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Greetings from Gate D80 At Mario Lemieux International Airport, where I’m at least fixing to get out of town early to get back in time for practice at noon.


In the meantime, here’s my “story on Game 2”:http://www.lohud.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080428/SPORTS01/804280359/-1/SPORTS&referrer=NEWSFRONTCAROUSEL, and “some notes”:http://www.lohud.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080428/SPORTS01/804280360&referrer=NEWSFRONTCAROUSEL on Petr Prucha’s return and Sidney Crosby’s confrontation with Jaromir Jagr.

More later…

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  1. Is it really called Mario Lemieux International Airport? Did the guy buy the airport in addition to part of the team? Or maybe since the team couldn’t pay him they named the airport for him? Somehow I don’t ever foresee them re-naming the LaGuardia or even Westchester Airport “Sean Avery International Airport” – maybe after Messier, though.

    Rangers in 6.

  2. onecupin67years on

    Good morning Sam, I agree with today’s story that you wrote.
    The blown lead has infected the team like a virus,lets see if the Rangers can get better soon.When was the last time the rangers won a series after being down 2-0?

  3. SAM did the baby wake up up, or was it the thoughts of the pitts playpens? I’m glad Jagr let sissy criesbaby have it for his leaning tower of Pisa skating. Probably gave him a message for step daddy super crier mario. Too bad the NHL is letting their refs decide the outcome of games, not the players. It’s turning into the WWF, and that’s a shame. All thanks to buttman, and players like cindy. Time to lay some ‘rod on the children’, and unspoil them. If you get a chance to talk to ‘ not the next one’, tell him with that shadow on his lip he looks like pepe le pu, and that’s what he’s doing to the game along with his adopted relatives. Cheating is unsportsmanlike & unprofessional, but there are no ‘new’ rules coming out for that. In fact the nbc losers were condoning it. Sam don’t lose your golf job, hockey is going downhill.

  4. I was too disgusted to put on the computer yesterday. Pittsburgh totally outplayed the Rangers in game 2. There were some chances, but it seemed like Pittsburgh had an extra skater out there. No excuses, the Rangers have to come out storming tomorrow night. I’ll be there yelling my ass off. Let’s go Rangers.

  5. Re: a previous post (I think it was brandon): 2. This might seem trivial and miniscule but what is the point of having the “no change” icing rule if every time there is an icing in a key situation NBC has a 5 min. commercial break where the worn out line essentially gets to rest and regroup. Kinda renders the rule meaningless, no?

    I totally agree. I was psyched when the Penguins were called for icing mid-way through the 3rd period after a very long shift. Then what happens, a TV timeout!!! Drove me nuts. I guess the TV timeouts are part of the game, but after an icing is the absolute worst time to do it! NHL better tell NBC/versus to wait until another stoppage.

  6. Hey Glen,
    I said before this series started, I stated Rangers in 6 and I am sticking ot my guns, Rangers in 6.

  7. Thought the Rangers played a much better game 2. That being said, the number of turnovers in the defensive zone are just driving me crazy. It seems like the “D” is holdiong onto the puck way to long and allowing the Penguins that extra second to press their forecheck. Not sure if anyone else has this same question, but what the heck is Tyutin doing out on the power play. He has absolutely ZERO creativity and obviously does not have a clue of what to do with the puck.

    Back to the Garden and I would be very suprised if the Rangers do not win both sending the series back to Pitt all tied up…..

  8. I am not closing the door and saying it is over until it is over. We can win 2 at home, I am certain of that.

  9. Oh my word was that hard to watch. I mean I don’t mind losing to a better team – like we did on Friday night. Pitt wanted it more. We played hard and wanted it too – but in the end it wasn’t enough.

    But on Sunday Pitt gave us a chance to get back in the series and instead – we played one of our most uninspired games of the year… certainly the playoffs. The Rangers are making Pitt look much better than they are.

    To win in the playoffs takes passion… and the boys better start realizing that soon or they might as well break the golf clubs out now.

    But – this series is really just getting started though so lots of hockey left to play. All we need to do is take the next two at the Garden! So LETS freakin GO RANGERS!!!

  10. I will admit this…my confidence is teetering on the edge. I haven’t lost faith that we can pull out a win(or two) at msg. But as far as the series goes, well, I’ll save my comments for after tomorrow nights game.

    It ain’t over, but the thing that really, really bothers me is that they won game 1 in a track meet. They won game 2 in the type of game that was our bread and butter down the stretch. So if they beat us at their game, and they beat us at our game…I’m worried.

  11. We were down 0-2 to Buffie last year before beating them twice at the Garden. It can be done!

  12. wow after seeing that pic in the daily news im really pissed off. yesterday i was pissed at the team but now after seeing this pic that puck was clearly going in and no whistle should have been blown. maybe marty is right the NHL is turning into a circus but not because of the players but because of the refs.

  13. Glen, the craigslist ad draws one more parallel to our series with Buffalo last year. Pens fans are expecting to be awarded the cup halfway thru Round 2!

    I know their last cup was just a couple years before ours, but there is plenty of documentation out there to understand how the playoffs work.

