From the Garden, a season hangs in the balance


UPDATE, 9:33 p.m.: So this is how it’s going to end. The crowd here is dead. The Rangers in two consecutive power plays threw everything they could at the Penguins. But nothing could get through, and the rest of the game has been a formality as a result.

Now the only question is if the Rangers can even get back to Pittsburgh or if the season ends here on Thursday night.

UPDATE, 9:03 p.m.: Chris Drury is back for the third period.

UPDATE, second intermission: One post might not be enough to cover everything that’s happened. The Rangers tie it up, the place is beside itself, and then Ryan Hollweg takes a boneheaded penalty. Malkin scores his second to give the Pens back the lead. Pittsburgh has four goals on 13 shots, not exactly Vezina numbers for Henrik Lundqvist.

UPDATE, 8:22 p.m.: A 1:15 in 5-on-3s go nowhere, and Chris Drury is doubled over leaving the ice. Other than that, things are going great for the Rangers.

UPDATE, first intermission: The death watch might officially be on. Bottom line is the Rangers dominated that period but literally had to scratch and claw for their one goal, while the Penguins didn’t need to work much at all for their three. Yes, the Rangers can come back against this team. But it’s going to take a couple of bounces their way.

UPDATE, 7:40 P.M.: Rangers goal after a lengthy video review. The red light never goes off. But Michel Therrien’s face will have to suffice. The coach is livid. Martin Straka gets credit for the goal.

UPDATE, 7:29 p.m.: If nothing else, the Rangers are delivering on their game plan of peppering Marc-Andre Fleury, who has suddenly turned into Ken Dryden.

UPDATE, 7:14 p.m.: A potential crushing early goal spoils what had been a promising start. In other news, Shanahan is on the fourth line, while the third unit stays intact.

UPDATE, 7:04 p.m.: At least to start, Fred Sjostrom takes Brendan Shanahan’s spot with Scott Gomez and Sean Avery.

Warm-ups produced some priceless signs, not all of which are suitable for a family blog. But let’s just say people are finding new creative outlets for the Sidney Crosby diving theme.

Behind the Penguins net were a couple of signs that read “Ice Blog 8.7”, and at the other end there was a sign that said “Sidney Cryby” and had Crosby diving into a swimming pool with Gary Bettman looking on.

Easy there. You don’t want to tick the guy off.

I’ll check in during the game…

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  1. Broadway Roe on

    I love it. LOVE IT.

    We are the home team tonight. We will win.

    Let’s go Rangers!

  2. COOL! I just saw on Versus some of the *Nice Dive 8.7* signs printed by Ag & Jo. Nice work, guys!

    I think I’m gonna create my own drinking game for this one, since Doc is announcing. Take a drink every time you hear a word of at least four syllables during play-by-play, such as waffleboarded or shuffleboarded.

  3. Broadway Roe on

    Yes, and I also saw the Bettman sign. I surprised they showed that on Versus…

  4. I’m actually starting to get tired of these same commercials over and over again, even though most of them are pretty good, like the Edge shave gel with the mini women and the Dockers San Francisco ones.

  5. dont oyu think the fact that John Amirante not singing the star spangled banner is a bad omen right from the start : /

  6. That shot by Straka wasn’t even blocked; he just totally missed it.

    And now, our favorite call of diving and hooking together!

  7. staals only brothers right now are on the rangers

    i wish the rest of them had some balls

  8. Hey Jagr, I got a big piece of Gouda to go with that big glass of WHINE you displayed on your blatant hook!

  9. I’ve gotta believe Rozsival got a big piece of that Malkin shot on the open net.

    Jeez, ads about Crosby at the top of our site. :(

  10. we def havent been getting in flureys face like we did with marty. were a little more firey than in the first two games. its a start. wish it was 0-0 still though

  11. I wanna know what kind of weird bounces that took, but they never showed the net cam view on Versus. It looked like once it was in, it hit Jagr, then fell on top of Fleury’s leg, which then proceeded to kick it out. Big ups to Jagr for keepign his balance against two guys to not let the net come off its moorings.

  12. My 6 year old daughter puts up more of a fight being put to bed than Jagr did against Malkin. Go Pens, another goal on Limpqvist.

