Only one way to go


We all know the deal here. It’s quite simple.

The Rangers win tomorrow and this series has new life.

The Rangers lose? Well, both they and I will be focusing on golf sooner rather than later.


It’s only one game that matters at this point, or at least that is the way the Rangers see it.

“We know we can pull it off. We beat this team a couple of times during the year so the difference is not great between us,” Henrik Lundqvist said. “So let’s put all our focus and energy on tomorrow to get one win. A lot of things can change and the momentum can change in a series.”
It was an upbeat tone at practice today amidst the cluster of camera crews wondering what went wrong in Pittsburgh. The Rangers obliged those questions, but they also made clear they were moving on.

“I think we made that transition this morning before we came in here,” center Brandon Dubinsky said. “We woke up and we knew that (Sunday) was (Sunday). What was done was done. We can’t dwell on what happened and beat ourselves up over it. It’s a seven-game series. Two games doesn’t decide anything. So we just came back here and talked about the positives, and talked about how much character and leadership we have in this locker room and how many guys have been through this before.”

As players said, it would be one thing if the Rangers dropped two straight at home before venturing out on the road. But in coming back to the Garden, where they won all four games against the Pens this year, they’re expecting a boost.

“We have great fans,” Martin Straka said. “Every time we play at home, we feel like there’s another guy in our lineup. So we just have to give them something to cheer about and play hard and I’m sure they’re going to help us out.”

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  1. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Clive, from last post…
    Cindy Crawford will get hers, eventually. One day Crosby will dive against the wrong team and wrong coach (perhaps Phillthy in the near future) and the coach will say “Fella’s, if you’re going to take a penalty, you might as well take her out too.” And that will be it, either a head-shot or a knees-shot. The NHL hates Avery for being unsportsmanlike (at times), and it will come back around to Crosby for similar reasons. The NY media has finally put this thing in the spotlight and fans and teams will start to catch on before Versus and the NHL do (they have to market him for financial gains).

  2. As usual, saying all of the right things…but I suppose it is somewhat comforting even though it’s very standard, hockey cliche-type stuff.

    They’re talking the talk, now it’s time to walk the walk.

  3. Yeah for Marty Straka for acknowledging the great fans! Don’t worry Marty the fans will be in full force tomorrow! Now it will be six on nine out there!

    (ok that was my absolute last knock at the refing staff- until they do something else annoying A.K.A. tomorrow)

  4. Did You Know? on

    Did you know… Sam’s both the Rangers beat reporter AND the lead golf writer?

    Interesting, very interesting.

  5. Agra- I gotta ssee what time I get to NYC tomorrow…Hopefully it will be early and we can meet up…I will have more info tomorrow before I leave the office. Take a pic of the sign u made for us and post it here! :)

  6. Ag doesn’t really like the sign very much but I will get her to send a pic. Um Liquid she will not have access to e-mail tomorrow so um I will give you my cell number (not here because of ens fans) If you click on my name my myspace page pops up so if you have myspace I can give you the number that way. I would say where we would be but we will be wandering around the different entrances and we are gonna check out some I am a RAnger thing in the main lobby (not really sure what it is but will go anyway) I will check back in like two hours or so.

  7. I will do my part as a fan tommorrow night:
    I will Chant
    I will Cheer
    and I will taunt Crosby & the Pens.

  8. Allright, Jo said you want a pic of the sign. SO I am cooking dinner right now (yummy chicken cutlets stuffed with spinach and feta and making fries to go on the side) but after dinner we will put a pic of it, and the nice dive posters up.

  9. “It is the sworn duty of all Ranger fans to confuse confound and harass the enemy to the best of our ability”

    -Roger from The Great Escape (with minor tweaking)

  10. Fruity Cupcake on

    I’m sending POSITIVE vibes for OUR boys and ignoring the ice chickinz.

    ALL the noise should be focussed on the Rangers. Or at least, that’s what I’ll be trying to do from 426. I’d rather not waste energy on the visitors.

    I’m feeling good about tomorrow!

