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Game 1 of Rangers-Pens is still some six hours away, and already there have been attempts — either real or perceived — to stir things up by the large media contingent here.

It was all eerily reminiscent of last year’s “cream of the crop scandal”:, which was another largely media creation (Stupid media, they ruin everything. Oh wait, that’s me, too).

This was apparent about a minute into Sidney Crosby’s press conference, when he was asked about comments by Jaromir Jagr that Crosby and Malkin were not at the level of Mario Lemieux.

First of all, this is incorrect, because what Jagr really said is the game is so different now, “guys like Crosby simply aren’t able to dominate like Lemieux once did”:

Crosby, sporting traces of a playoff beard, mostly danced around that question (“We don’t expect to be in Mario’s class, but we expect to help our team, so I think that’s what we try to do,” he said).

But then came a question about remarks from Tom Renney that Crosby has been known to embellish, or even dive. Again, this wasn’t what was really said — Renney was asked about Crosby’s theatrics and the coach merely said he hopes to talk to officials — but Crosby still couldn’t resist a slight dig at his opponent.

“I haven’t changed. I never dove. I don’t,” Crosby said. “That’s just part of the playoffs, part of the gamesmanship,” he said. “If I go down it’s because I’ve been forced down. If not, I’ll find a way to stay up. I think he should be the one worried about guys diving.”

Later came the inevitable series of Sean Avery questions and Crosby handled those deftly. But even between the lines, it’s safe to say a tone has already been set.

Some other updates:

<li>Renney said Colton Orr’s size and ability as a forechecker were more important against a bigger team like Pittsburgh than New Jersey. Hence, the Rangers enforcer makes his playoff debut tonight.

<li>Jagr, trapped in a huge media scrum in front of his locker, was asked if he regretted asking to be traded away from Pittsburgh in 2001 (Jagr, by the way, still has the questionable facial hair thing going).

“At the time the franchise was going through some tough times with bankruptcy and they didn’t have a lot of money,” Jagr said. “In that year, Marty Straka, Alex Kovalez, and Robert Lang were all free agents. All of them.

“They were having problems to sign all of them, and I thought it would be a lot easier to trade one guy than let go of all three guys, and that’s why I made that statement. I just wanted to do something for the team…I thought it was the right move at the time.”

OK, the early bell is catching up with me. Power nap time…

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  1. Sam, does He say anything about throwing his head back when the stick doesnt hit them? Whatta hemroid he is.


  2. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Joe, good point. I was thinking the same thing. On NBC Crosby admitted to exaggerating a play where Gomez was called for hi-sticking. Crosby snapped his helmit like he’d been shot, popped his helmit, and drew the penalty. On the replay you couldn’t even tell whether Gomez touched him.

    Basically, not only is Crosby a diver, he’s also a liar. But he only lies about diving…haha.

  3. God do I hate cindy. But something did just really dawn on me. She’s a kid. And looking back to when I was 20, or whatever she is, I probably woulda reacted similar to those questions too.

    Anyway, I had a little help with this one(from Baranka was not called up to practice with the big club. Could it be b/c he’s an RFA 7/1?

  4. Repost

    Doodie what it comes down to is that the Ranges play a team defense style that should give them the edge over the Penguins D. So Goalie edge plus defense edge looks good. Its not that they have better defenseman necessarily but they have better defense. Then that leaves the forwards. The Pengins are very explosive but the RAngers have good puck possession. So good puck possession plus team defense (especially the Rangers ability to block shots) limits scoring chances. And when they do get scoring chances Henrik is sitting there waiting.

    I gotta go out and play basketball or something because this waiting and sitting is killing me!

  5. He never dives just like he doesn’t initiate trash talking on the ice. What a liar!
    Eddie Olcyeck (spelt horribly wrong) was on 660 earlier and said JAgr didn’t want to be traded from Pittsburg but the team didn’t have the money and so traded him. So what is the real story here?

  6. What a whiny little b!tch he is. I hope he has a Jimmy Carson type career(some monster years early then flames out and is out of the Nhl at 25-26) not likely but I’d love to see that happen.

  7. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Jorek, with all due respect, you also didn’t have the media at her feet and the over-lords/good ol’ boys of hockey (including Gretzky) calling you “The Next One” your entire life.

