

    Probably not doing it again on Thursday but it was fun yesterday. people were coming up to me saying “are you the one with sign I gotta have one and can I have one for so and so . . .”
    It was fun.

  3. repost:

    April 30th, 2008 at 1:14 pm
    Jorek- Crosby’s dad laughed when they brought up the signs that you and Agra made…He said that Cindy has been used to this treatment since he was 15 years old and playing in the juniors, Cindy had security escort him out of some of the local arena’s…Pretty cool that you got your 15 minute of fame….well, 30 seconds…hehe…..Also, before the game started , @ like 7:03pm, when Sam & Joe started talking they played a clip outside MSG that showed the signs u made being held by like 15 fans chanting LETS GO RANGERS


    this is kinda a side note, but its hard as HELL to get good Rangers articles. Burnside from ESPN is a complete idiot. Brooks from the Post is a hater. I thought Dellapina (spelling?) was decent, but he brags about breaking the “madam & Avery” story, and lies about Avery not breathing and a heart attack? thank god for this blog.

  5. I hope Sean is okay and will make a full recovery. God bless.
    I hope Jagr comes back next year also.

  6. I can’t believe the Daily News is bragging about “breaking” this story when they got it wrong. They said Avery had cardiac arrest. WRONG! Yet they are taking credit for being wrong. I don’t get it!

  7. If they get jagr some help he can still play. IF straka was Hossa, Hossa would score 50 goals with Jagr…

    Shanny sorry to say but looks totally shot, too bad. Drury is a warior there is no doubt he is hurt and I bet bad, but he will suck it up and play…

    GOmez has played great , I really like him he is a classy tough guy, who can really play.

    Staal is the best young D man under 22 in the NHL, he is a legit STUD…..

  8. I had a feeling Betts had some broken bones in his face when I saw him take that shot, I have seen two buddies of mine take similar shots in games (Non – NHL caliber shots at that) and both had fractures of the cheekbones and orbital bones afterwards

  9. Guys, I didn’t get to see the game, does anyone have a link with pics of the signs? I’d love to see them or at least read about them…

  10. I agree Jeever I liked Dellepina but I am seriously losing faith in his veracity. Yeah Crosby was escorted out last night by NHL execs. I was trying to get his autograph on a puck but alas it never happened. Probably good cause once I had it I didn’t know what I was gonna do with it.

    P.S. You are supposed to shoot the puffins but I love puffins so will not shoot them so now I have a game to waste my time on which I will forever have bad scores on because I will not shoot the bonus puffins!!

  11. Sam wrote:

    At no point did he lose consciousness, and it wasn’t 3 a.m. that he went to the hospital, but closer to 11 p.m”

    Sometimes I really hate the press. They are always trying to get things out of proportion!!! How can you write this shit!!!
    Some journalists are really morons !!!

  12. wake up folks. Jagr does not feel that way about you. remember, he NEGOTIATED with the rep from the Omsk team in Russia DURING the playoffs a couple weeks ago. some loyal captain, eh?

    he could care less about the fans, here or anywhere else he has played.

    all he cares about is the money. period.

  13. Parenteau for conn smythe!!!


    dont mind me…exhausted ranger fan that has gone dillusional watching this team play!

  14. Staal I can e-mail you the sign but it was just an 8 X10 with


    centered and in as large a size font as would fit!

    Anyone know the scuba guy??

    Shanahan has got to be hurt or something you can’t lose it that fast, at least I don’t think you can.

  15. What about Anisimov ? They need 2 centermen. Dru wont be able to take faceoffs. Eh, what ever.

    Were going for broke here, hopefully we can get some fun out of this. But i really hope Jagr stays another year. I cant imagine the Ranger locker room without him. He has an awesome personality. he’s the only person in sports history that would make fun of himself not playing good, and not realizing if he is telling the truth or just joking. He’s the man.

  16. JB — did you personally overhear Jagr’s contract negotiations? Why would he need to bother to negotiate now anyway, even if he did want to go to Russia? Most of the anti-Jagr “facts” are retreads of old Pittsburgh columns by reporters with their own axes to grind. The real fact is that Jagr turned this team around the last 3 years, and has played his heart out.

