Breaking down the series


The Penguins are handing out white T-shirts and white towels to all fans entering the arena in hopes of creating a blinding all-white look. Advantage: Penguins

The press room meal was some sort of taco/fajita/spanish rice combination. Advantage: drugstores selling antacids in the greater Pittsburgh area.

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  1. Waving the white flag before the series starts… how appropriate.

    Did they hand out eyeshadow to all fans wearing Crosby jerseys?

  2. i love how every time i check this site today theres a new blog up

    guess theres no chance of a blue out tonight huh

  3. UpstateRanger on

    Me: The Rangers are on tonight.

    9-Yr Old Daughter: Who are they playing?

    Me: Penguins.

    9YOD: Oh, I don’t like those people!

    That’s my girl. L-G-R!

  4. upstate – Is your 9y.o. daughter’s name Sidney Crosby? I hear that’s a real popular name for 9y.o. girls these days.

  5. i just fell after tripping over my stupid laptop wire. theres blood but its 6:55 so i guess the hospital will have to wait till 10 for me

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