Baseball games are fun, as long as you can see


A group of us spent Saturday night in Pittsburgh at charming PNC Park perched on the river here — I forget which river, there are so many — watching the hometown Pirates take a beating at the hands of the hated Phillies.

It was a fun night fueled by Iron City and assorted ballpark fare, although the game itself was a little on the dull side, as evidenced by a certain former Ranger defenseman-turned-broadcaster who felt the need to bring a book along with him (Ah, he’s Canadian. They don’t really get baseball anyway).


But again, a ballpark on a warm spring night among friends is still good fun, especially one as cool as this one. If I had to take with issue with anything, it would be this guy sitting directly in front of me, who may have the biggest head in creation, and who ended up blocking more of home plate than Pudge Rodriguez.

At least, I wasn’t missing much.

As for your Rangers, the “verbal sparring going on between the two teams”: seems to have extended to the media, or at least that’s what “this column in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review would suggest”: (To the same writer’s credit, he did write a “fascinating account of Jaromir Jagr’s tenure in Pittsburgh”: that ran the other day).

This whole affair risks venturing into dangerous territory. It’s true, some of us from New York papers have been representing the Rangers’ side of things so far, particularly in the team’s views of Sidney Crosby (and that would include me, who has obviously had some fun at young No. 87’s expense).

But as reporters, the last thing you want to do is get into a whole our team-is-better-than-your-team spitting contest.

We should leave that stuff to the teams themselves and the fans.

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  1. The way I see it is even if the penalty at the end of the game shouldn’t have been called the rangers gave up a 3-0 lead and played loosely defensively. I still feel the rangers have a good shot at winning this series but for them to do so they need to play better defensively. There defensemen played poorly especially Rosival and Tyutin. The refs have been bad for the most part the whole season. The Rangers penalty killers need to play better also, if they do this they will win this series.

  2. and yet the Rangers led by Jagr came back and tied it 4-4 and then he almost tied it again, which makes the call against Straka so late in the game such a crucial call. Straka, who just 20 seconds before the call, was cross checked without the puck, but because he is not The effeminate star Cindy, he gets the interference call.

    I am a huge Ranger fan and I will never forget this call. Fortunatley for everyone, I will not have to play this next game. I don’t know know how they do it-get hosed like that and try to forget it.

  3. Rick Carpiniello on

    Hi Sam, did you get to Primanti Bros.? That’s where you get your whole meal on one sourdough roll: Corned beef, french fries, cole slaw, all piled high on a messy, unbelievable sandwich. But it’s no Pat’s Hubba Hubba.

    Bad news — Game 1 winners in the first round: 6-2.

    Good news — Game 2 winners in the first round: 7-1.

  4. Come at hard today boys! Come out strong today boys! Come out smart today boys! Arrive at the puck in ill humor and throw the body around boys! Strong team defense and play OUR game!

    Rangers 4 Penguins 2 today.


  5. Sam ,that’s cool you got to go that ballpark. Looks really sweet; that dude’s head was almost as big as Ramon Castro.
    Anyone who gets a chance to see another arena whether it’s hockey, baseball, etc. go for it. There’s some great stuff out there (Flyers have a nice arena..unfortunately, and the Angels have a great ballpark for example).

  6. Big win today for the NYR’s….They will play slow paced puck position game and limit the chances for the Pens….our D will try to keep them on the outside lanes.

  7. I never really post on here, but I’m sorry. What the hell is that article trying to get at? I fail to see how the Rangers were the ones making the big deal out of this. If Therrien didn’t feel the need to go on a whole tirade about Renney yesterday, this wouldn’t have been an issue in the first place. Nobody was wildly complaining about anything. Sure, Renney made the implication that Crosby took a dive and it was a bad call, but what is he gonna do? Lie about it? Openly trash Crosby? NO, he’s not gonna do that. He was asked about it, he didn’t comment. BUT OMG, THAT MEANS HE WAS SAYING CROSBY IS A CHEATER AND HE DESERVES TO DIE FOR THAT STATEMENT!

  8. Renney is a very classy guy. It takes a lot for him to show any kind of anger to the press. He did it the smart way by implying it.. and who cares? It was true. Fans of 29 NHL teams will say Crosby is a whining diver. You don’t hear these same fans saying negative stuff about Ovechkin or Malkin, and there’s a reason for it.

  9. Yeah Renney let everyone make their own inference and they all came to the same conclusion. When asked about it before the series he said he would talk to the supervisor and everyone assumed it wold be about Sidney . . maybe there is a reason everyone has the same conclusion? Does he have a reputation for diving (embellishing) outside of NY? I would bet he does.

    Oh how do the meetings with th supervisor work, is it one on one or are both coaches present? Wouldn’t Therrien know what was said?

    As for NBC today Olceyeck (again spelt horribly wrong) said o nMike and the Mad dog that he wouldn’t go as far as diving but he said Sid definitely embellishes to get calls (which if I’m not wrong is diving) SO maybe he will actually say somehting during the telecast.

  10. Kovalev was a big diver when he was in NY. his actions in that playoff game at MSG vs Mont I believe, when he was touched on the back and acted like he had been shot by a sniper, and he just laid there forever, was pathetic. his outlandish tactics were embarrassing to Ranger players, let alone the opp

    and he got a penalty call on the play that won the game for the rangers. it got Andy van hellemond in trouble for buying into his dive.

  11. Rick Carpiniello on

    The van Hellemond game was vs. Quebec in ’95. Kovalev got hit by Wolanin, stayed down, van Hellemond let play continue, somebody scored (Sakic, I think), and then he waved it off. That was the end of van Hellemond. (it was also the end of Quebec, now Colorado).

    Olczyk isn’t going to say anything about Crosby. He was the kid’s first NHL coach.

  12. Something tells me that if the Rags were up 2-0 there would be no excuse talk of Crosby, maybe New Yorkers need a crutch to explain why their teams lose, we ALL know that’s the way it is with Yankee fans.

    Good luck to your team… par threes can be so deceiving at times!

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