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The Rangers really are trying to convince us … and probably more accurately, trying to convince themselves, that the task they now face is not impossible.

“We have a chance to make history,” Jaromir Jagr said. “What else? It might be my last game, man. Let’s make it special.”

He sounded sad when he said it, sad that the next game, or the game after that, really could end his NHL career. Maybe he knows what we don’t know and he’s not letting on. Maybe he doesn’t know for sure yet. Maybe it really is up to the Rangers. Maybe it’s not.

But tonight, this was really the elimination game, because nobody comes back from 0-3. It happened twice, as you know — 1942, when the Leafs did it to the Red Wings in the finals, and in 1975 when the Islanders did it to the Penguins. More often, a team that goes down 0-3 mails in Game 4. Or gives it a token effort and goes down. Or gives it everything and that isn’t enough.

It’s hard to say the Rangers haven’t played hard in this series, but it’s hard to say they’ve played anywhere near well enough to beat a Pittsburgh team that still seems eminently beatable, but very, very sound.

And when it was 3-3, and the Rangers had the Penguins trapped in their own end for what seemed like an hour late in the second period, and the crowd had awakened from its moaning, groaning nap, Ryan Hollweg’s penalty helped Pittsburgh get back to hits feet and get the lead.

Tom Renney admitted that was a tough penalty to take, and added that “nobody feels worse than Ryan Hollweg” and that the Rangers very nearly had it killed off.

Ryan Hollweg: “I was playing my game.”

That was the turning point, and it was the worst decision a Ranger made all night, but it certainly as far from the only reason they lost. Now they’re in trouble. If they’d won tonight, being down 2-1 would have felt, at least for a couple of days, that they were tied or even ahead in the series. But 0-3, that’s a whole other animal.

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  1. repost

    ok here we go
    to all the f-ing A-holes who were chanting fire Renney your all morons. he coached this team pretty good. om not going to say perfect because he had some part in letting hollweg play today. ill go as far as saying Renney is one of the best coaches in the league. he has a team of all different types and levels of players and he did what he can do to get it to work. that brings up Sather
    if sather does not go out and get a top D-man and SIGN AVERY he should get fired.
    Holwegg should never play in blue ever again its that simple. Renney said it himself that was the turning point of the game.
    On jagr i give him alot of credit he played his heart out today. it sucks that he basically said thursday might be his last game. But can u blame him he is being showed up by 22 year old kids who jump off the bench during a face off to talk to a ref.
    Shanny love him but his days are over on the ice. he will make a great coach
    Henrick ok yes most of those goals tonight were nice shots. but he had no right to come out and guarantee a win tonight. he is in his 3rd year in the NHL he is a rookie rookie do not guarantee wins.
    GAME 4 they will win but only to keep us from being swept cause there is no way they can take 4 against pitss. they are just a better team all around.

  2. What a disappointing end to a disappointing season. At the start, everyone was expecting the Rangers to be strong Cup contenders. Instead, they had to fight and claw to hold on to their playoff spot, showed promise against the Devils, then just fizzled out against the Pens.

    Where isn’t Avery agitating? Where has Drury’s clutch goal scoring been? Why does Hank have so many holes? Where is Prucha from 06? Where did Dawes go? Who is Backman, and why is he on our team? Where is that Rozsival guy who practically led the team in scoring for the first month of the season? Tyutin, what the hell?

  3. they are not winning the series. I will take THursday.

    they could have won any or all 3 games but have won zero.

    hollweggs comments are moronic, just say I made a stupid play but his statement is moronic..

    they just cannot get over the hump…they do not have a point guy on the PP they have not had one all yr. so the story is the same…

    no disrespect but Shanny looks done.. Great career but he is done. Obviously the Drury injury was huge they even missed Betts. Gomez and Jagr played great; Dawes has had a bad series and I think DUbi was off tonight.

    Straka had many many good opptys.

    Jagr had 10 shots…….

  4. “he is in his 3rd year in the NHL he is a rookie rookie do not guarantee wins”


    your whole post paints you as an idiot, but this… this a fucking _gem_.

  5. Who Needs Lohan on

    Was this season really that disappointing? Did anyone feel we were any better than a top 8 team? Our defencemen suck as a unit. I think some of you were just a bit overdone by the hype we were given. We need a big bruiser and a PP QB and this team could win it all. Its’ not over yet, but most likely will be soon. Cant anyone just be satisfied with a mediocre season. I thought we had a chance but in the end our 6 D-men werent good enough. Game 4 awaits us…..

  6. czechthemout!!!!! on

    joejoe315 –

    you,stuart and all the other lame brain Renney defenders are the a-holes.He is a clueless coach and will always be one.

    I was at the game tonight and I am tired of waiting three years! for their pp to work well.Three years for him to stop overplaying the fourth line.Three years for him to find someone who has more brains and ability than both Blair Betts,and Ryan Hollweg,someone who’s stupidity and lack of hockey knowledge is only surpassed by you and the rest of the Renneyade drinking fools.This guy gets out coached almost every game.He would be knowwhere without The king to bail his ass out.He has no killer instinct and is way too passive.That timidity comes through when the team FAILS to hold and even build a three zero lead in a PLAYOFF game.Even Trautwig the shill said so.

    Blowing game 1,and constantly relying on shit like Betts and Hollweg is what cost him this series.,not the refs,not the whinning by Cindy Crossface.WE WILL NEVER WIN THE CUP WITH HIM BEHIND THE BENCH!!!!

  7. Just got back from the game Hollweg as you all know is a moron for doing for what he did. The Rangers had the Pens scrambaling. We have no powerplay qb, and everytime Mara would touch the puck he would wait to shoot, and it would be blocked.

    I say play Bobby Sanguineti Thursday.

  8. Rangers simply *lost* this series. They have been *beaten* up and down the ice. They played really hard tonight, but…eh… they really just never clicked this year. Really disappointing to say the least. Even I thought we could probably contain
    PIT after the NJD series, but the truth was there all along… since October…

    I also never realized just how incrediblly rare comebacks are after 0-3… I thought it was way more than 3 teams ever….

  9. dr. ogrodnick on

    Renney has been badly outcoached. Again. What was his quote before the game? We don’t need to score on the power play to win? Genius. renney decided to put Hollweg back in the lineup, and it burned him. Of course, had there been any sort of discipline from the coach the other bunch of times Hollweg had taken stupid penalties, maybe it doesn’t happen tonight.

    Oh, and Henrik, when you are going to gaurantee a win, you should show up for the game.

  10. it is better this way. getting rid of the czech posse will be the start of a real, young homegrown Ranger team that will play as a hustling north-south team, not a clique playing east-west, cutesy euro hockey

  11. Renney really grew on me this post season. That said, he was the wrong coach for this team. Maybe things change with other players nexxt year… but I really doubt it. He simply does not get the most out of his players consistantly.

    Whoever runs the PP, I don’t recall if its Pearn or Pelino off the top of my head, but they’re obviously shitcanned. Total fucking failure to launch over a span of 90 games… suicide watch for those two zipper jockeys.

  12. REPOST cuz it’s an essay and I want it to be read! haha

    Shouldn’t Hollweg just finally be cut now, like right away, please?! Hopefully Byers or whomever else is on the “taxi squad” will be the fourth line center for game four if Betts and/or Drury are injured. Renney must be kicking himself for not dressing Orr, who is so much more competant. I think Hollweg had only one shift in the third period, but, then again, so did Sjostrom, at least from me seeing who was out there.

    yan – You said it. That’s the reason we’re losing; Fleury is outplaying Lundqvist. We have had good setups and opportunities, but Fleury has been there, along with a lot of great shot-blocking by the Penguins at the end of this game. They just look so good right now and hard to beat. I’ve gotta believe they’re gonna be the team from the East playing for the Cup. I’m still gonna watch this series (and the rest of the playoffs, of course) and hope for the Rangers to win four in a row.