  17. Hey Jorek, I think you sit right near me. Those signs were all over my section last night. Are you up in 313?

  18. JB he wants to win. He has been playing great and doing everything he can to win. He was great yesterday.
    SO we want him back for next year. And if it was a done deal with Russia one of the American papers would have it. We have been discussing how the pres puts things out of proportion so maybe his talks with Omsk were exaggerated. We don’t know that. And by the way its their job they all want money. If Avery leaves its cause of money. If Henrik didn’t get an offer he wanted he would have gone one year deal or tested the market. If you work one place and you really like the company and co-workers and another job offers you twice the pay you will probably go. So Jagr in that respect is no different then most guys in the NHL (and int he regular working world), should we hold that against him? I don’t think so.

  19. Crosby is Your Daddy on

    New sign for Thursday Night:

    Crosby dives… head first into his new Stanley Cup!

  20. Haha Peter actually I was sitting at Molly Wee Pub a block away form the garden. But I handed out 200 copies (199 really cause I kept one).

    SOme people took stacks for their section.

  21. I check in all the time on comments and there are some truly funny stuff being written here, but there are a few losers as well!!! But, that’s what makes it fun. I would say that from series to series, teams change so much. Who out there thought after the Rangers dispensed the Devs that they would beat Pitt in 5 or 6?? I know I did. Then, Shanny disappears, the kid wings – Callie & Dawes – disappear. Straka becomes Luc Robitialle when he was a Ranger, shooting pucks at the goalie’s chest, Jags grows a Hitler ‘stache and becomes a power forward, Avery disappears and then resurfaces in St. Vincent’s Hospital (best wishes for a speedy recovery Sean, and leave the nursing staff alone). Our D, esp. Toots, lost their edge and Rozy couldn’t quarterback Hartford’s power play!! Bottom line all you fellow Ranger fanatics, power play killed us all year and has been our undoing this series for sure!!!!

  22. Shanahan, as classy a guy as there is, has only had flashes of his brilliance this year. He didn’t lose it that fast. It’s been creeping up on him at a faster pace now that he is getting older. In 06-07, he played 67 regular season games, predominantly due to the concussion he suffered in the collision with Knuble. He had time to rest and was decent in the playoffs against Atlanta and Buffalo. In 07-08, he played in 73 games, and being another year older, that may be the difference maker in him being ineffectual vs. being an impact player.

  23. New Newman – It was a great Staal on Staal hit, but I immediately thought it would be called for interference, based on a similar play in the playoffs, because the younger Staal did not touch the puck.

    LIQUID – Is there anywhere to find the audio/podcast of that Daddy Crosby interview online?

    If Avery doesn’t come back, I think the reasoning will be a double-edged sword, in terms of the two choices mentioned. Sather will be willing to give him some money, but his apparent dislike for Avery will cause him to not want to give much more money/years, and I base this on the decision to sigh Hollweg over Ortmeyer because of the pending lawsuit Orts had against MSG, as someone brought up yesterday (or today), which I forgot about.

  24. Repost
    New sign for Thursday Night:

    Crosby dives… head first into his new Stanley Cup!

    Additional head line
    and suffers concucsion when Franzen yanks it away and says thats mine kid!

  25. I think we should do an Anaheim with Jagr and Shanny… LEt them take off 3/4s of the year, and come into the playoffs fresh and hungry.

    Jorek – even though I was too late to get a sign, I did see it represented in my section too! You made your impact.

  26. talk about denial, kc. try reading the blog you are on.

    on March 28 Sam Weinman wrote—-

    As I noted today Jaromir Jagr reversed course from yesterday’s morning skate and said he would at least hear out representatives from Omsk about a return there next season.

    The timing is curious, to put it mildly. On one hand, Jagr says it’s not the right time to be discussing such matters with the Rangers in the middle of a stretch drive. But he also plans to do just that when Omsk GM Anatoly Bardin comes to New York next week—



    are you calling Sam a liar ?

    if any other player did that, he would be ripped here on this blog. but, king pout apparently gets a free pass to stab his team in the back during the playoffs.

