Game 2, the live blog


We’re starting right in. Press room meal was turkey and mashed potatoes, meaning I have a strange desire to curl up and take a nap. But I’ll power through...

UPDATE, 5:11 p.m.: 2-0 is 2-0, no way to dress it up. But the Rangers are already latching on to what they did in falling behind to Buffalo last year, and then coming back to win two straight at the Garden. Two different series, I know.

UPDATE, 4:24 p.m.: Time is getting short. Rangers look tired, and the ice seems choppy — not a promising combination.

UPDATE, 4:14 p.m.: This is not the way to come back. Two Pittsburgh power plays in the first six minutes.

UPDATE, second intermission: The Rangers will go into the third needing a goal to tie it up. After a marginal effort in Game 1, Marc Andre-Fleury has been stellar. Henrik Lundqvist has been every bit as good, but was left exposed after a brilliant move by Evgeni Malkin set up Jordan Staal.

So this it. The series doesn’t end today regardless, but for the Rangers, a loss here makes the collapse in Game 1 sting all the worse.

UPDATE, 3:41 p.m.: After the Penguins miss what seemed like a half-dozen point blank chances in front, Jordan Staal cashes in. The Pens are up 1-0, but Chris Drury just drew a holding penalty against Marian Hossa.

UPDATE, 3:31 p.m.: The Rangers best early scoring chance may have come when Jagr took that drop pass from Martin Straka. But he opted to make an extra move on Brooks Orpik and took away his angle. This is turning into a flinching contest.

UPDATE, 3:24 p.m.: Looks like the Rangers are trying to stretch the Penguins a bit to start the second, which is fine as long as they don’t get caught stretched themselves.

UPDATE, first intermission: All things considered, a better first period for the Rangers than in Game 1 — with the notable exception that they don’t have a lead. Of course, we all know how that worked out.

UPDATE, 2:44 p.m.: Crosby goes down, Tom Renney smirks. Easy, Tom. Michel Therrien might see that!

UPDATE, 2:30 p.m.: Some dicey early moments, but no blood. If nothing else, Henrik Lundqvist again looks sharp, staying with Marian Hossa the entire way on his breakaway.

UPDATE, 2:21 p.m.: New lines were a ruse. Avery is back with Scott Gomez and Brendan Shanahan.

UPDATE, 2:16 p.m.: New lines for Rangers: Sean Avery to skate with Chris Drury and Ryan Callahan.

UPDATE, 1:58 p.m.: For the record, no white T-shirt giveaway today. Too bad for the thousands of fans who showed up expecting as much, and now have to sit through the game shirtless.

I’m kidding, of course. There are public decency laws even in Pittsburgh….

UPDATE, 1:45 p.m.: First potential omen of the day: Before Game 1, when the Rangers charged on to the ice for warm-ups, Blair Betts was the first player to touch a puck and he sent a shot sailing past the goal. Today, Betts was again the first player to shoot, and he scores! To borrow from Sam Rosen, It’s a meaningless warm-up goal!

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  1. Damn it! Crosby fell during warm-ups. Rangers will start the game shorthanded.

    Hopefully, there is no need to discuss Crosby when this game is over…

  2. “We’re starting right in. Press room meal was turkey and mashed potatoes, meaning I have a strange desire to curl up and take a nap. But I’ll power through…”

    They’re trying to dull your senses so you can’t see the dives as clearly!

  3. Sam, I’m told you can go to Gabe’s to get a good shirt…name brand stuff rejected by QC departments of other retailers. You’d definitely be noticed wearing a shirt with the logo upside down.

  4. there will be no white out tonight cause…SIDNEY CROSBY said so jesus cindy says jump and everyone says how high. someone really needs to pop that kid one. i hope its pru.

    i requested at the end of the last game for prucha to play and hes getting a chance. lets hope he makes something of it.

  5. Deja,

    Unfortunately, when professional sports games are on a national network, it starts around 20 minutes after it’s “supposed to start”.

    The 2007 MLB All-Star game started like 45-50 minutes after it was supposed to start, and every Saturday Fox MLB game starts 20 minutes after its scheduled time.

  6. can we not show the rangers playoff song while showing penns highlights thanks.

    also is it just me or does the crybabys mustache look penciled in?

  7. I’m not so certain I am happy with Prucha being in the lineup. The recipe for success was playing tough defense, 1-4, killing the crowd, and being patient for chances. Yes, this means Pittsburgh would control possession, but they weren’t getting QUALITY chances until the Rangers stopped being disciplined. Even the Ruutu goal wasn’t a good chance.