    It’s not even like we played too badly in this game, aside from Tyutin and Hollweg killing us, but Dawes isn’t getting any chances, and the whole team isn’t getting any bounces, including Straka continuing to miss the net and Gomez hitting the post tonight. I can’t fault them too much because they are trying their best, especially Jagr, but the Penguins are clearly the better team, and our defensive system can’t keep up with their offense right now. Sure, it’s disappointing, but with the talent and the luck tilted towards Pittsburgh, it doesn’t look good for us.

    To those wanting to fire Renney, you are still complete morons, and I’m glad Salty is still proud of this team. At the very least, we need somebody new or a new system to run the power play.

    This will be an interesting offseason for sure because there are three different directions the team can take, with both forwards and defense. Sather can keep the older guys he has, sign veterans that are free agents, or bring up more young guys from Hartford. With Renney’s style of coaching, the latter choice may not be such a bad one. If Jagr is in fact retiring, I can’t see the rest of the Czech posse coming back, so that may be a blessing to lose the three of Straka, Rozsival, and Malik, none of whom have looked great this season. Unfortunately, Sather then may stupidly want to re-sign Shanahan, especially if he can’t find much else out there. I can’t see the Penguins letting Malone get away, so maybe we will see an offer sheet given to a different good young player who is an RFA. Maybe Cherepanov can be persuaded to come over if he can play a potential starring role, even alongside Anisimov, and possibly Dubinsky. There have got to me some deals, contracts or trades, to be made to acquire a reliable defenseman. Prucha and Dawes will definitely be floated out there, since they have done nothing aside from a couple stretches each, but their value might be too low to trade right now. And I want Mara back! Our season is ending too early, but it’s sports, so there’s always next season!

    A not so happy birthday for Girardi and Dubinsky today. I can’t believe I just wrote such an essay of a post.

  13. czechthemout!!!!! – Please, don’t blame Betts for anything; otherwise, your post might have some crdibility. You saw how our penalty kill sucked after Betts was out of the game. I don’t think the fourth line plays too much either. Early in the season, they were around ten minutes per game, but as the season drew to a close, they were usually six to eight minutes. Tonight, they had one shift in the third period, I believe.

  14. Renney’s decision to play Hollweg over Prucha will haunt him the rest of his coaching career.
    Or at the very least until next April (or when he gets fired.. whichever comes first)

  15. theres always a little bit of relief after theyre done for me, its like, “well I can go back to having a life again”

    honestly, dont even want to watch thurs…. only reason i will is because its bound to be (BETTER be) Jags last game here…

    I’ve called for his head all season, and said we should have dealt him at the deadline (maybe we should have) but i dont thikn so anymore, and i’m glad we kept him “for the run”… he’s been a solid solid solid Ranger and he has played like a captain in the playoffs… goodbye sweet prince jaromir, goodbye.

    PIT wil be a major threat for years. I can’t wait to see how a *real team* bitchslaps Crosby though when he gets in their way of the cup.

    If Philly wins, PIT will sweep them too though.

  16. And lets hear it for Malkin, the real leader in Pittsburgh. here we all were so worried about Sidney, and Malkin has been the real killer.

  17. Yeah, Crosby was fairly invisible tonight, kept getting stopped by Rozsival. Pittsburgh will be dangerous if they can keep Hossa, which they should be able to, but hopefully at teh expense of Malone, for us!

  18. blacks4 (steve trac) on

    Salty: Second your opinion on Jags. I was definitely on his case all season but he’s playing his heart out this series and is one of the best NHL’ers ever. I hope he goes out at the Garden at least. Stupid Pitt fans won’t give him the respect he deserves. Garden will give him a proper farewell…

  19. I hope he goes out at the Garden at least. Stupid Pitt fans won’t give him the respect he deserves. Garden will give him a proper farewell…

    yknow, good point, i wasnt even thinking about that…he could potentially play his last game in the igloo and those fans probably wouldn’t even cheer him for supporting them to 2 Championships… that should be a lesson to young Malkin… get to NYC ASAP you ugly as sin bastard, dont carry PIT anywhere, they wont appreciate it in a few years.

  20. Tony from AZ – At least you got to see a great series win *in person* in the first round!

    Rucchin – You gotta cool it with the blatant advertising, dude!

  21. I was there. Trade Hollweg for a bag of pucks. And one other thing, I thank Jagr and Gomez for at least going out there and giving it everything they’ve got to carry this team. They are really the only ones trying every game. You all talked shit about Salty all year but what he said has inevitably become true. This team doesn’t have that killer instinct to play 60 full minutes of hockey and it bit them in the ass. You can’t teach it or just turn it on, you have to have it. Last years team had it, this years team didn’t.

    Next season we need to stop treating Henke like Marty and letting him play when he wants. He doesn’t feel any pressure because he knows he’ll play most games. Vally had an amazing season as a backup when called upon. Give the guy more games and put more fear into Henke’s eyes so maybe he shows up for a whole season. I’m not blaming him for tonight, but 5 goals on something like 19 shots is not acceptable. You have to make some big saves like that on a consistent basis and he didn’t do it at all this series, and even last to a point.

    Next years team better play with the heart we had the last two seasons before because it doesn’t matter if you have more talent, if you don’t show up for 60 every night, fight your way to the win and be relentless in your forecheck and overall game, then you won’t win a cup or deserve to win.

  22. blacks4 (steve trac) on

    1942 and 1975….what am I missing? Leafs and the Flyers won the cups those years.

  23. And say what you want about Backman but I thought he tried his ass off tonight. NOBODY IN THE NEUTRAL ZONE WOULD MOVE. He tried to pass the puck out but everyone was stationary and easily covered by Pittsburgh. Our breakout is so bad because the wingers stay on the boards and the center stays in the middle. Only Gomez and Jagr were circling and cutting around on angles to free up space or get open. So a couple times Backs tried to bring it up himself, but he’s not fast enough to beat all 5 guys. He sure as hell tried to though instead of forcing a bad pass or icing it. He beat 3 a couple times and another time beat 4 until he tried to just push it deep because he had no help. I’m not saying he was amazing, but for you bashers of him, go back and watch the game and watch him trying to make simple plays but he, along with a few other d guys, aren’t able to because the forwards just sit still in the neutral zone. Don’t know if you can see it on TV, but at the game its as clear as day.

  24. I agree with others that Jagr has played his heart out in the playoffs, in this series in particular and since the tail end of the regular season.

    I have never been a Jagr supporter and didn’t think he should have been the captain, but he has showed me something in the last month or so. He has elevated his game and has left everything on the ice. You can see how badly he wants to win – maybe because he is getting older and knows he wont have many more chances, maybe because he knows when this spring ends for him he will be done as a Ranger, maybe because he wants to beat Pittsburgh and show them that he won two cups there and that the booing isn’t working.

    It is not Jagr’s fault he was named captain – it was the coach, the team, whomever. Let us not forget that coming out of the lockout Jagr and Renney put a group of young Rangers and energized Europeans and made us into a contender for the first time since 97, getting us to the playoffs and beating SI’s 30h ranking expectations. Let us not forget that Jagr played his heart out and scored more points than any Ranger in a single season, scoring more goals that Graves.

