Shanahan returns to practice, spews much wisdom


There are times when I think as a reward for all the inarticulate athletes we’ve been forced to put up with over the years, the sports journalism gods produce someone like Brendan Shanahan.


The Rangers happen to have a number of good quotes on their team. Jaromir Jagr is not only good for a couple of belly laughs every interview, but is also extremely insightful in his own curious way. Scott Gomez talks kind of like he skates, at a rapid pace and very often shifting directions mid-stream. But he’s also engaging and open, and not afraid to throw barbs at rumpled members of the media.

Sean Avery is always good for something when he’s talking, but that last part has been iffy as the season has gone on. Non-native English speakers like Martin Straka and Michal Rozsival are better than they probably give themselves credit for; and even a rookie like Brandon Dubinksy talks like he’s been in the league for 15 years.

But Shanahan is the rare superstar athlete who is so articulate and thoughtful that when he decides to step away from hockey, he could anchor the evening news. The 39-year-old veteran returned to practice today after missing Monday because of illness, and touched on a number of different topics — from the Rangers’ next possible opponent; to how the mood heading into this year’s second round is different than it was last year going into the Buffalo series; to the chemistry of this year’s team both on and off the ice.

At one point, Shanahan was asked about his future plans. Even in being evasive, he was insightful.

“I’m not even thinking about it. I’m really enjoying this,” he said. “I enjoy these playoff runs and you know, I’m not even thinking about big picture stuff. I’m just trying to play hockey the way I know how to play it and do whatever’s asked of me in order to win games. That’s my focus and the big picture stuff will take care of itself.

“There’s a time in your career when the pressure of the playoffs can eat you up on off days and then you get to a point where it’s gone and you’re going to miss it. So that pressure and anxiety is something you savor. And the last few years, when I’ve been in the playoffs, the atmosphere of the buildings you go into and the atmosphere of our building, I think it’s something where as a pro, you have to learn to smell the roses.”The point isn’t any of this stuff was necessarily headline material, but it does illustrate Shanahan’s agility from bouncing from one topic to another. And it also underscores his value to this team.

I think we can all agree that Shanahan the forward has been surpassed by other players on the Rangers. But his presence in the room is unmistakable, be it in calming his team down after they carried just a one-goal lead into the third period in Game 5 against New Jersey, or in setting the right tone in dealing with the media.

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  1. I really believe that Shanahan will be a coach in the NHL in the not too distant future.

  2. When I read that title Sam, I thought you were gonna tell us how Shanny has a touch of the stomach flu lol!

  3. Shanahan would make a terrific coach, no doubt. I love his presence on this team. He feels like a career Ranger…just one of those rare players that comes along once or twice per generation. I hope we win this one for him.

  4. SAM- Good article…It must be nice to spend time with Shanny since he is such a mensch….

    BTW- do you have any early indications about dates for Round 2? Thanx in advance

  5. Agravaine- When you take pics at the Rangers games, what type of setup do you use? I am looking to get a DSLR (canon rebel XSi or Nikon D60)….I hope to practice with it at the Rangers 1st home game so I can come home and capture some pics of my lil’ kids who run at almost the same speed as the Ranger players skate….hehe

  6. I don’t know if anyone has said this yet, but watching Avery taunt Brodeur reminds me of Reg Dunlop telling Hanrahan his wife is a dyke.

    Only Fatso would never fight.

  7. Tony from AZ – how was the trip! Glad you got to see the Rangers win it in GAME 5. Hope you had fun.

  8. He feels like a career Ranger


    He really does feel like one of our own. I can only hope he stays within the organization some how, preferably behind the bench. Shanny does not seem like the kind of guy who woudl do one of those “half seasons” either and I really respect that as well. There is something very cheap about joing the team late IMO.

  9. Salty, I could not agree more. Unless coming back from an injury, that is the lamest thing you can do. It just says, hey, I am over the hill and my body can’t take the drain of the full season.

