And now we wait


Update: And now we wait some more. The Flyers loss today means the Rangers won’t know their opponent until at least Monday.

Both the Montreal-Boston game tonight and the Flyers-Caps game this afternoon should shed some light on the Rangers’ next opponent. If the Habs and Flyers win, it’s off to the Steel City, where most of us writers already have our hotel rooms booked.

Anything else and we’ll have to wait a little while longer.

The team is off today, but in the meantime, here’s “my story on a tense Game 5”:

And here’s Rick Carpiniello on how Tom Renney and Isiah Thomas have little in common “beyond the guy who signs their paychecks”:

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  1. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The best part about last night was the guy next to me that kept yelling ‘Not in brodeurs house!’ Haha, delusional fans. And then the guy who asked me on the way out to ‘admit this is the worst you’ve seen lundqvist play this year?’ Haha. Ok buddy, the rangers defense is bad, Hank still makes huge saves. Enjoy the offseason fella.

  2. almost as good as a sweep, by doing it in 5, in front of their now 184 fans. That’s payback for 2 years ago when they beat an injured and not enough experienced NYR TEAM. And the NYR beat the nhl and it’s following orders refs too. How many penalties against Avery were going to be ‘not seen’? Obviously ALL OF THEM, which was at least four probably six that the TV cameras caught and exposed. That’s reinterpreting the rules, and the NYR still won.

  3. You make your breaks. The Devils got some lucky bounces but were definitely outplayed by a much better Ranger team. Everyone says how close this series was and that it could have easily gone to 7 games. F all that. I could have easily been a sweep. Nuff said. I am so pround of every player and coach on this team. We won with class and the Devils and their coaches and entire organization, right down to the broadcasters did not. John Madden did say from the locker room that the Rangers had their number all year and ruined their season. He, at least, gave us some credit. I loved watching Daneyko, Resch, and Cangilosi, all make their predictions on who will win the cup, and not one said the Rangers. I found it very amusing. To hell with the Devils! Pun intended. Let’s Go Rangers! This sets up a beautiful week ahead. On to the Round 2. I like our chances against whoever we play. It’s been a lot of fun going through this will all of you and it will be fun for a long time to come. Drury with another game winner and the whole team looked great. A step ahead, a step ahead the whole series. RESIGN AVERY! RESIGN AVERY!

  4. Brodeur’s house has just been foreclosed on by the bank of the New York Rangers!!!!

    Have fun golfing Marty!!!

  5. I love how the standard insult is to say, “enjoy the golf” to the losing team. God, I wish I could have 5 months off to play golf.

    He who laughs last….Cheers to Sean Avery, a real team player who didn’t retaliate after being pinballed in the first period by the entire devils team.

    Bring on the Pens–we are ready for them.

  6. Absolutely, Drury has totally stepped it up in the playoffs. Each goal he scored was at a HUGE time.
    Also, for a Rangers team that had trouble scoring… ALL of the players on the first 3 lines had at least 1 goal. That is as balanced as you can get. The fourth line had many chances especially in the final game. Hollweg almost scored a couple times!
    Some D players got goals too. That is exactly how you want to go into the next round. Not limping…but running in.
    It’s gonna be a LONG LONG week of waiting.

  7. I agree completely with Nasty. Drury is so clutch, I can’t believe how he constantly finds open ice and scores such big goals. It is also nice to see Jagr elevating his game to his old level. He quietly leads the Rangers in scoring and I don’t think you could say enough about Gomer, Hank and I think our best defenseman in the series, Staal. Everyone is playing great.

    I saw Barry “The Mullett” this morning on ESPN, and he had picked the Devils in 6, now he is saying that the Rangers are a very dangerous team. He even bashed Brodeur, a little, for not shaking Avery’s hand saying that Brodeur is a role model for young kids.

    Glad we made short work of the Devils and looking forward to round 2. GO RANGERS!!!!!!!

  8. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Drury really scored at a big time last night? 4-1 against a team who (at that point) looked like they weren’t going to show up. Seemed like a stat padder that turned into the game winning goal. Drury was OK this series. If like to see him win a faceoff next series after game 1 though (for all you who said ‘wow, having a real faceoff hit for the playoffs is great’ – he was atrocious after game 1).

    All in all, they’ll have to be better next series. This one was fairly easy because the devils are that bad…and next series, how about some defensive help for lundqvist? The offense all looked fairly good this series, keep that up. LGR!