    Putting Prucha in suggests to me more running and gunning, and less defensive discipline.

  8. this is like watching the previews…who cares what cindi thinks…
    Good one Clive…LOL

  9. nice save there by lundy..why does he not close his glove? did he not learn from last game?

  10. Wow #1: NBC sounds biased towards us today as they used the song “Believe” which MSG has been using.

    Wow #2: I just got a chance to watch that last penalty from game one, as it was just put on YouTube. It wouldn’t have been as bad if there weren’t two calls prior that could have gone against the Penguins as the uploader pointed out, a hook on Jagr and a cross-check on Straka. (search *Straka Crosby* and you will find it, in case my post won’t go through with a link)

  11. There goes the advantageee
    UGH, I’m freaking out about this game. This is a must win.

  12. Henrik is looking good so far.

    And this is not a *must-win* game. Like the boys (and girl) from _Around the Horn_ say, the series doesn’t really start until the home team loses. And, I guess, if it goes to a game seven also. Plus, it’s not a must-win because we won’t lose the series if we lose this game.

  13. Matthew Bleiberg – I think the FOX baseball games are actually scheduled for 3:55 now instead of 3:30, so they do start on time. And I’ve accepted that these NHL on NBC games will start after quarter-past the hour. You’ve just got to get used to it, I guess.

  14. SP, this is indeed a must-win game. something like 80% of teams that go up 2-0 win the series. In ATH, they don’t talk about hockey, and for every sport they do talk about (basketball, baseball) I would say that their statement might hold true. But not in hockey.

  15. was that Pru wiht Gomez? was it a weird change? does anyone know what our lines are? beyond the Jagr, Straka Dubi one and the defense pairings…

  16. i wonder if this game goes to overtime if they will interupt it for icons from the archives

  17. Doodie – So that means one out of five times the other team wins; those aren’t *too* bad odds, especially since a lot of the wins in that situation probably come from the first round where teams are less evenly-matched. Also, in hockey, home ice advantage is the most important because it gives you a tangible advantage in being able to have the last line change. _ATH_ has been talking about hockey a lot more than usual this playoff season; it’s scary!

    Not all of the elements are against today, hopefully we’ve learned our lessons and are going to play smarter.
    Let’s scoreeeeeeeeee!

  19. SP: Straight from Carp’s mouth:

    “Teams have climbed out of 2-0 holes in the Stanley Cup playoffs, although the number is only 37 out of 280 all-time in best-of-seven series.”

    That’s 87%. So it’s 7 out of 8 teams that win after going up 2-0. This is a must-win.

  20. Are you serious.
    Crosby goes down, there’s a penalty.
    You’ve gotta love Tom Renney–the second that penalty happened–a smile’s on his face…Renney’s such a cool guy…I love him.

    Good for Jagr telling Crosby to stand up like a man…Crosby’s such a…

  21. Hen-rik! Hen-rik! Hen-rik! Hen-rik! Hen-rik! Hen-rik! Hen-rik! Hen-rik! Hen-rik! Hen-rik! Hen-rik! Hen-rik! Hen-rik! Hen-rik!

    yutin hasn’t been physical all year!

  22. Like I said Agra, it was a penalty, but Crosby helps it get to the refs attention by going down. What Tyutin did is illegal: you can’t take your hand off of your stick, come around to the front of the guy and put your hand on him. It’s the right call.

    What Sid did there is drop as soon as there was contact: which is dirty, but I suppose isn’t technically wrong. It just isn’t what a gentleman does.

  23. if it wasnt a dive why are they talking about it why is it the main topic of discussion

  24. Good to see Jagr sticking up for the team and getting engaged…playing the role of captain. Let’s hope that has positive consequences, not negative!

  25. I think they played a better 1st period in the last game, and I’m not just talking about the goals. Pittsburgh had a lot of possession in both, but they had like 10 solid scoring chances in this one, whereas they had maybe one or two in the last one.

  26. Hey Sam, if you read this, what are the chances that we get a broadcast that doesn’t sound like a penguins broadcast? Clearly the Rangers are being irrational here when we see this strong skater go flying with his feet over his head. “Tyutin is a strong guy” Excuse me? Tyutin is a softy and is pretty scrawny in the upper body. It’s intolerable to watch and listen to. If Kenny and Dave would line up with the tv broadcast, I’d have that on SO fast.

