The Steel City is buzzing


Big media presence at Mellon Arena this morning. You almost get the impression this series is important.

I’ll check in after getting settled in, but a couple of quick notes: Colton Orr is in for Ryan Hollweg on the Rangers, and on the other side, former Ranger Adam Hall is in for Gary Roberts.

More from Sidney Crosby — including some borderline incendiary remarks — Jaromir Jagr, and others later…

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  1. I can’t believe Sam teased us like that… “borderline incendiary remarks”. I’m guessing something like “My buddy Gary B. promised me I’d still be playing in mid-May, so I’m not worried about the Rangers”.

  2. holy crap..go to blueshirt bulletin for a good is deja vu..rangers praise pens..and pens…

    “”We hope the referees will protect the goalie,” Pittsburgh coach Michel Therrien said yesterday. “That’s supposed to be done, and I expect that it’s going to be done. You have to make sure the goalies have a chance to stop the puck. We know they played hard on Martin Brodeur. Was it, all the time, fair? I’m not quite sure.””

    Seriously? Give it a rest.

    Oh and Crosby never dives, ever, according to him. Really? Does he not have TIVO to watch himself?

  3. Good news for me is that i am in central I only have to wait until 6. I know it’s all relative, but it seems better. haha

  4. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I wish someone could tell Cindy Crawford he looks like a horse’s ass but his nose and flaring nostrils make him look more like the head. Shucks.

  5. Guys, were were dominant against our division this year. Let’s not forget that. We KNOW how to play these teams. We know how t play the Eastern Conference and we own our division. I am confident.

  6. You know alot of other teams play way harder than the Rangers how come as soon as they start playing a more physical game they all of a sudden become dirty? Commentators complain all year the Rangers are weak they step it up a little in the playoffs and jump right over a good physical team and become thugs? I don’t get it!

    Oh and not to be stupid but what is LGR?

    Oh and thanks for the link one would have sufficed :-)

  7. “I’ll start worrying about Ryan Malone when his team doesn’t consider trading him every chance they get.”

    I’ve never seen a *legitimate* trade rumor involving Malone. Ever.

    I’m sorry, but you can’t talk about the regular season for this series. Pittsburgh was not the team it is now, and neither were we. For all intents and purposes, imagine that the regular season doesn’t exist.

    Someone said on the last thread that they thought Buffalo was better last year than Pittsburgh is this year, and we’re better than we were last year. I think we are better defensively, but just different offensively. Last year, we were a top heavy team, but that top was producing enough offense for the rest of the team.

    The same applies to Buffalo and Pittsburgh. Buffalo had lines that could score from top to bottom (so much so that it was hard to tell which lines were which). Pittsburgh has two top lines. Their top 2 lines are by far the best top two lines in the NHL. And as I said in my concern about the penguins, I’m only worried about their top, on the PP. I think they’ll beat us with special teams. So, I remain unconvinced. But I really want to believe, I really do.

  8. I absolutely love that we’re in the Penguins head before the series even starts. Therien is worse than Sutter!

    How can you complain about something that hasn’t even happened yet. He sounds like a politician lobbying for a vote.

    And here we are… cool, calm and collected b/c that’s the way our coach is. Gotta love the precedent Renney sets.

  9. lgr=let’s go rangers.

    To answer your other comment, I think the difference is that Brodeur hit the ice, a lot. Now, yes, a lot, if not all of it, was diving. But there was still contact, dive or not. In the 5 games, think about how much Farty hit the ice. We made a lot of contact, and that’s why they are afraid of it getting dirty. Once the goalie goes down a few times, the refs will get suspicious, and we can hit them a little more, and a little harder before there is a penalty.

    All that, and the Avery Rule.

  10. Jorek, good point. Anaheim won the cup playing thugly, and they’re the Tough new NHL. we play scrappy and we’re all sorts of dirty.

    LGR = Let’s go Rangers.

  11. Doodie, what kind of convincing do you need? Brendan Shannahan is not driving to your house and breaking down the series for you, albeit that’d be pretty cool if he did.

    Sometimes you don’t need a reason. You just know and I think A LOT of us just know.

    Also, we’re producing enough offense to win. In my book, that’s all you need. When we need to score 5 goals, we often find a way to do. If we only need to score 2, we do. That’s been our play all year. You don’t get extra points or wins for winning 5-0.