  9. guys by the end of the day I’ll post the videos from last night they are priceless tons of rangers fans standing at the exit chanting this is our house

  10. btw some devil fan told me last night that this Is the house Brodeur built. Who says that last time i checked the only sell puts were do to ranger fans

  11. Hey True Fans,
    How can you possibly say the Rangers Defense is Bad…I just don’t understand that line of thinking at all…its totally irrational…I mean look at where we finished the season in team defense… look at the GAA…I just don’t agree with posters to say we have bad Defense. We just beat a supposedly good defensive team. Tell you what I’d rather have our D corp. than the Debbies…
    Our System is a Team defensive system…every player on the ice is theoretically playing defense.
    Do our defensemen or any player for that matter make a mistake occasionally, Yes! but that does not make our team defense weak, unless we constantly loose games…and that is not the case…
    the reason we watch is to see who makes the mistake that gets capitalized on. And we make fewer, so we win more than we loose…this is common sense people…get over it our defense is not weak and this series proves it…
    I know some are gonna say, “wait till we face a good offensive team”. I say bring it! When our team plays the System that Renney has brilliantly put in place we can beat anyone…the key is playing the system.

  12. And every goal in the playoffs is HUGE! Drury’s goal last night was huge, it put the Debbies further in the hole.

    Stat padder or not, every goal scored, even an empty net goal serves to deflate the opposing team which carries over from game to game.

  13. wow I didnt realize how bad avery got raped right before the rangers 3rd goal and then tossed after they scored. U have to give renney some credit for keeping the rangers in line

  14. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Staal wart. I really don’t want to disagree on a the day after killing our arch nemesis. In case you didn’t know, the devils had fewer goals scored than almost every other team in the playoffs and they still scored 3 against us in 3 straight games. The rangers gave up a breakaway and penalty shot in a 1-goal 3rd period playoff game 5. That wasn’t the only odd man rush or quality chance they allowed in a key moment of this series either. For a team playing a defensive system they are extremely porous. If not for lundqvist, this team is done. Lundqvist faced better scoring opportunities than brodeur…he just stopped them. Don’t credit the defense without crediting Hank because he is our best defensive player and compensates for ALL of the mistakes of your beloved defensive unit.

    My point, the rangers make more defensive mistakes than most playoff clubs. They just have a better goaltender and well-balanced scoring to make up for it. You can’t possibly disagree with that, or could you?

  15. Milbury has moved on to bashing Ovechkin while giving Sissy Crosby verbal bj’s like the rest of the broadcasters. I am sure I am not the only one that had flashbacks to Francis’ goal back in 92 when Salvador scored his goal. When the Devils made it 4-3 I was sure this was gonna be a soul crushing loss. Good job by the boys more than hanging on. Lundqvist was unsteady at times but he made some huge saves(none bigger than the one on Madden on the penalty shot)Wonderful shift by Cally late in the third. Jagr is a man on a mission right now. Avery had easily his best game of the series and Gomez was very good too. I think you have to be surprised how bad Drury was on the faceoffs after game one. He was at 55% during the year so it must be an anomoly.

  16. True Fans – The Rangers’ play in the first half of the third period was atrocious. I was glad when they shifted from defense-only to putting more pressure on the pffensive side again. I don’t understand how they can allow so many odd-man rushes when they are in defensive mode, but that penalty shot did come after they switched to have more offense because they could tell the Devils were getting too many chances against them. To sum up, I agree with you overall.

    Emrick said that somebody *shuffleboarded* the puck in today’s game. I’d like to know how you can do that in hockey.

    I think the Capitals are going to make life hard on everyone and force this series to go to seven games, which would mean three games in four days, since they have to play that one on Tuesday, if necessary. Only Pittsburgh and Montreal (who will win tonight) know where they will be while we have to wait. That’s my prediction.

    Billynj1 – Yes, good job by Melrose to call out Brodeur. He really went after him, saying you have to shake hands after a tough series and he is settiing a bad example for all of the kids who idolize him. I feel sorry for those kids! haha

  17. It’s too bad Thomas is such a lowlife, in coaching and sexual harassment, that now the Rangers fans have to pay for his misdeeds. Thomas should have to give his money back to pay for any part of the settlement that was charged to MSG, but I think most was charged to him anyway. It’s great how the Knicks are still going to be paying Larry Brown and Isiah next season, both in the top ten salaries of the league, I’m guessing, for not even coaching! What a joke.

