The Rangers say they’re moving on


That Michel Therrien wanted to continue the dialogue about Sidney Crosby today came as something of a surprise to the Rangers, because they said they were done with it the moment the final horn sounded last night.

“I haven’t read the papers today but I feel like the only thing our team did last night was defend Martin Straka,” Brendan Shanahan said. “We certainly didn’t come into the room and throw down our equipment and say we got hosed by the refs. So I’m kind of surprised that Therrien’s making a big issue today. I’m actually really surprised. But if he wants to bring the referee’s attention to it, that’s fine.”


The point isn’t that the players think Crosby was innocent of embellishment, because some still expressed bemusement that a player who is arguably the strongest skater in the game can still lose his footing when he does. The difference is other than when asked abot it by the media, it hasn’t been much of a topic of conversation.

“Whatever. If he’s not diving, fine,” Brandon Dubinsky said. “If he is, that’s too bad for him. He’s too good a player to be doing that. I don’t think he needs to do that because he can draw enough penalties on his his talents and skill level alone. I don’t know whether he is or not, that’s something within himself. I could tell you certainly my trip last night was for going for the puck.

“But we can’t worry about. We’ve got to focus on our own game and we can’t get caught up with it. When we start focusing on whether he’s not diving or not, that’s when we know we’re in trouble. We have to focus on the important parts of our game.”

Some other notes:

<li>Tom Renney sounded like Petr Prucha was a possibility for tomorrow, and Prucha’s presence on regular line rushes with Blair Betts and Fred Sjostrom only reinforced as much. Renney said he likes how Prucha has played against the Penguins, and one would think the forward’s speed was a welcome asset against such a quick-transition opponent.

<li>The bad ice continues to be a topic of conversation here. The Rangers said it was the worst they have played on all season, and the Penguins said it was an issue for them as well. League officials are expected to come in before Game 2 to have a look. Last night certainly didn’t help: the temperature in the building is said to rise 4 or 5 degrees every time the Penguins score a goal, presumably because of all the people screaming.

So maybe it really is something the Rangers can control…

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  1. I’m a little behind in my comments reading, so I don’t know if this has been a major topic of discussion in light of Cindy’s diving, but: Why why why on earth is Christian Backman still dressing night after night??? Why is he still being permitted to kill this team with turnovers and penalties? Clearly, last night was not all his fault, but we need to minimize our self-inflicted injuries here. Backman is a gaffe machine – worse than Malik (gasp) in my opinion. He needs to sit.

  2. I think it is an excellent move to put in Prucha. Orr is a warrior but he might be the slowest guy in the league going against the fastest team. Add a month long layoff for him and that spell trouble. Prucha is responsible enough defensively and add some scoring touch the 4th line. Now it is almost imaginable that they can get a goal.

    Amidst all this diving talk about the penalty by Straka last night, nobody has mentioned that he got decked from behind in front of the net on the very same shift while the puck was 20 feet away in the corner. I didn’t think it should be a penalty at that stage in the game but it was a far more egregious foul then the interference call he received.

  3. kph, who is he sitting for, brian leetch? He’s one of our best 6 and has played fine by me. We have either Malik or Struds ti put there and no matter what people are gonna complain. He’s been better than tyutin, that’s for sure.

