One more day of guessing for Rangers


Montreal shells Boston. Alexander Ovechkin remembers that he’s Alexander Ovechkin.

Those are your top stories out of tonight’s hockey action.

For the Rangers it comes down to Game 7 between Washington and Philadelphia. If Washington wins, it’s off to Montreal. If Philadelphia wins, Pittsburgh awaits.

I have hotel rooms booked in both cities, but let’s just say given the absolute gag job by the Flyers  – four unanswered goals tonight, two straight losses — I am already brushing up on my French.

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  1. No matter how it impacts the Rangers (and I think facing Price and the Habs is far more desirable than facing Crosby and the Pens) I just can’t get that upset when Philthy gags. It’s just always a good thing.

  2. Knuble is out and that hurts Philly. I’d rather face Montreal personally and get some payback for 1986 (yeah, I was all of 5 years old but I’ve heard the story many times).

  3. Let’s see if Coach Stevens of the Flyers has the *onions* to use *Niittymaki* tomorrow. I just heard on the Philly NBC news that Biron is 0-5, giving up *six goals per game* in the second game of personal back-to-back starts this season. I thought Biron should have been pulled after the first game! I think I would almost cream myself to watch the *Washington Ovechkins vs. the Pittsburgh Croskins*. Ohhhhhh BABY!!

  4. LOL – *Avery’s really beating up this bald dude.” – Gomez
    “I really should have given him this cup” – Shanny, as he holds up a protective cup the size of his thumb

  5. That was on David Letterman just now; thanks for those who mentioned it earlier, or else I would have kept watching Jay Leno’s headlines!

  6. I guess that’s what the rangers do when they have to many days off it was actually pretty good Its nice to see the rangers get some publicityy

  7. *In case any one follows rest of NHL or just curious about the Western Conference. One series undecided, SJ/CGY….Game 7 tomorrow night…Here are the potential Round 2 matchups:*

    1 Det
    2 SJ
    5 Dallas
    6 Colorado
    7 Calgary

    if Calgary wins –

    Detroit vs Calgary
    Dallas vs Colorado

    if SJ wins –

    Detroit vs Colorado
    SJ vs Dallas

  8. Sam-

    No matter who we play, you know what your job is right?

    ALWAYS ask ANYONE, ANYWHERE — WHAT THEY THINK ABOUT SEAN AVERY! Ask them how they are gooing to stop SEAN AVERY. Ask them if they are afraid of SEAN AVERY. :)

    In game 5 against NJD Avery took like 6 big hits, Jagr took 1, Gomez took 0 and Lundqvist was left alone.

    Last year against Buffalo they didn’t really pay any attention to Sean after the 1st period in the 1st game, and Sean was a no factor. Sean needs to make damn sure whoever we plays pays attention to him this time.

  9. Sam- The perfect quesion, ask who ever we plays — if they will mention Sean Averys name?

    Will they shake Sean Averys hand after the POs?


  10. That Montreal team is pretty dam good. They dominated the Bruins last night. There is no break with that lineup. All 4 lines can score and skate. The only weakness I see is that they have a rookie in net.

    Pittsburgh is no picnic either.

  11. I don’t care who we play, I just want it to start already!
    You know Avery hates those French speaking Canadians so that would certainly put a twist on a Rangers montreal series

  12. The Habs did look good last night, but it looked like the Bruins took the night off and spent all their energy in game 6. I am not that worried about facing either team. I think we could take either of them in 5 or 6 games.

  13. MTL skated well last night, but that was really a 3-0 game. The B’s kinda gave up 1/2 way through the 3rd. And the 5th goal was f’n BS. 5 seconds left and they’re playing like its a tie game in the cup finals. I hate the Montreal Canadiens. It’d be better for my blood pressue if we played Pitt. Both have their +’s & -‘s.

  14. We beat the Pens 5 out of 8 games
    and we beat the Habs 3 out of 4 games this year, bring them on.

  15. I’d like to see Washington and Calgary win tonight. It would make for some GREAT second round matchups.

    In the East: Montreal vs. Rangers, Pittsburgh vs. Washington

    In the West: Detroit vs. Calgary, Dallas vs. Colorado

    I think those are great matchups that could all go 7 games.

  16. That’s exactly what I want Andrew — nice work.

    I HATE montreal. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I hate the pens, but I HATE montreal. Setting fire to 3 police cars…f’ing morons.

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