  18. So I’m watching the Flyers Caps game and at inermission Milbury was actually saying Avery is a jerk and how Brodeur has paid his dues and can do what he wants. He said he wouldnt shake Avery’s hand either. The guy in there was disagreeing with Milbury and said he would love Avery on his team and Milbury said he was a jerk like Avery. What a douche.

  19. I wonder how Betts got a -3 and Hollweg and Sjostrom both only had a -1 in this series; Betts must not have been on the ice for a goal by the Rangers.

  20. majority of devils fans are kids that’s real classy for martttttttty to do he’s a piece of sh@t and wishes he played for a real organization. Admit ur old and ur coach over plays u hang it up marty Henrick is the new man in town.

  21. I’d love to know where all the people are now that were talking about hockey being a “Gentleman’s game”? I think that is quite a stretch but there’s one part of this game that suits that statement… and that’s the handshake after the series is over.

    IMO Marty is the one with “no class” who is dragging this “gentleman’s game through the mud”. Even Cicarelli shook Claude Lemieux’s hand after… even though it made him sick.

    Brodeur showed his true colors last night.

    Great win!!! Hopefully the lucky goals against us are over… God knows we given up a ton of ’em.


  22. Can anybody figure out if the next round starts on Wednesday or Thursday? I would guess Thursday because games in this round could be played on Tuesday, but the second round started on Wednesday last season. Based on the NBA schedules for the 76ers and Wizards, we would probably start on Wednesday/Friday, no matter which team wins the Capitals-Flyers series, since the 76ers and Wizards are both playing home games next Sunday, which would be game three for the second round of the NHL series starting on Wednesday. I am assuming here that the Canadiens will beat the Bruins. If the next round starts on Thursday, it won’t matter because those Sunday games would be in Montreal and Pittsburgh.

  23. formerly formerlyjagrforgovernor on

    Emrick: “Avery… oh my, this can’t be good. Sean Avery, after having shuffleboarded the puck towards Brodeur (who waffleboarded it aside) has now waterboarded Broduer, forces him to confess the secret we all know: the Debbies can’t take losing, and blame everything on everyone else.”

    Emrick (5 hours later): “Marion Brodeur just boarded a plane to return to the loving arms of his sister-in-law, and his nephew/nieces/children. Now he’ll truly have time for all that shuffleboarding I’ve been talking about, while I’ll be looking for another term that has “boarded” in it. Chico, if you come home late tonight, I swear, this time your A** is on the coach. I mean that big boy!”

  24. True Fans,
    I also don’t want to disagree, but…
    Yes the Devs did score 3 against us in 3 straight games, but out of those 9 goals how many were absolutely lucky bounces? 6… If you think about it the Devils compared to the regular season overperformed goal wise in the playoffs…and got many a lucky goal
    And yes I agree that Hank is probably our best defenseman but…you also can’t deny the good play of Staal, Backman, Mara and Girardi…and no matter what happens you still can’t deny that our GAA is great. Our players block an incredible amount of shots, and are willing to give up the body to stop a goal…
    Do things need to be tightened up…yes
    Are there things that need to be worked on…yes
    This was a tight series…I don’t expect the same play against any of our possible round 2 opponents.
    Regardless…the team gets to rest and work on polishing there play before round 2…

  25. When we say we have to be better defensively can we remember that 5 GOALS…..5 GOALS! went off of our players. Those deflections dont bounce in, Hank lets in 6 or 7 goals in 5 games. Sounds good to me.

  26. That’s true RobZ but at the same time the Devils had a number of VERY good chances throughout this series that they didn’t bury.

    Those would result in the same # of goals if they went in and the flukes didn’t (roughly).

    They have to tighten up… whoever they play… they’re going to be better offensively.

  27. formerly formerlyjagrforgovernor on

    True Fans….”In case you didn’t know, the devils had fewer goals scored than almost every other team in the playoffs and they still scored 3 against us in 3 straight games. The rangers gave up a breakaway and penalty shot in a 1-goal 3rd period playoff game 5. That wasn’t the only odd man rush or quality chance they allowed in a key moment of this series either.”