    Rangers will get it going on Tuesday at MSG. Tomorrow night we’ve got to let them know we’re behind them.

  14. Bottom line is that the Rangers need to start playing their game for a majority of the 60 minutes. Sure, the defensive game yesterday was the style of hockey the Rangers wanted. But, there was not nearly enough forecheck and pressure applied to the Pens D and MAF. The guys gets a shut-out and he’s named number one star?! The only legit save he made all game was the glorious opportunity Jagr had in the 2nd (and even that was helped by Jagr delaying his shot until he had a terrible angle and less net to shoot at). Yes, aggressive forecheck could result in more odd-man rushes the other way, which could prove to be deadly. But, it is the playoffs and they have to start playing with desperation. There is no excuse for getting out-worked by the likes of Pascal Dupuis and Adam Hall, and that’s what happened on those power plays in the last 6 minutes. The youngsters need to just play their game (Nigel Dawes, where have you gone?). Avery needs to just play his game – get in the face of MAF like he did in yesterday’s closing moments. Any way you slice it, you’re down 0-2. But as the old saying goes, the series does not start until you lost at home. I sense a big-time effort tomorrow night, and we’ll have a new series folks.

  15. “Re: a previous post (I think it was brandon): 2. This might seem trivial and miniscule but what is the point of having the “no change” icing rule if every time there is an icing in a key situation NBC has a 5 min. commercial break where the worn out line essentially gets to rest and regroup. Kinda renders the rule meaningless, no?

    I totally agree. I was psyched when the Penguins were called for icing mid-way through the 3rd period after a very long shift. Then what happens, a TV timeout!!! Drove me nuts. I guess the TV timeouts are part of the game, but after an icing is the absolute worst time to do it! NHL better tell NBC/versus to wait until another stoppage.”

    haha I was thinking the same thing. I mean you aren’t 100% rested, but still, you get a nice breather to relax. Its almost like the players know when the TV timeouts are. Its been happening since mid season where guys, even the Rangers ice the puck when its due for a TV timeout. really weird stuff there.

    As for Game 3 and the rest of the series, as I said in a post I had yesterday, the Rangers need to skate for 60 minutes. You can’t beat Pittsburgh by gliding around. That being said they need to slow the game down so Pittsburgh can’t get going. But we complain about the refs and Crosby when in reality he gets the calls because A) we don’t move and B) he never stops his feet.

    If the Rangers start skating, they’ll stay out of the box, draw more PP’s (especially against slow cones like Gill), and setup chances down low. Key is to establish position in the O-zone and funnel pucks to the net. Also Rozsival, I know you don’t shoot much for some weird reason, but when you do, dont’ make it like a shot-pass where its half speed. Fire that stuff in there.

  16. at least brooks mentions that shanny wasn’t an even strength factor, lets see if Renney finally realizes that as well. gomez is being wasted against the pens playing with avery and shanny, avery i can live with but shanny just can’t keep up anymore. and i have to agree dawes has done little to nothing this entire playoffs

  17. Why not put Avery back on the top line?

    Avery Dubinsky Jagr
    Dawes/Straka Gomez Shanahan
    Straka/Dawes Drury Callahan
    Hollweg Betts Sjostrom

    I say take Prucha out, We need either Orr or Hollweg that will throw the body around.

    Staal on the Power Play instead of Tyutin.

  18. I am not even going to bother reading everyone’s comments, but has anyone or is anyone going to mention that we got cheated out of a goal??

  19. “but has anyone or is anyone going to mention that we got cheated out of a goal??”

    Of course we were cheated. That was a quick whistle. And can someone tell me why the Ref stayed in the corner and didn’t move behind the net to get a better view? He blew the whistle from the corner.

    Bad positioning. And it cost us. Again.

  20. Yeah we did, even all of my friends who HATE the rangers say we got screwed. Because it was the Rangers and Penguins on SID TV. They all said the other teams get 5 whacks on Hank before the ref even goes for the whistle. But what can we do right?

  21. You know what is immensely evident when watching this series… Something that a lot of people on this blog have been saying all year. We need a big man on Defense. Half the goals we have given up this year in the playoffs have been due to all the traffic in fron of Hank. He can’t see the puck and its taking crazy bounces off legs and skates. We need a big man to clear that area out.

    Pitt got Gill who a bunch of people on this blog think svcks.. but he has been crushing it for them. Sharks got Cambell… he has just been insane for them. We got Backman… and yes he has really improved his game since his first week or two in blue… but he is not the answer. Rozi and Tyutin are not the answer either.

    Sather needs to go out and fill that void next year.

    On the Pens power play they had two guys parked in front of our net. It seemed no matter what we did there was always one guy sitting in fornt of Hank that was pretty much unmarked. How many times did the reverse happen to us. Zero times. Because there D was able to clear us out pretty much every time.

    And yeah… Dawes what happened to you? Where did you go? I mean you can see the effort from Dubi and Cally every night but I gotta say you seem to be playing to much with Shanny and the two of you have become invisable.