  10. This is something I was going to say in the other thread

    *Things I would change in the image of the NHL*
    By Salty

    ANA: They made the right changes, I really applaud that club for doing the right thing.

    ATL: Make that V-eagle on the shoulders the Primary logo, lose the borders and gay flare on the Uni’s… no need to have “atlanta” down one sleeve. Lose the tie neck, you’re th ecomplete opposite of old school, its embarrasing for an expansion team to try to be “throwback”. Really, I’d contract the team from the NHL.

    BOS: No change needed, could sharpen logo slightly with a touch of shadowing or something if they really wanted and keep the original look.

    BUF: I like their new uni’s not the logo though. Throw the old logo on that uni for a sleek happy medium.

    CAL: Ehhh not sure about this one…kinda lame.

    CAR: New Logo. Lose the red/white/black. Change to Navy/Green. Possibly move to Hartford. Move Wolfpack to brooklyn. Canes have earned respectability but that organization still bothers me and should be probably contracted.

    CHI: Return to the Red uniforms.

    COL: I’d probably leave them although I despise “collective” names like that.

    CBJ: Change the name. Change the unis. Try to be somewhat respectable. I woudl definitely eliminate then from the NHL, I hardly remember they’re there as it is.

    DAL: Can’t complain. Relocated team that has stayed true to it’s original and flourished. No change.

    DET: Move the C & A back the left shoulder where it belongs you assh0les. Other than that, No Change, perfect image.

    EDM: I like the classic logo with the darker blue. That speeding oil drop is actually kind of nifty, but you can’t beat the classic look that earned 5 cups.

    FLA: Just change those sleeves. Few alterations to those unis.

    LAK: Pathetic disgrace. This could be so fresh but purple and black is so painful. That crown needs work and then should be the primary logo. Should be the NHL’s Black/Grey team like they once were, that was awesome.

    MIN: Awesome Awesome Awesome logo. If you have never looked at it closey, please take the time to do so. A lot of thought went into it and it is simple/very effective. WHY they need to have the team name on there with it though, BOTHERS me in My “NHL”. Pointless. Let that BEAUTIFUL logo speak for itself.

    MON: I don’t like to mess with the Original Six.

    NAS: Actually have no problem with these unis/logo but there does not need to be an NHL team in Nashville I’m sorry.

    NJD: Hate to say it, but it’s a sharp/smart logo. I wouldn’t touch it.

    NYI: Truely pathetic. They seem to have tried 40 different uniforms in the last 15 years. Seriously, contract this team out of the league, they will never contend again.

    NYR: Original Six. If not, I would make the change to a sharp simple “badge” logo with a tight NYR diagonally through it or something. It would be sharp and classy.

    OTT: No Change

    PHI: Needs more orange in there.

    PHX: Changed for the (much) better, the original jerseys emabarrssed me as a hockey fan. Good maroon. Lose the ties, you are the exact opposite of “classic”. Contract them out.

    PIT: One of the best uni’s out there. Old logo, fresh jersey, and that faded gold color is so f*cking cool. Classy organization, must admit. The older logo with the penguin outline/triangle was damn fresh as well. they’ve had a good look for a while now.

    SJS: Sharpened it up this year, pretty good change.

    STL: No change, totally classy right now.

    TBL: Just awful. I despise this logo with the writing on it, totally unneccessary AND they just “sharpened up” too… one of my least favorite in the league ever. And lose the bolts off the pants faegs. put one bolt on the chest, thats all you need. that club makes me sick, I wish they never won a cup.

    TOR: Original Six but have had a variety of leaves. A fresh leaf would be cool. The “old” one they use now looks like something that should be hanging off my rearview mirror.

    VAN: Easily the worst jersy history in the league, they have NEVER got anything right, including now. Wouldn’t even know where to start with them but at least you know you’d get a clean slate, because there is no “traditional” vancouver canucks color set any more, and they seem to start with a clean slate any chance they get…. even NYI tries to stay with the team colors.