  27. How many more times are the announcers going to defend Crosby.”you know, even the best players that ever played hocky knew how to dive. It is a great talent to have.” Put a pipe in it! Between NBC and Versus……I can’t take it anymore.

    Crosby Dive count= 1

  28. True…the Rangers have to make sure they don’t get too caught up on all of this scandalous stuff…the Penguins are trying to get into our heads, and we can’t let them

  29. what a joke jagr is. a serial pouter and quitter complaining about another player. get real, pussy chin

  30. Sam they said it was clearly a penalty that Tyutin is a storong kid (even though he hasn’t played that way all year)

    They said that Crosby clearly didn’t dive there (although they admitted Sat might have been an embellishment) then they said it doesn’t matter becuase every player dives, some are just better at it then others.

  31. Wow Mike Millbury…burn. He’s the jackass for saying Jagr was a horrible player and heavy baggage for the Rangers back in January. Now he’s trying to justify what he said…
    I hope Jags scores some serious goals in this series just to stick it to him.

  32. i think there might be a league wide bulletin point memo on what to say and what not to say
    i mean how many times can the nbc/vs announcers say the same words. ie (villan and gamsemanship)

  33. Jagirl needs to get rid of that landing strip on his face. Maybe then someone will take him serious.

  34. I can’t take the NBC broadcast anymore. I’ve muted my TV and am going with the radio broadcast. Should have done it from the start.

  35. so if everyone dives and just some are better than others doesnt that mean that cindy dives?

  36. rangerny09

    if Jagr scored a hat trick Milbury would say it was selfish. If he doesn’t score hes a bum. If he celebrates he is showboating. If he is calm and cool he is passionless. Jagr will never do anything right for Milbury

  37. wow was the girl from road trip just in this kfc commercial man her career sunk faster than alexander daigle’s

  38. What has Milbury ever said or done to show he knows the first thing about tallent or hockey strategy?

    The fact that he has any sort of hockey related job speaks volumes of the NHL.

  39. Agravaine, unfortunately that is true. Well who cares what Mr. Millbury thinks anymore, he’s dead in my book.

    We need to step it up now! LGR!

  40. see i thought that pull down by straka on malkin was more interference than the play on crosby

  41. I’m still pissed that they saaid everyone dives some are better then others… the only Ranger I can think of that dives is Aves and he hasn’t even done it for quite a long while…

    and cheating isn’t ok if eveyrone does it, its worse!

  42. Oh no, it’s horrible that we’ve lost Drury for a penalty…he’s such a great PKer

  43. Doc Emrick makes me want to kill myself. If he screams anymore , I will have to completely mute my television.

    Also, if I were the Penguins I would kill myself right now. They had so many good chances, a couple empty netters…and they couldn’t get it.
    Sucks for them, rocks for us.

  44. Forget what I just said.
    Now I want to kill myself.

    Okay, this just gives us greater motivation to score a goal…right?…I hope so

  45. At least it wasn’t Malkin who scored…given our game winning chances when he scores.

  46. Is anyone surprised by that? Really?

    They are not winning this game.

    Whatever, I didn’t even think they would make the playoffs in December, so I’m happy with what they have accomplished this season.

  47. OH MY GOD, DID ANYONE SEE THE BLATANT DIVE!? Rozsi definitely held the crap out of him, but then when nothing was called, he went flopping like a fish!

  48. I said “come on boys” I am not going to give up yet… it ain’t over till its over! let’s get momentum with this power play!

  49. onecupin67years on

    Same old Rangers, where’s Bernie Nichols when you need him the most ? Start polishing the clubs.

  50. That was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. About 8 bodies in front of that net….and the puck still got loose. LET’S SCORE

  51. Are you guys seriously giving up on the Rangers already?
    We can win this game, and even if we don’t win this, I have hope that we can win our home games.

    Psht, Garden Faithful loses its faith…

  52. I have seen nothing in this game that leads me to believe the Rangers will score once, let alone twice, at the same time keeping the puck out of their net again.

    Bottom line, if it wasn’t for Hank playing the way he has, this game is easliy 6,7-0.

  53. Agreed Doodie…….I wouldn’t say that it is Fluery so much as it is the Pens D! We need a spark!

  54. This sux. We’re gonna get shutout. There’s no patience… they’re trying to put it through Fleury not around him. Pathetic. No support whatsoever.

  55. Keep the faith…you’re not true fans if you can’t do that at least.

    I believe if we turn it down, we can come back.

  56. onecupin67years on

    Rangers need a “flukie” in the third to get them going, I don’t mind them losing but to the Pens and the pamper wearing 87 ,ughhh.