  4. I think we saw that the Rangers can skate with the Penguins. Even playing run and gun. Yes the Penguins outscored the Rangers but two goals were off Rangers. Definitely gotta tighten up the defense. I’m not certain but I think the Rangers actually won the special team battle since they were 1 for 3 on the pp while Pittsburgh was 1 for 5 (reverse that for pk Rangers successful 4 out of 5 while Pens succesfull 2 out or 3). You gotta be able to hold a 3 goal lead and the Rangers shouldn’t let themselves be in the situation where the refs can ‘determine’ the outcome.
    Yeah Straka got a misconduct (how he was worse than Sutter and all the devils who got nothing I don’t know) Renney was pissed at the officiating at the Rangers and probably at himself.
    As for line changing how about this. Since Jagr is strong and has been skating better than he has all year double shift him. Make lines like
    Straka- Dubie- Jagr
    Dawes- Drury- Callahan
    Avery- Gomez- Jagr
    Sjo- Betts- Orr (I think Orr was a little rusty after not playing for so long and I think he will be better next game)Unless its gonna be Prucha in there. Then three quick guys and the fourth line might actually score! I would have no problem putting Prucha in instead of Orr . . just not Hollweg.
    Use Shanahan for pp and pk. If Jagr is tired (had an extra long shift or something) put Shanny in his normal spot. He will get less minutes and be more effective- quality over quantity?
    Anyway Game 2 is huge now. I said it somewhere else. I think the Rangers proved they can skate with the Penguins in their building. If the Rangers win game 2 now Pittsburgh goes to MSG where they haven’t won this year and they need to prove they can play at the Garden. You know what I mean? Or do I not make sense? Anyway what do you guys think?
    New Post!

    First point it hit me today: Sid the Kid is one of the best two sport athletes of our day . . .hockey and diving- he could win awards with both.
    I think Orr would be better than Hollweg he hits cleaner and plays the puck more often.

    And in order for the NHL to lose credibility the media would actually have to point out the dive but they don’t they go with what the refs say.

    Whoever pointed out the SC rule (when Sid falls closest opposition player gets a penalty- that was a good call!)
    Look at it this way the RAnegrs didn’t play nearly as good as we know they can . . and it was still close and the final goal was on a craptastic call!

  5. KPH, I don’t think you’ve watched Backman since the first few games here. He’s played pretty well since being paired with Paul Mara. Tyutin has been by far our worst defenseman over the past 2 months, no question.


  6. KPH

    LOOL, yeah Backman made one bad play last night that led to the 2nd Pissburgh Penis’ goal, but Tyutin was pathetic. Listen up kids !! Tyutin is our next Malik. I have a feeling about it. He has not been good all through out the playoffs, he should get scratched for the next game, cause he embarrassed this team, and he brought Girardi’s game down. Rozi was pathetic as well, but Tyuts made me throw up.

    Im so sick of this crap already. I joke around alot about Crabby and the Penis’ diving. Truth be told, i dont remember if it happened against Nyr, or i just didn’t notice it. But last night was ridiculous. Jags gives Gonchar a little cross check from behind, and he dives into the boards, then Dubi sticks out his leg, just to stop himself, and he gets called for tripping ?? Apparently if you attempt to trip someone and miss, its still a fuggin penalty. Then the call on Shanny when we were on the PP, jesus H christ, are you kidding ? That one i let go, but cmon this is the fuggin playoffs. But the one against Straks was something that makes me wanna take a baseball bat and smash someones mellon. Crabby dove, he dove like he never dove before. It figures they win the game off that. Pathetic.

    Dont get me wrong, it was embarrassing enough Nyr gave up 4 straight goals to blow the lead, but at least they didn’t give them the game, and they came back. But the refs screwed them out of this.

    The officals screwed the Craps out of the playoffs, they screwed the Philly Flowers out of that game against the Habs. They just keep on doing it. Just now, Adam Foote gets boarded to hell n back, and one ref didn’t see it. Umm THERE”S 3 OTHER STUPID REFS OUT THERE, DIDN”Y THEY SEE IT !!!!

    As for Pruchs, i don’t even care. Pruchs hasn’t shown up for the playoffs at all in his career. In 14 games, or what ever, i don’t think he has a goal. But who knows. I just dont like how Lacrackhead is gonna be out there running everyone, and we wont have anyone to take him.

  7. “Whatever. If he’s not diving, fine,” Brandon Dubinsky said. “If he is, that’s too bad for him. He’s too good a player to be doing that. I don’t think he needs to do that because he can draw enough penalties on his his talents and skill level alone.”

    That’s a perfect summary of my own opinion.

    I have no hatred for the refs after last night, because they were put in a tough place by Crosby’s flops. But I do hate how Crosby himself can shout, “It’s gamesmanship!” all he wants, while reserving the right to get mad when gamesmanship “crosses the line” and gets somebody hurt.

