Rangers mixing it up


Brendan Shanahan appears to be switching spots with Petr Prucha.

The veteran is practicing on the fourth line with Blair Betts and Fred Sjostrom, while Prucha is with Scott Gomez and Sean Avery.

These were the combinations for the last game of the regular season.

More after practice…

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  1. About time! How bout Renney does the unthinkable and put Prucha on the PP, where, I dunno.. he scored a majority of his 30 goals his rookie year?!?!

  2. The Rangers last came back from a 2-0 playoff deficit to win a series in 1996, taking the final four against Montreal.
    And BTW, let’s not even respond to those losers who are Penguins fans for the first time in 10 yrs now.

  3. Hooray! Gomez needs some speed and snipe on the wing, and Pruchs may be just what the doctor ordered.

  4. Thank you coach ! I’ve like that idea for a while.
    Yea Newman, Pens are losers – when is someone going to knock Cindy on his ass .

  5. Sam, I know that most players are dinged up around this time each year, but do you think Brendan Shanahan is injured? We’ve all seen him age over the years, but he’s been noticeably quiet on offense and appears a step slower than the step slower that he’s been since last year. It’s evident with his lack of shooting, dating back to being scratched during their Western swing in January. Earlier this season, he’d fire it from anywhere. I haven’t seen that Shanny since December.


    I don’t like to dwell on losses, but i must bring attention to this.

    I am pissed over the fact that no one (sports analysts) is mentioning that the ref was out of position and that is why he lost sight of the puck and had to blow the whistle on marty straka’s “goal.” The a-hole skates in from the corner waving his arms that he blew the whistle. He has to blow the whistle because he was out of position! Watch the replay and see where that jerk was..he belongs right behind the net like an umpire in baseball behind the catcher. He must position himself behind the net when there is a scramble like that so he can see if the puck is free. Not in the corner where he has no line of sight. I’ve seen refs actually lay on the net to see if the puck is free…that zebra didn’t perform his job properly in a critical one goal game and HE should be under review!

  7. While I don’t know if Prucha should be on the 2nd line, I do know that Shanny should be on the 4th.

    Finally, a good move by Renney.

  8. I think shanny should be standing behind the bench in a suit personally. Not as the coach..but an assistant

  9. It’s a little painful to watch Shanny. He simply has not been the same player since that concussion, even if he’s been hot here or there.

    Hope Prucha can get lucky.

    I hate to say it, but I think the Rangers were more outgunned in both of those games than it appeared. Lundqvist seems to be the only thing keeping them in it. Praying they find another gear at home.


  10. True Blue – how true that is !
    But, it’s history & we can’t sulk over it. Win tomorrow at all cost.
    We lose & I’ll need the number for the Ranger Suicide Hot Line !

  11. Mark my words, Jagr will be double-shifted on every other rotation and will see time beside Gomez on the 2nd line, while Prucha still gets little ice-time.

    This is a good move, IMO. Gomez needs someone who isn’t invisible out there, and Jagr needs a center who will get him the puck more quickly.

  12. SAM:

    Ask Renney why Sjostrom and Backman are in the lineup? They have done NOTHING since wearing the Ranger blues … Rangers are spending way too much time in their own end… Play Malik with Rosival as Rosival plays better with Malik … I’d play Orr, Moore and even Hollweg in place of Sjostrom .. at least get some intimidation going … If the Rangers lose this series you can say they lost it at the trade deadline … Backman and Sjostrom have hurt the Rangers … the 4rth line chemistry is gone .. they have provided no offense … Backman is a total disaster in his own zone …

  13. True Blue — you’re 100 percent right, my father has been outraged over that all day. He was SO out of position. That officials job is to be directly behind the net basically staring at the goaline. That’s a lazy officiating play, no question about it.

    Also, while I do think Shanny has looked slow and out of place, guys like him often find a way to show up BIG when you least expect it. Wouldn’t be surprised if he scored the game winner tomorrow.

    He should be used like a DH. Limited time, special teams type of guy.

  14. They need to be way more physical.

    They should go with:

    Avery – Dubi – Jagr

    Dawes – Gomez- Prucha

    Straka – Drury – Callahan

    Sjo – Betts – Shanny

  15. Brandon/True Blue:

    Even more to the point is the fact that the rule is flawed. If the player shoots the puck *BEFORE* the whistle sounds, the goal should stand, even if the puck enter the net *AFTER* the whistle.

