So much for that


Scratch those visions of Scott Gomez threading passes through the crease to Petr Prucha; or Jason Strudwick standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Paul Mara at the blue line.

After Tom Renney had tinkered with both possibilities yesterday in practice, the coach is going the other way: Both Prucha and Strudwick will be scratches, meaning Christian Backman stays in at defense, and Brendan Shanahan most likely stays on the second line with Scott Gomez and Sean Avery.

In Prucha’s place, Ryan Hollweg looks like he’ll be making his series debut. Go figure.

So was this deception on Renney’s part? Or was there another intent? The coach wouldn’t say today, but it’s worth noting the last time he toyed with moving Shanahan down to the fourth line — in the regular season finale against Jersey — the veteran came back the next game and scored a goal.

Something to think about.

Meanwhile, some other updates:

<li>It does look, however, that Paul Mara will see some time at the point on the power play. Asked if he’s the answer to the man-advantage unit’s problems, the defenseman laughed. “No one guy’s the answer,” Mara said.

<li>Warm up the coffee. This curious note is courtesy of stat maven Kenny Albert: Today marks the anniversary of the two longest Rangers game since 1940. April 29, 1971 was the day of Pete Stemkowski’s triple-overtime game-winner against the Blackhawks, and April 29, 2007 was the day of Michal Rozsival’s double OT game-winner last year against the Sabres. That game also came in Game 3 with the Rangers down 2-0.

<li>Tom Renney was asked about Michel Therrien speaking to officials about the Rangers, specifically Brendan Shanahan, crashing the net against Marc-Andre Fleury. The coach deadpanned, “Really? I didn’t know you could do that.”

Later, it was noted that Therrien’s complaints seem out of place seeing how the Rangers are not going to the net nearly as hard as they did against the Devils. Renney just nodded and smiled.

“Let him think what he wants,” Renney said. “I know where we have to be better as a team. There’s no doubt about that…As we’ve said many times, that’s the end point when it comes to playing this game. It’s not anywhere else but the net.”

<li>Today was an optional skate, with Gomez, Drury, Lundqvist, Straka, and Rozsival taking the morning off. Sean Avery and Shanahan usually skip optionals but were there today, and Jagr skated on his own after most of his teammates left the ice.

In Lundqvist’s place, the recently-acquired David LeNeveu saw his first action against the big club. He looked decent enough, but it’s hard to tell on a day like today.

OK, folks, a lot to do before game time.

More later..

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  1. shanny better score some big even strength goals tnte….needless to say i dont like leaving him on the 2nd line

  2. Its good to see Renney keeping his cool. Hopefully Therrien flips out and gets his team all edgy tonight.

  3. Crap … I wanted Backman benched… everytime he is on the ice the play is in the Rangers end … Backman is killing them … all the forwards energy when he is on the ice is being used to cover for him … and the guy will make 3.6 million next year … I do not get it …

  4. I agree Koffy…Backman is an atrocious hockey player. At least Strudwick has a clue defensively. But I’m a Renney supporter and I give him the benefit of the doubt. Backman better not ruin the season for this team tonight.

  5. Is the game on MSG or Versus tonight? I have read conflictiing reports. I hope MSG, the guys on Versus are really horrible!

  6. reginald dunlop on



  7. What a rainy and shitty day out…I guess it beats 80 degrees and sunny….we need the guys to come out looking like the twister that ripped through Virginia

  8. Who Needs Lohan on

    Thats right Beer Me.
    Fruity Cupcake, already have the 11PM Rangers in 60 on DVR ready to go. Will know the score by then. Actually looking forward to seeing some leftover NYR fans on the PATH back to NJ! Though, I wouldnt be surprised if OT was involved tonight.
    On Hollweg, not surprised he is in the lineup, actually suggested it yesterday. We need him because this series really does need to become a Nasty 1 for us to have a chance.

  9. 4th Line tonite – Sjostrom ~ Betts ~ Hollywood ….I am gonna guess that Renney will have them play against the Crosby line with 2 fast skaters (Shooey and Hollweg) keeping up with Cindy and his wingers

  10. I have a good feeling about tonight boys. Get some big goals early from our stars, the D holds up, and no one takes any stupid penalties. Rangers win.

  11. I really hope the Rangers trade Prucha over the summer. Because he deserves better than a 5 minute opportunity during which he outhit and outplayed both his linemates and a handful of his other teammates. There aren’t many failures on Tom Renney’s Ranger resume, but Petr Prucha will probably go down as his biggest. I can’t wait till the kid comes back to haunt us sometime down the road.

  12. Therrien’s next move will be to ask the refs to watch for Jagr’s diving and Lundqvist’s vicious stickwork on his forwards.

    He is so many moves ahead of Renney it isn’t even funny.

  13. meg – No one person can be singled out for Prucha. Including Prucha himself. If Slats & Shoney don’t give the go-ahead to bring up dawes or cally, then prucha has his minutes. There’s not many coaches out there that have much of a say as to who’s on their roster. That blame should be split 4 ways. Prucha, slats, shoney, renney.

  14. Meg….I agree with most of this up until the part where you WANT prucha to come back to haunt us!

    I agree though. I love Renney, and his strength has been developing young talent, but he failed miserably with Prucha. Kid should have been a power play mainstay, instead he’s a healthy scratch now. It’s just not right…he’s a better hockey player than that.

  15. hmm, so the 4th line will be the B-SH!@ line. Should sum up the officials as well.

    Jorek – following through from last post (“Oh wait I will wait for you jeevers! I can always run to the bar after I give you the sign!”), you rock, thanks. You’ll probably be able to pick me out of the crowd easier, I’ll be the Indian guy with the jersey on.

  16. Who Needs Lohan on

    And Prucha’s Dad. His sperm created a man that could get knocked over by my morning breath.

  17. Why do fans like Dr. Ogrodnick, constantly secondguess the coach? Hasn’t he done enough as a Rangers coach bringing them back to respectability?

    It’s as if some FANS think they can do better than Renney. If you do, then put your money where your mouth is. Go become an NHL coach and show people that you know how to coach an NHL team better than a professional.

    Otherwise, it’s just typical know-it-all wannabee armchair coaching. Then again, in this city, as well as Filthadelphia, this what most fans like to do.

  18. Crosby, best player in the game.

    Starkey, best sportswriter in existence.

    Yep, we’ve got it all.

  19. Chris – Unfortunately it IS that sad. They look no further than behind a bench or on a sideline. Its disgusting, but it’s just something we have to live with. Want to blame a coach? Blame Isaiah. That guy has no clue what’s going on. Take a team to the 2nd round 2 years in a row after a decade without seeing it once, and he’s a bad-guy? F’n clueless.

    Lohan – As much of a joke(and a decent one) it is, it’s MUCH more than just his coach. Professional sports franchises are not run by the head coach.

  20. Richtersgirl35 on

    for a coach who is up 2-0 in this series, he is really crying and complaining a lot. I can’t even imagine how he would be if it were the other way around.