    He, Renney and Lundqvist are largely responsible for why we are here today – competing with pride in the playoffs, something that cannot have been said several years ago. Thanks, Jags for bringing our team back to prosperity. Thanks Renney for bringing respectibility, pride and a work ethic and an identity back to our team. Thanks Hank for giving us a great show most nights.

    Lest we not forget where we came from in 2005 and where we are now. It is not perfect, Renney is not the perfect coach, Jagr is not the perfect player or captain and Hank isnt the perfect goalie, but they players, coaches and leaders on a team that I am proud of regardless…

  25. BTW if we are looking for a team to cheer for, I’m 100% cheering for Dallas. They have Zubov and Norstrom, both guys should still be Rangers. People seem to forget about Zubov even though he was a consistent 80 point scorer as a d-man. He did have more points than Leetch in 94.

  26. The team without an identity. They can’t skate with the likes of the Canadiens and the Pens, a team that can’t punish teams like the Flyers a team that can’t shut down teams defensively ike the Wings or the Devils of old. They have arrived yet again at nowhere.

    No QB on the power play, no muscle on the D, and aging scorers lead us to another off season in oblivion.

    Renney’s continued yet another season with his fascination with the ‘Bettsy’ and ‘Orrsy’ coupled with a GM whose big move at the deadline was to bring in another softee on D who we have the pleasure of booing next year at 3M per. Astonishing and no writer in this town calls him out on this is even more amazing. This GM lost his fastball in about 1990 but Dolan’s boy has a job for life.

    It’ll be another off saeson of chasing the curve and not establishing it. They get outmuscled in a series so they import two or three guys to address that but another hole appears elsewhere. They get outskilled in a series and they’ll import 2 skilled guys. We’ve seen it before and we’ll see it again. A ship without a rudder. I don’t want to hear about how the cupboard is stocked with young studs. Other than maybe Anisimov, Cherapanov and Sanguinetti, they’ve got jack sh*t on the way. Nigel Dawes…please. Not one lousy call-up. Not one young guy in this organIxation could have unseated Blair fn Betts? Cmon if the cupboard were full, we would have already seen the next Mike Ridley or Kelly Miller called up. You draft enough Hugh Jessiman’s and Lauri Korpokowski’s instead of Zach Parise’s and this is what you end up with. A middle of the road playoff team without an identity, without any one facet of the game that they do well to fall back on when needed.

    Look at the Flyers, Holmgrem rebuilt that team in one fn year!!! They do everything hard, they skate hard, they forecheck hard, they go to the net hard, the clear the puck hard. This Ranger team does nothing hard. Watching this team try and break out of their zone is pitiful. Watching this team try and forecheck is a joke. Christ, they can’t even play the trap well enough to hold onto a 3 goal lead.

    This organiIzation is once again lost. Cmon haven’t we seen this movie before? A decent regular season, a 6th seed followed by a sound whipping and an early exit. This team of pretenders was going to get outclassed by any team other than the scoring- challenged Devils. If not the Pens, the Habs or Flyers would have run this team out of the building.

    Gone: Rozival, Mara, Malik, Tyutin (has there been a Fedor sighting yet?), Strudwig, Straka, Shanahan, Hollweg, Betts, Prucha, Orr.

    Re-sign #68 and #16. I’m sure slats will f that up.

    In: more soft players who neither skate well enough to keep up with the Pens nor hit hard enough to compete with the Flyers.

    Result: Another year of enough bogus shoot-out wins that squeeks them into the playoffs and then yet another early playoff exit into Ranger wasteland.

  27. steve trac

    Each year was a year a team came back from 3-0 down at least to tie. The Leafs went all the way against Detroit and won their series; the Flyers went three up on the Icelanders, then lost three straight, then won Game 7 at home.

    So I think Frank is thinking another such scenario is due.

  28. Jonny D – You can’t usually see that on TV about Backman; good insight! I don’t forget about Zubov, but I do forget about Norstrom. When did we have him, and what did he do?

  29. Czechthemout, classic..

    you are a clown….

    You are the classic meathead that loves morons like Hollwegg and Orr.. I have been saying for months run 4 lines, put prucha and sju, and betts on the 4th line..

    guys like czecmoron spout his BS. trade the team, fire the coach, fire the GM, change the uniforms. You are the classic moron that is smarter then no one but think you are smarter then everyone and talk about moves that will never ever happen.

    the rangers are just falling short, last yr. it was easier to deal with because they were not as good as this team…

    they added gomez and drury and staal etc. and lost nothing.. this team blew game one and the refssucked and ditto for game 2. then in game 3 they dominated but there PP stinks and the Hollwegg penalty was terrible…

    The only good thing if the seson ends on thursday is I do not have to read what morons like chezhmoron and others have to say..they can continue to watch slapshot and play in there basement…

  30. Please with Dawes being invisible. He’s doing what hes supposed to do. Hes hitting, skating, forechecking and making good decisions with the puck. hes just not scoring. give the guy a break.

  31. You know what sucks…

    Plus 33 years is
    Plus 33 years is


    Just saying haha”

    And 33 and 33 makes…66

    And we’re playing…the Pens…Pitt/66/Pitt/66/Pitt/66 — need i say more?

    So, we’re possibly in line for something magical…or perhaps we’re just grasping at straws.

    Thought I’d stir the pot.

    Never posted on here, but why the hell not?

    Gotta believe.

    C’mon, ESPN CREW!!!!!!!

  32. tom jerk face the rangers are better then the flyers and if you cannot see that you are truly a friggin moron.

    yea the flyer d is impressive with kooukenan, smith, hatcher, COburn(very good), timmonene, and randy jones.

    you are like most know it alls just flap your gums with nonsense and BS…

    Yeah holmgren signed Briere for 7 yrs. I am sure that will be a great contract.. Gomez is much better and 3 yrs younger ….

  33. for all you renney bashers, who of the 28 other active coaches would you rather have behind your bench? i asked myself this question, being a renney supporter, i say he is in the top five. looking at it in the absolute most anti-renney frame of mind I could comprehend, I placed him at no. 12. sure its easy to blame renney. its always easy to blame the coach. why blame a defense corps filled with guys that are too young or mediocre veterans that have been exposed against an elite offense? that would make too much sense. I do not think Tyutin or Girardi have made one good play this entire series. Toots looked totally over-matched tonight to the point that I’d rather see Malik in game 4. Hey, why not give Harry one for the road. And although Staal has emerged as the Rangers top d-man by far these playoffs, he had an easy chance to clear the puck about 10 seconds before his brother scored in game 2. but he panicked and went behind the net instead of passing off to rozsival who had zero pressure on him. Part of the growing process i guess. I really do hate to criticize him. Backman might be the worst of the bunch this series. He looks like a deer in the headlights constantly, would not mind seeing strudwick or malik in for him next game.
    for those of you giving betts the business, you have got to be kidding me. he is their best pk guy besides drury and has been a soldier for this team for 3 years. If you were not extra nervous about the Hollweg penalty because you knew he and drury were hurt you are either an idiot or were not paying much attention.
    And just a word of advice… I am a senior at Boston U and I lived 3 blocks away from Fenway in the fall of 04 during my freshman year. I was all over lansdowne st. for the playoffs that year. and i can honestly say that none of those fans gave up hope for one second. They came to Fenway cheering there heroes to a bitter end, one that never arrived. And I honestly feel that their exuberance and enthusiasm really had an influence one the outcome. After today’s game I called my brother and tried to convince him to not give up our game 4 tickets to some rich schmo. Of course he didn’t see my side of the story. To make a long story short, if you’re going to Thursday’s game, do not give up hope. Scare the Pens and buoy the Rangers’ spirits. Give them something worth fighting for. I know the Rangers are 3 games down, but they are only 2 games away from being right back in this series. If you don’t believe it, you can’t achieve it!!