  22. I don’t see Renney changing lines too much. I think this is where his weakness as a coach lies. He wants to show faith in his guys by staying the course and not shaking things up…even though it looks like they could use a big wake up call.

    Renney tested Prucha with Gomez yesterday late in the game, but he needs to do it from the first drop of the puck to get Prucha really “into” the game. We’re paying the price for keeping him on the sidelines for too long.

    I’m not saying Prucha is the savior, but he will always be an upgrade from Hollweg + Orr – both of whom were largely ineffective in their playoff appearances this year (I give Orr a pass due to prolonged injury).

  23. You know what was driving me F’n nuts yesterday? Is that before the series started(as sam reported) that the coaches, officials, and whomever else, met to discuss the series, including the topic of diving. Then they make the wrong call just hours later. And repeat the performance all over again 2 days later. It’s boggling to think that it can happen just that easy.

    The officiating hasn’t helped us, that’s for sure. But it’s not the only reason we’re down 2 games now.

    I mentioned it before, but I still can’t get over the gap in individual talent between our 1st and 2nd round opponents.

  24. we def got screwed but we cant cry about it cause they still played like crap and probably would have lost in overtime anyway.

  25. The reason why we played so poorly yesterday was because we got cheated by luck and by refs left and right in Game 1, causing us to blow a 3-0 lead. So Game 1’s poor officiating was the direct cause of our play yesterday.

    Something of note, we actually get a lucky goal off someone’s skate in Game 1 (like what always happens to us) and the hockey gods have to immediately give it right back to the opposition. And it couldnt just be one lucky goal, it had to give them three including the game winner??

  26. Avery thrived on the first line when he was there, and scored 2 against the Pens in what was one of our best games of the season.

  27. Beer Me, agreed. The last 2 years we’ve been lulled by a false sense of security with relatively easy (ie quick) first rounds.

    As long as the Rangers fight hard the rest of the way, I won’t mind if they lose the series (after my customary 3-day mourning period, of course). I’d be surprised if they don’t turn it up a couple notches tomorrow night.

  28. Yeah I thought the commentators were supposed to be at least a little objective. My god, I don’t know how edzo can talk and fellate sid at the same time. He went out of his way to say sid doesn’t dive and has never been a diver. I guess he has never been to you tube. I hope we come back because I am sick of hearing how great the pens are.

  29. The rangers in the off season have to upgrade there defense if they want to have a chance of winning a cup. There defense is to soft. They play the puck and not the body way to much.

  30. I think the refs were much worse in round one…. This round they have missed a few calls and called a few light ones (like the hook on Drury yday and maybe the interference on Straka at the end of game 1) but all in all it has been pretty fair.

    The quick whistle on the goal last game svcks – but whachu gonna do. Had we played a better game a scored a few – that play would not have mattered.

    I think Renney and the rest of the team needs to concentrate on how to beat these guys and not on the refs.

    BTW did anyone else have a flashback to 2006 when Jagr threw out his shoulder trying to whack Gomez – when Jagr started yelling at Sid for diving. I mean I love to see him geet fired up… but I think these guys are way to worried about Sid and his diving and they are not concentrating on playing their game.

  31. Does anyone remember the disputed icing that was on NBC b/w the Pens and Rangers in the last two months of the season. They went on all game about a disputed icing that resulted in nothing while a tying goal is taken off the board in a playoff game and nary a mention.

  32. Sam you wrote: “Something of note, we actually get a lucky goal off someone’s skate in Game 1 (like what always happens to us) and the hockey gods have to immediately give it right back to the opposition. And it couldnt just be one lucky goal, it had to give them three including the game winner??”

    I couldn’t agree more. Every team gets 10 bounces to our 1. If it occurs so often, perhaps it is our own fault. They always say ‘you create your own luck’… Well maybe we need to throw more unpredictable/weird angle shots at the net.

  33. I just want to see one cheap hit at Crosby. Just a head down, cross ice, flying elbow to the top of the jaw. I’m nnot usually like that… but he deserves it. I knew this series would be an enlightenment on him and his team… but I didn’t really expect to loathe him so passionately so soon. He really is a child, if we are not going to beat PIT, I want to at least see us hurt that kid.

    Anyone see that youtube of “Kovalchuk points at Crosby”? Pretty sweet.

  34. Beer Me!… you want nuts, I’ll give you ‘nuts’

    I think a referee needs to be murdered for the way they cheat NY teams in order for the other referees to take notice and treat us fairly. When are American sports fans going to become like soccer fans worldwide and murder referees when their teams get screwed.

    Btw, the sole reason the Giants won the SB was because we got treated fairly for 4 games. If we dont get treated fairly, the likelihood of us winning significantly decreases. I keep trying to tell myself it’s okay if the Rangers get cheated because the NYG won…then I get angry and wonder why both cant win, every boston team gets handed everything on a silver platter, why cant we.