    Bring it.

  11. You think it would be really stupid to show up at warm up with a snorkel and mask on and stand at the Penguin end?

    I would toss it on the ice but I don’t want to get thrown out.;)

  12. I’ll be doing my best from sec. 313 as usual. If you hear some screaming and cursing about Cindy… it’ll most likely be me. :)

    If you hear someone shouting “get in front of the damn net!!!” … it’ll definitely be me.

  13. This would be the first time ever at a sporting event I would be chanting against the oppostion. Seriously never have done that…. always only yelled let’s go ___ or Come on and such.

  14. I’ve been thinking about the weekend’s loses all day today. To drill right down, the Pens have only scored two more goals than we have and a couple of those were lucky deflections. Unfortunately for us the Pens also have two important wins.

    And while I don’t want to minimize blowing a three goal lead or not being able to score yesterday, I think the Rangers still have a good chance to pull out this series. They have yet to play their best hockey. God willing, they’ll get their power-play going and the shuffled lines will have the desired impact.

  15. To all of those posts from before, there’s no use complaining about the TV timeouts after an icing. Sure, it was annyoing, and I thought we had something going there on one of them, but that’s the rule. It’s not like anybody was favoring the Penguins. If you want them to change the rule so that a TV timeout can’t come after an icing, sure, but there’s no use blaming anything on that based on the way it is now.

  16. Versus coverage blows: no mention that this was actually a 5 on 3 until 50 seconds into it, including no replay of either penalty. No replay of a shot that hit the post either.

  17. Im so happy no NBC tomorrow night… Sunday sounded like the 4 announcers were all having a contest to see who gets to sleep with crosby first after the game –

    “he would never dive”
    “hes not a diver”
    “he doesnt need to dive…”
    “hes one of the best…”

    Easy fellas…

    Oh and big shout out to the guy who made the “Nice dive – 8.7” signs…im going thursday ill look for u

  18. Hey Derf, the guy is a gal and we will be walking around the garden cause we will be getting autographs between 4 and 5. We will try and ride the playoff bus so we will be by the main entrance (the steps were people gather) Keep an eye out!!!!

  19. Devils
    Game 1-no time
    Game 2-no time
    Game 3- no time
    Game 4- nope
    Game 5- no shorthanded time
    Game 1- no time shrthanded
    Game 2- only 6 seconds shorthanded for Avery

    Apparently Avery has not been kiling penalties in the playoffs

  20. Sjostrom was playing PK a bit at the end of the regular season, but I don’t think I have seen him there in the playoffs. Its been Drury-Shanahan, Betts-Straka, and Gomez-Callahan as far as I can tell.

  21. someone attending the game should bring a baby doll, dress it up in a little pens bib with crosby’s number on it, and chuck it onto the ice like in detroit but instead of a squid, a crybaby.

  22. is it fair to be down on rozsival, which i have to say i am? can the guy get a shot on goal?

  23. On Detroit its an Octopus not a squid!
    ANd the Rangers can be giving a 2 minute penalty if people throw things on ice. And you know they would give it to them too!

  24. Filthy owning the Habs…..THeir is a decent amount of people here who say the Rangers need a Nazi bench general to motivate the players….The Filthy coach is John Stevens, and you barely hear a peep out of him behind the behind the bench….Like Renney, never screaming at the players…..The guy looks like the CPA who does my tax return.

  25. hey i was wondering if anyone could help out i got no tickets so im looking for a bar round the garden that might not give the young ones a problem

  26. Um I hve gone to Molly We a couple of times and will be there tomorrow. Owners are RAnegr fans and staff is noce. Prices are the same as everywhere else and quality is good. there are tables and bar and they put the sound on for games (have in the past)

  27. I found a great “NO DIVING” sign with the perfect picture.

    How can I get the picture to anyone that might want to use tomorrow??

  28. And here I thought the Canadiens were getting a penalty for that Flyer getting injured, which probably should have been a penalty but was too subtle for the refs to notice it.