    (For all of the crap leveled againsy Avery for his “gamesmanship” against Marty Brodeur – the face-guarding incident – Chris Drury was right there to tell Avery to keep his stick down.)

    So who’s going to stick his neck out and tell Crosby to cut the crap? The Penguins have apparently decided that they want the face of their franchise to be “gamesmanship”. Is that in their best interest in the long run? Most would say no.

    Meanwhile, in Rangerland, the face of our franchise is Jagr – someone who gets hooked on a regular basis, but never resorts to “gamesmanship”.

    In the end, it’s a question of manhood and sportsmanship, and “gamesmanship” shows neither.

  8. Orr, I’ve been saying that about Tyutin for a while now. He has just gotten worse every game. So of course he gets rewarded by becoming our highest paid defenseman!

  9. Lineup changes aren’t the cure for what is wrong with this squad. If they play the way they know they can… they’ll be fine. The problem is that these guys need to have lessons taught to them… even in April.

    All year long with this “We learned a valuable lesson” BS. Learned it in December in Montreal didn’t they? No? How bout in game 5 with a 4-1 lead against the Devils? Penalty shot to tie it up doesn’t drive it home? No? Still don’t get it? Still don’t know how to put an opponent away? Still don’t know how to go for the throat?

    If you haven’t learned it by now… it aint gonna matter.

  10. Tony from AZ on

    Doodie, I think Tyutin got worse after he got that new contract.
    We’ve always been able to come back when we needed to.
    It’s only the first game, we’ll catch em.

  11. Tony, he was struggling beforehand, and after they signed Hank with the “it’ll make him more relaxed and therefore better” mentality, they did the same thing with Tyutin and Girardi.

  12. Tony from AZ on

    Doodie, I’m just as disappointed in him as you are.
    We’ve seen him play better that for sure.
    I hope he gets his stuff together for the team & our sake.

  13. Am I the only one who thinks the Rangers don’t really have much of a chance to get past this team?

    The Rangers can say they need to tighten up all they want, but the fact remains that it’s the Pens’ ability to stretch out the ice that will continue to beat the Rangers defense night after night. They’re just too good.

    I haven’t given up, because if they can pull out a win tomorrow, they can turn this around. But another lose tomorrow and the series is over, IMO.

    Lastly, Lundqvist needs to be better. He was great to start the game, and continued to be so, for the most part. But eventually he’s going to have to stop some of the unlucky goals for us to win games. They’re gonna continue to bounce off our own players, and he’s got to start stopping them, otherwise we’re simply not going to win.

  14. Tyutin layed much better when Kasperitis was on his line. Maybe Giradi and Tyutin need to be split up. Tyutin might play better and be more comfortable with a more experienced linemate.

  15. Jeff L.

    Good point about the lucky goals. But I doubt there’s much that Hank can do about them. He’s good but I don’t think any goalie could stop those kinds of deflections.

    You’re right though… it started in the Devils series and it continues… seems like those are the only goals our opponents get. And they get a lot of them.

    It be nice if we started getting some lucky bounces/goals… but I’d settle for neither team getting them.

  16. It shouldn’t be surprising that Crosby likes to embellish. Just remember which Junior league he played in (QJMHL). I think its pretty well known that the french canadians love to dive and embellish, so to me, its no surprise Crosby contines that tradition. Honestly, I don’t think we could have played a worse game last nite. Of the 6 games in this years playoffs, by far this was the worst one. At many times you could see 4 rangers chasing pens behind the net. We let the Pens dictate the pace of the game, which we cannot let happen. It is kind of ironic that we have given up so many goals on deflections this playoff.

    I am curious to see how we come out tomorrow afternoon.

  17. Nyr is definitely an overrated defensive team. They get to much credit. Good defensive teams dont blow 4 goal leads.

    I for one HATE THE REFS. There’s no excuse for the shit they pull. Im not saying his cause im a ranger fan. It happened to the Devils too, we got some breaks. But the three games i mentioned before were all screw ups by the refs. They suck, they cant do there fuggin job, and the worst part is if you say anything about how they called the game, you get fined or suspended, thats fuggin BS !!

