The jousting continues


Although there wasn’t much hope anyway that this Sidney Crosby-is-a-diver storyline was going away, Michel Therrien breathed new life into after practice today in defending his captain.

And for the record, it didn’t take much prodding, either.

“Where I’m kind of disappointed is that there’s gamesmanship before the series about Sidney drawing penalties,” Therrien said. “And I’m disappointed. I’m kind of disappointed about that. This is a star player that plays into traffic — a powerful skater. And when a star player like this goes to traffic and plays into traffic, well he’s going to draw penalties.

“And we all know what Tom Renney’s trying to do. He tried to do it before we started the series. He tried to do it last night, I saw his comments today. He’s trying to get attention to the referees and complaining about the penalty last night at the end of the game.

“As far as I’m concerned – as far as we’re all concerned – it’s not even close. In the 1990s, I could understand we let those things go. With the new game, it’s about speed. It’s about the good players getting a chance to make plays. It’s letting those good players be able to skate if you get caught out of position.

“But we know what he’s trying to do. But I’m convinced the referees don’t buy into those things, the league doesn’t buy into those things. Why don’t we give credit to a guy that plays into traffic, will get shots?

“I’m kind of disappointed they complained about.”

But how do you really feel?

The Rangers are on the ice now but surely this will become a topic of conversation once they’re done.

<li>By the way, if you’re looking for another reason to disdain Crosby, my friend Lynn Zinser jokingly pointed out this one: he’s not eco-friendly.

We had stepped outside Mellon Arena for a bite to eat between practices and saw Crosby pull over his Range Rover to sign autographs for a group of fans waiting by the parking lot.

But he left the car running!

I mean, when does it end?

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  1. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    And the vagification of the league continues.

    Soon, players who take the integrity of the sport seriously will take matters into their own hands, and it won’t be good for Crosby.

  2. Bullcrap ever word that french poodle threw out there was a damndable lie. I guess he’s afraid if Sissy Crybaby isn’t protected little Sissy might go to Maria and have the French Poodle fired. Last night was as big as a screwjob as you can possibly have with three minutes left. Sissy Dove in the air so high that Greg Loganis had a tear is his eye. Kelly Sutherland is a disgrace. Either he had money on the game or lil Sissy gave him a lapdance. That said the Rangers did not play well at all. Shanny looks as shot as Carlos Delgado. He couldn’t win battles along the boards he can’t clear the zone really outside of his leadership he adds very little. I would move Cally or Dawes up to the second line get Prucha in the lineup and use Shanny on the 4th line and get him a good amount of pp time. Jagr imo was by far the best Ranger. The defense looks like the cops from a Benny Hill sketch. They ran everywhere except the correct areas and made stupid plays with the puck,. Backman and Rozsival imo were the worst dmen. Tyutin was right there wikth em in clueless land.

  3. ive said it before, but shanny is really hurting us out there being on the 2nd line. He just can’t keep up. Time to give prucha a shot or at least move up sjostrom. i dont know what to do on d for if u put in malik he is gonna hook everyone and strudwick is slow as hell. that being said we need to play our game and while some of the penalty calls look bogus, does no good to complain about it after the fact. penalties or no penalties, you should never lose a game where you are up 3-0 in the 2nd period.

  4. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    Anyone realize Straka got a 10min misconduct at 20min of the 3rd period!!! I was shocked when a friend told me. Granted. It didn’t affect the game, but what does it say about the officiating?

    Sam, what did Straka do that was so bad? Versus never showed any of it.

  5. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    Shanny looks done. He had a clear shot at a loose puck for an easy clear right before the tying goal last night, and he went after it with the speed of my 91 year old grandpa with his walker. Pens kept it in and scored. Shanny just doesn’t have the legs to play a full season and the playoffs anymore.

  6. Soon, players who take the integrity of the sport seriously will take matters into their own hands, and it won’t be good for Crosby.


    Absolutely. I was one of the people saying “don’t take him out though, you dont want to play a PIT without Crosby”… but honestly, I’d like to see him go down really hard from a questionable hit. I want to see someone cross the ice and leave their feet to catch him right in the shoulder/neck/jaw/head and have him drop to the ice out cold. It will come back to haunt them, and if PIT does advance, I hope they will encounter some real aggression along the way.

