Series schedule set


Friday, April 25, 2008 7 p.m. NY Rangers at Pittsburgh VERSUS, CBC

Sunday, April 27, 2008 2 p.m. NY Rangers at Pittsburgh NBC, CBC

Tuesday, April 29, 2008 7 p.m. Pittsburgh at NY Rangers VERSUS, CBC

Thursday, May 1, 2008 7 p.m. Pittsburgh at NY Rangers VERSUS, CBC

*Sunday, May 4, 2008 2 p.m. NY Rangers at Pittsburgh NBC, CBC

*Monday, May 5, 2008 7 p.m. Pittsburgh at NY Rangers VERSUS, CBC

*Wednesday, May 7, 2008 TBD NY Rangers at Pittsburgh CBC

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  1. Sam, does MSG get to air the Versus games for Round 2 also? I’m not a fan of Versus commentary.

  2. With us playing the golden boy, Cindy Crosby, not one game on MSG, this sucks, I cant stand listening to those versus announcers.

  3. With the mike sensitivity cranked up high on Versus, I’m sure we’ll get to hear Cindy’s whining better than ever.

  4. REPOST: (I hate that)

    “Puck the Fenguins” LOVE that.

    Doodie – Struds also had that OT winner in Pitt early on in the year.

    Sux that the Flames lost. Oh well.

    Poti Sux. Incase someone wasn’t sure.

    We desperately need to stay out of the box vs Pitt. Their PP has one them many a game.

    I haven’t done the research. But I was advised that the Rangers have never beaten the Pens in a playoff round. In fact, we’ve haven’t even beat them a total of 4 times. So if anyone wants to throw around #’s for this one…include that one. These are 2 completely different teams, and it’s gonna be one hell of a series. Is it Friday yet?

  5. Beer –

    Staying out of the box is priority Numero Uno in this series. Every game this season, I watched and thought to myself, “we’re better than this team 5 on 5,” and I firmly believe this is the case because we are deeper. We have 3 skilled lines and a 4th line that, when effective, pressures the puck (note on this…remember it was none other than Freddie Sjostrom that scored the game-winner in our last home game against the Pens this year, a 5-2 win) and hits.

    This is a great matchup…I can’t wait til Friday!

  6. We haven’t faced the Pens in the playoffs in 12 years, so I don’t think we have to worry about the psychological aspect of the lopsised history.

    Before 2 years ago, the Devils had never beaten us in a playoff series either.

    Looking forward to a great (and victorious) series.

  7. Anyone know who what active player has been on the winning side of the most game 7s? I’m thinking it might be Kovalev, Sackic, maybe even Roenick?

  8. I dont think we won a game in Pitt this year. We have to win game one and they have to stay out of the box I would love to see Orr back. Sam any news on him

  9. RobC – agreed 10000%. 5 on 5 we’re a more rounded team. And we have the better goalie.

    clive – agreed also. But I’m really running out of stuff to talk about! LOL!

  10. they have to level Crosby when he gets the puck he’s going to be fired up playing the biggest market team. They need to step up and lay hard clean hits on his ass

  11. This might be risky, but I would try deploying Avery against Crosby in the first game or two to really try and get under his skin. As long as Avery is smart about it, I think his “antics” could be very effective against Cindy. Like I said, if the refs call it too tight and it gives the Pens power plays, the Rangers can adjust. But why not have him out there harassing him? Plus, it would just be great TV, hahahaha.

  12. Whichever team shakes off the rust the fastest takes Game 1.

    Beer – just skip today + Thursday. Go right to Friday…evening.

  13. Beer Me –

    That would be correct. The teams have met 3 times, in 1989 (Pens 4-1), 1992 (Pens 4-2) and 1996 (Pens 4-0). Suffice to say that as Jagr and Straka are the only ones around from those days and they’re now on the other team, it probably doesn’t mean a whole lot. But if it can be turned into bulletin board fodder as in “It’s time the Rangers beat the Penguins in the playoffs”, I’m all over it.

  14. I wonder if Renney will match Hollweg-Betts-Orr against Crosby/Malkin in this series. He better not try it on the road – we’d probably make such a sloppy line change we’ll get called for too many men.

    Is Orr even game-ready at this point?

  15. I wqanted the pens and we got the Pens…So lets sit back and enjoy what should be a 6-7 game series,no less.
    I’m picking the Rangers in 6 cause a game 7 in pitts…I just don’t know.
    I don’t belive I’m saying this but I want the Flyers to win because I want the Rangers to beat them.
    Still tho 3 more days to wait……………

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    Friday? UGH!

    Guys, as much as I would love to be as confident as all of you that the Rangers would win this series, I’m not. These aren’t even the same two teams that played each other in the regular season.

    The guy on the Penguins who Avery is going to get under the skin of is Gary Roberts. Roberts is on record about how much he hates Avery. Losing Roberts isn’t going to really deflate the Pens, especially if Avery goes to the box as well. Bottom line, I see his agitating being a nonfactor.

    I don’t know guys… I see the potential for a big let down. I can’t choose whether I think it’s going to be Rangers in 7 or Pens in 5. They’re a REALLY good team right now.

