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There is a point when all conversations about an upcoming game become hopelessly redundant. The Rangers probably reached that point a few days ago.


“We’re done talking, and you guys seem done asking,” Brendan Shanahan said. “We’re ready to get playing.”

The week-long gap between the first and second rounds is the exact same gap as last year (in fact, the exact same dates apply. April 18 was the last game against Atlanta, and April 25 was the first game against Buffalo).

For some reason, this week seems longer. Shanahan was right: The Rangers are ready to play, and the writers — myself certainly included — are probably ready to write about an actual hockey game. I’m sure you as fans feel the same way.

Some updates:

<li>When I asked Shanahan about the rekindling of the bitter Red Wings-Avalanche rivalry, of which he played a major part while in Detroit, the veteran laughed.

“I thought it was pretty interesting, especially the fact that they went and got (Adam) Foote and (Peter) Forsberg back. I thought maybe Detroit would maybe try to swing a deal for me and Larry Murphy,” he said.

“I’ll watch a little bit, but it’s kind of in the past and I don’t really focus on that anymore. What everybody forgets about our rivalry with the Avalanche 10 years ago is that we were usually No. 1 and 2 in the league. Everybody talked about how much we hated each other and how dirty the games were and that was all true. But what made it most interesting was it was the two best teams in the league trying to do that to each other.”

<li>If you were hoping for either Washington or Philadelphia in the second round, think about how Stephen Valiquette feels. The benches in both Montreal and Pittsburgh aren’t big enough to accommodate the backup goalie. “I want to be part of the action,” he lamented.

<li>The Rangers fly out at 2:30. The plan is to have a team dinner tonight and then watch the Montreal-Philadelphia game afterward. And no, to answer your question, the team is not getting ahead of itself.

<li>There will be a taxi squad of players from Hartford called up, but Tom Renney said the details are still being worked out. There isn’t any rush, either: The Wolf Pack have their exit interviews today, and the spare players wouldn’t be making the trip to Pittsburgh, anyway.

<li>Still more talk today about stopping Crosby and Malkin and getting to Marc-Andre Fleury. I’ll summarize: Those guys are good. The Rangers will need to play well.

That’s an exclusive right there….

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  1. Re Post:

    April 24th, 2008 at 12:09 pm

    Beer I am just thinking of a few of my favorite players that were power forwards. Messier, Tkachuk, Shanny, and Neely. All three of those guys could at one point, fight with the best of them, and beat the snot out of a lot of the players in the league.

  2. Remember when Messier choked out Blake? Blake was trying to get free and he just couldn’t and his face was beat red. It looked like a scene from a horror movie. Ha.

  3. REPOST:

    Beer – That’s because you don’t understand the game. The logic behind what I said is pretty simple.

    Let me explain it to you slowly…Two players can switch places, but that does not constitute a “cycle”. Cycling occurs in the corner, when the puck is kept deep by 2 or more players rotating up the side boards and throwing the puck back into the corner.

    | X
    | |\
    | | X
    | | /
    | X

    That diagram looked way better before it got posted, but it just showed me what a waste of time it is trying to explain something to a guy who just changes the subject when he sees he’s wrong.

  4. I wonder if the Pens and their fans are doing as much talking about stopping the Rangers as we do about stopping them.

  5. I am thinking that sometime in the first or second game, Nigel Dawes is going to take one of those sneaky wrist shots and completely surprise Fleury. He is due for a goal.

  6. I R sorry peppery. U can splain to me?

    Nasty – totally. When those guys were coming up as un-harnessed talent they were bad-ass. Nowaday’s with teams looking for the complete package, I think some guys are hesitant to throw caution to the wind. And it’s probably a good thing.

  7. Peppery is right on about the cycling saga, which I started btw (my bad).

    Cycling is circling in the corner. There’s no better way to say it. Setting the play up behind the net or passing it around, even back and forth, is not cycling, it’s just not.

    If your team is cycling on the power play then they probably don’t realize they’re on it. It just doesnt happen.

  8. REpost:
    Jorek April 24th, 2008 at 11:55 am
    Thy without a doubt do cycle on their pp. When Jagr takes it and dishes it back to DUbinsky who then dishes it to whoever was coming around the net and so on switching places. Everyonce in while it gets back to the point and then goes back to the corner for more cycling and no shooting.
    Jorek April 24th, 2008 at 12:07 pm
    Peppery they are cycling in the corner. They pass it back keeping it in the corner sometimes they will turn around and not pass it but keep it in the corner area while others move around to get open. That is cycling! Keeping puck in corner!
    Jorek April 24th, 2008 at 12:13 pm
    I need someone to explain to me what cycling is if I am not saying it right?
    Jorek April 24th, 2008 at 12:22 pm
    Ok I didn’t mean they cycle behind the net I was just saying that is where the other player comes form at times. They do cycle on the power play. It happens. I watch a lot of games and that what they do.