  21. Glad Hollweg is playing tonight. I hope he crushes Cindy the whole game. Notice how the only time Cindy loses his feet is when he doesn’t have a great scoring chance? If he’s going to the net you can’t knock him over with a sledge hammer. Otherwise, he goes down faster than a Tijuana hooker.

  22. Who Needs Lohan on

    Chris, the answer to your question is easy, and it has to do a lot with the team over in the Bronx. Especially in the last decade+ with the Yanks winning several, coupled with the city of Boston taking over as sports meccah, anything less than championships to this city are not good enough. People here dont just want to be back in the playoff hunt and be “respectable”, they want to win the whole darn thing. And lots of NYR fans are too impatient and if they arent winning the cup, well then they are just a failure.

    So dont get your panties in a bunch and accuse Doctor O of being a bad fan and thinking he could do better. He just wants to win the cup because he IS a fan. Yes, he could be more patient but people get frustrated when they lose and this is where they come to voice their frustration.

    So lets not beat each other up until the offseason and win the game tonight. Thanks!

  23. Sidney Crosby's Mother on



  24. Sidney Crosby's Mother on



  25. Chris

    Again, Renney is a professional. He is not incompetent. He is obviously an admirable man, and a good representative of the franchise.

    But the fact remains he has yet to prove he can win a playoff round against a team that is not markedly less talented than his is. And if you don’t think Therrien hasn’t completely bolloxed Renney up by his aggressive and personal calling-out, you are not paying attention.

    Signing Drury and Gomez was not about establishing “respectability” — it was done to bring a Cup to NY. And people have the right to question whether he is the man who can do that, especially when glaring failures like Tyutin on the PP and the 4th line getting too much ice in the 3rd period on Sunday and Jagr getting less than 20 minutes of ice time in the same game provide legit points of contention in evaluating him.

  26. Backman better not ruin the season for this team tonight.


    dude, this is way way off. The Rangers put themselves where they are, no individual.

  27. Hmm…I’m surprised they have computers and the internet in Pittsburgh’s kindergarten classes (and that those technologies have even made it to PIT). Shouldn’t the teachers be keeping an eye on these kids?

  28. Sidney Crosby, in the flesh on

    I’m the goalie tonight, right sweetie? And don’t worry about that Avery guy, he’s cute but he’s much too agressive for my type. Smooches!

  29. Who Needs Lohan (thinking about changing name to Peppery LaPue on

    The NYR have been outplayed in the first two games, period. We must be the harder working team tonight. If we are, we will win!

  30. I am a big Tom Renney fan. Look, we all can second guess his coaching decisions-even though it’s all guess work for anyone- but it is the calm and coolnes and professionalism that Renney brings to the Rangers that transcends the team. That has been long missing from pro sports in place of loud mouth screamers looking for attention. Renney will bring a cup to NYC!

  31. True Salty, very true. I’ve jumped the gun. And honestly he’s been no worse than Tyutin or Roszival. The players are to blame…I don’t blame renney for being down 0-2.

    But this series is not over. Not by a long shot.

  32. I tend to agree with Rmant. I love Renney’s approach. You don’t need to be screaming/yelling/engaging in verbal jousts with the opposing coach. Worry about getting the most out of your 20 guys. I think Renney has done this for the most part in his tenure. I think he’ll get his Cup as well…I believe he deserves it.

  33. Chris- wake up. Renney is a moron and yes, I could do a better job than him. A blind man can see that Shanahan is finished and shouldn’t be out there. In fact, when he was dropped to the 4th line for 30 seconds the other nite, he even dragged them down. Within seconds, he was caught behind the play and there was a almost a goal scored on a rebound, which was only stopped because a Ranger took a slashing penalty. Prucha should be out there. No doubt about it Chris. Renney overthinks and tries to put his stamp on the game. Again, IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU TOM!!!

  34. Tom Renney is learning from his mistake last year when he and the rest of the Rangers panicked after losing game 5 and all of a sudden you saw a baby-faced Nigel Dawes in the lineup.

    This is called not panicking. You don’t start changing your line and going nuts b/c you’re down 2-0. You don’t insert Beyers or stick a rusty Prucha immediately up to the second line.

    Forget the combinations, that kind of adjustments demonstrates panic, which transcends from the coaching staff to the players.

    Let’s win with what has worked for us before and not go crazy with changes b/c we’re down.

    Keep it in perspective.

  35. Cindy Crosby Brady on

    Game’s on MSG tonight-no commercials of slow motion Diver and no Versus Diving Rationalizing Announcers.

    Wish I could go.


  36. dr. ogrodnick on

    I’m sorry, I didn’t realize renney has out coached Therrien. He’s down 2-0. He let his team blow a 3 goal lead, he let that effect them in game 2. He’s letting Therrien manipulate the refs, and when he tries to do it, it backfires. He refuses to see that Shanny is so slow that he is negating the second line, and that backman needs a night off. My bad, the man’s a genius.

    I have maintained all season long that Tom is an OK coach who will never bring us a cup.

  37. I found it interesting that Versus reported in game 2 that the Penguins bench felt that the Rnagers were tired. The Rangers are being outworked because they are tired because Pitt is making them work with their passing. A key to the Rangers success has been getting their sticks in the passing lanes. They must do that efficiently tonight or they will be out of gas in the 3rd period again.

  38. “He’s letting Therrien manipulate the refs”


    We’ve had more pp’s than the pens so far in the 1st 2 games. Can you explain that statement please?

  39. Sidney Crosby's Mother on

    Anyone see Avery try and take my little baby’s hand off? What was he thinking? He should be suspended for the rest of the postseason for intent to injure the greatest superstar of the game today!

    I hope Gary Roberts rolls out of his hospital bed and gives Avery one of his famous five-finger sandwiches. And then hits him in the face!@


    Whoah where did that come from? I just fell asleep and all the CAPS above was written?

  40. dr. ogrodnick on

    Easily Beer,

    therrien goes off on renney complaining about Crosby’s dives, and then Crosby’s ebellishments keep drawing penalties. Pretty crucial ones at that. I’ll take one PP with 3 minutes left in a tie game over 2 PP’s in the first any day of the week.

  41. G-dam. I gotta get away from the blog the rest of the day. It only took 2 of you to disgust me today. Thank god you don’t represent the majority of the fans. ugh. sickening.

  42. Dr. Ogrodnick… that post was just ridiculous; seriously, you have to be joking.

    “He let his team blow a 3 goal lead, he let that effect them in game 2. He’s letting Therrien manipulate the refs, and when he tries to do it, it backfires. ”

    I didn’t see Tom on the ice “letting” his team blow a 3-goal lead. Was there a time-out I missed. Tom Renney: “Alright guys, this is what we’re going to do. We’re going to let the next 3 goals in and get this game all tied up. I don’t want us playing with a lead.”

    And I’d love to hear your suggestion on how Tom can impeded Michelle from “manipulating” the reffs.

    That’s just idiotic stuff dude. At least come up with ONE real reason.