  27. Jeever – It really didn’t work too well for the Ducks to begin with as their season is already over and the NHL is taking steps to outlaw it from happening again which is really the right thing to do.

  28. I guess that that is true Shanahan has not been the player he was. Its just that his last year with Detroit in 05-06 he played 82 games scored 40 goals with 41 assists for total of 81 points and was a +29. Is two years really so long? I do agree he hasn’t been the same since the concussion from the Knuble hit.

    I hope Jagr comes back. He is sitting on 1599 points . . that has got to be motivation right there to get that last point . . only 6 away form 650 goals. . . I would come back.

    Both of them though have already had totally amazing careers. Future Hall of Famers.

  29. If Jagr does go to Omsk in Russia hopefully he’ll be a mentor to Alexei Cherepanov, teach him how to be a pro, and not a prima donna.

  30. I wasn’t clear (usually am not). That Anaheim stunt was a tongue-in-cheek remark. I hated that crap. But you gotta admit, it could work for older guys like Shanny and Jagr, who probably get tired out after playing 70-80 games.

  31. No Anaheiming for us, please!

    Here’s a thought: I bet Sather and/or Renney will be deciding between Strudwick and Shanahan for a real veteran presence in the locker room, aside from Drury and Gomez, since I don’t think Jagr and Straka are coming back after all this conjecture. Who would you rather have? I pick Strudwick because Shanahan should leave to open up a forward spot for someone else while Strudwick can sit most of the time as the 7th or 8th D and 13th or 14th forward. Don’t kill me on this, please! Just think about that. Personally, I wouldn’t be deciding between the two, but would take Strudwick coming back anyway.

  32. Richard, it was over unpaid signing bonus money during the lockout that he signed before the lockout on a 2 year deal.

  33. Somebody mentioned it yesterday, and I remember it from last season, but I don’t know what it is. I doubt it’s still “pending,” though. Someone else enlighten us please!

  34. Parros – the law suit that Orts (plus Kasper and Holik, see a theme there?) has to do with bonuses due during the lockout. They all should have been paid bonuses that were on their contracts during the lock-out year. The Rangers said they shouldn’t have to pay them, since there was no hockey. They are the only team in the league to deny their players the bonuses. The richest team in hockey. How I hate Ranger’s management.

  35. Jeever actually Jagr has goten better as the season went on.

    The suit against Ortmeyer ws about bonuses he would have gotten during the lockout? Or MSG thinks thy don’t have to pay him something because of the lockout but other layers received their similar pay I shouldn’t answer cause I don’t really know but he was 10xs better than Hollweg! And a real great guy!

  36. Jed Ortmeyer. Class act, and hands down the BEST name in hockey. The best export Omaha Nebraska ever had

  37. The Orts/Holik/Kaspar lawsuit went to an arbitration hearing earlier in April and a decision is expected very shortly.

  38. Jorek, I think it was only over 100k which to me or you may be a ton of money but to Cablevision, it’s nothing. If that is the true reason we didn’t resign Ortmeyer who was well liked in the lockerroom, played as hard as anyone else, was very good defensively and on the PK and kept Hollweg (did sign an extention either last year or the year before) who does nothing but run guys, I for one am annoyed.

  39. Why did I know that my link wouldn’t post? Search * jed ortmeyer rangers contract* on Yahoo under the news tab (you have to click on “more” on the front search page); it links to a _Post_ article. I can’t believe the case is still not closed. And it involves our precious Kaspar! haha

  40. Last night, while Avery was asleep, I took off his jock strap, and oiled him up, put some meds in his IV, AND had my way with him. Ask him what hurts NOW. Habs inside/out is where I post and Montreal has my soul.

  41. Mark – Of course he’ll raise ticket prices; they need to finance a renovation, and the Knicks aren’t gonna be bringing in too much coin.

  42. formerly formerly jagrforgovernor on

    We need Jags next year. Definitely.

    I hope fans going to the game on thursday will show their appreciation for his effort.