    I also think PIT/NYR will become a renewed rivalry after this series.

  7. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    I find it strange that Sutter can break a stick over the boards onto the ice with no call, yet Straks gets the 10 minute misconduct. The NHL is quickly turning into a joke. When is the WWE coming to town so I can see some consistent officiating?

  8. Crosby is Crosby and he’s a sissy but he’s good for the NHL so nothing is going to change the rangers just to to play more physical and play 60 minutes of hockey. Forget all this ref crap its not going to go our way it never has and never will.

  9. Unreal. I’m so disgusted… I couldn’t even sleep last night… the taste in my mouth kept me up the whole damn time.

    Everyone who’se been sayin’ that regardless of the refs… you can’t blow a 3-0 lead is DEAD ON CORRECT!!!

    DID THIS TEAM NOT LEARN A DAMN THING FROM THE 5-0 MOTREAL DEBOCLE!!? I can’t friggin take it. How many lessons do you need for Christ’s sake!!!?

    You know what… it’s the play-offs. Time to get some friggin’ work done. No more crap about the reffs or Crosby diving or lessons or whatever.


  10. I pointed out that Straka got a game misconduct, I’m wondering if that means it will be served on Sunday since it came at the end of regualtion.

    He siad that he told the ref Sidney dived and he was issued the misconduct. Yea after Sutter and Madden this seems a little out of touch by the league Same thing with Avery getting a rule change when his stick was vertical and not threatening but Ruutu gets just a warnign when his stick is horizontal and threatening.

  11. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    Soooo, The Pens ultimately get the win with a big assist to a bogus call with tons of embelishment, yet their coach still complains? Even though Renney has the class to not even adress the terrible call? I can see where Sidney gets his vagina from.

  12. Tyutin and Girardi were our worst d-men, btw. Sirardi made one really good play later in the third, but it was only after he and Tyutin had been severely burned, and they had the most trouble of our d getting out of the zone.

    That said the whole team needs to play better on SUnday and they will. I am not horrified losing this game, we jsut need to get one in Pitts on this trip (though two would have been nice)

  13. Therien referred to what Renney said today… what did Renney say today, I haven’t seen any quotes. Last night he was asked about the play and he remained silent…

  14. Ruutu needs to be paid back for what he did to Jagr in the OLympics. Now he does what he did to Rozsival? When is someone gonna level that creep?

  15. I’d love for Prucha to be in the lineup again, but I’m a little worried about the rust factor.

  16. Therrien is known to be the biggest complainer in the league. Ironic that he’s complaining about complaining. If that’s not lobbying for calls, I don’t know what is.

    I imagine Renney will be pretty diplomatic and evasive as he’s the cool, calm and collected coach, whereas Therrien is the erratic, nervous, squirrel like crybaby.

    Hey Therrien, nice comb over. You’re not fooling anyone.

  17. Prucha on the ice would end in a funeral, you have to put Hollweg back in, as much as that hurts to admit. You need his hitting power to be a threat out there that keeps heads on a swivel. Bottom line, we were not anywhere near as physical as we needed to be to keep them at bay and making decisions a split second faster than they want to. We have guys out there who will play the body and all, but the only real hitting threat that could actually fuck someone up is Hollweg. I think you need to play him, if not Sunday and we lose because of them having room in the attack zone, then definitely tuesday.

  18. It is time to make a statement for tomorrows game. They need to play more physical leveling Sissy Crosby bang him around the rink..

    There is now way they allow him and Malkin so much space to wander around the ice…Orr needs to step and fight Laraque in order to wake the team up….

    Can´t wait second game starting….

  19. We need someone to crack some bones !

    Can you guys remember the hit from Scottie Stevens on Lindros…

    I would really like to see Avery fell him down..That would change the whole momentum..I like more hostile stuff like that…

    I almost pummeled my girl-friend in the morning, when she said that sid the kid would look not too bad, what a silly think,that is….