  29. The Rangers are showing the Pens too much respect. They need to come out tomorrow night and be the ones who dictate the game, who initiate the physical game, who control the play, and impose their will. I don’t care how good Marian Hossa is supposed to be, he disappears in the playoffs. Hit him and make him disappear. I don’t care how good Malkin and Crosby are – get in their faces at every whistle, every scrum, push them around and make them feel stupid. Forecheck hard, win every battle to every loose puck, work us up into a complete frenzy tomorrow night. Grab this series by the you-know-what and stop playing not to lose.

    The Rangers need to remember that they OWNED the Atlantic Division this year and can own it again on their way to the Cup. Blew a 3-0 lead in game one? SO WHAT. It was GAME ONE. Get back out there and win game two. Showed them too much respect in game two? SO WHAT. It takes four games. Get your butts out there and stop playing not to lose. Never mind this “oh, our opponent is so talented and we have so much respect for them because we’re so classy.” That is NOT WORKING. Show them NO respect. Crush them in your own house tomorrow night. We’ll all be there going completely ape….

  30. Wow = Canadiens scored two goals during their major power play to get the game to 3-2. Hatcher boarded a dude and his face was bleeding, even though he has a shield. Hatcher was ejected.

  31. I’m going to try to get close to 200. If I run out of color I will just make copies at work tomorrow.

  32. Who Needs Lohan on

    Couple of things…

    Playing on Sundays…. Brandon, I ran the numbers for Sunday games that started at 5Pm or earlier to see if you were onto something, and you werent. Rangers are 5-4-2 in those games and are 2-2 on NBC games. So much for that one.

    Kovalchuk Points at Crosby….Great video of that one on YouTube. I suggest you all watch that one. There was a lot of talk about Crosby and dives in his rookie year, but most of that has subsided. I have a feeling that win or lose (moreso if we lose) that the idea of Crosby diving will take on a life of its own.

    Physical Play…..Its my opinion that this series is about to get nasty. For teams that have played each other 8 previous times this season I find it amazing how soft this series has been. The last seconds of Game 2 will certainly carry over. This is going to be a brutal game i believe. One of thise ones that you fear for the players on your team at times. That is the way we can beat this team, by abusing them. And that is why you will see Strudwick. I also think you could see HBO reunited. At the very least I believe Hollweg plays and he is going to be there for a purpose.

    Renney….is a smart man. He knows that we have lost Game 1 in their style of game and that we lost Game 2 in our own style. Well guess what, that means we have to go with plan B. Kick some Penguin Ass.

    Outcome….I honestly feel in my heart that this team just has something in them that can and will get it done. Ive said it all along from late January that this team was built for a playoff run, they will not go down easily. Maybe my Giants inspired me, but I really feel that something in these guys will help them win in the end. NYR win Game 3 and 4. Lose a thriller in Game 5. Then come back to win 6 and 7. We will all have Mr. Clutch 08 jerseys by the end of next week!!!!


  33. Peter – I agree. Look at the respect the flyers are showing the canadiens tonight. None. And they are tied 1-1. We have to do the exact same thing tomorrow.

  34. people should tape up those “NO DIVING” signs on the glass. i hope the shanny on the 4th line experiment goes well and we stick to young guns in the top 3 lines.

  35. Who needs Lohan… that’s pretty awesome that you ran the numbers, I appreciate that. That’s some solid work — when I coach an NHL team some day, you can be my Ast.

    Maybe I wasn’t completely on to something, but 5-4-2 is not that great. Those kinds of numbers wouldn’t work in the playoffs. Without the OTL system, we’re below .500 on Sundays. BOO Sunday games, BOO!!!!

    If people are doing this No Diving sign, someone should send a link to a template tomorrow so we can all print the same one up. This will unite us by signage as we lead our team to victory.

    I’ll be there… sign in one hand, beer in another.