    His game last night was on a level I haven’t seen from ANYONE in a long time. His passes were insane, it seemed his linemates couldn’t even keep up with him. **breathes**

    Really, it did seem like he kicked it into a totally different gear last night. I was really impressed.

    Please, if you’re going to the game make a sign or something to let him know we’d like him back next year.

  43. These Hab fans are unreal. Dude go burn a cop car or something. Oh wait – that’s right you guys are losing to the Flyers.

    Oh and BTW – speaking of the Habs – you guys have all seen Price’s helmet right? Any idea who the two guys on his helmet are? I asked a buddy (habs fan) yday and was expecting it to be some Canadian hockey God of yesteryear… you know – something showing the tradition of the Habs and their storied franchise. Nope – its Garth Brooks and George Striat.

    Now I am no country fan but that is besides the point. Had it been the Rolling Stones or the Police I would still feel the same. What the heck is that? Who puts their favorite band on their helmet. That is so lame.

    Only thing more lame is the fact that you guys had the best record in the eastern conference and can’t even beat the Flyers – who barely made the playoffs.

    Oh and one more thing. Canada svcks!

  44. Maybe I should print out 200

    flyers . . . think people will be as eager for those as they were for Croby diving ones?

  45. Spider you beat me to it. I saw the stuff about the renovation last night, and all I thought was how much tickets are gonna cost NOW. You know, cause Cablevision and MSG don’t make enough money as it is…

  46. Garth Brooks and George strait are awesome! but come on!

    Gerge Strait is a legend but couldn’t you find someone more legendary than Garth . . Love him but what about Johnny Cash or George Jones

  47. Yeah tickets will go up because the KNicks suck and Dolan needs to make his money somewhere.

    Still waitlisted.

    By the way why is a HAb fan posting here we aren’t playing the HAbs?

  48. Speed Ranger on

    Maybe we can start a HUGE round of applause for Jagr – he made this team a contender after so many years of … well… you know.

  49. Jagr and Straka need to be back next year… signing Malone as a Free agent will do nothing for the Rangers and you need a blend of Euros and North Americans and toughness and skill… the young Rangers Dubinsky, Callahan, etc are not ready to lead the team to the promised land… Jagr and Straka along with Gomez have been the best Rangers in the playoffs… Get rid of Shanahan, Rozsival, Backman… they are done as Blueshirts…

  50. Jorek seriously how g@y would it be if Hank had the faces of two swedish pop stars on his mask. It should be about the team – not about what his personal likes and hobbies are. Unless you have a badarse nickname like Cujo – then it is ok to have a mask all about you. Anyway – just my opinion.

  51. Speed Ranger on

    That’s funny Jorek I thought maybe it was a Flyers fan pretending to be a Habds fan, pretending to be you???

  52. Staal Warts Mother on

    As we say at HABS INSIDE/OUT ready uneducated 911Americans. Na na na na, na na na na , hey hey hey, Drop Dead. My son is on meds. Hisfather spanked him, then turned around and said, “DO ME NOW.”

  53. Spiderpig- I set the DVR up to record the NHL Live repeat @ 5:30pm…Then I guess I will video tape it and put in on you tube for you.

    Parros- As far as the Carey Price mask, I think it was mentioned that he is a huge country music fan and that Garth gave him one of his hats he wears or some shit so Price returned the favor and put Garth on his helmet….I could be wrong…lol

  54. Yeah Speed but why me???

    I’m not saying its a good thing to put on your helmet- actually its um . . . slightly gay? I was just saying if you are gonna do it make it good. I’m a country music fan so I was just saying if you want greats get greats. Garth is great and has had a ton on of number ones but that was when there was like no competition and country was pretty bad.

    By the way Valiquette hs spiderman on his helmet just throwing that out there?

  55. Habs fan pretending to be people on this blog get a life. And um 9/11 is not a joking matter how would you like 3,000 of your neighbors killed in the space of a few hours. . . Would you be laughing asshole!

  56. Thanks LIQUID – still think its g@y and no disrepect to Garth, Strait or country music in general.

  57. oh, God no. No Blair Betts for game 4. What are we gonna do? I hope that loser never wears the blue sweater again.

