Rangers on Letterman


The very underrated Chris Elliot is the star of this bizarre David Letterman segment, with impressive cameos by Brendan Shanahan, Scott Gomez, and Sean Avery. Shanahan in particular might have a future in front of the camera.

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More from practice later…

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  1. Underrated Chris Elliot? I question your sense of humor Sam, Chris Elliot hasn’t been funny since Something About Mary. But it was good to see the Rangers get some national TV exposure for a change.

  2. I don’t know about you guys, and I LOVE this team, but the I AM A RANGER commercials on MSG are kind of…….cheesy……I will say cheesy to be on the safe side. Does anyone disagree?

  3. Completely agree with Nasty on the MSG commercials – it kinda reminds me of that big ugly banner that hangs from the Coliseum out in Uniondale: “We are all Islanders!”

    I know they needed a theme for the playoffs, but “I am a Ranger” is definitely cheesy. The song in the background is fine, but..

  4. How about “I am a Fat no class Whiner” …oh wait that was the MSG+ commercials for the Devils.

  5. The song is totally fine. But watching them look in to the camera and say that? I am POSITIVE they probably had to do it 100000 times. There is no way they could do that with a straight face on the first try. I couldn’t. Trying to look like a major hard ass and say, “I AM A RANGER!!!!!”

    NO F’N WAY!!!!

  6. A fat whiner. That’s so amusing to me.

    I DO love this team. It may have taken a while, but what we have on paper is finally being seen on the ice.

  7. You can tell from interviews and their whole demeanor that this Ranger team is very confident right now. Not cocky, but confident. This is a very good thing. They are not playing scared. Sure they make some mistakes, but they have been playing solid hockey for a while now, even before the playoffs started.

  8. I have a high cheese-tolerance so I kinda like the commercials (the music helps to pull it off), but have to agree the guys probably did crack up at their first attempts of “I Am A Ranger”.

    Which would you prefer, “I Am A Ranger” or “Bobby Granger” commercials?

  9. Granger, because he is just an idiot anyway. The commercial makes our players look like a bunch of idiots.

  10. I will say cheesy to be on the safe side.


    LOL, I think about 97% of NYR marketing is very, very, gheigh. I wish they would take a more New York Yankees approach and totally go class/tradition OR a Fresh “new clean sharp” look like the direction the Ducks have apparently gone with some of their stuff. Instead, most of their ads look like a 7th grader on 3 bottles of jolt colt designed them with a few dried out paint brushes and 38 year old stamp kit with all the wacky diagonal sideways writing and stray paint marks. I’m looking at my playoff towel from last year and the year before and it is so friggin’ sloppy and *gheigh* looking. I’ve seen more class put into teenage mutant ninja turtle marketing. Nothing is worse to me than when so much effort is put into making something look like there was no effort involved. GHEIGH.

  11. Some great matchups await in the 2nd round. Out west, either opponent DET gets is going to be awesome. If CGY wins tonight they get DET in the next round. If SJ wins, DET gets COL…even better. And SJ would get DAL.

    In the east, we’re all more familiar with what lies ahead. I don’t want to play Pitt for 2 reasons. 1) I’d have to believe there will be plenty of Pitt on NBC games, and I just can’t stand to listen to Emerick. 2) I don’t know if I want to face rested speed.

    Why I’d rather face MTL…they just struggled with BOS. That’s enough of a reason for me to prefer the orig 6 matchup…and stay off of NBC in the process. (Really, it’s cause I want to see the I Am A Ranger commercials).

    Wash/Pitt is a made-for-tv series. All youth, all the future of the NHL. No promo’s needed there. (even though the pens could be 8-0 going into the conf finals)

    Soooo….GO CAPS GO! and GO FLAMES!

  12. Seriously, would the Yankees ever be caught dead running a “Bobby Granger” campaign? NYR took that awful idea and ran with it as if it was brilliant.

  13. Salty – I agree on the ‘yankee approach’. But the difference is, NYR are looking for the “hey! there’s a hockey team in NY” approach. The Yanks have no problem with that. Not with NY’s other ‘Hank’ making an ass out of himself every chance he gets.

  14. The other difference is James Dolan. There should be no questioning anything MSG as long as he owns it. #1 reason…cause he’s never wrong. We should know that by now huh?