  35. Salty can you send the link to Kovalchuk points at Crosby. Just searched for it and got nada.

  36. Jarrko Ruutu got praised yesterday for his “hurtin” on Jagr in Olympics. The Olympics are supposed to be about sportsmanship, and Jarrko is the biggest disgrace to the game, but hockey praises him and calls Avery a disgrace. I apologize in advance for the comment above, I’m not usually like that, but I wish we’d throw Hollweg on the ice and have him two hand baseball bat hit Crosby Malkin and Staal in the face with his stick and see if NBC praised that “hurtin”

  37. Time for Shanny to retire. My God the guy outside of leadership adds nothing. He is too slow too weak along the boards and too weak with the puck. He has dragged Gomez down with him as well. Dawes has struggled as well. I would suggest getting Korpikowski in the lineup. Maybe have Drury and Gomez switch wingers. Something. The pp has been pathetic all year but yesterday it was dragged to even lower depths of suckitude. Rozsival and Tyutin had each and every shot they took blocked. At least Rozsival(they better not re-sign him) is a free agent after the year we’ve got 4 more years of Tyutin underachieving. The Rangers had maybe 2 or 3 really high quality shots on Fleury. That flat out isn’t good enough. Lundqvist by far was the Rangers best player and he really deserved much more support. Good job by the ref being out of position on the Rangers goal. Something tells me he wouldn’t have whistled it if the Pens were in the same spot. Jagr had a much quieter game in game 2 as Jordan Staal and Orpik were all over him. Renney at Msg can do a much better job managing Jagr’s shifts and who he plays against. I hope he does the right thing and places Shanny on the 4th line.

  38. Parros I’m sorry man I can’t access youtube from work… just start looking throught the “crosby dive” videos…it comes up pretty popular everytime i look for crosby vids

  39. Guys I have to say that the Rangers physical play has been mostly absent in this second round…there have been few punishing hits, yesterday Malkin skated to the front of the net with the puck and Rozi could have flattened him but no he went for the puck. The Pens forwards never get leveled and I think its because the Rangers think they are gonna get a penalty for anything. I say pummel them…make them pay…no one is doing it…
    Avery has been non existent…last season a great first round showing and he disappeared in the second round…this season a great first round again and now he’s disappearing again. If he can’t keep it up, where is all value in the intangibles that he is supposed to bring to the table?…so far this series, I haven’t seen any evidence of the Avery we expect…and have come to love…

    Going forward, the experienced players obviously have to step up, and show these kids how its done…like some of you I think this series is far from over…I think if they beat Cindi on Tuesday its a whole new series, Pitt is on a roll and one lost could really shake their confidence. Renney needs to find some holes in there game and exploit them…

  40. Avery has been way too quiet. I hope that the late game scrum is the start of something. Too bad Gary Roberts isn’t playing. Avery could get in his head and draw penalties against him like he did with Mellanby and Tkachuk last year.

  41. For so long I have mentioned that our D is soft and cannot clear anyone out of the front of the net. How is Jordan Staal allowed to just camp out there on top of the crease? And Roszival, why is he sliding out to the puck when Marc Staal is already there? Rosy is a moron btw. Just a plain old dumbass on the ice.

    The D collapses on Hank when the puck gets deep in our D zone. They don’t push anyone out of the way when it comes towards the net. They all watch the frickin puck. Pathetic.

    Again, I am not making any major revelations here. This crap has gone on all season. I just thought our O would help make up for some gaffes. When we score 0 though, even one gaffe is too much. This was apparent yesterday.

    I am thoroughly depressed. But I do remember last year we went down 2-0 and were 7 secs from going up 3-2.

    One game at a time. One shift at a time. The guys have to want it and skate like it.

    Last thing, everytime Jags come ups the ice he could theoretically draw a penalty. Why the F do the refs give this Crosby pu$$y all the calls? It is bizarre. I mean I know the answer (I think) but it is just pathetic. Why was Tyutin called for a hold? He pushed the guy with his hand? You mean when I check a guy into the boards and push with my hands it’s OK, but when he turns the corner on me and I push him down it’s not? So f-ing inconsistent.

    And Avery, WTF? You start getting hungry and aggressive when we are down 2-0 with 15 secs left? Why didn’t you lure Gill into dropping his gloves in the 2nd period?

  42. Also, NBC was giving credence to the Pens complaining about Shanahan being in the crease. Shanahan, a future hall of famer, they’re going against, but they praise a dirty and dangerous hit by a talentless loser Ruutu in the Olympics and say that everybody in the NHL dives at some point, not just Crosby, the same way it was every team in the NFL tapes other teams sidelines, not just the Patriots. Against a NY team, for a Boston team, seems like sports nowadays.

  43. DB, NBC considers Crosby a huge asset to their NHL contract. They’ve been pushing him since he was drafted. Sadly, we won’t get objective commentating. They think they are getting new, casual sports fans watching the game because of him. The last thing they are going to do is call him out.

    The big networks just don’t know how to cover hockey. Casual sports fans will not watch our game because of this kid. He is not Wayne Gretzky. More hockey fans will certainly watch, but I bet you that about 1/2 the people watching Crosby will be rooting against him. So for NBC’s sake, they should call it as they see it because they’ll always be angering half the viewers.