    Start believing, we’re the truth.

  12. Doodie, all I can say is watch it unfold…
    fine the regular season doesn’t count but you also can’t ignore it…
    we have a very good all around team with a great mix of youth and experience…

  13. hey Doodie, 2 things
    Marty played WAY outside the crease a lot, so of course its easier to hit him when he’s 5 feet out. Also, there were times that Rangers got pushed/tripped into him. It happens to Henrik all the time, that kills me about the Rangers. Our D-men fall into Henrik or push other team’s players into him a lot. Except Marty cries about it and gets penalties.

  14. Also, here’s just one of the trade rumors around Malone from earlier in the season that even involves the Rangers… so chalk this up as one rumor and guage what you want from it.

    From Pitt-Tribune:

    Penguins general manager Ray Shero meets informally with members of the team all the time. But his sit-down discussion Monday with forward Ryan Malone had a bit more urgency than most of his recent talks with the club.
    The talk centered on a rumored trade involving the 26-year-old forward.

    Sunday, the New York Post reported a possible deal that would send Malone and, potentially, defenseman Brooks Orpik to the New York Rangers in a package deal including forward Petr Prucha.

  15. Sam, what “borderline incendiary” comments did the “Next One” make? I can’t wait to hear. it.

  16. Thats what I mean too. The Rangers get these goalie intrfernce calls and people make it sound like the RAngers have a plan to rush the goalie when they are doing what teams normally do.

    As for the LGR ok I was trying to figure out if it was like jk or lol or imo now I get it thanks :-) LGR

  17. Jeever, yes, he hit the ice a lot, which brings it to the people’s attentions. That’s exactly the point I was making.

    As for playing outside of the crease, we only got that one ridiculous call for that. a lot of the time he was in the crease, like when Jagr clipped him with his leg.

    Brandon, in all seriousness, all I’m looking for is a new angle, something I haven’t considered.

    I want to say Rangers in 7, I really do.

  18. “Sunday, the New York Post reported a possible deal that would send Malone and, potentially, defenseman Brooks Orpik to the New York Rangers in a package deal including forward Petr Prucha.”

    So Larry Brooks makes it legitimate? Shero meeting with Malone is probably to tell him that he is NOT being traded, and to relax.

  19. Come on Doodie. Believe man. By the time this season is officially over we are going to look like ZZ Top.

  20. I just found the article that you got that from, and it goes on to say exactly what I said: Other teams were asking about him, and Shero told him just to focus on playing well. Direct quote from Shero “I want him to do his thing here, but that could change tomorrow. I could call him in here and say you’ve been traded, *but that’s not what I’m looking to do at this point* … I want him to be a good player here, but rumors are always going to be out there, that’s how the business is, I understand that, but I wanted to talk with Ryan about it and it was a good talk.”

    So other teams inquiring about his availability does not mean the Pens are considering trading him.

  21. Sam:

    Was reading the USA Today and saw your piece on the series. Congrats on being picked up by a paper which is read from coast-to-coast.

  22. Doodie what it comes down to is that the Ranges play a team defense style that should give them the edge over the Penguins D. So Goalie edge plus defense edge looks good. Its not that they have better defenseman necessarily but they have better defense. Then that leaves the forwards. The Pengins are very explosive but the RAngers have good puck possession. So good puck possession plus team defense (especially the Rangers ability to block shots) limits scoring chances. And when they do get scoring chances Henrik is sitting there waiting.

    I gotta go out nd lay basketball or something because this waiting and sitting is killing me!

  23. we should be in seventh heaven tonight with a couple of these changes. Hollweg I take out and easily replace with Colton, there will be fisticuffs and we need to step up and protect Avery. We don’t want Dubi to do it or Shanny. Plus, the whining has started already which is awesome. The coach and Cindy are clearly in that category and the longer the series goes we clearly are in better shape because the refs will have no choice but to call it more often. And I love the fact that Gary Roberts is not playing that is a huge subtraction for the Pens. He started off the Ottawa series with a big goal and set the tone right away. OK, Adam Hall replaces him. LMAO. Lovin it as they say, I wish I could make the clock go faster!!!!

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