  15. “hey! there’s a hockey team in NY”


    I just think of a clown’s big wobbly radio voice saying that. I mean you go into the garden and look up and there are a few of those banners and its just so friggen chauncey. It’s like …I’m already here, plaese make me feel like I’m part of a worthwhile classy tradition here instead of a late eighties/early ninties movie set featuring kids that are smarter than their goofy parents.

    I will give them credit on the 3rd jersey logo though. In something I thought for sure that they would totally foul up, I actually found it to be pretty sharp and sleek, and was the best in its class back in the day when they first crapped up around the league. I would love to run the league and control teams and shoot down teams campaigns.
    Columbus Blue Jacket? No, I’m sorry that’s too gay. Next?

  16. anything they are doing now is better than the ooh la la sassoon the Duguay, Espo and Maloney group did

  17. I don’t think I like any of the 3rd jersey’s to tell you the truth. Including ours.

    Do you remember that link I posted here that explained where the teams names came from? I know you were just using the blue jackets as an example, but it actually has a decent meaning. I can’t say that it represents an NHL franchise in the right way, but it’s better than a Thrasher (state bird btw).

  18. I recently found out that my bosses boss is a Rangers fan. Good stuff there. Also found out that there IS in fact a devils fan in my office as well (there’s a few hundred people). So I ran into him and he knew I was a Ranger fan, eventhough I didn’t even know this dudes name. Turns out, he’s actually rooting for the Rangers the rest of the way. HUH??

  19. TSN says….

    “After a hard fought series with the New York Rangers, New Jersey Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur has turned down the invitation to play for Team Canada in next month’s World Championship in Quebec City and Halifax.

    Brodeur told the New York Post that the emotional five game series against Sean Avery and the Rangers has taken away desire to play right now.

    When talking about the loss to the Rangers, Brodeur called the series a “circus” and wouldn’t refer to Avery by name, calling him only “You Know Who”.

    “I was really disappointed with how it unfolded,” Brodeur told the Post. “To play a rival and get dominated like that, it’s not fun at all.”

    On Monday, Brodeur was announced as a finalist for his fourth Vezina Trophy. He is up against San Jose Sharks goaltender Evgeni Nabokov and Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist.”

  20. Did you guys know they rioted in MTL last night? “you guys”…well, it looks like I’m the only one around. BeerMe!…did you know that they rioted in MTL last night?

    No way?!

    Yes way.

    I don’t know what the F*ck is so exciting about making it to the second round, but apparently it’s HUGE in MTL right now.

  21. I got my Avery Rules T-shirt yesterday. I can’t wait to wear it. It needs one wash first though. It is a little long for my liking. I wear a large, but it needs to shrink down just a little bit.

  22. I actually like the name “Thrasher” now that I know it is the state bird.

    I’m starting to get pretty grizzly. Imagine if I didn’t have to shave on the first Sunday.

    PS- that was the only game the Rangers lost. Coincidence?

  23. Do you remember that link I posted here that explained where the teams names came from? I know you were just using the blue jackets as an example, but it actually has a decent meaning.


    I never saw the link. Admittedly I’m fuzzy on the actual story behind “blue jackets”, I understand there is Civil War relevance… But when I’ve googled it for a better understanding all I come up with is minor league baseball clubs. But I mean… St. Louis Blues, Blueshirts, and then starting a club trying to gain an identity as the Blue Jackets..I’m sorry I just can’t take them seriously, even if they we’re competetive. That like, blue bumble bee…GTFOOH with that.

  24. Columbus Blue Jackets – Named after soldiers and/or a war chief
    ..- Team officials announce that the name of the franchise will be the Blue Jackets, celebrating patriotism, pride and the rich Civil War history in the state of Ohio and, city of Columbus.
    ..- The actual term ‘Blue Jackets’ refers to the nickname for the soldiers themselves, or is the nickname of a war chief: Weyapiersenwah who was known colloquially as ‘Blue Jacket’.

  25. Nasty 1
    April 22nd, 2008 at 12:05 pm
    Ever see the t-shirt that says, “My Drinking team has a Hockey problem.”

    I believe OLDNAVY released that shirt, I own one.

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