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Hi everyone. Alex Myers here filling in for Sam, who is getting a much deserved day off. I attended this morning’s practice and as you can imagine, spirits were still high following the impressive opening round against the New Jersey Devils.

The players went through a hard practice, skating for about an hour. With the opponent and starting time of the next series still up in the air, head coach Tom Renney certainly doesn’t want to take any chances with his team losing a step in conditioning or getting rusty.

As for the near future, the players didn’t seem to care who they face, though they would obviously prefer to have home ice. The Rangers have a winning record against all four possible opponents, but while that may help the confidence a little, the team knows that the playoffs is a whole new ballgame and what happened in the regular season is in the past.

When asked about the extra time off, the players all seemed to have the same “it is what it is” comment. While it may not be ideal to have such a long time off when the team is playing so well, there’s nothing that can be done now except to prepare as best as possible for the next round, whenever it happens.

Other than the typical getting ready for the next round comments one would expect on such a day, here are a couple of lighter moments:

When asked if he was watching the other NHL playoff series, Scott Gomez said he was more concerned with the baseball season and his favorite team, the San Diego Padres. He advised that people should bet all their money on them, since they are the best team in baseball.

Jaromir Jagr still has a biography of Einstein prominently displayed above his locker. According to teammate Brandon Dubinsky, “He’s stating the fact that he’s a genius and geniuses stick together I guess.”

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  1. What is it with the fill-in writers and the lack of paragraphs!?! We know Carp was cursed with a sub-par blogging machine, but what’s your deal Alex?? ;)

  2. I am going to make an observation about this team thus far. They still get beat up the middle on defense and sometimes collapse too late. But other than the occasional lapse in their own zone and inability on occasion to get the puck out of the zone, the Rangers have been an impressive team to watch. Chris Drury got his head handed to him on draws this series, but GOmez and Dubi really held their own.

    Also, I can’t see how any one of us would want Jagr to go anywhere next season. I want him to sign a one or two year deal. You take his game out of the lineup and we’re not the same team at all. It is so nice to see Jagr smiling, skating, dominating, scrapping and jumping around on the ice like a rookie. Hopefully that will continue through all the rounds.

    I’m still concerned that the games and the punishment will get to guys like Dubi, Cally, Staal and Dawes. These guys are playing their hearts out and I hope they can continue to keep the peddle down as we go into round 2.

    I have to say that the Rangers team I have watched in the playoffs is not the team I saw throughout the season. I am so pleased to have a team concept, a team tht works every night and a team that apparently has a coach players want to play for, which bodes well for a replacement for Jagr in one or two seasons. Gives me a new outlook or view of how the regular seaosn is played.

    On Brodeur – total lack of class on his part. This wasn’t Claude Lemieux crosschecking Draper into the boards, Avery did nothing accept beat the Devils and Brodeur should have taken the high road.

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    “I am going to make an observation about this team thus far. They still get beat up the middle on defense and sometimes collapse too late.”

    I agree, particularly by an individual skater. A fast skater, particularly one with moves, beats us up the middle every time. That’s how Gaborik cut us up for 5 goals.

    I guess MSG Plus isn’t going to carry the Nashville Detroit game.

    Anyone know where I can find it?

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    Mark, on the crawl it says that its on next, but I don’t think they are going to be playing it live.

  5. Tomorrow is where Versus become a problem. With the Flyers/Caps game and the bruins/Habs game starting at the same time they can only show 1 which is a shame.

    They are at least making the right decision showing game 7 of Bruins/Habs, but if Nhl was still on espn/espn2 they could show both games.

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    Mark, they wouldn’t have done both channels with hockey. Baseball would get one channel. No way would ESPN play hockey on two channels, even when it used ot have hockey.

  7. Doodie:

    When this happens Hank usually bails us out. But these breakdowns happen 2 sometimes three per game.

    When this happens I think back to past playoff series and how nothing is perfect. Heck, in 94 we were 1 game away from illimination and weren’t even playing well in game 6 until Kovalev’s goal.

    So are the Rangers perfect, not at all. But their defensive play has been very impressive.

