From the Igloo: Prucha in, Orr and Hollweg out


Petr Prucha makes his playoff debut today against the Penguins, in no small part because of his speed.

“I think Pete’s really, really hungry for starters,” Tom Renney said. “I see it in his eyes and he has had some success against Pittsburgh. I liked his game against them. He’s done a good job. He’s worked hard. He’s got a good touch. I like the second and third effort in his game and because usually beyond that, there’s a result with good consequence.”


One would assume that when Renney talks about Prucha’s success against the Penguins this season, he’s referring more to intangibles, because in seven games, Prucha only had one assist. In 16 games before this year, however, Prucha had four goals and five assists against them.

Either way, I think it’s a good move seeing how Prucha has more offensive game than either Colton Orr or Ryan Hollweg, and he immediately makes that fourth line more of a threat as a result.

<li>In other news, in case you have haven’t had enough Sean Avery, Steve Simmons in the Toronto Sun has this revealing look at the Rangers’ agitator “through the eyes of his concerned parents”: The story also contains some insight from Avery’s old junior coach in Owen Sound.

I can tell you, he was a handful,” said Dave Siciliano, who coached Avery in junior at Owen Sound from 1997-98 and coached his father at Lakehead University. “You couldn’t meet two people more different. He was so different than his dad. His dad was easy.

“From the minute Sean got here, it was clear he had his own agenda. He did what he felt suited him. He played his way and only his way. And at times, that endeared him to his teammates. But most times, it did the opposite.”

Siciliano finally had enough of Avery in Owen Sound. He asked general manager Ray McKelvie to trade him, after the players came to the coach and made it clear they didn’t want Avery on their team anymore.

“There’s an old 80-20 rule I have,” said Siciliano, the veteran coach. “You can’t spend 80% of your time working on 20% of your problems. But with Sean, it was like 90-10. Too much time spent on one player. He was an explosive kid. He would say things and do things that were inappropriate. We spent far too much time dealing with his issues.

“But I can tell you one thing: Watching him play now, funny thing is Sean Avery has matured.”

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  1. the fact that Renney and the team are showing themselves to be class acts and not really saying much about the diving deosn’t help any becuase they are being portrayed as whiners anyway. Doesn’t matter the quotes aren’t coming fomr what they are saying.

  2. Haha, Staal has a nice little red goatee action going on and Dubi has barely anything. Poor man. :)

    Dubie Rules – You should probably remove the “e” from the end of your first name because that’s the way the Islanders’ goalie’s name is spelled.

  3. So are the lines
    Strak- Dubie- JAgr
    Avery-Gomez- Shanny
    Dawes- Drury- CAllahan
    Sjo- Betts- Prucha
    That gives four lines with the potential to score.
    But it means Ruutu, LArache, and Roberts if in can run at anyone they want without fear of being hit. Although Callahan and DUbie hit pretty well. However losing Dubie or Callahan due to penalty would hurt the Rangers more than Pitts losing Ruutu and Larache (another name I refuse to spell correctly) Maybe f it comes to it Shanahan will drop the gloves like he did against Braesher (I clearly can not spell any names correctly).

  4. As much as I want Orr in the lineup to soften the diving whiners up I think this is a good idea. Prucha scored 30 goals not too many seasons ago and is fast. As long as Prucha and the rest of the team take care of their DEFENSIVE RESPONSIBILITIES I think this is the right idea.

  5. I’m just scared that Prucha will be rusty. He’s played in, what, 3 games in the past 3 months? I love the kid, but he needs more playing time if the Rangers expect to ever get anything out of him.

  6. Prucha is not a good two way player, he isn’t a good defensive player. I can understand where salty is coming from on this one.

  7. I like the move. 1 asst in 7 games vs them isn’t too impressive to say the least. But I like the speed and if the 4th line is sho-betts-pru, I like it even more. I’m pretty sure who the 3rd man high is in that trio. I hope the Pru & Sho show can make a play down low. Nothing pretty. Get it deep and get it on net. All 4 lines for that matter. And STAY OUT OF THE G-DAMN BOX!

  8. I still don’t get how everyone’s getting away with putting words in the Rangers’ mouths…

    Screw it, if we’re gonna be portrayed as whiners, let’s give the Pens something to whine about themselves. By that I mean — if we’re gonna get called for doing something to Cindy, let’s make those penalties COUNT. Let’s make sure when he goes down, it’s not because he’s diving.

  9. Still a Rangers fan on

    I think inserting Prucha into today’s lineup by coach Renny is a smart move because Prucha falls down a lot like some of the Penguins. Hopefully this will make the referees consistent for both teams but I fear the Rangers will get diving calls. Either way it will put more emphasis on the refereeing. Let’s go Rangers!

  10. hmmm coem to think of it though, those were the Islanders… not the Pens. Anyway I think its a good swap… Prucha improved defensivel and I think he will work hard at checking and such because he does want to stay in the lineup.

    Orr wasn’t a factor last game. If we keep puck posession, which is our game, we don’t need the bangers we need the speed.

  11. the bigger problem is Betts. he has played like crap since he returned. his play vs the debbies was awful, and his pk work has fallen off too. he’s also a team worst minus 3

  12. Interseting move on Renney’s part here.

    At the start of the season he did stuff like this and it looked to me like shots in the dark (as far as line combos, etc.). Later on when he made moves like this he looked like a genius.

    I wonder which one it’ll be.

    It feels like the first scenario to me… but I love being wrong.

  13. Speed SkatOrr on

    In the Avery article, this is the best part ..

    “A lot of people complain about him, but I have real fond memories of him being here. He’s not the jerk you hear about. He’s one of a handful of guys I’ll always remember. And one thing you should know: When he signed his first pro contract with Detroit, he bought a big- screen television set for our dressing room. He did that, even though he was traded away two years earlier.

    “Sean does those kind of things and he doesn’t want anybody to know he does them.’

  14. Ruutu has free rein to throw more cheap shots now with Orr out

    this looks like renney chickening out

  15. gl Ruutu didn’t care that Orr was in. And if nothing happened to Ruutu later in the game after he pointed his stick at Rozsival’s eye then Orr didn’t do his job anyway

    and I do like Orr

  16. I agree with playing Prucha but you have to sit Sjostrom instead of Orr … Laraque and Ruutu will run free …

  17. Orr backed down from Laraque and Ruutu. I like him but he didn’t want to take a 5 minute major in the playoffs so why not put in someone else.

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