    WSH: Sick jerz. Old logo, fresh design.

  11. It just says, hey, I am over the hill and my body can’t take the drain of the full season.

    I think it also says “I’m more important than the rest of you and am only coming back for the exciting part after you all carry the weight to get us there”

    Nothing “team” about that.

  12. Salty, you’re entitled to your opinions, but these two contradict each other:

    DAL: Can’t complain. Relocated team that has stayed true to it’s original and flourished. No change.


    CAL: Ehhh not sure about this one…kinda lame.

    What you said about Dallas was true about Calgary before the Stars ever moved to Dallas.

  13. Nasty1…..I can read Japanese. I looked at that website you highlighted on a post earlier about Avery’s cap. All it says in Japanese is stuff about guiding you around the website and how to order the hat in whatever size, etc.

    At the bottom of that page it says to click on the thumbnail shots of the caps to see the view from the back or the side, etc.

    There is nothing about what it means or anything like that.

  14. If Chris Chelios as the age of 45 can still play why can’t Brendan Shanahan, I say re-sign Shanahan and bring him back for next season, don’t forget to re-sign Avery as well.

  15. TonyFromAZ- Which setup do you recommend out of the two mentioned?? Canon Rebel XSi or Nikon D60? I am a total amateur coming from the P&S crowd….Primary use will be family and my kiddies, sports, vacations, and maybe some landscapes and points of interest….thanx

  16. Tony from AZ on

    Parros, had a GREAT time. Watched a GREAT game with GREAT Ranger fans.
    Wow – we really rocked that place.
    It was like being at MSG !

  17. Doodie if Calgary had kept the “A” it would be a lot cooler IMO, even though it wouldn’t make much sense. (Hey, Rangers in NY doesn’t make much sense, does it?) That flaming C is just very boring to me. FWIW that move was before my time, and being a hockey fan while teams like winnipeg and quebec were relocating and getting “disney makeover”, Minnesota moved and stayed pretty true to itself.

    That old ATL Flames A logo is hot sh1t though. I need to get one of those jerz’z for pickup games.

  18. Tony from AZ on

    Liquid, I use Nikon D200 & D300 cameras. I’ve used Nikons for over 40 years.
    I just bought my grandson a D40 & it’s really a great camera. I’ve heard the D60 is just as good if not better.
    In my opinion, Cannon makes a better camera for sports but the Nikons are pretty good for action & excellent for portraits & family shots.

  19. Tony from AZ on

    Who do we root for tonight ? Caps or Flyers ?
    Who do we want in the 2nd round ?
    I was thinking we’re better suited for Montreal.

  20. If Chris Chelios as the age of 45 can still play why can’t Brendan Shanahan?


    Great logic. Why don’t we sign Leetch too, he’s not even 40 yet is he?

    Brendan Shanahan is not Chris Chelios. Do a little research on Chelly and his off season work out regimen. It is *beyond intense*. He’s an incredibly rare specimen of human, and not to take anything away from him but I would not be surprised if he was using steroids of some sort (it’s more prevalent in the NHL than you think). Shanny may very well be signed for another year, but to compare him to Chelios is not bright. They are different people, and there is a very good reason why you don’t see very many players above 40.

  21. Rangers should sign Duguay….Him and Avery probably go tanning together right now as it is…

  22. Say what you want about Pierre Maguire…

    This comes from my brother who called me to tell me that Maguire called into XM and has this to say(paraphrasing):

    ‘Tom Renney is an absolute master. Has this team peaking at just the right time. The Rangers are the team to beat right now. With the exception of Det, they are the best. No one wants to face NYR b/c they can beat everyone left. Thats why NY will prob win the cup.’

    I didn’t hear it myself, so the above is truly 2nd hand info, but my bro listens religiously. It may not be Maguire’s exact words, but I can garuntee it’s really close.