    Dude, Paul friggin Mara had a breakaway on Brodeur. Straka scored on a two on one… The Rangers played good-not amazing- defense in this series. Hank was good-not amazing-this series. They won this series as a team. Lundy bailed the team out, but Chris Drury also kicked a shot out of the goal mouth in Game 5. Don’t even try arguing with the stats; when you take away the fluke goals, the d and lundy played very well this series…

    Plus, Hank hardly sees shots on the PP thanks to Straks, Druury, and Betts laying their cajones on the line.

    And since when is the D “your beloved D.” Do you think we’d have gotten anywhere in this series without team defense?

  28. great article by Carpinello.

    Yeah wehre are all the Renny is a moron bandwagon???

    Renny is a smart guy.

    Look at the ages on the ranger roster and there top minor league guys!!!!!!They are young and they have many good young players in the system. Look at the debbies, they are OLD and have many less prospects…

    Lenny, chezcthemout, and the other haters stay clear because the rangers won.

    Can the rangers make it to the cup??? They can.. can they beat the canadiens in a series? Damn right they can and they can beat the Pens also, will they who knows but the Rangers are not overmatched.

    they have 3 key D men 24 or younger!!last night there oldest D man was 29 yrs old with a 28 yr old a 26 yr old 2 24 yr olds and a guy who turned 21 in January..

    there STAR goalie is 26. today if Henrik retired he would be top 3 ranger goalie since the 60’s for sure with giacamon and richter…

    they have built a organization and don maloney, sather, renny, schoenfeld, and others deserve a thank you……

  29. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Formerly, whatever your name is. I don’t make this up. The devils aren’t that good offensively and they got a lot of good chances which they couldn’t finish. You talking about Mara’s and Strakas offensive chances shows you missed the point buddy!!! Its not about the offense! I can’t take anymore of this stupidity today.

    Staal wart, you make good points. I just don’t see the rangers getting out of any series with the penguins or Montreal if they give up these same chances. They won’t miss.

  30. The only problem I have with Renney now is the couple of too many men on the ice calls. There were 2 which is 2 too many for the playoffs. Even if it’s not his fault….those are terrible penalties to take and must be stopped.

  31. czechthemout!!!!! on


    the only One I hate is you,you fool.Why don’t you go soak your head in some taquilla out thier in la la land you asshole!

  32. Hell yeah! Red Robin man! I would love to host all of you there tonight. You can break down this series all you want but the better team won. Let’s go rangers! On to round 2. Montreal and Pittsburgh live and die on their power play. If we can play smart and take fewer penalties we can beat either team. The little rangers could have swept the senators so that sweep didn’t impress me much.

  33. chezhhemout, for you almost a coherent post.

    yeah Sutter outcoached Renny!!!

    Yeah trade all the vets at the deadline this team is going no where.

    You have so many moronic statements it is hard to decide which ones to make fun of..

    maybe one day you and the other imbeciles will just admit you know nothing about hockey.

    is your shift over at Mcdonalds???

    the rangers do not have a plan!!!!yeah they look like a team of nedveds, quintal, kaminskys, and other overpriced old do nothings.. No maybe you think the rangers need to be tougher and fight more and blah blah blah.

    they have 4 old guys; jagr, shanny, straka, and malik(32)..


  34. Fruity Cupcake on

    Impressionable kids are under ten or twelve. They haven’t really seen the old dominant (albeit rely-on-his-defensemen) Brodeur. In Canada, he’s all over their tvs and books, oui. But who have they SEEN win more games and play better hockey? Henrik Lundqvist, perhaps? Hmmm? Personally, I know kids who are aware of Brodeur’s legacy, but who see Hank and Dan Ellis on top of all the Hockey News stat charts.

    So Melrose can worry less about who’s being a role model, because the new kids on the block are watching Henrik’s radiant post-game laughter and hugging it out with his old bud, Kevin Weekes. Brodeur should’ve shaken Avery’s hand. Period.

    Ditto Nasty, I’m feeling the feel-goodiness of this victory!!! Bless Tom Renney and his coaching staff and the future HHoF vets, the bare-faced rookies and all the bearded players in between! What a fun series, can’t wait to bite my nails off during the next one :-)

  35. formerly formerlyjagrforgovernor on

    “True Fans”…:

    “You talking about Mara’s and Strakas offensive chances shows you missed the point buddy!!! Its not about the offense! I can’t take anymore of this stupidity today.”

