Pack or not pack?


It’s very difficult to pack for a trip when you A) don’t know where you’re going, and B) aren’t sure when you’re going.

My understanding is if Washington wins tonight, I’m on my way to Montreal tomorrow (by way of Burlington, Vermont. It’s long story).

If Philadelphia wins, I probably won’t go to Pittsburgh until Friday. It’s all very confusing. My wife just asked me the score before and I said, “1-0 Montreal,” — which, for my purposes, it was. Now Pittsburgh, er Philadelphia, has tied it up.

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  1. Sam, you might be on your way to Pittsburgh now. Questionable play there on the 2nd Philly goal. The refs call all these goalie interference penalties, and nothing there? If that was Marty the Diver aka Fatso, for whatever reason, the refs would have definitely called that.

  2. To me, that was a pretty BS non-call on the second Flyers goal. Thoresen of the Flyers clearly pushed his man into Huet, pushing Huet out of the crease, but no goalie interference was called. You don’t see that called too often, but there was a big push from Thoresen which ended up pushing Huet to the left of the goal by the goal line from his position in the top of the crease. Hopefully, Washington comes back and wins anyway, 2-1 now.

  3. The only reason I want to face Montreal next is that I don’t trust the refs calling an impartial game when it comes to Cindy on NBC. But really, I think the Rangers are going to have to go through both Pittsburgh and Montreal, it’s just a matter of which one they want first

  4. they tied it up… but when we saw that we were thinking if a Ranger did it he would have been suspended, espcially if his initials were S A, I mena he got a penalty for standing way outside the crease…

  5. Paul Mara looks like a lumberjack! All he needs is a chain saw and red plaid shirt (just kidding but I can imagine this being the case).

    Yeah the five on nine versus Pittsburg and the refs/linesman gets annoying.

  6. Sam, does your wife act like Debra Barone on everyone loves raymond? How accurate does this show portray the love of a sportswritter and there wife? lol

  7. The Wolf Pack season ended tonight so those those players should be coming up to practice shortly.

  8. Sam,

    Why would you leave tomorrow to Montreal? You’re in Burlington, VT, which is not too far away from Montreal.

    Pittsburgh is farther than Montreal from VT, and you’d leave Friday for that?

  9. Salty – I also love the Edmonton rushing oil logo. I have heard a bit about some third jerseys coming back next season. Wehn I was up in Vermont, I was watching a Bruins game, and they showed Bergeron practicing in a black jersey with either Boston or Bruins written horizontally across the front, and I think the bear underneath; can’t remember too cleary. I liked the old yellow one with the Bear. I also read that the Penguins are probably going to use the vintage blue jerseys from the Winter Classic as their third jersey and the “oil rush’ will be involved in Edmonton’s jersey. Of course, nothing confirmed yet.

    Speaking of *Bobby Granger* (in the last thread), MSG showed him at the game five viewing party, so he still exists in a low form.

    This first game seven of the day has been great, especially since they haven’t called any penalties in the third when they could have caleld a couple so far. I have a feeling this *won’t* be going to overtime.

  10. I hope the Rangers third team jersey comes back. (If you can’t tell from the back of my car I like the third team design)

    Yeah Granger has been around for the play-offs.

  11. I think I heard that Granger and Dancin’ Larry were a couple,,,,,I read it in the Hockey News (shameless Slapshot quote)

  12. Still going back on the last thread, good discussion of photography, guys! Thanks for that tidbit about the over-ice flashes at MSG; I’ve noticed them, especially when watching on my Slingbox, since the picture jumps a bit, but I never knew or figured out what they were for. That’s very interesting!

    Less than a minute left for me to be right…

  13. Spiderpig- Many times during a Rangers game I will do frame by frame slow mo to check to see what happened and I have always noticed flash bulbs going off….I always thought it was someone in the crowd with a good camera and a very strong flash….lol,, now we know the truth

  14. TOny said it was on a radio transmitter, probably like our clicker to take the pictures Jo… the button thye have is probably on the same frequency as the flash (well it defintely is because TOny brings his own transmitter and just keys in I guess) must be annoying to change the bulbs…

  15. Agravaine – Versus generally does nothing about it, which is a shame, especially here in PA (and in DC) where this game is blacked out because it falls to the local broadcasters.

    I feel like we won’t be hearing much of Sam & Joe the rest of the way. Our only hope is when Detroit plays at home, if we play on the same day, since those will have to start at the same time. I feel like Versus will have exclusivity next round, since they didn’t take any in the first round this season, which I remember from last year.

  16. Yeah, I like the Liberty jersey, too, albeit with the blue being a little dark, non-traditionally so, but I read we’re not getting it back next season.

  17. :^(

    yea the blue is real dark, in fact we used black on our car becuase we couldn’t find navy… makes Jo wonder what she would do for the Yankees…

  18. Reading somewhere else I think Versus can take up to 2 games exclusively for the 2nd round.

  19. Definitely should have been a penalty on Erskine for a trip there. I don’t care that it’s overtime. That probably would have been callded in the “old” NHL, too. And I’m rooting for the Caps!

  20. LIQUID,

    I don’t know, it might, but I have done fine by just metering my light and leaving the setting on 1600, but if you don’t want to take over that much control (or play with that many settings) then I guess that would be the way to go.

    My pictures come out fine, sometimes I have to do a little editing, but I have iphoto on my computer and it works out fine. If you are in NY and going to be at one of the second round games I can meet up with you before the game and show you whats what with the camera (maybe) you know a quick tuturial on the diffenret settings and such.

  21. Well, Washington killed themselves with two trips in OT, one that was called for a penalty. Here we come Pittsburgh! For what it’s worth, I think both series for us, against MON or PIT would put us in a reffing disadvantage. I really wish Capitals could have faced Pittsburgh for good publicity, but I can’t believe the Flyers made it this far after such a long losing streak they endured kind of late in the season.

  22. Spider yea it will be a tough second round… official wise, but I think Pitts would be worse then Montreal… we will see… ugh what stinks is now we will have to listen to the NBC guys kiss Corsby all game long and whine about the Rangers constantly… ugh Milbury ugh…

  23. The Heterodox Economist on

    I knew it! As soon as Poti was headed into the penalty box, I just knew this was going to be it. Damn you Poti, I’ve seen you try that extra-long stick-swing of yours so long that I predicted outcome!

  24. Here’s hoping Jagr’s game isn’t effected that much when they go to Pittsburgh. =/

    And lol at your comment Poti, Doodie.

  25. Agravaine- I will be @ NY Rangers Home games 1&3 so maybe we can meet up, hopefully I have my new gear by then.

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