  57. Come on boys… lets keep the faith here. We can still take this thing. If you’re already jumping ship you don’t deserve to be here.

  58. It’s not that I don’t have faith… but once again we’re making a decent goaltender look like Patrick Roy. It’s unreal.

    JAGR HAS TO BURY THE CHANCES HE’S GETTING! Where the hell is everybody? Dubi? Avery? Gomez? Straka? Drury? Calli? Dawes?


    Where’s the balanced scoring? All 4 lines right?

  59. onecupin67years on

    Boy did Doc Emmrick give a squeal when the pens scored,he must be rooting hard for the pens.

  60. Omg I’m watching the Rangers ISO cam on the NHL website. It’s actually pretty sweet. Check it out!

  61. Wow, tomg with a positive statement.

    They are blocking too many shots; it’s not all about Fleury. Our best chances aren’t making it to the net, and that’s usually our game. I’m glad Straka finally tried a wraparound; we need more of those, especially to get some juicy rebounds if the puck doesn’t go in the net.

  62. I dunno. They look tired. Not moving their legs. I guess they can’t up with the young guns. Even though half of them are young guns themselves.

  63. Every time pitt ices the puck, it seems they get rewarded with a TV time-out.

    How can they be rewarded for icing?

  64. Someone please tell me why Jagr loafs up the ice during a playoff game and why Backman is playing when he doesn’t play D? Someone should make Jagr live in Cleveland when he is playing in Pitt because he obviously is going out and partying and hanging out late. I’ve seen more pucks roll off his stick and Jags caring less than usual which is almost impossible. I can’t wait for the Strangers to play in the garden but more importantly, I can’t wai to see this team next year when we cut all this dead wait who can’t skate and are already getting their SS checks. Nice, Sykora pulls his usual idiot move. PP, PLEASE COME ALIVE, PLEASE!!!!!

  65. hahahha i cant believe my eyes i want to rip them out and check and see if they still are mine.


  66. where going to score on this power play, i feel it coming boys, have faith, the hockey gods are ranger fans, LGR!!!!

  67. Let’s get one boys!!! I smell karma. Even if we lose this game I feel good about us in the Garden. Keep the faith fellas!!!! Jagr will wake up one day.

  68. pp = pathetic.

    couldnt get the puck into the offensive zone let alone get anything on net.

    see ya next year…

  69. OH well, next game. It’s never over until one team wins four games. I still believe the rangers will win this series.

  70. Notice how no one on Versus made any big deal of how the refs blew the whistle early.

    Sure, the Penguins deserve to win every game.

  71. THESE REFS SUCK. they blow the whistle before the play was over. COME ON!!!!!
    This is garbage.

  72. you have to figure the refs and networks give the Pens a 1 goal advantage each game.

    the ranger no goal was a goal…


  73. How can no one on versus even make mention of that quick whistle?

    We earned that goal and these douche-bag refs take it away like it’s nothing.


  74. Tyutin is absolutely useless unless he’s putting somebody into the wall with his hip. I’m not fazed by this game. I see this as a win-win situation for the Strangers and so should everybody else. If we come back and win 2 at the Garden, the Birds will be shi__ing their diapers but if we lose this series, well, we just got a whole lot younger and I can stop yelling at the screen because a certain lazy fu__ won’t pump his legs and skate. The Strangers are much better off than they were a few years ago and we are only getting better and YOUNGER!!!!! It’s a win-win. Goodbye to old guys who can’t skate. Hello young hungry players. Go Strangers on Tuesday!!!

  75. Doodie, youre an idiot. Go crawl under a rock somewhere. Or better yet, have one fall on you.

  76. onecupin67years on

    The Rangers have no one to blame but themselves . Bow a 3 goal in game led to this. Poor coaching match ups and combos by Tom. A quiet Avery except when the game is over is like having no Avery at all,poor shooting decisions, too many perimeter shots ,no one in front etc. And I don’t ever remember the rangers climbing out of 2-0 hole to win the series let alone the cup.

  77. I can’t take this anymore!!!!!!!!!!! THE PUCK WAS ROLLING IN THE NET WHEN HE BLEW THE WHISTLE!!!!! open your eyes ref!!!! This is unbelievable.

  78. Doodie, since you think “your team” is done now you should have no problem, you could just jump over and root for another team…

  79. No excuses boys. We got outplayed, fair and simple. Officiating wasn’t great, but if it wasn’t for Hank this thing would have been 5-0. Just have to come back Tuesday and play strong.