  13. i just cant watch anymore i really cant.

    at least were just getting beat this time not hosed

  14. What is the problem here really? I feel like we are hitting too much, more than was good for us in the regular season. I see defensemen getting out of position and forecheckers running for the hit instead of the puck. It might wear them down over the course of the game, but, unfortunately, we are down by two goals. That doesn’t mesh with the strategy.

  15. onecupin67years on

    Well when you give up a 5 goal lead to Montreal, a three goal lead to the dev’s and pen’s and lose losing 2 of three ,it led to this.Lets see what aging super star they find to replace Shanny in the summer.Typical rangers,they give you sniff then they fart in your face.

  16. Rangers need to play better D. There too focused on scoring and they have nobody getting back.

  17. Tyutin sucks. Thats all you have to say. We had Poti in 05-06, Malik in 06-07, Malik in 07-08, and now Tyutin in 08-09.

    Figures this moron leaves that big retard all alone, then cant even poke the puck off his stick when he has the chance.

    Rozsival proved again he sucks.

    This team is embarrassing. Funny though, Staal got high sticked, Girardi gets high sticked twice, and now they finally call it, except they call a double minor against Nyr.

    The league will take it out on Nyr, cause there really upset that the refs were nt able to complete the screw job against the Flowers last night, they did there best, but Habs couldn’t tie it up.

    I dont even wanna watch this shit.

  18. sam, quick question.

    why wasnt malkin in the box at the same time jagr was?? is he not that man jagr was roughing with???

  19. ORR- I think Girardi may have been high-sticked once (I saw it out of the corner of my eye), then took the puck in the face in front of our net.

  20. someone should tell our guys that were shooting at the net of the guy in white not blue

  21. why is there never anyone around for a rebound

    YEAH 2 man advantage see you later dupis

  22. give up the puck~!!!

    another 5 on 3 lets try and get more than one shot this time

    and cally had the stick in his face for a half hour before the ref raised his arm.

    hes bleeding no double minor there of course. bull crap.

  23. why wasnt that a hold by malkin on jagr

    no call on the take down of straka either


  24. deja, stop crying! The Rangers could have a full 20 minutes of power play time and still not score. Maybe a seeing eye puck could help the old farts.

  25. LETS GO BABY………………. Werte right back in it.
    what do you have to say now SALTY!!!!!!!!

  26. This only hurts because this team had me believing until they blew a 3-0 lead to the Pens in a blink of an eye. I still believed until they got shutout, now tonights game. All I can say is Sather better not bring back any of the d-men who are FA’s and shanahan. The rangers need to get younger and bigger up front and bigger on the blueline. Sather has his work cut out for him but I don’t have allot of faith that sather will do the right thing.


  28. That was clutch by the referee to get away from the boards and out of the way of that puck so it could roll behind the net to Jagr.

  29. And Girardi gets an assist taken away on his birthday in favor of Avery.

    I’m worried about Lundqvist’s glove hand. He seems to be avoiding using it after the slash or whaever it was by Hossa.

  30. Just when I post my I give up speech they reel me back in, unbelievable. The rangers better pull this out or I will be depressed. I can’t keep going up and down with emotion.

  31. Rocco — Another contributor dripping with hockey and Rangers knowledge! Welcome aboard — you got lots of company.


  32. Regardless of Hollweg’s knuckleheadedness, a parade of Rangers to the box in the wake of their rally would not be the most shocking prediction to make.

    Get through this one, and it’s one less the refs will call.

  33. Callahan and Rozsival were out there for that whole penalty kill. Good job Hollweg!

    Straka made some good blocks, but without Betts and Drury, we’re in trouble.

  34. Hollweg needs to go to the barber, cut his hair, shave his moushtash, and GET HIS HEAD IN THE GAME

  35. thanks deppie….

    i’ve been lurking but haven’t posted… good thing i have lots of beer tonight.

  36. I really hope Hollweg is happy with that penalty. I hope He got the satisfaction he needed with that stupid hit. It’s not the first time this year Hollweg has taken the wind out of our comebacks. This is the frieakin playoffs man. He dont belong on this squad in a massive game like this.

  37. Hollweg had better NEVER ply for this team again!!! Not only is it a HORRIBLE penalty to take, his M.O. t hit from behind, but he KILLS the team’s momentum. WHAT A USELESS PICE OF …….