  8. Great game Fri. nite although we should have won in a sweep. It’s ironical that we’re playing more like the Devils used to play in the past when they won their cups. Brodeur is slipping just a bit because he’s older but let’s face it he use to have a great defense in front of him and never got more than 15 shots a game. He had to adapt his game and play more aggressive with the current Devils team. Henrik was by far the better goaltender in the series. Only deflections passed him. It’s amazing how well Renney’s defensive system is working considering we have no big hitter in front of Henrik to clear the crease. Don’t get me wrong Staal is going to be a superstar & Girardi & Tyutin are young and going to be very good players for many years. However, Renney’s system has them using time and space to patiently create short passes to get over the blue line and still control the puck with great outlet passes to center ice and the opponent’s blueline. It’s meaningless that in the process half the fans can stroke out watching such exploits. Callahan was fantastic in the corners with less than 2 minutes left in Friday nite’s game. The last time I saw a Ranger player control a puck so long was Ulf Neilsen vs. the Icelanders in a regular season’s game back in the eighties. Let’s pray that Boston upsets the Habs tomorrow nite and the Flyers beat the Caps. We really match up much better against the Flyers than any other team. Dubinsky is a future superstar that could eventually be captain material and Staal when he develops his offensive game more could as close to Brian as any player going to get. With the vets, our youth who are improving with each game and Lundqvist’s superior goaltending things just can’t get any better. LET’S GO RANGERS

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    loneranger, I agree with most of what you say, but I think you’re overrating Tyutin.

    Mark my words, by the time his contract is up, Tyutin will be the new Poti.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    Staal, wouldn’t you rather have neither? Malik is gone at the end of the season.

  11. Tyutin is already way tougher than Poti. He’s also way better than Girardi at chasing down the dump in and making a good play while under pressure. The Rangers didn’t have to splash the cash on him they did this spring, yet they guaranteed him almost 4x Girardi $. Must mean something good unless you think Sather’s stupid or evil.

  12. Speed is what concerns me in the next round. If it’s Montreal or Pittsburgh, the forwards each has will not make life easy in the defensive end, especially if the Rangers D plays as loosely with the puck there as it did too osten against NJ. Having said that, I thought they all played quite well without the puck in their own end, and to me, as a card-carrying critic of the coach, this is where Renney deserves a ton of credit.

    Again, class: I do not think Renney is a dope or a moron. I simply over time have not believed he has the steel or the bench chops to will a team to a Stanley Cup. I hope I am proved 1000% wrong.

  13. Bathgate – a couple of threads ago you brought up 1968 and a center ice goal against Eddie. I too was at the game (2 yrs older than you) and boy was that devastating. And when the Devils scored the fluke goal that play and the one against Richter flashed back. I was naive at the time – thought we would still win that series. if I remember correctly we were 2nd and they had 2 play 4 and 1 play 3. why I don’t know. And that was during the time Martin Luther King was killed. my father said a cop at the game told him to get me out of there (i think that was game 1) since he expected rioting.

    well anyway a great win over the Devils and I was glad to go to games 2, 3 and 4. we won’t know the next team until Monday or Tuesday. Let’s keep it going for a great spring.

  14. Doodie, I think you have to give Tyutin some time, defensemen take longer to mature than offensive players and Tyuts is still pretty young, and has good instincts with the puck, not every d man gets it as quickly as Staal and Girardi, who both are far from polished.
    The bottom line is overall the Rangers have a very young Defensive Corp. and are already quite good, are they the best, no but as they grow and mature I think Tyuts especially will surprise us.

  15. LI Joe

    You are absolutely right about the MLK assassination interrupting the series, and 2 seed playing the 4 in those days. And man, I was rocked by that goal too — perhaps my first experience of Ranger angst and dread. If I remember correctly, it was Jim “The Chief” Neilson who innocently and instinctively reached out his stick and deflected it — I was sick at heart all the way back home, and my father tried to buck me up, but I think he felt as bad as I did!

    Amen to your thoughts about the next round. it’s been too long since we all had a wonderful spring playoff run by the NYR…

  16. ORR...The Pop Sensation Known As Colton !!! He Misses Ortmeyer ! on

    Did anyone else notice in the Devils feed of game 5, Chico was acting like a pathetic piece of shit cause Nyr bitched his Debs. He said “you know what, this is starting to make me sick, im sorry Doc, i know im being a homer, but i cant stand this place rocking after the rangers come into there home and win” He was going on and on about it, he was pissed that Hank, and Gomer kept waving to the crowd, but when Jags raised his hand and saluted them, that set Chico off. He’s a loser. Its not Nyr’s fault the debs have no fans. Lol.