  36. Who Needs Lohan on

    Spider, not a bad idea. Guys, I cant even watch Tuesday night’s game. My wife got us 2 tixx a while back to a high end Wine Tasting event at the Marriot Marquis. This is gonna be painful although the only thing I do love more than the NYR is good wine. Oh, and my wife I guess. Nah she comes in third! Ill be less than 10 blocks away with no TVs. I plan on having a good time, checking my phone around 10 when its over to see the 4-2 NYR victory. 2 Goals by Jagr btw!

  37. Speed Ranger on

    Great ideas! I was thinking the “DIVER DOWN” flag would be funny to hold up anytime Miss Eighty-Seven hits the ics. (Red field with a white diagonal, upper left to lower right.) — and no, nothing to do with Van Halen, for those of you old enough to remember that one.

  38. I can see it now Lohan. You hold a glass of wine take a sniff of it then your phone vibrates/rings. you take it out and see a txt message saying Jagr scores Rangers up 2-0. YOu yell “Yes Yes Thats it!” Everyone turns to stare. You look at the wine in your hand. “Now that is good wine!”

  39. You heard it here first: The next series will be Rangers-Habs.

    Therrien has abused Renney in the series so far. I honestly think Renney was so shocked that Therrien attacked him preemptively after Game One that it dimmed his response, at least with the press, after Game Two.

    Message to Tom: Winning is better than being admired. Grab your rocks in one hand and the flag in the other and lead!

  40. A final point about the Crosby-Tyutin play yesterday: Checks are thrown all night long by defensemen with one hand off the stick when driving their man into the boards without penalty, so nothing ought to have been called simply because Tyutin pushed Crosby. That is not holding; that is a legal play.

    But the real story is told in their respective body positions. Crosby had a thousand times more leverage than Tyutin. He had a lower center of gravity; he was driving into Tyutin, who was on his heels and reacting, not initiating.

    So can anybody who has ever played this game, or any other contact sport, imagine a situation where a guy who is burying his shoulder into an opponent with power and impetus, force and drive migh be flicked to the ice like a rag doll the way Sid was? By a one-hand shove from a player set back on his heels, with literally a fraction of the leverage that the attacking guy has??

    It is insulting to watch Crosby play this way, and even more so to hear him defended by TV shills trying to protect their ridiculous talking head gigs.

  41. I wish we could bring in Keenan just for the remainder of the playoffs. Not for next season, just the playoffs.

    Just seeing him behind the bench, having their backs, not taking any shit from the refs, would pump up the testosterone level of the entire team beyond belief. Instead they look over there and see Casper Milquetoast bowing and scraping to the refs even when they make outrageous, blatantly anti-Ranger calls. Not very inspiring.

    The team toughness isn’t the problem – it’s the coaching toughness that will be our downfall once again.

  42. Lenny – always good of you to post when the Rangers are down. don’t remember seeing your posts during the Devils series. talk about a broken record.

  43. Hey Liquid my cell number is 516-458-7130
    Let me know if you get this I will check back in about n hour or so. I don’t know how much internet access I get so . . hopefully you get this and you can call Ag when you get to the city.


  44. Hey Jorek,

    Will you actually be at the game? I’m going up and would LOVE one of those signs, but probably won’t make it to the MSG area until right before game time…

  45. Hell yea! Gots me some playoff tix.

    I know I said I was waiting till the later rounds, but these just fell in my lap. And it’s hard to say ‘no’ to face value.

  46. Gonna miss the game tonight…I’m pissed cause I really want to see MSG’s response to Cindi…

  47. I’ll do my part as a fan tonight but ultimately it’s up to the Rangers to show up. I’m sick of being second rate, second best. How about stepping up and wanting to win it all in a year that they really aren’t expected to? What happened to all of that talk about wanting to be like the Giants? Us against the world, etc, etc. They looked like crap on Sunday and they better come out on fire tonight. I expect nothing less.

  48. I wonder if Renney will really put Prucha on the 2nd line and shuttle Shanahan down to the 4th. I think it’s a good move if he does it, but I just read a quote in one of the tabloids where Renney says not to read too much into what he did at practice today. Probably a smoke screen for the Penguins.