  23. I remember hearing that Chelios took some of the younger guys to his trainer either last summer of the one before. The young guys were all puking by the end of the first day. Chelly was fine.

  24. I don’t get how people can hate on Duguay’s style so much. If you can play the game well you should be able to be as much of a david bowie gender bender rockstar as you want, and I love that Duguay is still riding that wave. Duguay is keepin’ it SO real and guys like him and Avery are total p*ssy capitalists. Where most guys in the NHL are probably, very, very, very, very similar…these guys employ an X factor of style and attitude that sets them apart from the rest of the knuckleheads in the league and scoop up the absolute best ladies. They are having fun. Why should Ron Duguay dress like every other hockey stiff on the intermission report?

  25. Doodie, I know the jerseys, I know when they moved, and I recognize why they swapped out the A for the C course. I’m not really attacking CAL for being “untrue” a smuch as I am for being “boring” IMO. Basically, I like the Stars better than I like the Flames, Stars sharpened up the uniforms a little.

    I’d rather have seen “FLAMES” on the CAL uni with that sweet “A”, in fact, thats exactly what I would do with that jersey.

  26. Salty –

    You’re a complete tool. Who cares what you think the NHL jerseys should look like.

    And steroids more prevalent in the NHL than we think? OK, Salty Canseco…Thanks for the insight. Got any proof?

    Sam –
    I enjoy reading your blog, but seriously…You need to really keep an eye on the jokers in here. They rarely comment on your posts, and with threads like this it’s more like their using your web address for their own blog. The summer and the beginning of the season were great, but it’s become pathetic in here.

  27. Salty….I believe Peppery challenged you to a fight out by the swings on the playground…bring your friends.

  28. Though I will say, I did think the jersey analysis was a little lame. But I guess anything to pass the time is alright but would so much rather talk about coolest old jerseys or something like that then try and be Versace and redesign the current jerseys. That is a little soft if you ask me….

  29. LOL Newman!
    Peppery, I think what you have in this blog is a bunch of True Blue fans, and our foundation is the New York Rangers. We discuss all kinds of crap, and this is our forum…but we are constantly returning to an ongoing discussion about our Rangers. The pluses, minus’s, good sh*t, bad sh*t, good players, bad players ect…Bottom line this is our team…and if you don’t like it, sorry but don’t read it…

  30. Tony from AZ on

    Who the hell is Peppery ?
    Sounds like a debbie to me.
    Hey Salty, kick his ass out by the swings

  31. Oh and also…
    I have definitely been negative about Shanahan this season,
    but I will say, this is why he is so valuble. The lessons, heart and attitude the kids are learning from Shanny and others are priceless…and will ensure that we have a winning team for years to come…

  32. “”I’d rather have seen “FLAMES” on the CAL uni with that sweet “A”, in fact, thats exactly what I would do with that jersey”

    That would be pretty sweet actually. I’m with you.

  33. I don’t know who P27 is. I’m just a fan who comes on to read the blog because it seems like Sam’s is more comprehensive than Zipay or Dellapina.

    But the comments section…what a disappointment.

  34. Tony from AZ on

    Peppery, add something about our team .
    We’re killing time until the next round.

  35. lol Staal I actually thought that as well, but only for a moment. Where is P27?


    I have the Canon Rebel XT. Mine is actualy film, my sister’s is the digital and that is the one I use at the games (otherwise I would go through a ridculous amount of film :^)

    Settings. I put it on Manuel and set the f stop to 9 or 11 somwhere in that realm. The f stop determines how much of the picture will be sharp form the point you focus on. The bigger the number the more will be sharp the only thing is it also lets in the least amount of light so you need to adjust the shutter speed. As I said I set the f stop first so then the shutter speed can be set based on that when you meter your light (the long bar at the butom, when you look through the view finder it will read -2…-1…0…1…2 you want it to read 0. When metering your light start on an area that is an even mixture of light and dark, so don’t focus on the plain ice. I usually use either the center ice logo or a player’s uniform.