  38. T Renney’s prized pupils…Hollweg,Orr, Betts… Renney gushes like a proud papa about those guys . They all suck.

  39. Hollweg is a piece of fucking shit. I knew it was gonna be a mistake letting Ortmeyer go for this asshole. He boarded a Hab when we came back after being down 3-0 against the Habs. We managed to win that, but now he came and did it to us again, and he might have raped his team, the piece of garbage he is. Sather is a moron. Renney is a moron, for putting him in.

    Figures he does this right after Gomer hits the post. Stupid asshole he is.

  40. This is far from over- we have outplayed them- we will tie this game. We will win this game in OT.

  41. Hockeyman Rangers #2 on

    keep plugging away, shut em down, and keep pluggin. We can do this, keep it positive troops, we CAN get there.

  42. Enough of Hollwig already the guy can’t contribute any offense and tha boarding penatlies have killed us all year. We are making this easy for Pittsburgh and killing ourselves in the process.

  43. Drury hurt his back, stayed in and then hurt it bad.

    Betts had a shot deflect into hi face.

    IMO- Drury is out for the game, Betts should be back depending on how what was “damaged”.

    I hope Drury can play Thurs, I hope we play shorthanded rather than have Ryan D1ckweg on the ice. I can’t believe he would not only take a penalty, but hit from behind LIKE USUAL. WHAT A MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Sorry, but a coach with any bench skills either knows not to play Hollweg then, or tells him he will cut his sack off if he takes a penalty BEFORE he sends him over the boards. More ammo for the anti-Renny posse. Deserved by the way.

  45. Totally agree with you about Jed. I think they let him go because he had a pending lawsuit with the Garden….never understood why they signed Hollweg to a 2 yr deal last year and let Jed walk… could use him tonight on the PK

    Seriously…..what the hell is going through hollweg’s head……

  46. Does anyone recall Renney benching a player after a bad penalty….I don’t recall it ever….cant do it tonight with all the injuries….

  47. Dru is back, what a warrior. I’m curious what was Renney’s reasoning for Hollweg in over Orr?????? I would love to see why this decision was made in the first place.

    Betts still not back. YV made it seem like Dru was hurt worse

  48. Sam, when you see Al Trautwig, do me a favor and punch him right in the mouth. The team is down 2-0 in games and 4-3 in the game and he’s asking Marc Staal who has the better playoff beard, him or his brother. Is he F*CKING kidding me with that question. Everyone is on edge, players and fans, and I have to listen to his stupid a$$ questions.

    Also, if Perry Pearn is in charge of the PP, he should be fired right after this game. It’s a disgrace.

    Also, I love Shanahan, but he is done. He can’t keep up with anyone on the ice right now.

    How many stupid penalties is Holleweg going to take. I love his energy, but he’s a moron on the ice. He does it over and over and over again.

  49. spiderpig

    Thanks. Had to go to number two, because I drained every drop out of Ketel One.

  50. Can our $7million a year goalie stop more than 11 of 16 shots. I don’t care how skilled the team is, give me a break.

    Betts will not return per Sam and Joe.

  51. is anyone else SICK of seeing CRYSBY skating over to complain to the refs after ever call????

  52. I guess my give up speech wasn’t for not, this game is over. I hope Sather has a good off season and makes this team better to go to the next level for next year.

  53. so anyone think theyll dress greg moore or artem anisimov for thursdays game considering the injuries? You can see the biggest area this team needs to improve is in defense, with eveyrone not named staal or girardi. girardi has had his lapses but still is better than other options. roszival needs to go, as does mara. straka can walk, release hollweg. DO NOT SIGN MARIAN HOSSA. nothing more than marcel with more scoring touch. not the kind of skill player we need, although he might click well with dubinsky.

    this game just reminds of all the games against buffalo. penguins are destined to win this series, which sucks…but they are the better team. their defense has played outstanding and they have the best offensive players left in the eastern conference. what can you say? we had a nice run and hopefully we put up some fight on thursday so they dont close us out at home…

  54. If we don’t upgrade our D then we will never advance. Rozy has played his way out of a contract. When did the equipment guys give Malik Tyutin’s jersey???????? Girardi looks bad too, maybe we will look back on this and say the experience was good, but man it’s sad that Stall the rookie has been our best D by FAR

  55. Can someone tell me why Drury is even playing???? He can’t even move. Why would he be on the PP when Callahan and Dawes are healthy and continue to be nailed to the bench on the PP. Reney, get a clue.