    Ok, I agree. It’s not about offense. My point was that even defensively minded teams are going to give up chances.

    The Rangers played good (Not Great) defense. To beat the Pens we’ll have to improve, I agree. But I can’t agree that the Rangers make more defensive mistakes than any other team in the playoffs.

    Have you seen the amount of shots that make it through to the net against the Ducks or the Stars?

  36. formerly formerlyjagrforgovernor on

    Also, in five games, the Devils scored only seven even-strength goals. So we what we really need to do is stay out of the box, no more too many men calls….

  37. Wow, Bruins force a game seven. That was a *crazy third period*! Maybe we will have home ice advantage if both series go to the underdogs. It’s actually conceivable now!

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    PS, I called Bruins in 7, under the impression they would have Patrice Bergeron. Well, they’ve pushed it to 7 games without him. I’m not certain they can win game 7 without him. The reason I thought Bergeron would be such a big deal to them is because I knew that they weren’t going to win on defense, but on getting to Carey Price and scoring a lot of goals. Bergeron can help with that.

    I’d love for them to win and for us to get Philthy.

  39. stuart

    You call others morons, and then write things like “Look at the ages on the ranger roster and there top minor league guys!!!!!!” and “there STAR goalie is 26.”

    Yikes. Second grade is tough, but it isn’t that tough.

  40. heaslip your point is??????

    Are you my english teacher from 15 yrs ago, this is a damn sports blog….

    Do you want to complain about my punctuation, who gives a crap..

    next time I will include you with the other friggin morons……

  41. First of all, Milbury was one of the Bruins that jumped into the stands back in 1975, wasn’t he? Real classy Milbury. Milbury is a fat moron who empathizes with Marty being so fat so he protects him. Marty’s non-handshake was the lowest class action of the series. The battle was over and Marty was still acting like a little baby. What a chump. I have gone from zero respect for Marty to even less, if that’s possible. And F Milbury that fat P of S. No wonder his coaching career didn’t last long when he is making judgments of talent like he did with Avery.

    How many Devs goals were scored off of Hank on BS deflections and redirections by our own team? A lot.

    More later….wife is chasing me out of the house.

    LGR. Bring on whomever…we are playing good hockey.

  42. it’s not always easy to see the other side of the coin, but the refs in some ways helped the NYR win, as did the dirt devils and guys like broadiver and the millbury dough boy to get them to where they are today. The debbies led by their imbecile coach forgot to play hockey instead of hitting and cheating. The nhl and it’s refs using a double standard forced the NYR to play disciplined, and their losing opponents did not. And finally the classless shoe swinging fatso now has a new friend in mary broadiver, they’re both bush league, unsportsmanlike, and unprofessional. Avery plays hockey and uses his mouth to aggravate. The former gm deserves a thank you card for trading away all those good players he had on the fishstinks, so they can now play golf with their nj brothers who thought they could win without a center like Gomez. Good moves and bad moves are not always obvious.

  43. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    I think after Millbury’s GM moves out on the Island, he is in no position to give any talent analysis.

  44. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I agree with everything you all said about milbury. But here’s my question, everyone hates him so why are we consumed? He can’t get an NHL job and he ran the isles into the ground. Good for him, he proved his stupidity and did us a favor and crippled the Isles in the process. So I say thanks Mike, keep it up!

    As far as Avery, I was so impressed with him this series (more than usual). The only PIMs he got were BS officiating interference calls in favor of Brodiver. He (16) played a great psychological game, a great physical game, put in some big goals and never retaliated. I commend him and his devotion to NY and wanting to win. He seems to have bought into the team system, and I also must say renney, shanny, and Jagr also deserve compliments for finding a way to work with Avery’s personality and turning him into an asset for this team.

    I’ve been tough on the defense all year, and I still want to see a stronger blueline, but there are a lot of other great things this team is doing. Keep it up, LGR! And let’s go bruins! Haha

  45. I dont know that I want Boston to beat the Habs anymore, especially if the Caps come back to beat Philthy. If the Habs and Caps win, we get the Habs with Price doing his best impression of Kari Lehtonen. I like our chances against them a whole lot.

  46. I like any of the teams left in the East. We can and have beat them all. The Bruins gave us a tough time in the season… but this is the playoffs…. no worries.
    Except the refs giving Cindy all the calls… I would be worried about that…

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