  49. RobC – that worked well for us in rnd1. Any advantage we can get, right?

    The HBO line shut down the crosby line much of the season. Could shanny-betts-shoe do the same?

    As far as the D is concerned…I can’t wait till next year. ;)

  50. Damn. I forgot that face value went up. $75/each to sit 2nd to last row. Dolan should come around with free beers for that price.

  51. I’m pretty certain that VS effects mic’s will be turned down a bit tonight. God forbid they televise any boo’ing of the golden child.

  52. If I live out of market, will I be able to catch the game on NHL Center Ice? I say this because I’m SOOOOOO fed up with versus’ coverage. Could they “BE” anymore on Cindy’s jock?

  53. 22 – that’s cool man. I’ve always loved those sections near the press box.

    We need to win tonight so bad. Just please, please, please no OT guys. I have to work tomorrow!

  54. Craig,

    You should be able to…. just check out your center ice channels at 7, and see if the game is on. you can’t go by the schedule on the channel.

  55. Fruity Cupcake on

    Wah. Sean hit me with his stick. WAH.

    Kee RYST. My 11 year old niece doesn’t WHINE when she’s tossed around during a game. It’s HOCKEY Sid. Sticks, stones, broken bones. I just hope Malkin doesn’t learn to complain once he learns English.

    LOVE all the diving signs. Will stop to say hi if I see you before the game.

    And Loh, don’t forget the game is rewound on MSG tonight. SO enjoy your wife and fancy wine and catch rewind when you get home!

  56. I don’t think Center Ice broadcasts any games that are also on Versus.

    Is MSG carrying the game tonight, as well? I thought I saw it in my cable program guide, but I also though they didn’t do games when the national networks had them…

  57. I’d love to bring one of the signs, but no one will see it where I’m sitting, and I won’t be in in-time for warm-ups.

  58. I wonder if the diving bothers Malkin? I can’t really remember seeing him go down.

  59. “I hope our crowd can intimidate them a little bit.” – King Henrik

    And we shall Hank, we shall indeed.

  60. They’re selling “I am the Blue Seats” shirts tonight. Now that’s a great purchase.

  61. tim – I don’t know if I’d buy that. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Malkin on the ice. I don’t hate that guy. He’s a great player that keeps his trap shut.

  62. That article out of pittsburgh on Avery makes me want to literally _chokeslam_ the writer. That guy should be serioulsy ashamed of his slimey mushy pink self. They are trying to make a big deal out of a slash after the play as if it’s Watergate… they are acting like they are going to send it to the league for review as if it has never happened before.

    And THEN he acts like Fleurys slash on Avery was “okay” because it was in “plain sight”. You clueless gushing canal, the players have no idea where the cameras are pointing and as far as they all know, and as far as I know… the ice is a stage and everything can be seen. That is the kind of stupidity that really gets me. That guy sucks at his job.

  63. I need a Mentos moment.

    I wasn’t expecting to get tix today. So now, I’m sitting here in a suit with no change of clothes. If I were sitting down in the Club seats, I wouldn’t mind. But I’d feel out of place if I’m up top like this. Going home before getting on the train is not an option.

    Maybe I should strip down to my skivvies and paint myself blue.

  64. Beer Me – Yeah I will be on the 300’s and thought the same thing but I was going to try to hand out as many as I can to my section as well as try to find someone close to the ice that can hand some out to their section. I will also be giving them out to anyone that wants to watch the warm-ups in Cindy’s end.

  65. JK – The 300’s could probably work. Especially if you’re opposite the broadcast booth.

    Anyone see the dude in philthy last night hold up the “YOU’LL CHOKE” sign when Price turned around? Classic. I had to pause it and take a pic of it.

  66. Beer Me! You’re nuts! I have season tickets sitting upstairs in the blues and I come to every game dressed in my business clothes. It’s the mentality of the blue seats fan that makes us what we are not the clothes we wear.

    Go to the game in your suit and wave your tie around when we score.