    Dress Andrew Hutchinson, he knew how to run a PP in Hartford. Why he was never given a chance is beyond me.

  56. Broadway Roe on

    Somebody please explain to me how Marty Straka doesn’t have sixteen goals this game?

  57. onecupin67years on

    Let ‘s give a round of applause to Renney and Sather for the mediocrity on the ice tonight.
    Renney ill prepared the team for the pens,lack of a power play all year long ,paid for now. Hollewig? He has regressed to nothing except a liability on the ice.Lack of team concept on the ice ,bye bye Shanny,jagr,hollewig,roz,straka,and whomever.can’t even trade Tyutin for quality because of the $$$.But they are the rangers, they seldom win it all,one cup in 67 years and counting.

  58. I can’t believe Hollweg did us in again. I know it’s probably over, but I’ll be back to watch Thursday. You never know what could happen with one win, but I think Lundqvist’s glove hand is hurt.

  59. Hockeyman Rangers #2 on


  60. after that game I don’t think I should be alone… anyone have a number for a hotline….

  61. this sounds crazy but I thought backman should have been replaced with malik, it was odd to me that strudwick was a possibility over him… is he hurt or something?

  62. “Dress Andrew Hutchinson, he knew how to run a PP in Hartford. Why he was never given a chance is beyond me.”

    Eklund has him in his top 25 D men UFA’s!

  63. Penguins are just better. Rangers left it all on the ice tonight, except for one person with a mustache who i dont think will ever put the sweater on again after he takes it off tonight.

    I’m proud of the team.

  64. you can’t believe Hollwegg did us in!!!!!!

    you morons like the TOUGH guys, smart move Hollwegg, that was pure stupidity noif and or buts, what a friggin moron..

    betts got hurt did not help and obviously Drury is hurt the guy could not take a faceoff.

    Straka had 10 good opptys.!!!

    Jagr and gomez were awesome and so was staal.. Backman is backman and Tyutin is decent at best.

    the rangers are down 0 to 3 and they could have won all 3 games, then cannot get a break and have made there share of stupid plays…

    Dawes has done jack during this series and Shanny is done…Under no circumstances bring him back a great guy but he is toast..


  66. I know I should be listening to my girlfriend right now who is saying – “Hey it’s only sports.” But this team just breaks my heart. When I was younger my father used to tell me – “I have a love affair with this team…” And he was right – I just have no words right now…I’m crushed…

  67. onecupin67years on

    They were lucky to make the playoffs,they didn’t deserve to be in it,they made it with those ties and shootout BS wins,they’re a soft team,imagine what Bill Parcells would have done to Hollewig for that dumb penalty

  68. Pitt had like 20 shots total. the rangers had over 55 shot attempts…

    Hollwegg why did you do that????

  69. We’ll, atleast we didn’t get jobbed by the refs….All I can say is that Hollweg is the best Pitsburgh Penguin I’v ever seen; and Tom Renney didn’t prepare the team. How many powerplays did they have?~ not one goal????

  70. I’d like to know why the crowd was so completely dead when the Rangers needed them most. Not that the Rangers played well enough to deserve cheering, but it could’ve helped get them going a bit. Worst of all, I work with Pens fans. This is just wonderful.

  71. one cup in 67 yrs. shut up when you are ahead. now you are just showing what a MORON you are.

    if the rangers were playing either the flyers or mtl. they would win..

    so shut the f up…

  72. Tough loss to watch tonight.

    On the bright side, I don’t see the team being swept, so expect a victory on Thursday.

    That is literally the only bright side.

  73. There were only a handfull of guys that played well tonight. Jagr, Straka, Staal, Gomez, Callahan

    Avery has been as useless as tits on a nun. It looks like he can’t wait to go work as an intern for Vogue. Dubinsky defensively has been a disgrace. Shanahan is too slow now, Drury tries but is getting nothing done and now he’s hurt. Dawes has been invisible since his last shootout goal. Nice pickup in Backmann Sather, you moron.

    OK, I’m done venting for now.

  74. dr ogrodnick on

    So renney puts hollweg back in the lineup and he kills us, and is quoted before the game as saying we don’t need to score on the power play. Yet everybody jumped on me oregame when I said renney has been outcoached.