    He must have had incriminating pictures of Renney in a back room with a couple of the Ranger Ice Dancers….pretty much the only way I can phathom this ass clown keeping his job for so long.

  58. I thought Betts did fine as a fourth line center. He was solid on pk and forchecking. He wasn’t an offensive threat in the least but he could do better if he had hockey players with him.

  59. I like the idea of the sign but you need to say something about him hopefully staying. We can not afford to have him leave.

  60. Betts is a good penalty-killer/role player. Not every player on a team is gonna finish with 40 points+ a season… Some guys are there to work the other team and make things harder for the other team.

  61. How about a sign saying that if you play hockey in Russia, you risk getting Hepatitis? (Vague Elias reference)

  62. STaal Warts Mother:

    Go F yourself. Jsut for saying that 911 remark I hope your hometown gets a terroist plane right up your ass and kills as many people.

    Hows your healthcare? oh thats right you dont have any!
    Hows’ your Army? Oh yeah its full fo frenchman who runaway and sucks!
    How your golden boy Goalie? Oh yeah he has AMERICANS on his Helmet!! French Idiots.

    Go burn some Police car and blow your dirty smelly coach
    Montreal SUX!!

  63. I get the Elias reference but if I want to make mass copies I only have space for a little bit. I can’t go to the game so I’m not making a big poster. Just something for people to bring to warm-ups and hold up. i wish he would stay.

  64. Jorek – I would like:

    Since the Thanks will have to be pretty small anyway since it’s six lwtters, so there will be more room. Thanks, I was wondering where Agravaine was. I guess it’s not worth it to hang out here today.

    LIQUID – Big ups to you if you do that. Thanks!

    I hope people are reading that _Post_ article about the bonus money suit. Click my name!

    I guess they finally updated and enlarged the font on this blog, now it’s time for the…time.

  65. Crosby is your daddy crosby is gonna dive into his new boyfriend Stanley’s cup? I ‘m sure he’ll enjoy that. I wanna see Moore and Korpikowski in the lineup tomorrow. Knowing Renney Hollweg and Orr will play instead. I recall back in 06 after Jagr wrecked his shoulder Renney played Wiseman one game and Orr the other instead of recalling Dawes. I hope Jagr will be back next year. He has earned another year here imo. Time to retire Shanny. He came to the Rangers ten years too late sadly.

  66. To nyrfan’s point, maybe put *Thanks Jagr, Stay* or *Keep Jagr*, or maybe a mix of many.

    I guess the font was only temporarily bigger.

  67. I would hope they don’t raise ticket prices because if they lose tomorrow. Because that would mean the team regressed.

    That said, demand is still up, and now the team knows what the secondhand market can bear with MSG Ticketexchange.

    I send a big F-U to Dolan either way.

  68. If Avery is healthy enough tomorrow night, he should sit right behind the Penguins bench and do his thing. I’d love to see that.

  69. And for the rangers or ANY hockey news to make the Yahoo front page, it has to be becasue of false reprts
    Go to Yahoo and see, same article we all read hours ago

  70. blackS4 (steve trac) on

    I wish I was going tomorrow but think “Thanks #68” would be awesome if lots of people had it.

  71. I can put

    but the 1 more year is only size 72 font
    Thanskis is in 153
    and #68 is size 245.

    SOund good? I’m looking for confirmation before I hit the press

  72. I love big cocks in June, How about you. I like a Hard on too, How about you. So lets be merry, so merry and Gay…I like a big hard cock, How about you. la la la. Billy, you sent me here to meet you afterwe spent that night at Rawhides in CHelsea. Then we went to the East Side Club on 56th Street. Wow. Animale. Have to et back to Montreal, WE are still playing, How about you. Thanks for the pick up at Habs inside/out. Next time, You Pay.

  73. Orr . . . .um you scare me!

    Its nothing against any of you or the Rangers Ag is just busy today! She may be around later!

  74. Oh boy, it’s really deteriorating in here.

    Sounds good, Jorek, but maybe there’s a shorter way to do it so the last part is bigger? I can’t think of one.