    Sid has done an amazing job NOT becoming a punk. But there are still remnants of being spoiled and one of the best hockey players in the world. He’s Canada’s golden child and there’s certainly some only-child’isms he’s developed and expectations he has as to how he will be treated.

    I found this, I don’t know who posted it but it lists Crosby twice. LoL

  8. If we had the same team that we had last year going in to this series I would say the penguins would win. But this is a totally different team.

  9. To quote the great Sean Avery, Cindy’s a whiner, she’s always been a whiner and we gotta deal with her.

  10. Here is the thing, a dive is a dive and that is fine. But you have to look at it this way. It should not matter if the player goes down. It should matter that they player got hooked or interfered with in the first place. Jagr is as good a skater as there is in the league, and he is very strong on his skates, so when he is interfered with or hooked, he rarely goes down. Sid is a great skater, but is smaller than Jagr and goes down a lot more. He knows that he is smaller and uses that to his advantage and goes down faster than an Atlantic City hooker.

    My point is, a player should not have to hit the ice to get a call. (Jagr)

  11. Sam *only* wrote that first post at 5 AM based on the clock malfunctions here.

    I think I had 6 out of 8 series correct last round: Rangers, Canadiens, Penguins, Red Wings, Sharks, Avalanche. I’m guessing Sharks, Red Wings, Canadiens, and Rangers this round.

    Nice job by Renney to make up some excuse about why he needed to put Orr in there, rather than the simple fact that he’s just better than Hollweg. I guess he didn’t want to hurt Hollweg’s feelings, which is commendable.

    I guess the Penguins are still going with *seven defensemen*, with Ryan Whitney playing fourth-line left wing, since none of their other forwards played in the first round.

    Brandon – Most of the time, I understand the double-calls involving diving because the guy actualy did get hooked, but not enough to fall down the way he did. I remember one in the first round, I think in the Caps-Flyers series, that should have been only diving though.

    Beer Me! – In case you didn’t see my other post, NBC has two games every weekend. I don’t want you to miss one! :P

  12. RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Also #1: I’m surprised Drury didn’t get nominated for the Selke rather than two guys from the same team, but I -may be- am biased. He did make some amazing plays, especially on the penalty kil, this season.

    Also #2: Hall gives the Penguins another penalty killer, as I don’t think Roberts filled that role. If I remember correctly, Hall plays with Staal and *one defenseman* as their first three-man PK unit.

    Pierre McGuire will be on _Mike and the Mad Dog_ today to help you pass the time. No time listed on the WFAN website, but my I’m guessing he will be on at 4:00 or later.

  14. hey pig – I actually meant to address the tv stuff. But I never went back to read what I originally posted. I guess it’s not really a big deal either way. Thanks for being concerned! haha

  15. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Mike and the Mad Dog are bad enough without the help of Pierre, who if you recall last year, consistently found ways to praise the Sabres and bash the Rangers in the playoffs.

    Perhaps all that praise of the Sabres is why many of you believe Chris Drury is the next Rangers savior. LoL. Sorry, a backhanded comment for what should be a great day.

    Lets go rangers!

  16. Let’s all agree on something here. We have all been blowing the trumpets for about a week now. We had a great first round. People are praising people that they wanted to throw under a bus all season long and so on and so forth. It is our right as fans to express our opinion and displeasure. But, let’s not completely lose our minds if don’t play our best game of the year tonight. Unless the team or a certain player or players completely shit the bed, let’s not forget that this is a best of 7 series. While I know the importance of stealing one on the road he is huge, and hell we are capable of taking two, I am just saying let’s not take a trip from paradise island, where we have all been living for a week, to the shitsville. Let’s Go Rangers!

  17. Yeah I guess its true . . kind of hard not to have a big head when you are supposed to be the greatest thing on skates since you were two!

    By the way I’m insulted by calling Sid the Kid a girl! Most girls I know don’t whine as much as he does! And I went to an all girls high school there was a lot of whining! (I thought that was bad but the amount of whining that goes on in grad school is even worse any how I’m off topic- if I ever had a topic anyway)

  18. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Shittsburgh, which is full of those Roethleshotdogs and Cindy Crawfords.