    I love how Aves after the game said that “the team started off with two big home wins”, then he said “oh, im sorry, i mean road wins”

    Love this guy ! Hopefully he is a ranger for year to come.

  17. ORR –

    I watched the last couple of minutes of the MSG+ coverage and when Resch started blathering on about all of the Ranger fans at the Rock my mouth dropped. I had never heard a more unprofessional sequence of announcing in my life. Your quotes aren’t 100% verbatim, but they’re pretty close! What a joke…I’m so happy we knocked them out. If only we didn’t have to deal with Mike Emrick for the rest of the playoffs, but whatever.

  18. formerly formerlyjagrforgovernor on

    ORR, Rob C.

    Anyone know where I could catch that footage online?

  19. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    I had the Devils feed on center ice, and it seemed to me that Chico was bashing the Devils fans for allowing it to happen.

    As for the Devils, if you don’t want your new building flooded with Rangers fans, you shouldn’t build it one train stop from MSG.

  20. chris pronger is such a bum so happy the ducks are out

    what a stupid penalty to taker at the end of the game

  21. JoeJoe


    What, if he didn’t do that they would have scored an empty net goal, the game was obviously over, he didn’t want any more insults to the injury, he did the right thing. Lol, Modano scored any way, so who cares.

    I wish Pronger was a Ranger, we need someone like him, it would be nice if Staal became like him, but were far away from that, he still is maturing, but eh, he’s still damn good.

  22. Some interesting conversation circling while I missed the last few days I see. Some folks jumping on the Renney bandwagon. I know who you are.

    I’ve got a great pic of the guy in the first row doin in the double-bird flip to the devils players as they were celebrating their last goal of the season. I don’t know how to post it with a link, so if anyone would like to see it, I’ll have to send it in an email. Let me know if anyone wants to do it. I’m looking your way nasty or doodie.

    I guess there’s not going to be much to talk about. Not really interested in breaking down the team piece by piece.

    My playoff predictions have been pretty close. Glad to see CGY giving SJ a run for their $. Maybe the 5 of us that picked the Flames will be right afterall. Looking forward to the game 7’s in both conferences.

  23. I hate waiting! I had to get a haircut and trim the playoff beard a bit because of a wedding this past weekend. I would not shave it all off because I felt it would be unlucky, so I just buzzed it down a little. My wife was not too excited about it, but I don’t really care, it is the playoffs.

  24. I was on the Rangers site watching the post practice interviews from yesterday, and then started listening to the post game reactions from Avery in the lockeroom after game 5, and he calls out Larry Brooks for saying the Devils would win in 6 funny stuff.

  25. mark i heard that it was funny cause in the same sentence he says he does not read the papers or listen to the media but he knew about larry brooks saying devils in 6.

  26. Oh, so I guess Avery’s back to talking again. Should be fun.

    Nasty – how do you add photos to the beard contest? I want to put a non-beard photo up there.

  27. I was on the Rangers site watching the post practice interviews from yesterday, and then started listening to the post game reactions from Avery in the lockeroom after game 5, and he calls out Larry Brooks for saying the Devils would win in 6 funny stuff.


    “Brooksie get over here…get a good spot.”
    That was great, I’ve watched that about 4 times. Great shot of Sam right at the beginning as well.

    I really hope we get PIT. I’d be very excited about that.

  28. mark i heard that it was funny cause in the same sentence he says he does not read the papers or listen to the media but he knew about larry brooks saying devils in 6.


    You know what, I didn’t even think about that…. what a great point. Not that I believe Avery doesn’t read the stuff, I’m sure he loves reading about himself. BUt good call joejoe, what a giant condtradiction.

  29. I want to get that hat that Avery was wearing in his interviews, but I can’t find it. I have been looking for that hat for a long time and just can’t seem to find it. Some guy had it on at a game earlier in the year. Anyone know where to find it? I think it is New Era.

  30. what does the logo mean? I know it was 4 strikes and then a fifth crossed through… and understood the signifigance… but I don’t know what that logo is from

  31. Did anyone catch Avery refer to Brodeur as fatso during the interview after the game on MSG? I have read the local papers and each one seems to be changing the qoute he made using “he” instead of the real qoute of “fatso”. I thought it was another great Avery moment but he isn’t getting any press for it at all. Kind of strange.