  80. they got beat by adam frickin Hall. he plays in the final minute each game with a 1 goal lead.

    meanwhile rosival was a 5th dman in pitt, but is top pair in NY

    what does that tell you

  81. That was just a pathetic game.

    How many shots did we have? 20? 23?

    The most frustrating loss this year. We looked incompetent, outhustled, lame, ineffective and just plain flat.

    Yeah we got one to go in… but again it wasn’t buried and the whistle had blown. How about finding the back of the frigging net? Hank lets in 1 damn goal and it isn’t enough.

  82. The ref is trained to blow the whistle if he loses sight of the puck, I’ve seen this happen a thousand time, it sucks but the rangers had a whole game to score goals and they didn’t, enough of blaming everything on the refs. The rangers need to step up and they will at the garden. The rangers can easily win the next two at the garden. It’s not over until one team wins four games, LGR!!!

  83. The Birds have the last change so you can’t blame Renney for this game onecupin67years. When you don’t clear the puck and you continue to take penalties vs. these guys you won’t win. The Rangers have played well all year when they are up against it. Let’s see what happens at the GARDEN. FU__ the little Penguins. We’ll take it to them on Tuesday. Go Rangers!!!!

  84. all right. See you all tomorow. Have to hope the Rangers can straighten this out. We were robbed of a goal, with that goal we don’t have an empty net. Shanny was not good, to still. There were defintely problems, but I still have faith they will pick it up at home. Win at the Garden and get back some momentum.

    Let’s Go RANGERS!

  85. real bad game… hank kept us in it…. they looked just like they have all year…impotent offense

    this should be 1-1

    _italic test_

  86. Avery drew the penalty with 2 mins to go that gave them a PP chance. but the shitty jagr choked as usual, doing zip on the PP. all they have to do is boo him and he folds like a cheap suit

    that said, the Pens played like crap at MSG 4 times this year, so it is far from over

  87. Some of you guys are major clowns. The game was on NBC not Versus. No wonder you’re Rangers fans, you have no clue!

  88. Rangers had 26 shots
    10 in the first
    9 in the second
    7 in the third

    Rozsival 1
    Girardi 3
    Shanahan 3
    Betts 1
    Dubi 3
    Gomez 2
    Sjostrom 1
    Drury 2
    Callahn 5
    Tyutin 1
    Jagr 3
    Straka 1

  89. Shanny is invisible. Does anybody think he’s hurt? Or maybe he just can’t keep up with the youngins? I’m out. Have a great rest of the Sunday folks and keep your heads up. The one thing the Rangers have shown under Renney is they have heart and DO NOT QUIT! I expect the kitchen sink on Tuesday. More importantly is Jagr is out of Pitt where he has obvious mental problems there. He looked like a shell of himself and unless he wakes up, the Rangers are done. See you guys later. GO RANGERS!!!!

  90. hossa is dumber than a hammer. it runs in the family.
    they told him to shoot high on Lundquist, so he shoots on the ice all game, 5 times, including on the breakaway

  91. “Avery drew the penalty with 2 mins to go that gave them a PP chance. but the shitty jagr choked as usual, doing zip on the PP. all they have to do is boo him and he folds like a cheap suit

    that said, the Pens played like crap at MSG 4 times this year, so it is far from over”

    Yeah Jagr was the only one who didn’t show up. He was actually one of the few that was fighting down low for the puck. The fact is the team played an OK game but kept taking stupid penalties. They take penalties because they don’t skate. Thats also the same reason why they don’t draw penalties. Whine all you want about Crosby but he gets his calls because he puts himself in that position by always moving his feet. Whenever the Rangers get pressured they stop skating and never get penalties called in their favor even when hooked an held.

    Series comes down to this, if the Rangers skate and stay out of the box, they’ll win. They’ve been the better 5 on 5 team so far IMO and they haven’t even played their best. Enough of the stationary puck movement, move your feet and crash the net and they have this. Its tough when you are playing against guys that are so young and talented, but they have to.

    Also this series eerily reminds me of last year against Buffalo.

  92. Well so much for my Hollwegg/Struds stache. It’s been nothing but bad luck. It’s coming off tonight.

    My girlfriend will be so excited.

    Maybe they can work on their powerplay and get it going. LOL.

    Not often that a statement like that can litterally be spoken at any given time this season and never been more true.