  9. REPOST cuz it is still going on:

    Can everyone please put their hockey knowledge penises away? Mine’s bigger. No mine is. No mine is. Enough already. (Sorry to the ladies for that reference…but it is hockey we are talking about and not canasta).

    Let’s get back to the task at hand……

    Pitt and the Devs are nearly polar opposites in terms of their style. The Devs can’t score on an empty net, the Pens have more firepower than nearly any team in the league. What do you u guys think are the keys to containing this?

    You think Renney will try and match lines as best he can?

    Do you think Jags gets double shifted like he did vs the Devs?

    Which PP style would be best against the Pens? (Again, keep your “I’m smarter than you” convos out of it.) You think Jags’ line of Euro style keepaway works better than Drury’s line of shots from the point/crash the net? Why?

    Let’s go….

  10. And BTW, a lot of this “I am smarter than you” crap came alive when Peppery got involved. Not saying that person is the cause, but it is coincidental….

  11. No mtching lines and yes double shift Jagr!
    ANd both pp used interchangably is most effective because you have to make them adapt to different styles of play! (Isn’t that a good non answer on the pp question!)

  12. “You think Renney will try and match lines as best he can?”

    Not sure on that one yet. I think it played a larger role earlier in the reg season. Back when NYR had just 1 line working each game, and 1 pair of dmen playing…average at best. Along with Hank trying to find his game. Which he has, and the rest of the skaters/cylinders are all firing. We had no choice but to match vs crosby or malkin. Now that everyone seems to be on the same defensive page, I think it allows renney the freedom to roll 3 lines with the 4th up every other. So in short, no. (imo)

  13. I think Gomez’s unit will fare better on the PP. Apparently, we have had some success against Pitt on the PP, and I can’t remember the Jagr unit having success against anyone, frankly.

    I think Renney will rotate forward lines, but as for double shifting Jagr…That will depend. If you have Orpik or Gill out for 2 out of 3 shifts, I don’t see the point in doubling Jagr. One of their D will always be fresh enough to jump on. It’s not like the Devils, who only really used White.

    I think the Pens have more firepower, but at the same time they are in no way as relentless as the Devils. They won’t “create” the turnovers, but they will capitalize on them. We won’t be forced into mistakes the way were were against NJ. If we don’t turn it over on our own, we’re in good shape.

    How’s that, Newman?

  14. newman – isn’t it frustrating? I’m not singling out the 2 new posters, well, yes I am.

    But we all went head to head this year on the blog and even got salty(where is he) to change his tune. Now when the season end is in sight, it’s starting all over.

    Newbies…relax & respect are 2 musts here.

  15. Newman – If you read the previous post, you’d see Brandon and Beer going it it way before I got involved. I asked Beer a question, and he got all pissy.

  16. I don’t want Renney to match lines, because I want to keep control of the flow of the game. If he tries to match the fourth line against Crosby then we keep our scoring lines off the ice. If Renney rolls the scoring lines then we rely on our puck posession skill (against theri forecheck which is not as agressive as the Devils but is still a thing to pay attnetion too)

    I really think that if our guys can get into their groove then we can win the series, obvioulsy, we just have to take control of the games. When we have the puck and play our posession game we will be kept out of penalty trouble and hopefully be forcing the Pens into taking penalties…

  17. Beer – You were the one who got pissy, so you should practice that relaxation technique.

  18. Christ, look how mad and pissy we all get here over nothing. Imagine Avery was a poster on here. What the hell would happen then.

  19. Funny that someone would tout their deep hockey knowledge by insisting that cycling only takes place in the corner and never on the power play. You can cycle anywhere on the ice, any time. The Devils cycled the puck between their point men to confuse the Rangers when they were on the power play. Didn’t work, the Rangers blocked all their points shots anyway.

  20. Ok I get you don’t want to fight but for my own knowledge I need to know if I am saying something that is not cycling. As far as I can tell what I have described the passing the puck in the corner keeping it there as cycling. They keep the puck along the side and in the corner. And they do this on the powerplay. As fas as I can tell what I am describing and peppery’s diagram are the same.

  21. I haven’t been confrontational in any of my posts, just stated my opinion in the earlygoings and then had a few blows thrown my way, which I’m cool with as we’re all passionate fans.

    I am new to the blog and happen to really like the posts as well as dicussion. I was introduced to it a few months ago and have been active. While I am new to the blog, I’m not new to hockey and I’m not new to the Rangers.

    Do you guys not want “new” people reading the blog? I thought the idea is to build a community of people with similar liked interests.

    If someone “new” disagrees, it shouldn’t be taken as disrespectful just b/c someone has been here longer.

    I’m happy to have debates and I’m sure I’ll be wrong from time to time in my opinion… it doesnt mean I know less and it doesnt mean you know more. It just means we disagree.