    You want to have a shutter speed of atleast 250, unless you want blurr, which can be a cool effect sometimes.

    I set my iso to 1600, which is the most light sensitive my camera can go. It allows me to take pictures at insane shutter speeds, such as 2500!!! But the shutter speed wil depend on the arena. I was able to use a much faster shutter speed at the Rock because during play the arena is kept brighter then at MSG.

    If that helps I am glad, if it doesn’t I will try and be clearer.

  36. Peppery,

    I went to Dellapina’s blog and was truly disappointed witht he comments section there. Not many people posted and the ones that did had a my way or the high way type of atitude, form what I saw. As a result I don’t go to his blog anymore, but I do read his article in the Daily News…

  37. LIGUID,

    on top of that I have a 75-300 zoom lens which allows me to take my pictures and make it seem like I am a lot closer to the action then in reality. My sister and I got it togehter since it works on both cameras.

  38. Tony –

    OK. I’d like to play Montreal rather than Pittsburgh. A hot goalie can turn a series around, and no one is hotter than Fluery over the last month. He’s playing as well as Lundy. Price had a shaky series, and the Rangers seem to have had success against him in the Regular season.

    Pittsburgh has 4-5 guys who scare me, not only from scoring perspective, but in general. I don’t want to play a team with Crosby, Malkin, Hossa, Laraque, etc. Montreal only has 1 player I’d worry aboout: Komisarek. The guy is a flat out animal who’d club you just for standing there. He’s a physically dangerous player, and he hates the Rangers and hates Jagr.

    I think we’re better equipped to play a team like Montreal, as long as we stay out of the box. Pittsburgh can make you pay 5-on-4 or 5-on-5.

    What do you guys think?

  39. Agravaine – I also read Dellapina’s article, but not his blog anymore. He rarely updates it, as where Sam updates at least twice a day.

  40. Part of me hopes Shanny has another year in him but the other part is afraid he can’t put up with all the minutes. He seriously slowed down at the end of the season. Maybe it was just the knee and hip injury and an off-season of rest will help. I don’t know. I know its been said before but what about him coming back and playing forth or third line minutes. I definetly see him coaching or working for an NHL organization in the future. I hope it would be the Rangers but wouldn’t he be more likely to go back to Detroit where he had so much success? I hope he stays here.
    And yeah I agree the half season thing is dumb. It is a slap to guys like Shanny and CHelios who play all year. Forsberg I kind of understand because wasn’t he trying to fgure out if his ankle could take it but Neidemeyer and I think Salenne (most likely spelt wrong and I don’t know if he was injured at some point and then came back late or what)was just wrong.
    And by the way in case anyone was wondering Chris Chelios has announced that he will be available in 2010 if the USA olympic team wants him :-)

  41. But the comments section…what a disappointment.


    LOL This is exactly why I started posting and not just reading here. Locker room atmosphere and an overall great crowd. Why are you here again Peppery? And I’ve heard that name before, I’m sure it’s just one of you knuckleheads hiding on a different name. Wasn’t it Newman or Staal Wart who openly said they were changing their name to Peppery before?

  42. Tony from AZ on

    Peppery, I agree.
    I think we’re more suited to play Montreal then the Pens.
    Montreal had their hands full with the Bruins. But they can be a explosive team as we learned when we had that 5-0 lead.
    I’d like to see the Caps knock the Pens out before we play them.
    But Montreal is not going to be as easy as the Devils.
    And you’re right, Price CAN BE BEAT !!
    LGR !!!

  43. Ummm . . .I don’t know who I want to play. We have had good success against both Pitts and Montreal (but as we have heard a thousand times the post season is an all new season and what happened before doesn’t matter)
    I agree about playing Montreal though. Komisareck scares me on the physical side of the game. And the two brothers (especially the younger one) seem to like scoring against us.
    Dunno guess I would choose Montreal over Pittsburg however I think the guys have as good a chance as anyone against both teams.