  34. It would be easy to not give up hope if this team showed us something special this season. Like against Buffalo even in game 6 I felt like they could still pull it out because of all the special things they did down the stretch. This team doesn’t have that flair like last year. All the talent and yet they seem like everything they do is average or less than expected.

    And thanks Spiderpig for listening to that. A lot of people just immediately start bashing guys because they do too much or something and don’t know why. Backman is trying to do what he can but hes never given much room. None of the d-men are. So instead of making a bad pass like Toots and Girardi and Rozy have been doing, he holds the puck figuring hes big and can have a better shot that way.

    Same with my comment about Dawes. So many people are more concerned what you do with the puck instead of what you do away from it. He hasn’t done great with the puck on his stick so far in the playoffs, but hes 22 in a 3rd line role and is doing everything hes expected to do away from the puck. Even when he has it hes making simple passes and dumping it deep. I don’t get why people are on him so hard because the team is losing. Sometimes you have to look away from the play/puck to see where a guy is contributing. Thats where Betts and Orr and Sjoie (for now) come in. 4 lines of flashy scorers doesn’t win championships.

  35. Goodness, Carp, haven’t you cottoned on that Jagr is impish with the press? Take it with a cup of salt, at least.

  36. Hey Stuuey….7 goals and counting for Briere….

    Keep drinking the Sather kool aid.

    and Jerk face’ …what are you 12?

  37. “dawes has done shit. get real”

    you clearly don’t watch him crashing to the net and opening up room for other guys while being the first man in on the forecheck. once again, its not always about scoring but also what you do when you don’t have the puck. so you can get real.

  38. Look, the team struggles all year to find an identity and get a groove. It’s been a tough series, and the team has been frustrating to watch at times, and I’m upset that it could come to an end, but it’s been a solid year. 2nd round is never too shabby with a cast of real old guys and real young guys. The young guys will learn from this, and there’ll be some newer old guys next year (Rolston? Campbell?), and hopefully Anisimov or Byers or someone can do soemthing cool. Future’s gonna be ok Rangers fans.

  39. I said this earlier in the season and I’ll say it again now. When is Perry Pearn going to be held accountable. His responisblities are the defense and the power play. That alone should get him fired. Two years of this inept power play shows that he is not the man for the job. And the collapsing defense that leaves opposing players wide open in front of the net while all of our players watch the puck in the corner has killed us all year. Coaches have to be held accountable. Perry Pearn has had three years and he should be gone. And Renney takes the blame for letting this go on as long as it has and his bonehead lineup decisions like Hollweg tonight.

  40. Tom, I like what you said. However, if the Rangers are so bad and just squeek by with shootout wins, how do you explain that they were 5th overall in Goals Against in the season and one of the league leaders in shots on goal.

  41. Jags has been great, would be sad if this is his last year as a Ranger. I hope he wants to come back.

  42. Listen, I was at the game tonight and I am as disappointed as anybody here but there is no point going around talking about how screwed we are, and how certain individuals need to be held accountable. This is no one player or coaches fault. We just aren’t as good as the Penguins. Fact. That being said, we could easily be up 3-0 in this series but aren’t. A few bad bounces, a few bad calls and we’re done. Thats hockey. As fans we need to keep our chins up.

    We had a rough season with all the expectations coming in but the future is bright! We have a franchise goalie (who struggles occasionally but is brilliant 90% of the time) and 2 savvy veterans who still have long careers ahead of them in Drury and Gomez, and some really solid young talent in Dubinsky, Callahan, and Dawes. The Rangers need to pick up one more real scorer up front and a big-time blue-liner and this team is legit. Shanny, I love him, but he’s done and I think he knows it. Jagr, who knows. He could still dominate if he wants but thats a big question mark.

    I know losing this series is gonna burn but lets try to keep some perspective here guys. This team has a lot of potential and Im gonna love em either way. I see a bunch of good years for this team. Get the older legs out of there and watch this team blossom. Gomez and Drury will be lifting that cup within the next five years. You can quote me. Now lets get loud on Thursday because there aint nothin else to do.

    I know I sound preachy but Im just trying to stay positive. I get down on this team a lot but at this point, there is no point to it. LETS GO RANGERS!

  43. Just gonna point out that I think Jagr may have been misquoted, or at least got the words out wrong(ly). Probably the latter because I have faith in you Sam :P

    “We have a chance to make history,” Jaromir Jagr said. “What else? It might be my last game, man. Let’s make it special.”

    What he’s quoted as saying.

    What I think he really said/meant to say:

    “We have a chance to make history,” Jaromir Jagr said. “What else? It might be my last season, man. Let’s make it special.”

    Makes much more sense I think, if it’s something along those lines. The way it was seemed so contradictory. How can getting swept be special in any form of your last game?

    I refuse to believe this series is over and that any of the team thinks of it that way.

    I’ll be at game 4 screaming my head off.

  44. for all you saps praising Jagr. that selfish POS negotiated a contract with another team as the playoffs started.

    that is selfish heresy. some friggin team player.

    accdg to Kukla, a player for Omsk is confirming that jagr just signed to play there next year.

    what kind of captain thinks only of himself right before a playoff run, and bolts to another team.

    he is only giving a half ass effort ’cause he knows it’s his last few games, since he stabbed his teammates in the back as the playoffs started.

    he has confirmed what a selfish jerk he is


  45. k definitley wasn’t misquoted and he looked like he knew what he was saying but I don’t think he’s quitting on us.

  46. Rangers will put Malik in on Thursday and pair him with Rozy…Staal will pair up with Mara and Toots & Girardi will be the 3rd pair…Exit Hollweg, hello Prucha unless Betts and/or Drury cant go….Rangers will play their best game of series on Thursday and win to send it back to the Igloo on Sunday…Maybe they steal one there leading us back to Monday @ MSG for game 6 and a very loud MSG….then the players will bring up the BoSox who came back from 0-3 vs Yanks a few years ago….then the rule of 33 will came into play

  47. “Look at the Flyers, Holmgrem rebuilt that team in one fn year!!! They do everything hard, they skate hard, they forecheck hard, they go to the net hard, the clear the puck hard”

    Actually, there wasn’t much to rebuild there. They had a bad season with a team that was relatively the same as a team that had the 5th seed the year before and made it to the conference finals the year before the lockout (and came REALLY close to winning it). But poor performances by several key players (Hatcher, Forsberg, Esche/Nittymaki) as well as their youth that they were relying upon heavily (Carter, Richards, etc) and incredible injuries (at one point they were basically the Phantoms) led to their DRAMATIC demise. But there wasn’t much to rebuild there. They swapped Forsberg with Briere, added Coburn and Timmonen, and got Biron. That’s not that dramatic of a transformation. The key for them this season was that their players like Richards and Carter showed up. They also made the best deadline deal for Vinny Prospal, which is why they are doing so well in the playoffs.

    I think thatour team can be really good in a couple of years. We are clearly missing a few key components, and we should be patient in acquiring them, not just going for it this year if the pice/player isn’t the right fix because the core of our team is young/locked into long term contracts.