  22. I’m so ready for tomorrow I wish I didnt have to watch it at work but it will ne nice when all my devil fan customers come in and see a real team still in it

  23. Getting better on the responses. No one trying to prove how smart they are. Still some bad blood, but it’s not boiling anymore, it’s starting to cool off, I think.

    Re: the Pens game versus the Devs game, I agree that the Devs are more determined on the forecheck. It seems that the Pens rely on moving the puck and creating opportunities while the Devs look to play defensively and counterattack.

    On matching lines or whatever, the one thing I WOULD say is that I don’t like Jags line matching up against Crosby’s. The one thing I noticed is that Jags, Dubi, Straka seem to be the least competent defensively. When the Devs were in our zone and Jags’ line was on, I was always nervous. To me, the matching I want is keeping Jags line OFF when Crosby’s is on. Also, Crosby needs to be pounded when we have the chance, the only person on the 1st line to be able to do that is Dubi.

    On the PP, I think we have more success down low than up high because the forwards at the top of the box (that is what they play in the PK right? all you smarty pants out there!) guys like Staal (Jordan) will be able to limit the ability to get shots from the point moreso than we might be able to exploit the D down low. That’s just my opinion. In addition, the last thing I want to see happen is a blocked shot at the PP by speedy Staal and a SH goal. I think we should be attacking on the PP from the half boards and down low. I might think Jags line has more success in this matter.

    Is it F-ing Friday yet?

  24. You are all a bunch of idiots! Cycling is what Lance Armstrong did for years and is the greatest ever. Ha, cycling in hockey. What morons! :)

  25. “Remember when Messier choked out Blake? Blake was trying to get free and he just couldn’t and his face was beat red. It looked like a scene from a horror movie.”

    HA! YES!

  26. Cycling takes place in the gym (stationary cycling) or out on the road or a mountain (usually referred to as biking).

    I don’t know WTF you guys are talking about in hockey!

    It used to be called, possessing the puck and skating without it to create space. LOL!

  27. Absolutely! And you alternate ass cheeks when you are doing it. Remember the steroid movie that had Ben Affleck in it when he was a lot younger. He beats his girlfriend and get bloody noses when he is working out and stuff. HILARIOUS!

  28. someone said there is an article in a pittsburg paper about avery someone needs to find it. I would but the iPhone sucks

  29. all semantics here, boys and girls. Some are referring to cycling in hockey the way I think it’s usually used – the forward line basically circles around as a threesome in the corner, and you wouldn’t use that particular strategy on the PP because it really is done specifically to draw out the defense and open up a scoring opportunity at even strength (you’re hoping someone will come off the boards with a great shooting lane or, better yet, find the guy who preceded him along the boards wide open in the slot). Other people here are referring to cycling as rotating as in the Devils “cycled” it between the point men. That’s not really cycling, it’s passing between the two points. Quick puck movement like that is a must on the PP and one of the reason the Rangers struggled so much on the PP all year (failure to get the puck to the net and go to the net, with the intention of moving the puck around looking for an open lane but not getting enough puck movement to open up the defense). But that isn’t traditionally referred to as cycling. Fourth lines cyc;le like crazy because often those guys lack offensive firepower – it’s since spread to all the lines because players and defenses in general have become much more skilled.

  30. I remember Blake saying afterwards that he didn’t fight back because he didn’t want his first NHL fight to be with Mark Messier. I thought it was pretty classy of him, it showed a lot of respect. I’ve always admired the guy.

    Masterson trophy ought to be interesting. There are a few guys who deserve some consideration. Blake is one for his leukemia. Others include McCarty, Ozolinsh, Zednik, Osgood, and Roenick, although I think it’s a two man race between McCarty and Blake.

    Ozolinsh didn’t really overcome this year except his poor play last year coming off of his alcohol problems. Besides, he had a great start to the season but was a healthy scratch by the end.

    Roenick didn’t overcome anything except poor play and contemplation of retirement. He still didn’t have huge numbers, but has an incredibly disproportionate number of GWGs.

    Osgood just had a career year late in his career, wrestling away the starter job for long stretchs. I guess if he got consideration, so would Ty Conklin, but I doubt either can overcome McCarty’s alcoholism and gambling problems or Blake’s leukemia.

    Zednick survived the throat slash but hasn’t played a game yet. I think he’ll be a lock on this trophy for next season.

  31. Just went for a walk outside and damn is there a lot of tail out there. Springtime in NYC is so awesome! I may have to take a trip to the mens room and cycle myself!

  32. we had powerplay goals against the pens in eight games
    they were scored by:

    March 31 2 for 5 chances (our pk was 4 for 4)
    Jagr from Drury and Shanahan
    Drury from Jagr and Gomez

    March 30 1 for 4 (our pk was 7 for 8)
    Dubinsky from Jagr and Backman

    March 18
    we were 0 for 1. The Pens were 0 for 2 it was a good game and the refs let the boys play… as a result though you see we controlled pace.

