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The good folks at “NYRangerscast”:http://www.nyrangerscast.com/ had me on again last night to talk about the global energy crisis. Actually, we just talked hockey. Have a listen “here”:http://www.nyrangerscast.com/podcasts/nyrangerscast055.mp3

If you’re wondering why I’m talking so low to start, it’s because I just put both of my boys down for the night and my office is right across the hall. No lie.

In other news, the promising Miika Wiikman Era continues. The Rangers announced they signed the young backstop for at least next season. No word yet on terms, but I’m going to assume the team will still be under the salary cap.

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  1. And now to practice with Rangers…
    i.e. up from Hartford:
    D: Hutchinson, Sanguinetti, Potter
    F: Anisimov, Dupont, Moore, Korpikoski, Beyers and Parenteau
    G: LeNeveu

    This is according to the ahl’s website.

  2. so the game I want to see isn’t on…guess its Colorado (who’s getting spanked by the way) vs Detroit.

  3. I would be pissed if I paid for center ice and then they didn’t air the game… Isn’t the playoff games part of what they promised?

  4. Philly up 3 to 2…Price had it in his glove..popped out and then went in. The Flyers are getting too much PP time.

  5. Hey!
    watching HNIC coverage of Habs-Philly..this guy playing goal isn’t Kenny Dryden anymore…he’s actually playing team that can score

  6. I’m watching it on a friend’s live feed. It’s faced paced but the mistakes, when made are beyond glaring. The Canadien’s announcer is trying to explain that the last flyers goal went in because there is something ‘wrong’ with Price’s glove…..not that he didn’t make the save.
    Philly is in Price’s face as much as they can be.

  7. Are the refs letting things go. They don’t seem to be calling the Detroit gae very tight (which is good and I hope thye let our guys play as well)

  8. Regarding refs; I just hope they are consistent…cannot have goalie interference called when (fat Marty) leans into a Ranger and then have it not called when Huet practically gets piledriven into canvas…er ice

  9. Craig The Weatherman on

    BTW, inbetween periods for the habs/flyers game they showed a pre-recorded interview w/ the penguins. Ruutu made a comment on Avery’s interning for vogue magazines and called him a girl. Brashear & Roberts said they’ll let him yap and skate away….

  10. I will say that Price looks a little bit like a deer caught in headlights in this game.

    You know, let Pitts talk about how they will ignore Avery. I love their holier than thou attitude.

  11. I will say I caught a bit of the avs pp and Liles looks good…isnt’ he a UFA this summer?

  12. The refs are saving all their senseless calls for tomorrow’s game. Guess which one.

  13. Wow!! What a game. Philly blew it with 30 seconds to go and Montreal scores 40 seconds into OT. This is why Montreal is scary. They played about 20 minutes and won.

  14. And to think that genius Colin Campbell thought Tim Sweeney and Niklas Sundstrom were better, more valuable hockey players than AK27.

  15. Craig – It would make more sense if *Laraque* said it. Jeez, there are only like 15 black guys in the league and two people have got them confused so far. :(

    JK1994 – Sounds typical of games during Philly’s ten-game losing streak this season, during which they lost back-to-back games against Montreal.

  16. Sam…
    Sign or Re-Sign? He was a Hartford signee if I’m correct this past season, no? Either way, good move by the Rangers, he’s going to be a stud.

  17. Wow i was thinking I would get center ice but not if they don’t have playoff games! That sucks you should be able to see every game!

  18. the montreal flyer game was on center ice. i watched it in nyc.

    who spoke about the versus hd feed? it’s a hell of a lot better than the garbage pix on center ice for sure. and better than the regular versus feed, so how can anyone complain?

  19. Hey I just watched the interviews by RAngers and Penguins on their official websites. Only things of interest was that when Theirren was asked about Avery’s antics he said he was going to talk to the ref supervisor tomorrow and that the refs job is to protect the goalie, that they should protect the goalie and that if they don’t it can work both wys.
    Sid the kid was askd if he can give any on ice banter stories but he aid he doesn’t initate that kind of stuff and its probably R-rated o he can’t.

    Um Rangers Gomez was very funny and made fun of Giannone. Shanny was his normal self saying that the team has a good feel and all. And um . . . I didn’t watch Lundquist caue its late and I am going to bed.

  20. reginald dunlop on

    How did Hasenfratz make the second round refereeing crew when competent refs like Dave Jackson and Kerry Fraser didnt?????????

  21. Rangers just have to play their game; that means Cally, Avery, Dubi, Dawes, etc. throw their bodies around a lot. I’m a little nervous with the Backman/Mara pairing but whatever, let’s get this thing started and finally beat the Pens in a playoff series. LET’S GO RANGERS!

    Sam, great job with the interview. Loved it.

  22. The same way that Therrian will be talking to the ref supervisor, Renney should give them a call too and inform them that many potential new fans will be watching this series so they should keep the officiating fair to both squads.

  23. About the center ice package, I noticed that too. When you surf the channels, it won’t say anything about the game being on, but if you actually GO to the channels, they’ll play the non-versus game on there. I don’t know why they can’t update theire schedule, but at least they ARE showing the games.

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