  32. He was interviewed a couple of times. The one on the NYR site in the lockeroom (with the Sam cameo) is a little more civil, they could be using that quote.

    I wonder what Marty is doing all day today, any guesses?

  33. Probably banging his sister like a screen door in a hurricane. It probably grosses her out though. His triple chin swinging to and fro and dripping sweat all over here. It is like Chinese water torture.

  34. San Jose looked brutal last night —- outhit, outhustled, completely out-hungered. Joe Thornton is going to have a huge amount of pressure on his shoulders Tuesday to be the difference-maker.

    BTW, Brian Campbell has not played well at all in that series.

  35. Who Needs Lohan on

    Good mornin’ took a couple of days off the blog to clear my head. Was at the game on Friday night, thought we got outplayed a bit but prevailed in the end. The waiting continues

  36. Who Needs Lohan on

    “April 21st, 2008 at 9:23 am
    Probably banging his sister like a screen door in a hurricane. It probably grosses her out though. His triple chin swinging to and fro and dripping sweat all over her”

    Great visual Nasty 1

  37. “Probably banging his sister like a screen door in a hurricane. It probably grosses her out though. His triple chin swinging to and fro and dripping sweat all over here. It is like Chinese water torture.”

    Nasty I believe thats “waterboarding”

  38. The pic is there? The dude flippin the double-bird? Please tell me you can see it and maybe post a link to it. I’m seriously feeling retarded right now.

    Yea, I had my bachelor party this weekend. Nothing crazy, typical bachelor party stuff. I saw a dude in a drury jersey too. It was cool, cause my bro had his (blank) home jersey on also, and I was wearing a Rangers shirt too. Wearing it proud.

    fig8 – I use 2 or 22 for pretty much everything also when it’s needed. bday 6/22

  39. Can you guys try and find that hat for me? It is a New Era hat. They have a web site. I am trying to find it on there.

  40. Anyone have insights/opinions about the likelihood of Avery continuing to play for the Rangers next year? I assume it’s not being discussed in the middle of the Playoffs, but wondered if you had any thoughts.

  41. I thought it was F’n hilarious when it happened. So much so, that I paused it, rewound it, and got my camera to take a pic of it. Just something funny to me about flippin them off. I don’t know.

    Nasty – you’re talkin about the hat with the ‘5 slashes’ on it?

  42. km,
    the bottom line is he needs to be signed,
    he lobes NY and the Rangers and he fits in well here.
    Is he a distraction at times, yes but if Renney can (and it seems he does) can keep him under control, he only benefits the team…
    If Sather can’t see the value of what Avery did to the Devils he’s a moron.
    The only question that remains is can Avery keep that type of play up against another team, or does he just have it out for Marty and the Debbies…

  43. I got cut off yesterday by the wife as she was dragging me out of the house….

    Milbury is a P of S. We all agree.

    Chico Resch is a homer. What a loser.

    I cannot believe how many charlatan announcers there are, across the board.

    The Devils scored 12 goals in the series. Can we count how many were real clean shots where the Rangers got beaten? I can’t quite recall but off the top of my head, I am guessing at least 5 or 6 were deflections and “unlucky” bounces like off of Staal’s skate. Did the Devs beat us on anything clean?

    Another thing, what a bunch of whiny, wimpy, crybabies the Devils are. Not one of them said, “Oh, the NYR played well.” Every single A-hole on the Devils was saying, “We beat ourselves. We gave them the game. We had our chances.” What frickin game were they playing or watching? The only game that was even close in the Devs’ eyes was the 3rd that they won off a lucky skate. We crushed them from start to finish. It should have been a sweep. What a bunch of whiners! The NYR were the better team in all aspects, except acting, diving, and complaining about the refs. LOSERS!

    I didn’t catch that much of the Pens-Sens. I have watched some of the Bruins-Habs. I have been watching the Caps-Flyers series too. No team in the East scares me right now. The Caps have no clue about positioning. They are 3 players deep I think. The Flyers have no goalie and no real defense. The winner of that series gets eliminated next round without a doubt. The Bruins (would love to see them knock off the Habs) don’t play position either. Thomas looks shaky. The Habs are always dangerous, but with Roman Hamrlik on their D, we have a chance. He stinks. Anyone see Marco Sturm check him 2x before his goal like Hamrlik was a bantam among NHLers. Also, Price looks like a rookie. He got rattled in that game and was shellshocked! The Pens have firepower but no defense. They seem the strongest right now.