    My suggestions for what to do with our own roster:

    1) Let Rozsival go. When he is playing well, he is SUCH a good defenseman. He just rarely plays to his potential.

    2) Malik/Strudwick both gone. No explanation needed

    3) Resign Paul Mara if he takes a paycut (about half of his salary). He has been pretty good down the stretch. Plays a simple game, and if he could learn to use his size a little more, he could be a really good defenseman. I definitely did not catch myself complaining about him very much.

    4) Split up Girardi and Tyutin. I think we can all agree on what I’ve been sying for months: Tyutin is becoming our next Poti/Malik. He is making Girardi worse.

    5) Let Shanahan walk. He just doesn’t have it anymore, and hasn’t for about 3/4s of the season.

    6) Try and deal Blair Betts. Killing penalties alone isn’t good enough anymore to justify a lineup spot. They taught Gomez and Callahan how to kill them, and they could teach Dubinsky, Dawes, Sjostrom, and Anisimov (my preferred replacement) to do the same. Also, he isn’t even our best faceoff man anymore, so that part of his game isn’t very useful to us either, but could be valuable to another team. Therefore, try and trade him for a prospect or low pick.

    7) Let Avery walk. Let’s face it: he disappeared in the 2nd round again. He is a distraction to his teammates, and I think is becoming a lockerroom cancer. I also think that his demands would shatter our salary structure.

    8) I’d resign Straka actually, but to an incentive contract (if he’s eligible, I don’t think he is). Otherwise I’d resign him to some low number or let him walk. But I wouldn’t let him playtop line minutes anymore. I’d put him on the 4th line in Sjostrom’s spot.

    9) Speaking of Sjostrom, I’d promote him to the 3rd line.

    10) Give Petr Puck some real opportunity on the 2nd line. If he makes it this season, good. Otherwise, I’d move him at the deadline.

    11) Resign Jagr to what we currently pay him (basically his cap number) through incentives. Otherwise sign him for a little less. Let’s face it folks, Jagr was a force in the playoffs. He was just REALLY good. I think it might be time for him to hand over the C though. I never thought he should give it to Shanny, but he should definitely fork it over to Gomez or Drury.

    12) Send Hollweg to the AHL for good.

    13) Fire Perry Pearn (or let him go to FL, but if they pass, fire him). Our special teams were a disaster in the playoffs and our PP was nonexistent all season. He is the special teams coach, and therefore, he is responsible.

    Things we should be in the market for:

    1) Size/scoring on the wing. I’ve been saying his name for months: Ryan Malone. He’ll be the best big wing on the market.

    2) A big, hard hitting defenseman. My suggestion: Brooks Orpik. If we try and sign both, the Pens won’t be able to keep both. Personally, I’d prefer Malone because without Shanny and Jagr, our biggest offensive wing is Ryan Callahan. Let that sink in for a minute.

    If we can’t get Orpik, I think Mike Commodore might be a good choice. Yes, he wasn’t good in the playoffs this year, but he has been excellent in past years, and I think this year was bad because that whole team was headed down the crapper.

    3) a goalscorer – Not a bigbucks break the bank player like Hossa (save that for a couple of years when Lecavalier, Kovalchuk, and Nash potentially become available – Kovy definitely will), and pick up some 20-30 goal guys. I had my eyes on JP Dumont until he was resigned, but I think Michael Ryder would be a good choice.

    4) A veteran backup goaltender. Valleycat played well for us when he needed to, but this suggestion is more to help Hank reach his fullest potential than to improve our backup. I think a veteran backup will help Hank a lot with his consistency issues.

    A puck moving defenseman isnt necessary. Staal just needs to work on his shot during the offseason and the coaching staff just needs to let him do it. I’ve seen him lead the rush up the ice many times, he can QB the PP if he had a shot that he could get on target. Also, we have Sanguinetti 2-3 years away. But, if they needed one that badly, maybe Hainsey or Liles. But since a lot of teams are going to be looking for that, I woudn’t advocate signing them because they would be overpriced.

  48. “he is only giving a half ass effort ‘cause he knows it’s his last few games, since he stabbed his teammates in the back as the playoffs started.”

    OK, if it’s true that he negotiated his contract somewhere else, then, ok, that is wrong. But to say he is giving a half-ass effort just shows you haven’t been watching the games. Over the last half of the season, I have seen him try and work harder than over his entire tenure with the team. He never had to work or try before. He is definitely giving it everything he’s got right now. Unfortunately, it’s not what he used to have.

  49. Hey all you “true blue” fans. Follow your lame Captain and bugger off! All your whining in the first round and so far in the second round didn’t get you anywhere. With all the clowns on the ice it looked like the circus came early to MSG.

  50. doodie I actually agree with much of what you are saying. No to RYder. Avery can stay at the right price else syaonarra, he is mae for NY.

    I let straka and SHanny walk.. If Jagr wants back, 1 yr is fine.. Bring up some of the harford boy, try to get some 20 + goal wingerswith size(2nd tier not the Hossas), and they need 1 stay at home D man…

    Mara has played well and at $2 mill that is a fair price..

    Henrik did nothing tonight, really 17 shots 5 goals, ouch..The thing is he whines after that he likes to see more action(that is weak). HE did not make any spectacular saves…

    dubi, staal, gomez,drury cally, dawes, girardi, and henirk are the core. 8 guys then tyutin and others. they need a few guys from harford to make the jump and play good for them.

    the rangers will likely have alot of money next yr. even if jagr and straka come back because malik, mara at his price, shanny, and Roszival are not coming back that $10 mill.. is minimum they will save..

    they need a sniper but that is going to be hard to find real hard…the also as doodie said are tiny upfront….

  51. SCX “Who is Backman, and why is he on our team?”

    LOL, you took the words right out of my mouth. Who the hell is this guy and why have I only just seen him play? He’s awful.

  52. After I got done gagging on the Jagr Love-Fest from the Versus crew, I enjoyed the moment watching your bunch of old has-beens on the brink of getting swept by the Pens… Couldn’t have happened to a better bunch of A-Holes… Between Jagr and Avery, how our former captain can even stand to be in that locker room is beyond me…I’ll bet he watched all those blocked shots the Pens had on powerplays knowing not one guy in your bunch is willing to do that… Looking forward to the implosion… all that money, and still no Cup… boo hoo!

  53. Anyone who lives in NJ- PLease drive to the Pebble and let me know if Avery missed the team bus or something????

    Hollweg- not only did it KILL momentum, but he took the penalty when our 2 best PKs were injured (Drury and Betts). Then because his a$$ got glued to the bench after that and was no longer 3rd line C (he was on with Cally and Dawes) it forced Drury to come back and have to play. Did anyone see Drury the 3rd period?? he couldn’t even move. So he had to come back, risk further injury ebcuase we had numb nuts “Play his game”. Well thank you for confirming that your game is hitting from behind- the NHL was right to place you on their watch list. Please send Dirk Digler out of NY

  54. Sabres Gal, you will never be dne “gagging”, its all youre good for.

    Sabres missed their last chance at a cup last year. Drury left because of fans like you that don’t get hockey but are just fans because its all there is to do in Western NY.

  55. “it was a very tough penalty to take, we know that…That was probably the turning point in the game as far as I can tell”- Tom Renney.