    Boy isn’t Ag smart with all that photagraphy stuff!!! :-)

  44. Peppery, I think your post was great and I like the way you think, but Montreal has some pretty dangerous players and they are a pretty fast team. Either way I think rather play the Habs. I think I’m more afraid of there absolutely retarded fans and there stupid chants. They boo when one of there players falls over there shadow and no call is made…so pathetic. I’m with Avery on his feelings of French Canadians…

  45. Tony from AZ on

    Agravaine, ever see the press photographers at the games? They use a radio control to fire the flashes that are mounted on the roof of the Garden.
    When I go to NY & go to Ranger games, I bring my radio transmitter (the same one the press guys use) & I get to shoot at 500 of a second at f11 at iso 800.

  46. Wasn’t it Newman or Staal Wart who openly said they were changing their name to Peppery before?

    I’ll take credit for that LOL…I had a funny feeling you’d remember…LMAO
    its a new peppery though

  47. HEre is better for sequence, but not the video I really don’t like it, I only did this because I was working with a partial photo library, but at then end I have the sequences of photos on celebration of Avery’s goal and the guys all congratualting each other after the win… (Game 1)

    the sequencing is at 2:13 and on mixed in but the most obvious example of me taking up space is from 3:17 on (this is the goal celebration)

    and at :46 there is another ice spray which I like!!

  48. Tony, I’ve used 500 becuase my iso is set at 1600. I think at the ROck I was able to use 750 or 1000 but I don’t recall now, I just know I was able to set it way faster then I did at the Garden.

    I never knew that they had a flash, I figured it was bright enough where they sit at the corner of the rink. I really want chance to sit there and take pics through that little hole in the glass though… I first noticed it when I went to a game at the COliseum, since I got them through a broker I sat right at ice level, instead of my usual 300’s section level…

  49. Agravaine- Thanx so much for the details and lesson….Much appreciated….I always liked your pictures….Where do you think the sweet spot is @ MSG in regard to sitting and having a good line of sight for pro pictures? Like I mentioned I am very wet behind the ears with all of this stuff…so now Tony in Zona is speaking Chinese……but I would like to ask, where do you get the that radio transmitter…? hehe

  50. Nasty

    I just checked the beard contest, how was that Fast Break, are you and Doodie the only two doing it?

    Jo and I are growing playoff hair… we have both been meaing to cut our hair shot for the summer (Jo’s shorter then mine, so hopefuly people will be able to tell s apart better, but you never know) anyway we are going to wait till after the playoffs, that way (provided it goes long enough) our hair will be long enough to cut off and donate to charity (making wigs for children and adults with cancer) You have to be able to cut off about afoot of hair in order to donate, and the longer the better

  51. Tony from AZ on

    Agravaine I think I love you.

    I have tons of Ranger pictures going going back to the 60’s
    Most were from film but now I’m digital for about 6 years.

  52. Agravaine, nice work!

    and I gotta say after seeing that…Avery has the best chance to be the same Avery we saw against the Devs if we play another team he absolutely hates. He’s gonna get under the skin of Price for sure…

  53. LIQUID,

    honestly the best pictures at the Garden I got were form (and don’t laugh) the four hundred section. The seats are steeper and so you look down on the play better. When I have been sitting in the 300’s level I often get people in front of me when I want to take the pcitures, but I just edit the pictures to the side to cut out there arms. The 200 section was also all right… And try to sit mid ice, its cool to be at the ends because then you get the boys racing down the ice, but sometimes, if you set your camera to automatic focus the net will get in the way.

    Now if you set the f stop high enough (and I think 9 or 11 should be high enough) you could focus on center ice, but then if you try to zoom you will have to readjust your focus and if you are bad at it (like I am which is why I use automatic, my hands have a tendency to shake when I am watching a hockey game…) you might miss something interesting when readjusting…

    either way though I have almost always sat at the ends and the net has only bothered me every now and then, mostly the camera will focus on the ice…

    I will try to be clearer if this doesn’t help..

