Maybe Crosby isn’t worth the bother


All this energy expended over Sidney Crosby? Well, actually, still worth it.

But consider this stat via “”: In games when the Rangers have held Evgeni Malkin without a goal, they are 5-0. When Malkin scores, they are 0-4, and Malkin has had all four game-winning goals.

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  1. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Wow! Malik, 4 game winners? Move over Chris Drury, here come Marek and the Hendersons!

    Sam, typo?

  2. Repost

    Yeah Renney let everyone make their own inference and they all came to the same conclusion. When asked about it before the series he said he would talk to the supervisor and everyone assumed it wold be about Sidney . . maybe there is a reason everyone has the same conclusion? Does he have a reputation for diving (embellishing) outside of NY? I would bet he does.

    Oh how do the meetings with th supervisor work, is it one on one or are both coaches present? Wouldn’t Therrien know what was said?

    As for NBC today Olceyeck (again spelt horribly wrong) said o nMike and the Mad dog that he wouldn’t go as far as diving but he said Sid definitely embellishes to get calls (which if I’m not wrong is diving) SO maybe he will actually say somehting during the telecast.

    They commented about that on versus the other night that Malkin is more of the Ranger killer than Crosby. Might be why I think MAlkin is better than Crosby. But that is the danger of the Penguins if you spend a lot of energy on Crosby Malkin will hurt you. ANd if you spend energy on MALikn Crosby is there

  3. If the Rangers win the cup, then Renney’s so-called remarks about Cindy’s penalty will be deduced as a ploy to throw off the opposition and get the refs in his corner. Only way his job should be saved IMO.

    Anything less than the cup, especially if the ref bias continues against the Rangers, he’ll be considered an a**hole for remarks like that and should immediately be fired.

    I see other coaches react to bad calls and hit back at the opposition or refs in their post game shows. Must be working since they get the best of calls when they are playing the Rangers.

  4. Malkin played TERRIBLE in the games at MSG. that is why they lost all 4 games there. he plays a lot better at home. malkin never even showed up in those games. that will be the key in games 3 and 4. if malkin plays better at MSG, look out. if he plays like crap like he did in the reg season at MSG, the rangers will win games 3 & 4

  5. All of Malkin’s female cousins are working the poles at Scores and Goldfingers (several locations). So, when he comes to NYC, you can imagine the time it takes to communicate with all his blood.

  6. Sam – PNC Park is supposedly at all three rivers, Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio, from what I hear, though the Allegheny is the one in the back.

    I’m pumped to see this game today and think I may have been better off missing the first game because of so many annoying things occurring.

  7. Oh man two hours away and its killing me to have to wait.

    and Jo and I have to repaint our car because its raining and the tarp was put on wrong (I know dumb of me but what can I say) grrr…

    The Preds have a nice stadium as well.

  8. I wonder if the RSL is still waiting for compensation for stealing Malkin out of Russia. He’s got no business playing in this league. How long will WE have to wait for Cherepanov? We all know the Pens don’t have to play by any rules. Oh, how I hate that team.

  9. speking of Prucha where is P27 I have heard Pru will either play on the line with Sjostrom and Betts or Prucha wil moce up to Gomez and Dawes with SHanny getting fourth line minutes

  10. Yeah what is up with Chereonev. Originally I thought there was no problem when the Rangers drafted him, that he would be free to come to the NHL next year. . . now there is a problem and he will wait one more year? By then our contract with him is up isn’t it and anyone can sign him?

  11. Jorek – Many people thought Cherepanov would be playing another year in Russia; that’s why teams were hesitant to draft him. The issue is that he would probably play in the AHL, at least to start, if he came over next season, and we wouldn’t want to anger him like Enver Lisin of the Coyotes last season, but he eventually came back to play this season.

  12. I have bashed Renney all season (times 2.75), but the way he is handling the ref questions is right on. The Rangers are traditionally a classy organization and he is doing a great job of keeping that up. While I will admit that I would love to see him kick and scream (since the teams who do that seem to get more calls), his resolve is better for the team and allows the Rangers to focus on the game and not the reffing. Of course somehow Michelle (I know) Therrien continues to whine about nothing, but that is my point – do we really want to be seen as whiners? We’ve been dealing with whiners since the Saturday before the playoffs started and we all hate them, so I’m proud that we are not amongst the crew of whining coaches and players. Again, to play my other personality, this may actually disqualify the Rangers from the National Hypocrite League.

    Go Rangers! Go Dubie! Go Aves! Go Hank!!! (And Comet and Cupid and Blitzen…)

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