  43. I think it is easy for the hockey fan with rudimentary knowledge of the game to blame the coach. Nevermind that the coach has intimate inside information of his players and bases his decisions on that info. The world is made of negative people who seem to know everything. No doubt if the rangers leave the Garden 2-2 all of these Renney haters will be calling for his contract extension.

  44. Repost
    April 29th, 2008 at 10:43 am

    Just towels! Oh kind Ranger report friends going to the game can you all try and get an extra towel (please if you can . . I collect them and so does AG) we would appreciate your extreme kindness! We will be at Cosby’s when the game lets out! For some extra cheering!!
    New Post
    I am a Yankee fan and when the Yankees where winning all their championships I knew to enjoy it cause it doesn’t happen like that all the time.
    The Rangers were a joke and now they have been to the playoffs three years in a row and have made it to the second round in the last two years. There are a lot of other teams already making summer plans. Enjoy the playoffs! This is he best time of year! I hope to hear the chants from the Garden a block away!
    Hey Lohan if it goes to overtime you should come to the bar to finish watching the game!

  45. Josh, if you believe you can coach better then man up and prove it. I want to see you as an NHL coach. Lets see you do it. Otherwise it’s all talk.

    Beer me,

    I agree with you. I figured out that Ranger fans are ridiculous this season when they chant “we want the cup” during GAME ONE OF THE SEASON. The fans here are impatient. They also look for reasons to boo.

    Perfect example. FOr people who watched game 1. When the Pens were down 1-2, then 2-0, then 3-0, did you se sarcastic cheering, did you hear ridiculous amounts of booing? Answer is NO. In the garden, they would have booed the Rangers out of the building. Oh wait, when they weren’t busy chanting about Potvin that is during the game.

    The Pens fans showed what true fans do and cheered them harder to help push them to come back. You don’t see that here because this city is too arrogant to do that.

    Fact is that Renney is the best coach this team has seen in a long time. He is one of the best coaches in the sport. He isn’t getting outcoached by Therrien. The Pens just won two games at home. There is luck, there is skill, all those factor in.

    The way the league is, no team has a distinct advantage. Any team can beat another team. Only Detroit pulled away and they haven’t won cups the last few years right? Rangers need to get lucky, get hot and they have as good a chance to win as anyone. Pitt is a strong team. It happens.

    My feeling is that not only do the Ranger fans want the Rangers to win and expect them to win or it’s failure. The fact that Filthy is up in their series is really bugging them deep down.

  46. John o- If you watched game 2 you would know the Rangers finished the game on the PP in which they failed to score 6 on 4. You really are missing a piece of the puzzle- or 2!

  47. Hey Sam I will be at 8 Penn waiting for players want a
    Nice Dive
    sign for the press booth? I’ll be there for a little bit at least.

  48. RMANT,

    You said it buddy. People in this city love to be negative. That is why they would rather boo their team or chant about a retired Isles player 50 times a game instead of actually cheering on their team even when they are losing.

    It’s the mindset and people will not admit this. They think because it’s NY, they are better than everyone else so if anyone should be winning, it SHOULD BE them. That is why (in every sport) when any top player goes to another team, they complain that the NY team should have gotten him.

    Lets try to win this one tonight Rangers! I have faith!

  49. the pressure is on Pitt tonight, because they have not won a single game in MSG this year. they have not only lost 4 times, but their performance and effort was mediocre too. I don’t think they even had a lead in any game. if they did it was not for long

  50. dr. ogrodnick on

    My bad guys. I didn’t realize it wasn’t the coaches job to get the most out of his players.

  51. Rmant and Chris…inside information. Why hasn’t he used this inside information to set the lines before the 75th game of the season? Why doesn’t he apply this inside information to fix the PP? Don’t be a sucker. Renney is a stubborn idiot who wants to win his way or not at all. This isn’t football. The coach’s job in hockey is to motivate his team, put together the right line combinations, work the refs and provide sound strategy and video analysis. In his mind, he is going to win or lose with Shanny on the 2nd line.

    How has this strategy worked out for Willie Randolph the past 2 yrs? Are you trying to tell me the Mets didn’t have the best team in the NL? Inside information is overrated unless it is utilized correctly. Renney is a moron, don’t fool yourself and give him too much credit…seems like a nice guy though.

  52. Chris- I completely agree. I actually found it weird when Pittsburgh was going bezerk down 3-0 which clearly inspired the team and got them rolling. That is not something we as Ranger fans are accustomed to. I hope the Garden is inspiring tonight and we come out fying.

  53. Sidney Crosby's Mother on

    At least NY isn’t like Montreal where they boo their team and/or the refs for delay offsides. That’s why I didn’t let my baby play there.

  54. Speed_Ranger on

    Chris, I think there is some truth to what you are saying. The converse is, when good players leave cities like Newark and Pittsburgh, they are booed when they return b/c those cities have an inferiority complex. They assume the player left because he wanted to play for a “Better” city. (And they are usually right!)

  55. I always cheer the guys when I’m at the Garden hell I cheer for them at home! I was cheering at the viewing party and some ass said its a tv screen they can’t hear you!

    As I said before I’m a Yankee fan but AG is a Mets fan and the best game I have ever been to the Mets lost by like a thousand runs (that wasn’t why it was the best) we were with our cousin and we kept cheering Let’s Go Mets! All the way through the game and everyone around us was getting annoyed. Actually one fan asked us to be quiet how dare we cheer the team on in their stadium. The next best Mets game was when they played the Braves and we chanted Laaarry Larrrrry for Chippy Jones.
    Usually I try and keep my cheering only positive for my team (except Potvin sucks I join in on that one- mostly because It think its funny that its still around and it confuses tourists to hell as they try and figure out how we all know when to yell) But Crosby and the Penguins got me. I want to boo then more than any other team ever! (And I have been at Yankee redsox game!!) I want to boo him worse than Yankee fans in the late and mid ninties booing Griffey jr!!

  56. Josh- Somehow I think you’re the guy screaming shoooooot every time a player touches the puck. Not even realizing if you shoot with the lane blocked you risk trapping your line and going back with an odd man rush against. You lack the technical knowledge of hockey that I assure you Tom Renney does not.

  57. You make it like you know the perfect line combination for a power play that will just magically equal an infinite amount of goals.

    Do you really have that short of a memory that you can’t recall a time when we didn’t make the playoffs for what seemed like a lifetime? Should we get Brian Trottier back behind the bench? Maybe he knows a good power play combination.

    Renney turned this team from league laughing stock to perenial cup contender in a VERY short amount of time. He has us playing a system, a system that has us in the second round of the playoffs, which we’re not even close to being done playing.

    Who else do you want? Scottie Bowman isn’t coming out of retirement. It’s so silly when amateurs from the crowd can nitpick coaching decisions as though their idea would automatically result in success.

    I trust the guy who’s with this team 24 hrs. a day/7 days a week versus the guy who watches from his couch occassionally.

    Renney’s winning pct. speaks for itself. He’s still coaching a VERY young team and he’s still very much a young guy himself by coaching standards.