  93. there is no way crosby and the pens are winning in the garden on tuesday. the rangers had no energy tonight we have no excuses yeah the ref blew the whistle but they would have lost in overtime. we had so many power plays. rangers never showed up today end of story.

    bring it to the garden rangers will take both at home

  94. Guys,,,,go easy on Doodie…he is loyal as a Rangers fans as the rest of us here…

    Obviously, when you lose a tough game, you get frustrated….cut him some slack

    We come back strong @ MSG and make this a series….do not give up faith, plenty of hockey left in the Rangers

  95. LMAO Kyle, I didn’t say anything but I was wondering who the hell was watching bullriding on Versus and mistook it for a hockey game, lol. Cheer up fellas. Jagr just guaranteed he will be at OTB tomorrow and Tuesday afternoon. JK, relax, I kid, I kid. Later all you die-hards. Go Rangers!!!!!!!!!!

  96. points in the game now that ive calmed down a bit:

    1) pierre mcguire loves crosbys penis.
    2) quickest whistle ive seen in a LONG time. wow. talk about not being in position at a pivotal time in a game for a referee. thats embarassing.
    3) dawes, shanny = INVISIBLE.
    4) why is FEDOR TYUTIN ON THE ICE ON THE POWERPLAY, MUCH LESS A 6-4 AT THE END!!!!! the guy is TERRIBLE in the offensive zone. we thought he would replace brian leetch hahahaha. every shot the guy takes is a soft flick right into their defenceman. if he could keep the puck in at the point ONE GOD DAMN TIME it would be a miracle. LIMIT HIS ICE TIME.
    5) hank was sensational. they should feel bad for losing him this game.

    most importantly:
    6) do not compare this to buffalo last year. we will not win this series kids. this pissburgh team is alot better than what we faced last year. ALOT better. this is a 5 game series.


  97. reginald dunlop on

    ha ha ha …….what else can you do but laugh at these clowns in the stripes…….amazing all of the broadcasters can still be heard with cindys appendage in their mouths…just face it folks, the league wants cindy to win….the backwards thinking of the nhl geniuses, small market mentality, that is why we had a LOCKOUT in the first place….let them bring that stupid nhl store to pittsburgh….boycott that shtshop…..quick whistle my irish ass, on one end but not the other….jagr skates the entire game with sticks all over him and never gets a call….this league and its hierarchy in toronto is a joke…we can only hope COLON campbell becomes the new gm in toronto to get his anti NYR ass out of the league office

  98. Liquid

    Character is shown at times of adversity —- Doodie just showed his and it ain’t pretty. So don’t shill for him. He’s a big boy and I’m sure he can/will defend himself.

  99. wow the clown are out in force. ovechkin how is the golf.

    roszival 5th d man blah blah blah, BS..

    that was a goal, brain surgeons why do all these calls go for the pens? Inform me. Scientifically speaking the raners should get a call on occasion if they are random!!!!!!!

    they lost 1 to 0 after scoring a PP goa with 1 minute and change left…THEY WERE DOMINATED BY THE INDY’S.. The rangers should not even show up for the next game against this juggernaut(joke)…The rangers can be up 2 ip. I agree with a few comments and one is Shanny looks old and Dawes needs to step it up.

    Tyutin is not a bad dman but he hould not be on the PP, he has zero offensive skills.

    NBC, betman and the other stooges must be estatic Cindy is up 2 zip..

    2 huge calls after the rangers both go against them, nah just bad luck, I am just paranoid for no reason…

  100. I think the Rangers can still win. The Rangers have had success at the Garden against the Pens. They win those two (which they can do) and the momentum goes to the Rangers. Just like a junk goal could get a pp going two wins at the garden starts the series over. Carry that momentum into game 5 into Pittsburgh.

  101. No way I’m leaving without challenging the comment about Jags from Jonny D. Jon, I saw Jags go to the net a few times but I saw him behind everyone on the ice about 10 times skating like he was holding a 3 year old girl’s hand, trying to teach her how to skate. He showed little effort or urgency and it is an all too familiar sight. He refuses to fight in the corners and waits for Dubi or Straks to do all the dirty work. I think the guy could care less SOMETIMES. I root for Jags and always will but don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining. He doesn’t move his feet anymore, period. When he does, good things happen. I think every sane Ranger fan would say the same thing. He looks like he can’t wait to be done with the playoffs so he can go back to Russia or Prague. That said, I think the defensemen have let us down time and again. Argggh, I can’t think about this anymore. The series is far from over. I hope Rozi, Toots, Backman, and the rest wake up.