    When Renney calls you out to reporters you know you are screwed. Good Bye Ryan thanks for nothing

  56. A few thoughts on last night as to why the Rangers lost:

    Drury getting injured; the guy could barely play and was completely ineffective from early 2nd period onward, hence rendering him useless for any potential 3rd period magic.
    Hollweg; enough said – this guy is not an NHL player – can someone please beat him out in camp come September… why they signed him to a contract? I’ll never know.
    L- Lundqvist; 5 goals on 17 shots in a playoff game? Make all the excuses you want about him being screened, etc. Bottom-line: he is not a Vezina winner this year and he needs to change his style in the off-season because he plays too deep… if he plays just a tad further out, he cuts down the angles on those 2 Malkin goals. Giving someone like Evgeni that much net to shoot at, the guy will find the corners.

    And last but not least, the power play that doomed them all season, making the playoff push an unnecessary struggle, will seal the season for them. Two 5-on3’s in a matter of a few minutes down by 2 goals – I’m sorry, but you gotta score there. Sure they came back to tie it, but ouch.

    And as odd as this sounds, I have to agree with Jagr. How fun would this be if they made history and we’re sitting here a week from now talking about game 7? First, we need to see who’s going to play the role of Dave Roberts! (Had to throw in a 2004 Red Sox analogy – sorry Yanks fans.)

    It’s not over until someone wins the 4th game. Take it one shift at a time, one period at a time, one game at a time. Zipay posted that it’s happened every 33 years – 1942, 1975, 2008?

    PS – Can all you non-Ranger fans please stay off this blog? You are all disgraceful fans whose teams have been playing golf for the past month – find something better to do with your time.

  57. Ante- I agree with the other fans coming to the blog. It would be cool if they were adding to the conversation, but all they do is say you suck blah blah blah.

  58. I don’t know if this was said….

    Why the HELL are you having Hollweg in a series that is not NEARLY as physical as the Devils series was. Pittsburgh is skill team that will out-finesse you. Keep PRUCHA In there. The 4th line needs to be Betts/Prucha/Sjostrom. This gives the Rangers a 4th line that can keep up with Pitt. But nooooo. F’n Renney just loves those 4th line guys like Orr and Hollweg. WHY?!?! I can see if they were playing Philly and they needed some hitters out there. But Pitt isn’t bringing that hard and heavy physical game that we’ve seen from other bigger teams. Start the speedy guys. Jeez! C’mon Renney!

  59. I am shaving my beard off right when I get home from work today. In hopes of shaving off the bad karma that is has collected during this round of the playoffs. Doodie, I urge you to do the same.

  60. “LOL, you took the words right out of my mouth. Who the hell is this guy and why have I only just seen him play? He’s awful.”

    Read my post earlier on Backman.

    Also for next season if we bring Vally back, he needs to play more games during the regular season. Outside of the Phoenix game where he was left out to dry, his numbers were great for a backup. The other thing we can do is to sign a true veteran backup. We are treating Henke like Marty now and letting him play whenever he wants. He feels no pressure what so ever that he could potentially lose his job. I guarentee if he felt that threat, he’d bring his A game 9 times out of 10 instead of 50% of the time because he knows his job isn’t secure.

  61. Hello all. Before I start, I’ll say that I have only skimmed over the posts on this thread, and saw none from the previous. apologies.

    Salty & spiderpig, from what I read of your posts, this is going to sound repetitive. I agree with pretty much EVERYTHING you guys said.

    I dogged Jagr just about everyday this season, but down the stretch and through the playoffs he’s made me extremely proud. Before I give him too much credit though, where was this passion and this play all season? It was honorable to keep him in NY to finish in a place he really wanted to play. Eventhough it was at the expense of picking up pieces we need for the future.

    I’m glad the young guys are seeing exactly what it takes in the spring to be successful. That experience is invaluable.

    I do have more to say, but there will be plenty of time to do it before the draft. I’m dissapointed it will end in the 2nd round again. But it beats the hell out of missing the playoffs for 7 seasons.

  62. One more thing… to everyone that is looking at hollweg to shoulder the blame here. We all understand that it was a horrible play at a horrible time. He’s going to be the goat, and its deserved. But if you think the reason we can’t beat pitt is Ryan Hollweg…

  63. I know it’s as close to as impossible, but the Pens won 3 close games in a row. There’s no reason the Rangers can’t win 3 close games in a row…as long as they don’t quit like they did for the last 6 minutes last night.

    Scratch Hollweg. Win tomorrow. Stay alive. Go from there.

  64. The fact that Hollweg was in the lineup at all is Renney’s fault. As Hollweg stated “he was just playing his game” which is to be a coward and hit people from behind. He sucked all the life and momentum we had with that penalty. That should be the last game he plays as a Ranger. He plays hard but he has zero hockey skill and sense and shouldn’t have even been in the lineup. For that the blame has to be sent Renney’s way.

  65. “One more thing… to everyone that is looking at hollweg to shoulder the blame here. We all understand that it was a horrible play at a horrible time. He’s going to be the goat, and its deserved. But if you think the reason we can’t beat pitt is Ryan Hollweg…”

    I agree. We should’ve won game 1 and game 2 was just bad. But at this point and time we had the momentum. You have to take what you can get and think about it as what can you do now to get back in the series. HE took that away with that bad penalty. Overall, he didn’t lose us this series, but he did take away our chance to get back in it.

  66. Someone said that they now know what their father was talking about when he said, “I have a love affair with this team.”

    I know exactly how both of them feel. I seriously know. It sounds pathetic, or “gay”, or however it sounds, but it is true. I love my wife and kids more than anything in the world, and my second love is NYR hockey. This is kind of let down is so tough to take for me right now. The Penguins have done what they needed to do to win. Special Teams have really cost us this series. Last night’s loss was easier to swallow because we weren’t screwed by anyone but ourselves. Hollweg’s penalty and the power plays inability to score. My emotions about this are all over the place today. I get some satisfaction that we beat the Devils, probably more so than had we beat another team, but with the Penguins, they are great, their power play right now is one of the best we have seen is a very long time. But on that same note we can beat them, and we haven’t. It is one thing when a team is just leaps and bounds better than us, but that is not the case here. That is what is the most frustrating thing here.
    I am not going to talk about what we need for next year yet. I am not going to play the blame game, or anything else until it is officially over, but for me this really is heartbreaking. If it wasn’t for my daughter coming down to hug me after the game I probably would have gone on a murderous rampage through the town. I don’t want this to end. I am going to miss the playoffs and coming on here to argue, agree, fight, and talk hockey with all of you.

    Someone last night said one of the funniest things I have ever heard. I think it was that Hollweg was about as useful and tits on a nun. That my friends is HILARIOUS. Was probably the only thing other than my daughter to make me smile last night.

    Last thing, no matter what happens here, we are the best fans in the world and will stand by this team no matter what. It has been a lot of fun, most of the time, and although it is not over yet, let’s go out with a fight and hold our heads high.

    Sorry for such a long post everyone.

  67. SabresGal

    lmao are you friggin kidding me

    enjoy golf dumbass, we smoked you this year

  68. agreed johnny.

    agreed nasty.

    salty said earlier that he feels like he can have a life again. I feel the same.

    Just like nasty said also, my emotions are all over with this team right now.

    another 0’fer on the pp by one side. 5 goals on 17 shots by the other side.

    Shouldn’t need much more than those #’s to know who won that game.

  69. True Fans Bleed RW&B on



    All you who bought the MSG propaganda that this was a cup team, and who believed the Rangers were actually #4 best in NHL defense are the suckers! They’ve been porous defensively all-year and you said “Bring on the Penguins! Rangers in 6!” You’re a joke! The Rangers are the second best team in the East, they would have beat Philly or Montreal…but they can’t keep up with the Penguins! Flat out! Face it.