    I like our chances against anyone, esp if we get home-ice advantage. Go Bruins! And I can’t believe I am saying this, but, Go Flyers?!?! (Even hurts to type it.)

    Cannot wait til Thursday/Friday!


  44. I agree on Avery, and I think he should be resigned.
    Yes Beer, the Red and White hat with the 5 slashes.

  45. staal – That’s what I’m curious to see. Someone brought it up here last week. That he was pretty ineffective vs buff last year in the 2nd rnd. It’s a tough comparison though. The rivalry between the NYR and NJD is nothing like vs buff. Just like it won’t be vs bos, pitt, mtl, or whoever we end up playing next. I DO want him back. I just think $4mil+ is a huge gamble. Unless it’s a 1-yr deal. Who knows. It’s not my $, but I’d hate to see us miss out on someone or have to not sign someone b/c we don’t have the cap space.

    What Avery can do to certain teams is unparallel. But I don’t know if you can pay a guy $4mil+ that’s never scored 20 goals, and isn’t a goalie.

  46. newman – Good call on the debbies not crediting the rangers at all. That’s something that comes from mngmnt and coaches. Sutter’s a huge F’n dooshbag, so why wouldn’t his players follow suit eh?

  47. Oh Ruddy, good to see you again. It must be nice having the night shift and McDonalds. You get first dibs on the breakfast which is so good. What did you eat this morning? What do you have planned for the day?

  48. And Ruddy, such eloquence and logic in your statement. You are a shining example of the quality and intelligence of New Jersey Devil fans.

  49. nasty – The only thing I was able to find out, is that the ‘marks’ on the front of the hat are velcro. That may help your search.

  50. Ruddy, where have you been, did you just wake up and realize that your team is no longer playing…
    I got news for you…no one playing hockey is a pussy…the game is not for the faint of heart… and Avery took a tremendous amount of abuse, especially in game 5…you must be quite angry today seeing your winny defeated Debbies cleaning out there lockers.

  51. My bro used to work at lids, and has a few buddies that still work there. It’s 3rd-hand info, so take it for what it’s worth. This sounds like something that SAM should be asking about today!

  52. Anyone know how the schedule for the next round would look like? Next week I’m going to freakin’ Orlando so I’d like to catch 2-3 games before I go, I guess they don’t have MSG in there…

  53. No prob. It was either that or work. And my heads not screwed on too straight today. So I think I’ll stay away from doing anything too serious today.

  54. Who Needs Lohan on

    I have a nasty 1 for you all. Was out on Friday afternoon, before going to the pebble. All of the sudden I had that uh oh feeling in my stomach. While thinking to myself, “at least I’ll get this out of my system before the game”, I went to a roadside restaurant type place on Rt 22, not a bad place for an unexpected dump. Problem was, it was like 86 degrees out and the restaurant had yet to recieve the memo. With that said the bathroom may have been closing in on the low 90s. So I say eff it, lets get this over with and lay out the necessary “paperwork”. It was indeed a nasty 1 ladies and gents! But here comes the real stinker, literally! After Im done, and Im sweating bullets in there, I finish the wipe and stand up. Right when I did that I knew it was too late. The toilet bowl shaped paper that they supply you with by law got stuck to my sweaty ass and you know the rest. Dripping wet, ass stained paper fell right into my underwear! Real nice! Let’s just say I was glad I had a change of clothes for the game (underwear included)….

  55. formerly formerly jagrforgovernor on

    Beer Me!

    Nice job. I noticed the hat during the hilarious interview Avery conducted: “Brooksy get up here. Get a good spot”

    Now that I know he was keeping the series’ score on his hat, it makes it all that better.

  56. Here’s a funny story: I’m a freshman in highschool, obviously a little punk, and I’m sleeping over at our goalie’s house one night. We found a bottle of jack daniels and obvioulsy started drinking it. a few other kids on the team were there, and the goalie was kind of a dipstick so we were kinda making fun of him and how he couldn’t take the shots without making a “bitter” face and we started just slamming shots like candy in front of him just to show him up. About an hour later he’s relatively sober trying to handle 3 of his friends completely fall down, blacked out, throwing up, head cut open drunk. I have nearly no recollection the rest of the night, I woke up his basement with a cough drop in my hair the next moring, his father came down and woke us up abrasively. I never found out for sure but i think he freaked out and told his parents everything that happened, like a girl would do.