    Way to guarantee the win Lundy. Save percentage around a .690

  75. Renney should not shoulder all the blame for this mess, but can anyone imagine a truly top-flight coach permitting the 20th guy on his roster to make the crucial negative play in the game? It simply doesn’t happen to A-level coaches. Because Hollweg would have it so drummed into him that if he took the sort of penalty he took tonight, he would never play for the franchise again.

    Obviously Renney did not have that conversation, or if he did it did not register. Either way, he must own up to a critical decision that a real deal behind a bench just does not screw up like this.

  76. the PP is shit. that is Jagr’s PP setup. his strategy. they had all kinds of PP chances, even 5-on-3 and did squat. THAT is what Lost the game

  77. penguinsssss on



  78. sam call the next blog “game of missed opportunities”
    first it started off with a missed opportunity of straka evening up the game in the first by missing a wide open net.
    then by missing the opportunity in the second of cupturing the momentum by tieing the game.
    third by missing the opportunity to take the lead when gomez hit the post in the second.
    and finaly by missing the opportunity to get back into the series when we lost the game.

    to every one on the blog can we stop jinxin the rangers by predicting wins. so far i dont see how we can win. Fluery is outplaying lundquist, crosby and malkin are outplayin gomez and drury, thier d is out playing our d and thier coach is outcoaching renney. sorry if u guys do not agree

  79. Rangers win it in 7.
    Been a Ranger Fan for life and I’m not stoppin now…

  80. ONECUP didn’t you say good bye already? Who deserved to be in the playoff’s over the rangers? Did they not win a series?

    “Girl don’t go away mad….just go away”

  81. Hurts especially because while the Penguins may be better one through 20 on the roster, they are still very beatable.

    I’m not giving up though. Hey I’m a Sawx fan! 2004 can happen again!

  82. Hockeyman Rangers #2 on


  83. So now all children are sent to bed for their own safety, pet cat is dead again and I sit here looking at my girlfriend who keeps saying “its just a game..what you want to do now?”
    I say “kill dog too?”

  84. Get Komisarek and Regehr, gas everyone else back there except Staal, resign Jagr, and see if Pat Burns is healthy enough to coach again.

  85. Hockeyman Rangers #2 on


  86. Legal Shmegal on

    Defense: No.
    Passing: Nada.
    Physical presence: Nah.
    Shooting: Not so much.
    Power play: Negative.
    Playing with a purpose: Nyet.

    I want Renney and his staff gone, first and foremost. Jagr needs to go. He’s still OK as a player (though definitely on the downside), but giving him the C is pointless. Shanny, we love ya, but your family needs you more than we do. Roszival – see ya. Unless he’s been injured for 2 months he needs to go. Backman needs to go back to wherever he came from.

    By the way, the Rangers’ power play setup is idiotic. How do they expect to score when the puck is constantly by the far boards? Blame the coaches.

    I’ll stop now. Otherwise I’ll go on forever.

  87. LetsgoRaiders on

    GET RID OF HOLLWEG–He ia an AHL skater at best and hurts the team over and over w/his penalties and mistakes


  88. Hockeyman Rangers #2 on


  89. How about this for a purpose: not getting swept. To that end, I would like to see Prucha out there on Thursday.

  90. Tough to win when your star goalie has a 66.7% save percentage. 5 goals (and no real tough ones either) on 15 shots… c’mon!

  91. Pens just too young, quick and oh yeah, just plain skilled. Rangers must get quicker and tougher, especially d-men in the off season. Henrik must play better. Unfortunately Shanny is done, Rozy, Malik, Backman, Hollweg and maybe Mara and Straka also must go. Why didn’t Jags play like this all season?

  92. Joejoe,

    Just saw the Jagr comments on MSG’s postgame coverage. he said “hey, maybe we can make history now,” in reference to coming back from a 3-0 defecit. Then he said “hey maybe it will be my last game.” He wasn’t joking. I think its in the bag that Jagr will not be back next season – he will probably play in Russia for Omsk. I think Straka is gone, too. Shanny may retire or I wouldn’t mind having him back for 1 more season with limited ice time. Avery I think will be resigned because he wantsto be a Ranger. I think the Rangers will resign Roszival too.

    Rangers need a scorer or two for next season, finally a PP defenseman and a dman to clear the crease…all hopes and dreams if this team is going to improve..