    It’s common sense, they shot was taken during play, the result of what happens during play should count.

  16. Hey True Blue and others…

    That ref or any ref was going to blow the whistle quickly on that play even if he was in position. It wasnt laziness, rather a screwjob. They werent going to give us a sniff of fair officiating.

  17. Koffy, have you even watched the games…
    I guess not cause if you had, you post would have been different and more informed.

    yeah lets put Moore in now…moron…

  18. I’m willing to give the guy a break. He is on this blog every day guys. I was real close to feeling how he feels, but I am not folding yet.

  19. Nasty 1
    I just miss him…sob sob…
    he just has to look at last year though to see a Rangers comeback in a series…you can’t quit that quickly…
    its not over until Pitt wins four games and Crosby gets a black eye…

  20. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I love everyone bashing all the players and the ref’s for this game.

    Guys, there were a couple bad plays and a few bad-players. All playoffs, our defense has been questionable, its just that the Penguins have capitalized more than the Rangers. So far, the least 3 worrisome players have been Staal, Mara, and Girardi. The other 3 have played questionably, at best, but that’s not a change from the regular season so why does it come as a surprise?!

    The Rangers have a weak offense! Drury and Gomez aren’t the 100-point guys most $7million players are, but we know that. That being said, Gomez has been the better of the two but he’s not getting any help from Shanahan and our “role” players aren’t contributing all too much either (Dawes, Callahan, and even Straka).

    For everyone ripping Sjostrom, do you really think he’s the problem? A guy who plays 6-8 minutes a night with the team’s 2 worst offensive players doesn’t carry this team so give it a break and realize the guys playing the 15-25 minutes are much more important to our success.

  21. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The officiating has been exactly what we expected, except for the Straka non-goal. How can you guys really complain about that? The 6 replays I saw showed the puck well-secured under Fleury and Straka took 2-3 hacks and pushed it free. That puck, more often than not, would be whistled dead by every NHL ref albeit favoring the Penguins, Devils, or most NHL goalies. It happens…we still didn’t generate much offense otherwise.

    This team played their type of game, including their defensive gaffe’s, and they lost. Is it that shocking? I don’t think so. They look like the same team I watched for the previous 87 games.

    I’m hoping they show up tomorrow and give themselves a chance, but I’m not all too surprised by this outcome.


  22. If we have a weak offense and lose 2-0 (EN) what does that make the Penguins offense? Lethal and explosive?

    We have scored goals when we needed to all year.

    We play a system, to a fault of not, it’s gotten us to where we are the past few years.

    Also, I think Straka has been great all playoffs. He struggled a lot during the regular season and has really elevated his game. There are few guys as well rounded as him in the league when he’s playing his best.

    What did Pitt do so great the last few games? Someone tell me. If you call going down 3-0 in one game, then scoring 4 bounce goals, and scoring a lone goal in game 2 a great team, then I would love to know what a cup contender looks like.

  23. True Fans,
    It was only Koffy ripping Sjostrom…and I’m not sure he is watching the games…

    “I’d play Orr, Moore and even Hollweg in place of Sjostrom”
    “Backman and Sjostrom have hurt the Rangers … the 4rth line chemistry is gone .. they have provided no offense”

    Ummm last time I checked, teams are few and far between that have a scoring 4 th line…
    right…play Orr, Morre, or Hollywood…come on! give me a break!

  24. Contact, I don’t think there’s a way to “fix” the whistle blowing rule. I posted about this topic on another site yesterday, that you can’t make a black-and-white rule like this into anything more effective, even if they consider video replay.

    Allowing a shot to count as a goal if taken before the whistle will open up the pandora’s box of having to consider the entire sequence of events between the shot and the puck crossing the goal line.

    How would the officials determine with certainty that players that heard the whistle would not have affected the play differently had they not heard the whistle. There’s no way to cover every situation perfectly with this kind of solution, you’ll just move the focus of the objections. Instead of objections that the ref shouldn’t have blown the whistle, you’ll hear objections that a certain player would have diverted the puck had he thought the play was still live.

    Either way, the issue of ref discretion still exists. So we best leave it be. It evens out over the long haul (hopefully).

  25. TFBRWB — if you watched the 6 replays, you’ll see the official is out of position and the puck never stops moving. They don’t blow the whistle for taking 3 hacks, this not baseball.