    Anyway this is where the real story starts. This kid had a pet snake. A baby boa constrictor I guess it was? I was stuck with him and his dad for the better part of that next day for some reason, and it turned out to be “snake feeding day”. This excited me. So picture me, 15 years old, hangover of my life in the car with this kid and his dad who both probably almost took me and 2 other friends to the hospital the night before. Kinda awkward and surreal. We get to the pet store so this kid can buy a mouse for his pet snake to feed on. He parades into the store with his dad in tow, and demands that they give him the “biggest mouse they have” because he has a hungry boa and this and that. So we look in the rat cage or whatever and it’s just swarming with those white ratmice with the pink eyes and such. All shapes and sizes of theese things. He selects the 2nd lagest motha’ in there and the pet shop guy is like “are you sure?”…YES! I HAVE A BOA CONSTRICTOR, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

    WE get back to his house and my head is pounding and spinning but I sure as hell want to see this snake get fed a live mouse. WE go up to his room, and its me, him, and his father around the snake tank. He pours the mouse in out of the box, and the show begins.

    It takes a few seconds for the snake to realize. He finally gets curious and approaches slowly. The mouse…. knows his number is up. The snake rises and prepares himeslf, swaying slightly sizing up his strike. The mouse just standing there, praying. BOOM the snake strikes, and I SH1T you not the mouse dips away slightly and counterattacks the snake, digging its teeth and claws into the “neck” area and the snake just spins and squirms.

    I could not believe my eyes. It was awesome. “STEPHEN STEPHEN WHAT’S HAPPENING??” says the father. I just stood there taking in the awesomeness, I mean, a REAL battle. And my friend steve, just starts with tearing up, all flustered, unsure what to do, and now, quite scared for the life of his pet… starts mumbling insanely “don’t f*ck with my snake, don’t f*ck with my snake” and looks around, finds a *television bunny ears antenna* and proceeds to use it to bludgeon the mouse to death while tears silently stream down his face. I just stood there as if I was in a dream, never seen anything like that spectacle. He finally made sure the mouse was dead and the snake, legitimately wounded and bleeding…began to eat the meal he did not earn. I then, licked the end of the antenna he used to kill the mouse because I wanted to have alittle bit of that warriors blood inside of me. Okay not really….. but I do love that story. It’s even better if you know the knew the kid.

  57. Salty, sounds like a moron, when I was in high school I worked at a pet store, cause I was and still am, into aquariums…anyway I had to feed the snakes and anyone who owns a snake, knows or should know that you have to break the neck of the mouse before you feed it so what happened to your friend doesn’t happen. I bet you your friends snake will get infected and if not taken care of, will um…die…just like Debbies fans playoff hopes…

  58. I’d have to say this one should go to Naby. He won 46 games. Sure, the team is good, but there goal-scorers weren’t exactly lighting it up this season. Not to completely discredit Marty, but he’s protected by the defensive system he’s been in his whole career(almost).

    Hank plays in a similar system, but like marty(now), doesn’t have any top-tier Dmen in from of him, not yet anyway (b/c staal will be next year). The nomination for Hank is deserving due to when he gathered most of his stats. Down the stretch when everyone is fighting tooth and nail for every goal. Leading the lead in shut-outs can only help you too.

    I don’t think it’s his year this year to win it. I think Naby’s the guy. But to be nominated for it in each of his 1st 3 seasons is impressive, and a victory in itself. Unfortunately he could become the Susan Lucci of the NHL awards.

  59. Unfortunately, I think Nabakov will edge out Hank this year. Why the hell Farty Brokedoor is even nominated is beyond me. I was screaming at the tv when he bypassed Avery for the handshake. What an pompous fat a-hole. I dont care what sport it is, but a game is a game, and when its over, be a man and shake hands.

  60. stf,

    I live in Orlando… there are a FEW bars that have the hockey package and /or MSG. Do you know where you’re staying yet? The two place I know about aren’t too far from the parks if that’s where you’re at.

  61. Richie’ – I’m staying at Wyndham at International Drive, I’d appreciate your help :)

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