  20. Question for MT: If he is such a “powerful skater”, why does he fall down so much? Its kind of confusing.

  21. I could care less if he had an 18 wheeler and pulled it over and left it running…that global warming crap is a bunch of junk science anyway…

  22. Michel therien is delusional.

    crosby is a disgrace, I will never root for that baby ever…

    2 phantom penalties one huge one cost the game.. It did cost the game, yeah the rangers sucked and all that crap is true and so is the score was 4 to 4 with 3 minutes left and anyones game before the latest dive by Crosby.

    Bettman is a friggin clown, and so is colin campbell. at least the richards penalty on Kovalev the other day really looked like a penalty and really did at full speed.

  23. will someone please post a link to the interference infraction? they didnt show the replay on versus and i was too angry to watch the postgame

  24. “I could care less if he had an 18 wheeler and pulled it over and left it running…that global warming crap is a bunch of junk science anyway…”

    I’m actually a big time advocate against the science done in support of global warming theory. That said, even I think that there is still some good evidence. But the problem is overhyped and frequently analyzed incorrectly. Often times, studies are flawed because they seek to prove the existance of global warming, but then assume it exists as one of the premises to their arguments.

    As for hockey, the only defensemen that I thought had decent games were Marc Staal and Paul Mara. Staal actually had a very good game. Mara was OK. Everyone else sucked.

  25. LOL at the eco thing. Cars and pollution don’t control the earth’s climate. THE SUN DOES!

    What do you think melted the ice caps after the latest ice age?

  26. defense was horrible yesterday in front of the net. they left men unscathed in the slot and all over the net. no sticks on anyone, they were just looking at the player with the puck and skating towards him.

    the stupid weak call hurt the Rangers but with a 3 goal lead you can’t be so stupid in your own zone. i also saw them start trapping in the 2nd period which i didn’t like. you do that at the end of the game. that’s why a 3 goal lead is the most dangerous lead!

  27. Repost
    I think we saw that the Rangers can skate with the Penguins. Even playing run and gun. Yes the Penguins outscored the Rangers but two goals were off Rangers. Definitely gotta tighten up the defense. I’m not certain but I think the Rangers actually won the special team battle since they were 1 for 3 on the pp while Pittsburgh was 1 for 5 (reverse that for pk Rangers successful 4 out of 5 while Pens succesfull 2 out or 3). You gotta be able to hold a 3 goal lead and the Rangers shouldn’t let themselves be in the situation where the refs can ‘determine’ the outcome.
    Yeah Straka got a misconduct (how he was worse than Sutter and all the devils who got nothing I don’t know) Renney was pissed at the officiating at the Rangers and probably at himself.
    As for line changing how about this. Since Jagr is strong and has been skating better than he has all year double shift him. Make lines like
    Straka- Dubie- Jagr
    Dawes- Drury- Callahan
    Avery- Gomez- Jagr
    Sjo- Betts- Orr (I think Orr was a little rusty after not playing for so long and I think he will be better next game)
    Use Shanahan for pp and pk. If Jagr is tired (had an extra long shift or something) put Shanny in his normal spot. He will get less minutes and be more effective- quality over quantity?
    Anyway Game 2 is huge now. I said it somewhere else. I think the Rangers proved they can skate with the Penguins in their building. If the Rangers win game 2 now Pittsburgh goes to MSG where they haven’t won this year and they need to prove they can play at the Garden. You know what I mean? Or do I not make sense? Anyway what do you guys think?
    New Post!

    First point it hit me today: Sid the Kid is one of the best two sport athletes of our day . . .hockey and diving- he could win awards with both.
    I think Orr would be better than Hollweg he hits cleaner and plays the puck more often.

    And in order for the NHL to lose credibility the media would actually have to point out the dive but they don’t they go with what the refs say.

    Whoever pointed out the SC rule (when Sid falls closest opposition player gets a penalty- that was a good call!)
    Look at it this way the RAnegrs didn’t play nearly as good as we know they can . . and it was still close and the final goal was on a craptastic call!

  28. CindyTeachMeToDive on

    When does it become offical this new NHL becoming CHL (Crosby Hockey League)????

  29. Why can’t a true man be the face of the NHL? Ovechkin anyone? You will never see the guy flop like Shitney Crosby… damn disgrace…

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