  44. Some things to look for in Game 3

    Crosby: Anyone see Avery Slash his wrist? Hopefully it will get nice and swollen and hurt him the next game. hehe I just love when Cindy is hurt.

    Avery: Has to get in Fleury’s face, period. I liked waht Shanny was doing in game one, but we need way more crashing and crowding him. I’ve said it all season, MAF is horrible down low and with traffic, he had way too many fields of vision for the puck last night.

    Dawes: Where are you?
    Dubi/Cally: Not a great game for either

    we need to beat the shit out of them tomorrow and win these two at home.
    I still beleive
    If we win both games at home, its Rangers in 6


  45. Typical Crying New York fan on

    Boo hoo from the Big Apple! We’re the biggest city and the biggest crybabies! Crosby dives, boo hoo! The refs are against us, wahhhhh! One guy even said we should actually murder a ref here, wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! We think everything should be given to us because we’re from New York! Boo hoo!

  46. Why do we allow people to camp out in front of the net???????


    Because we cant get away with shoving people away from the puck, it’s called an interference penalty. Our Goalie cant slash people in the face or groin w/ his stick and get away with it. It’s not our guys’ fault.

  47. I’m not talking to anyone directly here, really. And I know some are just blowing off steam and I understand that. But who the F*ck cares what the commentators are saying? I hope you don’t need them telling you what’s going on. We all knew how bad it was going to be before it even started.

    RE: Roberts. I know he wasn’t 100% when the series began, and thus not in the lineup. But keeping him out of the lineup could be the very thing that wins the series for pitt. And could be the best coaching move of the series at the same time.

  48. Another thing that Larry Brooks pointed out today….how the F was Jagr only playing 19 mins? Double shift the guy in place of Shanny. Whatever. Get the guy out there for 7-8 more shifts a game, at least.

  49. I say put back together the HBO line and come out hammering with big hits and get the garden crowd in to it. If that doesn’t get the rangers going than nothing will at this point.

  50. Typical Crying New York fan

    Must be a Bostonian, I guess life must be easy when you get everything handed to you and you dont even have to wipe your own ass, you’ve the media outlets to do that for you.

    We dont want everything given to us, we want fairness and equality. Doesnt that sound PERFECT. 18-1*

  51. True Blue to the core on

    If we lose this series we can thank Bettman and the rest of his clowns for the debacle that was the entry draft after the lockout. The Rangers were one of the worst teams in the league and end up with the 13th pick while the Pens get awarded the top pick two years in a row and end up with both Malkin and Crosby. Every 20 years the NHL needs to throw Pitt a bone and give them a great player to keep the fan base interested?

    Maybe the NYR fans should stop being a “true” fan base that is with their team through thick and thin and stop going to games when the team is terrible.

  52. This is a response to Sam at 10:06am (time posted, not real time)…..

    I know that is not Sam Weinman. I know Sam Weinman played hockey at glorious RHS, among others! Go Garnets!

    Sam who wrote that post about clearing guys out of the crease, you never played hockey in your F-ing life if that is the S you are going to spew in response to my mentioning clearing guys out of the front of the net.

    It’s called positioning you ass-clown. You put one leg between their two, you put your stick in front of the feet, under their stick. Anytime the puck is anywhere near your net, you lift your stick and you firmly place you knee against the inside of their legs. You control their positioning. You control their stick. I am not saying cross check them. I am not saying slewfoot their legs. I am saying that as the stay at home D man, I don’t care where the puck is.

    If you are camping out in front of MY goalie, I am gonna have my stick, my legs, my elbows in your ribs. There is no penalty there. Just good, hard contact. You can add to the effectiveness of this by trying to ride them out of the front of the crease. This is similar to boxing out under the boards in hoops (what an awful sport, btw).

    Ignorant comments like Sam’s of 10:06am, especially on a day like this, just pi$$ me right the hell off.

  53. Crying NY Fan can go fvckhimself – but to be honest he does have a point. Just like in round one were the Devils let the refs and Sean Avery get under their skin… we are letting the refs and Sid the Doosh get under ours. Before the series even started too. I just don’t get it. We need to stop worrying about Cindy and the refs and just concentrate on our game. End of story. If we don’t we will be playing golf in a week.

  54. What I am saying is if Sam’s response (of 10:06am) is that we can’t clear out the front of the net cuz we’ll get a penalty is the best thought we can muster, we are done.

  55. Scottie Gomez on

    Hey Jagr, got your nine iron ready? I made the reservations at the course for 9 o’clock Friday morning.

  56. I am not going to say another word about the blown calls and the diving and the quick whistle. It’s behind us now. We can only look forward and look in the winning the next game. I am not going to say the next 2, we have to win the next 1. That is the most important thing right now. We play our best when we play our game and not look past the next game and not look back to the past.

    Let’s Go Rangers! Regroup and get one back. Change the momentum. Rattle the kids. All the experience we have, I want that to be what shines through in this series. I want to win, but if we lose, I want to lose going down with a fight. Let’s make this a series and let’s start tomorrow. Who is with me here?