  19. Fruity Cupcake on

    I nailed both NYR in 5 and San Jose in 7, but I’m not alone there! I was closer on: Pit/6, Detroit/5 and COL/6. Was way off on WAS/6, MON/5 and ANA/6.

    Now I’m keeping hope alive for another brother match-up: NYR/DAL.

    Great beards, Doodie+Nasty. Mara would be proud….

  20. That’s the truth about Sidney. He’s not even 21 yet, you gotta remeber that.

    And I would almost venture to say Gretzky was worse, when you consider how straight up cocky he was on his way up. Also, Gretz was not the least bit tough, and could not take a hit for his life if you could ever actually connect to him. Sid may be a little shorter…but he is a bull, and will only get stronger in the coming years. Sid really is a kid, you gotta expect he will grow out of that mostly by the time we sign him. The problem is, he’ screating that reputation for himself now, and one of the lessons he should learn from Jaromir, is that it is very, very, very hard to shake any sort of reputation in the NHL.

    I despise the hell out of him, but the reality behind it is that it’s because he is so good, and he’s not on our team. You can’t fault a child for acting like a child.

  21. Fruity Cupcake on

    Cindy Crawford is a BABE. It’s insulting to HER. Now, Cindy Crbaby is a name we can all embrace, no?

  22. Thanks Fruity.

    Guys, I was thinking about something. Let me know if this ever happens to you. And I know it does, because it happens to everyone, well guy it does. You know when you take a piss and you shake when you are done? It is always funny to me that no matter how many times you shake, there are always times when you still get that spot on your boxers or whatever. It just always seems to find its way there. It is just one of those things that just leaves you shaking your head at sometimes. It almost makes you laugh, and it is not that big a deal, but I think you all know what I am saying.

    There was really no point to this other than to just talk about it and tell a story that I am sure others definitely experience.

  23. oh, no doubt nasty. The worst is that I have these pants that are like water-proof. So when it hits my leg, it doesn’t stop till it gets to my sock. I don’t know why I just don’t piss my pants instead of going through the hassle of walking to the bathroom.

  24. Fruity Cupcake on

    Salty, you’re right. But remember that back in The Day, we didn’t endure having Gretzky as an opponent eight annoying times a season.


  25. doodie – I watched those yesterday and they made me want to puke. THAT’S how our game is being promoted? F’n disgrace.

  26. “Mike and the Mad Dog are bad enough without the help of Pierre, who if you recall last year, consistently found ways to praise the Sabres and bash the Rangers in the playoffs.”

    He picked the Rangers to win the cup this year. Thoughts on him now?

    Nasty, you’re right, we can’t go crazy if we lose tonight. But if we lose both games and go down 0-2, I’d say you would have an 80% reason to panic.

  27. “Eddie Olcyeck (spelt horribly wrong) was on 660 earlier and said JAgr didn’t want to be traded from Pittsburg but the team didn’t have the money and so traded him. So what is the real story here?”

    They didn’t have enough money to keep Jagr and Lemiuex. Lemieux was coming back from retirement so they had to do something.

    Since Jagr was being criticized unfairly by his coach, upper management & Lemieux, FOR GETTING INJURED, they let Jagr go and pretended like he was the one at fault.

  28. Fruity Cupcake on

    “Jagr Kills Avery” is the FUNNIEST hockey video–a real classic!

    LOL Piss into water-proof socks. There’s a million dollars to be made there….

  29. You know what though? I know at the end of the day a loss is a loss. But as far as how you should ‘feel’ after it…it depends how you lost. Say it’s OT and cindy takes a dive and get awarded a bogus penalty shot(great for tv on a sunday afternoon, no?)…and ends the game. There’s no reason to be upset with the team. And we all seem to have low expectations of the officials, so that shouldn’t be a surprise either. So as much as a loss is a loss, we shouldn’t feel the same if we lose under ‘suspicious'(yea, I said it) circumstances.