    January 14 our pp was 1 for 7 and our pk was 3 for 5
    Jagr from Gomez and Mara

    December 18 our pp was 2 for 7 our pk was 5 for 5
    Gomez from Drury and Rozsival
    Drury from Rozsival and Shanahan

    November 17 this was a special teams game… our pp was 1 for 6 and we gave up a sh goal. Our pk was 1 for 1 and got a sh goal
    each team had a shorthanded goal, ours was Rozsival from Avery and Staal
    Girardi from Tyutin and Prucha

    November 8 our pp was 2 for 7 and our pk was 5 for 6
    Rozsival from Gomez and Jagr
    Avery from Girardi and Mara

    October 23
    Our pp was 0 for 4 and our pk was 4 for 5

    Allright so of all the players that got a point G-A-P
    Jagr 2-3-5
    Rozsival 3-1-4
    Gomez 1-3-4
    Drury 2-2-4
    Girardi 1-1-2
    Avery 1-1-2
    Shanahan 0-2-2
    Mara 0-2-2
    Dubinsky 1-0-1
    Backman 0-1-1
    Staal 0-1-1
    Prucha 0-1-1
    Tyutin 0-1-1

    Now this is only special teams goals, I dind’t include the even strength goals obviously but I think we can agree members form both pp units helped out, I think Gomez’s goal came at a time when he was still on Jagr’s line but I’m not certain.

  33. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Haha…someone said Chris Drury scored the game winner against the Devils. Technically, true. In actuality, he scored to make it 4-1, which turned into the game-winner. That’s a far reach from what he did against the Rangers last year and what he’s expected to do on this team. Did anyone mention how he went 26%, 29%, 33%, and 33% in the faceoff circle after his “marvelous” game 1 performance?

    I guess, it would be nice for him to show-up this series, huh?

  34. Speaking of steroids, does anyone think Alex Ovechkin is on them? This guy is always hopping around with so much energy after scoring goals, it just makes you wonder sometimes, especially in this day and age of illegal drug usage in professional sports.

  35. doodie – I like that assessment. I love McCarty, but I don’t think he played enough to win it. I never liked Blake. Did Kessel finish last season? I don’t remember when he beat his cancer.

    I don’t want that award to turn into that though. You should have to be sick to be nominated. McCarty filed for bankruptcy, got divorced, and his wife took custody of his kids. I can’t honestly say which is worse. No joking.

    Osgood played well, no doubt. But beating a 43y.o. goalie out for a starting job I don’t think wins it for ya.

    JR…I like him too, but you’re dead on with him.

    bozo & zednick? well, I’d say honorable mention. But I don’t know if we’ll see a nomination.

    If bozo was dedicated enough to the sport, he wouldn’t have treated his body the way he did.

  36. I think the first goal tomorrow night will be pretty huge. I would love to get two quick ones on them. Get them running around a bit.

  37. We have to take one of the 1st 2 games in pitt. I’m so anxious to see how the teams come out. Damn, a week between games. I hope I remember everyone’s #’s.

    Please no emerick, please no emerick,Please no emerick, please no emerickPlease no emerick, please no emerickPlease no emerick, please no emerickPlease no emerick, please no emerickPlease no emerick, please no emerickPlease no emerick, please no emerickPlease no emerick, please no emerick

  38. You know Eddie O will be there, being that he played for both teams. That means Emerick, too.

  39. if you can add 1 player from teams past to our team vs the Pens who would it be and 2nd choice if you couldn’t take a player who has his name in the rafters (or soon will be)

    for me it’s Leetch and excluding retired numbers Park.

  40. 1 quick thing on the cycling argument. To me (self-taught hockey fan, so I don’t know all the gory details), I thought cycling was just passing the puck around a lot when you’re controlling the puck in the offensive zone. Also, I think the Rangers are guilty of stationary cycling on the pp. They move around a lot, but get nowhere.

    People are talking about how we deal with Pittsburgh. From what I saw, when the Rangers played our game, and we just played well for ourselves, other teams had problems dealing with US. Why not focus on that, and let Pittsburgh figure out how to cope with playing the NY Rangers?

  41. Beer, Kessel won the award last year because of his cancer. I think it should have gone to Ortmeyer for his pulmonary embolism. Kessel missed 12 games, Orty missed half of the season. Although, Kessel lost a nut, so I guess that this is some sort of consolation.

    And playing only a few games doesn’t eliminate you: Stevie Y won the award in 2002-2003 for playing only 16 games after knee alignment surgery.

    And it usually is awarded to someone who overcomes a serious illness or injury. The last guy to get it without one of those was in 2000-2001: Adam Graves.

    Before that, you have to go back to 1990-91 and Dave Taylor, who got it because he “Played all his 17 seasons with the Kings, and was honored for his dedication.”

    Other Rangers who have won the trophy: Gilbert (75-76 for overcoming a back injury early in his career) and Ratelle (70-71, a 20 year veteran, he won the trophy for “lifelong dedication to strong, clean hockey”).