  57. Beer Me,

    I dont need the commentators to tell me what’s going on. Heres the point… The commentators epitomize the rest of the media, going against NY teams. How are the problems w/ the refs going to go away unless the media treats us fairly and makes it into a real story. For that matter, when is Shanny or Drury or Renney or Girardi or Jeter ever going to come out and say we get cheated. They wont because first and foremost, they believe in professionalism (a concept foreign to boston teams) and because they know it will do no good as the media will laugh at us and call us whiners and say that it happens to every team at some point.

  58. Oooh, that’s a bit early for me. Could we make it at noon Friday.

    P.S. I’ll bring the Bud Light.

  59. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Parros and Salty,
    The Kovalchuk thing is hilarious! I haven’t seen it in awhile but when it happened it was a big topic in the NHL. I believe Kovalchuk and Crosby (then a rookie) were jabbering back and forth at each other throughout the game and Crosby took a stupid penalty (slashing or diving) against the Thrashers. Kovalchuk scores his HAT TRICK goal on the PP and points at Crosby (who was in the box) and mouths the words “That was for you.” …priceless.

    Here’s my take on the game, don’t shoot me for it…

    The Rangers could’ve been rewarded for the Straka goal but I think 2 out of 3 times that play is whistled dead because it was under Fleury’s pads, pretty-secure there too, until Straka’s 2 or 3 hacks. So, i’m not so upset about that.

    The Crosby diving is going to happen and yea, he dove on the play with Straka game 1, and yea his feet come out the front against Tyutin. However, I think the ref’s need to call BOTH players (Crosby diving both plays and Tyutin the hold and Straka the interference).

  60. New Newman,

    I have played hockey, your comments are absolutely perfect. I’m sorry on a day like this I wasnt more clear.

    Any contact we make with another player coupled with embellishing by the opposition will result in a penalty. We cannot breathe on an opponent w/o a penalty. What was done to Crosby was a legal shove, not hold, and yet a magical penalty appeared. That was a good hard play that should have been rewarded, yet instead, was penalized.

  61. Ryan Callahan on

    Don’t forget me guys! The Penguins may have their broomsticks, but I’ll have my custom putter! Just call me Arnie Palmer Jr.!

  62. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Guys, just ignore the Penguins fans. I have a feeling they’re going to start coming around more often.

    As for the team, I’m concerned because their defensive lapses (as predicted) are catching up with them (again, as predicted). I don’t know how you change that because the team plays a defensive style and still gave up 3 breakaways this series and a couple odd-man rushes.

    How many have they gotten? Not many, perhaps 0.

    Avery looks to finally be doing his thing (at the end of game 2) and Jagr had one shift in the third where he hit Ruutu pretty good and then destroyed a player on the far side boards. I was shocked, but like seeing that fervor from “our” captain.

    It’s obviously a long-shot, but Pittsburgh probably is the best team in the East. Fortunately, we have one of the best goalie’s in the world and as much as I loathe him, Tom Renney’s actually a pretty smart guy. Hopefully, they’ll pull something together and make it an interesting series.


  63. oh sam, I understand why people are upset with it, totally. I just don’t see the point in getting wound up over it. The league is promoting crysob with every angle they can. You or I or anyone else bitching about it is just doing that. Bitching. By all mean, continue if you’d like, I was just commenting on it. That’s all.

    Just like you said, those guys are true professionals. I’d hope that the fan bases follow suit. I hate being generalized with those that constantly cry over everyone being against everything that is NY.

    Nasty – I’m with you dude.

  64. Jaromir,

    I dont play golf, I get all prettied up to bang my talentless protege Tyler Kennedy and my ugly complement Evgeni during the offseason.

  65. Some great discussion on here as always –

    Beer, what you said about your confidence teetering on the edge, I do share that sentiment somewhat. After the game yesterday, I was all doom and gloom. I almost broke my cell phone but refrained from throwing it against the wall. My initial reaction was that the season was over.

    Then after thinking about it, the truth is that the Rangers have been a great home team and I think in a desperate situation they will play well. They have the vets to do it and have been a great bounce back team all year. I wanna see an assault on Fleury tomorrow night. Constant pucks and bodies to the net. Make him uncomfortable.

    Hank was spot on with his post-game comments and I love his “we’ll get the win” quote. They need that confidence. Goodness knows Hank has played his part. Hopefully the boys step it up big time tomorrow.

  66. Kovalchuk scores his HAT TRICK goal on the PP and points at Crosby (who was in the box) and mouths the words “That was for you.” …priceless.


    He doesn’t even celebrate the goal. He just turns to the box and gives _the BIGGEST point out ever_


  67. Beer Me,

    How are things ever going to change unless someone speaks up. I’m not saying that they’re against everything NY. They certainly werent against the Giants during this years’ playoffs. But when is the time going to come for computer technology taking over for referees/umpires or for complete fairness for every team by umps/refs

  68. Hey Sam did they have a morning skate on Sunday? being that is was a 2 o’clock start so the team had to be there by 12 anyway would they have morning skate at 9? Or just skip it?

  69. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “Swipe” as in, UFA?