    As a said during pre-season, they need 1 or 2 solid defensman and 1 or 2 goal-scorers! Gomez and Drury aren’t that!!!

    As far as Lundqvist, if you think he’s the failure for this team…you’re a joke. Watch the game, he gets no help from the defense, the deflections, and the screens.

  70. Another early Golf Season on

    Its got to be very hard to present a winning team when many
    of your core players are older, tired and rich.
    Jagr is slow boring and tired. Shanny see you up on Cape Cod hopefully no longer in the Red White and Blue.
    The truth is with an owner like Dolan they are lucky to even make the playoffs. Stupid enought to overpay for old talent,stupid enough to keep Sather around. Its a bit of a mess but light years ahead of the basketball product.
    Hollweg belongs in the CHL or IHL at best. Build a team around Dawes, Dubinsky, Stohl and Callahan. Send more up from Hartford and let em play. Let em learn. Enough of the retreads. Renney is no genius but a decent coach, Sather needs to be sent back up north, the product is a bore.

  71. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’m proud of Jagr, who went out and gave everything he had. Callahan and Gomez looked good too.

    Tyutin and Rozsival have been bad, for a long time.

    Dawes and your “hero” Cap’n Clutch (drury) were invisible.

    That being said, this team was doomed when Sather failed to get a stronger backline and a PP finisher. They were also doomed when the Renneygades, Pearn, and Pelino couldn’t help the PP.

  72. Nasty, and I have one question. What town do you live in? I’ll remember to avoid passing thru if/when the Rangers get eliminated.

  73. I’m not usually one to blame the players…I don’t think Hollweg has any value in the league unless he Chris Simons Crosby, Malkin, Staal, etc, but that boarding call goes uncalled against us 99% of the time. Chris Pronger could board Henrik like that and it would go uncalled, so…not your fault Holly.

    This is out of anger, but the real culprit this game was Drury; leaving the ice in the middle of a power play w/ an injury where the puck hits him on the way to the bench in the offensive zone and he does nothing. I like Drury, and think that he can have a profound influence on us coming back to take away the last done honors of the red sox, but if that loser had missed the last shift of Game 5 last year, we might be SC Champions.

  74. Craig The Weatherman on

    Nasty, I’m right there with ya. Can I just say… having to live in Topeka, KS over the last few years because of the career I chose, this blog has provided to me a bright spot in my otherwise mundane “paying my dues” banishment to the land of dorothy and toto. I thank you all for that.
    Funny enough, I’ve never considered myself to be a “glass half full” individual, but now I truly understand the draw to religion. I’m Jewish by birth, but not particularly too religious. Think of it this way… Religion is a source of hope and faith. Even though things don’t always go your way… you keep the faith regardless. That’s kind of how I am about the Rangers in a strange way- Logic tells me they’re not going to overcome a 3-0 series deficit. But somehow…. there’s this little glimmer of hope within me. I’m glad to see us die-hards share same sentiment of “it’s not over until the handshake (or in Fatso’s case… lack thereof).

  75. Oh, and of course, King “of playing just mediocre enough to lose” Henry. Watching how uncomfortable he looks in net sometimes makes me sick. That being said, if any guy could shut out a team 4 straight times to lead his team back from 0-3, I’d take Henrik. So…let’s go get ourselves history. LGR!!

  76. How can you blame Drury? The guy came back all hunched over and played the whole third. The guy is a warrior.

  77. I am not blaming Drury, but I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw the puck hit him on his way hunched over to the bench and he did not even react. I’m not sure b/c I’ve forgotten most of last night, but I think that might have been with a 5 on 3.

  78. Craig The Weatherman on

    Well, at least Topeka has a Red Robin. Thems be some mighty tasty burgers.

  79. Craig: It’s funny, but I’m optimistic as well. If we win on Thursday, it’s kind of like a whole new ball game. Not that being down 3-1 makes any difference but a win is a win and can give new life to the whole team. And to quote Stan Fischler, the Law of averages dictates that the Pens will lose after 7 straight wins. So who knows, maybe Jagr is right and we are about to see something magical. Stranger things have happened. My blood is still blue baby!

    As for next year Pearn Im pretty sure will be gone. He’s may get that head coahing job in FL, and since our PP has been terrible all year, he’s accountable.
    The only definites For next year are:
    Drury, Gomer, Dubi, Cally, Staal, Girardi, Toots, Hank, Betts, Orr, Sjostrom, Backman (could be traded)
    Who won’t be back: Jagr, Shanny?( Myabe takes PEarns place, I would love to see that one), Straka, Malik, Prucha, Dawes, Rosi.

    Who we should keep: Mara- He’s really our one big defensemen who works his ass off and fights. Avery – I say Sather keeps him. Vally – another one year contract.
    Strudwick – Do we keep him as an extra dMan?
    This leaves alot of open slots for more youning to come up so hopefully our Youth movement propels us even further next year.

    If Jags doesnt retire, Sather will bring him back for one more year, and to be honest I have no problem with this. HE’s been working that 240lbs gorilla ass off this entire playoffs. And he’s actually been OUR CAPTAIN now. I think he finally gets his role and one more year could bring out the best in him. If not, he’ll be remembered as the captain who brough the NYR back into the post season every year he was here, and possibly will get his #68 retired throughout the league, as well as MSG. He deserves it.
    Again, I say replace Pearn with Shanny as the PP coach.

    Im still overwhelmed from last night so sorry if I missed anyone from the roster whose not an UFA or def wont be traded.

    So to sum up, I will be watching Thursaday in the hopes we pull out a win and start anew with this series. If not and we clsoe it out at MSG, I’m content with the fact that we have made the 2nd round two years in a row. A cup is in our future, and there’s no doubt about that.

    Also anyone know for sure what Drury injured last night? Ribs? Arm?
    Betts is out for Thursday for sure with a concussion.
    And if were losing with no hope left on Thrusday PLEASE let someone LEVEL Crosby and draw some blood? At least that will give us all some satisfaction. hehe


  80. the thing that worries me going forward is a real lack of scorers in the system. dawes/cally are prob 20 goal guys at best who should be on the third line with drury. if they would ever let prucha play again (with gomez) maybe he could get 30 again, but thats really about it besides the russian who may not be here next year and may have a terrible work ethic. there are no free agent forwards i want this season and we cannot count on any marquee players ever being available (take kovalchuk for instance, he is the only guy atlanta really has to pay so why wouldnt they if he is willing to stay). and i would pass on avery for anything over 2.5 mill and malone is not a 5 mill a year player without malkin on his line. best case scenario for the rangers is we let all of our kids play next year finish towards the bottom and get Tavares. i say this knowing i will be ridiculed, but we would be so much better off as a franchise if this had happened before and immediately after the lockout. playing aging superstars is not ever gonna help this franchise grow. And we need some of our own premier talent (which we don’t have in our system)

    and we need a coach who does not have such strong notions of loyalty to his players, ie if someone isnt good or hurting the team, you sit them regardless of who they are and whether you would want them to be your neighbor. In any other job (and for renney/sather this is their job) would you keep sending marginal employees out to represent your company when they consistently dont perform and you have potentially talented youth dying to get a chance.

    i will watch thursday and hope for the best, but regardless of what happens, I hope this will finally show sather/renney what kind of team they have been running for three years

  81. MikeyNJ – I stopped reading when you said to trade Dawes. Are you kidding..? The guy is 22 and had a great first season in the NHL (14 goals 15 helpers in 61 games). You say trade him – real smart Neil Smith.