    If you really feel uncomfortable, that’s nothing a few beers can’t take care of.

  67. I’m gonna print these out. Even though I sit in the blues, maybe I’ll go in for warm-ups and hand them out to everyone.

  68. Thank GOD MSG will broadcast the game tongiht.
    If I have to listen to the idiots on VS for one more game I may go POstal at there offices

  69. Crosby is God on

    Should be a good one, looking a 4-1 Pens victory.

    Can I get one of those cool signs too?

  70. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Some people have told me Malkin dives, I haven’t seen it yet though. As far as I know, he’s a nasty *SOB* though. If anyone watched the last Olympics, Lecavalier slashed him and Malkin kneed him in the groin/torso and dropped him.

    Malkin has some other sucker-punch, open-ice demolishing interference hits, and dirty shots on his resume too. He’s a tough kid, I don’t know if that kind of character lends itself to being a diver…unless he’s learning from Cindy.

  71. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Beer, do you have that picture? Can you email it to me or post it online (the Price “you will choke”)?

  72. Someone at Versus is going to have a heart attack when they pan the crowd and see 18,000 “no diving” flyers.

    I’ve never brought a sign or flyer to a game in my life, but I’ll be using my company printer to do my part tonight.

    I expect a raucous belligerent vengeful crowd tonight. We’re pissed and deservedly so.

  73. truefans – I forgot to put it on my pc last night. Sorry. I’ll do it in the next day or two. It’s a funny one for sure.

    I’ll print and bring the signs too. I’ll try to bring as many as I can.

  74. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Beer, thanks bro.

    As to your dillemma, I think you can’t go wrong if you stop and buy swimming shorts, swimming cap, snorkel, and goggles. It’s much less formal than the business suit and says “I’m here and ready to party!”

    I’m still hoping people are bringing some diving/swimming gear with the signs.

  75. holy crap true fans! I think you’re on to something. I’m def the kind of dude that would do it. And my finace is definitely the kind of chick that would leave my ass there too! haha

  76. Beer Me

    No worries. and there’s nothing like moo shu sushi and a little hot & sour miso.

  77. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Then I’m sorry things didn’t work out between you both. LoL j/k.


  78. I don’t think the first goal matters that much tonight — the Penguins aren’t gonna stop playing if the Rangers get it, and the Rangers can’t get too depressed if Pittsburgh gets it.

    One shift at a time, each guy winning his battle.

  79. We need to go out there with the mentality that if we lose, then it is tee time tomorrow.

  80. reginald dunlop on

    nice link to that pittsburgh fool’s story on avery…….like to see if he has the stones to show it to avery……probably not……. well he should just watch his own resident c-sht punk ruutu…….kick out jagr’s feet from behind…. I say you all chant “Starkey sucks” tonight in honor of that p-o-s stuck in a low rate newspaper town, where half the inhabitants can’t read, writer………..

  81. Good contingent of us posters in the Blues – same area no less, 407-409! Remember, tonight Larry needs our support as much as the team.

  82. Marc Staal had Wheaties.
    Jordan Staal had Cheerios.
    Crosby had Sugar Puffs (he is on their box).

  83. Beer Me & True Fans,

    I’ve had this idea for a while now, and haven’t had the stones to go through with it. The store right outside MSG Cosby’s, has referee jerseys. I’ve always thought of buying one and walking around MSG with that, dark sunglasses, and a cane poking around in front of me. I get the feeling it would be really appropriate tonight.

  84. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    If you did that with a friend who wore the swimming gear that would be priceless.

  85. jeever I will not be at the game but I will be in the area it would be no big deal for me to hold on to one and give it to you when you get there. My cell was listed earlier just let me know when you are there

  86. ok, I only printed about 20 copies of the ‘no diving’ sign. Which is perfect btw. I’m gonna try to hand out a bunch before I go through security.