    He’s regarded as the hardest working coach in the NHL. The players love him and the experts believe he’s one of the top 5 coaches in the league.

    I hope he coaches the Rangers for decades to come.

  58. I figured out that Ranger fans are ridiculous this season when they chant “we want the cup” during GAME ONE OF THE SEASON.


    I figured this out at 9 years old at my first Ranger game when I learned the crowd was chanting about a player from a team that wasn’t even in the building. We were playing the Black Hawks and Adam Graves had a hat trick. And Someone DROPPED Chelios so badly and he was on the ice for a few minuts, I got my first taste of “Garden Faithful”

    Guy screaming over and over “CHELIOS IS P*SSY, THIS IS HOCKEY REF, THIS IS HOCKKKEYY!!! CHELIOS GET UP YOU P*SSY THIS IS HOCKEY!” That part was funny… but the crowd at the Garden usually leaves a lot to be desired IMO. I had pretty regular tix for last season and I was next to these two kids who I swear were ONLY there to eat. I am sitting there literally the very last row in MSG with people who I would think would be die hards becuase they were at every game I was at… yet for some reason they didn’t know any players… Rangers score and the place erupts with hands into the air and these kids hands never even came out of their bag of chips…. “oh who got the goal? Prucha”? (pronounced Pru-cha instead of Pru-kah)…you’d think being at the garden every night you’d pick up on the guys name.

    long rant sorry…

    hours getting late sports fans, but a win tonight changes _everything_.

  59. 1) Tyutin on the PP

    2) As Brooks pointed out, the Betts line on ice for an offensive draw late in Game 2

    3) Jagr got less than twenty minutes in a game where the NYR were shut out

    Again, Renney honks, feel free to address these points at your leisure when you bring your heads up out of the sand.

  60. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Well, I don’t even know what to say. Renney helps the Rangers get to their third playoffs in that many years, the second time they’ve gone into the second round. And he’s by and large done it this year as a TEAM, no individual (beyond Hank) was exceptional. But he’s a bad coach, right? Sjostrom and Backman, I thought, were pleasant additions to add a little scoring touch to the 4th line and a possible PP QB who is more mobile than Struds and Malik. But those two guys are the reasons the Rangers have lost, of course?! Oh yea, lest I not forget Mara, who has been terrible! And Prucha, whether he plays, or not, must be a crucial reason why we’re down 2-0 in this series?! And certainly, the Rangers are a much better team than the Penguins, they just haven’t given 100% in this series yet? And, perhaps my favorite, “Rangers in 6!”

    Wow, do you people even read the stuff you’re writing? Do you even watch the games, with corrective lenses (if necessary)? Geez. Scary.

    I hope the Rangers will win in 6 too, but you gotta bag one before you can win 4 and the Penguins have proven they’re not a slouch of a team. They’re young, hungry, talented, and up 2-0.

  61. Is this REALLY a Rangers fan’s post? Since when does the Potvin Sucks chant lose games? Or show that we’re bad fans? I for one, LOVE the history and the tradition that we have, and that other teams (Devils) try to rip off.

    Yeah people get negative too quick. They tend to start booing too fast sometimes, and it bugs me. But we could be down 4-0, score a goal, and the Garden still goes crazy.

    Don’t let a 0-2 deficit make you trash the players, coach, fans, entire organization and city.

    (That’s my tirade for the day… at least until the game)

  62. dr. ogrodnick on

    I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me how Renney is outcoaching Therrien despite being down 2-0 and the Rangers not playing very well yet. Call me crazy…

  63. Maybe I have been lucky but every time I have been at the garden its been a good crowd around me. Usually knowledgeable hockey fans who love the game and the team. A lot of high fives when they score and all that (and they know the players names)

    Well I have 10 minutes of battery left and no power outlet in sight so bye guys see ya after the game- before for Jeevers and Lohan the txt updates will be coming hopefully often and positive!!

  64. TFBRWB

    “And [Renney has] by and large done it this year as a TEAM, no individual (beyond Hank) was exceptional.”

    Uh, and the coach’s performance has no impact on the lack of that exceptional play? There is zero relation there? Truly?

  65. the piper's son on

    “He’s regarded as the hardest working coach in the NHL. The players love him and the experts believe he’s one of the top 5 coaches in the league.

    I hope he coaches the Rangers for decades to come.”

    puh-leeze !

    he got ZERO votes in a league-wide player poll for the best coach. not even one of his own players would vote for him. malik would not even shake his hand, so he doesn’t love him.

    his winning % is pathetic if you include his coaching in Van where the players hated him, and Messier got him fired bigtime.

  66. Josh Feldman on

    Actually Rmant I do not lack that the requisite hockey knowledge needed in order to determine Renney is a putz…and I too get frustrated when people (not just people, it seems like almost everyone) yells shoot on the PP. Don’t these people realize that the players want to score!? Not only for the team, fans, but for themselves ($$). People are correct with their frustration on the PP, but it’s not for a lack of shooting, it for a lack of PASSING! THe defensemen need to touch the puck more, Jagr cannot be holding it on the sideboard for 15 seconds at a time looking for a lane. The key to the PP is quick puck movement, men in front, one-timers and shots from the defensemen. So, yes, either Renney is a moron or the players don’t listen to him! Rmant, it’s ok to question the coach.

  67. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Here we go, the bash Renney train is here. I hope you guys have a blast…I also hope you are the same people who boo Malik when he touches the puck and cheer Potvin Sucks. I also hope you’re the corporate guys who pay $300 for seats and don’t show up, driving the prices up and availability down. This way I can blame the same few people for alot of dumb things.

    Renney isn’t a great coach. But he hasn’t been out-coached by Therrien either! The Rangers defense has been porous and responsble for turn-overs all year, and they have their own coach for that (Pearn or Pelino, i’m not sure)! That being said, Renney has gotten the Rangers to the playoffs 3 years straight. He does some dumb things (Prucha not on the PP, Kevin Weekes starting for 40 or so games 2 years ago…), but he hasn’t been the reason the defense was bad in game 1 and the reason the Rangers failed to score in game 2 and ALL SEASON (4th least goals in NHL).

    Give it a break.

  68. I really do believe that the rangers will win tonight, but just in case we are down by a lot and it is the dying minutes of the game, I want Hollweg to just go out there and completely destroy Sid. Ha.

  69. You’re crazy Ogrodnick. “Outcoaching” is not something that can be defined by listing bullet points. You can evaluate after a series is over — it’s a chess match.

    1. I don’t see anything wrong with trying Tyutin. He makes smart decisions on the blue line — no one else was getting the job done, so why not try someone elese? You Renney haters are all about change, aren’t you? Keep in mind Tuytin has scored PP goals before — it was the first time he’s been out there in his life. In fact, that’s actually what he was drafted for.

    2. Renney is a 4-line coach. He doesn’t subscribe to your theory. His theory is play 4 lines all game to wear another team down. It worked well all season, why deviate? Not to mention, at one point they were the only line forechecking at all and applying pressure.