    As for Zednick, I don’t think he deserves the nomination this year because he didn’t persevere yet. That’s why I think next season he is a lock. The guy was inches from death. Just like if Jiri Fischer ever returns, he is a lock also.

  42. ok, let’s play a game. Everyone pay close attention to Emerick-ism’s and report back here after the game(or the next day) with the most odd-ball remark. It’ll be fun.

    Nasty – I’d rather listen to someone have complete blow-out diarrhea than emerick.

    LI Joe – good question. Mess 1st. Then Gartner. Cause he got f’n d!cked out of a ring.

  43. right on doodie. Agree on all points.

    “lifelong dedication to strong, clean hockey”

    THAT should be the award winner every year.

    And I DO think that losing a nut is some type of consolation. But I’d rather keep both thanks.

  44. I guess I don’t give Osgood as much credit as maybe I should. But I think there were probably a couple of backups that coulda put up those #’s backstopping that squad.

  45. Athough, I like Beer Me’s choice of Mike Gartner. I don’t think he was really in his prime in our cup year though, he was just getting out of it. I would take a prime Gartner over any of our players, past or present. If he played in today’s NHL, the guy would lead the league in goals every season, and his team would lead in PP goals because of the incredible number of penalties he would draw. He is still the fastest skater I’ve ever seen in the NHL.

  46. Faceoffs in the first round

    Game 1 4/9

    Betts 33%
    Zubrus 0-1
    Zajac 2-4
    Elias 0-1
    Dubi 38%
    Madden 0-3
    Rupp 4-9
    Zajac 1-2
    Elias 1-2
    Gomez 60%
    Madden 9-15
    Drury 78%
    Madden 3-4
    Langenbrunner 1-1
    Zubrus 2-2
    Zajac 2-3
    Elias 6-8

    Note Drury did amazing against Madden this round, but it wasn’t the norm, but he also benefited from facing off agains Elias who is not a natural center. Gomez also did real well v Madden this game

    Game 2 4/11

    Betts 43%
    Brylin 1-2
    Zajac 2-4
    Elias 0-1
    Dubi 60%
    Madden 6-11
    Rupp 4-7
    Zajac 1-1
    Elias 1-1
    Gomez 42%
    Madden 3-6
    Zubrus 0-2
    Zajac 0-1
    Elias 2-3
    Drury 27%
    Madden 3-17
    Langenbrunner 1-1
    Brylin 0-1
    Zajac 0-2
    Elias 3-5

    Drury still got to face off against ELias, but he also had many more face offs against Madden then the previous game.

    Game 3 4/13

    Betts 67%
    Rupp 2-2
    Zajac 0-1
    Elias 2-3
    Dubi 63%
    Madden 7-11
    Langenbrunner 1-1
    Rupp 0-2
    Zajac 1-3
    Elias 8-10
    Gomez 41%
    Madden 4-7
    Gionta 1-1
    Zubrus 0-1
    Zajac 0-1
    Elias 2-7
    Drury 29%
    Madden 1-7
    Rupp 0-1
    Zajac 1-2
    Elias 3-7

    Again Drury failed against Madden, and failed to take advantage of Elias here…

    game 4 4/16

    Betts 67%
    Zubrus 1-1
    RUpp 1-2
    Dubi 50%
    Madden 5-8
    Zajac 1-2
    Elias 4-10
    Gomez 63%
    Madden 12-18
    Zajac 0-1
    Elias 3-5
    Drury 33%
    Madden 2-6
    Rupp 1-2
    Zajac 1-3
    Clarkson 1-1
    Elias 0-3

    Again a lot of Madden for Drury and then failing to take advantage of Elias. But Gomez seemed to have Madden figured out and I wish he shared the info with Drury…

    Game 5 4/18

    Betts 50%
    Brylin 1-1
    Rupp 1-1
    Zajac 0-1
    Elias 0-1
    Dubi 35%
    Madden 2-9
    Zubrus 0-1
    Zajac 0-1
    Elias 4-6
    Gomez 54%
    Madden 3-6
    Zubrus 0-2
    Zajac 0-2
    Elias 4-5
    Drury 33%
    Madden 0-1
    Zubrus 3-4
    Rupp 0-1
    Zajac 2-9
    Elias 1-3

    Well Drury finally got away from Madden adn as a result Dubi ‘s face off number suffered unfortunately for Dru he didn’t take advantage against Zajac

    I had much more of a point when I started this, but I will give y’all the diversion anyway…

  47. That’s my boy doodie. He won the fastest skater at 36. That’s awesome.

    Though not in his prime he tallied another 100+ goals over the next 2.5 seasons. (’95 was only 40 games or so)

    I just think he got shafted. I believe he had the same amount of GWG’s that Anderson had. And did it in less games. AND, didn’t retire after the season. But I digress. I’ll take the cup. And I guess that was the right formula for the cup.