    He said it was such a great honor to play in Pittsburgh on NBC…a lot of players say that stuff and leave for the $$$, but he sounded sort of genuine and I think he’s a Pittsburgh native.

  70. My trusty source (Wikipedia) confirms that Malone is a Pittsburgh native. Hockey players are somewhat different types of athletes…I think he re-signs there.

  71. All I’m saying about the commentary is that we all knew it was bad before the series started. We all knew what to expect. I’m not telling anyone to stop what they’re talking about. Just pointing out that from an outside perspective it’s just as bad as anything crosby is doing out on the ice. That’s all. The officiating is another story. If you think your voice will be heard on a comments section of a blog, it’s borderline dillusional. If they don’t listen to GM’s, they’re going to listen to us??

    Hank has been huge for us. It’s hard to believe that 5 got by him on friday. He’s not to blame for all of them.

  72. True Fans Bleed RW&B ,
    you see a link like that and you really start wondering is the fix in for the Pens to win the cup.

  73. Doodie’s been the biggest chearleader for Malone pretty much all year. And I’d have to agree. I didn’t pay too close attention to his game before the playoffs began. But the potential for that kid is incredible. Size + ability is exactly what we need. Too bad he doesn’t play defense too!

    I’m really growing tired of Rozy. He makes me wanna slap my momma when he’s on the ice.

  74. someone asked when was the last time we came from 0-2 down and won a series. I think it was vs Montreal a year or two after we won the cup. lost the 1st 2 at home and then won 4 straight.

    someone else commented that the broadcast mentioned Oakland. There is an Oakland section of pittsburgh. The University of Ptt students wear teeshirts Oakland Zoo.

    re our team. this might be the last go around for some players so lets leave it all out there. 22 other teams would love to have the chance we have still. SO LETS DO IT

  75. The only two defensemen that are keepers for the rangers are Girardi and Stall, that’s it IMO.

  76. Guy with the Office for the Parade in Pittsburgh on

    C’mon, rent my office space somebody… you’ll get the best view for the upcoming Championship Parade in Pittsburgh — bar none!

  77. “Why not put Avery back on the top line?”

    I agree. Straka on the top line isn’t doing it for me right now. Powerplay make it Staal-Rosie.

    Dubinsky was non-existant this game (along with a lot of other players), Staal’s turnover lead to a goal, Backmann is playing like a softer version of Malik (when he sucks), etc., etc. Is Shanny hurt or just on his last legs?

    Aside from Lundqvist you could call out just about any Ranger on the team. They woke up when the goal was scored but couldn’t get great shots or shooting lanes and could not stay out of the box.

    They need to establish a damn presence in front of Pens net jeez rebound boy was coughing up some big ones with nobody around.

  78. I agree Beer, but Doodie also threw in the towel yesterday… and isn’t coming around again until Draft Day…so…
    I also am sick of Rozi and if they sign him to a big contract, I’m breaking out my skates again and heading to training camp…

  79. Sean "Absolutely Fabulous" Avery on

    Hey everybody, while you were making up cute names for Crosby, didya happen to notice I’m doing an internship at Vogue?


    Imagine how all the Penguins fans must be laughing at you Rangers fans now. Ha ha!

    Anyway, gotta go — the Project Runway marathon is starting.

    P.S. It’s called a “European carry-all” guys, not a purse.

  80. ha! Staal – good point. Doodie also gave up in December and then I think again in Februrary some time too. :)

    “22 other teams would love to have the chance we have still.”

    G-dam LI Joe. That’s some serious positivity right there. I think some of that rubbed off this way. It’s a great point.

    Tomg – agreed on the dmen. I’d take Mara back, but only for the right price. Toots’ problem is that he was overhyped, and now as a result, overpaid.

  81. Thanks a$$hole. Us Ranger fans are aware of the Sean Avery thing. Me personally, I think it’s cool. We’re a little more “with it” here in New York, unlike you uncultured swine in Pittsburgh. How are the old steel mills holding up?

    Wait til Cindy, Gina and rebound-machine Fleury hear the noise at MSG on Tuesday. We’ll see how the series feels when the puck drops and the onslaught commences.

    And Mr. Fashion Sense might just run over some of your guys like Scuderi again, and he might score a goal or two also. People seem to not realize this guy’s a decent hockey player. Unlike your mindless goon Ruutu.

  82. It seems like everyone is missing one major thing about both games. The Ranger Defense keeps coughing up the puck in their own zone. You just can not do that with a fast offensive team. The Rangers need to take better care of the puck in their own zone. There have been way too many scoring chances for the Penguins generated off of Ranger turnovers.

    Agreed, Shanny looks real slow. Having trouble getting to pucks. Dawes seems to have disappeared and the team in general needs to be more physical and to forecheck the Penguins before they hit the neutral zone at full speed.

    Having said all this the Rangers can certainly correctect the mistakes of the first 2 games and still have the gasme to bring the series back to even.