    I think the league is so fed up with how bad things are, they wanna get the teams they want, into the finals. I have a feeling that team is Pissburgh.

  18. Bettman needs to be fired, he is a fake and a phony especially all of his interviews on Boomer and Carton, OH how everybody loves Versus, he is on something

  19. did anyone see any other camera angles on the straka penalty…i am sure there must be 2 or 3 more clips that have yet to surface…maybe versus and other crappy media outlets don’t want to show the obvious too many times and expose the DIVER.

  20. “So who’s going to stick his neck out and tell Crosby to cut the crap?”

    Good question. It should be Therrien. Apparently he’s not interested in cleaning it up. He’s doing a decent job of defending it, sadly.

    It was a dive. Anyone with a working pair of eyes can see that. We all need to move on from it. The league knows it’s there. They’re not THAT stupid. I hope the team really moves on from it, and I hope we all can do the same. Just wait for it to happen (unpenalized) again tomorrow.

  21. Orr – How can you be overrated as a defensive team when you finish 4th in the NHL in goals against per game?

    They didn’t blow a 4 goal lead, they blew a 3 goal lead, which anyone will tell you is the worst lead to have. 2 goals went in off our guys, 1 went in off their guy.

    They got good bounces, we didn’t. It happens. That game is over, they can’t get every fortuitous bounce the entire series, it will even out.

    We’ll be fine. We’ll come out hard tomorrow, hopefully Prucha will play because Orr was invisible, and we’ll get a nice Game 2 win.


  22. I’m making square posters labeled 7.5 through 10 to hold up when Crosby dives on Tuesday

  23. I hate the refs, and I hate Crosby. This is just like Marty and the Devils. You can’t sneeze on Cindy or Marty without getting a penalty. If they’re going to call shit on the Rangers anyway, Hollweg should dress just to drill Cindy through the boards and put him out of the series. It makes me sick to see a young punk like that wear the “C” and go out and flop around just to draw cheap penalties. The Rangers were definitely screwed last night.

  24. Tony from AZ on

    Versus – what a joke.
    They run like 12 inch banners on the bottom of the screen telling us what game we’re watching.
    I want to see the puck.

  25. Tony – I’m totally just messing around when I say this. Your posts are always 2,3,4,5 lines. I thought one before was a Haiku! LOL.

    Do dives look the same in AZ as they do in the tri-state area?

  26. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The Rangers ARE a bad defensive team. Good point Orr. Salty and I have been saying it all year and keep getting this junk of “well their the 4th best GAA” in the league.

    They play a team system, they block alot of shots, and they have a great goaltender. THEIR DEFENSE(MEN) ARE STILL AWFUL!!

    Montreal came back after we were up 5-0, Pittsburgh after 3-0. The Rangers defense sucks, but that’s not their bread and butter. Smart hockey, a good team system, and their goaltending is what wins.

  27. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    For some reason it erased my point:

    For anyone who believes otherwise, watch the game last night. How man great saves was Lundqvist forced to make because the defense was out of position and missing their coverages?

    Let’s just move on and try and make this a challenging series.

  28. Sorry deja I meant to double shift Jagr but also put Shanahan in also. SO taht where I had Jagr in the third line right wing spot Shanhan would play and just be switched out for Jagr so that SHanahan has less minutes and Jagr has more. I think he is a strong skater that could handle more time so SHanahan gets less. He is getting to slow and can’t handle the minutes but you want his shot for the pp. SO I was saying to double shift Jagr in spots so that SHanahan can rest.

    I hope the Rangers play a lot better on Sunday (shocking I know) and I still think this is a very winnable series.

  29. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    How great would it be if MSG played the Killswitch Engage remake of Dio’s “Holy Diver” on Tuesday?

    Holy Diver
    You’ve been down too long in the midnight sea
    Oh what’s becoming of me?