  75. So ad I/m gonna miss most of the game because of class. Oh well, I will get autograhs bfore the game take the subway down town go to class and be back for the third period. Lucky I have Ag to send me text updates!

    By the way the
    Signs are on the press so look out for them tomorrow. Maybe I will try and get Jagr to sign one before the game?!?! That would be awesome

  76. okay…who’s ready to watch a team come back from 3-0 down and win it >????!?!?!?!?

  77. Yeah Sidr I changed all the border and stuff to make them as little as printably possible. It doesn’t matter unless people are at the glass you can’t see it so I need people to take them down to warm ups and hold them up! I just hope fans don’t let me down. . I hope they are as willing to take these as they were to take the NICE DIVE signs or else i would be :-(

  78. I am! One game at a time. I think the Rangers can win tomorrow I really do . . . 4 in a row . . like Jagr said it would be history.

  79. As the great Winston Churchill once said “Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty- never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.”

  80. #68 one more year on

    I’ll be at the game Thursday night, and I will 100% partake in any chant that revolves around Jags staying another year.

    I think real Rangers fans know his true worth…. and that without him next year, we’re up shits creek. (Cherepenov aint coming over next year kiddies) If he had someone who could finish on his line, he would have had much better #’s.

  81. Tony from AZ on

    hey STaal Warts Mother:
    I’ve read some dumb remarks on this site, some are funny & some just dumb.
    BUT make another remark about 911 & I’ll find you & kick you ass all the way to Quebec .
    If you know anyone who lost a loved one on 911 you would not be speaking like a asshole !
    GOT IT !!

  82. #68 one more year . . .want me to save a sign for you? WHen will you get to the Garden for tomorrow’s game? I will be there form 4 till five getting autographs then I will go to the steps in front of the Garden. I will have to leave aorund 5:30 but Ag will stick around until 6:45 or so handing them out!

  83. well done Jorek you and your sister are true blue

    and special thanks to those of you who made me laugh the last 20 hrs. you helped cheer me up. especially nasty and spider. and usually beer me although he’s been quiet today.
    and some others I just remembered their names.

  84. :-)
    The press is done 300 copies will be ready for distribution tomorrow.
    And this is a copy of a bulletin I put out on my myspace page
    Ok guys in my opinion the time for taunting is gone. Now its time to support the team and let them know that we appreciate what has happened in the past three years.

    The Rangers were picked to be jokes after the lockout. Jagr said they would make the playoff and he scored 54 goals to power the team through.

    The past two years they have made it to the second round.

    I still believe they can win a game in this series and I’m taking it one game at a time.

    Thursday lets show support. I know that a lot of people are disappointed. . . hell people were chanting ‘we want the cup’ in the opening game this year. But we have all seen some great hockey.

    And these could be the last games of two future hall of famers!

    Get ready to cheer bring signs! Let’s show why Ranger fan are the best in the world! Because win or lose we support our team!!!

    Please forward this if you agree!

  85. Thanks Tony, that French idiot is now using my screen name to write how he lvoes cock.

    He’s to stupid to know that real people dying, is not banter for a Sports Hokcey message board.

    Don’t worry, he jsut envies our country anyway, and wishes he could take a shower and not smell liek chees and be a coward. Oh yeah, French = COWARD

  86. ThisYearsModel on

    Staal Worts Mother—-You are an embarrassment to Canada. You are welcome for our keeping you safe for the past 250 years. As for the Rangers…….looks like it is adios to Jagr, Shanahan, Avery, Rozsival, Straka, Hollweg, Mara, and so on. Good luck and thanks to all.

  87. Jorek – yes LI stands for Long Island. always have been and always will be a Ranger fan.

    as for players to keep besides the obvious

    Jagr and Straka if both are signed for 1 year.

  88. Why cant we all just get along and go to a Nudie bar together…

    Yes, the nudie bar. Where the music stinks, and they water the drinks, at the nudie bar.

    Where the girlies dance in their underpants, at the nudie bar.

    Where you see their butt, and their trap stays shut, at the nudie bar.

    Where you can’t touch a breast, but you can cave in a chest, at the nudie bar.