  93. Hank(lundquist)did not play his best game. Fluery made so many deflection saves and hank did not make any. the frist/third/fifth goals were horrible. plus they blocked so many shots which was one thing we have not done since the devils series

  94. Staal=Norris on

    Blame Hollweg all you want. He made a terrible play and cost us all that momentum. But we had so many chances to blow the game out with 5 on 3’s and PP’s and every time we win a faceoff back to an uncovered Rozsival he dances with the puck and then dishes it across to his point man who is already getting pressure. Rozsival makes the WRONG decision 9/10 times. And what the hell does Pelino practice with the powerplay? It’s been awful all year. We stand still and look at eachother. Nice plan. Rozsival has been our worst defenseman in the series. He’s SLOW, stupid, and NEVER SHOOTS even when the lane is WIDE OPEN. Hollweg took a terrible penalty, but he is a 4th line guy. When your top defenseman plays so poorly, it’s hard to get going.

  95. ok here we go

    to all the f-ing A-holes who were chanting fire Renney your all morons. he coached this team pretty good. om not going to say perfect because he had some part in letting hollweg play today. ill go as far as saying Renney is one of the best coaches in the league. he has a team of all different types and levels of players and he did what he can do to get it to work. that brings up Sather

    if sather does not go out and get a top D-man and SIGN AVERY he should get fired.

    Holwegg should never play in blue ever again its that simple. Renney said it himself that was the turning point of the game.

    On jagr i give him alot of credit he played his heart out today. it sucks that he basically said thursday might be his last game. But can u blame him he is being showed up by 22 year old kids who jump off the bench during a face off to talk to a ref.

    Shanny love him but his days are over on the ice. he will make a great coach

    Henrick ok yes most of those goals tonight were nice shots. but he had no right to come out and guarantee a win tonight. he is in his 3rd year in the NHL he is a rookie rookie do not guarantee wins.

    GAME 4 they will win but only to keep us from being swept cause there is no way they can take 4 against pitss. they are just a better team all around.

  96. Shouldn’t Hollweg just finally be cut now, like right away, please?! Hopefully Byers or whomever else is on the “taxi squad” will be the fourth line center for game four if Betts and/or Drury are injured. Renney must be kicking himself for not dressing Orr, who is so much more competant. I think Hollweg had only one shift in the third period, but, then again, so did Sjostrom, at least from me seeing who was out there.

    yan – You said it. That’s the reason we’re losing; Fleury is outplaying Lundqvist. We have had good setups and opportunities, but Fleury has been there, along with a lot of great shot-blocking by the Penguins at the end of this game. They just look so good right now and hard to beat. I’ve gotta believe they’re gonna be the team from the East playing for the Cup. I’m still gonna watch this series (and the rest of the playoffs, of course) and hope for the Rangers to win four in a row.

    It’s not even like we played too badly in this game, aside from Tyutin and Hollweg killing us, but Dawes isn’t getting any chances, and the whole team isn’t getting any bounces, including Straka continuing to miss the net and Gomez hitting the post tonight. I can’t fault them too much because they are trying their best, especially Jagr, but the Penguins are clearly the better team, and our defensive system can’t keep up with their offense right now. Sure, it’s disappointing, but with the talent and the luck tilted towards Pittsburgh, it doesn’t look good for us.

    To those wanting to fire Renney, you are still complete morons, and I’m glad Salty is still proud of this team. At the very least, we need somebody new or a new system to run the power play.

    This will be an interesting offseason for sure because there are three different directions the team can take, with both forwards and defense. Sather can keep the older guys he has, sign veterans that are free agents, or bring up more young guys from Hartford. With Renney’s style of coaching, the latter choice may not be such a bad one. If Jagr is in fact retiring, I can’t see the rest of the Czech posse coming back, so that may be a blessing to lose the three of Straka, Rozsival, and Malik, none of whom have looked great this season. Unfortunately, Sather then may stupidly want to re-sign Shanahan, especially if he can’t find much else out there. I can’t see the Penguins letting Malone get away, so maybe we will see an offer sheet given to a different good young player who is an RFA. Maybe Cherepanov can be persuaded to come over if he can play a potential starring role, even alongside Anisimov, and possibly Dubinsky. There have got to me some deals, contracts or trades, to be made to acquire a reliable defenseman. Prucha and Dawes will definitely be floated out there, since they have done nothing aside from a couple stretches each, but their value might be too low to trade right now. Our season is ending too early, but it’s sports, so there’s always next season!