    If he was where he is supposed to be, BEHIND THE NET, he would have seen the puck was clearly in plain view.

  26. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I think the only people who SHOULD be surprised by this outcome are those who believed…
    …The Rangers were such a great “defensive juggernaut” and “bring on the offensively talented Penguins, we can take them!”
    …Drury would be “the Savior,”
    …and Everyone who was blinded by the Rangers win over the Devils

    News-flash, the Devils were bad, but just so happened to be that much worse than the Rangers.

    I want the Rangers, more than anything, to pull out 3-4 solid efforts and send this thing to 6 or 7 games (and go to the Eastern Conference finals) but they have flaws and so do the Penguins. The Rangers just need to fill their voids and exploit the Penguins as much as possible to give themselves a chance.

  27. Having a 4th line that plays hard nosed hockey is more important than having one that scores. Its the change of speed that effects the game and opens up chances for other lines.

    It’s not their job to go out there and put the puck in the net. It IS their job to get the defenseman looking over the shoulder and rush their passes. When they start doing that when the 4th line is out there, they continue to do it with other lines out there.

  28. We don’t need a “chance”, we’re better. Plain and simple. WE just haven’t played a better game yet. Show me a team in this league that doesn’t have flaws?

    Mark Messier always said that in order to win you need to stare adversity in the eyes first. We’re looking right at it and we’ll respond to it.

  29. I just don’t even think we’ve really tested Fleury yet. Even friday, I think he was mostly spooked more than anything…and has now gotten over the threat. I think someone has to really run him from the get go tomorrow.

    We’ve been straight up _beaten_ the last two games. I hope our guys can step it up. We looked WAY better against BUF last year imo.

  30. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Brandon, I watched the replay and the puck doesn’t go 5-hole. It squirts through from under the pad of Fleury (as viewed from the goal-cam). When you watch from the side view you see Straka take 2-3 hacks to the point the stick is torqued (bent), because he’s obviously pressing against Fleury’s pads.

    I just think that play is whistled dead more often than not. I never saw a replay where the puck was actualy in plain visible sight…until it gets pressed UNDER the pad of Fleury. Fleury never lifts his leg or loses the puck through the 5-hole.

    I wish the ref would’ve allowed the play to continue an extra second or two and I agree, sometimes that judgement is questionable, but I understand why he blew the play dead.

    Brandon, where was he standing when he blew the whistle? If he were BEHIND THE NET, wouldn’t that mean he couldn’t see the puck at all since it went under the pad of Fleury?!

  31. Brandon, I like your perspective. The Rangers will bounce back at home. Despite our poor results out in Pittsburgh, we were in both games until the end. There’s no reason we can’t be on the other side for both games in NY.

    Now if we were in the Sharks’ place, going on the road 2-0, then I’d be scared as all hell.

  32. Wow, koffy, that might be the worst post I’ve ever seen.

    And about the ref’s positioning on the Straka play (disclaimer – I have been a ref for 11 years, but have never done the 2 ref, 2 linesman system the NHL uses) – as far as I’m concerned, the ref absolutely not have been in the right position if he was behind the net. If he was directly behind the net, there is no way for him to see the puck THROUGH Fleury. If the puck truly was free (which it probably wasn’t), the best place to see that from would be anywhere from right on the goal line, to even with the top of the crease. At least in the USA Hockey system (2 refs), if you are behind the net, you are out of position. If anything, the ref should have been hugging the post, or little higher, in order to give himself the best view.

  33. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Salty, I think we looked better in games 3, 4, and 5…until the Drury crippler with 7 or so seconds left. Then the Rangers fell into a shell of themselves and seemed to buy the Sabres propaganda (thinking the Sabres were destined to win). The only thing that could’ve made me happier than the Senators destroying the Sabres would have been the Rangers winning the cup last year.

    Brandon, you’re sorely mistaken if you think the Rangers are a better team. These teams are a good match, at best. WE have worse defense than the Penguins, we have 2 aged veterans and a couple 20-goal scorers. The Penguins have 4 guys who can score 80-100 points or 30-40 goals EVERY YEAR!

    We have a goalie, a good team system, and good role players. Don’t get ahead of yourself.

  34. True Fans Bleed RW&B: you are obviously bleeding a bit of black and yellow…. Its a best-of-7 series for a reason. No team wins the cup going 16 and 0.