    Ride the tiger
    You can see his stripes but you know he’s clean
    Oh don’t you see what I mean

    Gotta get away
    Holy Diver

    Shiny diamonds
    Like the eyes of a cat in the black and blue
    Something is coming for you

    Race for the morning
    You can hide in the sun ’till you see the light
    Oh we will pray it’s all right

    Gotta get away-get away

    Between the velvet lies
    There’s a truth that’s hard as steel
    The vision never dies
    Life’s a never ending wheel

    Holy Diver
    You’re the star of the masquerade
    No need to look so afraid

  30. Tony from AZ on

    Beer me,
    Don’t pick on me, I’m old & I can’t type. I can’t spell & I can’t work a computer. I’m just a dumb ass Ranger fan.
    AND, there’s no diving in AZ – we have no water !

  31. Just back from Germany and missed the game(watched tape….)
    They did not deserve the win the way they played defensively and to chime in on the Crosby Call that was pretty bad by the refs. Both guys fighting for position, let them play.

  32. Haha nice video. . . so that one was by a Capitals fan I bet we can find a tribute video (love Forsberg by the way for the diving call) made by fans of every team. And if we can’t find one by a Rangers fan then I nominte Ag to use that Holy Diver song (though I have never heard it!)

  33. By the way (although everyone seems gone for the night) I caught Gomez’s interview and yeah I think he meant to say “Pick ourselves up by the back of the pants” however theres a little thing called a Freudian slip and he meant to be good and not say what he really thought of the refing job but he slipped and so we got pick up the back of our pants and go on.

  34. Love the videos watched the first one several times and great shot of Forsberg. Hope to see more and look forward to seeing some tribute to Cindy in the stands at MSG next week.

  35. I hope everyone boos him I hope we get a good Crosby sucks chant but even better would be a crosby dives chant! instead of sucks! Chant di-ver di-ver like we chant Ma-rty Ma-rty for Broduer! ALl of the above would actually be great! Ovechkins better! stuff like that!

  36. just saw engblom on versus talk about the straka play, he is a friggin moron.. he is a fool and probalby wants crosby’s kids what a friggin joke.. he said it was a penalty!!Really and I guess the DUbi trip on CIndy was one also!Dubi nor his stick ever touched any part of cindy or his gear..
    I will trust Straka over CIndy anyday on honesty…..

    versus and NBC are pathetic in there love of CIndy…

  37. If anyone has Game 1 from last night on DVR….

    Fast forward to Pitts 2nd goal….

    Then slow it down frame by frame…

    Backman goes for the puck behind the net, right before he is about to play it, Sidney Crosby puts his stick at glove level and tugs hard on Backman’s gloves which threw him off the play totally…

    Then Crosby was able to make the pass to the slot. Rest was history

  38. OK Agravaine and I aren’t going to Tuesdays game but we will be hanging around the Garden so we came up with a great idea. We are making a sign it will read


    IN as large a font as will fit on a piece of paper!

    We are printing 200 copies to bring with us and hand out. If any of you are going or if you know of anyone going bring your own! Let’s let him know what we think of his gamemanship!

  39. Great videos and I love the picture at the top. This just sums up how Crosby is a little softie. Once the Rangers roughen him up tomorrow, it will be a whole new series. Let’s bring it home to MSG!

  40. Doodie Machetto,

    Oh yeah, than moron from Versus says he intended to trip him. And let’s not forget when Orr gets tripped from behind in the second and the announcer says, “he probably slipped on the puck.” (Replay shows a clear trip) Next time the game is on versus, I’m putting the TV on mute and turning on the radio.

  41. Tony from AZ

    April 26th, 2008 at 4:48 pm

    Versus – what a joke.
    They run like 12 inch banners on the bottom of the screen telling us what game we’re watching.
    I want to see the puck.

    ah man ive been thinking the same thing throughout watching the playoffs on verses….it seems to happen more when theres a power play of some sort….the puck will go down low on the screen and that crap pops up….its like omg move i cant see shit i know wtf im watching get out of the way

  42. What, astonishingly, is being missed by all the resident genuises on this board is the frontal assault that Therrien has made on the league and the officials. His message? Not only was the Straka call correct, but the NYR’s shameless imprecations against Sid the Kid are so heinous that the NHL needs to be reminded that such possible miscarriages of justice cannot be allowed to go on. Ever! EVER!

