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While counting down the hours until tonight’s crucial slate of games, see the new poll below to the right. I suppose Henrik Lundqvist should be the runaway favorite when talking about a potential playoff MVP, but maybe some of you will see differently.

In the previous poll, the majority of you said the Rangers would beat the Devils in six games.

And here I was thinking you people actually knew something….

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  1. A few words on the previous posts regarding who we should or might play….in easiest order first:

    Washington…I don’t care what they did the final 10g of the season or whatever. This team sucks. Ovechkin, Fedorov, Greene….maybe throw Backstrom in there…then it falls off to Kozlov and Laich…then to Tom Poti and Brashear…..Give me a break. Huet is a crackpot. This team runs all over the ice like a pack of birds trying to hit the same player, chase the same puck, etc. No discipline whatsoever. This team either loses tonight or in Game 7 or becomes the cakewalk of Round 2.

    Philly…strong up front, awful on D. Biron sucks. Hatcher is as old as my pet dinosaur. Briere is dangerous, so is Richards, and Carter. Other than that, they are a bunch of goons. Hartnell is decent. Physically they can be intimidating a little. But I still think the winner of Wash Philly is the easy draw in Round 2.

    Bruins….again, their goalie is questionable. They have no discipline either. They run around in their D zone watching the puck, not playing bodies. I am amazed they got this far. Sturm is solid. Chara has a bum shoulder that is so evident. Aaron Ward is like their #2 d-man, are you kidding me? Kessel is decent I guess. Would love to see these guys knock off the Habs. This is the 3rd worst team left and only marginally above the Flyers.

    Habs…if Boston is stretching these guys to 7, they have too many inexperienced kids on their team. I don’t know enough, but the Kostitsyn Brothers…how much playoff experience do they have? I would have expected more from these guys. Kovalev is -3 in the series and Andrei Kostitsyn is a team worst -4. Clearly these guys are not playing 2-way hockey. Markov has 1 pt in the series and is averaging 26mins a game? Weird. And Price started to show some shellshock in game 6. These guys would be a better draw in round 2 than the Pens.

    Penguins…I didn’t see them against the Sens. Crosby, Malkin, Malone, Hossa, Sykora all at the top of the scoring sheet for the Pens. These guys are looking to be the lead dog in the East. Their defense is shaky though. Gonchar is steady. Orpik is 2nd leading ice time guy and I don’t think he is that solid defensively. Hal Gill is old. Their goalie is pretty green. They are the best in the East til proven otherwise, but we match them pretty well.

    Not afraid of anyone. Rooting for injuries in the remaining 1st round games (LOL). I joke….Don’t wish that upon anyone, except Crosby. Oops, I did it again. Just kidding. Just want Thursday or Friday to get here fast!


  2. Sam,
    Ask Jagr if he makes Sykora move out of his house in Upper Sinclair if the Rangers face the Pens next round.

  3. Fruity Cupcake on

    Sam, please! An update on Paul Bunyon’s beard and its itchy quotient. And have we seen any growth on Baby Face Dubinsky??? I kid because I love…..

    If we get PIT, Sean Avery will eat Cindy for lunch. You think the kid whines now? Soupy better have his pencils sharpened….

    Maaahm, Sean’s looking at me!


  4. I think Avery can get under anyone on this planets skin. The difference in playing Pittburgh versus NJ is that someone will more likely take exception to Avery’s tactics – ie Laraque, Roberts, Ruutu….. It won’t do us any good if we lose Avery for 2 mins or 5 mins with that bunch.

  5. The one thing that i sunsettling about PIT i sthat CRosby has already been somewhat of a “Ranger Killer” in his short career. I can think of 2-3 GWG he’s had against us not to mention the highlight reel goal he scored on us jukeboxing his way through 3 of our guys and eating Lundqvist for a quite tasty treat. I know we all want to see Avery break him emotionally, but I fear that he might only amp the kid up more ALA Sabres last year. That’s really my only digging concern. Malkin has seemed pretty shutdownable.

    What’s the story with KOlton Orr?

  6. Sam –

    Interesting take from the Hockey Maven, Stan Fischler:

    Al Trautwig and Butch Goring agree with you on Lundquist as series MVP.

    The Maven says Avery was the MVP of the Devils series – for on-ice performance and for the way he got into Martin Brodeur’s head.

    Both guys were huge – but I thought Scott Gomez was a difference-maker on the ice on almost every shift. His speed created a lot of scoring chances, and he played solidly in his own zone as well

  7. REPOST:


    Two close places then… JB’S sportsbar in the plaza on Kirkman Rd. and Conroy Rd. It’s a bit of a dive (only slightly though) but it has a ton of TV’s and bigscreens (some HD) and they have beer specials and decent food. They’re very good folks and are hockey friendly as long as there isn’t anything earth shattering going on.

    If you want something more mainstream… TGI Friday’s Front Row is on the corner of International Drive and Sandlake Rd. Big place, and is exactly what you’d expect from a TGI Friday’s as far as menu and price. But getting hockey on can be tough at times… especially when there’s basketball games… or baseball… or football… or, well you get the idea.

    But either should be able to get you hooked up! Both are close to the Windham (in fact Friday’s Front Row is litterally across the street I think).

    LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Riche’ – thanks man! I hope I can catch games there. I hate to go there when Rangers have Playoffs going on… but you know, work is work.

  9. I know. In fact… I watched the Messier Jersey retirement game at Front Row on my “lunch” break. Didn’t stop me from raising a toast and drinking a beer.