  30. Allan Muir at Sports Illustrated (who picks Pens in 6) had this to say about the series:

    “X-Factor for Rangers: Brandon Dubinsky. If you haven’t watchrf the Rangers much, this rookie center likely was a revelation in the first round. Playing alongside Jagr, he averaged a point per game and continued the solid physical play that made him *lead all rookies with 196 hits this season*. Look for him to carry the puck into the zone, dish it off to Jagr, and steam to the crease with malice aforethought. ”

    I had no idea he had so many hits! Imagine him filling out in a couple of years, with Ryan Malone on his wing? They would literally pound the opposition into submission.

    As for the point per game, I think he means in the playoffs.

  31. Ummm . . . Thanks for sharing that little tid bit about male bathroom problems . . . . Geez we need this game to start.

  32. Ryan Malone…oops, I mean doodie. Don’t you have a game tonight?

    I’m just kidding, I want to sign him too.

    Dubinsky is the man!

  33. Yeah Dubie lead all rookies and despite missing time with the knee injury and being in Hartford I think Callahan was fourth or fifth in hits by a rookie.

  34. Yeah the night Jagr killd Sean Avery is funny.

    And the Shanahan versus Hall is interesting I scrolled down the comments and saw it was payback for an earlier attack of Chelios. So why did Hall grab Chelios after he scored and start beating on him? Anyone know?

  35. Fruity Cupcake on

    And I’m looking for Avery to skate well and keep his mouth shut in this round. THAT will confuse everyone even MORE than if he’s yap yap yapping. Then, he’ll turn it back on later. After all, he took it REAL hard last year against Buffalo, remember? He took losing that series HARD. Maybe Toots can whisper sweet Russian nothings in Malkin’s ear.

  36. salty – did I miss a ghostbusters reference somewhere?

    not really, but i’ve had this up for a few days… did you just get it? This time last year I was changing handles between games and making them as indirectly raunchy as possible…this time i’m cleaning it up a little unless we get to the next round… there’ll be a salty mess all over the place!

    “No matter how much you jiggle
    And how much you dance
    Theres always some peepee
    Left on your pants”

  37. I remember seeing ‘spengler’ and trying to figure out where I knew it from. After I did, I thought I missed something.

    There’s been some good ones for sure.

    I think mine will be changing in the off-season.

  38. Fruity Cupcake on

    Jorek, I think you’re confusing Cally and Dubi’s stats. Dubi hasn’t missed a game this season and —knock wood— has been healthy. It was Cally’s knee and trip to Hartford.

  39. Is it just me, or does it seems like ALL the media is just trashing the rangers. The biggest storylines so far have been Avery (the scourge of the NHL), and Jagr asking to be traded away.

    The Staal/Staal story has been an afterthought in most stories, if mentioned at all. And they’re 2 good players. Last year, we had Marcel/Marian Hossa, and they talked about that all the time.

  40. We need to shut them down, We need to get the 1st goal, We need to get the 1st Win, We will win this series in 6
    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. just 247 minutes (assuming an actual 7:00 start time). I can’t take it anymore.

    Rangers need to win this round in 6 or 7, just so we don’t have a wait like this again.

  42. I was not going to say anything about the Crosby dive thing, but then it appeared a second time. I think he embellishes more than Farty, looks for the calls, is a total d-bag, and actually should represent the NHL better than he does, but look at the link that Andrew posted and that Doodie did (2nd link)…..He definitely embellished, but look at his left ankle when he gets pushed. It bends in an awkward way. Yes he acted and made the slight push look like something it wasn’t, but he may have tweaked his ankle. Also, I am not sure but was it his left or right ankle that kept him out for 20 someodd games?

    Don’t take this the wrong way. Crosby is a d-bag. I despise him. He needs to be F-ed up during this series. But that wipeout versus Montreal may have been more because he tweaked his ankle than anything else. The huge swan dive against Volchenkov (Doodie’s first link above) was WAY worse.

    Kill Crosby. F the Pens. LGR. Drop the f-ing puck!