    And where is Renney? Out in front of this issue that might be the X factor that costs his team this series? Hammering the officiating in the newspapers for whatever edge might be gotten? Of course not.

    Why? Because Tom Renney wants to be admired and liked more than he wants to win.

  43. I think what is going on is that Renney isn’t screaming his head off because he knows that when the calls go against him he will look like a hypocrite and an idiot (like Sutter). Hopefully what the league should realize- if they are worth anything is that you have a couch who does not usually complain and does not cause a scene So if he is saying something it should be listened too. That is the plan= will it work probably not.

  44. Jorek

    The calls have already gone against the NYR, are continuing to go against the NYR, and will doubtless continue to go against the NYR. We know that. It is a constant. A given.

    So it is incumbent on Tom Renney to put a touch of double-think in the heads of the zebras —— that he knows the deal, that he understands the bias, and that he will not go quietly like a lamb to the slaughter, afraid even to speak directly to the press about the shameless double standard: Straka gets crosschecked on a scoring chance, no call. On a scoring chance! Straka vies with Crosby after a loose puck, IN the NEUTRAL ZONE with 3 MINUTE to play, and is sent to the box for the PPG that wins the game.

    Until the Koharskis and Haasenfratzes and Sutherlands of the world have a little voice in the back of their head that tells they will be called out far and wide for making embarrassing calls at the most critical time in a game, why should they bother worrying? If Renney keeps on giving them a pass, they will keep on sticking it to the Rangers.

  45. some post on this thread are so bad, i’m just going to bed and I’ll check back in tomorrow…
    its 1 freakin game after a 7 day break, 7 days ago the only posts were praise and high fives…
    Thank goodness some of you aren’t coaching, playing or writing for some sports column…

  46. Bathgate I agree. I agree the refs suck I agree they called the game bad. But what is screaming and yelling gonna do? Renney implies and the whole world is already up in arms. DO you see anyone saying hey you know the Rangers are right Crosby does dive better than a pro diving team (only fans) the media loves him and they all say Renney is out of line they by MT shit. WHats gonna happen if Renney bitches and moans? the same thing that happened last year when Shanahan complained about refs not respecting Jagr. Shanahan sid he had never seen a player of Jagr’s skill get hooked and slashed and so little respect form refs. . . what happened . . a whole bunch of calls against the Rangers. Even on the West Coast swing I didn’t see Renney do or say anything horrible but they received a bech penalty for unsportsman like conduct. So jsut like they know the refs are gonna call shit games they know what to expect if they complain . . even more shit gals. What the ARnegrs need to do is adapt nd play a game that the ref can’t turn. A game that would make it totally obvious that refs are calling the game for Pittsburgh. That will be better than yelling and screaming.

  47. how about when versus reminds everybody who is in what color ” sweater” or “hat”

  48. Versucks blows….the douches in between periods of tonites Habs Filthy were saying that the straka penalty was a correct call

  49. Jorek

    I understand what you are saying. But I guess I feel that if you are going to be hosed no matter what, you might as well do whatever is within your power to do to counteract the shamelessness of Therrien —– who had the audacity to ream the on-ice refs last nigt after the Drury goal that was OKed by Toronto! Toronto!

    Does anyone think that Therrien didn’t know that?? Of course not — he was playing for the NEXT call. Which is simply what I would like to see our coach do as well.

    Right now Therrien is the pitcher and Renney is the catcher — and that has to change. Fast.

  50. Avery has to stop trash talking. We were up 3-0 shutup. We need to fore check better and Henrik needs to play much better or we’re ot going anywhere in this series. Shanahan is done. He was down right awful. What’s happened to Tytun. He’s been terrible. We must clean up our act as we have an unusual chance to win the Sanley Cup if all things play out. Very worried.