  17. Peter, 1996 was 4-1 as well. I remember the game we won in Pitt, Robitaille scored on a beautfiul wrister.

    As far as this series, NBC sports creamed in their pants when they got this matchup.

  18. REPOST:

    Beer Me –

    That would be correct. The teams have met 3 times, in 1989 (Pens 4-1), 1992 (Pens 4-2) and 1996 (Pens 4-0). Suffice to say that as Jagr and Straka are the only ones around from those days and they’re now on the other team, it probably doesn’t mean a whole lot. But if it can be turned into bulletin board fodder as in “It’s time the Rangers beat the Penguins in the playoffs”, I’m all over it.

  19. Doodie – I’d say I’m CAUTIOUSLY optomistic at this point.

    Gary Roberts missed the 1st round. I haven’t checked, but the last I saw said that rnd 2 may start without him.

    This is a few days old:
    “Left winger Gary Roberts, who has a sore groin, did not participate in practice for the second day in a row, but the Penguins aren’t resigned to starting the second round without him.” – Post Gazette

  20. Crosby when he gets the puck he’s going to be fired up playing the biggest market team.


    Crosby has been a Ranger Killer for all of his career. Has several “clutch” GWG/OT against us since he started and him undressing 3 Rangers and then Hank at the Garden last year is on every 2007 highlight reel. We can only hope theres a part of him that wants to play here before he hits 35.

    I think we can definitely take them. It will of course depend mostly on Henke coming uo huge again. I’d say “no go” on deploying Avery full throttle on Crosby right away, I know that would amp him up. Marty has always been a basket case (what goalie isn’t?) but it was very easy for Dr. Sean to shatter his concentration. Crosby really is a young Gretzky-like figure, you’ve got to be careful about motivating people like that. This may well be PIT’s one good shot at the Cup with all of that firepower, don’t think CRYSOB is not aware of this. Avery might just provide the kind of motivation Sidney needs to step his game up to the next level of dominance. Scary.

  21. Nasty Voice of Reason on

    Hey guys,
    I want to be the voice of reason here. Last year when we swept the Thrashers I felt good going in to the second round. Not confident though. I knew we were going up against a really good Sabre team and I had doubts in my mind. This year I feel completely different. I feel confident and I think that the team is confident and not cocky. We have a good team right now guys. We have a great mix of youth and veterans who are contributing. They have a team made mostly of young players, two that are among the best in the world. I will say this. Having two of the best players in the world will help, but doesn’t mean shit in the grand scheme. This is the playoffs, this is where offense will get you somewhere, but defense and goaltending will win you the game. With that being said, I like our chances. A lot! I would take experienced veterans mixed with hungry young (good players) over 2 of the best players in the world and (a few good) veteran players any day of the week. I am predicting Rangers in 6. Not just because they are my team, but because I really believe it. We are going to take one in pitts, with both at home, and then trade wins to take it at home in 6.


  22. I am PRAYING we get back to MSG for Game 6 up 3-2. The atmosphere would be out of this world…nothing Pitt has ever seen before. I think our boys skating on that night with the energy of that crowd behind them would win it and move on. That said, if it comes to that and they blow the chance, Game 7 in Pitt is a SCARY proposition.

    Obviously way too much conjecture here, but let’s be honest, this will not be a short series.

  23. One thing is certain:

    When this series is over, we will hate Crosby even more. On the other hand, this really is an *opportunity* to get a much closer look at Sid than many of us have had before. During a playoff series you learn so much about another team, and this is quite an interesting team to face right now. I really would like to eliminate them. I feel like if they beat us they could probably go on to win the Cup…

    I can’t believe Philly is in the playoffs and in the 2nd round.

  24. I have a sneaking suspicion that Avery is going to concentrate more on his playing than his agitating this series. Remember. LAst year he was kind of hurt, and the team was different, and his antics didn’t work in the second round. This year, he’s healthy and has been scoring.

    I say we go out and just play our game. Once the shenanigans start, let them start from Pitts side, and then Avery and Co. can start mouthing off.

    KEY to thsi series win against PIts:
    1.) Crahsing the net – Fluery is horrible with the traffic jams. most of the goals we get against him, will be like NJ. traffic, given him no vision for the puck and beating the hell out of him.
    2.) Malkin and Sid the Vagina: containing them and not letting them get set up is the key.
    3.) I say Orr is in this series. We need him against Laraque, and good fight will get our boys going, since we havent had one yet in these playoffs.
    4.) Penalties: staying out of the box. Another huge key for us. We took way too many for my liking against NJ

    And even though everyone says regular season stats dont apply, we beat them 5-3 this year, and we are way deeper than they are. I also think our boys are really on a mission this year, so lets go Rangers!!

    Rangers in 6 is my prediciton

  25. The Rangers are definitely the deeper team, and that depth is huge in the playoffs. Yes, Pitt has more talent at the top, but our third line, for my money, is the best in the entire league out of the remaining teams. Drury as a third-line center? What other team can say they have a player of his caliber on their third line? I think he and Gomez, like they did in Round 1, need to come up big for us and I think they will.

  26. Peter, you are right about 1991 playoffs – Pittsburgh Tribune listed some bad information.

    At least the history is meaningless as far as predicting the outcome for this series, it only measures what’s happened so far.

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