  102. deppie:

    Doodie aint lacing up the skates…he is a fan like the rest of us….I am sure we have all swore off the Rangers a few times in the last 30 years or so (bathgate maybe 40+)….

    I am not the least bit worried. I will be going to MSG on Tuesday and cannot wait to jump on the train home @ 9:44pm with the series 2-1.

  103. Who said it before the game the series isn’t over until someone has 4 wins. SO um . . . the series isn’t over.

    Liquid are you going to game 3? We were gonna make the poster if you want it?

  104. Its kind of sad and i am starting to agree with every radio broadcaster that Hockey is a joke of a league

  105. A good portion of you guys are embarrassing disgraceful fans. You could never play competitive sports because you would fold at the first sign of adversity.

    At even strength we outplayed them today — we lost the game via special teams.

    Those criticizing Jagr or Tuytin are just looking for a scapegoat to blame the loss on.

    Don’t show up at the building on Tuesday and don’t watch b/c frankly we don’t need your bad karma and distorted unintelligent game “analysis”.

    Why would you bother following a team if you’re just going to pack it in when you’re down?

    In all seriousness, we don’t need you.

    And for those still keeping the faith… This series is FAR from over.

  106. Adam Hall could not make the Rangers, but they can’t beat him in the final min of 2 straight games. that says more about the Rangers poor play than the Pens.

  107. Tempted to swear em off many times, Liquid. But not only never could, never would — and especially never in a public forum!

    I admire your generosity to Doodie.

  108. LIQUID

    I agree with your optomism. This thing is not over yet, the Rangers can come back.

  109. well that answered my question. And yeah I saw Jagr skating back slowly a few times but more often then not he skated hard today. He tried he did fight for the puck today and he jumped into the scrums. He was around the net he had some chances. I don’t think he is waiting for the playoffs to end so he can go back to Russia.

  110. These wins haven’t been blow outs. Even if you think the Rangers have been crappy which I don’t think they have been as bad as some but they kept it close they kept the games winnable. So its still winnable.

  111. reginald dunlop on

    I wonder who gets to satisfy cindy first???? pierre, eddie o, emdick or the entire officiating crew……

  112. Is anyone else watching the Post Game on MSG? Sidney Crosby and Fleury at their media interview….I can’t stand these guys..

  113. Did anyone else notice the interference on Drury by J. Staal during the 4-on-3 in the first period? Right in front of the ref in the neutral zone as Drury was scrambling to get back into the play. Unreal.

  114. reginald dunlop on


    nigel dawes starring in the remake of “The Invisible Man”…put prucha on that line……put orr back into the lineup….

  115. reginald dunlop on

    Cmon Andy havent you learned yet…the guys with the penguins on their shirts are allowed to do that, along with sticks on the waist, cross checks in front, checks from behind and interference on the faceoffs……

  116. dont call for more ice time for prucha.

    the guy was inneffective and a turnover machine when he was on the ice today. while that may be due to his lack of playing time this year, throwing him in the fire will do no good.

  117. nigel dawes starring in the remake of “The Invisible Man”…put prucha on that line……put orr back into the lineup.


    dawes out, prucha in, hollweg in taking runs.

  118. Everyone complaining about Jagr Tyutin and Rozsival- its a team sport and its a team effort. The Rangers don’t come out and say Rozsival really blew that clearing attempt. No. They say we have to play better defense as a team.

  119. reginald dunlop on

    and i think we should get the organist to break out the old favorite like the 70’s when the officials hit the ice…….we can adjust it to the ” 4 BLIND MICE” …….anybody remember those good ole days…..lets stop being so politically correct….lets stop being nice, its not working…..scotty bowman used to terrorize refs by calling them the night before big games- FACT……and he sure won a few

  120. game 3 is a must win. shanny was invisible he should be on the fourth line and prucha should be playing with gomez as he can at least keep up with him. jagr faded at the end, was probably just tired but he was not a big factor that last pp. was it an early whiste? probably, but we couldnt score on any of our pps, none of them were even close except for the early whistle play. our d needs to step it up big time. rosi, toots and backman looked awful clearing the puck and lamely shooting at fleury. pens are beatable but we are beating ourselves with the way we are playing

  121. prucha who cares about him our big guys didnt even show up prucha is the least of todays problems

  122. The way the Rangers are playing they have about the same chance of making a comeback as disco does. It really seems like they don’t want the cup.

  123. this is not like BUF last year, those we actually close games with the rangers playing their absolute best

    friday was a meltdown, today lundvist saved us from getting embarrassed…. i think we’re cooked in 5.