  54. Tony


    and the coolest thing about my pictures is I blow up the ones I like the most and then try to get them signed (and personalized to me) now I have a bunch of ics that I took signed and I know I am the only one with that shot, so far both Jagr and Sjostrem have paused to admire the shots!! and Shanahan seemed to liek his, but I got him to personalize that one to Jo since she loves him so much!!

  55. Tony from AZ on

    LIQUID, I use the radio transmitters in my Studio to fire my strobe lights.
    When I visit NY & go to Ranger games (once a year) I bring the transmitter with me. Pictures come out great. Unless I’m sitting behind the dumb netting – LOL
    I shoot portraits & commercial photography in AZ but I was born & raised in good old Brooklyn.

  56. Not to be annoying but can whoever posted about the meainings of all the teams names repost that? (I have been looking at past blog entries) Also I kinda like the commercials. I remeber in 1998 the Ynkees and Mets combined to do a series of commercials they were playing stick ball in the streets. I kind of wish the Rangers would do that kind of stuff. And stuff like the old commericals that used tons of different players. Like I have one of Shanny and Fedorek and there is Gretzky and MAtts Sundin (and a Gretzky and Messier). There is Jagr at the UN and a bunch of other commercials they would bring attention to the sport.
    Anyway Ag and i wish tehy would hire us to make commercials we obviously have enough time on our hands to come up with all sorts of fun things. By the way we sent the video of us painting the car to the Rangers Fan Development team. Kind of like this is what we would do for playoff tickets and we even made the tv spot for them. No work on their part!! Aren’t we sweet!

  57. Who Needs Lohan on

    Is it Thursday yet? Or Friday? I dont know how much more of this I can take. Do you guys really think it will be hard to get a ticket to the game in Montreal (if thats where we play? Will they try to burn my signed Jagr jersey? Will they try to burn me with it?

  58. Yeah tehy will try ad burn you with it and yeah it will be almost impossible to get tickets. :-) Good luck hope you make it out alive

  59. My mouth is watering at the thought of the Pittsburgh-Washington series.

    Not just because of how exciting it would be, but think of the exposure the league would get.

  60. Agreed doodie – I want to see that Pitt/Wash series to. But for an odd reason. I’m sure that NBC would love to showcase GR8 & Cindy/Malkin. And have Emerick make sure that they ‘cancel each other out’ while I’m listening to Sammy boy on MSG. ;)

  61. Below is basically how the sched would play out. MON loves hosting Sat night games (gms 2 and 5), especially for Hockey Night in Canada. A potential game 5 at MON could not happen on Fri, 5/2, because Bell Centre is booked for some concert. Of course, games 3 and 4 at MSG vs Mon could definitely occur Tue and Thu too. If it’s PIT on the other hand, look for 2 games on NBC. The assumptions below are based on the Rangers starting on Thurs. Guess we won’t know for sure until after SJ-CGY tonight.

    If MON:

    gm 1 Thu, 4/24 @ MON
    gm 2 Sat, 4/26 @ MON
    gm 3 Mon, 4/28 @ NYR
    gm 4 Wed, 4/30 @ NYR
    gm 5 Sat, 5/3 @ MON*
    gm 6 Mon, 5/5 @ NYR*
    gm 7 Wed, 5/7 @ MON*

    If PIT:

    gm 1 Thu, 4/24 @ PIT
    gm 2 Sat, 4/26 @ PIT (NBC)
    gm 3 Mon, 4/28 @ NYR
    gm 4 Wed, 4/30 @ NYR
    gm 5 Fri, 5/2 @ PIT*
    gm 6 Sun, 5/4 @ NYR* (NBC)
    gm 7 Tue, 5/6 @ PIT*

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