    Like the Captain has said “You need to face adversity on your way to winning”

    Still like our odds, game 3 and 4 isnt at the Igloo full of penguin fans who jump on and off the bandwagon from year to year. LGR

  35. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    True Blue, I like your name.

    It’s a best of 7, and I think Hank has the ability to win this series. But if he doesn’t do it, we don’t stand a chance. We can’t beat the Penguins at run-and-gun, and we got out-played yesterday in our style of game.

    Perhaps, I’m the one seeing clearly and you’re the one blinded by fandom?

  36. They need to be way more physical.

    They should go with:

    Avery – Dubi – Jagr

    Dawes – Gomez- Prucha

    Straka – Drury – Callahan

    Sjo – Betts – Shanny

    I dont think you want break up the Dawes/Drury/Cally line

    They are great together. Put Straka with Gomez and Prucha. That line will have so much speed. Straka clearly plays better when away from Jagr.

  37. Sorry buddy, but is sounds an awful lot like you bleed black and yellow. I know when to call a spade a spade and I know when I see a better team, but this is definitely not the case. I’m not dillusional, we’re not dillusional.

    I think you’ve analysis is maligned with negativity and for that reason you’re looking at the series from a view I can’t possibly comprehend.

    Last I checked, hockey is a team sport. If they handed out the Cup to the Hart trophy winner, Ovechkin would probably be drinking out if it right now. Fact of the matter is that’s not the case.

    We play better team D, we have a WAY better goaltender, we have more depth, we have more experience and we have a better system led by a cool, calm and collected coach.

    Right now, they have the better power play, and have been on the receiving end of some kind bounces.

    I don’t see a team out there that is domintating us with 100 point scorers.

    We haven’t even played our best and were in both games to win.

    Tuesday first, then worry about the rest of the series.

    You wrote us off on two games, that’s dillusional

  38. These teams are a good match, at best. WE have worse defense than the Penguins, we have 2 aged veterans and a couple 20-goal scorers. The Penguins have 4 guys who can score 80-100 points or 30-40 goals EVERY YEAR!

    We have a goalie, a good team system, and good role players. Don’t get ahead of yourself.



    we needed to cripple them in game one to have a really good shot here. coming back from that meltdown against this team is going to be insanely difficult. They already know they can come back from a 3-0 deficit to win… they believe in themselves at this point… an dthe truth is with young monsters like they have, all they needed is that confidence to push on through us. The ONE edge I thought we might really have on these guys is inexperience, and that we could break them mentally and put little sidney into a shell. Unfortunately, we *gave* them the experience that they will be holding onto for the rest of their careers..starting yesterday. Crosby is *becoming* Crosby, and Malkin is *becoming* Malkin in these playoffs, and we, along with OTT, are letting them. And I fucking hate it.

  39. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    “Your approach is maligned and full of negativity!” Don’t you see the Rangers are going to take this series?!!! How dare you approach the game with a lucid analysis and unbiased perspective. How dare you!!!

    Good day, sir.
    PS: “I am a Ranger”

  40. Salty…I think Crosby and Malkin, to use your wording, “became” who they are along before this series. One player was last year’s MVP, the other is the favorite to win it this year. These guys have arrived already, there was nothing Ottawa or the Rangers could have done about it.

  41. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    You have the right to believe what you want. I’ve watched enough of these Rangers to know what they have and what they lack. Salty made an excellent point about the Penguins too, they can be down 3-0 and still smell blood and believe they’ll beat us.

    One thing you’re mistaking is my “giving up” on this Rangers team. I haven’t given up on them because we have, perhaps, the best young goaltender in the NHL. This team, without him, doesn’t even make the playoffs. And it is for that reason, plus a few others (maybe the Avery’s, Dawes’, and Callahans) that I am hopeful this team will turn it around.

    You have your opinion, I’ll have mine. Don’t question a clear approach to the game as being biased for the Penguins or not faithful to the Rangers.

  42. Salty…I agree to a certain extent, but I don’t think the Rangers are past the point of no return on this issue. Sidney, Malkin, et al. have not played a playoff game at MSG yet.

    Now maybe I have a bit of a romantic view, but as loud as Pitt’s superficial fans were yesterday and in Game 1, they can’t hold a candle to the Garden Faithful. I wanna see us put Sidney and Co. under serious pressure ON THE ROAD in a truly hostile environment (Ottawa’s sinking ship doesn’t count). If they respond well, then I will say that they have earned their playoff stripes. I’m not willing to say that yet.