    3. When there are penalty kills and power plays, Jagr’s ice time tends to be limited. He doesnt average more than 21 min. a game — he had 19 — so you’re arguing 2 shifts worth of ice.

    Name me one thing Therrien has done to outcoach Renney?

    Running your mouth in a press conference is outcoaching? Plllllllease

    And I repeat, you’re crazy.

  70. Everyone who says Renney sucks or they should completely shake up the lineup is a fool. Listen, the Rangers are unfortunately down two games but another way to look at it is we’ve been out scored by two goals. Three of the Pens goals came on lucky deflections. The Rangers aren’t getting shelled. I don’t think you scramble at this point of the year to mix up the chemistry of all your lines.

    The Rangers have been edged in two games but you can’t pin that on any one player or the coach. If we left Pittsburgh tied a game a piece I seriously doubt most of the whiners on this board would be screaming that Renney sucks and we need to shuffle the entire lineup.

  71. reney is a good coach, but there are some things that he can improve on. He has never stood up to ther refs to protect his team. Now I dont want him to break sticks over the bench or throw sticks on the ice or even call the officials office but i would like for him to either call the officials over for a good explanation and argue with them sometimes. Neither does he know when to sit or start a player. He can also learn that he can call a time out once in a while. When a team scores 2 goals in less than a or 5 he should call a time out and calm the team down

  72. Cindy Crosby on

    FYI- I will be wearing a black and yellow thong tonight under my hockey shorts. It has these cute little penguins on the back.During intermission I hope to get a mustache ride from Ryan Hollweg.

    Gotta hop for now, Super Mario wants me to wiggle my goodies for him!

    Good luck to you guys! XOXO

  73. The Renney haters are a joke. You’d be thrown out of my section in about 30 seconds as we did to two other Rangers fans this season who ran their mouth about Jagr.

    Have fun watching the game from your couch where you can bash Renney all night and give Michelle all the accolades he deserves. We don’t want your negativity in the building.

  74. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Yan & Brandon, I agree.

    He’s no Scottie Bowman, but Renney has proven he knows something about hockey. How many people tried before him and couldn’t get the Rangers to the playoffs? He has alot of areas for improvement, but he understands hockey and obviously uses a strategy which has made the Rangers a winning team in the past 3 seasons.

    Could he improve and squeak out a couple more wins and a longer playoff run? Sure. But that doesn’t mean he’s a terrible coach, he’s human.

  75. Brandon

    Quit while you’re ahead. That last post was hilarious. Yeah, don’t doubleshift Jagr in the third period when you’re down a goal. Unbelievable.

    Renney has to have guys who can defend him better thaan this.

  76. When I was younger I played rec hockey for my college and the team I was on was the only team that was not a fraternity. Actually there was one other team that was made up of all the international students and we called them team sweden because, well just because they had two swedish players and we just liked to call them that. Anyway, it just so happened that the league was run by the fraternities. I played for 4 years and then came back a fifth as an alumni player, I was the captain. Talk about getting screwed by calls. We knew we it was “us” against the world. The last two years I played we made it to the finals. We lost the first year, but the second year we had a plan. My team joined forces with the swedish team and made the ultimate nasty team. We were awesome. So, they tried to find every way to screw us. Penalties, how they arranged the schedule, and a whole bunch of other crap. So it was the playoffs and we were playing our first game and we won. So, the team that we were going to play the next week in the finals had people that supposedly “weren’t going to be there” the next week so they wanted us to play the championship game that night, right after we won the first game. They also took players from the other teams that were already out, to try and match our team. Yup, I am serious. So, we had some gulps of water and we played them. We were winning with 2 minutes to go, when we got called for a penalty and they tied the game. I took my team aside and I told them that we are not going to lose this game, we are not going to let them beat us. Everyone was thinking we were going to get in to OT and beat them. But you know what happened?

  77. Have any of you geniuses ever heard of the term “shortening your bench” in the third period??

  78. Cindy Crosby on

    Umm nasty1, you won and then were selected before Mike Green , Zach Parise and Radulov?

  79. Renney has never hid the fact that he is a four line coach and will not change his coaching philosophy simply because some hockey neophyte is screaming half drunk from the 400 level.

  80. Ha, we won, but before the OT even started. I deflected a pass from my winger, and it went right to my other winger. But wait, there is more. They threw in a best of three rule and decided we had to play them again in 2 weeks. So we did, and we just completely destroyed them. It was a great feeling.

  81. Deppie, in a one goal game you don’t go nuts and start “shortening your bench”. The third period was a special teams period. More than half of it was spent on the PP or PK. What kind of double shifting did you think you was going to happen? Back to back shifts?

    You double guys up when you can. It’s impossible when you’re going from PK to PP every few minutes.

    Did you even watch the game?

  82. Since when does the Potvin Sucks chant lose games?

    It doesn’t. It’s just gay and makes the NY crowd look like retards.

    As for Renney, he came out smelling like roses aftr NJD… but he’s getting exposed right now. He’s a decent coach, but he will never win a Cup in NY because he does not create that inquenchable thirst for winning in his players. Simple as that. If he did, we win Game One, 6-1. *Plain and Simple.*

    Winning needs to be the drug. Rangers never got addicted this season.

  83. Fruity Cupcake on

    Yeah Beer Me, don’t worry about your suit. I’ve got to wear my business clothes for weekday games, but my section knows I bleed blue. Like another poster posted, a being a Blueseater is more than skin deep!

    Song for tonight’s warm-up “Rip Her to Shreds,” by Blondie.

  84. Fact of the matter is I disagree with Renney plenty of the time, but I also disagreed with Joe Torre too and he has a handful of rings.

    You’re allowed to disagree with some coaching moves but to call for a guys head midway through the second round is just downright ignorant.

    Do you blame your friends when you can’t get laid?

  85. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Brandon, let it go man. He wants to shorten the bench when 2 of our top 4 wingers are 37 and 38 years old. He doesn’t get it, it’s OK. And he’s right, let’s quit while we’re ahead, I don’t feel like explaining the icing rule and 5-minute major penalties next.

  86. Fruity Cupcake on

    Great and inspirational story, Nasty! Where’s Doodie and his beard these days?

  87. Brandon

    Do you not see that you are making my argument for me?? In the nine minutes you cite as being 5-on-5, you have Jagr out there every second shift. This is not rocket science. This is what Keenan does with Iginla, Boudreau does with OV, Wilson does with Thornton in close games nearing the end of regulation! This is coaching 101 for crying out loud!

    You do not send your fourth line out for an offensive zone faceoff in a game you’re losing late in October! And you are seriously defending these bench workings?

    You asked me if I watched the game? Let me ask you a question: How long have you been watching this sport??

  88. You’re allowed to disagree with some coaching moves but to call for a guys head midway through the second round is just downright ignorant.

    what about if we get swept? will you still support him like you do, or will you sing a different tune? under what circumstances? there are circumstances for everything… I happen to think blowing massive leads reflects more on the coach than it does on the players.