    Where you look at a thigh, and blacken an eye, at the nudie bar.

    Where the beer gives you gas, but the Rangers kick ass, at the nudie bar.

    This is a strange day.

  89. Jorek, I think that is amazing you are doing this. Where are you printing it from anyways? Maybe you can hand out some posters to the people on the tour bus… they will probably end up being on t.v. anyways. Do you have a facebook that you can put the picture of the poster on?

    And Tony… I truly appreciate you sticking up for those in 9/11. Maybe if we ignore that deush who said that, he’ll go away.

  90. does anyone know if Shannys bonus was able to fit into this years cap or does some or most have to carry over. re Shanny in my opinion its the knee (tear in it since January), combined with 39 yrs old and last yrs concussion. would like him to stay in this organization. very bright and personable guy.

  91. Jorek – Those “nice dive” signs yesterday made it to the opening on Versus, and, from what I hear, MSG! People were chanting “We want the Cup” yesterday even. Have some faith in your signs getting on TV again, too!

  92. The next time Liquid calls me a Pollack, I am going to cry. Just heard that Habs inside/out is sending lots of fans here to crash the site. Hope they have some cute boys like the ones here. I hate when girls come here and take all the attention away from me. Just to let you know, the East Side Club has a membership requirement, you cant just walk in and get some.

  93. LI Joe – According to, the Rangers’ cap hit this season was $51,602,000, so I’m guessing $302,000 carries over into next season, but Staal and Girardi had bonuses, too, totaling $300,000 this season, so it was almost planned out perfectly. They shoulda signed Shanny for just a little less!

  94. Hehe the press is my mom’s office printer :-)
    Yeah I will try and get it to people getting on the bus. I do have facebook. Its not a big thing its an regular piece of letter size paper. I will bring it with me tomorrow to the garden. The only hard thing is I might miss the first bus trip waiting for autographs. yesterday i had a great guy taking the stacks from me as I waited at the stairs up form the subway for Shanny. This other fellow gave them to all the people on the bus until he got on. I will see about tomorrow. I might stay for autographs (waiting at 4 Penn for Jagr) and send Ag around to get people waiting on line for the bus. I will see. I want jagr to sign one but i have a poster that belongs to a friends daughter and it has jagr on it so we want to get him to sign that. I will have to see. If Ag and I are there its easy for us to both try but if its just one of us. . . We will have to go with the poster for the child.

    Sam if you check this is there anyway you can hel? Its a Rangers kid club poster with Shanny jagr Henrik and Prucha on it and we want to get those four to sign it for her?? Anyway you could help?? That would be awesome! and the kid would flip out!!

  95. Tony from AZ on

    Hey Sam, can you give us Staal Worts Mother’s e mail address.
    I’d love to send him a e mail & track him down.
    I was born & raised in New York & I’ll always be a New Yorker.
    I know people who lost loved ones on 911 and are still suffering. I take his comments very personal . This is beyond a hockey comment. This is beyond taunting the Rangers.
    Stall Wort – you crossed the line.

  96. Summer really was bad. We had the most off-topic conversations that rarely ever was about hockey. It was also the time when hockey fans from all over the league started randomly harassing us for stupid things. Though nearing the last summer was funny with the FourHabsFans site — they are horrible at comebacks.

    …You never understand how much you hate baseball until the summer comes. Ah. It’s such a sloooooow sport.

  97. Um yeah so not me again up there! But I’m impressed he is the first one that realized I was a girl!!!!! Dunno if he followed the link to my myspace (if he did he would clearly realize I would have nothing to do with any sort of club or anything . . . they don’t hire girls like me AKA ugly)

    Glad to hear people are here in the summer! I was gonna ask cause I need Rangers hockey! I go withdrawal when they have four days off I can’t do summers!

    By the way Ag and I might go to the store and pick up some oaktag and make large posters to give to people too! Let you know anout that later.