  48. Speaking of steroids, does anyone think Alex Ovechkin is on them? This guy is always hopping around with so much energy after scoring goals, it just makes you wonder sometimes, especially in this day and age of illegal drug usage in professional sports.


    Ovechkin has been spotted sipping a can of Coke on the bench (which led led me to a personal revelation that if I rely on coffee daily at work, its no secret why I had been sluggish on ice myself lately). But it’s true, I think he get’s his jump from caffeine surges. It has worked for me. Might be stupid long term to be sipping the likes of red bull at 10pm weds night, but damn if it doesn’t really get you going for the time being. Caffeine = Focus + energy = improved performance, any way you slice it.

    Steroids are in the NHL though. Go look at Marty St.Louis’ career and see if you can tell at what point in his life things started to get better. Personally, I don’t think steroids are an evil thing. When used in moderation and *done right*, there is really supposed to be very little danger involved. If I had the time, the extra money, and the proper guidance, I would probably love to try a cycle (word of the day).

    Steriods though, I don’t even think give you that much of an advantage in this sport though (Look at Shanny’s quote a while back about size meaning nothing if you don’t know when to “push and pull”). It seems like they are used more to allow players that are very skilled yet generally weak to compete. Petr Prucha is the perfect candidate for steroids. I feel bad for the guy, but if he bulked up with 15lbs of muscle, he’s not sitting up in the box.

  49. I drink red bull every morning on the way to work. Works like a charm. The big can, lol.

  50. “Caffeine = Focus + energy = improved performance, any way you slice it.”

    Yes, but only in a limited amount. Too much decreases performance.

    Beer, we also got Scott Malone, an 11th round draft pick career minor leaguer. Worst of all, he was a UNH grad.

  51. We also got a 4th round pick, which was used to draft Alexander Korobolin, who made it closest to the NHL in 99-00 when he played 21 games for the Pack. He spent the rest of his career in Russia.

  52. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Ovechkin would lead the league in goals if he played when Gartner did, but not vice versa. LoL
    Ovechkin is simply unbelievable. His physical prowess, combined with his scoring touch, make him a beast the NHL hasn’t seen in a long time. I just wish he was on a good team. He + Huet can’t win it all alone.

  53. Yes, but only in a limited amount. Too much decreases performance.


    My Job + Espresso all day = Me spending my day typing to you fine folk instead of other stuff.

  54. Jagr –

    Does anyone think Jagr’s comments about Crosby not being Jagr is bulletin board material for the Pens?

    I’m not happy with Jagr saying this at all. Why is Jagr making comments about the Pens and their players?

    Jagr has not been able to carry a team the way Mario, Messier or Gretzky did. I don’t care how many goals he has, ever since Mario retired Jagr and the Pens, Caps and Rangers sure haven’t been one of the top tier teams.

    He is in no position, at this time of the season, to be drawing conclusions about players on a team he is about to face.

    Can he go out an back it, we’ll find out soon enough.

  55. True fans – Don’t forget about Poti! LOL

    No, but really. That team is headed in the right direction. With Green, Backstrom, Huet, GR8, they have a solid foundation and I know I’m probably missing someone(not named poti).

  56. Guys who were drafted in the 5th Round that year: Nils Ekman, Marty Turco

    6th round: Bates Battaglia, Danny Alfredsson, Bryce Salvador, Alexander Selivanov, Alexander Korlyuk, Andre Roy

    7th Round: Serge Aubin, Shane Hnidy

    9th Round: Tim Thomas, Johan Hedberg, Evgeny Nabokov (these three were picked in a row), Thomas Vokoun, Steve Sullivan, Eric Boulton (picked by the Rangers!)

    10th round: Tyson Nash, Richard Zednik, Sergei Berezin, Tomas Homstromm

    11th round: Dick Tarnstrom, Kim Johnsson (picked by us with the last pick of the draft).

    I know, I’m just nitpicking. You can’t blame a team for anybody they don’t pick past the 2nd round because it’s seriously a toss up at that point. But still interesting to see all the players that we could have drafted!

  57. “sorry, make that Crosby not being Mario”

    He was asked and gave his honest opinion. Another one of the reasons Jagr is my favorite player all-time!

  58. TrueFans, Think of a guy like Brian Gionta. In the old NHL(I’m not talking prelockout, I’m talking long time ago) he doesn’t come within a whiff of 10 goals a season because the other teams would just destroy him physically.

    Garnter wasn’t a big dude and he still scored a ton of goals even though he would literally get pounded upon. It was the heyday for power forwards and bruising defensemen, and he still put up those numbers. Imagine if it was a penalty to put your stick on him then? His team would have a PP the entire game.

  59. Vogs, it’s not bulletin board material b/c it’s just matter-of-fact comments from a guy who’s been in the league long enough to make those assessments. Truth be told, the league is different. Mario straight up dominated for a very long period of time. He had the size and strength that Malkin and Crosby don’t have.