  89. True Fan

    So according to you: Jagr cannot be doubleshifted. Because he’s 37. In the second game of the second round of the playoffs with the team already down a game and being shut out. Because the coach thinks it might be too demanding on him.

    Take me now, Lord…

  90. Sidney Crosby's Mother on

    LaCrackrock wants to make Avery’s head bleed like Swayze in Youngblood

  91. I love that comment, I really do. I hear that constantly from ignorant and weathered old men who can’t handle that a young buck in his prime has watched more, knows more and played more at his age then the other guy in his lifetime. The old, how long have you been watching the sport line only means that you have no real comeback.

    You listed 3 guys in their mid-20s comparing them to a Jagr who is in his mid-30’s. Jagr simply isn’t as effective being double shifted, not to mention, WE HAVENT DONE THAT ALL SEASON!!!! You don’t start deviating from your gameplan in game 2 of the second round! Might as well hit the panic button on the bench and sound the alarm.

    Also, after PK and PP’s to start a period, it takes at least 3 minutes to get all 4 lines back and refreshed.

    Why don’t we just keep Jagr out there all game?? Don’t even come off the ice.

    Funny thing is, you’re probably the same dude that bashed Jagr for “underperforming” or playing “uninspired” all season.

    We lost game 2 for one reason… we didn’t bring our best effort. Officiating, coaching and power play aside… we didn’t bring it — plain and simple.

    If you think that’s our best game and we lost b/c of coaching then I really can’t talk to you b.c I’ll end up having a minor heart attack before the puck even drops.

  92. Salty — I’m not even thiking about that b/c I know we’re winning tonight. After that, I’ll worry about Thursday.

    What will you say if we win 4 in a row? Will you give any credit to Renney or will you just sweep that under the rug?

  93. Not going to get into the whole Renney debate here and now…too much other stuff to focus on.

    Bottom line: Win tonight or play golf. The team needs to decide. Renney needs to make this simple, basic idea perfectly clear.

    I want to see Dawes remove his cloak of invisiblity. I want Cally and Dubi to play like they did in the first round. Same with Avery. Jags needs to take about 10 shots. (What happened to him one-timing shots on the PP, where the heck did that disappear to?) And for the love of G, score a frickin PP goal.

  94. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    And you want to double-shift Shanny, a guy who doesn’t have enough energy to make through 20 seconds of any shift and is ALWAYS the last to enter the offensive zone on a rush?

    Renney already double-shifts Jagr at some points, plays him in late-game PK situations (if they’re losing), and double shifts him on close back-to-back powerplays. Did you know that? How much more should Jagr play?

  95. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Can Captain Chris Clutch Drury also please step out from his camaflouged abyss of nothingness?

    Tonight would be a great night to make me a believer.

  96. Sidney Crosby's Gay Lover on

    Salty Spunion: “what about if we get swept? will you still support him like you do, or will you sing a different tune? under what circumstances? there are circumstances for everything… I happen to think blowing massive leads reflects more on the coach than it does on the players.”


  97. Brandon

    You’re a comedian. If “we haven’t done that all season,” how do you know that Jagr isn’t effective when he’s being double-shifted?

    Your 3 minutes to get all lines back “refreshed” after a PK and PP to start the period is total BS.

    For your info I am 32. Thanks for the weathered old man comment. But be careful with the “ignorant.” Awfully close to home, dude.

  98. Renney has not been outcoached. These games have been inches from having much different results. We’ll see if he can win a Cup here. I think it’s up to his players. They need to get their act together and come out flying, not just tonight, but everynight from here on in, for however much longer they’re playing. Only so much Renney can do at this point.

  99. Brandon, you don’t just continue doing something because you have been doing it all season It’s not as if they finished in first here! They were the 5th seed if I recall. This is the same thing that Renney criticizers have been preaching all season, we aren’t asking him to change things cause they are down 2-0. We would and have been preaching the same things all season regardless of wins or losses.

    It’s not always about wins and losses, it’s about how the team looks. If you hit a golf shot and it’s a 50 yd slice and it lands right next to the hole, you don’t say, well I can’t change it cause it worked. Guess what buddy, next time it won’t work!

    Wake up.

  100. True Fan

    No, I agree with you on Shanahan. Staple him to the bench. Bottom line, Jagr has to get more than 19 minutes plus in a game where you don’t score a goal. And you can’t send out the line with hands of stone for an offensive face-off late in the 3rd in the second round of the playoffs. You just can’t —- those draws are so important, and you have to have someone on the ice there who has at least a fraction of a shot to score you a goal.

  101. Players play — it’s what they do — they play.

    I’ve never stepped on the ice or field and given less than 100 percent effort because I didn’t like the guy coaching my team. I just played. Might have cursed him any chance I got, but I just played.

    These are professionals. Beyond a gameplan, the coach doesn’t have a 100 percent influence on whether we win or lose, which is really how you guys are making it out to be.

    I’m pretty much done — we can just agree to disagree — if we lose the series is will be because we lost as a team. You can point fingers after if you like, I won’t.

    Way to turn the positive upbeat vibe in here today to sour puss negative karma. I’m sure that’s good for the players and fans.

  102. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Hahaha. The funniest part is Crosby’s mamma chiming in! That’s awesome. WAKE UP!!!!!!! haha

  103. That hurts, True Blue. Brandon referenced my problems getting laid, but you stung me with that one. :)

  104. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    With all due respect to your age, perhaps you’ve forgotten the play in question. I think it was a little less than half-way through the third period and the Penguins iced the puck while the Jagr line was already on, the Gomez line was just on before the Jagr line. In that situation, you’re saying Renney should double Jagr’s shift?

    To approach the question from your perspective, I believe the only line which might have played then in place of the grinders would be the 3rd (Dru, Call, Dawes). But Renney kept running his 4th line because he trusts them just as much as he trusts the rookies.

    The only other option would be to start juggling lines, but I don’t think that’s the smartest thing with 11 minutes still left…that’s for the last 3-4 shifts of the game.

  105. Special Broadcast Announcement on

    Due to the incessant whining of Rangers fans about Versus network announcers, Game 3 coverage of the Rangers-Penguins series will be switched to the MSG network.

    You may now resume your normal whining.

  106. Can’t say I’m happy that Renney didn’t follow through with the changes he hinted at yesterday. Jagr better get 25 minutes of ice tonight double shift himn on Gomez’s line whatever. Mara should at least replace Backman on the top pp unit.

  107. Ok now I’m really out we are at STarbucks in Penn now heading up to 4 Penn.

    Liquid if you want to discuss camera stuff 516-458-7130

    Also we got the tear drop/crybaby poster if anyone wants it. Oh and we already gave out the first bunch of nice dive flyers!!

  108. Who Needs Lohan (thinking about changing name to Peppery LaPue on

    I am not Renney’s biggest fan in the world although i must say that I have gained more and more respect for him and his style over the last three months. WIth that said, are you guys series about blaming this on Renney’s coaching? The players got outplayed, the Penguins were the better team in both games, end of story

    Now the plus side of that is that they were the better team, but not by much. If we play are game, hit early and often, extra efforts for the loose pucks and go hard to the net every chance we get, we will win the game.