    OK I lied and kept reading… retire 68. You are retarded. I love Jags and his effort this post season has been very commendable… But retire his number league wide? Settle down dude.

  82. blackS4 (steve trac) on

    agreed. only 99 is retired throughout the entire NHL. Pitt should retire 68 but after all the boo’ing, I’d tell them to F*** themselves if asked to come back for that.

  83. Parros
    Im not saying I WANT to trade Dawes, but we have DOLAN AND SATHER running this team. I seriously think they are goign to pull some moves we will all hate. And that jsut may be one of them

    And what so unreasonable about retiring JAgs # league wide? He’s one of the BEst if not the best Euro PLayer we’ve had in the NHL. You settle down DUDE!

  84. So depressed today. Just a few things right now, still seething. I have an analysis I was thinking about…

    But first, Doodie…good suggestions but you are a cowardly a-hole who would be the first deserter in an army when the S hits the fan. Change your blog name or you will be ridiculed til I don’t know when. At least by me. You are a pu$$y of the first order.

    Second, the analysis: I was thinking about all the players and ranking the forwards and D.

    As in, 100% player is a Jagr/Gomer who is the lead dog, top line player that you build the team around. An 10% player is the 4th line, 3rd player who is one spot from being an AHLer, like Hollweg. I also look at this % number as where the player ranks in terms of the the rest of the league. (That is, how many times out of 100 you would take this player over others in the league, if you had the choice.)

    Where do our players rank?

    Jags, Gomer 100%
    Avery….50% or so. (in this case, Avery is late 2nd liner, early 3rd liner.) but you look at his disappearance again in the 2nd series and it shows that when the competition level rises, he fades out.
    Drury, 85%.
    Shanny…started the season around 80%…now, 20%….let him go.
    Dawes…50%….disappearance in the 2nd round

    On D:


    Obviosly this is a rough scale and it sorta takes into account players’ ages and stuff.

    Renney deserves another shot next season. His special teams coach should take a hike.

    The big issue to me is the lack of balls of our D-men. How the F does Laraque score a goal? I’ll tell ya how…Tyutin plays the puck and not the man. Every D-man on our team watches the puck and never hits or roughs up anyone. That is a travesty. Where have you gone Jeff Beukeboom? We are too Euro-trashy on Defense. We also need a PP D-man who can handle the puck. Please Staal, work on your offensive prowess in the offseason. Try getting your shot on goal once, other than the Devs’s game.

    On the brighter side, along the lines of Salty’s earlier thoughts, my family is going away to the Carribean tomorrow and my bros and I were totally expecting to have to find some divey sports bar to see the games. Now, we don’t have to worry. Game 5 is on NBC so I think our villa will get that one. But I am not even going to race around the place to find game 4. If they win, fantastic. If not, I won’t have left my wife and kids in search of futility.

    Last thing….who do we point the finger at that in the biggest game of the year we came out flat as a pancake and gave up a goal 1 min into the game? How is that possible?

  85. Avery in Hospital:

    Rangers bad boy Sean Avery, unconscious and not breathing, was rushed to a Manhattan hospital Wednesday morning in cardiac arrest just hours after his team’s playoff loss, sources said.

    Avery, 28, arrived at St. Vincent’s Medical Center about 3 a.m., according to the hospital source. The Rangers had just lost 5-3 a short time earlier in the Stanley Cup playoffs against the Pittsburgh Penguins at Madison Square Garden.

    Avery, traded to the Rangers last year from Los Angeles, lives in Manhattan. The single winger is known for dating a bevy of celebrities, including Rachel Hunter and Elisha Cuthbert.

    In March, the Daily News revealed that Avery’s name and private cell phone number were in a huge client database for a Manhattan prostitution ring. He was listed as a $500 client of brothel Maison de L’Amour, although he adamantly denied using the hooker service.

    There was no immediate word on what happened to Avery before he was taken to the hospital.

    A source close to the team confirmed Avery had been rushed to the hospital, but declined to offer any specifics.

    Avery played in last night’s game and picked up an assist on the Rangers’ second goal.

    One round earlier in the playoffs, Avery drove Devils’ goalie Martin Brodeur crazy with his antics – to the point that the Devil refused to shake Avery’s hand when the series ended.

  86. Well it looks like it just ain’t meant to be. Starka misses an open net, Gomer hits a post right after the Rangers tie it. Hank did not shine thus exposing A LOT of the Ranger weaknesses. Oh Yeah and less I forget the dumb quote from Hollweg:

    Ryan Hollweg: “I was playing my game.”

    Just proves why he does not belong on the ice except as a zamboni driver….

  87. Pens fan here.

    Sorry ’bout the Avery situation –even if he is an ass, I don’t get any satisfaction on playing a team when they’re full of injuries. Also, as one who had a lacerated spleen, he’ll be held under observation since they are very sensitive to bursting for a few days. Mine did two days after a car wreck, and had I not been in a hospital it’d have probably bled to death. He’ll be Ok, though, one way or the other.

    As for Jagr — Damn — what a career. I’m not among the ‘burgh folks who boo him. He’s a legend and he did a lot to contribute to Pens’ cups, especially after the Graves slash on Lemiux for a few games. I hope you’ve enjoyed him as much as we did. Same for Marty Straka — feisty, speedy… a great tandem.

    Only problem with Jags is that he never made a great C — tended to get too moody. Also, always a bad sign for the Pens when Lemieux was out / temp retired, etc., was when he’d be getting too scrappy and mouthy — ala the Sid situation. I’m not touching if he’s right or wrong. I’m just saying, when it starts falling on Jagr’s shoulders to lead that side of the game like in game 2, it was never good for the Pens — others who should have been doing it were slacking / just not up to the charge, and it forced him out of his natural comfort zone.

    Still, can’t argue with his performance yesterday. Regardless of what happens with this series, I’m still in Awe watching Jags with the puck, even if it stirs fear into me. I’m always reminded of Game I Chicago at Pittsburgh 92 cup, where Jags single handedly pulled us up from a big deficit — was sitting first row, balcony above the goal where he cemented his legacy to come in the NHL:

    Finally, many of you are giving Lundqvist a ton of crap. Granted, he’s been better, but games one and two were as close as they were because he was playing out of his head. Even last night, lots of great saves. What I’m seeing as the R’s problems is age / speed. Its the why your O is getting busted up a lot between the blues, and increasingly why the Pens are getting so many chances. — but many you have covered that.. .Just my 2 cents.

    Oh, and about Malone — its not a guarantee he’ll be in Pittsburgh. He’s come out of his mediocrity this year and really played up — also his free agency year. Coincidence? Not sure, but he’s going to want a lot of money, and this is the first season he’s really been an above average factor. Before this, its been all potential and little delivery.

    Hosa, my guess, will not be held onto unless the cup comes home to Pittsburgh, then all bets are off.

    No doubt the Pens face some cap issues in the next 24 mos. Roberts will go. Hosa, and even maybe Malone.

    Tough series for you guys so far. Nice blog though — always good to see the other teams fans seriously discuss the subject — makes for a better understanding of what I’m watching on the ICE.

    Thanks and cheers to NYR fans at the drop of the puck tomorrow night. May the best team win… — Oh, and I’ll be soaking up as much Jags as I can. Hope you do too!

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