    I still have faith with the Rangers at home tomorrow. This has been a bounce back team all year. How many times have people on this blog declared them dead? Quite a few, by my count. To me, they’re not dead until they lose that 4th game. But let’s make Pitt chase it tomorrow on the road…really give them a test.

  43. Its one thing to look at the game from a biased calidiscope as an overly optimistic fan and its another to look at the game from a telescope of a skeptical, unconvinced fan who just doesn’t believe in his team.

    We played game two at 65%. They haven’t beaten our best team yet.

    If you want to compare this to last year, Buffalo beat our BEST Ranger team playing at 105%.

    Pitt is barely getting by playing us at 65%. If we turn it up to 100, I know we will beat them.

  44. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The Rangers, game 1, certainly gave those two Penguins stars better perspective and experience to traverse a nearly impossible task. They only trailed for 4 minutes against the Senators this year, and Cindy Crawford and his boys barely got a whiff of the playoffs last year.

    They’re hungry and we didn’t quell their desire. We fed them, and they’re looking for more. I think that’s Salty’s point and it’s valid.

  45. Fair enough True fan, but I don’t think your view is that clear, and maybe mine isn’t either. For that, we can agree to disagree. For both of us, I hope I’m right and you’re wrong bc I believe my outlook has us coming out on top.

    Either way, LGR.

  46. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    I hope you’re right.

    But here’s a question, through two games now, what does it say about a playoff team that “can’t bring it 100%?”

    That thought alone is scary.

  47. True Fans Bleed:

    If that’s the case, then Crosby and Malkin have a lot to learn. If they think that their superior skill allowed 3 goals to bounce in off of skates and/or legs, then we’re in a better position than I thought. Their overconfidence will be their downfall.

  48. KOFFY


    Are you drunk ?? Rozi plays ten times worse with Harry. Wow. Rozi just plain sucks defensively, he always has. Tyutin is starting to become that way now as well, with his stupid plays. Malik sucks, he needs to get dumped, we dont have room in the lineup for prissy bitches who cry cause they get scratched. Sjostrom is good, he’s not gonna score 30 goals, he’s gonna do what he needs to do as a 4th liner.

    Renney is stupid. I have no ide why he hasn’t tied Staal on the PP just once. The only times he has done it is when the PP has about 10 seconds left, but he also has the 4h line out. Get Tyuts out of the PP, he doesn’t belong there.

    Im not losing hope, we came back against the Sabs, and could have one game 5, if someone didn’t ice the fuggin puck (i think it was Tyutin) But that Sab team in my opinion was better then this Pens team, except for the fact that they didn’t have the refs behind them. So my hope isn’t where i want it to be.


    Renney putting Shanny on the 4th line, basically means, Shanny will retire after this year. He sure as shit wont play 4th line.

  49. the problem is not the fwd lines gentlemen.. our defensemen as a whole are terrible.. i will not shed any tears when roscival, mara, backman don’t return next yr.. it is pathetic we don’t have a puck moving defenseman or somebody that can clear out the front.. that is our weak link and the pens are exposing us.. can someone pls tell me why roscival tries to gain the zone when we are killing the pp.. then he goes in offsides.. he probably scored a 3 on the wonderlic.. where as backman most likely had a 2.. two jerk*ffs back there.. and can someone from the point pls hit the f’in net? what a joke our d is..

  50. Is anyone else still pised by the announcers saying “Everyone dives, just some are better at it then others.”? I am. Not everyone dives and if everyone is cheating that doesn’t make it all right.

    Remmeber earlier this year when Jagr got a diving call on him? How did that happen the man constantly is being hooked grabbed and held and never goes down. How has Crosby never had a dive called on him?

    If he is such a strong skater why does he go down so easily…

    Here’s hoping ht eboys put everything behind them and come storng on Tues. THe puck was (at most) wedged between the ice and Fleury’s left ankle. His hands were up and he was not sitting on the ice. I don’t beleive the puck was secure, not at all., but the boys have to put that behind them and move on.

    Sam, could you ask what the Rangers and or coach think about the NBC announcers saying everyone dives, Sidney is just bette rat it then others?