    If we do so, we wont have to blame the officials, or Versus, or Renney, or Cindy Luganis, or the Potvin chants, or people in suits who say Prucha’s name like he is Israeli, or each other for that matter. Cause if we play that way, we will win!

    BTW, anyone else think that before Game 4 that John Amirante was giving Brodeur a stare down? I thought I saw it!

  109. True Fan

    Forgot, due to my age? An Alzheimers kind of thing? Is that where you’re heading? Really? Because you might not be winning an argument? I thought better of you than that!

    Anyhow….(ahem)….you yourself IDed several options. No, of course you don’t keep the Jagr line on if they just had their shift. You either send the Drury line out or the Gomez line back out. Trust is one thing when you’re looking for a line to shut someone down —- not when you’re desperate for a goal. As I wrote before, faceoffs at that time of the game are so crucial, and you need someone who has the hands and quicks to score off a scramble, a turnover, a clean win off the draw.

  110. Salty—I’m not even thiking about that b/c I know we’re winning tonight. After that, I’ll worry about Thursday.


    This seems to me like skirting the answer. Normally not a problem but a few posts up you tried to call someone out for skirting an answer…duely noted.

    “What will you say if we win 4 in a row? Will you give any credit to Renney or will you just sweep that under the rug?”

    I’d probably give him 75-80% of the credit, depending on circumstances and variables of each game. I credit him for getting us through NJ cleanly for sure. But it’s now evident that NJD just blew, and now we are facing a real team. We’re down 0-2, and it’s not because they are better than us, it’s because the spark is missing. I lay it all on Renney to find that spark and ignite this team. That, by definition, is what a coach is supposed to do. If he can’t get this team up to at least tie this series, I will in fact lay it mostly on him. He’s a C+ coach and has been carried by an A+ goaltender since the lockout.

  111. I think that’s a good post Salty. The intangible spark, the will to win above everything else. Not all Renney’s fault if it’s not there, but a big chunk of the job description when you boil it down.

  112. dr. ogrodnick on

    I never said Renney should be fired right now, as many are claiming. I simply made a comment that he is being outcoached. Everybody jumped on my back for that, yet nobody seems to want to explain to me how he is outcoaching Therrien despite being down 2-0 with a team that hasn’t played very well. Still waiting……

  113. PruchaOverated on

    I don’t get all this Prucha talk! He had a great rookie season and has done nothing since. He gets nocked around like a pinball they should have traded him when they could have gotten a return.

  114. Sidney Crosby's Mother on

    Remember when half of you were crying for the second season in a row that the Rangers wouldn’t make the playoffs? Stop crying about your coach it is your players that fail you.

    Although I would advise him to play Malik over Backmann he’s your coach! Don’t throw him under the bus for not winning you a Cup this season he does good job!

  115. ANd that spark is someonehitting Crosby or Malkin and hard. Cant let mthem skate around and do what they want. If it was me Orr would be in there along with hollweg and go out there and make there presence known and to send a message that you are not going to do it in our house. Thats whats been missing. U shut crosby and Malkin down, well be fine. I know I am stating the obvious But nothing will fire everybody up like a hit one of those two.

    Lets play D get some pucks to the net, keep it simple, control the puck in the defensive zone when taken away and get a W.

  116. Weird bounces, quick whistles and dubious calls have nothing to do with coaching. Blowing a 3-goal lead has something to do with coaching, I’ll agree there, but keep in mind that Ruutu’s goal went in off Roszival and the 4th goal saw Dan Girardi do his best traffic cone impersonation against the Penguins rush. The winning goal in Game 1 was, well, lucky. If it doesn’t hit Malkin, it doesn’t go in. Also remember that Jagr hit the post with a chance to tie it and put the Rangers into OT with momentum.

    My point is that it’s all relative. Some of us choose to blame Renney. Other do not. I’ve always been of the mind that since hockey is a reactionary sport full of strange bounces and other factors totally out of human control, the coach has less to do with a team’s success than in a sport like football. You might not agree…just my 2 cents.

  117. Sindy Crawford on

    Repost (Well somewhat)

    Everyone needs to stop bashing Renney here. Lets just focus on tonight and try as hard as we can to get in the heads of the Penguins. Once again, here is the “No Diving” sign.. Follow the link, scroll down to the appropriate picture, print out as many as you can and hand them out tonite! We need to be loud as hell. Let the team know we are there!

  118. Good point Salty, I suppose I did skirt your question. To be honest, I can’t even put myself there, it almost brings me to tears.

    If you’ll allow me to answer if the situation occurs, I’d appreciate it. Only b/c i can’t bring myself to that place right now.

    I’m focussed and leaving here in 30 to head to MSG.

    Whether we all agree or disagree on our points, we can’t argue our passion for our team… LGR!

  119. Who Needs Lohan (thinking about changing name to Peppery LaPue on

    Thats it for me ladies and gents. Hopefully we are speaking positively tomorrow!!!! Jorek, please keep me updated and I will let you all know how the wines tasted.

  120. Dr. Ogrodnick:

    Renney gets outcoached by a lot of NHL coaches …. this is not a slam. Renney strong suit is preparation and handling the media and the lockerroom … he is not a bench coach .. he cannot make adjustments on the fly … When a coach starts line matching, Renney re-acts instead of being pro-active … I like Renney … the Rangers could do worse but I also wonder some time when I see their power play and other things if they could not do better also.

  121. Come on guys b loud tonight. Get those signs handed out too, that will be funny to see everybody with them. Ill be watching on TV. GO RANGERS!!!

  122. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    I proved double-shifting Jagr was wrong in that situation in the third. That was your point, was it not? “Lord, take me now.”

    That was rhetorical, but if you forgot, that was in fact your point.


  123. The truth about Renney IMO is that he’s just a poor motivator. I don’t usually have a large problem with his decision making, I mean, in that case I will usually give him the benefit of the doubt I suppose. But the team really seems to coast at the worst times. There is no pulse behind the bench, and I simply don’t thikn Renney puts enough passion into what he does. He still strikes me as a business man, a very very hard working one at that. He spends so much time thinking things through, “studying”, “preparing”, and I think he puts so much into this “cerebral” approach that he loses his players in it this roundabout way.

    These are warriors and knuckleheaded jocks that need to be riled up into “game state” and Renney wants to believe they are all intellectuals that can “persuaded” to play well with hushed tones and neurolinguistic programming. Honestly Renney’s approach is cute and all but I think this team could have DOMINATED under a standard NHL coach who didn’t try to “out clever” everyone the whole time. We didn’t need a “character” coach this season, we needed a coach who knew how to take a roster loaded with Veterans and Youth and run with it. Renney seems better suited to bring teams with no talent out of the gutter, rather than take a talented team and take it to the top. There’s a huge difference there, but quite honestly I don’t thikn you can blame MSG brass for not seeing this, who knew?