  10. formerly formerly jagrforgovernor on

    I think Renney deserves some of the credit for Avery’s play since arriving in NY, and I think the NJ series (sans the glove-waving incident, which was all Sean) demonstrates this.

    Avery literally was thrown all over the ice, elbowed, hit from behind, smacked upside the head, and yet he never once retaliated. He wasn’t even making those borderline hits that he likes to do. I think Renney probably sat him down and told him: you’re too valuable a player for us to have you in the penalty box 10+ minutes a night. Be a pest, but don’t retaliate. He didn’t and (partly as a result of this) the Rangers won the series.

    I don’t understand how people get up on Renney. He’s got us to the playoffs three straight years, is a class-act, has the team in tip-top shape, thinks outside the box in terms of team building exercises (west point, etc).

    I’m extremely proud to have Tom Renney as a head coach. C’mon, who’d you rather have behind the bench, Renney or… Sutter? Nolan?

    Of course he has his faults, we all do. And perhaps one of his faults is that he’s very loyal to his veterans. But he’s adapted this year especially, with the huge amount of rookies/young guys in the lineup, and Struds and Malik on the bench…

    Nice job Tom, nice job…


  11. formerly formerly jagrforgovernor

    Personally i think it has more to do with Shanny. But i really hope your right, cause when Shanny retires, who will keep the guy as cool as he haas been.

    But then again, it could be the fact that he is on a winning team. Id be a moody prick too, if i was on a team that had no shot at making the playoffs.

  12. KOlton Orr…Think of that one all by yourself Salty? Good one.

    I haven’t heard anyone complain about Renney in a while. I’m glad, cause I was getting of tired of setting people straight! ;)

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    formerly, I wouldn’t mind either Nolan or Sutter. On paper, those two teams shouldn’t have even sniffed the playoffs. The Isles didn’t really drop out until late February/early March, and the Debbies actually finished higher than us. I think both coaches did an excellent job.

    Streit just scored a SICK goal for Montreal. If you can’t watch the game live, I suggest you check for a replay tomorrow, the goal was ridiculous.

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    Boston better have another miracle 3rd period in them or we’re goin to Pittsburgh.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    You never know. They scored 4 goals in their last two 3rd periods when their backs were against the wall.

  16. Looks like the canadiena are up next. there D and goalie are vulnerable.

    they have very good forward lines, speed and skill.

    the rangers cannot skate with them need to play conservative etc….

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    Welcome to the playoffs Ovechkin.

    Looks like we’ll have to wait some more.

  18. I agree Doodie – I think the Canadiens looked vulnerable vs the Bruins.

    Rangers can beat the Canadiens with a conservative style (trap, anyone?) with opportunistic counter-attacking

  19. Hey Doodie, are you nuts? Nolan…Sutter?
    if the season had gone 1 more week the Debbies would have finished below us.
    The fact that you said that was actually embarrassing.

  20. Who Needs Lohan on

    Yeah, Id much rather have Mon than Pit, much! Mr. Jagr, I believe you may have met Mr. Komisarek??

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    No, I was being serious.

    Tell me who picked the Islanders not to finish last in the league, or 2nd to last? Plummeting from the start is everything that everyone said. They were competetive into February, which is about 3 months longer than most people expected.

    As for the Devs, they had 99 pts. Who picked them to even make the playoffs? You’ve gotta give some credit to their coaches.

    Meanwhile, look to the Rangers. Some people picked them to win the President’s trophy, and we weren’t sure about being in the playoffs until the last two weeks of the season.

    I didn’t say I would necessarily pick ether of them over Renney, just that I wouldn’t mind either of them.

    Sutter is inexperienced, but I think he did pretty well his first year (Lou didn’t fire him, a lot better than can be said for others!)

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    Congrats to Hank on his third nomination.

    For the third year he will be the runner up. If Nabokov doesn’t win it, then it will be a complete sham.

  23. Montreal or Pittsburgh next for the Rangers….Very very interesting…..I gotta say Montreal at this point and let Pens & Caps beat the crrap out of one another. Any road travelled to the Cup will be tough….Its in Renney’s hands to formulate the game plan and for the Rangers to execute it to perfection.

  24. Who Needs Lohan on

    Lets put it this way. The league has/will do anything in their power to get a Wash/Pit series in there. They are probably creaming over the possibility as we speak. I would be shocked if Philly can win.

  25. As we speak, the refs are formulating a way for the Caps to win tomorrow night…The Toronto think tank is thinking

  26. Adam and his Apple on

    homo larry just stated on a myspace bulletin that some new york rangers will be appearing on david letterman tonight, i guess im kinda gay because i have homo larry on my friends list, i actually messaged the guy back and forth a bunch and hes such a pompous prick, he really does think hes so cool, i say we should sign a petition kinda like what knicks fans did with isiah for homo larry, get that ass outta the garden for good, but yeah rangers on letterman

  27. The Rangers can absolutely skate with the Canadiens — Gomez is a one-man trap breaker, Dubinsky flies, Jagr is every bit the power skater that Kovalev is, Callahan flies, so does Dawes, etc.

    No, the series if it happens will be won by staying out of the penalty box; killing them off when penalties occur; and taking away Price’s vision every chance they get.

    But first and foremost, above all else, it is the Rangers defensive zone play, with and without the puck, that will determine if they get by.

    The Canadiens don’t beat you on the rush nearly as much as they beat you when already set up in your zone, flicking the puck around and setting upscoring chances when the D overplays/gets rattled/isn’t physical/leaves shooting lanes.

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