  51. From the NY Times, and i think Renny comes off bad!:

    ‘The hand-wringing over the game-turning interference call on Rangers forward Martin Straka against Penguins center Sidney Crosby stretched into Saturday, with Pittsburgh Coach Michel Therrien scolding the Rangers for complaining about it.

    “He accused Tom Renney of starting this before the series, because Renney had responded to a question about Crosby’s suspected tendency to dive or embellish penalties by saying it would be a topic to discuss with the officials before the series. ‘I’m kind of disappointed,’ Therrien said. ‘This is a star player that plays into traffic, a powerful skater. And when a skilled player like this goes into traffic and plays into traffic, he’s going to draw a penalty. We all know what Tom Renney’s tried to do. He tried to do before the series. He tried to do with last night’s comments. He tries to get attention to the referees, complaining about the call at end of the game. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not even close.’

    “Renney responded by saying he never pointed at Crosby and did not specifically criticize the call, which came with 3 minutes 20 seconds left and led to the winning goal. ‘I’m not suggesting it wasn’t a penalty,’ Renney said.”

    OKAY RENNY You’ve been called out, where’z your balls?!

  52. So now Renney is on record — “I’m not suggesting (Straka’s interference call on Crosby) wasn’t a penalty” — with a comment that is a complete 180 from what he represented in his post-game comments last night.


    Shouldn’t he be pushing back instrad of bending over and spreading it for the other coach!? Help!

  53. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    Renney also didn’t say he was suggesting it was a penalty. Typical Renney speak, not really saying anything, trying to keep it a non issue among his players.

    Strange play by Therrien, I’m not sure why you would want to draw attention to possible Crosby dives, when he’s already gotten away with a few. Especially considering the fact the the Rangers barely spoke about it. Of course Versus devoted a whole 2 minute segment trying to prove it was a penalty tonight, despite the spot shadow showing incidental contact created by and then embellished by Crosby. I swear this sport gets more and more like pro wrestling every day.

    Hopefully all of this crap just puts a chip on the Rangers shoulder for tomorrow.

  54. reginald dunlop on

    YEP. well you know we will get Hasenass as a ref in this series, maybe even tomorrow then lookout……..he will make sutherland look like John McCauley out there…….Cindy will get every call…..rangers will get two minutes for being on the ice with Cindy from Hasenass

  55. reginald dunlop on

    and for Michelle Terrien to say that Crosby is a powerful skater and teams have to resort to penalties to take him down……..powerful skater????? then how do they take him down Michelle?? one hand on the stick for a fraction of a second??? watch Jagr, that is a powerful skater….guys stick him, mug him, tackle him….and still up…..that there is a powerful skater Michelle…..but then again your name is Michelle, so Cindy might be a powerful skater to you … grenouille

  56. doodie intent to trip is anonsense.. Corect me if I am wrong there is no penalty, I think they were just saying that because of course it was not tripping.

    Intent to trip does not exist…..

    crosby is a joke, he fakes and flops and call it gamesmanship I call it pathetic, he needs to be rocked.. If he was rockd I would be ecstatic….

  57. you know its really easy to tell just how many badwagon penns fans there are.

    Phcenix Wrote

    shanahan’s little quote of crosby’s penalty shows what a petty player he is and that he never liked crosby cause he will never be the player crosby is. hahaha shanny sucks

    are you effing for real yeah shanny is terrible now but shanny is 100 times the player sidney will ever be even if sid were to finish with 1000 goals in his career. Shanny is tough classy a great goal scorer talented defensivly…and most of all he has the respect of everyone in the game. If Crosby continues to dive and act the way he has in the first 3 years of his career. there will be nobody left who respects him oh except for gary

  58. Somehow, this camera angle never surfaced on the telecast. Far be it from me to suggest conspiracy to make Sidney look good. But really, this angle makes it so plainly obvious that this was a dive, I’m not sure how it could have been ignored by the commentators and producers of the show.

  59. I’m not sure how it could have been ignored by the commentators and producers of the show.

    because they dont want to lose their jobs pete

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