    All people will see is “3 playoff seasons after the lockout” and ignore the Jagr/Lundqvist effect. WHO COULDN’T get the 2008 RANGERS to the playoffs? Renney _almost_ didn’t.

  124. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    I know we’ve agreed on this before, but the Rangers aren’t actually as talented as the team on paper looks to be. Shanahan and Jagr’s performance speaks for themselves. The other 2 big signings are 50-65 point guys too.

    Otherwise, I agree. Renney lacks that fire you’d like to see to whip this team and drive their hunger, especially when they have shown they can beat good teams but are lax against the weaker NHL teams.

  125. True Fan

    You have got to be kidding. Do you not know that double-shifting in hockey doesn’t mean the guy stays out two shifts in a row!? It means anything but that!

    It means he plays his regular shift, rests, takes another shift on another line, then rejoins his regular unit after another rest! How is it possible you don’t know this!?

    This is getting pathetic. I assumed there was a working knowledge of the game among many posters here, but no more. Embarrassing.

  126. TrueFans Bleed — dude, you don’t know what a double-shift is, what it means?? Wow.

  127. TrueFansBleedRW&B

    In Japan, people fall on their swords when they have publicly disgraced themselves.

    Lucky you don’t live there.

  128. This is pretty funny. So many people complaining about Renney. They were praising him last series and he was a great coach, now hes the worst. Its the same for the bashers for Backman. You are all looking at it in small cases and thinking about coaching individual players. You are coaching a team. Its not as easy as just saying, “hey lets put Staal on the powerplay.” Also people bitched about Jagr getting too much ice time and now he needs more?

    It’s Renney’s job to do whats best for the team both now and in the future, which is not easy to do. Putting Staal on the powerplay as a rookie does the team an injustice because A) he doesn’t practice much on the PP and B) putting him in a more offensive role like that might make him develop bad habits, especially in the playoffs. I said that was the same reason why guys like Callahan weren’t put on the PP because it could take away from their defensive skills or awareness.

  129. You people are all idiots.

    So, enlighten us? Wait, wait, …waaaiiiiit…. I see it now….

    “We’ll be fine”

    Is that it? Yes? No?

    “It’s early, we’ll be ready for playoffs”


    Enlighten us all, please.

    C’mon…let’s hear it.

  130. guys all the radio shows all the blogs are saying the same thing the rangers need there fans tonight. We have to be loud and we can’t give up

  131. Yes, the Potvin chants are ridiculous. It’s not about tradition. I would say more than 80 percent of the people who do the chant have no idea why the chant even started.

    It’s just the “cool” thing to do.

  132. Spiderpig — Maybe after a coaches’ time-out, or a TV time-out. But come on, even my ten-year-old daughter knows what “double-shifting” means.

    Of course we live in Toronto, so maybe that’s not fair….

  133. Half the people posting here don’t know jack about the sport.

    A few days ago you’re trying to figure out what cycling is, today it’s what a double shift is.

    Please, all of you. Just watch the game and try not to pass yourself off as experts.

    I mean, I love hockey, but I don’t pretend that I can be a coach. I’d venture to say 90% of the posters here don’t play the game and that 70% of the posters here haven’t got a clue.

  134. Rudolph

    But what you describe is not really double-shifting. That’s simply keeping a line or a player out because you got a time-out.

    Double-shifting means exactly what I wrote it means.

  135. Johnny D

    Renney looked great after NJD,no doubt. There’s also no doubt he looks very, very, questionable following up a massive 3 goal lead meltdown down by getting shut out “at his own game”.

  136. And I know Dawes hasn’t scored in this series, but he hasn’t played awful. Just because hes not on the score sheet doesn’t mean he hasn’t done anything. He’s been effective away from the puck in creating room and getting to the front of the net. Also his decision making with the puck has been pretty good. I’d like to see him score, but its hard to say he’s been awful when you don’t see what he does when he doesn’t have the puck.

  137. The Truth is False — there are people here who know cycling on a power play doesn’t exist, and what a double shift is. The problem is that the ones who don’t know what they are talking about don’t know that they don’t know what they are talking about.

    (You were the cool guy in high school, right?)

  138. Jaromir Jagr on

    I don’t want to get into a pissing match with you but who should Renney getting into game state or motivating?

    Jagr? He’s a coaches worst nightmare, no one has ever been able to do it with him. All of the young guys look pretty riled up (Dubinsky, Callahan, Staal, Dawes). Gomez and Drury seem to have no issues. Avery’s been quiet this series but overall, been solid in terms of effor. Lunquist, motivated in my mind. Same with Straka and Shanahan although they seem less able to physically exhibit it. I think you ask Tyutin and Girardi to play sold games , keep it simple and not to do too much

    Truthfully who does that leave you to motivate? Maybe Rozcival, Mara or Backman to be more aggressive?

    Who needs the motivation here?

  139. Agreed Salty, but changing the lineup shows the other team that they have you in the corner where they want you. Sometimes the best move is to not make any moves at all. By keeping the same lineup, he shows Pittsburgh that he’s confident he can win with the cards he’s been dealt. Maybe his moves yesterday that he isn’t using today were just to get Pittsburgh to think they had the Rangers running, which is something Renney is good at (using mind games). Not saying it will work, but there is a reason for everything he does, he doesn’t just throw a dart at the board and hope for the best. He knows what he’s got and he knows what he’s doing.

  140. I’m cool enough to know when to speak and when to shut up, which apparently is something you have yet to master.

  141. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Wow. You guys are amazing. Where did I show I didn’t know what double-shifting is? Read the exchange fella’s.

    Bathgate disagreed with my point that Jagr and Shanahan aren’t necessarily at an age where double-shifting will help the team. He used Renney’s use of the 4th line in an offensive draw as an example. My proven point was that Renney couldn’t double-shift Jagr then because he was just on!!! So, you are going to double-shift Gomez and Shanahan! Shanahan can’t handle one shift, let alone two shifts out of three. His point about using the Drury line was fine, but I refuted the argument easily.

    Do your homework. Go bash Renney and boo Malik if he plays the 4th game too. It’ll prove how much you guys know.

  142. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    I’m sorry – you must have either forgot what you had written or lost track of the argument. Read it, if you’ve forgotten. My point was that double-shifting Jagr and Shanny’s not going to help this team because they’re old.

    If you want to double-shift the younger guys, fine. But those old guys can’t do it…you should understand, it’s similar to these mental gymnastics which came as a challenge.

    Re-read the exchange.

  143. True Fan

    Man up. Admit you’re a fraud. Why? Because you wrote this:

    “I think it was a little less than half-way through the third period and the Penguins iced the puck while the Jagr line was already on, the Gomez line was just on before the Jagr line. In that situation, you’re saying Renney should double Jagr’s shift?”

    That’s right, sports fans: “…you’re saying Renney should double Jagr’s shift?”

    You could not have more perfectly expressed your lack of understanding, right across the board.

    Busted by your own words. Open and shut.

  144. TrueBlueBleeder — You’re cut, man, take the eight count. Matter of fact, boxing. There’s a sport you might be able to fully get your arms around. Less nuance.

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