  124. That’s a tough one to swallow, but the series is most definitely not over.

    I think the Rangers need to get back to the mental approach that they took in the Devils series. Just play hockey. Forget about Crosby, the refs, Therrien, all the exterior stuff. I’m afraid they’re becoming a bit consumed by all of the surrounding factors. If they just play their game on Tuesday, they can win and be right back in this thing.

    I wanna see more shots and Fleury under duress. Sure the Igloo is loud, but Fleury could become flustered at the Garden if the Rangers put him under pressure. That’s the key. Forget all the other stuff and just win.

  125. Some people make me fucking sick. This is not over until we have lost 4 games. Go cheer for the fucking devils you fairweather fan. In sports you have to believe. I still believe. Yeah I am pissed off, yeah I am discouraged, but this is not over yet. When we come back and win 2 at home, I don’t want to hear you cheer or be happy. To say this sucked, FINE. To say that we really didn’t play a great game, FINE. But to say it’s over, seriously so root for the devils or the islanders you fucking poor sport losers.

  126. P.S. that wasn’t directed at the people who live and die on this blog every day with me, it is to the names that I have never seen on here until the playoffs started and who give up so quick.

  127. Bottom line… you let in one goal and the offense didn’t get ANY. The powerplay didn’t get any. The defense didn’t bail the offense out by getting any.


    The whole game was bad shooting angles, bad ideas, bad passes, and blocked shots from the point. End of story.

    The Pens played a good game on both sides of the puck but mostly they impressed me defensively and we couldn’t overcome it.

  128. And sorry to Sam and Carp for the language. I am sure you understand where I am coming from.

  129. has anyone ever heard of fans setting up a petition to let the nhl know that the refs suck?

  130. Good call RobC.

    Forget all the BS and play the way you did against the Devils.

    Where the hell is the net crashing? Where’s Avery? Where’s the mentality to just put it on net and go hard after it. Teams that do that may not win every game but they don’t get shutout very often.

    Time to make some luck for themselves. Get a rebound or a seeing-eye goal, or a deflection or some garbage.

  131. I hope so.

    I had hoped I’d see a different team today.

    We did… we saw the October Rangers… losing games 1-0.

  132. Prucha always makes a difference, doesn’t he? Please let him be one of those Rangers I see in a different jersey next year.

  133. LGR!

    Come out strong on Tuesday! 18000+ are gonna be cheering for you!

    Forget about Crosby and the refs those are just distractions. This is a veteran team they can move past this and focus! Good leadership and a coach who has a calming presence.


  134. The way i see it:

    We came up short on effort/energy today, which is not acceptable for the playoffs… being that said Pitt did NOT dominate us at all 5 on 5. I will be surprised if we don’t “show up” for game 3. And by the way we are down 2-0 going home… its not like we are headed on the road. You can fill up a thousand igloos with white t-shirt wearing fairies and its nothing compared to a raucous crowd at MSG.

    Things we need to improve:

    1. Getting quality shots to the net instead of having our shots blocked or forcing passes or cross-ice BS.

    2. Come with energy and physical play and get in their face. Did we use it all on the Devils?

    3. Most importantly – TAKE RISKS. we looked to afraid to make mistakes that we did not create significant scoring chances. We made Fleury look good and he didn’t have to make one tough save.

    4. How bout a bounce? Everyone scores on us off of absurd deflections and off our own guys. How bout a break instead of a suspect late whistle on what should have been the game tying goal.

    Just think how good its going to feel when we take game 3 and 4. LGR

  135. Nice Trueblue!
    Good points.

    We need to shoot and rush the net to get rebounds.Fleury leaves rebounds. Pretty much the Rangers need to take control of the play like they did against the Devils and they can do it!

  136. “Prucha always makes a difference, doesn’t he? Please let him be one of those Rangers I see in a different jersey next year.”

    Thats a joke right? Nothing against him as he is one of my favorite guys on the team, but he really doesn’t make any difference at all, as proved by today’s game and the rest of this season.

    Pretty simple, if the Rangers skate for 60 minutes, they’ll win. If not they’ll end up in the box and not earn PPs. Complain about the refs, complain about Crosby, those things don’t effect how hard the players skate or play so they have nothing to do with us losing.

  137. In my opinion the Rangers played the way they played against the Devils today and Friday. One problem. The Penguins have 4 lines that can potentially score . We do not. No team will ever go 4 rounds with only 3 lines that can put a puck in the net ONCE IN A WHILE!!!

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