    If he stayed healthy, he probably would’ve broken Gretzky’s records too. Most regard him as the best player to step on ice. If that’s bulletin board material than might as well staple every paper everyday to the wall.

    Also, what do you mean by carry the team like Gretzky and Messier? First of all, Gretz and Mess are two of the greatest players to ever play the game, if not the greatest, so you can’t compare either guys to them.

    Also, Gretzky never carried us. He had a hat trick against the Panthers, that’s not exactly carrying.

    Jagr is playing his best hockey of the season. He was one of the resaons we won the last series and he’ll be another reason we win the next series.

    He’s playing possessed. Your analysis is flawed on a number of different levels.

    Wayne Gretzky never one a Cup after leaving Edmonton… did anyone question his ability?

    Jagr is a top 15 wing of all-time. He can say whatever he wants b/c he has been in the league for 20+ years. This is not some punk kid running his mouth.

    Zero problem with what he said. Everyone is billing Malking/Crosby to be the be all end all. They’re great, but they havent reached taht level where no one can talk about them a la Messier, Gretzky and Lemiux.

  60. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I do agree with ya. Laich, Green, Huet (if they keep him), Fedorov (if he stays), Ovechkin, Semin, all showing alot of promise. The problem is that none of them have really blossomed yet, well, besides the Great eight.

    Doodie, I guess we’ll agree to disagree. There are other things which have changed the game, for which you must consider. First, Gartner shot against goalies with smaller equipment and who were, generally, less well trained. He also didn’t have to contend with the neutral zone trap/left-wing lock/New-Jersey-Devilsitis. IMO, Ovechkin would be 110 goal guy if he played in the Gretzky/Gartner era with an established center and/or a defensman like Coffey who put up points nearly as readily as Gretz himself did.

  61. He also added that the Game has changed. Someone needs to get on the comments that were made about avery so the rangers have some bulletin board material

  62. “But still interesting to see all the players that we could have drafted!”

    We drafted Montaya ahead of some sick players. And ended up trading him for a used puckbag lol.

    We also could theoretically have Chara and/or Mike “Game Over” Green (rookie from Washington). Wouldn’t that be sick if we had a more offensive-minded defenseman teamed up with Staal (Rosi needs to shoot the puck more!).

  63. There is an article is the pittsburg post gazzete about avery I can’t post it cause I’m on my phone

  64. Mario may have broken some of Gretzky’s records if not for cancer and the spine problems. People forget he was playing at no better than 70% FOR MOST OF HIS CAREER! That is amazing.

    Jagr is an absolute beast! I’d even place him higher than top 15 all-time. He can say whatever he wants, agreed.

  65. 22figure8
    April 24th, 2008 at 2:08 pm
    I think PLAYGIRL is bulletin board material for the Pens.


  66. Doodie

    Not so sure about your Gionta notion. Joey Mullen comes to mind very quickly as a guy who thrived beyond belief despite his lack of size and strength.

    P.S. I saw Glenn Anderson in his prime, and anyone who thinks he’s not a Hall of Famer is, in my opinion, nuts.

  67. jagr has to show these kids up and once again a needs to get leveled on his first shift

  68. Bathgate,

    Glen Anderson is indeed a HOF’er. No question about it.

    It’s rumored that the reason he has not been voted in is b/c he’s not straight. Personally, I could care less and think that’s ridiculous, but I’ve heard that from quite a few people.

    Messier has even lobbied for Glen “salmon sandwiches” anderson in the past.

  69. I played a pickup game with G Anderson once down at Chelsea Piers… Was insane. I was playing defense and was playing pretty well at the time and he picked up the puck in the neutral zone and started skating towards me. One on one. I was like – I totally have this guy – just watch his middle section and don’t let him get by. As I was thinking this to myself he dropped a shoulder inside – then him and the puck went around me weakside… as I turned to stick with him I thought to myself… he is gone! And he was. A few more strides and he was alone in front of the net and roofed one over our goalies glove. Was pretty sweet to watch even if he did make me look like a loser.

  70. Beer me! – just fell off my chair with that one! I did not but damn was that funny.

  71. Jagr’s quotes aren’t bulletin material becuase what he asid was Crosby and Malkin are not Mario and then he went on to say Mario was way above the rest of the league, now whether he believes it or not, Jagr did not seperate himself from the res tof the league only Mario. He didn’t include himself in the quotes at all.

  72. I don’t think Jagr’s comments were that bad at all. After all, he was defending the Penguins greatest player ever, and their current owner as well. If the Penguin players need THAT for motivation, they’re in a lot more trouble than everyone thinks.

  73. Bathgate, and Theo Fleury was another, but those guys are just a different breed than Gionta. Gionta has no toughness.

    Sam, on a slow news day like today, you should do a Q & A. Too late for today though. Damn.