  51. Someone said about two entries ago that the Rangers (and us fans) just need to put the bad officiating, quick whistles, and Sidney out of our minds. It is like we are the Devils complaining about not getting a fair shot while the Penguins play the role of the Rangers in round two just playing their game.

    The Rangers played bad in those two games which is fine because we know they can play better and that gives me confidence that they can go home and regroup and play better in the next two at the Garden.
    I think Shanahan must be hurt, something is throwing his game off.
    I hope Prucha gets some pp time. No he isn’t a savior but he had success there in his rookie year and he could do it again. I think a quick goal or two in the third game and a good 60 minute effort will give the Pengiuns something to think about. A series at 2-1 changes everything.

    As for the craigslist thing. During the football playoffs the week before Pats versus Giants Boston’s mayor announced what day the parade would be on. SO maybe this will work as the same jinx. The Penguins are a young team and just like adversity could have shocked their confidence a little bt of overconfidence can bring them down too.

    Eli and Tyree made their own luck by not giving up. HOpefully the Rangers can do the same tomorrow.
    I think they can. I think Jagr is gonna have a strong game. yeah is yelling at Crosby was like his swipe at Gomez except this time he was still standing. Jagr is a vet he loves this game and I think he is mad to see a star like Crosby insult the game. But they can’t concentrate on Crosby the Rangers need to think about their game.
    And I was watching the Stars and SHarks last night . . does need to be said but the West plays a much more physical game. I think the Penguins would either go into shock against them r the est will find themselves down by two men a lot.
    I think the Rangers if they make it (despite their poor regular season record) would have a better chance against the West teams.

  52. Newest Vogue Intern on

    Why you just wait, I’ll lead the red, white and blue to an absolutely FABULOUS comeback! Ooooh!

  53. I don’t think any team can play 100 percent through 4 series. That’s just the nature of sports. Sometimes you have it, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes your body is ready to go and your mind is not and vice versa.

    I thought there was a significant carry over from game 1 and b/c of that we played a bit scared, which is why we weren’t at 100 percent.

  54. Wow, I’ve never heard more whining from fellow Rangers fans in my life. Look, the reffing has been ok, but its not like we didn’t deserve penalties for the ones we got. All that stuff is in the past and theres nothing we can do about it. Complaining about it doesn’t make it go away. Not to mention we didn’t even deserve to win either game with that piss poor effort that we played with. Point is the Rangers haven’t played with any urgency this whole series. I was afraid of that coming in just because of how they only showed up for certain games and not others all year. Its easy to get up and play the Devils because of the whole rivalry between both teams. We’ve owned the Pens up until this year and there isn’t really that rivalry between teams so the intensity isn’t as high as it is with the Devils and the Rangers proved that with their performance the past two games.

    For you whiners, heres why Crosby and his diving crew get the calls. We give them too much room in their own end and they pickup speed and don’t stop skating. Not to mention off the puck they move as well. Tyutin deserved that call yesterday because he stopped moving and took his hand off the stick. Its been that way for 3 years now. If Fedor just stays with him, where is Sid gonna go? Behind the net where Girardi can switch and pick him up or check him. Toots is strong and could’ve pushed him that way if he moved his feet instead of stopping skated and hauling him down.

    As for the offense and breakout, the Rangers have been way too stationary in the last two games. I know they wanna slow the game down, but thats for the guy with the puck. The guys off the puck still need to move around quickly with speed. Its making Pittsburgh’s job just that much easier since they can kinda sit back in a 1-2-2 and wait for the defender to make a bad pass. The D can’t clear the zone because the forwards aren’t moving.

    The key to Game 3 isn’t the refs, Crosby diving, any one of our D-men sucking, or if Bettman has it out for us. The key is which Rangers team shows up, the one that skates hard and gives into Tom Renney’s system or the team that is flat footed and doesn’t move around. Once the Rangers start moving their feet, the penalties will stop, their powerplays will increase, the puck control will also increase as well as the chances they get.

    Everyone needs to pick their games up for Game 3. You can ask where Dawes has been or some other guys, but really the only 2 that have consistently put forth an effort to maintain puck control and skate are Jagr and Gomez. Dawes and Cally are forechecking and doing an OK job of that, but aren’t getting control of the puck. They have to move out there and by in on the forecheck immediately. Don’t let a fast team like Pittsburgh build up speed through the neutral zone or else they will burn you and you’ll either end up in the box or down a goal.