  87. How about buying a blank Pens jersey and having them put Louganis # 8.7 on the back….For the front logo, have the Penguin jumping off a diving board

  88. Believe me, nobody wants to see us in Speedos. Least of all a building 90% with guys. That’d just be creepy.

    Jorek – I’ll let you know, depending on how the train ride goes. They’ve been slow lately. If we get there 7:00-ish, we might just run upstairs. No need to wait around for little old me.

    That’s just me practicing !!

  90. You guys are all hysterical. Nice to see that the RAngrs Report crowd will be well represented at the GArden tonight! And with lots of signs!! Keep an eye out folks cause I will be handing mine out as I walk around the garden between 4 and 5 getting autographs. Then I might park myself on the steps until 630 or so! Oh wait I will wait for you jeevers! I can always run to the bar after I give you the sign!


  91. Brodeur is a BABY on

    Gonna be in section 326 tonight – cant wait

    Anyone else have links to good signs for tonights game? I’m looking to print a few out

  92. DAMN! I just got real lucky. My boss just came around to tell me I have to go to D.C. on the 6th. We play the 5th & 7th (if nec of course).

  93. Just towels! Oh kind Ranger report friends going to the game can you all try and get an extra towel (please if you can . . I collect them and so does AG) we would appreciate your extreme kindness! We will be at Cosby’s when the game lets out! For some extra cheering!!

  94. I think we should either boo Crosby every time he touches the puck or chant “DIIIIVVERRRR” to the tune of “MAAARRRTTYYY”. That would be awesome.

  95. “Crosby sucks” should also make a loud appearance at some point. And let’s not forget their goaltender who has played out of his mind (TWO playoff shutouts…are you serious?!) to this point. I want to see him rattled like Marty was…though that’s definitely more up to the guys on the ice.

    I love this fan mobilization…making me feel REALLY good about tonight.

  96. How about Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, changed to “Big Girls Don’t Dive?”

    And they can show a hi light reel of Cindy diving?

  97. Joe Starkey Best Sportswriter Ever on

    It’s not exactly news that Avery is a league-wide joke. Or, as Penguins winger Gary Roberts put it a few weeks ago, “an idiot.”

    Roberts was speaking in the aftermath of Avery’s ridiculous face-guarding act against New Jersey goaltender Martin Brodeur.

    You might have heard what Avery did at the Rangers’ next practice, when he realized a television camera had caught him re-enacting his face-guarding routine. He made an obscene gesture to the camera.

    This is the kind of maladjusted mental midget you’re dealing with.

  98. This day is so long already

    I bought a mask and snorkel for tonight can’t wait better be others wearing

  99. Hey Starkey,

    Shut the FU. Go back to the cavemen in Pittsburg who may listen to your beer drunken raves about Avery. Wow if Gary Roberts, a stalwart of good sportmanship, said it, it must be pretty dang true-you schmuck!!

  100. Pulitzer Nominating Committee on

    We are proud to announce that Joe Starkey has been voted Sportswriter of the Year. Congratulations Joe, you’ve earned it!

  101. I wonder if Crosby can attempt the Triple Lindy tonight? If any player can pull it off it is him.

  102. fans need to be loud as soon as the go through the turn style we need to be fired up this is everyones last chance. All the players said in there interviews they need the fans so let’s be there for them

  103. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The Penguin’s fan (singular) is back! haha. Awesome.

    I’m wondering, honestly, when did you start following the Penguins? December? Maybe it was New Year’s day when you realized Pittsburgh still had a hockey team? LoL. Obviously there is a strong contingency of “fair-weathers” as the team seems to discuss bankruptcy and moving every year.

    Sorry to hear that. But thanks for joining us and the blog for a real team.

  104. Even Truer Fans Bleed Black and Gold on

    Sorry to inform you, RW&B, that my loyalties go back to the days of Battleship Kelly (feel free to do a net search on him). Afraid my fanhood blows away yours, and we’re not all the bandwagoners you so desperately want us to be.

    P.S. I agree, Starkey is the man!

  105. Yo Joe,

    I did post during the Devils series you missed it.

    I add balance to the forum. How boring it would be to all post the same way, then we would be a cult and not a forum for debate.

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