  83. Malone is a good player but he really shit the bed on a wide open net yesterday. Anyway, I thought we had a chance to win either game in Shittsburg, but we came up short and beat ourselves. SO we will have to make up for it starting tomorrow. We can’t cry about the past guys. If roles were reversed and the pens were saying this, we would be all over them and calling them whiners. Let’s just man up deal with it. We have taken punches to the chin and been fine at other times this season, why not now? Why not starting tomorrow? Come on Ranger fans. Why even respond to pens fans that post on here? Fug em. Not even worth it.

  84. Word up, Nasty.

    Big win tomorrow night at the Garden

    Al Trautwig on the post-game said if they win tomorrow and are down 2-1, it’s just like if they got the split in Pitt then lost the first home game…so what’s really the difference. If the Rangers win tomorrow, it’s an entirely new series.


  85. Rob C, Pitt fans also can’t wait to see this team disbanded cause they can’t keep them all for long, at some point these players are gonna want more money and its at that point that the team once again disappears, almost goes bankrupt and needs another “Savior” to come along…Don’t forget they still owe Mario money from 15-20 years ago…

  86. tomg – I’m sure he’d entertain offers. But I think his reputation will & has hurt us in the long-run. I think he’s try to package him, but I don’t think he could get the deal done.

    Are the Stars for real? I’m actually looking foward to watching them take a 2-0 lead back to Dallas tonight.

  87. I can not say where I heard this, and it was a very very reliable source, but Tampa Bay is prepared to throw the money that Avery wants at him just before the draft. It will be interesting to see what happens with this. I think Tampa needs to do something, and Avery could be the kind of player they need.

    Not that this is important right now, but I know a lot of you could care less if Avery leaves, but I want this guy on our team. Not for 4 million a season, but I want him here.

  88. I love it Pens fans getting on Rangers fans. Once Jagr was traded the dark dank mellon arena was competely empty once Sissy Crybaby dove into Maria’s crotch and became a Penguin you idiots became fans again. The booing of Jagr who carried the Pens to the playoffs year after year after Maria retired is ridiculous. Btw Pens fans Maria won jack before the Pens traded for Francis and brought Jagr over from the Czechslovakia.

  89. tomg, Tyutin’s trade value is somewhat diminished now. Sather already resigned him at an inflated rate. I wouldn’t move him. He’s still young, so there’s plenty of time to get him back on track.

  90. Good call Graves…I love when fans get on their high horse when their team is playing well. Of course your building is full! Bunch of bandwagoners.

    Even when the Rangers were bad, MSG brought the noise and atmosphere. I have distinct memories of the early 2000’s when I first got my season tix of sitting in the blues and rooting for such awful players as Sandy McCarthy (you know you’re bad when THIS GUY is constantly the biggest threat on the ice), Rich Pilon, Radek Dvorak, etc. We stick with our boys through the toughest times. They certainly can’t say that in Pittsburgh.

  91. Sean "Absolutely Fabulous" Avery on

    You tell ’em Rob C.! Thanks for sticking up for me, you’ve got a brand new designer purse — er uh, manly European carry-all coming, bud!

    Your Pal,

  92. I’d love to see the Rangers “Sunday” stat. I’d project we’re well below .500 on Sunday games this year. I remember going through a stretch in the middle of the season when we lost back-to-back-to-back Sunday games, won one, then lost another.

    We did lose to the Devils on a Sunday last series. Does someone have the capabilities to pull numbers like that?

    I’m dying to know… maybe we’re just not a Sunday team.

    Just adding a little extra perspective to a conversation that has gotten highly repetitive.

    Either way, keep up the positivity.


  93. Win tomorrow & I’ll feel better. I gotta tell you, this series so far is NOT good for my heart.
    LGR !! in 6 !!

  94. Also, what is with you guys getting on Tyutin?

    Good play and bad play is infectious. Second to Staal, he’s been the most consistent defensive player on our team all season. Perhaps he hasn’t put together 2 of his best performances to date in this series, but if you think he should be out of the lineup, you should consult your dealer about the kind of dope he’s pushing you.

    It’s comical how you can even point the finger to him. Collectively, we played sloppy uninspired puck.

    From Dawes to Tuytin, to our top guns… you win as a team, you lose at a team. In games we win, no one points out who had a bad game… is it because no one did? No. It’s because its not as important when the collective team effort produces a win.

    Bad performances go under the radar in a win… its a team sport… you blame the team, not the player.

  95. Brandon I agree with you, Tyutin is young and defensemen take time to mature, not every defenseman is a Staal or Girardi. I think people will change their tune in a season or 2. give the guy a freaking break already…
    to all the Tyutin, bashers why don’t you rip Valli, he didn’t have a good game either LOL

  96. SAM:

    Ask Renney why Sjostrom and Backman are in the lineup? They have done NOTHING since wearing the Ranger blues … Rangers are spending way too much time in their own end… Play Malik with Rosival as Rosival plays better with Malik … I’d play Orr, Moore and even Hollweg in place of Sjostrom .. at least get some intimidation going … If the Rangers lose this series you can say they lost it at the trade deadline … Backman and Sjostrom have hurt the Rangers … the 4rth line chemistry is gone .. they have provided no offense … Backman is a total disaster in his own zone …

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