  74. While I am annoyed at Buccigross for his ripping on Avery (to which I responded to him in a strong worded (but clean) email), he wrote this about Jags whether he’d be a first ballot HoF (and I disagree that he has 3yrs left in him, btw):

    Jagr, who has played all 82 games in each of his past three seasons, is 36 years old. He probably has three years left in him with a projected production of 20-25 goals and 40-50 assists. If we project on the conservative end, it would give him 62 more goals and 120 more assists. That means Jagr would retire with 708 goals, 1,073 assists and 1,781 points. That gives Jagr these career rankings — fifth-most goals, seventh-most assists, and fifth-most points. Throw in five scoring titles, one MVP, two Stanley Cups and very good playoff numbers, Jagr is not only a first-ballot Hall of Famer, he also should be one of your right wingers if you were to devise an all-time four-line team.

    Jagr needs to come out like a bull and dominate… Crosby and Malkin how it goes in the playoffs.

  75. I don’t think it would serve as bulletin board material for the Penguins, but it could motivate Crosby and Malkin. I’m sure they were never comparing themselves to Mario, and even if they were, I’m sure they don’t think that they are currently better than he was. But for someone to come out and openly say it, I would want to push it in his face. I imagine Crosby and Malkin are both incredibly competitive and would like to do the same.

  76. Jeever ,

    right and he said the two were two of the top players right now, and he also left it open to them being like Mario, in which case he said he would apologize… it actually left the hubris to them, becuase if they get pissed about it, it means they have to look Mario in the eye and say I’m better then you… I don’t know that they can do that.

  77. Agra,

    There’s no way Sid could look Mario in his eye and say that, cause he’d be looking for a place to stay, in the middle of the playoffs no less. (Malkin might be able to get away with it because I don’t know if Mario understands Russian)

  78. Right Jeever,

    thats why I say it isn’t bulletin board material, if Jagr had compared them to himself it would be one thing. If he had seperated hismelf form the rest of the league thats another, but the way he said it they can’t complain…

  79. But for someone to come out and openly say it, I would want to push it in his face. I imagine Crosby and Malkin are both incredibly competitive and would like to do the same.


    Exactly, you have to be so careful how you handle people like that. Ovie was getting called out for not showing up in the playoffs and he got hot as hell. This is why you can’t send Avery after Crosby full throttle, it could light a fire in him that no one has even seen yet.

    There is literally no telling what Crosby/Malkin will become in this league and right now is their first taste and opportunity to really take it to the next level. You just want to play them as good and hard as possible, smack him around as hard as you can, and leave it at that. And y’know, it bothers me now that Orr took that shot at Ovechkin, it would have been better to see him cross the ice to drop Sidney.

    The more we get Sidney complaining to the refs, the better it means we are doing our job.

  80. “Exactly, you have to be so careful how you handle people like that. Ovie was getting called out for not showing up in the playoffs and he got hot as hell. This is why you can’t send Avery after Crosby full throttle, it could light a fire in him that no one has even seen yet. ”

    Right. It was almost a challenge for them to be that good.

  81. Beer Me! – What you don’t seem to understand is that NBC has two games on the weekend, one on Saturday, one on Sunday. I said the exact same thing about HNIC, so I don’t understand the point of your whole post. I’m just saying that the Rangers could have started Wednesday if it weren’t for the Sharks series going long because Versus wants to show the Red Wings and Penguins and they would have had to be on the same day if the next round started yesterday.

  82. Ok I didn’t read all the responces yet but first any player added to the team I say Leetch. Any player not in the rafters I say Beuk!

    And from what I can tell about JAgr’s quote he said Malkin and Crosby are not Mario. That Mario could win every game scoring 6 points in one and five in the next plus 20 points in a playoff round. His quotes didn’t say anything about them not being him- the headlines did. Maybe they just didn’t quote the parts where he said they weren’t as good as him but aticles in the Daily News and Newsday did not say not me.

  83. Speed Ranger on

    “Here’s to hoping Fluery refuses to shake Avery’s hand at the end of this series.” – this from the article Nasty shared back about a hundred posts. Bring it on, eh?

  84. Sean Avery is going to be on The Sauce ( a show on the Fuse channel/132 on TWC in Queens). Show starts at 6

  85. Orr,

    when they showed her second time around she was pretty happy looking… I would have been a heck of a lot more excited if it were me, I tell you that!! And Aves could pronounce my name too!

  86. “he’s just saying that Crabby and Milkman are not as dominant as Mario and Jags, and the old Pens team.”

    Dude, how is that not motivating to Crosby and Malkin? “you guys are good, but not as good as we were.” I’d want to BURY that guy. Maybe it has no effect on the rest of the team, but it HAS to provide some motivation to Crosby and Malkin (assuming Gonchar translated it to him).

  87. Doodie, but thats not what he said. He didn’t include himself. He said they weren’t as good as Mario, he didn’t use himself in the comparison at all…

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