Henrik Lundqvist is really good….again


For those late to the game, Henrik Lundqvist was named “a finalist for the Vezina Trophy for the third straight year.”:http://www.nhl.com/nhl/app/?service=page&page=NewsPage&articleid=361115

Jaromir Jagr took all the credit.

“It’s my defense, that’s all,” Jagr said. “We’ll see what he’s going to do next year. He’s killing my offensive game, but hey, I’ll do it for the team.

More from practice in a bit..

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  1. If anything this nomination is a changing of the guard in the NHL. Brodeur, even with 44 wins, is fading. He will probably go down as one of the best , if not the best, but Lundqvist is and has been making a case for himself in his first 3 years. It’s nice to know he is locked up for years to come.

    Jagr is priceless. I could listen to him and Avery all day. It probably makes things a little better for Hank having the quality of players around him, not just for skill but personality as well.

    Congrats to the King.

  2. WOW 3 noms in as many years in the NHL? IMPRESSSSIVE and while I don’t quite know that Hank deserves it this year as much as the other 2… it’ s a nice stat. Very cool congrats to the KING. Can you imagine *when* he starts having his *complete seasons*? SHOE IN.

    “I bet you your friends snake will get infected and if not taken care of”

    brah, that was 10 years ago that snake is probably long dead… but f***********ck “breaking the neck” first? what the hell kind of pussycat snake pet do you think people want to raise.

    If I ever had a pet snake, and a mouse defeated it, I’d let nature take its course and just keep the mouse as my next pet and just feed it snakes until a snake won, then switch back to feeding mice until a mouse won..so on…so forth. Either way my pets will earn their meals.

  3. Repost:


    I live in Orlando… there are a FEW bars that have the hockey package and /or MSG. Do you know where you’re staying yet? The two place I know about aren’t too far from the parks if that’s where you’re at.

  4. Guys, they have a poll for who should win the vezina up on espn.com now, wow, 1300 votes and Lundqvist has about 50% of the votes. HMMM, since you dont have to be an “insider” to vote, that means that real sports fans could actually vote, pretty interesting,…

  5. I like the new Salty btw.

    That youtube of Chico is just classic. I used to like him as a goali back in the day. Now I hate him. F him. F the Devils. F Brodeur.


  6. Hey guys, I just got back to AZ from game 5.
    WOW !!
    Ranger fans rocked that place.
    I think we embarrased the Devils with our fan support.
    They even took my Ranger towel away from me when I entered the building. I was told no Ranger towels allowed.
    What a bunch of losers!!

  7. Best line I heard at game 5. I was in the men’s room & there was a Devil fan in the stall. A Ranger fan kept yelling at him to get out. He said “how long does it take to flush your season down the toilet”
    Ranger fans – gotta love em !

  8. Tony – Gald you had a good time. So you know you have to go to every road game now right? It’s just the way luck goes.

    Chico sux. I’m so happy that in a few days all the ‘devils talk’ will be ancient history. I just really want to see the schedule and the opponent. I really don’t care who we play next to tell you the truth.

  9. Damn, I really wish I woulda written down my playoff predictions when Carp asked for them. I’m not even gonna try to go back and find them.

  10. Lohan, that was a great Nasty story, and unfortunately I have been there before too.

    Anyway, I bet one of my students that the rangers would take it in 5 and obviously I won. So the bet was for a reese’s fastbreak. Holy shit those things are great. He got me the king sized one. I was in a crazy rush with things going on here at school today, so I ate the whole thing for lunch. Well, who makes this thing, reeses or x-lax. I was sitting during the assembly we just had and I had to make a fast break to the bathroom to make some chocolate soft serve, if you know what I am saying. I think the king size was just too much. HA.

  11. Tony from AZ on

    Beer me, I will go to a another game in the next round.
    But tickets will be harder to get. Other teams have fans, Devils don’t !!

  12. So basically Jagr is confirming that this is his last year playing in the states?

    Ya, I’m surprised no ones making a bigger deal out of that tidbit. I’ll be honest and admit is it very very easy to like Jagr right now, he’s playing well and has lots of fun chipper quotes and shenannigans… but I really do think and hope he is gearing up for a final shot and ready to hang em up. I think wearing the cup ring to the games says so much. He wants to wear it a few more times not only to motivate those around him, but lets be real, deep down he probably wants to show it off a little and re-relish that pride before he “retires”. Cup rings hold more weight when you’re still active, I think he knows that and wants to wear it a little around the kids, maybe he wants to show Brandon. Here’s a thought though: Is it more motivational to have all the cup winners wear one of their rings right now, or is it more special to just have Jaromir doing it?

    I really want to eliminate Crosby from the playoffs. This is probably their best shot for the next couple of years and I want to watch it crushed like an egg.

  13. Just posted a picture showing my face of “regret” after the fast break incident.

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