    A not so happy birthday for Girardi and Dubinsky today. I can’t believe I just wrote such an essay of a post.

  97. Again I ask for the 58th time? Why is Backman playing? … Nice watching Malone tip the puck…. I guess he bought a ticket …

    Why cannot Renney make adjustment on the PP??? Put Dawes and Callahan out there …

    If you think we will get them next year don’t count on it… The Pens are only going to get better … I see Renney getting fired next year mid-season after Jagr, Shanahan et al leave…

  98. It’s really insane that on day one of this year we didn’t have a PP and now it’s second round of the playoffs and no one’s head has rolled that it is no better.

    Hank – unacceptable game.

    Jagr – monster, but it takes a series like that to win Stanley Cups, not a game.

    Shanny – just go away, sorry.

    Straka – Finish!!!!

    Hollweg – Huh, not like I’ve been saying he does this all year long. He’s a dumbass, he’s not intimidating, and he’s simply bad.


    Okay, I’ve vented. Sorry.

    Go Rangers. Make history.

  99. the Ranger PP setup is what JAGR wants, remember the verbal sparring last year between him and Renney over that? Renney wants shots on net from the point with guys in front.

    but Jagr wants the puck to him on the right halfboards, because HE wants the assists, and he wants to fancy dan it on the perimeter.

    there is one person to blame for the piss poor PP setup, and that is jagr.

  100. Sidney Crosby's Mother on

    the rangers did not deserve to win that game.

    the king let in some soft goals and he had to steal a game here. of course both the stupid penalties had to lead to the goals. the double minor and crosscheck made me jump for joy!

    everyone looks tired, no? i saw shanny for the first half of the game and then he rode the bench why is someone not in his place? they are tired. Jagr did all he could and i love him for this but he can only do so much. King had to be better this game…

  101. This season — not just the playoffs — Roszival has regressed, Tyutin has regressed, Girardi has regressed. Big time. All of them. I don’t mention Mara and Backman because they are not supposed cornerstones.

    The power play has been an open sore since day one, and no one has had the will or the balls in the coaching box to force either personnel or set up/design changes.

    Hollweg took a penalty in the Montreal meltdown that cost the team dearly. Tonight he did same. Obviously no coaching has made any impact on his understanding that actions like that are intolerable.

    And yet any fan who has the audacity to suggest that perhaps the current head coach might possibly not be the best man for a very big job is routinely called a moron.

    Stupid is as stupid does, Gumps.

  102. Sidney Crosby's Mother on

    concerning all the questions:

    Renney can’t control the penalties. The Rangers did this to themselves. Two of the dumbest penalties lead to two goals and ———————–

  103. joejoe i disagree. he is far form one of the best coaches. I do not think he deserves to get fired but he is far from a the best in the nhl. the pp has sucked not olny this year but last year too. if hes such a great coach how come he cant fix it. how come he doesnt know when to take a time out. when you are down two goals you do not call a time out with 2 minutes left. the reason this team is back into a respectable position is that we actually got players who play and do not suck. Jagr could have been another lindros or fluery, this time we keep all our young players. i give him credit for that but i do not think he is one of the best coaches in the league. he has been outcoached a number of times this season and all series long.

  104. as bad as prucha has been all year (part his fault part renneys) would have much rather had him out there then shanny, sjostrom, dawes or hollweig (who better never play for us again). Its very hard to believe that byers/moore/jessiman couldnt do better than sjostrom and hollweig. this team is never gonna go anywhere playing such mediocre talent. finally before i have a stroke renney/pearn should be canned, shooting from the point on a 5-3 is a complete waste. how does a playoff team go 0-11 on the pp over two games….ill keep rooting for them but god i wish we had been like the pens before/after the lockout and finally gotten a high draft pick and gotten a player like malkin (but would renney let him play the point on the pp or would he even be on the rangers yet if we had him)?

  105. The Oscar for the funniest (unintentionally) line of the night goes to JoeJoe for this gem:

    “…to all the f-ing A-holes who were chanting fire Renney your all morons. he coached this team pretty good. om not going to say perfect because he had some part in letting hollweg play today.”

    Renney dressed Hollweg?? Really?? He did?? Who knew!!

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