  43. A Kindergarten teacher tells her class she’s a BIG Flyers fan. She’s really excited about it and asks the kids if they’re Flyers fans too. Everyone wants to impress the teacher and say they are too, except ONE kid named Dougie.. the teacher looks at Dougie and says, “Doug, you’re not a Flyers fan?” He says, “Nope, I’m a Leafs fan!” She says, “Well why are you a Leafs fan and not a Flyers fan?” to which Dougie replies, “Well, my mom is a Leafs fan, and my dad is a Leafs fan, so I’m a Leafs fan.” The teacher’s not real happy. She’s a little hot under the collar. She says, “Well, if your moms an idiot, and your dads a moron, then what would you be?!” Dougie says, “Then I’d be a Flyers fan!”

  44. Fruity Cupcake on

    Game 7. MSG. June ’94. A guy in Section 333 can’t keep his eyes off a seat that’s been empty for two periods down in Sec 78, so at the second intermission, he goes down to check it out. Asks the guy “Anyone sitting here in the third?”

    Old guy points to the empty seat and says, no. “I’ve had these seats since my wife and I married back in ’48. She died so I kept her seat empty in her memory.”

    “Sorry to hear that. But jeez, it’s Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. You couldn’t get a friend to come to the game with you?”

    “Nope. They’re all at the funeral.”

  45. ok, we definitely need a game. People are starting to pick apart jokes! Jokes I tell ya!

    Almost outta work boys n gals. Enjoy game 1.

  46. Jagr actually asked for a trade because he he wasn’t getting along with the coach, and he knew that guys like Straka and Kovalev were coming off career years and were going to get raises. Knowing that Pittsburgh was on a budget, he didn’t think there’s be enough money left over for him, so he asked for a trade.

    Do I blame him for wanting to get paid what he was worth, no. But he was hardly the “saint” in the situation. He wasn’t painted as a villain and shipped out of town. He wanted money he knew Pittsburgh wasn’t willing to pay.

  47. Speaking of illiterate or poorly educated, I lived in Pittsburgh years ago. Went to a Rangers/Pens game at the Igloo. Sat 6 rows off the glass for $20 bucks (prior to Lemieux’s return, when they couldn’t give away tickets).

    A vendor who sold beers and peanuts came by, I ordered one beer and one bag of peanuts. Now maybe I’m crazy but if you’re a vendor shouldn’t you know what one beer and one bag of peanuts costs?

    Not this guy, he had to look down at the buttons on his shirt with the prices. First he pointed to the beer button then the peanut button. He then preceded to count it up out loud, four plus two equals six. It was quite a display.

    My buddy from Pittsburgh who I went to the game with swore that not everyone from the ‘Burgh was that dumb but I know better. He’s still embarrassed about it.

    Freak-an-A can it get to 7 yet?

  48. Man, is there even any other series going on besides this one? There is so much hype for this match-up. I think they know whoever wins this is going to go to the final.

    3 more hours…giggidy

  49. Crazy (stressful) day at work. I can’t wait to park it on the couch and crack the first ,of many, cold ones and watch the Rangers.

  50. Hey Fruity,

    Love the joke. Its the wife’s fault for dying during playoffs. she should have known better.

  51. Typical away game playoff night in my apartment:

    – 5:30 arrive home from work with beer in hand.
    – 6:00 pace furiously around the apartment drinking said beers waiting for game to start.
    – 6:55 realization that all beer purchased for game were guzzled nervously while awaiting game to start
    – 6:57 sprint to liquor store down the street
    – 7:01 arrive back at apartment stocked up for game (not enough for OT)

    – 7:02+ lots of yelling, some silence, some hugging, some fist pumping, some wall hitting and a whole lot of complaining

    Game over… mental, physical and emotional drainage. Win we go out, lose time for bed.

  52. Fruity Cupcake on

    Honestly, good point Jeever! I’ve let my people know that I’m only gonna die in the summer. God forbid, but I can’t die during the SEASON!!!!!

    Not having VS, I meeting a buddy to watch at a bar tonight. Gonna walk from midtown to UES just to FILL THE TIME from now until then.

    My pick: 3-2NYR, Dawes GWG.

  53. An unidentified source just relayed that Gary Roberts “groin injury” has been upgraded to “slightly torn labia”. His gynecologis lists him as day-to-day.

    Updates to follow.

  54. Rangers in 6
    Montreal in sweep
    Colorado in 7
    San Jose in 5

    but I was only right on 1/2 the games last round
    well as long as I’m right on our series I don’t care about the others.

    as foolEmrick would say only 2 3/4 hrs till game time.

    remember post game is on msg.