    And as for ignoring the shtty Hab fan. I will try but 911 coment i can’t. I didn’t know where my Mom was for hours or my Dad i had no way of contacting family (AG and I were in school in NH) We were 250 miles form home with no word. My best friend who wa only 19 had jsut gotten her EMT license and raced to the city as did my neighbor a policeman. The fireman and policemen wrking at ground zero tried to look after her cause she was so young but I have seen the toll on her from spending days picking through rubble and working in make shift morgues. I have seen the toll on my MOm who works a few blocks from the Towers and saw the secoond plane crash and watched those building fall in front of her. SHe got home ok covered in dust. I saw the toll on my neighbor and from all the funreals he went to. ANd my Uncle was hours away from a meeting at teh retaruant at teh top of the towers. That is maybe the luckiest and uluciest day of my life so I find it hard to ignore. (sorry for the rant- not critizing you Orr (you are right we should ignore) just explaining)

  98. Sorry about that comment I made about Canada, my boyfriend is a big, hulking lumberjack from Quebec. He is an Animale. Grrrowl. Anyways, thanks to Canada for letting us bring our planes there in 2001, after our OWN government set the whole thing up. You tube and google have many great scenes from Conspiracy 911. Weeven knew the Japs were going to bomb Pearl Harbor, and let thousands die so we wound agree to get into the war. Well, enough about history, time to make the Beast a QuiCHe.

  99. I think I have an addiction to this site. I keep going on it when I am supposed to write an essay on minimum wages and my essay just so happens to be due tommorow.

  100. Crosby is Your Daddy on

    Wow, tough day for New York teams getting reamed by Pittsburgh. First the Rangers, now the Mets take a 13-1 drubbing at the hands of the Pirates. Ouch!

  101. Orr your Nudie Bar Limerick was hysterical. I looked more insane than usual laughing on the Q54 bus

  102. Fruity Cupcake on

    Jorek, there was a guy in my section wearing scuba gear and a t-shirt that reads “Sidney Diver.” Is that who you’re looking for? Check SEC426 tomorrow night.

  103. I don’t have tix to the game! I heard about him but someone said he wasn’t allowed in? Glad to hear that wasn’t true and that he got in!

  104. What’s the chances that Renney will try another wrinkle like putting Shanahan on Jagr’s line … Shanahan has REALLY slowed but Jagr is so hot right now I would just have Shanahan stand in front of the net to tip and put in rebounds …Straka should have had 4 goals yesterday … Let Shanahan convert ..

  105. Oh by the way we definitely making large signs tonight! A few of them to give out. We will post up pictures of them via link to this sight so you can all see!

    Also saw somewhere that Ranger fans started leaving with two minutes left? Hope they don’t do that again tomorrow not in the playoffs! I wouldn’t do that in the regular season but defintly not playoffs! They spent so much for tickets get all your moneys worth!!!

  106. Just found out about The Teacher from Habs inside/out, did a little detective work, my specialty. He is Adriano Pagano from Montreal, he does post at their site, and wrote an article to the Montreal Gazette last month..Adriano Pagano, Habs need a big center”.That article caused him alot of trouble up there. He also was involved in getting those Montreal fans visiting Philadelphiato defile the Rocky statue and putting Canadiens jerseys and Canadian flags on it, as you can view on You Tube.

  107. Tony from AZ on

    Good work Karney. Now can you get his e mail & maybe his address ?
    I’d love to pay him a New York visit !!

  108. It would be great if everyone at the game could start a chant “1 more year” “1 more year”…. between that and the signs he should get the hint we want him back for at least 1 more.

  109. Umberger with team leading 5 goals. Sather did not sign him when he had first chance.

    they get rid of Orty and keep Hollywood

    sather is not innocent on all of this

  110. A one more year chant would be great!!!

    Guy has been the best player on the ice and deserves it!

  111. Tony from AZ, i CAN BE FOUND AT Habs inside/out, Adriano Pagano the name. Come visit, and if you wanna dance, fuck you and 910.

  112. Tony From AZ, That person above that you just thanked and sent a naked picture of yourself was ME, STUPID, Teacher from Montreal. LMAO. Now we are going to post it everywhere for all to see, a little short there, buddy. Man are you Americans gullible, Look, its a Bird, its a Plane, Its, …

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