    So guys, lets stop complaining about things the team can’t control and start talking about things they can control. The reffing can’t lose them a game if they aren’t putting forth the effort to win that they need and they haven’t gone that so far in this series.

  55. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Nobody has a chance against the West teams, it’s sad to say.

    The Rangers defense would get destroyed for being flat-footed and taking the physical beating that Dallas and Detroit readily dish out.

    And is anyone on the Rangers actually going to beat Turco? The Dallas team is so fast and physical, the Rangers would never penetrate enough to create quality scoring chances. And if the Rangers don’t come back (and the Penguins go to the finals) then Fleury will be exposed for the flop-of-a-draft-pick he actually is.

    The West is too good. That being said, let’s actually get the Rangers to the place where they’ll actually have to worry about it!


  56. And lastly, I know I touched on this in my long post before, but if you have ever played defense you should know how difficult it is to move the puck out of the zone when your forwards either A) arent’ moving or B) are just moving up and down the ice instead of on angles and circling. If you look at when the Rangers do clear the zone, nobody is there to pick up the puck. They are all on the boards or right dead center on the ice instead of moving and giving them options. That being said they sure as hell aren’t the best at it, but right now they aren’t given any options and they don’t want to ice the puck. So they try to make a play to the outside or open space and the Pens just take it and push it right back down our throats because they are expecting it and transitioning on it immediately (with speed through the zone too).

  57. Salty…I think Crosby and Malkin, to use your wording, “became” who they are along before this series. One player was last year’s MVP, the other is the favorite to win it this year. These guys have arrived already, there was nothing Ottawa or the Rangers could have done about it.


    The point is none of that really means anything until you produce in the Stanley Cup Playoffs… and they are doing that now. They pulled off a truly epic and legendary comeback win on friday night. An absolute classic. That’s what heroes are made of, and those kids have that under their belts now, not only against us for the rest of the series, but against everyone they face for the rest of their careers. Before Friday night, they didn’t know what it felt like to come back like that in a conference semifinal game…and they evolved to the next level right in front of our eyes, and gained that experience at our expense. It’s a beautiful thing really, the nature of the beast.

    Ovechkin may very well be the “best player” for years to come but unless he brings a team to a championship he’ll just be a Lindros, Roenick, etc etc etc etc… GREAT players than never went all the way.

    Crosby/Malkin = doing the real dance, right now. If they get through us, I don’t see them NOT going to the finals, and once on that stage… you really just don’t know what those kids might do given that opportunity. Scary as all hell, but PIT is one of those teams that actually is peaking at the right time. They could make a real cup run.

  58. The boys will show up tomorrow no doubt about it. I feel a total Rout of Shittsburgh in Tuesday’s game.

    I like putting Struds in, even though he’s slow, jsut to mix it up
    Prucah on the Gomez line I like as well.
    MAra, thank god, someone on the PP that can shoot. Why Toots is EVER on it is beyond my comprehention.

    we are winnign both games at MSg, thats it and thats all.
    We have to. Period
    And I have a very good feeling about someone running cindy into the boards next game, call me psychic, but it just may NOT be Avery. Would love to see Cally just smash him face first, then have him get up and look to th refs with NO CALL casue it was clean.
    Again, Rangers in 6, we are winning this series

  59. Up until this year, Marty Turco was notorious for being one of the biggest playoff flops to ever put on goalie equipment. He’s beatable.

    I think the teams in the East are battle tested. Granted we got banged around pretty good out west, I wasn’t overly impressed with any of the Western teams that came to the Garden this year including Dallas (who we should have beat) and San Jose (who we did beat).

  60. I just can’t deal with reading any more comments (besides Sam’s news) until the next game. I will see you guys then, unless I feel there is something new on which to comment.

  61. donsausage

    Our defensemen as a whole are terrible because they get cheated in terms of penalties game in and game out and we have to play according to the referees.

    Forget the goal taken off the board yesterday, but isnt it amazing how referees never miss the NO DISCRETION too many men on the ice, slashing the sticks, and delay of game pucks out of play penalties on us, but I think they’ve missed 8 this entire playoffs on the devs n pens, thats more than one a game. It’s ridiculous.

  62. backman needs to sit no doubt about that, he looks lost out there. i cant believe im saying this but put malik/struds in there renny for the love of the postseason.

    at the same time if the rangers are outsed i can finally stop ignoring people calling me during the game that want to hang out :\

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