    Let’s Go Rangers

  55. lol Brandon.

    I’ve told my girlfriend that when I die, I want to be cremated and spread on the Garden ice (I was thinking being poured into the Zamboni water tank. You think they’d allow that?

  56. im in AC tongiht for a bachelor party )Mainyl a poker tournament at harrahs’)
    I feel really lucky, so Im hoping I finish in the money, as well as the rangers securing a win.
    I think you know your sick when you equate everything to whether the rangers win or lose! hehe

    Anyway, see you all tomorrow for post game talk and hopefully about our great win. But I do agree with Salty, IF and only IF we lose tongiht, it will nto be the end of the world, I just want to see Sidney bleeding on the ice if we do.

    Hopefully the Casino will have the ranger game on, if not I will be asking for it!

    And SAlty: the pee that sneaks out after your done, there’s an actual term for it, a frien o f mine in med school told me once, cant remember, but residual something or other. Basically explains how when you FEEL your done pissing, your really not, and the left over comes sneaking out to embarass you in front of that girl you’ve been hitting on all night with a nice fresh” I dont knwo how to pee correctly” stain on your trousers.
    I’ll call him this weekend and try to find the exact term for it


  57. Adam and his Apple on

    im really losing my effin mind here at work i need to get the F outta here, this game cant start soon enough this has been the longest effin week effen ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  58. MikeyNJ, are you supposed to say that pee is from washing your hands…must be water from washing my hands…

    would that be residual micturition?

  59. It’s a borderline crime if they don’t allow it Jeever. Worst case scenario, maybe they’ll spread your remains in the beer and hope it makes it way back to the ice at some point with an errant throw.

  60. funny you mention that. I’ve told her to work within the channels, and if they deny it, its up to her to smuggle me in, make her way to the ice, and heave me up and over the glass. I’ll be a part of the garden SOMEHOW d@mm(t!

  61. For that link Doodie posted last, replace the long dash (emdash) with two hyphens, the button next to the zero on your keyboard, serves as a minus sign.

    I’m looking forward to tonight, or god forbid, tomorrow morning, to see the highlights of the game. This is a reason it sucks to be on Versus tonight because I can’t watch the game and know they won’t replay it. I wish I could skip out on my effin’ singing, but can’t. Have fun everybody! I can’t even see the beginning because we have to get warmed up at 6:30 for a frikkin 8:00 concert, which is two hours long. Maybe this game will go to a long first OT or double OT+ just so I can see some of it.

    Li Joe – Emrick would definitely *not* say that. He would be like 165 minutes, or even 9,900 seconds.

  62. “Has Jagr ever had the same coach in 3 consecutive seasons? I know there hasn’t been 4 yrs”

    I think that probably applies to a lot of guys. Coaches don’t exactly have the best job security. I’m not sure that there are more than 3 or 4 coaches in the league right now who have had their jobs for 4 or more years at this point.

    And I assume for the purpose of your question, you aren’t counting Tom Renney.

  63. “I can’t watch the game and know they won’t replay it. I wish I could skip out on my effin’ singing, but can’t.”

    WTF? singing?

  64. That last link Doodie posted isn’t really worth it anyway, as it’s two guys who throw their gloves down to fight, but stand around for 30-40 seconds until the linesmen grab them before they throw a punch. Poorly produced!

    That dive by Crosby against the Canadiens was really foolish. The guy just bumps him, he falls backwards for no reason, then a scrum develops. I think at the end of the clip, that is Crosby skating around, so I don’t think he hurt his wittle ankle. *awwwwwwwwww*

    McGuire was pretty boring on _MAMD_; it’s not really worth listening to if you missed it, unless you need to pass the time still.

  65. I like singing, but not the stuff we do at my college. I got in the worse choir, so we only do one really long piece in a foreign language each semester, but it did get me to go to China last May for a really discounted rate (about $1,600 for 12 days) and I’ll get to see the Dalai Lama this summer for what should have been free, but it will be $30, so it does have its perks. I skipped a rehearsal earlier this term to see the last game we played on Versus against the Penguins.

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